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Sunday, August 17, 2014
03:39 PM - August 17, 2014. Written by glenzariczny
Chicago bats smash M's for 2nd straight game

Chicago - Who would have known that the team with the worst record in the league would be the Mariners kryptonite. After a nine game winning streak the Mariners pitching got drubbed by the White Sox as they dropped another one on the south side 9-4. Paul Konerko had two home runs to add to his tally from last night as he has destroyed Seattle in this series. The Mariners two best pitchers couldn't get the job done, and the bats have gone somewhat cold. Seattle needs to regroup in a hurry to avoid the sweep tomorrow as Chris Young (6-6, 3.41 ERA) will go to the mound to take on Dylan Axelrod (4-1, 3.76 ERA).

Seattle Mariners at Chicago White Sox
Jul 5, 2014123456789RHE
Seattle (47-40)000000040481
Chicago (33-56)00102330X9121
W: Felipe Paulino (3-13) L: Hisashi Iwakuma (7-6)
Seattle Mariners
Chavez, RF4000000.316
Ackley, LF4000000.231
Cano, 2B4121010.229
Seager, 3B4113001.261
Morales, DH3000100.214
Hart, 1B4000000.230
Buck, C4010010.276
Jones, CF4130000.219
Miller, SS4110010.290
2B: R. Cano (10)
HR: K. Seager (16)
RBI: K. Seager 2 (39), R. Cano (47)
GIDP: C. Hart
SB: J. Jones (6)
E: R. Cano (3)
Chicago White Sox
Eaton, CF4111000.237
Ramirez, SS4110000.266
Konerko, 1B4224022.270
Dunn. DH3120100.219
Garcia, RF4110010.232
Gillaspie, 3B4000030.250
Viciedo, LF4221011.289
Beckham, 2B4123000.212
Flowers, C4010000.195
TEAM TOTALS359129173
2B: T. Flowers (7), G. Beckham (6)
HR: P. Konerko 2 (16), D. Viciedo (12)
RBI: A. Eaton (40), P. Konerko 4 (43), D. Viciedo (27), G. Beckham 3 (20)
SF: A. Eaton
GIDP: A. Garcia
SB: A. Garcia (1)
E: C. Gillaspie (1)
Seattle Mariners
Iwakuma (L, 7-6)5.07440423.21
TEAM TOTALS8.01299172
Chicago White Sox
Paulino (W, 3-13)8.07441215.23
TEAM TOTALS9.0844131
Dynasty: glenzariczny
01:40 PM - August 17, 2014. Written by glenzariczny
Eaton slam ends streak at nine

Chicago - Adam Eaton clubbed a 8th inning grand slam, and a Mariner rally in the 9th fell short as the M's lost their first game in their last 10, falling to the White Sox 6-4. Eaton's slam broke open a pitchers duel that had the game deadlocked at 1-1 throughout, but the Mariner bullpen couldn't hold it down as Farquhar was shaky in the 9th. allowing a run and leaving the bases loaded before Charlie Furbush came in and gave up the Salami. The two teams are back at it tomorrow with the Mariners looking to get back to their recent winning ways by sending Hisashi Iwakuma (7-5, 3.03 ERA) to the mound to face the struggling Felipe Paulino (2-13, 5.30 ERA).

Seattle Mariners at Chicago White Sox
Jul 4, 2014123456789RHE
Seattle (47-39)0001000034110
Chicago (32-56)10000005X6131
W: Donnie Veal (3-3) L: Danny Farquhar (4-3) S: Matt Lindstrom - 19
Seattle Mariners
Chavez, CF5022000.329
Ackley, LF5020000.234
Cano, 2B4000000.225
Hart, 1B4111011.233
Morales, DH4000010.223
Seager, 3B4121001.260
Buck, C4100010.277
Miller, SS4000020.290
Romero, RF4140000.255
TEAM TOTALS384114052
2B: K. Seager (11), E. Chavez (11), S. Romero (8)
HR: K. Seager (15), C. Hart (14)
RBI: K. Seager (36), C. Hart (37), E. Chavez 2 (12)
GIDP: C. Hart
Chicago White Sox
Eaton, CF5124001.236
Ramirez, SS5020000.266
Konerko, 1B4111111.266
Abreu, DH4000030.169
Garcia, RF4110000.231
Gillaspie, 3B4131010.253
Viciedo, LF4020020.285
Beckham, 2B4120010.206
Flowers, C4100020.194
TEAM TOTALS386136192
2B: A. Eaton (18), A. Garcia (13), C. Gillaspie (13), D. Viciedo (7), G. Beckham (5)
HR: A. Eaton (8), P. Konerko (14)
RBI: A. Eaton 4 (39), C. Gillaspie (34), P. Konerko (39)
SB: A. Eaton (6)
CS: A. Ramirez (4)
E: A. Ramirez (7)
Seattle Mariners
Farquhar (L, 4-3)0.13440104.23
TEAM TOTALS8.01366191
WP: F. Hernandez (3)
Chicago White Sox
Veal (W, 3-3)1.22320313.12
Lindstrom (S, 19)0.11000002.36
TEAM TOTALS9.01143052
Dynasty: glenzariczny
Saturday, August 16, 2014
06:11 PM - August 16, 2014. Written by Roscosuper

Martin St. Louis scored his first goal in a blue and orange sweater, but the Islanders fell short in the shootout, losing 4-3 to the St. Louis Blues Thursday night at Nassau Coliseum.

Dynasty: Roscosuper
11:22 AM - August 16, 2014. Written by bayers3

Boston takes their third title in three years.

Yet another amazing season in Boston, but the front office wouldn't have much time to celebrate. Few expected the team to win it all in 2014, let alone a third time in 2015, but it looks like the painful rebuilding process is finally here. David Ortiz, who looked just about done in 2014, was able to get one more ring before riding off into the sunset and leaving a Big Papi shaped hole in Boston's heart and lineup.

Luckily for Boston there is plenty of young talent still around, Mookie Betts being named the AL Playoff MVP is evidence of that. The Red Sox are in for some growing pains, but they have three rings to help tide the fans over.

2015-2016 FREE AGENCY

Once again the Red Sox took a back seat in free agency, locking up their own players and sitting back during the big free agency process. GM Ben Cherington has been very keen on stockpiling draft picks and rebuilding the team through the farm system, and this year was no different.

2015 Qualifying Offers

Mike Napoli (Declined) - Signed $16 million / 2 Years, Pittsburgh Pirates
Clay Buchholz (Declined) - Signed $30.3 million / 3 years, San Diego Padres

Napoli, a fan favorite and World Series MVP, seriously misjudged the market. Boston's qualifying offer was for almost as much as he ended up signing for, but for one less year. Perhaps at his age he was looking for more, but few teams offered him anything more than a 2 year deal.

2015 Contract Extensions

Braden Shipley - $4 million / 5 years

2015 Free Agents

This was where Boston may have made a few mistakes in 2014, and their roster depth showed it. This year management decided to sit back and see who they could get on low-risk high-reward contracts, and it worked out perfectly. While most of the contenders fought over big names, like the Rangers landing Orioles' 1B Chris Davis for a whopping $118.55 million over 5 years, Boston quietly picked up pieces to compliment the young talent already on the roster. The other notable free agent signings were Jason Heyward (Phillies, $114.20 million over 5 years) and Matt Wieters (Astros, $39.72 million over 3 years).

Matt Adams - $3 million / 3 years
Nelson Cruz - $3.96 million / 1 year
Jake Lamb - $360,000 / 5 years
Jonathan Schoop - $3 million / 4 years
Matt Stites - $300,000 / 3 years

At first glance it seems like the Red Sox splurged, but really they managed to sign a lot of young players to very budget friendly deals. Nelson Cruz, even though he signed for nearly $4 million, was a real steal as he received very few offers. Ben Cherington showed interest on a one year deal early on, but Cruz declined while waiting for a longer deal. Nothing materialized, and the slugger found himself without a job, so the Red Sox landed someone to take the place of Ortiz in the DH spot.

Rule 5 Draft

Boston made no selections in the 2015 Rule 5 Draft.


Despite having one of the largest available budgets, just over $200 million, the Red Sox have really scaled back on their payroll for 2015. Their current team salary sits at $64.2 million, good enough for 26th in MLB, thanks to passing on massive contracts to older players. Dustin Pedroia continues to be the highest paid player thanks to his lengthy extension prior to the 2014 season that goes through the 2015 to 2021 season.

2015 Notable Retirements

A brutal year for Boston in the retirement department, but everyone went out winners. It was important to Boston and David Ortiz that he retire in the town where he became an elite hitter, he will always be missed by his teammates and the organization.

David Ortiz (Boston Red Sox) - 39, 19 Seasons
Koji Uehara (Boston Red Sox) - 40, 7 Seasons
Shane Victorino (Boston Red Sox) - 34, 12 Seasons
Torii Hunter (Boston Red Sox) - 39, 19 Seasons
Jonathan Papelbon (Tampa Bay Rays) - 34, 11 Seasons
Jose Bautista (Toronto Blue Jays) - 34, 12 Seasons
Joe Nathan (Detroit Tigers) - 40, 15 Seasons
Adrian Beltre (Texas Rangers ) - 36, 18 Seasons
Big Fat Bartolo Colon (NY Mets) - 42, 18 Seasons
Cliff Lee (Philidelphia Phillies) - 36, 14 Seasons
Chase Utley (Philidelphia Phillies) - 36, 13 Seasons
Dynasty: bayers3
Friday, August 15, 2014
10:04 PM - August 15, 2014. Written by philliesfan136

*Eddie Edwards preserved the Cruiserweight championship from KENTA. KENTA had him on the ropes with a GTS and octopus stretch but a Die Hard Driver and then a regular Die Hard ended it.

*Jack Swagger def. Japan export Jun Akiyama, via gutwrench bomb on a steel chair

*Prince Devitt holds on to the NWA Heavyweight title, knocking off Ted DiBiase Jr. They exchanged a Bloody Sunday and Dream Street, then Devitt landed a springboard splash and a Dreamcast kick to win.

*Antonio Cesaro obliterated Jushin Liger with a plethora of offense: alphamare waterslide, Giant swing, double stomp, gutwrench suplex, and a Neutralizer.

Paul Heyman was asked about his client, the King of Swing:

"Doubt me. I cultivate champions. Cesaro is the next bonafide, 100% main-eventer. I told you in December that Brock Lesnar would win the WWE championship and he did. He is a United States champion, he won the Gold Rush, and he dominated Hulk Hogan on the biggest stage of them all."

Cesaro gave a rebuttal to Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter:

"Jack Swagger can insult me, attack me, challenge me all he wants. But the fact is he lost to Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania. I defeated Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania. There's no one who can take that accomplishment away from me. And I'd like to think it makes me the new American hero. Jack hasn't done too good a job of living up to the "All-American American" name recently. He could never dream to be a beloved United States champion like I was."

*Bray Wyatt victimized Justin Gabriel. Wyatt threw him down with a uranage but Gabriel got him outside of the ring and dived over the ropes with a splash. Bray countered an emerald flowsion into a Sister Abigail, smashing his face right into a set of steps.

He took a seat with his Wyatt brothers beside him. It was then he notified the WWE Universe of his next target..

"Since I've been gone, I had my inner inflections. I thought about my role as the Eater of Worlds. The world does not have a voice of its own. It can't tell you what it wants, what it needs. But it's yearning for something to point it in the right direction. A savior, perhaps. A savior like Chris Jericho! Save us, Chris! You must forgive me..where have my manners gone? I don't think I've had a chance to formally introduce myself. You may call me Bray Wyatt. But I have a thousand faces and a million names. Seducer, accuser, destroyer. I am the color red in a world full of black and white, and if you value your ability to breathe, don't get too close. Save us, Chris. Save yourself."

The message has been sent.. will Jericho heed these words and return to Smackdown to respond?

*US and tag team title holders grouped together to meet their opposition at Bash at the Beach. Ryback and the Usos topped the Wyatts and Curtis Axel in a 6-man tag, due to a Super Kick from an Uso on Luke Harper.

*C.M. Punk called out Damien Sandow's apparent manager - the Nature Boy, Ric Flair. Punk plans to wreak havoc on the Savior of the Masses, and crush his "intelligent brain" for stealing his World Heavyweight title away. He will make Sandow accept his rematch clause for BATB.

Naitch strolled down to the ring and explained that Punk will have to prove he is worthy enough to beat the man, before he can be allowed to take back the gold that Sandow has graced with such prestige. NWA and WCW have a rich history that the Duke of Decency would have thrived in. Flair proclaims that he is backing Damien after he earned the 16-time champion's respect at Wrestlemania. They have an idea that will represent Flair's era as World champion well and will make Smackdown must-see.

Punk allowed the veteran to have his piece and promptly gave him a beating. A Go to Sleep to the dome sent his message to the new WHC clearly: he will take back what is his at Bash at the Beach. Sandow did not seem convinced, simply smirking and pointing to his noggin. He must be smart if he hopes to out-maneuver the Best in the World.
Dynasty: philliesfan136
09:40 PM - August 15, 2014. Written by bayers3

LOS ANGELES, CA - It was do or die tonight with Boston up 3-1 and the Dodgers did the next best thing to sending Clayton Kershaw out; starting Zach Greinke. Greinke has been excellent this year and he was able to beat the Red Sox the first time around. Clay Buchholz would take the mound for Boston, his first start of the series, but with a potential home match up with Chris Archer or Shelby Miller on the horizon there wouldn't be much pressure on Buchholz.

Buchholz and Greinke proved to be on their game tonight, both inducing grounders and getting strike outs to shut out the opposing team through three innings. The Red Sox were first to score once again, this time a Mike Napoli 2R-HR after a Dustin Pedroia double put them ahead 2-0 in the 4th.

The two starters went right back to be excellent, though Buchholz had the advantage of being ahead, but Greinke was the first to leave after the 6th. Greinke had only allowed three hits, unfortunately for him one of them was a HR right after a double. Buchholz was much better, leaving after the 7th only allowing a single hit with 12 strikeouts.

The game rolled on into the 9th inning with the Dodgers looking defeated, if you couldn't see the score you would think it was a 12-0 game instead of a 2-0 one. With Red Sox fans on their feet and Dodgers fans leaving their seats Boston put the final nails in Los Angeles' coffin. Xander Bogaerts poured salt in the wound with a solo-HR, and then Joc Pederson dove for a Pedroia line drive and missed to turn it into a triple. Napoli drove in Pedroia with a hard line drive that flew right at Hanley Ramirez and right past him. Will Middlebrooks finished it off with a humiliating 2R-HR. The Dodgers had nothing left and Anthony Ranaudo closed out the game for another World Series championship.

Three in a row for the Red Sox.

Boston Red Sox at Los Angeles Dodgers
Oct 28, 2015123456789RHE
Boston (4-1)0002000046100
Los Angeles (1-4)000000000020
W: Buchholz (3-0) L: Greinke (2-1) S: Ranaudo (2)
Dynasty: bayers3
07:11 PM - August 15, 2014. Written by shogunofharlem3

Shogunofharlem3's NHL 14 Revamped with Shogun Edits Franchise Ticker

B's Take Game 7

Game 1 - Boston 0 Montreal 2

Game 2 - Boston 1 Montreal 2

Game 3 - Montreal 2 Boston 3

Game 4 - Montreal 0 Boston 3

Game 5 - Boston 2 Montreal 1

Game 6 Montreal 3 Boston 2

Game 7 Boston 3 Montreal 2

Shogun Sports





Game 5

Game 6

Game 7

Dynasty: shogunofharlem3
Thursday, August 14, 2014
09:33 PM - August 14, 2014. Written by bayers3

LOS ANGELES, CA - After a tough loss the Dodgers find themselves at a critical juncture in the World Series. A win tonight would tie the series and give them a chance to take a 3-2 lead back to Boston, but a loss would leave them in a 3-1 hole facing two more road games to win it all. Manager Don Mattingly was well aware of his predicament and put Clayton Kershaw on the mound to staunch the bleeding, but the Red Sox countered with Shelby Miller to reduce the advantage.

Kershaw was basically himself for once to start the game, tossing two scoreless innings along with Miller until the 3rd inning. Mookie Betts broke the game open with a solo-HR, and then Boston found an opening to make things worse. Dustin Pedroia made it 2-0 with an RBI single thanks to some questionable defending by Matt Kemp. Mike Napoli followed up with a double to score Pedroia from 1st and take a 3-0 lead.

Betts' HR broke the game open.

Miller continued to roll over the Dodgers, who were not helping Kershaw at all. Poor defending by Joc Pederson allowed another run in the 4th with a Will Middlebrooks double. Kershaw came back out for the 5th, but he didn't last long. A double by Xander Bogaerts, with no outs, caused Mattingly to pull Kershaw from the game after 70 pitches. Chad Billingsly came in and did his best, but a Napoli sac fly scored Bogaerts for Kershaw's 5th run allowed.

The 6th inning became the highlight of the game, unfortunately it was the low point for Los Angeles. Betts hit an easy grounder to SS Hanley Ramirez, who tried to bare-hand the ball but bungled the play, and ended up with an RBI single. Miller came up to bat, wearing a jacket to stay warm, and put a bunt down the 3rd base line in an attempt to move Betts to 3rd after stealing second. Aramis Ramirez came charging in and tossed the ball a step too far for Adrian Gonzalez who had to leap off the bag to keep the ball from flying into the Dodgers' dugout. With only one out Jackie Bradley Jr. hit a sac fly to RF to bring in Betts. Bogaerts followed that up with his second double of the night which would, improbably, allow Miller and his warm jacket to score from 1st. Pedroia would polish off the 6th with an RBI single to score Bogaerts from 2nd.

Han-Ram's mistake started a huge rally.

Miller went back to the dugout after his 6th shutout inning with a no-hitter on the books, and the way he was pitching it looked like history was within reach. Unfortunately Yasiel Puig had other ideas and ended Miller's chances with a hard hit single in the 7th. Miller continued into the 8th when Aramis Ramirez made it to 3rd with one out, and Stephen Romero spelled Billingsly for a pinch-hit sac fly to finally put Los Angeles on the board. The Dodgers added one more in the 9th with a Gonzalez RBI double thanks to Shane Victorino not paying attention and letting Matt Kemp score from 1st.

In the end Miller went 8 strong innings with only a single BB and 13K. Giving Boston a 3-1 series lead made losing the no-hitter worth it. The Dodgers pitching has been terrible at home, and the team as a whole looks defeated.

Boston Red Sox at Los Angeles Dodgers
Oct 27, 2015123456789RHE
Boston (3-1)0031140009141
Los Angeles (1-3)000000011241
W: Miller (2-1) L: Kershaw (3-1)
Dynasty: bayers3
07:48 PM - August 14, 2014. Written by philliesfan136

Triple H's tyrannous rule has revived Evolution, and with it gained the attention and ire of the Shield, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and their allies. Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, and Intercontinental champion Alberto Del Rio are all jockeying for position, along with Austin Aries, Jay Lethal, Seth Rollins, and other members of the RAW roster. They all want to be Daniel Bryan's opponent for the WWE Undisputed championship at Bash at the Beach. Bryan not only has an ongoing rivalry with the COO and his interchangeable goons, but now even his cohorts have been persuaded to chase his title. Feuds have spilled over to the title picture in what looks like an excellent diversion by the Game.

On the other side of the coin, Damien Sandow holds the World Heavyweight championship captive from C.M. Punk with Ric Flair and Drew McIntyre supporting him. The Wyatts are running rampant with Bray spreading his message and his lanky bretheren Harper/Rowan going for the tag gold. The Big Guy Ryback is gleaming over his United States championship but Ted DiBiase Jr. and Curtis Axel are next in line.

That's the update as the collision course towards BATB continues..

*Austin Aries thought he got one over on Cody Rhodes with a brainbuster on the outside but the Dashing One kept the ball rolling with a Cross Rhodes.

*Title holders opposed potential challengers: IC champ Alberto Del Rio and Smackdown's Curtis Axel versus US champ Ryback and RAW's Jay Lethal. A Lethal Injection was the feather in the cap for Black Machismo, who could be Del Rio's opponent 2 weeks from Sunday.

*CM Punk was given his rematch with Drew McIntyre from two weeks back on Smackdown. He requested a submission stipulation to make it all the more grueling for the man who might have cost him the World Heavyweight championship. It was hard-fought, no doubt, and a bloody Punk forced the Sinister Scotsman to tap to an Anaconda Vice.

*As part of an NJPW exhibition match, the Young Bucks were sent over to face the Usos, non-title. A Bubba Bomb to Nick Jackson finished it this time but I think we can expect a rematch.

*The two remnants of the Shield - Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose - squared off with the traitor Roman Reigns and his Evolution buddy Randy Orton. It turned out to be dismal for them as Reigns flew in for a Superman punch to Rollins and Orton stomped a downed Ambrose. The hate is still strong from both sides of the fence.
Dynasty: philliesfan136
06:20 PM - August 14, 2014. Written by Roscosuper

In their last game before the NHL Trade Deadline, the Islanders came back from a 1-0 deficit to force overtime, but lost in a shootout to the Winnipeg Jets 2-1 Tuesday night at MTS Center.

NOTES: The Islanders organization as stated the need for a top-six winger to help out while without the services of Thomas Vanek. Vanek is due to return to the lineup within the coming weeks, but is the organization willing to bet on a player returning from a concussion who has missed over thirty of the team's games... Rumors indicate that Tampa Bay has been shopping Martin St. Louis for a modest return.
Dynasty: Roscosuper
02:18 PM - August 14, 2014. Written by philliesfan136

*Triple H acknowledged that there's a lot of controversy going on right now on RAW. Everyone's questioning what caused this change in Roman Reigns. Why, Roman, why? The COO will bring out the future of the business to explain. "You sold out" chants accommodate him as he joins HHH on the ramp.

"You know, that's an interesting question actually. When I stood in this ring right here, I had the chair in my hand, and I took a step back.. and right before I swung as hard as I could at Seth Rollins, there was that moment. Stillness came over me, this clarity. And then I stepped forward and I struck my brother right in the back, and I looked over at Dean Ambrose. I saw him trying to grasp what was happening. And before he knew what hit him, I dropped him too. And the feeling I had was a power that I can't even describe. It was incredible, it was nothing live I ever felt my entire life. It was nothing like Seth and Dean are ever gonna feel. They'll never know that power because everything they ever were they owed me. And they're nothing without me. They'll never know that power just like each and every one of you will never understand that power. Because just like you, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are destined for mediocrity.

Their entire lives yes, their entire lives and your entire lives, you'll sit in the exact same place, you'll do the exact same thing, and you'll never reach any of your dreams or accomplish any of your goals. Because you don't have the guts. That's right. You don't have the guts to do what I did just a few weeks ago. You know who does understand that power? Triple H understands. He understands more than anybody what it takes to get to the top. You can't sit idly by and wait for opportunities to come your way. No, you gotta strike while the iron is hot. You gotta create your own opportunities and even more than that. You've gotta cease those opportunities. My goal in this business is to be the greatest that ever stepped foot in this ring. And don't think for two seconds that I wouldn't stab my friends in the back and walk over their bodies to do what I gotta do to be the best! I adapted and I evolved. What you're looking at is the evolution of Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose were nothing but dead weight. And I did what I had to do I cut them loose. Now, I said a second ago that you gotta create your own opportunities and you do. So I'd like to take this time to thank a man who helped me create this specific opportunity. Triple H, thank you for helping me create this opportunity

*The Miz stated that his international appeal has shot through the roof with his win of the European championship. Now, the whole world can be graced with the moneymaker. The Gold Standard answered his open challenge but was taken out with a snapmare driver and Skull Crushing Finale.

*Cody Rhodes showed off to the boss by beating Jay Lethal, as part of a rematch from Heat.

*The rambunctious Dean Ambrose drove Alberto Del Rio's head into the mat with Dirty Deeds. He's looking to get his hands on Reigns but he'll have to go through Triple H and Randy Orton first.

*Randy Orton made it 2-for-2 for Evolution through an RKO on Austin Aries, as retribution for their loss to Aries and Lethal on Wednesday Night Heat.

*Reigns brought his stock up higher by powerbombing Dolph Ziggler on the outside. Ziggler has involved himself in the feud between Evolution and the Shield while at the same time being involved in the WWE title pursuit.

*Hunter hoped to kill two birds with one stone by putting Seth Rollins against Daniel Bryan in a non-title matchup. They would rough each other up and Rollins could place himself in a title situation at the PPV with a grand showing. In an upset, the 1-time United States champ overcame the WWE champion via a Sethwalker. They did a classic Code of Honor handshake and Rollins got a mic. Ambrose arrived and congratulated him as Bryan left the ring.

"There's something that Roman Reigns and Triple H don't understand. They'll learn very swiftly that justice isn't free. You don't betray your brothers for personal glory and pretend they're dead in the dust. The Shield feasts on the world's liars and backstabbers. We'll beat the justice into you until your realize your plan for control is an utter failure. The Shield always has control. We run things, Hunter, things don't run we."
Dynasty: philliesfan136
Wednesday, August 13, 2014
02:48 PM - August 13, 2014. Written by Roscosuper

The Islanders managed to snag a point, but fell in overtime 4-3 to the Phoenix Coyotes Thursday night at Nassau Coliseum.

Dynasty: Roscosuper
11:34 AM - August 13, 2014. Written by Roscosuper

The Islanders continue to struggle as the NHL Trade Deadline approaches, losing 3-1 to the Edmonton Oilers Tuesday night at Nassau Coliseum.

Dynasty: Roscosuper
Tuesday, August 12, 2014
11:30 PM - August 12, 2014. Written by glenzariczny
Strong pitching earns Mariners sweep, 9th straight win

Houston - Mariner pitching threw shutout ball wednesday afternoon against the Astros. James Paxton went 6.1 innings, and Charlie Furbush, and Fernando Rodney were able to do the rest in a 3-0 victory. On a day where the bats were finally quiet for a change the pitching staff stepped up and gave the Mariners the performance they needed to continue their hot streak. The M's now get a day off before they try to push the streak into double digits Friday in Chicago. It will be Felix Hernandez (8-7, 2.47 ERA) taking on John Danks (4-6, 3.59 ERA) in the opener.

Seattle Mariners at Houston Astros
Jul 2, 2014123456789RHE
Seattle (47-38)200000001360
Houston (36-50)000000000063
W: James Paxton (5-3) L: Jarred Cosart (4-9) S: Fernando Rodney - 26
Seattle Mariners
Miller, SS5000020.294
Chavez, RF4110020.326
Cano, 2B3121100.228
Seager, 3B4010010.258
Morales, DH4001010.238
Hart, 1B3100110.233
Romero, LF3000000.234
Ackley, PH-LF1000000.231
Zunino, C4000010.236
Jones, CF4021000.208
2B: J. Jones (6)
RBI: R. Cano (46), J. Jones (9), K. Morales (5)
Houston Astros
Altuve, 2B3010100.274
Fowler, CF3010110.279
Castro, C4000010.269
Carter, RF4000020.207
Springer, LF4010000.246
Presley, DH3010020.289
Singleton, 1B3010010.325
Gonzalez, 3B3000020.286
Villar, SS3010000.226
2B: G. Springer (2)
GIDP: J. Castro, C. Carter, M. Gonzalez
E: J. Altuve (12), J. Castro 2 (7)
PB: J. Castro (1)
Seattle Mariners
Paxton (W, 5-3)6.16002803.21
Furbush (H, 8)1.20000002.45
Rodney (S, 26)1.00000100.84
TEAM TOTALS9.0600290
Houston Astros
Cosart (L, 4-9)5.05220304.64
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08:56 PM - August 12, 2014. Written by bayers3

LOS ANGELES, CA - With the World Series tied 1-1 the teams flew across the country, almost as far away from Boston as possible, and got ready for three games in Southern California. Thanks to a two day break and a short outing in Game 1 the Dodgers would feel Boston's 1-2 punch a little earlier than expected. Chris Archer would take the mound today on three days rest and face Ivan Nova, clearly a mismatch in favor of the Red Sox.

It didn't take long for Nova's day to go south, with Boston taking a 1-0 lead after Xander Bogaerts drove in Jackie Bradley Jr. from 2nd thanks to a single and a stolen base. Boston made it 2-0 in the 2nd with a Will Middlebrooks solo-HR and things started to slowly fall apart for Los Angeles.

Nova settled down after the 2nd, going two scoreless innings while giving up a number of hits in the process, but Boston couldn't get back on the board until the 5th. Bradley Jr. broke the mini-drought with a solo-HR to go up 3-0, but Nova once again escaped without too much damage. After pitching well, but still walking too many hitters, Archer was finally tested in the 5th. Hanley Ramirez hit an easy grounder to 3rd with Dee Gordon on 1st, but Middlebrooks rushed his throw to 1st that would have ended the inning and found the visitor's dugout fence. Ramirez was safe at first, and the speedy Gordon made it to 3rd. Archer, having issues with his slider, finally broke off a pitch that got Alex Guerrero to swing and miss for a strikeout to end the inning.

Archer and Nove left the game after 5IP, both of them throwing over 100 pitches, but Archer hadn't allowed a single hit while Nova gave up 7. Archer did strike out 8 batters, but he also walked 4 and convinced John Farrell to end his day. Boston seemed to put the game away in the 7th with a David Ortiz pinch hit solo-HR for a 4-0 lead, and then the excitement shifted to the possibility of a combined no-hitter.

Ortiz's HR sealed it for the Red Sox.

Boston cruised through the 8th, nearly making it 5-0 when Dustin Pedroia tried to go 1st-to-Home on a Mike Napoli double, but Joc Pederson gunned him down at the plate. Things got really interesting in the 9th with Edward Mujica in to close the game. Archer, Anthony Ranaudo, Drake Britton, and Rubby De La Rosa had combined for a no-hitter through 8, and with two outs it was up to Mujica to finish it off. Unfortunately for Mujica, Pederson blooped a single to RF and ended the no-no, but he still closed out the game for a 2-1 series lead.

Boston Red Sox at Los Angeles Dodgers
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