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Saturday, August 13, 2016
12:44 PM - August 13, 2016. Written by Tmizzle
Indians at Twins |
Jul 15, 2016123456789ExtrasRHE
Cleveland (51-40)00101001103110
Minnesota (55-36)0100200001471
W: Jepsen (W, 3-2) L: Crockett (L, -02)
Cleveland Indians
Lindor, SS5010000.252
Davis, CF5130010.229
Brantley, LF4000000.316
Kipnis, 2B4021010.324
Santana, 1B4121001.280
Gomes, C4000020.224
Chisenhall, DH4110000.233
Byrd, RF4000010.274
Uribe, 3B4021000.267
2B: Kipnis (17), Chisenhall (14)
HR: Santana (17)
RBI: Kipnis (83), Santana (42), Uribe (31)
GIDP: Gomes
SB: Davis (24)
CS: Kipnis (6), Naquin (2)
Minnesota Twins
Buxton, CF4112001.312
Dozier, 2B4010000.273
Mauer, 1B4000000.270
Sano, 3B4010000.271
Park, DH3100100.237
Souza Jr, RF4010000.283
Arcia, LF4010000.234
Murphy, C4221001.211
Polanco, SS3000000.204
HR: Buxton (15), Murphy (5)
RBI: Buxton 2 (37), Murphy (14)
GIDP: Murphy
E: Mauer (9
Cleveland Indians
Crockett (L, 0-2)3.11110015.60
Minnesota Twins
Hughes 7.210220302.12
Jepsen (W, 3-2)2.11110211.37
Dynasty: Tmizzle
08:49 AM - August 13, 2016. Written by Tmizzle
Cleveland Indians at Minnesota Twins
Jul 15, 2016123456789RHE
Cleveland (51-39)001020000390
Minnesota (54-36)010100000270
W: Tomlin (W, 8-7) L: Berrios (L, 9-5) S: Allen (S, 29)
Cleveland Indians
Lindor, SS4120010.252
Davis, CF4100010.223
Brantley, LF4130000.320
Kipnis, 2B4023000.321
Santana, 1B4010000.277
Gomes, C4000010.227
Chisenhall, DH4010000.232
Byrd, RF4000020.278
Uribe, 3B4000010.264
2B: Kipnis (16), Santana (10)
RBI: Kipnis 3 (82)
Minnesota Twins
Buxton, CF3000120.313
Dozier, 2B3010110.274
Mauer, 1B4000020.273
Sano, 3B4020000.271
Park, DH4010030.239
Souza Jr, RF3221101.284
Arcia, LF4011030.233
Murphy, C4000000.205
Polanco, SS3000000.208
2B: Sano (11), Arcia (9)
HR: Souza Jr. (17)
RBI: Souza Jr. (34), Arcia (27)
GIDP: Sano
Cleveland Indians
Tomlin (W, 8-7)77220814.78
Hunter (H, 14)10002101.97
Aleen (S, 29)10001202.64
Minnesota Twins
Berrios (L, 9-5)79330502.96
Dynasty: Tmizzle
06:50 AM - August 13, 2016. Written by luckyshot04
So, since I am a little OCD when it comes to retaining information from games and such, I've always wondered, "Why is no one else interested in the fact I'm on a 5 game skid?" But in reality, I knew when I made templates of spreadsheets to enter rosters, gameplans, and keep track of schedule's and results, I knew this would be my perfect outlet.

So, a little info for those of you that take the time to follow along. This is, of course, MyGM mode (Superstar difficulty, 12 minute quarters) and I play every single game that comes along. I have logged many games with the Hawks but am really just now getting to putting it all together. And let me tell you, it's still hard and intense.

A little more background, I keep Points of Emphasis, along with offense and defense playcalling, in coach settings on AUTO. I find it hard enough to focus on scoring or running plays without having to scroll through a particular play for a particular player. As far as gameplans, since they are on auto, I just adjust the rotation based on if I want 10 or 11 players for that game. Depending on back-to-back, travel, fatigue, etc., I will sometimes run 11-man rotations.

UP TO THIS POINT: I am working on my 12th game and I'm currently on a 4 game skid. I will post depth chart, schedule info and results, and some power rankings as well. So, currently, we are sitting at 6-5 and working to get another win against Brooklyn (@BKN). More info to come after I get some games in today! And as one of our franchise best in history will show you,
Dynasty: luckyshot04
12:05 AM - August 13, 2016. Written by MikeFlu
Profile Card - Rod Longwood
Rod Longwood | SP
Pawtucket Red Sox
Height: 6\'2\"Bats/Throws: R/R
Weight: 210Age: 22 years old

8 starts, 6 very good, and I'm back in Boston starting games for the first time this year in the bigs.
Dynasty: MikeFlu
Friday, August 12, 2016
09:06 AM - August 12, 2016. Written by koszak27
- Exeter City, England

Exeter City began the 2017-2018 season with their first ever appointment to the FL Championship. Coming off an amazing finish in League 1 where the team only lost once after February 1st, Exeter was confident they would be competitive right out of the gate. After an unusually quiet first month in the summer transfer window, the opening game would be in the Capital One Cup. A close match resulted in penalties where The Grecians would narrowly scrape by 5-4. The euphoria would end there however, as Exeter City's inaugural 4 Championship League games in August all resulted in losses.

The final game of the month was another Capital One Cup match where Exeter City managed a 2-0 win but it was not enough to overshadow the team's poor first month in the new league. By September 1st, the team was in the relegation zone already with 0 points. Exeter City's board expects the team to be competitive and stay up in the Championship this season so the team will need to quickly turn things around.

Several transfers were made in August but none were very significant. Disgruntled goalie Christy Pym would leave for Morecambe FC for $150,000. CB Richard Duffy left for Millwall after three years as a Grecian which sent $575,000 to Exeter City in return. The only transfer into the team was Damian Robak, a CB from Brighton who cost $15,000.

With Pym sold, the team was left without a single goalie. Management decided to loan in replacements for the starting position after the search for a first team quality goalie proved to be too costly. Archimede Almici (63 OVR) from Atalanta, Soon Hyung Lee (49 OVR) of Sangiu Sangmu and Jhon Nunez (54 OVR) from Envigado were the players brought in. These three may be trying out for a future spot on the first team now that they are the only goalies on the roster.

The team is starting to add depth mostly through the youth academy because the transfer budget has not been high enough to make significant changes. 4 players were called up from the academy this summer to join the senior team and fight for playing time:

Jordan Aina (ENG) - 68 OVR CAM
Mat Garner (ENG) - 58 OVR CF
Jack Vyner (ENG) - 58 OVR LB
Lorenzo Curiale (ITA) - 63 OVR RW

With the team now through the first month of the season and having taken no points, relegation back to League 1 is a real possibility. The next few months should really test the players on the roster as any changes will need to come from within now that the transfer window is closed.

Manager's Notes:
Well we couldn't have had a worse start to this first season in the Championship. I spent 2-3 hours searching for a first team quality goalie only to find that I just did not have enough money for one. The board was nice enough to ask us just to avoid relegation but they gave us a measly $650,000 budget and $2,350 in weekly wages. The weekly wages alone for a 70-72 OVR goalie are at least $15,000 and I couldn't even squeeze that out.

I put several players on the transfer list including most of the original youth academy crop like Jung and Ognevoski who were in their last year under contract. I ultimately had to loan in another starting goalie in Almici and then a couple back ups because we sold our original random starter in Pym. He was the last GK on the roster so we are left with three loaned in players for the year. I took Lee from a Korean team because he's 6'8" and 200+ lb. so I wanted to see what he looked like on the pitch (regen). Selling Duffy helped increase the budget but it was still not enough to buy a first team goalie.

We are down to 12 of the original 27 random players left on the team. The majority of the team is youth academy players at this point with a total of 14. Two of the most recent call-ups look very promising. Aina, a 68 OVR CAM, went through the May bump at the end of the last season but has good passing and shooting skills. The Italian RW, Curiale (63 OVR), has the potential to be special and immediately came out of the academy to help with the attack. If he doesn't develop he should at least sell for a good profit.

The only game I played was the 2nd Capital One Cup game where we won 2-0. The team was out of form from losing 4 straight but they seemed very cohesive and played great defense. I'll need to experiment to see where our flaws lie but I think another formation tweak and some benchings will be coming down. I'm confident that I can at least get us to finish out of the relegation zone but it is very disappointing to get such low transfer budgets all the time. Trying to supplant that budget with youth players has worked a few times but I was hoping to focus on the original players more. With my small budget it is just so much cheaper to bring in a youth player on $500/week than to pay a transfer fee and inflated wages.

This is the current squad depth chart as of the end of the summer transfer window:

Exeter City Depth Chart - 2017
GKAlmici (63)Nunez (54)Lee (49)
RBSchimpelsberger (69)Arias (62)
LCBGrainger (65)Danic (61)
RCBKim (72)Won (58)
LBDavies (65)Robak (60)
LCMLedson (70)Pfeffer (69)
RCMBeavon (69)Ognevoski (66)
LMFagundez (72)Brough (63)
CAMSikorski (64)Aina (68)
RMDezi (69)Jung (62)
STRomero (70)Nichols (64)

Next update will be July 1st 2018 once this season has ended.
Dynasty: koszak27
Thursday, August 11, 2016
01:14 PM - August 11, 2016. Written by Tmizzle
2016 Minnesota Twins Stats - Hitting
Byung-ho Park32643781412447229500.239.293.509
Joe Mauer33746932411142142400.276.312.451
Miquel Sano31349841004076139700.268.296.684
Byron Buxton3334810520214351050169.315.340.514
Steven Souza Jr.272337671163387700.279.300.289
Eduardo Nunez222235810141252502.261.284.369
Oswaldo Arcia2232752811626115500.233.275.493
Danny Santana211286514261532345.308.321.479
Jorge Polanco17513373272033001.211.223.371
John Ryan Murphy17210365041313100.209.211.308
Eduardo Escobar132928812641000.212.252.333
Brian Dozier121183331101272200.273.313.562
Kurt Suzuki87214200451000.161.215.184
2016 Minnesota Twins Stats - Pitching
Phil Hughes18181330170132.2112311110810.922.10
Jose berrios1717940140127.0104411712730.912.91
Ervin Santana1818840120122.211439138810.992.86
Hector Santiago181861009098.1111551545801.595.03
Kyl Gibson-DL171754090111.111957225551.114.61
Glen Perkins35021300036.125621260.721.49
Kevin Jepsen23022101324.018322200.831.13
Ryan Pressly2102000633.226736300.951.87
Brandon Kintzler1502100319.21240190.661.83
Jonny Venters2202200619.222733181.273.20
Tyler Duffy11100107.0520140.862.57
Michael Tonkin901000011.11020180.971.59
Pat Dean11010005.2642151.246.35
Dynasty: Tmizzle
Minnesota Twins at Texas Rangers
Jul 10, 2016123456789RHE
Minnesota (54-35)001000000192
Texas (44-46)00310001X590
W: Lewis (W, 3-1) L: Dean (L, 0-1)
Minnesota Twins
Buxton, CF3020100.315
Dozier, 2B4010000.273
Mauer, 1B3000000.276
Park, DH4010010.239
Souza Jr, RF4020010.279
Escobar, 3B4000000.212
Arcia, LF3010010.233
Suzuki, C3010000.161
Polanco, SS3111001.211
2B: Suzuki (2)
HR: Polanco (7)
RBI: Polanco (20)
HBP: Mauer
GIDP: Mauer, Souza Jr, Arcia, Dozier
SB: Buxton (16)
E: Suzuki 2 (2)
Texas Rangers
Andrus, SS4010000.288
Desmond, CF4111000.280
Odor, 2B4112011.281
Gallo, 3B4010020.290
Fielder, 1B4120000.241
Choo, RF3122101.275
Mazara, LF4000020.211
Stubbs, DH3110000.207
Nicholas, C3000000.241
2B: Choo (17), Fielder (14), Stubbs (5)
HR: Choo (5), Odor (10)
RBI: Choo 2 (25), Odor 2 (29), Desmond (45)
SB: Andrus (20)
Minnesota Twins
Dean (L, 0-1)5.26441526.35
Texas Rangers
Lewis (W, 3-1)99111312.13
Dynasty: Tmizzle
09:57 AM - August 11, 2016. Written by Tmizzle
 photo hot stove.gif

To replace Alex Meyers spot in the bullpen, Pat Deans contract has been purchased from Triple-A. He will slide into the long relief roll but he may start tonight's game as Santiago started a game before being dealt to the twins.
Dynasty: Tmizzle
09:43 AM - August 11, 2016. Written by Tmizzle
 photo hot stove.gif

Reports have surfaced that the Minnesota Twins have dealt Ricky Nolasco, Alex Meyer and 1B prospect Reynaldo Rodriquez to the Angels for Hector Santiago and Kaleb Cowart. Santiago will slide into Nolasco's rotation slot as Cowart will report to Triple-A.
Dynasty: Tmizzle
Wednesday, August 10, 2016
Minnesota Twins at Texas Rangers
Jul 8, 2016123456789RHE
Minnesota (54-34)000110011480
Texas (43-46)000002000271
W: Duffey (W, 1-0) L: Holland (L, 5-7) S: Perkins (S, 30)
Minnesota Twins
Buxton, CF5011000.312
Dozier, 2B4110020.274
Mauer, 1B4010000.278
Sano, 3B4000010.268
Park, DH3100110.239
Souza Jr, RF4020010.276
Nunez, LF3110000.261
Suzuki, C4010010.155
Escobar, SS2112101.219
2B: Dozier (3)
HR: Escobar (2)
RBI: Escobar 2 (6), Buxton (35)
HBP: Escobar, Nunez
GIDP: Sano
Texas Rangers
Andrus, SS4010010.289
Desmond, CF4010030.280
Fielder, 1B2120200.238
Moreland, DH3002100.242
Choo, RF4000010.271
Beltre, 3B4000000.279
Mazara, LF4000010.214
DeShields, 2B4000000.205
Holaday, C3120000.235
2B: Moreland (12)
RBI: Moreland 2 (41)
GIDP: Moreland
E: Nicholas (1)
Minnesota Twins
Duffy (W, 1-0)75221402.57
Pressly (H, 6)12002101.87
Perkins (S, 30)10000101.49
Texas Rangers
Holland (L, 5-7)7.16331403.82
Dynasty: Tmizzle
02:23 PM - August 10, 2016. Written by Tmizzle
Twins at Rangers |
Jul 7, 2016123456789ExtrasRHE
Minnesota (53-34)1000000000 0 1290
Texas (43-45)1000000000 0 0181
W: Venters (W, 2-2) L: Kela (L, 0-1) S: Perkins (S, 29)
Minnesota Twins
Santana, CF5000020.308
Dozier, 2B4121101.274
Mauer, 1B5010010.279
Sano, 3B5000020.272
Park, DH5120000.241
Nunez, RF5010000.260
Arcia, LF5010010.232
Suzuki, C5021000.150
Polanco, SS5000000.209
2B: Arcia (8)
HR: Dozier (10)
RBI: Suzuki (4), Dozier (12)
GIDP: Polanco, Arcia
Texas Rangers
Andrus, SS5020000.289
Choo, RF5000010.275
Odor, 2B5110010.282
Moreland, DH5011020.241
Beltre, 3B4010100.283
Fielder, 1B5010020.233
Mazara, LF3000000.217
-DeShields, PH-LF2000000.214
Desmond, CF5010010.281
Holaday, C3010010.229
-Stubbs, PH1000000.204
Nicholas, C1000000.248
2B: Fielder (13), Odor (20), Desmond (20)
RBI: Moreland (39)
SB: Andrus (19)
Minnesota Twins
Santana 88110602.86
Venters (W, 2-2)30001103.20
Perkins (S, 29)10000101.53
Texas Rangers
Kela (L, 0-1)2.25110204.24
Dynasty: Tmizzle
12:11 PM - August 10, 2016. Written by MikeFlu
Profile Card - Rod Longwood
Rod Longwood | SP
Boston Red Sox
Height: 6\'2\"Bats/Throws: R/R
Weight: 210Age: 22 years old

As you can see by my stats, I've been steadily improving. That's the good part. THe bad part is that for some reason we've traded Joe Kelly and David Price in the last 2 weeks and I've been optioned to Pawtucket. I guess they wanted to use that last option in my contract. What a bunch of bull.
Dynasty: MikeFlu
10:16 AM - August 10, 2016. Written by Tmizzle
 photo hot stove.gif

John Ryan Murphy suffered a left muscle strain while making a play at home in yesterdays game. He will miss a couple days but will most likely avoid a DL stint as of right now. Veteran Kurt Suzuki will pick up the extra playing time.
Dynasty: Tmizzle
Minnesota Twins at Texas Rangers
Jul 7, 2016123456789RHE
Minnesota (52-34)0010001103100
Texas (43-44)000100000140
W: Hughes (W, 13-3) L: Hamels (L, 8-6) S: Perkins (S, 28)
Minnesota Twins
Buxton, CF4011000.314
Dozier, 2B4010010.266
Santana, LF4111011.316
Sano, DH4010010.276
Park, 1B4000010.239
Souza Jr, RF4120010.273
Escobar, 3B4110000.214
Murphy, C2010000.209
-Suzuki, PH-C2000000.133
Polanco, SS3021000.216
2B: Polanco (3), Souza Jr (7), Dozier (2)
HR: Santana (6)
RBI: Santana (15), Polanco (19), Buxton (34)
GIDP: Polanco, Park
Texas Rangers
Andrus, SS4010000.287
Choo, RF3110110.280
Odor, 2B4000010.283
Moreland, DH4011000.242
Beltre, 3B3000000.284
Fielder, 1B3000000.234
Mazara, LF3000010.220
Desmond, CF2000110.282
Holaday, C3010010.227
2B: Choo (16)
RBI: Moreland (38)
CS: Andrus (5), Desmond (4)
Minnesota Twins
Hughes (W, 13-3)84112402.10
Perkins (S, 28)10000101.57
Texas Rangers
Hamels (L, 8-6)79220403.24
Dynasty: Tmizzle
12:14 AM - August 10, 2016. Written by MikeFlu
Profile Card - Rod Longwood
Rod Longwood | SP
Boston Red Sox
Height: 6\'2\"Bats/Throws: R/R
Weight: 210Age: 22 years old

June and I'm still in the 'pen. ERA has increased from last update a little, but pretty much holding steady.
Dynasty: MikeFlu