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wal-mart madden tournament

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wal-mart madden tournament

hey guys check your local wal-marts i think most of them do a tournament a day or two after the release of madden 10. i got 4 wal marts in a 30 mile radius from me that im going to try to enter all of the tournaments (if there at different dates/times) i beileve if you get in the top 3 you get a 65$ gift card you can use for anything (aka if you dont want to buy madden you can try and win it) but yea thats the only way im going to get madden 10 this year if i can win one of those giftcards. haha imagine if i won all 4 thats like 260$ lol i could get nhl 10 nba2k9 and madden10 for that! or groceries

im just hoping that one of the wal-marts are going to use ps3's for the tournament as i dont own a xbox so the controller feels wack to me.
but yea guys goodluck

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Re: wal-mart madden tournament

i remember this happening a couple year's ago a wal mart near me had one they held the tournament in the old layaway dept, they had everyone stuffed in there like sardines, everyone was as quiet as if they were in church and they all looked so depressed, me personally i like talking trash when i play head to head, but that's just me.
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Re: wal-mart madden tournament

I used to work at Walmart, last year the winner got a copy of the game at mine, but some Walmarts don't even bother to do it.
Looking for sim games this weekend, shoot me a PM!
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Re: wal-mart madden tournament

If you are looking to get on Madden this weekend Walmart in your town may be the spot to head to. Check out my post on Konsole Kingz to see if your Walmart is having a tournament.

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