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2012 OS Awards: Best New Feature

True Performance Skating - NHL 13

Best New Feature

Staff writers at Operation Sports were overwhelmingly supportive of True Performance Skating in NHL 13, as this was perhaps the least competitive vote in the entire field of Sports Game of the Year Awards.

It's not hard to figure out why, NHL 13 dared to completely rework the most fundamental aspect of its hockey game, in a move that was as daring as it was brilliant. What we got on the other end was a much more refined, much more realistic version of hockey.

And to boot, it made the NHL series feel 'fresh' in every way.

This is more than just a physics engine upgrade, it's more like a complete animation or motion upgrade -- and the results were incredibly impressive. For that reason, and for EA Canada's willingness to try something daring and new -- NHL 13's True Performance Skating takes home the award for Best New Feature of 2012.

Readers Choice: NBA 2K13's Control Stick (27.41% of the vote)

The control stick beat out True Performance Skating, Connected Careers, and WWE Attitude Era for the crown of best feature by a vote from the readers. This was a pretty close decision from our readers, as once again there were several different features vying for this award from readers. NBA 2K13's Control Stick won this vote by a decent but not huge margin of ten votes.

Member Comments
# 1 Rhouston @ 01/17/13 10:21 AM
I definitely have to back OS on this one. True performance skating, while not perfect, was something we had not seen before and completely refreshed NHL 13 for me after playing what felt like NHL 09 with some new makeup on it every year for the past four years.

NBA 2K13's control stick was OK, I guess, but considering NBA Live has been using the right analog stick to control dribble moves for years prior to this, it wasn't nearly as big of a jump as NHL 13, IMO.
# 2 gsize19 @ 01/17/13 10:30 AM
I agree with the true performance skating, it was innovative... Now get the penalties right and it is a true sim that should NEVER be touched again... Sometimes and in most cases, less new features is best, more new features robs peter to pay paul and breaks platforms that already work...
# 3 misterkrabz @ 01/17/13 11:36 AM
"more new features robs peter to pay paul and breaks platforms that already work..." That's EA Sports 101.

"should NEVER be touched again"..be careful, to EA executives that means change and completely overhaul the system and start over from the ground up hence restarting a cycle of bugs, frustration, and broken game play (see Madden franchise for an example). I'm absolutely terrified about the prospect of the new hardware (xbox 720/ps4). For the franchises like NHL and FIFA that are solid, that means that EA has a new chance to screw them up like they did Madden/NCAA.
# 4 MERACE @ 01/17/13 02:53 PM
Thumbs up to all of the posts above mine!

# 5 @legendm0de @ 01/17/13 06:26 PM
well deserved win for the NHL game this year

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