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Monday, May 28, 2012
09:47 PM - May 28, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
Game 27 vs. CWS

Josh Beckett continued his recent dominance; he pitched 7 strong shutout innings. However, his 4 seam fastball was touched up a bit too much, in addition to poorly commanding it.

John Mayberry, Jr. left early because of injury. If the Tigers don't face left-handed pitching, then they will be fine for the next 1-2 weeks that Mayberry is out for. Manny Ramirez took his place today.

Ian Kinsler got out of his slump with a leadoff home run. Victor Martinez tripled for the second day in a row. Michael Morse added a home run.

Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers
May 5, 2012123456789RHE
Chicago (12-16)000000000050
Detroit (25-2)20031000X6140
W: Josh Beckett (2-0) L: John Danks (2-4)
Scoring Summary
DET1Ian Kinsler homers to left field.01
DET1Prince Fielder grounds out. John Mayberry, Jr. scores.02
DET4Michael Morse homers to left field. Prince Fielder scores.04
DET4Adam Jones grounds out. Victor Martinez scores.05
DET5Prince Fielder doubles. Miguel Cabrera scores.06
Chicago White Sox
Alejandro De Aza4010010.186
Alexei Ramirez4010020.327
Paul Konerko3000100.320
Tyler Flowers3000000.175
Hector Gimenez1000000.341
AJ Pierzynski4020010.339
Gordon Beckham3000000.247
Dayan Viciedo3010010.227
Alex Rios3000010.170
Jim Ford3000000.200
TEAM TOTALS31050160---
2B: AJ Pierzynski (5)
Detroit Tigers
Ian Kinsler4121011.321
John Mayberry, Jr.1110000.422
Manny Ramirez3000000.133
Miguel Cabrera4120000.417
Prince Fielder4122010.414
Michael Morse4112001.321
Geovany Soto4020000.361
Victor Martinez4120000.383
Adam Jones4021000.321
JJ Hardy4000000.200
TEAM TOTALS366146022---
2B: M. Cabrera (6), P. Fielder (8), J. Mayberry (7)
3B: V. Martinez (3), G. Soto (1)
HR: M. Morse (4), I. Kinsler (14)
RBI: P. Fielder 2 (23), M. Morse 2 (13), I. Kinsler (32), A. Jones (19)
CS: A. Jones (1)
Chicago White Sox
John Danks (L)4.28660123.79
Eric Stults3.16000102.59
TEAM TOTALS8.01466022---
Pitches-Strikes: J. Danks 41-30, E. Stults 31-20
Detroit Tigers
Josh Beckett (W)7.05001500.00
Randy Choate1.00000102.25
Matt Guerrier1.00000001.93
TEAM TOTALS9.0500160---
Pitches-Strikes: J. Beckett 71-50, R. Choate 8-8, M. Guerrier 7-5
Dynasty: jhendricks316
08:40 PM - May 28, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
Game 26 vs. CWS

Justin Verlander, now 6-0, dazzled as usual. He got through the lineup once, before giving up his first hit. He only gave up 4 hits on the day through 7 and 2/3 innings.

The White Sox put together a mini-rally off of Al Alburquerque in order to avoid a shutout.

The Tigers offense took charge, led by Andre Ethier (who doubled twice), Victor Martinez (3B, 3 RBI), and Geovany Soto, who homered late.

A slight blip on the radar is Ian Kinsler. He was 0-5 for the day, and 1-15 (dating back to the KC series). It is fair to say that he is "due", since he led the month in many categories and was named Player of the Month.

Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers
May 4, 2012123456789RHE
Chicago (12-15)000000001180
Detroit (24-2)00013030X7170
W: Justin Verlander (6-0) L: Gavin Floyd (0-4)
Chicago White Sox
Alejandro De Aza4030000.184
Alexei Ramirez4000000.330
Paul Konerko3000010.333
Osvaldo Martinez1000000.444
Tyler Flowers4110010.183
AJ Pierzynski4020000.333
Gordon Beckham4021010.255
Dayan Viciedo4000020.224
Alex Rios3000020.182
Jim Ford3000020.235
TEAM TOTALS34181090---
2B: A. De Aza (5)
RBI: G. Beckham (12)
SB: A. De Aza (3)
Detroit Tigers
Ian Kinsler5000010.314
Michael Morse5040000.324
Miguel Cabrera5120000.414
Prince Fielder5220010.411
Andre Ethier4222010.338
Victor Martinez4133000.379
Adam Jones4030000.314
Alex Avila3000000.315
Geovany Soto1112001.349
JJ Hardy4000000.208
TEAM TOTALS407177031---
2B: M. Cabrera (5), A. Ethier 2 (9)
3B: V. Martinez (2)
HR: G. Soto (7)
RBI: A. Ethier 2 (11), V. Martinez 3 (6), G. Soto 2 (18)
SB: A. Jones (1)
Chicago White Sox
Gavin Floyd (L)6.014550106.75
Matt Thornton2.03220214.15
TEAM TOTALS8.01777031---
Detroit Tigers
Justin Verlander (W)7.24000801.82
Scott Downs0.11000001.84
Al Alburquerque1.03110105.40
TEAM TOTALS9.0811090---
Dynasty: jhendricks316
08:22 PM - May 28, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
Game 25 vs. KC

In simplest terms, Bruce Chen could not handle the Tigers. The most offense came in the 4th, when the Tigers scored 5 runs and loaded the bases multiple times.

The Royals got a lot of hits, but couldn't string lots of runs together.

Kansas City Royals at Detroit Tigers
May 2, 2012123456789RHE
Kansas City (9-16)0100001013100
Detroit (23-2)02250000X9140
W: Jordan Zimmermann (4-2) L: Bruce Chen (1-3)
Kansas City Royals
Alcides Escobar4010020.177
Mike Moustakas4000010.299
Eric Hosmer4111021.228
Alex Gordon3000000.295
Billy Butler1000000.182
Jeff Francoeur4220000.294
Johnny Giavotella4021010.247
Lorenzo Cain3031000.283
Salvador Perez2000000.172
Manny Pina1000000.000
Jason Bourgeois3010000.309
TEAM TOTALS333103061---
2B: J. Francoeur (6), L. Cain (7)
HR: E. Hosmer (5)
RBI: E. Hosmer (16), J. Giavotella (7), L. Cain (8)
CS: J. Bourgeois (1)
Detroit Tigers
Ian Kinsler4100100.314
John Mayberry, Jr.3222011.409
Andre Ethier2000000.338
Miguel Cabrera5232001.414
Prince Fielder4011000.411
Michael Morse4011000.324
Geovany Soto2001000.349
Alex Avila1010000.315
Victor Martinez4220010.379
Adam Jones4121010.314
JJ Hardy 4121000.208
TEAM TOTALS379149132---
3B: A. Jones (2)
HR: J. Mayberry (1), M. Cabrera (12)
RBI: J. Mayberry 2 (8), M. Cabrera 2 (29), P. Fielder (21), M. Morse (11), G. Soto (18), A. Jones (18), JJ Hardy (9)
Kansas City Royals
Bruce Chen (L)3.112991129.13
Louis Coleman4.22000204.03
TEAM TOTALS8.01499132---
Detroit Tigers
Jordan Zimmermann (W)6.05110502.14
Mark Melancon (H)1.14110002.08
Scott Downs0.21110011.84
Al Alburquerque1.00000105.40
TEAM TOTALS9.01033061---
Dynasty: jhendricks316
12:45 AM - May 28, 2012. Written by TIMB0B
I'd like for there to be an option of "in-depth recruiting." I say option because some people think there's too much already. So, this is how I'd break the recruiting modes down...

Freshman - The CPU recruits for you like old school College Football USA 96. At the end of the season, the CPU randomly selects commits based on how your team performed and their prestige in the given year.

Varsity - The standard user-controlled 5 week post-season recruiting only, which was introduced in NCAA Football 98 (I believe).

All-American - The existing setup: In-season recruiting + 5 week post-season recruiting.

Heisman - In-season recruiting + 5 week post-season recruiting + off-season recruiting.

In real life, there are 4 types of recruiting periods set by the NCAA: Quiet, Evaluation, Contact, and Dead periods. For the purposes of this post, I'll only be using the Quiet and Evaluation periods as it pertains to off-season recruiting.

Quiet Period = Coaches are allowed to call recruits (and offer scholarships). Recruits can visit coaches, but can only do so at the coaches' respective colleges (i.e. unofficial visit).

Evaluation Period = Assistant Coaches are permitted to visit recruits off-campus (as well as make calls and scholarship offers).

The real off-season recruiting calendar set by the NCAA is as follows...

1st week of February (the day after Signing Day) - April 14th = Quiet Period
April 15th - May 31st = Evaluation Period
June 1st - July 31st = Quiet Period

Here's what I'm suggesting with Heisman mode (off-season) recruiting...

Off-season Tasks

1st week of February
- Signing Day
- Next season's Top 100 Recruits 'Watch' List released
- Recruiting: Notification of any prospects that will attend your school's Junior Day Event
- Recruiting: Select Prospects for Recruit Board
(Advance to next period)

February (day after NSD) - April 14th (Quiet Period)
- Spring Position Changes (including early enrollees)
- Spring Depth Chart (Divvy up reps to each position group by percentage points totaling 100%)
- Recruiting: Notification of any prospects that will attend your school's Spring Game
- Recruiting: Calls / Scholarship Offers permitted
- Spring Game (option to play or sim)
(Advance to next period)

April 15th - May 31st (Evaluation Period)
- Training Results (including early enrollees)
- Recruiting: Notification of any prospects that will attend your school's Summer Football Camp
- Recruiting: Calls / Scholarship Offers; Off-Campus Coach Visits permitted (this period only)
(Advance to next period)

June 1st - July 31st (Quiet Period)
- Official Top 100 Recruits List released
- Recruiting: Calls / Scholarship Offers
- Summer Position Changes (including non-early enrollees who have now arrived on campus as well as walk-ons)
(Advance to next period)

August (Pre-season Tasks)
- Pre-season Depth Chart
- Redshirts
- Cut Players
- Schedule Changes
- Recruiting: Calls / Scholarship Offers; Official Visits now permitted (beginning of Contact Period)
- Begin Season
(Advance to regular season)


Junior Day, Spring Game, and Summer Camps are all unofficial visits i.e. prospects randomly attend based on interest level and/or location. The spring game DOES NOT determine off-season training. Practice does. And practice is simulated by setting the rep percentage of your players in spring depth chart.

The spring depth chart is a risk/reward scenario. If you give one player all of the reps, you risk injury, but will be rewarded with the maximum training progression. However, if a player(s) gets zero or very little reps, you risk players transferring, or the minimum amount of training progression.Each specific position group in your offense/defense scheme (based on playbooks) has a cumulative total of 100% reps. Example of a pro-form offense's position groups: QB, RB, FB, TE, SE, FL, LT, LG, C, RG, RT. Each one of those groups totals to 100% reps.

Then, you divvy up that 100% within each position group. Say you have 3 QBs. You give your starter 50% reps, back-up 30%, and 3rd string 20%.
1 - QB = 50%
2 - QB = 30%
3 - QB = 20%

And you do this for each position...
1 - RB = 40%
2 - RB = 30%
3 - RB = 20%
4 - RB = 10%

The amount of reps, coupled with a player's potential (which is hidden), will determine the offseason training results. It's also a risk/reward scenario. You could give one player all 100% of the reps at his position, leaving the others with 0%, where your reward is maximum progression for that player depending on his potential rating, however you risk injury. Conversely, if a player gets a small percentage of reps, you risk that player transferring or minimal to no training results. This would also play a huge role for CPU A.I. when they oversign too many players at one position, like having 5 QBs on a roster. The 4th and/or 5th string QBs would be getting screwed in the rep department and may transfer.

The game should have a default percentage already set up, then you could manipulate it from there.

This would give you some control over the development of your players. But just as coaching in real life, there are risk/rewards to these decisions. Hidden potential ratings, though, are the key in keeping offseason progression from being cheesed.

The current off-season tasks as of NCAA 2012 features 5 advancements (Signing Day / Position Changes / Training Results / Cut Players / Pre-season Tasks). The example I have given of an in-depth off-season recruiting also has 5 advancements. However, there are now 4 additional recruiting opportunities, a Spring Game, and 2 opportunities for Position Changes (Spring and Summer).
Dynasty: TIMB0B
Sunday, May 27, 2012
2012 Chicago Cubs Stats - Hitting
Starlin Castro214811021230.381.409.524
Bryan LaHair216920262100.429.478.810
Alfonso Soriano212831021311.381.409.619
Ian Stewart173610252600.353.400.765
Darwin Barney150100010301.067.067.067
Joe Mather153410142400.267.333.533
Reed Johnson142510010200.357.357.429
Koyie Hill132600240301.462.462.923
David DeJesus93400121000.444.500.778
Jeff Baker82410000100.500.500.625
Tony Campana51210000120.400.500.600
Blake Lalli52400110000.800.8001.400
Adrian Cardenas20000000000.000.000.000
Travis Wood30100000000.333.333.333
Matt Garza20000000000.000.000.000
Paul Maholm20000000000.000.000.000
Jeff Samardzija10000000000.000.000.000
Shawn Camp10000000000.000.000.000
Ryan Dempster00000001000.0001.000.000
2012 Chicago Cubs Stats - Pitching
Ryan Dempster11000006.0940041.506.00
Matt Garza11100106.0510161.001.50
Jeff Samardzija11100005.0320371.203.60
Paul Maholm11100107.0521030.712.57
Travis Wood11000005.1742051.316.75
Rafael Dolis30002012.1410021.713.86
James Russell40002023.2000020.000.00
Michael Bowden30010012.1341222.1415.43
Shawn Camp30100013.0310001.003.00
Randy Wells20000012.2200040.750.00
Blake Parker20000011.0221012.0018.00
Casey Coleman10000010.2221114.5027.00

2012 Houston Astros Stats - Hitting
Jordan Schafer230400000900.174.174.174
Jose Altuve213400011210.190.217.190
Brian Bogusevic202410020400.200.190.250
J.D. Martinez193830251100.421.450.895
Carlos Lee192400122300.211.286.368
Chris Johnson184510021400.278.316.333
Matt Downs112320120300.273.273.727
Jed Lowrie92110010200.111.111.222
Chris Snyder92400110200.444.500.778
Jason Castro91420052201.444.545.667
Marwin Gonzalez62200120000.333.333.833
Justin Maxwell22100000100.500.500.500
Travis Buck101000000001.0001.0001.000
Wandy Rodriguez40000000300.000.000.000
Lucas Harrell20000000000.000.000.000
Bud Norris10000000100.000.000.000
J.A. Happ10000000000.000.000.000
2012 Houston Astros Stats - Pitching
Wandy Rodriguez220000010.01662562.105.40
Lucas Harrell11010005.1631031.135.06
Bud Norris11010005.0630011.205.40
J.A. Happ11010004.0652121.7511.25
Brett Myers10001000.2101001.500.00
Wilton Lopez30000002.2211010.753.38
Brandon Lyon30000013.2631111.917.36
Fernando Rodriguez40010003.0510021.673.00
Fernando Abad30000003.0300131.330.00
Enerio Del Rosario30100002.0310222.504.50
Wesley Wright30000003.0641042.0012.00
Rhiner Cruz20000001.2200011.200.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
08:06 PM - May 27, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
Game 24 vs. KC

Luke Hochevar was not happy to see the Tigers. He already had an inflated ERA of 5.75. He was happy to see that Ian Kinsler got the night off. Marco Scutaro played for Kinsler. He had a nice day going 2-3 with an RBI.

Hochevar pitched all 8 innings for the Royals, but the Tigers offense still got the job done. On the other side, Doug Fister still got the win, but he gave up more than usual.

Even though it took a month, Andre Ethier homered for the first time as a Tiger.

Once again, the game was close in the late stages. Scott Downs (2 ER) did not do his job, and Jose Valverde had to clean up the mess with a save.

Kansas City Royals at Detroit Tigers
May 1, 2012123456789RHE
Kansas City (9-15)200100002581
Detroit (22-2)00200122X790
W: Doug Fister (8-0) L: Luke Hochevar (1-2) S: Jose Valverde (7)
Scoring Summary
KAN1Mike Moustakas homers to right field. Alcides Escobar scores.20
DET3Adam Jones triples. Marco Scutaro scores.21
DET3Michael Morse reaches on an error by Eric Hosmer. Adam Jones scores.22
KAN4Eric Hosmer homers to right-center field.32
DET6Miguel Cabrera homers to center field.33
DET7Alex Avila singles. Victor Martinez scores.34
DET7Marco Scutaro singles. Alex Avila scores.35
DET8Miguel Cabrera homers to left field.36
DET8Andre Ethier homers to right field.37
KAN9Johnny Giavotella doubles. Eric Hosmer and Alex Gordon score.57
Kansas City Royals
Alcides Escobar4120000.179
Mike Moustakas4112001.319
Eric Hosmer4221001.234
Alex Gordon4110000.306
Jeff Francoeur4000020.297
Johnny Giavotella4022010.233
Lorenzo Cain4000020.258
Salvador Perez3000010.183
Billy Butler3000010.180
Jason Bourgeois3000010.322
Yuniesky Betancourt1000010.200
2B: J. Giavotella (2), A. Gordon (5)
HR: E. Hosmer (4), M. Moustakas (3)
RBI: E. Hosmer (15), J. Giavotella 2 (6), M. Moustakas 2 (10)
E: E. Hosmer (2)
Detroit Tigers
Adam Jones4111000.288
Michael Morse4000000.303
Miguel Cabrera4222002.405
Prince Fielder4010010.418
Andre Ethier4111001.338
Victor Martinez4110000.356
Alex Avila3111000.320
JJ Hardy3000000.204
Marco Scutaro3121000.500
TEAM TOTALS33796023---
2B: V. Martinez (7)
3B: A. Jones (1)
HR: M. Cabrera 2 (11), A. Ethier (1)
RBI: M. Cabrera 2 (27), A. Avila (6), A. Ethier (9), M. Scutaro (1)
Kansas City Royals
Luke Hochevar (L)8.09760236.04
TEAM TOTALS8.0976023---
Pitches-Strikes: L. Hochevar 61-49
Detroit Tigers
Doug Fister (W)7.05330721.98
Justin Verlander (H)0.20000002.16
Scott Downs (H)0.12220001.32
Jose Valverde (S)1.01001101.50
TEAM TOTALS9.0855182---
Pitches-Strikes: D. Fister 70-59, J. Verlander 9-6, S. Downs 11-5, J. Valverde 19-13
Dynasty: jhendricks316
Cubs at Astros |
May 27, 2012123456789ExtrasRHE
Chicago (4-1 (Me))0200100101 (10)5160
Houston (1-4 (CPU))0002110000 (10)490
W: Shawn Camp (1-0) L: Fernando Rodriguez (0-1) S: James Russell (2)
Scoring Summary
CHC2Koyie Hill 2 Run Home Run (2); Jeff Baker Scores20
HOU4Matt Downs RBI Double; Jose Altuve Scores21
HOU4Brian Bogusevic Sacrifice Fly; Matt Downs Scores22
CHC5Starlin Castro RBI Double; Tony Campana Scores32
HOU5Chris Snyder Solo Home Run (1)33
HOU6Carlos Lee Solo Home Run (1)34
CHC8Ian Stewart Solo Home Run (2)44
CHC10Ian Stewart Sacrifice Fly; Bryan LaHair Scores54
Chicago Cubs
Reed Johnson, RF5000010.357
Tony Campana, CF5120010.400
Starlin Castro, SS5021000.381
Bryan LaHair, 1B4120100.429
Alfonso Soriano, LF5010020.381
Ian Stewart, 3B4112001.353
Jeff Baker, 2B5130000.500
Koyie Hill, C4132001.462
Darwin Barney, PR0000000.067
Michael Bowden, P0000000.000
Shawn Camp, P0000000.000
Rafael Dolis, P0000000.000
James Russell, P0000000.000
Travis Wood, P3010000.333
David DeJesus, PH0000000.444
Blake Lalli, C1010000.800
TEAM TOTALS415165142.390
2B: S. Castro (1), T. Campana (1), A. Soriano (3)
HR: K. Hill (2), I. Stewart (2)
RBI: S. Castro (2), K. Hill 2 (4), I. Stewart 2 (5)
SF: I. Stewart
GIDP: R. Johnson
SB: T. Campana (2)
CS: D. Barney (1)
Houston Astros
Jordan Schafer, CF5000030.174
Jose Altuve, 2B5110000.190
Matt Downs, SS4111010.273
Carlos Lee, 1B4121011.211
Brian Bogusevic, RF3001000.200
Chris Johnson, 3B4020010.278
J.D. Martinez, LF4010000.421
Fernando Rodriguez, P0000000.000
Rhiner Cruz, P0000000.000
Chris Snyder, C4111021.444
Wandy Rodriguez, P2000020.000
Brandon Lyon, P0000000.000
Jason Castro, PH1000010.444
Wilton Lopez, P0000000.000
Enerio Del Rosario, P0000000.000
Fernando Abad, P0000000.000
Travis Buck, LF10100001.000
Justin Maxwell, PR0000000.500
TEAM TOTALS374940112.243
2B: J. Martinez (3), C. Johnson (1), M. Downs (2)
HR: C. Lee (1), C. Snyder (1)
RBI: C. Lee (2), B. Bogusevic (2), C. Snyder (1), M. Downs (2)
SF: B. Bogusevic
Chicago Cubs
Travis Wood5.17440526.75
Randy Wells1.21000200.00
Michael Bowden1.000002015.43
Shawn Camp (W; 1-0)1.00000003.00
Rafael Dolis (H; 1)0.11000103.86
James Russell (SV; 2)0.20000100.00
TEAM TOTALS10.094401123.60
Houston Astros
Wandy Rodriguez5.0+9331415.40
Brandon Lyon2.01000007.36
Wilton Lopez (BS; 1)0.11110013.38
Enerio Del Rosario0.21000004.50
Fernando Abad1.02000000.00
Fernando Rodriguez (L; 0-1)0.22110003.00
Rhiner Cruz0.10000000.00
TEAM TOTALS10.016551424.50
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
06:40 PM - May 27, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
One month is done. Here's what happened.

MLB League Leaders - Updated: May 1, 2012
HitsHBatting AverageAVG
1. Prince Fielder401. Prince Fielder.426
2. Miguel Cabrera392. Miguel Cabrera.402
3. Michael Young343. Victor Martinez.361
4. Ian Kinsler334. Colby Rasmus.360
5. 6 Tied325. 2 Tied.352
Home RunsHRRuns Batted InRBI
1. Ian Kinsler131. Ian Kinsler31
2. Miguel Cabrera92. Miguel Cabrera25
3. Justin Morneau83. Justin Morneau23
4. Aramis Ramirez84. Adam Lind21
5. 5 Tied75. Prince Fielder20
1. Ian Kinsler201. Jerry Hairston, Jr.16
2. Miguel Cabrera202. Matt Joyce14
3. Jason Kipnis193. Dee Gordon14
4. BJ Upton194. Evan Longoria14
5. 4 Tied185. 2 Tied13
StrikeoutsSOStolen BasesSB
1. Andruw Jones311. BJ Upton10
2. Angel Pagan302. Ian Desmond9
3. Jon Jay303. Hanley Ramirez9
4. Alex Gordon284. Emilio Bonifacio8
5. 5 Tied275. 3 Others Tied8

MLB League Leaders - Updated: May 1, 2012
Innings PitchedIPWinsW
1. Doug Fister43.01. Doug Fister7
2. Justin Verlander41.02. Justin Verlander5
3. Clayton Kershaw37.23. Tim Hudson4
4. Adam Wainwright37.04. Colby Lewis4
5. Brett Anderson36.05. 5 Others Tied4
Earned Run AverageERAWalks + Hits/Innings PitchedWHIP
1. Yunesky Maya0.381. Barry Zito0.71
2. Madison Bumgarner0.722. Jordan Zimmermann0.72
3. Barry Zito0.953. Brett Anderson0.75
4. Tim Hudson1.204. Justin Verlander 0.76
5. Adam Wainwright1.225. Yunesky Maya0.76
Strikeouts MadeKOpponents Batting AverageBAA
1. Doug Fister441. Barry Zito.150
2. Clayton Kershaw402. Clayton Kershaw.158
3. Tim Lincecum393. Daniel Hudson.159
4. Ervin Santana394. Mike Leake.162
5. Justin Verlander375. Yunesky Maya.172
SavesSVReliever HoldsHOLD
1. Craig Kimbrel101. Edgar Gonzalez6
2. Jason Motte92. Antonio Bastardo5
3. Heath Bell93. Casey Janssen5
4. Frank Francisco84. Pedro Strop4
5. 2 Others Tied85. 4 Others Tied4

MLB Standings - Updated: May 1, 2012
Toronto Blue Jays158--
New York Yankees12113
Tampa Bay Rays10135
Baltimore Orioles10135
Boston Red Sox7168
Detroit Tigers212--
Minnesota Twins1586
Chicago White Sox101311
Kansas City Royals91412
Cleveland Indians81312
Oakland Athletics149--
Texas Rangers11123
Seattle Mariners9145
Los Angeles Angels9145
Toronto Blue Jays158--
Minnesota Twins158--
New York Yankees12113
Atlanta Braves167--
Miami Marlins13103
Philadelphia Phillies12114
Washington Nationals12114
New York Mets11125
St. Louis Cardinals166--
Milwaukee Brewers12114.5
Cincinnati Reds10126
Pittsburgh Pirates8148
Chicago Cubs7169.5
Houston Astros7169.5
Los Angeles Dodgers149--
San Francisco Giants139.5
Colorado Rockies11112.5
Arizona Diamondbacks11123
San Diego Padres9155.5
San Francisco Giants139--
Miami Marlins1310.5
Milwaukee Brewers12111.5
Washington Nationals12111.5
Philadelphia Phillies12111.5
Colorado Rockies11112
Dynasty: jhendricks316
06:05 PM - May 27, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
Game 23 vs. KC

There were two debuts this evening. Gio Gonzalez made his season debut, after severing his finger like Josh Beckett. Adam Jones came over from the Orioles in a blockbuster deal that swapped young stars and prospects. Now, it was time to see both in action.

Gio Gonzalez was knocked around early, but stayed in the game long enough to have the Tigers offense tie it up for him. He sacrificed his ERA, before leaving with a no-decision. On the other hand, Adam Jones did what was expected of him. He got the Tigers on the board in his debut with a homer.

Sure the Tigers clawed their way back, but the Royals had a response. Things got tense late, and this one went to extras.

The Tigers loaded the bases with no outs in the 10th. However, Ian Kinsler struck out and Michael Morse flew out. Miguel Cabrera worked a 2-0 count and then launched a walk-off grand slam! This is his 3rd walk-off hit of the season!

Royals at Tigers |
Apr 30, 2012123456789ExtrasRHE
Kansas City (9-14)01103001006112
Detroit (21-2)000130200410180
W: Jordan Zimmermann (3-2) L: Jose Mijares (2-1)
Scoring Summary
KAN2Eric Hosmer triples. Salvador Perez scores.10
KAN3Billy Butler singles. Alcides Escobar scores.20
DET4Adam Jones homers to left field. 21
KAN5Jason Bourgeois homers to left field.31
KAN5Jeff Francoeur triples. Alex Gordon and Billy Butler score.51
DET5Ian Kinsler homers to left field.52
DET5Miguel Cabrera homers to right field. Michael Morse scores.54
DET7Michael Morse singles. JJ Hardy scores.55
DET7John Mayberry, Jr. hits a sacrifice fly. Michael Morse scores.56
KAN8Eric Hosmer hits a sacrifice fly. Jeff Francoeur scores.66
DET10Miguel Cabrera hits a grand slam to left field. Victor Martinez, Geovany Soto, and JJ Hardy score.610
Kansas City Royals
Jason Bourgeois5131011.333
Alex Gordon5110010.308
Billy Butler5121010.180
Jeff Francoeur5122000.311
Salvador Perez2100110.192
Mike Moustakas1010000.323
Manny Pina1000010.000
Eric Hosmer3012010.222
Johnny Giavotella4000010.220
Lorenzo Cain4000020.269
Alcides Escobar4110010.164
TEAM TOTALS3961161101---
2B: A. Escobar (3)
3B: E. Hosmer (1), J. Francoeur (2)
HR: J. Bourgeois (2)
SF: E. Hosmer (4)
RBI: E. Hosmer 2 (14), J. Francoeur 2 (14), J. Bourgoeis (15), B. Butler (8)
SB: J. Bourgeois 2 (5)
E: J. Giavotella 2 (6)
Detroit Tigers
Ian Kinsler6111011.343
Michael Morse6221000.315
Miguel Cabrera6236002.402
Prince Fielder4010110.425
Andre Ethier3000000.344
John Mayberry, Jr.1001010.390
Adam Jones5111021.290
Victor Martinez5140000.361
Alex Avila3020000.319
Geovany Soto2110000.350
JJ Hardy5230000.211
TEAM TOTALS46101810154---
2B: M. Cabrera (4)
3B: V. Martinez (1)
HR: M. Cabrera 2 (9), I. Kinsler (13), A. Jones (4)
SF: J. Mayberry (1)
RBI: M. Cabrera 6 (25), M. Morse (10), I. Kinsler (31), A. Jones (16), J. Mayberry (6)
Kansas City Royals
Felipe Paulino6.111661238.39
Jose Mijares (L)2.24110203.65
Juan Gutierrez0.23330115.54
TEAM TOTALS9.2181010154---
Pitches-Strikes: F. Paulino 57-47, J. Mijares 23-21, J. Gutierrez 10-8
Detroit Tigers
Gio Gonzalez7.08551816.43
Al Alburquerque (H)0.11110005.79
Randy Choate0.21000002.57
Matt Guerrier0.21000002.16
Scott Downs0.10000000.00
Jordan Zimmermann (W)1.00000202.28
TEAM TOTALS10.011661101---
Pitches-Strikes: G. Gonzalez 84-65, A. Alburquerque 3-2, R. Choate 5-4, M. Guerrier 11-6, S. Downs 4-2, J. Zimmermann 12-11
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02:22 PM - May 27, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
Though we are all excited to acquire Adam Jones, we did give up some of the future. Austin Jackson is departing. His offense hasn't necessarily helped the Tigers this season. I see Jones about the same as Jackson, except his amazing power ability.

Nick Castellanos, a 5-star prospect is next to go. With a young Miguel Cabrera at 3rd, Castellanos would be trapped in the minors for a considerable part of his career. It is unfortunate for him to leave. Hopefully, he doesn't haunt us later.

Eric Patterson is last to leave. He sucks. Robert Andino came to Detroit on the other side of the deal with Ryan Flaherty. Andino can play most of the infield spots, and Flaherty could end up anywhere on the field (except catcher). He knows all other positions.

The move puts the Tigers further over their budget. The budget concept is what I hate most about this game. It is unrealistically low, and highly disproportionate. For a large market team like the Tigers, how can I start off with a projected budget of $129 M. Oh, by the way, I am $26 million over, so they only want me to have $100 million on the roster. The Yankees, who are probably falling short of expectations (11-11) have a $200 million budget.
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01:58 PM - May 27, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
Game 22 vs. NYY

The Yankees tried... and failed to beat the Tigers. They were shut out. Insult was added to injury when Robinson Cano went down and out. He broke a rib when he tried to dive for a ground ball.

The Tigers scored the only 3 runs. The bullpen was spectacular: keeping the shutout, earning 3 holds, and converting the save.

Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees
Apr 29, 2012123456789RHE
Detroit (20-2)002000100380
New York (11-11)000000000070
W: Josh Beckett (1-0) L: Michael Pineda (0-2) S: Jose Valverde (6)
Scoring Summary
DET3Victor Martinez doubles. Ian Kinsler scores.10
DET3Prince Fielder singles. Victor Martinez scores.20
DET7Ian Kinsler hits a sacrifice fly. Austin Jackson scores.30
Detroit Tigers
Ian Kinsler2101000.355
Michael Morse4000020.314
Victor Martinez4111010.333
Prince Fielder4021000.433
Miguel Cabrera4000010.395
Andre Ethier3020000.363
John Mayberry, Jr.1000000.400
Alex Avila3010020.295
Geovany Soto1010000.342
Austin Jackson4110010.250
JJ Hardy3000000.188
TEAM TOTALS33383070---
2B: A. Jackson (3), V. Martinez (6)
HBP: I. Kinsler (1)
SF: I. Kinsler (2)
RBI: P. Fielder (20), V. Martinez (3), I. Kinsler (30)
CS: A. Jackson (1)
New York Yankees
Brett Gardner4020000.168
Robinson Cano3020000.301
Jamie Morton0000000.000
Eduardo Nunez1010000.333
Curtis Granderson4000030.219
Mark Teixeira 4000010.348
Alex Rodruguez4010010.259
Andruw Jones3000030.159
Nick Swisher3000010.162
Russell Martin3010000.215
Derek Jeter3000000.283
TEAM TOTALS32070090---
2B: R. Cano (5), B. Gardner (5)
Detroit Tigers
Josh Beckett (W)6.05000600.00
Mark Melancon (H)1.00000101.23
Matt Guerrier (H)1.00000002.35
Scott Downs (H)0.12000100.00
Jose Valverde (S)0.20000101.80
TEAM TOTALS9.0700090---
Pitches-Strikes: J. Beckett 72-54, M. Melancon 14-10, M. Guerrier 7-5, S. Downs 9-8, J. Valverde 8-7
New York Yankees
Michael Pineda (L)8.07330702.67
Mike Gonzalez1.01000002.63
Pitches-Strikes: M. Pineda 77-66, M. Gonzalez 8-6
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12:50 PM - May 27, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
Game 21 @ NYY

Another Tigers pitcher decided that he wanted to cause some drama. A mid-game error eliminated a perfect-game bid, but Justin Verlander took another no-hitter into the 7th inning. Mark Teixera broke up the no-no and the shutout on one pitch, a solo shot to right.

The Tigers exploded with 7 runs in the first 3 innings off of CC Sabathia. They made up for yesterday's futility by knocking out the ace early. Reliever Cory Wade made things normal; he pieced together 5 and 1/3 innings to lastly hand the ball off to David Robertson.

Geovany Soto homered twice in the rout.

Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees
Apr 28, 2012123456789RHE
Detroit (19-2)3130100008131
New York (11-10)000000101230
W: Justin Verlander (5-0) L: CC Sabathia (3-2)
Detroit Tigers
Ian Kinsler5020010.364
Michael Morse5110000.329
Miguel Cabrera5110000.414
Prince Fielder4223001.430
John Mayberry, Jr.2110010.410
Andre Ethier2021000.346
Victor Martinez4110000.338
Geovany Soto4224002.324
Austin Jackson4010010.250
JJ Hardy4000000.195
TEAM TOTALS398138033---
2B: I. Kinsler (1), M. Morse (5), P. Fielder (7), A. Ethier 2 (7)
HR: P. Fielder (5), G. Soto 2 (6)
RBI: P. Fielder 3 (19), G. Soto 4 (15), A. Ethier (8)
New York Yankees
Brett Gardner4000010.155
Robinson Cano4011000.289
Curtis Granderson4000000.230
Mark Teixeira3111111.371
Alex Rodriguez3000010.260
Jamie Morton1000000.000
Andruw Jones2000020.165
Raul Ibanez1000000.200
Nick Swisher3000030.169
Russell Martin3000010.210
Derek Jeter3110000.295
TEAM TOTALS312321101---
2B: R. Cano (4)
HR: M. Teixeira (7)
RBI: R. Cano (4), M. Teixeira (12)
Detroit Tigers
Justin Verlander (W)8.02220912.20
Scott Downs0.21001000.00
Al Alburquerque0.10000104.15
TEAM TOTALS9.03221101---
New York Yankees
CC Sabathia (L)2.29770234.30
Cory Wade5.14110101.27
David Robertson1.00000004.09
TEAM TOTALS9.01388033---
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12:35 PM - May 27, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
Game 20 @ NYY

This one was a pitcher's duel throughout. However, the Tigers came out on the wrong side. They outhit the Yankees 8-5, but couldn't break through against Andy Pettitte.

Curtis Granderson's 2 run home run was enough to win it for the Yankees.

Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees
Apr 27, 2012123456789RHE
Detroit (18-2)000000000080
New York (11-9)00020000X251
W: Andy Pettitte (1-2) L: Jordan Zimmermann (2-2)
Detroit Tigers
Ian Kinsler4010010.364
Michael Morse4000000.329
Miguel Cabrera4020000.414
Prince Fielder4000000.430
John Mayberry, Jr.4020000.410
Victor Martinez4020000.338
Geovany Soto3010010.324
Austin Jackson2000000.250
Andre Ethier1000000.346
JJ Hardy3000010.195
TEAM TOTALS33080030---
2B: J. Mayberry (6)
New York Yankees
Brett Gardner4000020.155
Robinson Cano3110000.289
Curtis Granderson3112011.230
Mark Teixeira3010000.371
Alex Rodriguez3020000.260
Andruw Jones3000020.165
Nick Swisher3000010.169
Russell Martin3000020.210
Derek Jeter3000000.295
TEAM TOTALS28252081---
HR: C. Granderson (6)
RBI: C. Granderson 2 (16)
CS: A. Rodriguez (1)
Detroit Tigers
Jordan Zimmermann (L)7.25220812.36
Scott Downs0.10000000.00
TEAM TOTALS8.0522081---
New York Yankees
Andy Pettitte (W)9.08000303.74
TEAM TOTALS9.0800030---
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Houston Astros at Chicago Cubs
May 27, 2012123456789RHE
Houston (1-3 (CPU))000000210370
Chicago (3-1 (Me))31010000x5102
W: Paul Maholm (1-0) L: J.A. Happ (0-1) S: James Russell (1)
Scoring Summary
CHC1Bryan LaHair RBI Single; Joe Mather Scores01
CHC1Alfonso Soriano RBI Double; Bryan LaHair Scores02
CHC1Ian Stewart RBI Single; Alfonso Soriano Scores03
CHC2Koyie Hill Solo Home Run (1)04
CHC4Ian Stewart Solo Home Run (1)05
HOU7J.D. Martinez 2 Run Home Run (2); Chris Johnson Scores25
HOU8Matt Downs Solo Home Run (1)35
Houston Astros
Jordan Schafer, CF4010010.222
Jose Altuve, 2B4000000.187
Matt Downs, SS4121011.286
Carlos Lee, 1B4000000.133
Brian Bogusevic, RF4000000.235
Chris Johnson, 3B4110000.214
J.D. Martinez, LF4122001.467
Chris Snyder, C3010000.600
J.A. Happ, P1000000.000
Marwin Gonzalez, PH1000000.333
Wesley Wright, P0000000.000
Justin Maxwell, PH1000010.500
Fernando Rodriguez, P0000000.000
Wilton Lopez, P0000000.000
TEAM TOTALS34373032.206
2B: M. Downs (1)
HR: J. Martinez (2), M. Downs (1)
RBI: J. Martinez 2 (5), M. Downs (1)
HBP: C. Snyder
GIDP: J. Altuve, C. Snyder
Chicago Cubs
Reed Johnson, RF4020010.556
Starlin Castro, SS4010000.375
Joe Mather, CF3110110.267
Bryan LaHair, 1B4111010.412
Alfonso Soriano, LF4121000.437
Ian Stewart, 3B4122021.385
Darwin Barney, 2B3000010.067
Koyie Hill, C3111011.333
Paul Maholm, P2000000.000
Tony Campana, PH0000000.000
Michael Bowden, P0000000.000
James Russell, P0000000.000
TEAM TOTALS315105172.323
2B: A. Soriano (2), R. Johnson (1), J. Mather (1)
HR: K. Hill (1), I. Stewart (1)
RBI: B. LaHair (6), A. Soriano (2), K. Hill (2), I. Stewart 2 (3)
HBP: T. Campana
GIDP: A. Soriano, J. Mather
SB: T. Campana (1), A. Soriano (1)
E: S. Castro (1), I. Stewart (4)
Houston Astros
J.A. Happ (L; 0-1)4.065512211.25
Wesley Wright2.020004012.00
Fernando Rodriguez0.12000000.00
Wilton Lopez1.20000100.00
TEAM TOTALS8.010551725.63
Chicago Cubs
Paul Maholm (W; 1-0)7.05220312.57
Michael Bowden (H; 1)1.021100127.00
James Russell (SV; 1)1.00000000.00
TEAM TOTALS9.07330323.00
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08:37 AM - May 27, 2012. Written by Lions_Pride
Jets Franchise Pt. 3: We have Improved!

First things first, Bryan Mccabe is ours! We signed him o a Contract for the rest of the year. All Right!

We were a lot better then November. going 7-5-2 in the 14 games. Including an 8-2 rout vs Anaheim. A lousy 1-0 loss to the Caps, among plenty more games.

Did I mention we claimed Erik Condra {OTT} off waivers to be in the minors? Could help us in the future. In other Wavier Wire news. We passed up Ruslan Fedotanko {Now in OTT} and Martin Biron {VAN}

NEXT TIME: We tackle the new year, hope for a change of pace, give you a synopsis of the All-Star Game {should we have anybody in said game.} Potentially hunt down some FA's, and START SCOUTING!
Dynasty: Lions_Pride