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Madden NFL 10: Special Teams Tips

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Re: Madden NFL 10: Special Teams Tips

It frustrates me every year. Special teams blunders and blocks are such a HUGE part of the game. I'd love to see some penalty for lining up in max punt and your opponent lining up in an all out punt block scheme. Add a few bobble snaps or something that makes punting and kicking more than automatic everytime.
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i always thought of block shedding for linemen and linebackers in the running game. didn't even think about it for special teams. seems obvious now.
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Re: Madden NFL 10: Special Teams Tips

I find if I play the MLB on defence against kicks at goal he is by far the best at rushing the gap in front of him. Doesn't always work but is best strategy I have. Need to combine it with some sort of attempt to get hands in the air. Watch out for the running into the kicker penalties here mind. I reckon I maybe get a couple of blocks per season this way.

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Re: Madden NFL 10: Special Teams Tips

Originally Posted by wEEman33
Yeah about the only time you'll ever see kicks blocked in Madden is when someone uses a nano glitch to come free up the A-gap. Under normal circumstances, it seems like it has less than a 0.01% chance of happening.

Special teams could use some serious work in Madden 11.

Snaps shouldn't be perfect every time, and a bad snap should affect the quality of the kick.

Low kicks should be risky and more prone to tips/blocks.

Gunners shouldn't be the only players getting down the field to cover punts.

Agreed. The special teams play could use a over haul.
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Kinda contradicts itself when it tells us to force kick returners inside directly after telling us to return kicks on the inside.

Generally agree with everyone else. Too many kicks returned for touchdowns in '10, and there's been special team issues for years.
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good stuff, does anyone else remember when you could block kicks in ncaa a few years back? why cant they bring something like that to madden, i play pretty conservative so special teams and field position mean everything to me
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