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Monday, July 11, 2016
11:57 AM - July 11, 2016. Written by koszak27
Well the 2016 Euros have gotten me back into playing FIFA again. The only problem is that I only have FIFA '15 on my PS4 and with '17 around the corner, there's no reason to spend money on '16.

In an attempt to bridge this gap until late September, I came up with an idea while browsing the Futhead site. I decided to use the random player/club tool to select an entire team of bronze rated players. Typically I do career modes based around the youth academy and regens so I figured this could get interesting. By randomly drawing players, keeping track of them and forcing them to become a team seemed like a tough challenge.

I started by drawing bronze rated players through the randomizer on Futhead but this tool is only for FIFA '16. This meant that after each draw, I had to check the FIFA '15 Career Mode section of the site to make sure they were in the game. If they were in FIFA '15, I entered them into a spreadsheet with their age, rating, potential, team and nationality. Eventually, I had 30 players drawn from the '16 randomizer who were in FIFA '15.

After counting some of the players' information in the spreadsheet, I had come up with only 3 teams that appeared more than once; Exeter City, Carlisle United and the NY Red Bulls at two players each. Because 9 of the 30 drawn players were English, I knew I needed to use an English team so I chose Exeter City in English League 2 to be my team. I'm a sucker for red/black colored teams anyway :cough: Devils :cough:.

Now that my players and team were done, all that was left was to make the roster changes in-game. I downloaded the latest rosters and went to work adding and removing the appropriate players from Exeter City. Each time I added a player from a team to Exeter City, I removed one from the same position to the original team. There were four occasions where the player from the spreadsheet was not found in-game. I made up for these players by leaving two low-rated, original players on Exeter City. They are Tom Nichols (55, ST) and Arron Davies (59, LM). This may have been because I downloaded the latest squads or maybe the players were on a different team but I wasn't prepared to search for them so I just kept two extra players on Exeter City.

Below is the starting depth chart of these players. I used the LF position for my 2nd CBs because I'm using a 4-4-2 formation and the chart only had 3 defenders.

Exeter City Depth Chart - 2014

I have hired a 2 star Experience, 2 star Judgement youth scout to try and find some local talent in England. I'll keep just the one scout for the career to limit the infusion of new, random players and focus on the team drawn by the random tool. Several of the players have contracts expiring after the first year and I don't have the budget to re-sign them all. My league objectives for the year are to reach the round of 32 in the league cup and to avoid a finish at the bottom of the table.

I won't be updating after every game, but probably twice per season. I can't buy anyone in January with my limited budget and I have very few reserve players so selling anyone will be tough. I loaned out Castano (55, GK) to Leicester and Jay (46, ST) to Hamilton so far but I can't spare anyone else. Hopefully, my youth scout can find some cheap talent to bolster the reserves or sell for some profit by the end of the league year.

I'm hoping to spend at least two years in League 2 because most of my players are very young and need some time to develop. The team's average age is 23.4 with an average overall of 57.6. The ultimate goal is to reach the Premier League and maybe even play some Champion's League games but we will see what happens. I fear that even after making it to the Premier League, I will still be stuck with only $400k in the transfer budget and $3,000 in weekly wages to spend.

My focus is on finding some core players to play with who I would not normally have even used in the game. By making this random team, I hope to find something I can continue doing until FIFA '17 is out. If I have enough fun, I may even try it in that game as well.
Dynasty: koszak27
Sunday, July 10, 2016
07:23 PM - July 10, 2016. Written by MikeFlu
No pitching help I can see. We did get Bryce Harper, but don't seem to have Josh Donaldson anymore. Ugh. Gonna be a rough season. On a bright note I sent the first pitch I saw in a Spring Training game over the RF wall for a 2-run shot. Good start.
Dynasty: MikeFlu
07:05 PM - July 10, 2016. Written by MikeFlu
Profile Card - Jumbo Peters
Jumbo Peters | 2B
Blue Jays
Height: 6\'2\"Bats/Throws: L/R
Weight: 210Age: 20 years old

They gave me the last day of the season off! Disappointing first full season, but ended fairly well. I'm going to work on speed in spring training. I will not be posting Spring Training Stats again. It's boring and I just want to get through it, but it's good training points. Blue Jays sucked balls this year. 63-99. Get me some pitching help this offseason!
Dynasty: MikeFlu
06:34 PM - July 10, 2016. Written by MikeFlu
Profile Card - Jumbo Peters
Jumbo Peters | 2B
Blue Jays
Height: 6\'2\"Bats/Throws: L/R
Weight: 210Age: 20 years old

3 games left in the season. Notes after it's over.
Dynasty: MikeFlu
04:31 PM - July 10, 2016. Written by MikeFlu
Profile Card - Jumbo Peters
Jumbo Peters | 2B
Blue Jays
Height: 6\'2\"Bats/Throws: L/R
Weight: 210Age: 20 years old

Leveling off, but still effective.
Dynasty: MikeFlu
11:43 AM - July 10, 2016. Written by thegna4
Detroit Pistons (33-28) at San Antonio Spurs (36-24)
Mar 2, 20161234Final
San Antonio2718242594
Top Performers
Detroit Pistons
Thomas - 29 PTS, 15 AST, 4 STL
Drummond - 12 PTS, 12 REB, 4 BLK
San Antonio Spurs
Robinson - 26 PTS, 8 REB
Parker - 15 PTS, 12 AST, 7 TO
Team Stats Comparison
FG Made-Att45-7642-82
3PT Made-Att7-172-7
FT Made-Att8-128-9
Detroit Pistons
Isaiah Thomas3312-181-44-421540329
Chauncey Billups356-114-81-14401417
Grant Hill396-130-10-04901012
Bill Laimbeer354-100-00-0621328
Andre Drummond376-80-00-412024012
Dave DeBusschere172-40-10-0300014
Ben Wallace163-30-01-1501207
Joe Dumars131-30-02-2010014
Richard Hamilton13135-62-33200012
San Antonio Spurs
Tony Parker337-161-20-101210715
Alvin Robertson295-61-10-02151011
Kawhi Leonard355-140-30-07410010
Tim Duncan395-80-00-07222010
David Robinson3911-170-04-48101126
George Gervin234-80-02-24400010
Manu Ginobili153-60-12-2200008
Sean Elliot121-20-00-0001002
Brandon Jennings111-50-00-0030012
Avery Johnson50-00-00-0010000
Dynasty: thegna4
11:01 AM - July 10, 2016. Written by Tmizzle
Tampa Bay Rays at Minnesota Twins
Jun 4, 2016123456789RHE
Tampa Bay (31-24)000000100162
Minnesota (35-21)01000100X240
W: Hughes (W, 9-1) L: Ramirez (L, 6-3) S: Perkins (S, 19)
Tampa Bay Rays
Kiermaier. CF4000000.266
Forsythe, 2B4030000.326
Dickerson, RF4110000.302
Longoria, 3B4000000.264
Plouffe, DH3000000.254
Morrison, 1B3010010.248
Jennings, LF3010000.281
Miller, SS3000000.215
Cesali, C2000000.146
-Guyer, PH1000000.195
2B: Dickerson (14)
GIDP: Longoria
CS: Jennings (5)
E: Longoria 2 (3)
Minnesota Twins
Buxton, CF4110010.312
Souza Jr, RF4010000.279
Mauer, 1B3001000.282
Sano, 3B3000020.267
Park, DH3121001.254
Arcia, LF3000020.237
Polanco, 2B3000010.236
Murphy, C3000000.172
Nunez, SS3000010.216
HR: Park (18)
RBI: Mauer (34), Park (31)
SB: Buxton (12)
Tampa Bay Rays
Minnesota Twins
Hughes (W, 9-1)85110102.11
Perkins (S, 19)11000002.08
WP: Hughes (1)
Dynasty: Tmizzle
 photo hot stove.gif

Eddie Rosario has been optioned to Triple-A Rochester. Filling his roster spot will be Kyle Walker who was recalled from Triple-A Rochester.
Dynasty: Tmizzle
08:45 AM - July 10, 2016. Written by Tmizzle
Rays at Twins |
Jun 3, 2016123456789ExtrasRHE
Tampa Bay (31-23)0000020000 1390
Minnesota (34-21)2000000000 35111
W: Pressly (W, 2-0) L: Boxberger (L, 0-3)
Tampa Bay Rays
Kiermaier. CF4120100.271
Forsythe, 2B4020000.318
-Beckham, 2B1000000.241
Dickerson, RF5112021.303
Longoria, 3B5110020.269
Plouffe, DH5021010.258
Pearce, 1B5000000.182
Miller, SS5000020.219
Jennings, LF4010000.280
Conger, C4000020.195
2B: Longoria (7), Plouffe 2 (13)
HR: Dickerson (8)
RBI: Dickerson 2 (29), Plouffe (20)
GIDP: Conger
Minnesota Twins
Buxton, CF5022000.313
Santana, LF5120010.318
Mauer, DH5000010.286
Park, 1B4112111.248
Escobar, 3B5120000.222
Nunez, SS5110020.221
Rosario, RF4110100.129
Murphy, C4011010.177
Polanco, 2B4010110.244
2B: Escobar 2 (7), Nunez (4), Buxton (12)
HR: Park (17)
RBI: Park 2 (30), Buxton 2 (20), Murphy
SF: Murphy
CS: Buxton (5)
E: Escobar (4)
Tampa Bay Rays
Boxberger (L, 0-3)0.12331104.58
Farquhar (BS, 3)0.10001002.19
Minnesota Twins
Pressly (W, 2-0)3.22110501.52
WP: Pressly (1)
Dynasty: Tmizzle
Colorado State Rams at Colorado Buffaloes
Aug 30, 20161ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Colorado State Rams (0-1)770014
Colorado Buffaloes (1-0)32414748
Colorado State Rams
Colorado Buffaloes

With a new season about to kickoff, Colorado was hoping to avenge last season's blowout loss to in-state rival Colorado State. Although it didn't look good for the Buffaloes as they trailed 14-3 late in the 2nd quarter.

However, the Buffaloes would take a 17-14 lead late in the half after a 17 yard TD run by Jay MacIntyre. An interception on the ensuing Rams drive gave Colorado a chance to pick up more points, which they did as Chris Graham hit a 34 yard field goal with 2 seconds left to increase the Buffaloes lead to 20-14. What would happen next might just be one of the most incredible sequences in football history.

Looking to keep CSU from a long return, Graham squib kicked the ball which happened to bounce directly off one of the Rams helmet on the front line and back into the hands of Graham. With no time coming off the clock, the Buffaloes still had a last second chance for a hail mary. Liufau dropped back to his right and hurled up a prayer to the middle of the field which somehow MacIntyre caught and ran in for a 56 yard touchdown. In total Colorado scored 24 points in the final 2:20 of the half to seize a 27-14 lead.

The Rams never recovered as the Buffaloes steamrolled their rivals on their way to a 48-14 win.

Colorado head coach Zach Fanko was shocked to say the least at how the 1st half ended.

"No we didn't plan out that onside kick, I told Chris[Graham] to squib it, don't let them get a long return," said Fanko. "Sometimes you just need a little luck I guess."

A huge win for the Buffaloes indeed as they prepare for another rival as Nebraska comes into Boulder for the first time since 2009, when both teams still played in the Big 12. Colorado hasn't beaten the Cornhuskers since 2007 and has lost the last 4 in the series.
Dynasty: BionicBeard52
Saturday, July 9, 2016
09:40 PM - July 9, 2016. Written by bayers3

Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays
Apr 10, 2016123456789RHE
Boston (4-2)000050010class="active">490
Toronto (1-6)000000000000
W: D. Price (2-0) L: M. Estrada (0-2)

TORONTO, ON - Boston came into this game looking to close out their second series of the season after splitting the first two games with the Blue Jays. Toronto has had a rough start, coming into this game 1-5, and facing David Price wasn't going to help.

The Red Sox and Blue Jays traded scoreless innings, with Marco Estrada matching Price's efforts, until Boston broke things open in the 5th. Estrada had been able to hold Boston's hitters to a single hit until the 5th when he loaded the bases and put himself in trouble. Toronto managed to get two outs, but Jackie Bradley Jr. put Boston ahead with a three run triple that would prove to be enough to win.

Estrada left the game after the 5th, but Price just kept mowing down Blue Jays hitters. Boston made it 4-0 in the 8th with a Dustin Pedroia RBI single that brought Mookie Betts in from third, who was there courtesy of stealing second and a Xander Bogaerts single. Price could have taken a seat, but he was on a no-hitter through seven innings and manager John Farrell had to let him go on. It proved to be a good decision as Price carried the no-no through the 9th and finished with a real gem.

Price celebrates his first career no-hitter.

Price wrapped things up with fourteen strike outs and one walk, it took him 120 pitches to do it but it's early enough in the season to let him put that much mileage on his arm. Boston has been doing a good job on defense, particularly from the mound, so hopefully they can continue holding down opposing offenses while winning comfortably.
Dynasty: bayers3
09:38 PM - July 9, 2016. Written by TTU38Alum
BERKELEY - Kameron Rooks scored 26 points, grabbed seven rebounds and dished out five assists to lead California to a 74-65 win over East Carolina.

The Golden Bears got out to an early 14-7 lead in the first three minutes of the game and built it from there. The only time Cal trailed all game was 2-0 after East Carolina made the opening bucket.

Jabari Bird added 10 points for the Golden Bears and Ivan Rabb was shy of a double-double with eight points and nine rebounds.

Cal built the lead to 42-27 after one half and lead by as many as 19 early in the second half, but the Pirates would fight back and pull within six, 59-53 with 5:13 left in the game.

The Golden Bears kept feeding Kameron Rooks the ball.

Terry Whisnant led East Carolina with 18 points and Paris Roberts-Campbell added 13 of his own, while Mike Zangari grabbed 11 rebounds for the Pirates.

The Golden Bears (6-4) continued to feed their big men and built the lead back up to 15 before the Pirates (3-2) pulled within nine at the end, 74-65.

East Carolina Pirates at California Golden Bears
Dec 2, 20161ST2NDSCORE
East Carolina (3-2)273865
California (6-4)423274
East Carolina Pirates
L. Tejada221-30-02-2080054
P. Roberts-Campbell194-91-14-61221113
T. Whisnant216-213-123-41010218
M. Guillmette193-50-02-2802008
M. Zangari203-60-10-01110106
P. Williams122-70-13-4011027
A. Robinson40-20-00-0100010
K. Aja124-50-01-1811009
K. Armstrong20-00-00-0110000
California Golden Bears
C. Moore221-41-40-0361043
J. Mathews224-131-80-0341009
J. Bird155-90-30-03200110
I. Rabb132-70-04-4933028
K. Rooks2111-140-04-47511026
R. Davis134-70-00-2421008
B. Chauca60-00-00-0020000
S. Singer20-00-02-2000002
K. Okoroh113-50-00-0511006
R. Moute a Bidias51-40-00-0011002
Dynasty: TTU38Alum
07:40 PM - July 9, 2016. Written by thegna4
DETROIT - The Pistons squeezed out a win in a thriller against the Phoenix Suns 116-113. The Suns jumped out to a fast start, leading by 10 after the first quarter. That continued into the second quarter, but momentum shifted when, halfway through the quarter, Amar'e Stoudemire was ejected for receiving his second flagrant 2 foul of the game. The large rebounding edge that the Suns had up to that point eventually disappeared, and so did the lead.

The fourth quarter was neck and neck throughout, with the Suns consistently holding a 4-6 point lead, until Andre Drummond and Isaiah Thomas took over. Drummond finished with a game high 28 points and 14 rebounds, on an astounding 13-13 shooting from the field. His only blemish was missing 2 free throws in the first half. Drummond kept the Pistons in it throughout the fourth, as he gobbled up 5 offensive rebounds in the quarter, turning 4 of them into second chance opportunities. Drummond had 14 of his 28 points in the fourth quarter.

After Andre Drummond tied the game with just over a minute left, the teams went scoreless for close to a minute, until Drummond was fouled with 23.5 seconds left. Drummond made both free throws, then Grant Hill stole the ball from Steve Nash and was fouled with 16 seconds left. He only made 1-2 free throws, leaving the door open for the Suns to tie the game, but it never materialized, and the Pistons escaped with a 3 point win.

Injury Note: Ben Wallace missed his 4th consecutive game and will be out another 1-2 months with a broken kneecap

Next Game: Pistons (13-6) vs. Milwaukee Bucks (14-4)

Phoenix Suns (11-8) at Detroit Pistons (13-6)
Dec 2, 20151234Final
Top Performers
Phoenix Suns
Westphal - 22 PTS, 11 AST
Hawkins - 18 PTS, 8 REB
Detroit Pistons
Drummond - 28 PTS (13-13 FG), 14 REB
Thomas - 22 PTS, 11 AST, 5 STL
Team Stats Comparison
FG Made-Att50-8147-74
3PT Made-Att7-184-13
FT Made-Att6-718-21
Phoenix Suns
Steve Nash312-30-01-1264065
Paul Westphal359-202-62-311100322
Connie Hawkins338-111-21-18410018
Charles Barkley407-90-00-06420114
Amar'e Stoudemire197-80-00-02011014
Shawn Marion255-81-32-20242013
Kevin Johnson196-102-50-03420314
Joe Johnson196-111-20-01300113
Dennis Johnson80-10-00-0110010
Eric Bledsoe70-00-00-0010010
Detroit Pistons
Isaiah Thomas369-180-34-401150722
Chauncey Billups376-113-62-22640017
Grant Hill379-140-13-42422221
Bill Laimbeer375-90-05-57723215
Andre Drummond3613-130-02-414300028
Tayshaun Prince172-31-10-0110005
Dave DeBusschere160-10-12-2100012
Joe Dumars120-20-10-0132020
Richard Hamilton113-30-00-0601102
Dynasty: thegna4
BERKELEY - California shot 60 percent as a team from three-point range to put away Arizona State 85-73 at home in the Pac-12 opener for both teams.

Jabari Bird was named player of the game with 21 points - including 5-of-6 from beyond the arc - and five rebounds. Ivan Rabb had another big day with 21 points, five rebounds and five assists.

Bird connect on five of six free throw attempts.

Charlie Moore played like his normal self and came out of his recent slump with 17 points - including 5-of-8 from long range, and Jordan Mathews added 14 points for the Golden Bears.

As a team, Cal made 15-of-25 3-pointers and 18-of-22 free throws in what was by far the Golden Bears best shooting performance of the season.

Tra Holder, Jonathan Gilling, and Shaquielle McKissic all scored in double figures for the Sun Devils.

Ivan Rabb single-handedly got the Sun Devils into foul trouble with his physical play.

Cal got out to an early 20-8 lead with 7:07 left in the first half, but Arizona State fought back and tied it 30-30 with 1:40 left in the half. The Golden Bears went into the half with a four-point lead, 38-34, and connected on 7-of-11 three-point attemps in the first half.

The intensity from the end of the first half carried over after halftime and the two teams found themselves knotted up 47-47 with 10:01 left in the game.

From that point, Cal would go on an 8-0 run to lead 55-47 with 8:32 left in the game, but Arizona State would close the lead to just a few points until a Bird 3-pointer with 5:47 remaining put the Golden Bears up 69-62. Mathews would follow with another Cal 3-pointer to regain a double-digit lead with 5:43 remaining.

Cal (5-4) ran away with the game from that point to open up Pac-12 play with a much-needed home win over Arizona State (4-3).

Arizona State Sun Devils at California Golden Bears
Nov 29, 20161ST2NDSCORE
Arizona State (4-3)343973
California (5-4)384785
Arizona State Sun Devils
T. Holder206-114-70-00630516
J. Gilling216-163-100-02510215
S. McKissic173-53-32-23510111
E. Jacobsen213-41-10-0702127
C. McDougall194-50-00-0601108
B. Barnes93-42-20-0310018
S. Goodman101-40-10-0110102
W. Atwood10-00-00-0000000
G. Blakes122-40-22-2050016
California Golden Bears
C. Moore236-105-80-12210117
J. Mathews224-84-72-24230014
J. Bird227-115-62-25110121
I. Rabb206-110-09-125501221
K. Rooks182-70-03-3540117
R. Davis81-51-20-0420003
B. Chauca50-30-20-0100000
K. Okoroh120-00-02-2311022
Dynasty: TTU38Alum
05:50 PM - July 9, 2016. Written by Tmizzle
MLB Draft Minnesota Twins Recap
13Minnesota Twins Reggie MunsonC6'1"183 LBS
43Minnesota Twins Max Rodriguez2B6'1"194 LBS
73Minnesota Twins Bryce HudginsSP5'11"176 LBS
103Minnesota Twins Reggie DriverSP6'3"201 LBS
133Minnesota Twins Josh PonceRF5'9"207 LBS
163Minnesota Twins Lewis RaySP6'1"214 LBS
193Minnesota Twins Von Holliday3B6'5"226 LBS
Dynasty: Tmizzle