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Re: Madden 25 Rosters (PS3)

People complain so much... it is free, just post the things that he has asked for, if you can read the USB directions are in this thread.. just look for them... there is also this website called google that may be able to help you.

I appreciate the great work. Just thought I would let you know!
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Re: Madden 25 Rosters (PS3)

Someone else mentioned teams cap numbers being too high. I looked them up and here is a list of all teams who are over the cap and by how far.

Bears -930k

As a Broncos fan, i found a few roster transactions that could be done to fix their situation

-QB Dysert to P, Cut Resign move to QB
-WR Welker to TE, cut Resign move to WR
-CB DRC to SS, Cut resign to CB

Gives those players close to their caps numbers. It leaves them with 340k cap room, but in a franchise mode, after you do your roster cuts, you should be at about 5M free space, which is close to where they actually are IRL

It seems the biggest problem for the soaring cap numbers is QB salaries. When I looked up Dysert, he was making like 4M a year. He'll make under 1M in reality. Barkley was the same, making nearly 4M. If you cut the QB's, and resign them as RBs or P it should help for some teams.

EDIT: Also, found this link. Thought it might help you with player ratings

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Re: Madden 25 Rosters (PS3)

thanks again about all your hardwork.

Talking about the Bills, this defense depth charth on this site is wrong. It's a 3-4 hybrid defense. Just put that way:

REs: Kyle Williams - Gilbert - Bryant
DTs: A. Branch - Troup - Jay Ross
LEs: Dareus - Carrington
LOLBs: Lawson - Hughes - Moats
MLBs: Alonso - Bradham - Scott - White - Pough
ROLBs: M.Williams - Anderson
CBs are all right
FSs: Byrd - Meeks
SSs: A.Williams - Duke Williams - Searcy

-Mario Williams will not play 3-4 DE. He will be an OLB just like he was in his last year with the Texans.
-Bryan Scott is a nickel LB. He needs to be MLB in a 3-4/hybrid
-In the D-Line, you can put Kyle, Dareus and Branch in any of the 3 positions. I listed this way because in the Jets defensive playbook, our new DC Pettine playbook, the DEs are the DTs in the nickel package, keeping Dareus and Kyle on the field in those situations.

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Re: Madden 25 Rosters (PS3)

you guys need to give him a break your not helpless or total morons hopefully so reorder your own depth charts,etc... hes busy enough just getting all the guys on the right teams,creating players,jersey numbers,etc
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Re: Madden 25 Rosters (PS3)

I really dont think people know hard long it takes to do this, especially on madden 13 when creating players every thing goes in slow motion almost when changing things.
Mad props to ya man, and honestly I dont think I would worry about all the udfa only the top few untill teams knock down roster size.
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Re: Madden 25 Rosters (PS3)

Originally Posted by Steeltroit
I think something is wrong with the PAL File.

It says the File is corrupted when i try to copy it. Some days ago I used an older File and it worked fine.

Can somebody check this?

Edit: My Mistake. It works fine. Thanks a lot..
How did you overcome the issue with the corrupt file? I am still experiencing this and cannot copy it onto my PS3.
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Re: (PS3) Madden 25 Rosters (PS3) With Draft Players (PS3)

Originally Posted by JorEL13

The Update Will Include All Transaction From 5-8-13
Created From Post Super Bowl Roster Update Last EA Update
All Trades And Free Agency Signed And Released
Added 2013 Draft Players
Retired Players Are (P) Rating: Is 12
Rookies Created From NCAA 13

Next Update Will Be At 12am Central Time Will Have A Lot More Draft Players Added I Will Put A Update Out Every 24 Hours At 12am Will Be A New Update
Im Looking At A May 15th For Full Draft
Check Post #12 For USB Transfer Options

Are these available in Pal format? if so do they actually work?
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Re: Madden 25 Rosters (PS3)

Disappointed not to see Denard Robinson have any decent QB stats but then again, I can't be too greedy.
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