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Friday, November 28, 2014
09:23 PM - November 28, 2014. Written by philliesfan136
2014 Oakland Raiders Offseason

The Super Bowl winner mattered not to GM Nick Puleo. When the offseason arrived, he finally got down to business, setting his super plan in motion.

In a bizarre turn of events, he stepped down as coach only and handed the position to Super-Bowl winning head coach Jon Gruden. Effective immediately, Chucky will return and try to improve his 38-26 record in Oakland after having departed for Tampa Bay in 2002. The rumors were rampant last season and they have been proven true for the former Monday Night Football broadcaster. Gruden's love of football could only keep him away from the sidelines for so long. He'll have the chance to work with 2nd-year QB Derek Carr much like he did with Brad Johnson.

Puleo amassed a sheer volume of picks with his dealings but let's highlight a few of the impact players selected. 24 year-old LE Sharif Irvin (#3 pick, 84 ovr) of Florida is the stud defensive lineman they've been looking for. Wideout Khari Donnelly (#27 pick, 79 ovr) from Georgia is 5'7 and 188 lbs but he has a ton of potential at just 20 years old. Ohio State left guard Claudeson Reed (#61 pick, 89 ovr) was a second round steal, and the 294-lb beast is already considered to be among the league's best offensive linemen.

And with cap room cleared, Puleo was free to make splashes on the FA market. Star DT Ndamukong Suh was locked into a 7-year, $44.7M contract. He'll bring a vicious presence and nastiness needed to make the Raiders feared again. RB DeMarco Murray signed on for a a $18.8M deal over 4 years as he hits the prime of his career, hoping to boost the average rushing attack and open things up for Carr in the passing game. WR Randall Cobb, coming off a year with 70 catches and 3 touchdowns, could not come to an agreement with the Packers and was picked up on a 1-year, $3.28M contract (where he will presumably build up his value for more money).
Dynasty: philliesfan136
09:23 PM - November 28, 2014. Written by philliesfan136
2014 Oakland Raiders Review

Clearly Mark Davis did not think enough of his staff to move ahead in 2014. When he hired upstart Nick Puleo to head the office and be the head coach - simultaneously - there was mass backlash. In the fans' eyes, there could be no risk taken with this organization. They needed some stability. If any one would be hired, please let it be respected coaches like John Harbaugh or Darrell Bevell.. future GMs like Jason Licht, Tom Gamble, or Marc Ross. This kid had been around as an assistant for teams over the years but how in the hell could he hope to flip this team overnight? The rabid support would dwindle if he buried them further into the ground.

And Puleo was well aware of his task. While young, he was shrewd. He would say again and again to reporters, media, analysts who were bewildered at his confidence that he had a plan. Perhaps he borrowed from the ideologies of Sam Hinkie, general manager of his hometown 76ers - a mind so devious for a losing franchise that it just might work.

Puleo made plenty of signings and trades that amounted to nothing. The Raiders went a horrid 1-15, bottom of the league once again. Their free agent signings of veterans like Maurice Jones-Drew, Lamar Woodley, and Justin Tuck did not pay off or revitalize the roster in any form. But he was okay with this development; a lot of young talent got opportunity to play and those transactions brought in young players and draft picks.

They were only few steps in to the master rebuilding plan. He was about to infuse some big-time talent and use up their open cap space.
Dynasty: philliesfan136
04:52 PM - November 28, 2014. Written by bayers3

1:00 PM ET - September 27th, 2015
LP Field - Nashville, TN

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans
Sep 27, 20151ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Indianapolis Colts (4-0, 3-0 Away)01002131
Tennessee Titans (1-3, 1-2 Home)00303

Top Performers

Passing : A. Luck (IND) - 198YDS, TD
Rushing : T.Richardson (IND) - 35CAR, 153YDS, 3TD
Receiving : T.Y. Hilton (IND) - 9REC, 65YDS

NASHVILLE - Lovers of offense were not happy today, but if you get excited about a bruising running game you might have come away with something. The Titans defense played extremely well, which isn't a surprise considering it is their only strength, but their offense was so bad it didn't make much of a difference.

The Titans started this game off with a serious disadvantage under center, with Jake Locker out after an early season shoulder injury Kase Keenum would get the start. Keenum was terrible, going 11/18 for only 101 yards and 2INT. Andrew Luck wasn't much better, getting picked off in the 3rd quarter to set up a Titans FG, but he was able to guide the offense thanks to the running game.

Richardson won the game with 3TD.

Not much happened during the game as Trent Richardson shouldered the load with 35 carries. The Titans just didn't have an answer for the Colts running game and found themselves flat on their backs. Both of Keenum's INT came in the 4th quarter and both resulted in game killing touchdowns by Indianapolis.

The Colts finish up their three game stretch of road games at New England next week. They will definitely need to be better on offense if they expect to come away with a win at Foxborough even though the Patriots have started the season 1-3.
Dynasty: bayers3
Thursday, November 27, 2014
06:39 AM - November 27, 2014. Written by zackebarsch10
NFL Standings - Updated: Jan 1,
New York Giants430158168
Philadelphia Eagles331160144
Dallas Cowboys350163209
Washington Redskins260153224
Green Bay Packers620236150
Minnesota Vikings440162200
Chicago Bears440137183
Detroit Lions350216194
New Orleans Saints511215152
Atlanta Falcons530193192
Carolina Panthers530188226
Tampa Bay Buccaneers250138200
Arizona Cardinals520183136
Seattle Seahawks430191104
San Francisco 49ers430163135
St. Louis Rams160129195
New Orleans Saints511215152
Green Bay Packers620236150
Arizona Cardinals520191136
New York Giants430158168
Atlanta Falcons530193192
Carolina Panthers530188226
Seattle Seahawks430191104
San Francisco 49ers430163135
Minnesota Vikings440162200
Philadelphia Eagles331160144
Chicago Bears440137183
Detroit Lions350216194
New England Patriots800241108
Miami Dolphins250132159
Buffalo Bills260160212
New York Jets170160220
Pittsburgh Steelers620194148
Cleveland Browns331155151
Cincinnati Bengals340181171
Baltimore Ravens350211192
Indianapolis Colts422187190
Houston Texans530199153
Jacksonville Jaguars350170187
Tennessee Titans170128229
San Diego Chargers800261182
Kansas City Chiefs520168149
Denver Broncos331153158
Oakland Raiders16098162
New England Patriots800241108
San Diego Chargers800261182
Pittsburgh Steelers620194148
Indianapolis Colts422187190
Kansas City Chiefs520168149
Houston Texans530199153
Cleveland Browns331155151
Denver Broncos331153158
Cincinnati Bengals340181171
Baltimore Ravens350211192
Jacksonville Jaguars350170187
Miami Dolphins250132159
Dynasty: zackebarsch10
06:27 AM - November 27, 2014. Written by zackebarsch10
Quick Take | Early mistakes by Carson Palmer don't prevent the Cards from winning their 5th straight game. The Eagles need 'Shady' back.

It was over when... | Running back Stepfan Taylor rushed for 4 yards on 3rd & 2 with 1:54 to play.

Game Ball | WR Larry Fitzgerald 11 catches 187 yards 1 TD
After a good start with 5 TD's in the first four games Fitzgerald seem to have lost a step and look like onl the third option in the offense. But today he showed all of his impressive skills from route running to power and vision.

Game Notes | QB Carson Palmer threw two interceptions on each of the first two drives. The Eagles capatalized on the first series and it looked the same on the ensuing drive till star corner Patrick Peterson records his first interception of the season in the endzone. From that point on Arizona was in the game and after 21 unanswered point in about 15 minutes they never looked back.

Notable Facts | QB Nick Foles threw the same amount of interceptions in this game like the whole season. Arizonas pass rush continued to dominated with another 3 sacks which made 30 after 8 games.

Injuries | FS QB Carson Palmer got injured in the second half of the fourth quarter and Drew Stanton had to finish the game for the Cardinals. Palmer will be ready for next weeks game.
HB Darren Sproles tore his shoulder labrum late in the first half and will miss one month of game action.
WR Jeremy Maclin also went down with a broken collarbone late in the fourth quarter and will miss 5 weeks after a crucial hit by safety Tony Jefferson right before his interception the next play.

Box Score

Philadelphia Eagles at Arizona Cardinals
Philadelphia Eagles (3-2-1)760720
Arizona Cardinals (4-2-0)777728
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense250406
Rushing Yards79162
Passing Yards171244
First Downs1519
Punt Return Yards2020
Kick Return Yards77102
Total Yards347528
3rd Down Converstion510
4th Down Conversion00
2-Point Conversion00
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals2/02/0
Posession Time24:5835:02
Scoring Summary
8:16(PHI) 6 yard TD pass by N. Foles to J. Maclin70
1:24(ARI) 20 yard TD by C. Palmer to M. Floyd77
3:52(PHI) 44 yard FG by C. Parkey107
1:11(PHI) 47 yard FG by C. Parkey137
0:24(ARI) 45 yard TD by C. Palmer to L. Fitzgerald1314
7:30(ARI) 1 yard TD run by J. Dwyer1321
15:00(ARI) 20 yard TD by C. Palmer to T. Niklas1328
11:09(PHI) 3 yard TD run C. Polk2028
Philadelphia Eagles
N. Foles22/3519012
D. Sproles10474.7
C. Polk10323.21
Z. Ertz5295.8
D. Sproles5316.2
R. Cooper33612.0
C. Polk3-1-0.3
J. Maclin22914.51
J. Matthews11111.0
J. Casey13333.0
B. Smith11818.0
B. Celek144.0
A. Barbre1
D. Sherrod1
L. Johnson31
D. Kelly21
E. Mathis1
C. Thornton73
D. Ryans7
M. Jenkins61
N. Allen51
B. Fletcher5
T. Cole5
C. Williams5
B. Boykin4
E. Wolff4
C. Barwin41
N. Caroll3
C. Maragos2
F. Cox2
M. Kendricks2
B. Logan1
C. Parkey2/22/2847
D. Jones420651.5
B. Boykin37725.7
D. Sproles11010.0
B. Boykin11010.0
Arizona Cardinals
C. Palmer19/3025432
D. Stanton2/426
S. Taylor19934.9
J. Dwyer16613.81
C. Palmer144.0
D. Stanton341.3
L. Fitzgerald1118717.01
M. Floyd34414.71
T. Niklas33010.01
S. Taylor155.0
Ja. Brown155.0
J. Dwyer100.0
Jo. Brown199.0
J. Cooper1
B. Sowell11
E. Watford1
L. Sendlein1
T. Jefferson71
D. Washington7
K. Minter61
J. Powers5
M. Shaughnessy51
R. Johnson4
P. Peterson31
J. Bethel2
D. Dockett2
J. Abraham1
A. Okafor1
A. Cromartie1
C. Campbell11
C. Catanzaro0/14/44
D. Butler422355.8
T. Ginn48521.3
M. Grice11717.0
P. Peterson3206.7
Dynasty: zackebarsch10
04:47 AM - November 27, 2014. Written by zackebarsch10
The clash of the division leaders in the NFC

Matchup Preview *|* January 1,
Philadelphia Eagles
(3-2-1, 0-1-1 Away)
Arizona Cardinals
(4-2-0, 2-1-0 Home)
Offensive Stats Comparison
1964Total Offensive Yards2106
1326Passing Yards1316
638Rushing Yards790
23.3Points Per Game25.8
7Passing TD10
7Rushing TD5
104First Downs113
20Red Zone Attempts19
60%Red Zone Percentage68%
Defensive Stats Comparison
1989Total Yards Allowed2025
1607Passing Yards Allowed1399
382Rushing Yards Allowed626
2Fumble Recoveries2
19.3Points Per Game19.3
16Red Zone Attempts18
44%Red Zone Percentage44%
Injury Report
LE V. Curry (Achilles Tear)
38 weeks
MLB D. Bishop (Torn Tricep)
12 weeks
LT J. Peters (Pulled Groin)
2 weeks
RT B. Massie (Pectoral Tear)
9 weeks
HB L. McCoy (Broken Fibula)
1 week
HB A. Ellington (Dislocated Knee)
4 weeks

FS T. Mahieu (Knee Cartilage Tear)
1 week
Game Notes
WR John Brown scored his first NFL touchdown last week and leads the league in yards per catch with 20.2. He is also the leading receiver for the Cardinals.
TE Troy Niklas will start his first NFL game. Second year linebacker Kevin Minter own the middle linebacker spot next to Daryl Washington till season's end because if the injury of Desmond Bishop.
Darren Sproles and Chris Polk where a good tandem in the absence of LeSean McCoy with 106 yards per game. The star running back will be back next week.
Demeco Ryans and Daryl Washington are by far the leading tacklers of their respective teams and the captains of the defenses. It will be an interestin match in regard of the playmakers.
Dynasty: zackebarsch10
04:28 AM - November 27, 2014. Written by zackebarsch10
Quick Take | Arizona had to fight hard to win their 4th game on the road. But good teams find a way to beat their opponent. 11 sacks in this game showed bad protection on side (Arizona's right side of the offensive line) and no feel for the rush on the other (Matt Schaub held the ball to long on a number of plays in his first start this season).

It was over when... | Darnell Dockett sacked Matt Schaub on 4th & 10 on Oakland's 24 yard line with 35 second to play.

Game Ball | HB Jonathan Dwyer 26 carries 123 yards
In his first start after the injury of starter Andre Ellington Dwyer showed his power and vision on a number of plays despite mediocre play of the offensive line. He had the longest running play of the season for 34 yards.

Game Notes | Starting TE Rob Housler was benched in favour of rookie Troy Niklas because he is the better run blocker. Arizona took the lead early in the fourth quarter with a gambling play on 4th & 4 at Oakland's 17 yard line which ended with the touchdown catch of Michael Floyd. After a safety of Matt Shaughnessy on a sack Carson Palmer threw a nearly costly interception to future Hall of Famer SS Charles Woodson. On the next drive Oakland became help of Darnell Dockett with a facemask penalty which instead had resulted in 3rd & 6. In the end the Raiders scored on 4th & 1 on the 1 yard line with 1:50 to go. The next drive saw Arizona in a 3rd & 19 situation after a LE Justin Tuck sack. But the coverage broke down and Arizona scored a 71 yard TD by deep threat John Brown and won the game.

Notable Facts | After only 2 sacks in the first 2 games Arizona's defense is on fire with 25 in the last 5 games.

Injuries | FS Tyrann Mathieu tore his meniscus early in the 3rd quarter on his forced fumble and will miss only 1 game.
MLB Desmond Bishop tore his triceps late in the game and will miss the rest of the season.

Box Score

Arizona Cardinals at Oakland Raiders
Arizona Cardinals (3-2-0)0371626
Oakland Raiders (1-4-0)077822
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense352254
Rushing Yards142137
Passing Yards210117
First Downs1714
Punt Return Yards1911
Kick Return Yards5767
Total Yards428332
3rd Down Converstion105
4th Down Conversion11
2-Point Conversion01
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals2/01/0
Posession Time31:4228:18
Scoring Summary
1:54(OAK) 45 yard TD pass by M. Schaub to A. Holmes07
12:07(ARI) 33 yard FG by C. Catanzaro37
5:49(ARI) 3 yard TD run by S. Taylor107
1:17(OAK) 36 yard TD run by D. McFadden1014
11:18(ARI) 17 yard TD by M. Floyd1714
6:59(ARI) Safety by M. Shaughnessy1914
1:52(OAK) 1 yard TD run by Jones-Drew1921
1:16(ARI) 71 yard TD by C. Palmer to Jo. Brown2622
Arizona Cardinals
C. Palmer17/3224321
J. Dwyer261234.7
S. Taylor7223.11
R. Hughes133.0
C. Palmer3-6-2.0
Jo. Brown611719.51
L. Fitzgerald5428.4
M. Floyd33411.31
S. Taylor12020.0
Ja. Brown11212.0
T. Niklas11818.0
J. Cooper2
J. Veldheer1
B. Sowell1
E. Watford12
D. Washington61
T. Jefferson5
D. Dockett52
M. Shaughnessy52
A. Cromartie5
D. Bishop5
P. Peterson3
T. Mathieu3
R. Johnson3
J. Powers3
J. Abraham2
J. Bethel2
C. Campbell22
K. Minter1
S. Acho1
C. Catanzaro1/13/3633
D. Butler629849.73
M. Grice121.0
T. Ginn23618.0
P. Peterson3196.3
Oakland Raiders
M. Schaub19/281731
M. Jones-Drew23914.01
D. McFadden44310.81
M. Reece133.0
J. Jones5387.6
A. Holmes47218.01
R. Streater33110.3
B. Leonhardt252.5
M. Reece2115.5
M. Jones-Drew2126.0
D. McFadden144.0
M. Watson1
A. Howard11
G. Jackson22
D. Penn12
N. Roach91
C. Woodson81
S. Moore6
T. Branch6
T. Carrie4
K. Mack41
T. Brown4
J. Tuck31
L. Woodley3
A. Smith21
D. Hayden1
C. Wilson1
J. Chaney1
R. Dowling1
P. Sims1
S. Janikowski2/22
M. King525751.42
D. Moore36722.3
D. Moore11111.0
Dynasty: zackebarsch10
Wednesday, November 26, 2014
09:00 PM - November 26, 2014. Written by bayers3

4:15 PM ET - September 20th, 2015
Qualcomm Stadium - San Diego, CA

Indianapolis Colts at San Diego Chargers
Sep 20, 20151ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Indianapolis Colts (3-0, 0-2 Away)7771031
San Diego Chargers (2-1, 0-1 Home)030710

Top Performers

Passing : A. Luck (IND) - 284YDS, 4TD
Rushing : T.Richardson (IND) - 21CAR, 89YDS
Receiving : R. Wayne (IND) - 12REC, 113YDS

SAN DIEGO - Indianapolis traveled across the country to sunny San Diego, and the Colts coaching staff made a big decision. Branch Daniels, their 1st round pick in the 2015 Draft, has now replaced LaRon Landry as the starting FS. Everyone knew it was coming, and Daniels took over the first team snaps in practice this week. Facing Philip Rivers and a Mike McCoy offense pushed Pagano to give the speedy rookie a shot, few think he will reliquish his roster spot any time soon.

As things turned out, Daniels wouldn't have all that much to do until the end of the game. The Colts defense was excellent and basically shut down the Chargers offense. As expected, the biggest issue was covering receicing HB Danny Woodhead. Woodhead was muted on the ground, going 10/24 with San Diego's only TD, but his 3 receptions for 33 yards were all for 1st downs.

Hilton's 2TD were key.

The Chargers defense played well, holding Andrew Luck to 284 yards on a 37/40 day, but the praise stops at his 4TD passes. Reggie Wayne (12) and TY Hilton (13) both caught double digit passes and made the Chargers secondary look unprepared at best.

The Colts, despite the long flight, didn't appear all that troubled. Pagano was happy with the win, but pointed out that the team would need to play better as a whole going forward. This team is more capable than the 31-10 final score, and they will need to execute more effectively.
Dynasty: bayers3
06:00 PM - November 26, 2014. Written by raiderz4eva
"The young and up and coming Celtics have hired me, Austin Stewart to be there next General Manager. The nation saw some potential with the Celtics last year. The fans weren't used to what they normally see from the Celtics, I understand that but I believe that we have the pieces in place to be a competitive basketball team, that will win championships."

News Reporter(NR): " How do you and Coach Stevens mesh in terms of philosophy wise?"

GM: "With Stevens, I called him and asked him if it was alright that I could be the GM for the Celtics(Chuckling). I only did that because of all the media speculation about him being too young to be a NBA head coach. He's going to do well here. No but in all seriousness we mesh well. We sat down already and we discussed the direction of this franchise and I see no foreseeable problems in the future"

NR: " So who is going to call the shots? Personal wise?"

GM: "We are an organization. I have my coaching staff, scouting personnel, and analytics crew very involved with everything we do. When we draft someone in the future, sign a free agent, nobody should see it as if I made the decision, or if Coach Stevens made the decision, we as an organization made the decision. Now of course, I have the final say, but like in basketball, the most successful ones are the ones that are team players."

NR: " Are you satisfied with your roster right now or are you looking to add a couple of pieces."

GM: " Of course. I love what I see in practice. Now that might change when the season starts, but Coach Stevens has these kids working there butts off and I like what I am seeing. Now if we as an organization are presented with an opportunity that can make our team better, I believe we will take it but that opportunity hasn't arrived yet. And if it does it'll probably wont until the season starts."

NR: " How many wins do you think the Celtics can win this season?"

GM: " I think we can win them all. (Chuckling) Coach Stevens has these players working hard. Games are going to feel easier than practices with the way coach has it running. We aren't the Lakers, we don't have starters who are in there 30's we have a bunch of young men who are hungry for victories."

GM: " Is that it? You guys are taking it easy on the new GM. Have a great day guys. Go Celtics"

- Will be using SIM WORLD roster, draft class and sliders!
-81 games, 12 min quarters
Dynasty: raiderz4eva
03:17 PM - November 26, 2014. Written by thegna4
Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins
Sep 9, 20131ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Philadelphia Eagles (1-0)01471435
Washington Redskins (0-1)307010
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense479234
Rushing Yards190136
Passing Yards28998
First Downs1912
Punt Return Yards3516
Kick Return Yards2347
Total Yards537297
3rd Down Converstion24
4th Down Conversion00
2-Point Conversion00
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals3/00/1
Posession Time12:3711:23
Philadelphia Eagles
Nick Foles21/2728924
LeSean McCoy212029.63
Desean Jackson88610.81
Jeremy Maclin48120.31
Riley Cooper33311.00
Brent Celek33010.00
James Casey188.00
LeSean McCoy11414.00
Brad Smith13737.00
Washington Redskins
Robert Griffin III12/3011002
Alfred Morris201125.61
Robert Griffin III22512.50
Alfred Morris3196.30
Pierre Garcon34414.70
Santana Moss22311.50
Fred Davis252.50
Leonard Hankerson11010.00
Josh Morgan199.00
Dynasty: thegna4
06:31 AM - November 26, 2014. Written by zackebarsch10
This game looks to be decided even before the first snap is comming.

Matchup Preview *|* January 1,
Arizona Cardinals
(3-2-0, 1-1-0 Away)
Oakland Raiders
(1-4-0, 0-3-0 Home)
Offensive Stats Comparison
1754Total Offensive Yards1590
1106Passing Yards1297
648Rushing Yards293
25.8Points Per Game12.0
8Passing TD2
4Rushing TD3
96First Downs80
15Red Zone Attempts12
73%Red Zone Percentage17%
Defensive Stats Comparison
1771Total Yards Allowed1553
1282Passing Yards Allowed1058
489Rushing Yards Allowed495
1Fumble Recoveries0
18.8Points Per Game21.8
17Red Zone Attempts15
41%Red Zone Percentage47%
Injury Report
RT B. Massie (Pectoral Tear)
10 weeks
SS U. Young (Foot Strees Fracture)
4 weeks
HB A. Ellington (Dislocated Knee)
5 weeks
MLB K. Maiava (Broken Thumb)
1 weeks
Game Notes
Arizona has a three game winning streak and it looks like they found their rhythm on both sides of the field. Oakland is lost on the offensive side of the ball. Neither veteran running backs Darren McFadden und Mauricce Jones-Drew nor rookie QB Derek Carr (1 TD and 2 INT) were able to get the show running. The defense hasn't allowed many yards but they can't rush the passer and they have only 1 turnover (by rookie first round pick Khalil Mack) so far.
Dynasty: zackebarsch10
Tuesday, November 25, 2014
09:18 PM - November 25, 2014. Written by bayers3

1:00PM ET - September 13th, 2015
Lucas Oil Stadium - Indianapolis, IN

Miami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts
Sep 13, 20151ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Miami Dolphins (0-2, 0-1 Away)0140014
Indianapolis Colts (2-0, 1-0 Home)7103929

Top Performers

Passing : A. Luck (IND) - 347YDS, 2TD
Rushing : T. Richardson (IND) - 19CAR, 100YDS, TD
Receiving : R.Wayne (IND) - 14REC, 127YDS, 2TD

INDIANAPOLIS - The Colts took the field today for their home opener, and despite the win there were some red flags for the future. Indianapolis OC Pep Hamilton has been openly dedicated to the run, but at times they seem to rely on Andrew Luck throwing the ball more than planned. Today was one of those days, with Luck throwing the ball 50 times, it's hard to tell if this is going to be an issue.

The Dolphins came into this game with a decent defense, but they didn't seem to plan for Reggie Wayne. Luck is spoiled for receiving options, and the Dolphins looked like they wanted to stop the running game and passing over the middle. This plan worked, slowing Dwayne Allen and Trent Richardson, but Luck just decided to hit Wayne and TY Hilton over and over and over.

Indianapolis was enjoying a 17-0 lead in the 2nd quarter before allowing a Lamar Miller TD run, and then an officiating gaffe gave the Dolphins amazing field position. Allen came across the field on a drag route and with the ball in the air OLB Jelani Jenkins blocked him off. The pass sailed into the secondary and Cortland Finnegan snatch the ball out of the air. The refs called it an interception, even with Pagano complaining to the officials, they failed to make the call. With the ball on the 31 it wasn't hard for Ryan Tannehill to find Brian Hartline in the endzone to make it 17-14 before halftime.

Wayne makes his way into the endzone.

Defensively the Colts came up big time in the second half, shutting out the Dolphins. The only problem was something the team has struggled with over the past few seasons; HB receivers. Miller had a terrible day on the ground, only 30 yards on 11 carries, but he racked up 95 yards on 3 receptions. The Dolphins couldn't take advantage, but there will be teams that can. The high point of the game for the Colts defense was a massive goal line stand from the 4. The Colts turned a Miami 1st and goal in four straight sacks to knock them back 24 yards and seal their shutout.

Indianapolis will need to keep rolling with a tough West Coast road game at San Diego next week. The two teams faced off in the pre-season, and you can bet the Chargers haven't forgotten the 48-27 beating handed down by the Colts.
Dynasty: bayers3
03:55 PM - November 25, 2014. Written by D316
The Sixers play their first of 82 games tonight, on the road against the Indiana Pacers. With obscenely low expectations across-the-board for this team, the owner of the 76ers has made a last minute change in his front office.

The new GM Drew Jackson has been hired to help change the culture of the 76ers. Some of the goals that he has promised for this upcoming season:
  • twin tower rookies; Noel & Embiid to get at least 26 mpg
  • Top 25 roster in the NBA
  • Get some value by trading richardson or Moute
  • Dont lose more than 42 games this season
Dynasty: D316
07:11 AM - November 25, 2014. Written by scaryness
NFL Standings - Updated: Jan 1,
Dynasty: scaryness
07:02 AM - November 25, 2014. Written by scaryness
San Francisco 49ers at Dallas Cowboys
San Francisco 49ers (0 - 0)3170020
Dallas Cowboys (0 - 0)01031023
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense318344
Rushing Yards19438
Passing Yards124306
First Downs1317
Punt Return Yards023
Kick Return Yards3987
Total Yards357454
3rd Down Converstion4-11 (36%)4-11 (36%)
4th Down Conversion1-2 (50%)1-1 (100%)
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals2-1-12-1-1
Posession Time21:2430:36
Scoring Summary
7:43(SFO) P.Dawson, 32 yd FG30
10:48(SFO) C.Kaepernick, 12 yd run100
9:00(SFO) F.Gore, 59 yd run170
4:22(DAL) D.Bailey, 43 yd FG173
1:54(DAL) G.Escobar 8 yd pass from T.Romo1710
0:05(SFO) P.Dawson, 47 yd FG2010
8:47(DAL) D.Bailey, 51 yd FG2013
9:22(DAL) C.Beasley 21 yd pass from T.Romo2020
1:55(DAL) D.Bailey, 36 yd FG2023
San Francisco 49ers
C. Kaepernick12/18145
F. Gore191377.21
C. Kaepernick5489.61
S. Johnson33612.0
A. Boldin24623.0
M. Crabtree23216.0
V. Davis22010.0
F. Gore273.5
Q. Batton144.0
P. Willis8
A. Bethea7
J. Smith62.0
C. Culliver5
P. Dawson2/22/2847
A. Lee420050.00
P. Cox12323.0
V. Davis11616.0
Dallas Cowboys
T. Romo27/363182
D. Murray19422.2
D. Amendola8668.2
J. Witten79513.5
D. Bryant611318.8
D. Murray422.0
C. Beasley12121.01
T. Williams11010.0
G. Escobar188.01
V. Leach111.0
B. Carter71.0
J. Durant6
B. Church6
H. Melton32.0
G. Slevie11.0
D. Bailey3/32/21151
B. Wing25427.01
D. Harris36120.3
D. Hester12626.0
D. Hester3237.6
Dynasty: scaryness