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Madden NFL 12 Reviewer Impressions: Franchise Mode

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Old 08-27-2011, 06:15 PM   #11
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I was hoping for offline franchise mode to be awesome, but i worry that it will be overwhelmingly annoying. The overall feeling of the article sounds like a good overview for the madden player. not too little game for the Maddnite, but not enough for the power RPG player. Interface. . .sigh. I hope i can tolerate it.

EA has always been bad at interface design. Though I would say up till now it has been adequate. Reading this article makes me worry the old days of horrible interfaces are back. i hope it is tolerable.

My overall feeling of EA has been if you advertise features, they should work on release day. i guess like always it is semantics of what 'works' mean.

At some point perhaps we can get a game from EA that can be updated not just in bugs but in how it actually works. that would be nice.

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It's like, wow! What a negative article. Everything is negative. I don't trust this review at all I think I am goig to love it. I have been playing franchise mode since forever and I've always liked it. With them making improvements, I can only be excited to try it out.
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This is why after what happened with NCAA, I have decided to NOT buy Madden until all of the PR hype has died down, and I will decide whether this game is WORTH my $60 this year, If people say it needs a patch to play correctly like in NCAA and that patch will take TWO MONTHS....Then EA will be given a chance to get my money...NEXT YEAR!
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Bout the review I expected Chris. Madden has been on life support in my eyes. Gamefly for way I'm shelling out $60. For a game already in need of 2 patches even before it officially released. No surprised ST is useless.....typical madden yet again.

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It's strange how different people view the same info. I didn't see this as negative at all. Just realistic. I would rather get realistic info then someone tell me how perfect something is but, I get it and hate it. Most reviews I gave seen have given this game lower ratings. It doesn't mean the game is bad. A 7 or 8 is not bad. I would rather have honest opinions. Good review so far to me. Going to rent this game to try it out. Then buy it after a pact possibly.
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Did you ever get your draft class to port properly? When I tried it, major players didn't show up, Andrew Luck for instance
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Re: Madden NFL 12 Reviewer Impressions: Franchise Mode

So far I have played all my preseason games (first time in a long while), cut players, scouted college players and played three games. I agree with a lot of what these guys have said. I am pretty happy right now with franchise mode and I think with a little help via a patch or tuner it might be even better. With that said the User interface is not very good and it makes doing little things annoying

For example..To have just the next opponent as the main screen is annoying. Every time you go into the franchise menu you have to hit Y. All of this information should be on the main screen. Plus when you exit out of Stats (an example), it doesn't bring you back to the franchise screen, but back to the next opponent screen..To me that is a little annoying. So far that is my main gripe with franchise mode...
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Re: Madden NFL 12 Reviewer Impressions: Franchise Mode

Originally Posted by DeuceDouglas
It seems like everything I read about Madden 12 is conflicting. One place says everything is great and its the best Madden ever while another says it's the same old Madden and everything is a disappointment. The general feel I've gotten from the gameplay and franchise article is that OS is severely disappointed. Can't wait to get my hands on it so I can make my own judgements.
I'm with you dude, I think I might hold off for another couple of weeks till more revelations come to light.
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Has the wrong CBA. This franchise mode is useless.
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Re: Madden NFL 12 Reviewer Impressions: Franchise Mode

This is the greatest football game me and all of my friends have ever played. Franchise mode is deep. Get your notepad out and do it the way all 25 and olders do it.

This site fed the hype for the last 5 years of complete EA football crap. Madden 07- Madden 11 were hot garbage. EA has done the seemingly impossible and made Madden good again.

I highly recommend it. It's right under MLB11 the show in my book.
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