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Player Progression In Franchise Mode.

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Re: Player Progression In Franchise Mode.

Progression is fine for the most part. I've gone through numerous, multi-year franchises and some players go up in ratings and then on another franchise they go down. Tom Brady will remain a 98 most of his career, other times he drops off to the low 80s after a few years.

It's really hit or miss, and it's based largely on potential and production. Justin Forsett, for example, is a B potential and a backup. If he gets play time throughout his career he maintains his rating and goes up a few points in those initial seasons. If you neglect him and he warms the bench his rating will regress slowly.
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Re: Player Progression In Franchise Mode.

Kampers Plan 1. Get rid of potential rating. All players have the same ability to progress or regress. Progression is random at seasons end. write a simple program. 23 year old QB short acc rating of 75. Chance of 1 point increase 15% 2 point increase 15% 3 point increase 15% Chance of no increase 10%. 33 year old QB short acc rating of 75 chance of 1 point increase 3%. 2 point increase 1% 2 point decrease 15% Etc. you can only draft and sign based of the current attributes that fit your system, hoping that weaknesses improve in time. Note: there is always that 1% chance of someone at any age becoming great or washed up.
2. improve coaches importance. player awarness and play reaction should be capped at 80%. in two years of being in the same system that player will recieve the other 20 points. IE: brett farves awr 70, played in the same offense in GB for years, boosted to 90. Traded to NY awr back to 70.
3.Institute the real time FA bidding and production rating from Head Coach 09. Dont need all the scouting updates and stuff but deals do get done during the season.
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Re: Player Progression In Franchise Mode.

OMG....I just read through 26 pages of this thread to get some no avail.

I just got a PS3 over the holidays and also got Madden 11. My last Madden game had been Madden 08 PC. The thing with progression in Madden 08 PC was that only certain attributes for players could progress (such as AWR, CTH, CAR, BTK, THA, PBK, RBK, etc.). Core athletic traits like SPD, ACC, THP, etc. would not increase (but WOULD decrease due to age) and to my knowledge, there was no hidden potential rating. When drafting, you went for athletes first....just like the real game.

So, if you drafted a HB with speed ratings in the low 80s, those ratings would never change. He could improve his overall by increasing his CAR rating or his AWR, etc. However, his true upside would always be limited by his lack of speed. You could make him productive in the right scheme, but he would never be an elite talent.

Same thing with QBs, if his arm strength sucks like Steve Walsh (or Tim Teblow or Matt Leinart for more recent examples), he is going to always be limited by that weakness as THP would never increase. No matter how accurate or aware he was, he had the limit on his skillset. Again, the right scheme and he'll have a chance to blossom and increase his OVR by upping his awareness or accuracy ratings.

It wasn't a perfect system; players can work out in the offseason to gain speed or strength....but in general, true growth in the game is developing your skills, not your athleticism.

So after all that, my question is, in Madden 11, what ratings actually CAN progress and which ones cannot?
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Re: Player Progression In Franchise Mode.

It's still pretty much like you described it, Speed and Throw Power, for example, don't change, but Acceleration and Throw Accuracy can progress. The "potential" rating is just a hardcap for his Overall score, B potential players don't progress above 90, C potential not above 80
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Re: Player Progression In Franchise Mode.

I think with the training staff in the game you can actually progress THP or HB's Speed, if you hire the right ones. I think that the stat they increase becomes permanent after the seasons end and you go through progression as well, maybe not but someone feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
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Re: Player Progression In Franchise Mode.

The above shows the max that your rookies will progress after their first season. In some cases (A potential studs) they will increase at this rate after their second year, too. In all cases they will progress at a smaller rate in 3rd and an even smaller rate 4th year.

I took the liberty to highlight the attributes that get the most points. In the franchises I have sim'd they usually stop progressing after year 4. But there are ways around this, if you have a defender who has peaked, try editing his position immediately after the Super Bowl and right before you go into the off season. Edit his position to the lowest rated one you can find on the defense. (Same for skill position players, edit them to the lowest rated skill position. And O-linemen, edit them to their lowest rated OL position)

For example: If I have a corner who is in his 4th year, is A potential and has peaked at 92....I will move him over to OLB (where he might be rated as a 70 OVR) and know that because of his A potential he will receive some points in the OLB respective attributes (AWR, AGI, ACC, TAK,etc...) After I go ahead and start my offseason, I can move him back to his CB position and see that he has gained 1 or 2 points OVR. My previously peaked 92 OVR CB is now a 94 OVR CB. I have done this with Talib and got him to 99 OVR. It took more than a few years to do this, but I did get him there. I also got Gerald McCoy, Earl Thomas, Vontae Davis, and Carlos Dunlap to 99 OVR, as well.

Any questions?

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Re: Player Progression In Franchise Mode.

IMO i think being able to see the Potential Rating and the OVR creates some of these arguments that I have read in the thread. If you or the cpu for that matter didn't know POT or OVR you would base personel decisions on position specific attributes and actual stat performance. What this does is keep you from shying away from players just because they have low potential or low OVR; but posses certain skills that you like or had good on field stats. B/C the only reason people want their player to progress after they have monster seasons is b/c they want a high OVR for the player, as a reward so to speak. By removing OVR, you eliminate this, plus you would start players based on skill set and not just an arbitrary OVR number. That way players can still progress based on potential, which I feel is a good system and people are not worried about what the player OVR is. If a player skills doesn't progress much it can be viewed as if the player just didn't work hard in the offseason to get better. Which happens all the time in NFL. It would add a new dynamic. EA would really have to focus on more Rating based animations for this to work smooth. Which currently I don't feel they do a good job of.

Also to add depth to player progression they need to bring back the training camp feature where you could personally develop players of your choice which would be completely independent of off season player progression. So I could have a player that doesn't progress well but is strong certain area but I could shape and mold him into a complete player over the years.

This would certainly make drafting much more fun instead of just looking for people with high POT. It would also make all other personel decisions better b/c you wouldn't just go for high OVR people but rather look for people with certain skills that fit your system or style of play and people that perform on the field.
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Re: Player Progression In Franchise Mode.

why cant progression be soley stat based? after all thats what ea goes by. if a player in the nfl has a couple big weeks then he will see a substantial ratings boost in madden.
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Re: Player Progression In Franchise Mode.

i like the way nba 2k11 and mlb 2k11 do their player progression. mlb 2k11 even has player progression during the season based on hot streaks etc......very well done. players have potential stars and when they outperform sometimes they get an additional star, so basically their potential can go up and down based on their performance as well.
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