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Chatting It Up With MLB 2K11's Million-Dollar Winner

Kingrey won 2K Sports' annual “Perfect Game” contest, and the check to go along with it.

The 25-year-old music teacher from Hammond, La. pitched the actual game about a month and a half ago, but he didn’t find out he had won until just recently. After he initially pitched the perfect game, all he remembered was “doing a little dance of excitement” with his dog, Reggie.

"[2K] contacted me and said ‘we’re going to have all the competitors come to 2K Sports.’ They got [me] thinking they’re going to pick one guy out of plenty,” said Kingrey. “I got there, and I was the only one. I went to this big room, and a big group of people just stood up and cheered. Then I got the golf-sized check.”

Right after he was told he had won, Kingrey wasn’t able to tell people. But he was able to call his wife, Karyn, right after.

“She just started screaming. I have it on recording,” he said.

Before the contest, Kingrey would practice for hours a day trying to master every aspect of the game.

The pitcher used to win the $1 million was none other than MLB 2K11 cover athlete, Roy Halladay. He threw the perfect game against the Houston Astros.

“Roy has a mean slider, and the Astros only have two left-handed hitters. It was a perfect matchup,” said Kingrey.

Lincecum would have been another good choice to use, as he went up against the Dodgers on Opening Day.

Throughout the game, Kingrey never flinched much. It wasn’t until Astros second basemen Bill Hall stepped up to the plate that he really had to sweat it out.

"The biggest guy I had to worry about was in the 7th inning, Bill Hall," said Kingrey. "Getting past him was the major thing because he would always just swing away and knock one out. Other than that was the left-handers I had to worry about."

Last year’s winner, Wade McGilberry, is one of few people to understand what it’s like to win money for playing a video game.

“It’s pretty exciting," said McGilbbery. "It’s a lot of the feelings, not really the whole shock and awe. It’s not happening to me (this year), but it’s still an unreal feeling.”

With his prize money, Kingrey is planning to pay off his student loans and his house. But there is one thing that he cannot wait to buy for his wife and himself.

"A fridge. We really need a fridge, so I’m pretty excited to go out and get one," said Kingrey. Right now we’re just using a little fridge you’d have in the dorms."

Kingrey isn’t much of a gamer, but he is “a very competitive guy.” He picked up MLB 2K11 just to participate in the contest, but he will never forget how much the game ended up meaning to him.

"It’s really unreal," he said. "It really did feel like the fogginess was around, and I couldn’t really see. It really feels like a dream."

Well, wake up Brian, this is reality, and you've hit the video-game jackpot.

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# 1 bukktown @ 05/27/11 12:47 PM
That was cool how they surprised him the way they did. I still find it hilarious that you can win prizes from a video game.
# 2 Uncle Stumpy @ 05/27/11 02:57 PM
I think it's great. If you can get millions playing poker, why not video games? I think it's about time gaming companies gave away more prizes (obviously not million dollar ones often) to gamers who are loyal. Screw trophies, give me something I can use, (like a discount to the next years edition, or a free game) if you achieve things like winning on the hardest level, etc.
# 3 stlstudios189 @ 05/27/11 06:37 PM
more contest with prizes will be much appriciated

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