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2012 OS Awards: Team Based Game of the Year

MLB '12: The Show

Team Based Sports Game of the Year

This was a close one. With all respect due to NBA 2K13 being given, as this was a literal dead heat of a race for this award -- MLB '12: The Show narrowly won our award for the best team based game of 2012.

There are numerous reasons why MLB '12: The Show was deserving of one of our highest awards. First, the game is an annual dependable quality simulation sports title. While staffers don't want to admit it, awards can sometimes be given out based upon the reputation of a series as much as the individual year -- and The Show is definitely a deserving game based upon track record alone.

Second, Sony has put major work into each game to refine the fundamentals to make it play closer and closer to the real sport. Last year's big gameplay enhancement was ball physics which allowed the gameplay to have a fresher approach than usual.

Third, The Show gives gamers plenty to do. From the deep franchise mode to the excellent Road to the Show to the flawed but inherently a good idea Diamond Dynasty -- there is always a good form of hardball to play. The game didn't perform as well online, which is something at the top of the list to be fixed this year (we hope).

Regardless, the MLB: The Show franchise is one of our genre's best and we'd like to wish the folks at SCEA for a well crafted game, well deserving of our 2012 Team Based Game of the Year.

Readers Choice: NBA 2K13 (35.61% of the vote)

Reader voting was as razor thin as staff voting, except the readers voted with the other top game in mind, NBA 2K13. The game improved in a lot of areas both on and off the court with smoother gameplay and better and more well thought out modes. 2K13 narrowly edged The Show in reader voting in what was the closest readers vote of the entire awards.

Member Comments
# 1 statum71 @ 01/22/13 05:10 PM
Expected.....both ways.

Both games are deserving. But I expected the Readers Choice to go to 2K. Based solely on the fact that it loses out on the 360 gamer votes.

Then again.....how great does that say The Show is?? That it almost won it from just one console.
# 2 philmnn @ 01/24/13 12:51 AM
Originally Posted by js3512
I love The Show and it's the one game I will automatically buy every single year, this year my vote went to NHL 13. I think it gets overlooked alot because hockey isn't as big of a draw as baseball and basketball but I thought the team at EA Canada did a stellar job with the title this year.
through all the pokechecks, generic faces and lack of penalties, you still picked NHL 13?
# 3 BaylorBearBryant @ 01/24/13 07:42 PM
Originally Posted by philmnn
through all the pokechecks, generic faces and lack of penalties, you still picked NHL 13?
If it were based on Online Team Play, it wouldn't even be close. NHL 13 all the way.
# 4 chris_smith @ 01/25/13 07:57 AM
The above mentioned games are really good. Many people are going crazy over these games. But personally I like TDP4 Team battle (really cool battle music) and Lotro (very clear graphics).
# 5 DarkOutFront @ 01/28/13 08:30 PM
Fifa 13???????????
# 6 chris_smith @ 01/31/13 07:20 AM
Originally Posted by DarkOutFront
Fifa 13???????????
Awesome game. Especially with the enhanced graphics it is so tempting.

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