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Monday, September 8, 2014
11:41 PM - September 8, 2014. Written by BritPitbull
Detroit Free Press


Today has brought big news regarding the Detroit Lions. The franchise has surprisingly been sold to a financial mogul known as the BritPitbull. Naturally, Lions fans will be concerned with the new owner’s intentions. In an interview with the Detroit Lions Radio Network early this morning, Brit spelled out his vision for the team:

What this franchise is crying out for is a change in philosophy. I want to build a team that is the scourge of the league. A team that plays a smash-mouth brand of football, that will hurt you physically when they have the ball and when they don’t. Personally, I favour a power running game and a 3-4 defensive scheme – which is a radical change to the current system. The important thing for me is that we have less star individuals on the roster and more team players who will dig deep and fight to the death for each other”.
These are words that are sure to alarm the current coaching and playing staff. Brit went on to hint at his possible future plans for the franchise;
I think the market for an NFL team is just not there in Detroit and hasn’t been for some time. Maybe there are greener pastures elsewhere. As an Englishman, I know that many of my countrymen would love to see a franchise in London”.
Could Brit be serious about moving the franchise or is he simply trying to stir up the interest of the fans and motivate the team. Only time will tell?
Dynasty: BritPitbull
06:32 PM - September 8, 2014. Written by BritPitbull

Welcome to what I hope will be an interesting and fun franchise with me at the helm as owner of the Detroit Lions.

My Background
I started playing Madden in the early-1990s on the Commodore Amiga. I used to be a regular slider set creator on the old MaddenMania forums about a decade ago where myself and another user (SM27) compiled a full slider and 32 team gameplan set that became known as the Madden Manifesto. This revolutionised Madden 05 (in which the CPU didn’t run the ball until the Manifesto was implemented) for many of the community and we were both offered jobs as testers by Tiburon. Exasperated by the state of the game I stopped playing Madden for many years, only to return for the improved experience of Madden 25. Now Madden 15 is here and for the first time since the 1990s, I’m thoroughly enjoying the game once again.

The Detroit Lions - History
In 1929 the Portsmouth Spartans were formed. Joining the NFL a year later, they were immediately successful but were soon sold due to the Depression and were moved to Detroit in 1934.

The newly formed Lions, as they were now to be known, won 4 NFL championships during the next 23 years but since 1957 the team and its fans have been strangers to success.

The Lions have not won their division since 1993. The franchise has only been to the playoffs 9 times since 1970 and has never reached the Superbowl. In 2008 the Lions “achieved” notoriety as the first team in NFL history to lose all 16 of their games.

The Lions might be a poor team but they have always had good players. The names of Dutch Clark, Dick “Night Train” Lane, Bobby Lane, Dick LeBeau, Doak Walker and Barry Sanders are legendary in the game of American Football. Despite suffering yet another losing season last year, the current roster is bursting with talent such as the dominant Calvin Johnson, the irrepressible Ndamukong Suh and the explosive Reggie Bush. The Lions would seem the ideal franchise to pick as a project for this year.

Instant Starter 	-	Off
Salary Cap		-	On
Skill Level 		-	All-Pro
Quarter Length		-	15 minutes 
(5 minutes for pre-season games)
Accelerated Clock	-	On
Minimum Play Clock	-	15 seconds
Game Speed		-	Slow
Player Progression	-	Every 4 weeks
Coach Firing		-	On
Gameplay Tuning	        -	On
Injury			-	On
Pre-existing injury	-	Off
Trade deadline 		-	On
Trade Type		-	Enable All
Relocation Settings	-	Normal
League Type		-	All
Play Call Style		-	Enhanced
Coin Toss 1st Choice	-	Kick
Coin Toss 2nd Choice	-	Against Wind
Strafe Assist		-	On
Pre-Snap Menu		-	On
Coaching Tips		-	On
Player Names		-	Pre-snap
Heat Seeker		-	On
Ball Hawk		-	On
Switch Assist		-	On
Camera			-	Zoom
Defensive Graphics	-	Full
Kick Aiming Arc		-	Off
Previous Play Info	-	On
Play Call Buttons	-	Triangle, Square, Cross
Camera Toggle		-	On
Tutorial Pop-ups	-	On
Fill Roster		-	Off
Re-Sign Players		-	Off
Progress Players	-	Off
Sign Free Agents	-	Off
Simulate Game Prep	-	Off
Injuries		-	52
Fatigue			-	60
Threshold		-	0

Sliders				Player	CPU
QB Accuracy		-	10	10
Pass Blocking		-	60	75
WR Catching		-	75	75
Run Blocking		-	55	65
Fumbles		        -	25	25
Pass Defence Reaction	-	40	40
Interceptions		-	35	35
Pass Coverage		-	40	45
Tackling 		-	30	30
FG Power		-	50	50
FG Accuracy		-	40	40
Punt Power		-	45	45
Punt Accuracy		-	50	50
Kick Off Power		-	50	50

Offside			-	52
False Start		-	100
Holding			-	100
Face Mask		-	50
Off Pass Interference	-	99
Def Pass Interference	-	99
Punt Catch Interfere	-	50
Clipping		-	55
Intentional Grounding	-	10
Roughing Passer	        -	50
Roughing Kicker		-	50
Auto Subs
QB Out 	- 0 	DT Out 	- 50
QB In 	- 3 	DT In 	- 55
RB Out 	- 78 	DE Out 	- 50
RB In 	- 82 	DE In 	- 55
WR Out - 30 	LB Out 	- 50
WR In 	- 45 	LB In 	- 55
TE Out 	- 35 	CB Out 	- 30
TE In 	- 40 	CB In 	- 35
OL Out 	- 20 	S Out 	- 30
OL In 	- 25 	S In 	- 35
League Rules
  • I can only make one free agent signing in the first two weeks of the pre-season and of the regular season and only two free agent signings in any other week.

  • I cannot trade for the rookies on other teams.
Dynasty: BritPitbull

The Seahawks head down I-5 to take on their old divison foe San Diego in their Week 2 matchup. The Hawks have had a couple extra days to prepare for this one, while the Chargers are coming off a very short week having played in the 2nd game last Monday night.

Matchup Preview *|* September 14, 2014
Seattle Seahawks
(1-0, Away)
San Diego Chargers
(0-1, Home)
Offensive Stats Comparison
354.0 (13th)Total Offensive Yards377.0 (8th
177.0 (30th)Passing Yards325.0 (4th)
177.0 (2nd)Rushing Yards52.0 (28th)
34.0 (3rd)Points Per Game20.0 (T-19th)
Defensive Stats Comparison
428.0 (30th)Total Yards Allowed320.0 (9th)
349.0 (32nd)Passing Yards Allowed220.0 (9th)
79.0 (19th)Rushing Yards Allowed100.0 (T-28th)
24.0 (T-17th)Points Per Game27.0 (T-20th)
Injury Report

Corey Liuget
Out 4-6 Weeks
Game Notes
The Seahawks are 26-23 all time versus the Chargers, with a lot of those games coming back in the old AFC West days.

Players to Watch


Philip Rivers - QB: Rivers had a resurgence in 2013 lifting the Chargers to the playoffs on the back of one of his more impressive seasons. Like Rodgers last week he will have no problems going right after the LOB in this one.


Eric Weddle - FS: Weddle is one of the best in the game at safety. He will be coming up a lot to stop the Beast mode train from running over the Chargers in this one.

Prediction: The Chargers are an exciting young team with a good quarterback, and an opportunistic defense. They will make this one exciting for the home town fans, but in the end They don't yet have the horses to overcome the reigning champs. Seahawks 24, Chargers 21

NFL Week 2 Power Rankings
RK (LW)TeamRecordAnalysis
1 (-) San Francisco 49ers1-0Niners look determined to right last years wrongs
2 (-) Denver Broncos1-0Manning and crew look even stronger
3 (-) Seattle Seahawks1-0Super Bowl champs dont look to have missed a beat
4 (-) New Orleans Saints1-0The chic NFC pick showed nothing to make us think otherwise
5 (+2) Cincinnati Bengals1-0Impressive road win in the division has to have fans pumped
6 (-1) Baltimore Ravens0-1Tough loss, but Ravens showed signs for a bounce back year
7 (+1) Green Bay Packers0-1Not too many teams would've done much better in that madhouse
8 (+1) Detroit Lions1-0Methodical beat down Monday Night, have the Lions finally made the leap?
9 (+6) Tampa Bay Buccaneers1-0New look Bucs impressed for Lovie Smith
10 (-4) Carolina Panthers0-1Road games in the division are never easy, but Carolina would've liked a better showing
11 (-1) Miami Dolphins1-0Changing of the guard in the AFC East?
12 (-) Kansas City Chiefs1-0Kansas City is still one of the toughest places to win in the NFL
13 (+1) St. Louis Rams1-0Shaun Hill might make fans forget Sam Bradford sooner than later
14 (+2) Minnesota Vikings0-1Good showing on the road, but this team still relies too much on AP
15 (+2) Oakland Raiders1-0Impressive east coast road win for the Silver and Black. Carr may be the real deal
16 (+3) Arizona Cardinals1-0Nice win for the Cards against a playoff team from last season
17 (+1) San Diego Chargers0-1Chargers looked good, but couldn't pull it out on the road
18 (+2) Pittsburgh Steelers1-0Can the Steelers get back to their winning ways?
19 (+9) Buffalo Bills1-0What a beatdown out of nowhere, do we have our surprise team of 2014?
20 (+9) Washington Redskins1-0RGIII and the Skins desperately needed that one
21 (-10) Houston Texans0-1New QB, same result for Texans
22 (-9) Chicago Bears0-1Absolutely terrible loss for Cutler, and co, and now a trip to San Francisco has an 0-2 start staring them in the face
23 (-2) Dallas Cowboys0-1Hung tough, but just don't have the talent to beat elite teams
24 (-2) Cleveland Browns0-1Brian Hoyer played well, but the Browns defense has to do better
25 (-2) New England Patriots0-1Division road loss isn't the end of the world, still unfamiliar territory for the Pats though.
26 (-1) New York Jets0-1Ugly loss at home to a weak team. Can Geno hold off Vick much longer?
27 (-1) Indianapolis Colts0-1Asking a lot to win at Mile High opening night.
28 (-1) Tennessee Titans0-1Looked pretty bland offensively at Arrowhead. Locker needs to prove he's got it this year.
29 (+3) Jacksonville Jaguars1-0The other Sunday surprise. What a win on the road for the Jags.
30 (-6) Philadelphia Eagles0-1Can not lose that game if you have Super Bowl hopes. Chip Kelly and crew need to regroup.
31 (-1) Atlanta Falcons0-1Home blowout to start the season, looking less like Falcons will turn it around.
32 (-1) New York Giants0-1Looked absolutely lifeless on Monday Night. Looks like a long year is coming for the Blue Crew
Dynasty: glenzariczny
01:03 AM - September 8, 2014. Written by glenzariczny
NFL Regular Season Week 1 Recap
Thursday's GamesHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
Green Bay 24, Seattle 34A. Rodgers - 326M. Lynch - 163J. Boykin - 114
Sunday's GamesHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
New Orleans 31, Atlanta 13D. Brees - 252M. Ingram - 59J. Jones - 79
Minnesota 20, St. Louis 27S. Hill - 333A. Peterson - 84B. Quick - 119
Cleveland 14, Pittsburgh 33B. Hoyer - 304L. Bell - 48M. Austin - 137
Jacksonville 24, Philadelphia 10N. Foles - 211L. McCoy - 93M. Brown - 58
Oakland 24, New York Jets 21G. Smith - 317M. Jones-Drew - 51R. Streater - 104
Cincinnati 33, Baltimore 27A. Dalton - 305B. Pierce - 44T. Smith - 108
Buffalo 37, Chicago 6E. Manuel - 246C. Spiller - 87R. Woods - 90
Washington 17, Houston 10R. Griffin III - 276A. Foster - 74D. Jackson - 71
Tennessee 10, Kansas City 27J. Locker - 282J. Charles - 71N. Washington - 76
New England 16, Miami 23T. Brady - 304L. Miller - 57B. Hartline - 109
Carolina 20, Tampa Bay 29J. McCown - 254D. Martin - 128V. Jackson - 101
San Francisco 27, Dallas 19T. Romo - 294F. Gore - 53J. Witten - 95
Indianapolis 16, Denver 30P. Manning - 337M. Ball - 70D. Thomas - 132
Monday's GamesHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
New York Giants 7, Detroit 36M. Stafford - 279R. Bush - 154G. Tate - 137
San Diego 20, Arizona 27P. Rivers - 325A. Ellington - 72E. Royal - 94

Jadeveon Clowney goes down

Texans number one overall pick Jadeveon Clowney had an inauspicious start to his career on Sunday as he had to leave the game with a pulled groin muscle. Doctors expect the phenom to miss 2-4 weeks with the injury.

Chandler Jones injured in Pats loss

Patriots pass rusher Chandler Jones suffered a gruesome looking dislocated ankle in the loss to the Dolphins on Sunday. Doctors expect Jones to be out 3-4 weeks with the injury.

NFL Standings - Updated: Sep 8, 2014
Washington Redskins1001710
Philadelphia Eagles0101024
Dallas Cowboys0101927
New York Giants010736
Detroit Lions100367
Chicago Bears010637
Minnesota Vikings0102027
Green Bay Packers0102434
New Orleans Saints1003113
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1002920
Carolina Panthers0102029
Atlanta Falcons0101331
San Francisco 49ers1002719
Seattle Seahawks1003424
St. Louis Rams1002720
Arizona Cardinals1002720
Miami Dolphins1002316
Buffalo Bills100376
New England Patriots0101623
New York Jets0102124
Pittsburgh Steelers1003314
Cincinnati Bengals1003327
Baltimore Ravens0102733
Cleveland Browns0101433
Jacksonville Jaguars1002410
Houston Texans0101017
Indianapolis Colts0101630
Tennessee Titans0101027
Oakland Raiders1002421
Denver Broncos1003016
Kansas City Chiefs1002710
San Diego Chargers0102027
Dynasty: glenzariczny
12:01 AM - September 8, 2014. Written by glenzariczny
Seahawks run over Packers to start defense of crown

Percy Harvin scores on a 20 yd TD pass

Seattle - The Seattle Seahawks opened their title defense in impressive fashion on Thursday night with a 34-24 victory over the Green Bay Packers. Marshawn Lynch was dominant on the ground racking up 163 yards, while the defense was able to sack Green Bay quarterbacks seven times, twice sending Aaron Rodgers to the sideline in pain to regroup. While Rodgers statistically ended up having a decent day, it was in vain as the Packers had to abandon the run early after falling behind 20-0 in the first half. This allowed the Seahawks to keep pounding Lynch and working the clock. The Seahawks will now have an extra few days off to prepare for their trip to San Diego where they will face Phillip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers next Sunday.

Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks
Sep 4, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Green Bay Packers (0-1)0371424
Seattle Seahawks (1-0)3177734
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense428354
Rushing Yards7917
Passing Yards349177
First Downs2023
Punt Return Yards2136
Kick Return Yards10272
Total Yards551462
3rd Down Converstion5-11 (45%)7-11 (63%)
4th Down Conversion1-2 (50%)0-0 (0%)
2-Point Conversion0-0 (0%)0-0 (0%)
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals3/14/1
Posession Time30:2229:38
Scoring Summary
10:24(SEA) Steven Hauschka, 41 Yd FG03
14:46(SEA) Steven Hauschka, 26 Yd FG06
8:11(SEA) Jermaine Kearse, 14 Yd pass from Russell Wilson (Steven Hauschka Kick)013
3:11(SEA) Marshawn Lynch, 4 Yd run (Steven Hauschka Kick)020
0:00(GNB) Mason Crosby, 27 Yd FG320
9:44(GNB) Aaron Rodgers, 5 Yd run (Mason Crosby Kick)1020
3:22(SEA) Percy Harvin, 20 Yd pass from Russell Wilson (Steven Hauschka Kick)1027
10:33(GNB) Andrew Quarless, 2 Yd pass from Aaron Rodgers (Mason Crosby Kick)1727
4:04(SEA) Robert Turbin, 7 Yd run (Steven Hauschka Kick)1734
1:35(GNB) Brandon Bostick, 7 Yd pass from Aaron Rodgers (Mason Crosby Kick)2434
Green Bay Packers
Aaron Rodgers26/3332620
Matt Flynn9/96300
Aaron Rodgers4297.21
Eddie Lacy11242.10
James Starks22613.00
Jarrett Boykin911412.60
Davante Adams5397.80
Eddie Lacy5357.00
Brandon Bostick5336.61
Randall Cobb47719.20
Jordy Nelson44210.50
Jeff Janis24723.50
Andrew Quarless122.01
A.J. Hawk70.000
Morgan Burnett50.000
Julius Peppers52.000
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix50.000
Sam Shields50.000
Mike Daniels11.000
Mason Crosby1/13/3627
Tim Masthay312240.62
DuJuan Harris58416.80
Micah Hyde11818.00
Randall Cobb22110.50
Seattle Seahawks
Russell Wilson18/2620820
Marshawn Lynch271636.01
Robert Turbin3155.01
Russell Wilson3-1-0.30
Percy Harvin56713.41
Jermaine Kearse44912.21
Zach Miller33010.00
Ricardo Lockette23316.50
Doug Baldwin2157.50
Luke Willson11111.00
Marshawn Lynch133.00
Kam Chancellor110.000
Bobby Wagner70.000
K.J. Wright71.000
Byron Maxwell50.000
Michael Bennett43.000
Jeremy Lane31.000
Brandon Mebane32.000
Steven Hauschka2/24/41041
Jon Ryan29246.00
Percy Harvin24623.00
Doug Baldwin12525.00
Jermaine Kearse111.00
Earl Thomas23618.00

Player of the Game:

Marshawn Lynch - RB: Lynch had 163 yards and a TD on Thursday night.
Dynasty: glenzariczny
Sunday, September 7, 2014
12:38 AM - September 7, 2014. Written by glenzariczny
My goal with this dynasty is to as closely replicate the NFL as possible. I am using 32 team control on this franchise, while playing all games as the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks. I am following all real life supsensions/and injuries to start off the dynasty and will adjust rosters and depth charts from there. So without further ado, lets get the season started, and we know who's kicking it off this year...

The Seattle Seahawks welcome the entire NFL to kickoff 2014 in the Emerald City. There will be many great pregame festivities downtown, including a concert by local rock legends Soundgarden, and Pharrell Williams, but those are just appetizers for the main event that will be taking place in CenturyLink Field Thursday night. The defending champion Seahawks will welcome in the Green Bay Packers, a team many feel will challenge them for their throne this season, as well as a team that no doubt still has a bad taste in it's mouth from the infamous "fail mary" of two years ago. Will Aaron Rodgers be able to figure out the Legion of Boom? Or will another team fall victim to the 12th Man in primetime in Seattle?

Matchup Preview *|* September 4, 2014
Green Bay Packers
(8-7-1, Away)
Seattle Seahawks
(13-3, Home)
Offensive Stats Comparison
3rdTotal Offensive Yards18th
6thPassing Yards26th
7thRushing Yards4th
T-8thPoints Per GameT-8th
Defensive Stats Comparison
25thTotal Yards Allowed1st
24thPassing Yards Allowed1st
25thRushing Yards AllowedT-7th
T-24thPoints Per Game1st
Game Notes
Seattle is 6-10 all time against Green Bay, and had lost three straight before the "Fail Mary" game. However Green Bay is only 2-3 in games played in Seattle as the majority of this series has been played on the frozen tundra.

Players to Watch


Aaron Rodgers - QB: If there's a QB in the league with the swag to go right after the LOB it's this man. Aaron Rodgers has never lacked for confidence and flair, and will have no problems going right after the Seahawks strongest link.


Clay Matthews - OLB: This is a potential matchup nightmare for the Hawks on Thursday, Matthews is an elite rusher who can switch sides. Expect him to do that a lot in this one to get himself matched up with Hawks rookie Justin Britt.

Prediction: Make no mistake about it, the Packers are more than a worthy challenge for the Hawks to kickoff their title defense. I wouldn't expect a blowout like night games in the past, but in the end, the 12th man's energy once the Super Bowl banner drops will be too much for Green Bay to overcome in this one. Seahawks 27, Packers 20
Dynasty: glenzariczny
Saturday, September 6, 2014
11:29 PM - September 6, 2014. Written by hellinas00
1990 LA Raiders at 1981 Cincinnati Bengals

The Raiders with their two headed attack of Marcus Allen and Bo Jackson travel to the cold air of Riverfront Stadium and a stout Benagals team. Forrest Greg has a team that may not play nice all the time but rarely gives a game away. No word on the weather, but the Raiders haven't exactly been the best team on the road in big games.

1990 Los Angeles Raiders at 1981 Cincinnati Bengals
1990 Los Angeles Raiders ()0014721
1981 Cincinnati Bengals ()7136632
Scoring Summary
0:25() Collinsworth 36 yard pass from Anderson (Breech Kick)07
12:04() Verser 35 yard pass from Anderson (Breech)014
1:34() Kreider 43 yard pass from Anderson (Kick missed)020
10:29() Fernandez 11 yard pass from Schroeder (Jaeger kick)720
9:33() Fernandez 23 yard pass from Schroeder (Jaeger kick)1420
6:06() Johnson 1 yard run (2 pt failed)1426
11:02() Gault 38 yard pass from Schoeder (Jaeger kick)2126
3:45() Breech 36 yard field goal2129
1:02() Breech 28 yard field goal2132
1990 Los Angeles Raiders
Jay Schroeder12/2524032
Marcus Allen8141.750
Bo Jackson55010.00
Mervyn Fernandez512925.82
Willie Gault58817.61
Jeff Jeger0/03/330
1981 Cincinnati Bengals
Ken Anderson15/2123030
Pete Johnson18462.51
Dan Ross55310.60
Chris Collinsworth357191
Jim Breech2/22/3836

It took a while for the Raiders to wake up in this encounter and by then it was too late. The long passing game was in full effect as Ken Anderson threw three touchdowns of over 30 yards all in the first half to build a 20-0 lead at the half. After the wakeup call the Raiders turned things around and scored on their opening drive while a Dan Ross fumble set up another score. When the Raiders defense made a stop on the next drive, Tim Brown fumbled a punt and the Bengals recovered and scored through Pete Johnson. In the 4th a Willie Gualt touchdown cut the lead to five but again special teams would play a role after Eddie Edwards blocked a Jeff Gossett kick and converted three points. In the end the first half cost the Raiders too much and their desperation in the second half lead to a number of mistakes.
Dynasty: hellinas00
04:54 PM - September 6, 2014. Written by Str8Edge4Life
Indianapolis Colts at Minnesota Vikings
Sep 6, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Indianapolis Colts (CPU)737017
Minnesota Vikings (Me)707620
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense343363
Rushing Yards18186
Passing Yards162277
First Downs1917
Punt Return Yards29-2
Kick Return Yards1366
Total Yards385427
3rd Down Converstion7/14 (50%)3/11 (27%)
4th Down Conversion0/01/1 (100%)
2-Point Conversion0/00/0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals3-1-1 (66%)4-1-2 (75%)
Posession Time35:0524:55
Scoring Summary
6:33(MIN) Teddy Bridgewater 2 Yard TD Pass to Kyle Rudolph07
0:04(IND) Trent Richardson 2 Yard TD Run77
3:46(IND) Adam Vinatieri 28 Yard FG107
8:18(MIN) Teddy Bridgewater 39 Yard TD Pass to Adrian Peterson1014
2:25(IND) Andrew Luck 24 Yard TD Pass to Dwayne Allen1714
3:38(MIN) Blair Walsh 34 Yard FG1717
0:00(MIN) Blair Walsh 36 Yard FG1720
Indianapolis Colts
Andrew Luck19/2620610
Trent Richardson261315.01
Andrew Luck4379.20
Ahmad Bradshaw11313.00
Dwayne Allen56012.01
Hakeem Nicks55611.20
T.Y. Hilton45614.00
Trent Richardson3196.30
Reggie Wayne199.00
Donte Moncrief166.00
Anthony Castonzo31
Dwayne Allen10
Mario Harvey10
Gosder Cherilus01
Jack Mewhort01
Erik Walden71.000
Darius Butler70.000
D'Qwell Jackson70.000
Jerrell Freeman60.000
Vontae Davis40.000
LaRon Landry40.000
Bjoern Werner40.000
Arthur Jones31.000
Cory Redding31.000
Josh Chapman20.000
Adam Vinatieri1/12/2528
Pat McAfee518236.41
Daniel Herron11313.00
Loucheiz Purifoy3299.60
Darius Butler100.00
Minnesota Vikings
Teddy Bridgewater21/2930820
Adrian Peterson19733.80
Teddy Bridgewater4164.00
Jerick McKinnon2-3-1.50
Adrian Peterson59619.21
Kyle Rudolph55210.41
Greg Jennings34816.00
Adam Thielen23618.00
Rodney Smith12727.00
Jerick McKinnon22010.00
Jerome Felton2189.00
Cordarrelle Patterson11111.00
Jarius Wright30
Charlie Johnson20
Kyle Rudolph10
Matt Kalil11
Phil Loadholt11
Josh Robinson91.000
Chad Greenway81.000
Everson Griffen73.000
Jasper Brinkley70.000
Captain Munnerlyn50.000
Robert Blanton41.000
Xavier Rhodes40.000
Brian Robison40.000
Harrison Smith40.000
Anthony Barr30.000
Jabari Price30.000
Corey Wootton11.000
Blair Walsh2/22/2836
Jeff Locke518937.80
Cordarrelle Patterson36622.00
Robert Blanton1-2-2.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Friday, September 5, 2014
06:23 PM - September 5, 2014. Written by hellinas00
2010 New England Patriots at 1986 Denver Broncos

It will be Tom Brady against John Elway in what could be a shootout at Mile High Stadium. Denver was a much better team then they showed in the Super Bowl loss in 1987 and can play in the clutch as this is the team that pulled off the "drive". The Patriots are sure to have a good gameplan in this one and won 14 games in 2010 while still having Randy Moss, Rod Gronkowski and an explosive offense.
Dynasty: hellinas00
02:29 PM - September 5, 2014. Written by Cardinal Nation

Suffocating Tree-fense put the Ducks to the sword

It was a home opener to be remembered. The homecoming of Coach Broad was one for the ages, as Stanford shut down Oregon in a way that the Ducks haven't experienced in a number of years.

Franklin and the offense started off slow, throwing a bad pick in the first drive, but the defense was on hand to bail them out. From then on, Britton and O-Line took over, dominating the time of possession and keeping Hudson and Perry on the sideline.

But the real story here was the defense. Bowen dominated the middle of the field, and bottled the Oregon HB up all game. Clearly DC Todd Blackmon had a specific gameplan for the Ducks, and it didn't fail. Leaving FS Greco to roam the middle of the field, the Cardinal Defense came with a base 3-3-5 look, allowing the Trifecta to roam the midfield and make plays on the fringe.

The game was clearly over, but the play of the game came during the 4th Q, with Stanford completing a goal-line stand, keeping Oregon out and taking over, leaving the Duck without a TD.

Oregon Ducks at Stanford Cardinal
Sep 11, 20211ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
#17 Oregon Ducks (2-1)03003
#23 Stanford Cardinal (2-0)777021
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense210291
Rushing Yards108141
Passing Yards102150
First Downs1414
Punt Return Yards018
Kick Return Yards4345
Total Yards253354
3rd Down Converstion1-107-10
4th Down Conversion2-20-0
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals0-02-0
Posession Time11:4320:14
Oregon Ducks
Matt Hudson15/2010202
Matt Hudson13523.90
Chad Perry8455.60
Chad Perry3268.60
Chris Pettit222110
Brian George5010
Terrance Jefferson1/20/0345
Geoff Weeks137370
Stanford Cardinal
Jason Franklin14/2015022
Bill Britton241435.91
Tom Bowen8000
Greg Edwards5200
Kevin Fisher8000
Corey Hayford0/03/33
Jason White144440
Dynasty: Cardinal Nation
01:16 PM - September 5, 2014. Written by Cardinal Nation
Matchup Preview *|* September 11, 2021
#17 Oregon Ducks
(2-0, 1-0 Away)
#23 Stanford Cardinal
(1-0, 0-0 Home)
Offensive Stats Comparison
433Total Offensive Yards210
219Rushing Yards104
213Passing Yards106
Defensive Stats Comparison
346Total Yards Allowed159
149Rushing Yards Allowed64
197Passing Yards Allowed95
Total Yards Allowed
Injury Report
B. Bowen
3 weeks

Game Notes
First Pac-12 match up of the year pitches explosive offense against stout defense

The keys for the game for Oregon are to get the scoreboard moving early and to not allow Britton and the Cardinal to control the clock.

For Stanford, the keys will be keeping that explosive Oregon offense off the field, and holding them to 3 in the Red Zone
Dynasty: Cardinal Nation
01:12 PM - September 5, 2014. Written by Mav3rek7

Cowboys Defense Shows Up in Preseason Opener
Defense holds Chargers to 268 Total Yards

Dallas, TX -- If there was one question mark about this Dallas Cowboys team coming into the season, it was definitely on the defense. Last season the Cowboys had one of, if not the worst defense in the NFL, ranking 32nd in yards allowed, giving up an average of 415.3 yards per game. Granted it's the preseason, but in the first true test of the year, the defense stood tall and shut down a dangerous Chargers offense in a 13-9 victory.

Dallas only allowed a total of 268 yards, while forcing one turnover and allowing just 3 field goals on the night. Off season acquisition Rolando McClain led the way with a total of 9 tackles on the night, while recently signed free agent Jabari Greer was able to pick off Phillip Rivers in his Cowboys debut.

On the offensive side of the ball however, the Cowboys seemed to struggle a bit. Only managing to amass a total of 293 yards themselves, and were only able to score one touchdown, along with 2 field goals. Josh Freeman played well in his debut for the Cowboys. Freeman, who will be battling with Brandon Weeden for the primary backup spot this season, threw for 133 yards and the games only touchdown. He did however struggle with his accuracy, only completing 13 of his 25 passes, along with an interception. Freeman was also constantly under pressure from a relentless Charger defensive front, and was frequently trying to avoid pressure.

All in all the Cowboys played a well rounded game, even with the struggles on offense. While it was refreshing to see a defense that was actually able to stop someone, it is only week 1 of the preseason after all. We will hold off on getting too excited after this game, but it does at least bring a little hope to the situation.

Dallas Cowboys at San Diego Chargers
Aug 6, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Dallas Cowboys (1-0)330713
San Diego Chargers (0-1)06309
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense293268
Rushing Yards8952
Passing Yards204216
First Downs1714
Punt Return Yards
Kick Return Yards
Total Yards
3rd Down Converstion34
4th Down Conversion00
2-Point Conversion00
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1/20/2
Posession Time
Dallas Cowboys
Josh Freeman13/2513311
Tony Romo6/913100
Michael Bush12635.30
Josh Freeman22412.00
Cole Beasley155.00
Dez Bryant26834.00
LaRon Byrd2136.50
Tyler Clutts188.00
Lance Dunbar155.00
Gavin Escobar44912.31
Devin Street33913.00
Terrance Williams11919.00
San Diego Chargers
Kellen Clemens21/2820200
Phillip Rivers6/84701
Donald Brown1000
David Johnson133.00
Ryan Mathews551.00
Danny Woodhead18442.40
Seyi Airotutu67913.20
Donald Brown2168.00
Vincent Brown22110.50
Malcom Floyd2147.00
Antonio Gates3279.00
Ladarius Green22110.50
Eddie Royal2126.00
Danny Woodhead7436.10
Dontrelle Inman11616.00
Dynasty: Mav3rek7
11:32 AM - September 5, 2014. Written by Mav3rek7

Signed CB Jabari Greer to a 1 yr deal.
Signed CB Asanti Samuel to a 1 yr deal.
Signed LOLB James Harrison to a 1 yr deal.
Signed RB Michael Bush to a 1 yr deal.
Signed QB Josh Freeman to a 1 yr deal.
Signed P T.J. Conley to a 1 yr deal.
Dynasty: Mav3rek7
Thursday, September 4, 2014
11:01 PM - September 4, 2014. Written by hellinas00
1971 Baltimore Colts at 2004 Pittsburgh Steelers

In his rookie season Ben Roethlisberger lead the Steelers to a 15-1 record and all the confidence in the world. Still in the big game against the Patriots the team faltered and the bad taste of that loss is hard to forget. Now the Steelers come back again in an even bigger game and face the Colts and their balanced defense in this early round game.
Dynasty: hellinas00
Wednesday, September 3, 2014
05:03 PM - September 3, 2014. Written by hellinas00
1988 Cincinnati Bengals at 1960 Philadelphia Eagles

A team that won the NFL championship will battle a team that came just about as close as you could to winning one. Norm Van Bronclin and the Eagles will be out to prove that old time football was more physical and more fierce in what the modern game has with all its rules. The Bengals lead by Sam Wyche will hope that Boomer Esiason will be on his game and that Ickey Woods can find some room to spark one of his shuffles.
Dynasty: hellinas00