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draft guide for madden 25?

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Re: draft guide for madden 25?

I need a draft guide anybody close yet? About to do a draft. Probably gonna do it blind maybe it will be better gets easy quick with it
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Re: draft guide for madden 25?

Originally Posted by jaiel26
Just scout smart. Awareness is the easiest thing to build up so no need to scout it. Draft a year in advance of when u might need a starter n build up a guy for a year.
QB/arm strength
RB/Elusiveness (high elusiveness equals good speed since slow backs aren't elusive)
FB/(draft 4th-6th round RBs n build them, easier to build up blocking than speed, elusiveness/carrying etc)
WR/Speed n Spectacular (if he has spectacular catching his normal catch is usually high)
TE/RB n PB (most of the speed/acceleration will be C)
OL/Strength n Impact (u dont have a high impact block rating with low RB/PB usually)
DE (43) block shedding/acceleration
DE (34) block shedding/Power Moves
DT strength/block shedding/power moves
LLB/RLB (43) zone/tackle
LLB/RLB (34) block shedding/finesse/power moves
MLB/ block shedding/tackle/acceleration
CB/ speed/acceleration/man
FS/ zone/tackle/acceleration
SS/ zone/tackle/acceleration
Punter n kicker self explanatory...

The CPU usually does a terrible job in maintaining quality players so I like to build up players n trade then to keep the leagues competitive. Even if you sim the games, play the practices..

I like this too a lot. It's not a draft guide at all. This is a nice guide to draft success. Great job ill use this!
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Re: draft guide for madden 25?

Does anyone know the order of the drafts?

Also, I don't need a ratings draft guide. I play offline only and am just looking for the names of some of the main players (story-line and standouts) in each draft? I have seen a few drafts like the Eli Watson and Wolverine Justice classes with some of the standouts.

Any other drafts completed or does anyone have a guide so I have a 1 stop shop?

What I am doing is putting the players in my NCAA 14 game so I can see them progress and get drafted into the NFL. Love the fact that you can edit names and rosters in NCAA 14.

I used imported drafts for the 1st 2 years of my Madden CCF so I have Jadaveon Clowney, Tajh Boyd, Johnny football ect. So for the Sophomore class I have edited rosters to reflect the Wolverine Justice class. So he is on Oregon in my NCAA 14 Dynasty. He finished 2nd in the voting for the Butkus Award as a Soph.

The Freshman class in NCAA 14 is currently the Eli Watson draft class since they are in the order to come after the Justice class.

Seems like a lot of work but its fun. Any help would be appreciated or any direction on where I could find this info. Thanks!
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Re: draft guide for madden 25?

I drafted a guy by the name of Tornado Jones, this guy is a cross between Bo Jackson and Marshall Faulk......and super fast.....and to be fair, I drafted him simply because of the name
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Re: draft guide for madden 25?

Has anyone ever determined what an A (or B, C, D) rating is? Like what range does each represent? Is an A 85-99, B 75-84, and so on. Or does that change according to position and skill importance? Hope my question makes sense.
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