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Monday, December 17, 2012
08:53 PM - December 17, 2012. Written by ownthehobo
Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks at Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns
Nov 5, 20111ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks (4-4)7301424
Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns (3-7)037717
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense308199
Rushing Yards100-3
Passing Yards208202
First Downs195
Punt Return Yards38
Kick Return Yards87104
Total Yards398311
3rd Down Converstion10-142-7
4th Down Conversion0-20-1
2-Point Conversion--
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals5-3-12-0-1
Posession Time
Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks
C. Bryant16/2820811
C. Bryant112320
B. Woods8121.50
R. Means63660
G. Jones671.10
T. Johnson5295.82
M. Stanford 1110
T. Smith1-800
B. Woods78011.40
G. Jones21680
N. Jenkins24321.50
J. Wheatley232160
D. Turner116160
Z. Singleton115150
R. Means1661
Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns
J. Pendleton10/2220221
J. Diggs7121.70
J. Pendleton2-17-8.50
A. Williams1220
T. Jones38628.61
T. Williams27135.51
A. Williams2630
J. Bass134340
B. Hale112120
J. Diggs1-7-70

In what was an exciting game to watch, Coach Welsh's Warhawks triumphed over arch-rival UL Lafayette. The Ragin' Cajuns QB, J. Pendleton, was his usual self in the passing game, completeing 10/22 passes. Some balls he threw were very sloppy and the recievers were not open. However, when the man was deep and wide open, Pendleton got the ball to him. The Ragin' Cajuns only 2 TDs were on deep passes that were poorly played by the UL Monroe secondary. They were playing run and bit on a play fake or just weren't expecting a reciever to fly by them. On the ground, Pendleton didn't even attempt to scramble. Usually, he'll scramble a few times a game and pick up good yardage. But today he was sacked a few times and finished with negative rushing yardage.

The UL Monroe offense played well when they needed to. Coach Welsh said specifically that his RBs need to work on hitting the correct hole on running plays. They often ran into the wrong gap and were taken out by UL Lafayette defenders. The team total for rushing came out at 100 yards. Freshmen RB R. Means stepped up big for UL Monroe, leading the team in rushing with 36 yards. He picked up a few key first downs when they were needed. So did FB T. Johnson. He got a big first down on the final drive and 2 TDs, including the game winning rush.

The Warhawks will celebrate the win over their rivals for the next few days, but then it's all back to business for the Warhawks as they take on Mid Tenn State in week 12.

BCS Top 10 Week 12:
1. Oklahoma
2. Boise State
3. Ohio State
4. Nebraska
5. Michigan State
6. Mississippi State
7. Alabama
8. Texas A&M
9. Oregon
10. Oklahoma State
Dynasty: ownthehobo
06:23 PM - December 17, 2012. Written by Amadarwin
Seattle's defense was no match for Miami's rushing attack, giving up over 269 yards on the ground to the duo of Lamar Miller and Reggie Bush. This allowed Terrell Owens and Plaxico Burress to own the passing game to the tune of 160 yards on their first day back from similar injuries.

Miami jumped ahead 14-0 in the 1st quarter and never looked back. "That's the kind of game I knew we could play, now we need to string a few more of those together," Coach Montana said after the game.

Miami is on a 4 game winning streak after an abysmal 4 game slide, tied for the division lead with the 7-4 Patriots, who they play next week.

Seattle Seahawks at Miami Dolphins
Dec 17, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Seattle Seahawks (4-6)0314724
Miami Dolphins (6-4)1431101065
Scoring Summary
10:44(MIA) T.Owens 6yd Pass from R.Tannehill07
8:12(MIA) L.Miller 22yd Run014
11:56(MIA) B.Hartline 11yd Pass from R.Tannehill021
9:50(MIA) P.Burress 12yd Pass from R.Tannehill028
4:43(MIA) L.Miller 3yd Run035
3:28(MIA) K.Misi 44yd Int return042
1:40(SEA) S.Hauschka 58yd FG342
0:00(MIA) D.Carpenter 17yd FG345
9:33(MIA) P.Burress 53yd Pass from R.Tannehill352
7:00(MIA) D.Carpenter 44yd FG355
5:02(SEA) B.Edwards 10yd Pass from T.Jackson1055
3:02(SEA) R.Sherman 99yd Int return1755
9:09(MIA) D.Carpenter 46yd FG1758
6:36(SEA) M.Lynch 8yd Run2458
4:24(MIA) R.Bush 8yd Run2465
Dynasty: Amadarwin
01:57 AM - December 17, 2012. Written by Str8Edge4Life
Dallas Mavericks at Minnesota Timberwolves
Dec 17, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Dallas (CPU)2027262295
Minnesota (Me)2430222197
Dallas Mavericks
Derek Fisher, PG194/70/23/30300411
O.J. Mayo, SG354/182/74/45210114
Dahntay Jones, SF283/100/33/4202009
Shawn Marion, PF333/100/04/410311210
Chris Kaman, C304/100/04/411220012
Darren Collison, PG315/132/42/22810114
Elton Brand, PF214/50/00/2920008
Vince Carter, SG164/100/50/0310018
Dominique Jones, SG110/10/00/0110010
Jae Crowder, SF111/11/10/0100003
Brandan Wright, C92/40/02/2810006
TEAM TOTALS34/895/2222/255223711095
Minnesota Timberwolves
Luke Ridnour, PG334/63/42/210310313
Alexey Shved, SG357/161/73/44601118
Andrei Kirilenko, SF392/140/21/2951015
Dante Cunningham, PF324/110/02/49111110
Nikola Pekovic, C3910/150/05/912102225
Ricky Rubio, PG214/111/44/41700413
Derrick Williams, PF192/50/26/82000010
J.J. Barea, PG151/31/20/0111013
Greg Stiemsma, C120/10/00/0200000
TEAM TOTALS34/826/2123/335024441397
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Sunday, December 16, 2012
08:32 PM - December 16, 2012. Written by olivertheorem
North Dakota Fighting Sioux at Texas A&M-CC Islanders
Dec 17, 20121ST2NDSCORE
North Dakota (1-9, 0-0 GWC)313364
Texas A&M-CC (4-3, 0-0 SLC)272855
North Dakota Fighting Sioux
C Kyle Simone303-60-12-2311208
F Reggie Dimmick223-51-10-2401017
G Byron Cork223-61-20-0310017
G John Green242-30-02-2430016
G Tony Kissinger323-102-52-34210210
G Victorino Gimenez183-50-01-2220047
F/C Domingo Sumpter163-30-00-0110016
G Edward Langford141-30-02-2301014
G/F Renato Coldiron121-10-03-4230025
F Ward Dunlop102-30-00-0110004
TEAM TOTALS24-454-912-172714421364
Texas A&M-CC Islanders
C Frank Muller283-60-24-410101210
F Chris Carnes3210-180-02-24131422
F Kevin Stockwell312-51-33-4822028
G Aldo Carranza291-40-20-0230002
G Odis Moreno353-91-33-45000510
F Edward Almeida140-00-00-0010000
C Kelly Barr130-20-00-0100010
G Leif Weitzel110-50-12-2301002
F Joshua Pope40-10-11-2000001
F Joseph Scott10-20-20-0011000
TEAM TOTALS19-522-1415-18339721455
Dynasty: olivertheorem
08:03 PM - December 16, 2012. Written by Blue
Maravich records triple double,
leads Wizards to
blow out win over Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks at Washington Wizards
Nov 9, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Milwaukee (0-3)2610262183
Washington (1-2)30253322110
Milwaukee Bucks
Brandon Jennings343-130-12-2220018
Monta Ellis 3610-240-14-43210124
Luc Richard Mbah A Moute282-91-10-0531015
Drew Gooden 302-60-04-41001108
Samuel Dalembert214-90-00-0510108
TEAM TOTALS35-972-1011-12441374583
Washington Wizards
John Wall263-120-21-1460207
Pete Maravich3714-243-84-5121001335
Trevor Ariza294-90-10-0630018
Emeka Okafor345-80-00-114012110
TEAM TOTALS47-883-1213-185530388110

Pistol leads the Wizards to an easy victory over the Bucks and the Wizards move to .500. After two straight tough losses to the Celtics, the Wizards needed a win and did so with ease on their home floor. Coach had a few comments after the game and when asked about Pistol's play he replied, "He got off to a fast start and during a early timeout I could see the fire in his eyes, I made sure he kept getting the ball and he responded with an amazing effort." Maravich recorded his first career triple double and also had a career high in points with 35. Next up for the Wizards are the Pacers tomorrow in Indiana.
Dynasty: Blue
08:02 PM - December 16, 2012. Written by Bloop33
After a very long season, West Ham's season comes to an end and after thinking we would bring home lots of silverware, we came up well short of expectations.

EPL Results:

02/03/20 : 2 - 0 win vs. Newcastle
02/16/20 : 3 - 2 win vs. Wigan
03/05/20 : 0 - 0 draw @ Tottenham
03/08/20 : 3 - 0 win vs. Everton
03/28/20 : 2 - 0 win vs. Blackburn
04/04/20 : 3 - 0 win @ Manchester City
04/11/20 : 1 - 0 win vs. QPR
04/15/20 : 0 - 0 draw @ Ipswich Town
04/25/20 : 1 - 1 draw vs. Fulham
05/02/20 : 1 - 2 loss vs. Liverpool
05/05/20 : 2 - 1 win @ Chelsea
05/09/20 : 1 - 1 draw vs. Bolton
05/13/20 : 1 - 1 draw @ Aston Villa
05/16/20 : 3 - 1 win @ Sunderland
05/24/20 : 1 - 1 draw vs. Swansea City

Capital One Cup:

03/01/20 : (Final) 4 - 2 win vs. Liverpool

F.A. Cup:

02/01/20 : 3 - 1 win @ Sheffield United
02/22/20 : 1 - 0 win vs. QPR
03/14/20 : (Quarter Final) 0 - 1 loss @ Tottenham

Champions Cup:

02/26/20 : (Round of 16) 2 - 1 win vs. Barcelona
03/17/20 :(Round of 16) 1 - 1 draw @ Barcelona
03/31/20 :(Quarter Final) 4 - 0 win vs. Arsenal
04/08/20 : (Quarter Final) 1 - 1 draw @ Arsenal
04/22/20 : (Semi Final) 3 - 0 win vs. PSV
04/28/20 : (Semi Final) 4 - 0 win @ PSV
05/30/20 : (Final) 1 - 2 loss vs. FC Bayern


We wanted to bring home lots of hardware, but only wound up winning the Capital One Cup. A terrific season for Andrea Martinetti was marred by injury and a cold streak at the end. Prats Bastidas was a better passer this year, but didn't score half the goals of last year, and only Sidqy was able to score over 10 goals other than the top two stars. Somehow I need to find extra scoring as that is what cost me in the end.

Future Plans:

Provided I keep my job, I will probably sell a few more players who don't play a ton and then try to find some more mids with scoring ability. Next year will definitely be a big one for West Ham if I can get my offensive players playing to the best of their abilities.

Individual Awards:

Andrea Martinetti won both the Golden Booth and Player of the Competition. Martinetti wound up with 27 league goals and 42 overall. Prats Bastidas had 12 goals, and 30 assist's this season. Next year I hope to increase the totals for both, and hopefully have another player with 20+ goals.
Dynasty: Bloop33
07:29 PM - December 16, 2012. Written by ownthehobo
Matchup Preview *|* November 5, 2011
Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks
(3-4, 1-3 Away)
Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns
(3-6, 1-3 Home)
Offensive Stats Comparison
2360Total Offensive Yards2781
1391Passing Yards1496
969Rushing Yards1258
23Points Per Game21.1
Defensive Stats Comparison
2398Total Yards Allowed3538
1523Passing Yards Allowed2197
875Rushing Yards Allowed1341

This match-up is probably the biggest one all year for the UL Monroe Warhawks. They only have two rivals, one being UL Lafayette, and the other LA Tech. With LA Tech being very conference fickle, this leaves the only rivalry game for the Warhawks.

They are the favorite coming into this game, but it could really be a toss up. UL Lafayette has better offensive stats, while UL Monroe has better defensive stats. That battle will be a big factor for this game.

Another big thing to watch is how will freshmen RB R. Means perform in his first rivalry game? The young rusher has 201 yards on 32 rushes this season. Another big thing will be the Warhawks trying stop the opposing QB J. Pendleton from making big plays on the ground. He hasn't had the best year through the air, as he only has completed 44% of his 285 passes and has thrown 10 picks. If the Warhawks can keep him from scrambling, the secondary could pull out some key turnovers.

Leave your prediction on the final score in the comments!
Dynasty: ownthehobo
03:47 AM - December 16, 2012. Written by pelletgun527
2012 NFL Super Bowl
Sunday's GamesHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
#5 Giants (13-6) 17 @ #2 Colts (14-4) 36Andrew Luck (MVP)Donald BrownReggie Wayne
Dynasty: pelletgun527
03:44 AM - December 16, 2012. Written by pelletgun527
2012 NFL Conference Finals
Sunday's GamesHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
#2 Colts (13-4) 37 @ #1 Steelers (13-4) 29Andrew LuckRashard MendenhallMike Williams
#6 Lions (11-7) 23 @ #5 Giants (12-6) 30Eli ManningAhmad BradshawHakeem Nicks
Dynasty: pelletgun527
03:42 AM - December 16, 2012. Written by pelletgun527
2012 NFL Divisional Playoffs
Saturday's GamesHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
#4 Dolphins (11-6) 7 @ #1 Steelers (12-4) 21Ben RoethlisbergerReggie BushHeath Miller
#6 Lions (10-7) 31 @ #1 Bears (12-4) 21Matthew StaffordJahvid BestCalvin Johnson Jr.
Sunday's GamesHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
#3 Chiefs (12-5) 24 @ #2 Colts (12-4) 57Andrew LuckDonald BrownReggie Wayne
#5 Giants (11-6) 48 @ #2 Eagles (12-4) 13Eli Manning Ahmad BradshawVictor Cruz
Dynasty: pelletgun527
03:36 AM - December 16, 2012. Written by pelletgun527
2012 NFL Wildcard Playoffs
Saturday's GamesHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
#6 Broncos (9-7) 31 @ #3 Chiefs (11-5) 34David GarrardJamaal CharlesDemaryuis Thomas
#6 Lions (9-7) 30 @ #3 Buccaneers (9-7) 27Matthew StaffordJahvid BestNate Burleson
Sunday's GamesHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
#5 Browns (10-6) 8 @ #4 Dolphins (10-6) 23Ryan TannehillReggie BushMohamed Massaquoi
#5 Giants (10-6) 20 @ #4 Cardinals (8-8) 13John SkeltonAhmad BradshawHakeem Nicks
Dynasty: pelletgun527
03:26 AM - December 16, 2012. Written by pelletgun527
Chicago Bears 2012 Schedule
Sep 9vs Indianapolis ColtsLost, 52-17
Sep 13at Green Bay PackersLost, 31-23
Sep 23vs St. Louis RamsWon, 35-32
Oct 1at Dallas CowboysWon, 41-13
Oct 7at Jacksonville JaguarsWon, 46-40
Oct 22vs Detroit LionsWon, 38-35
Oct 28vs Carolina PanthersWon, 23-17
Nov 4at Tennessee TitansLost, 29-24
Nov 11vs Houston TexansLost, 28-14
Nov 19at San Francisco 49ersWon, 30-27
Nov 25vs Minnesota VikingsWon, 21-18
Dec 2vs Seattle SeahawksWon, 34-16
Dec 9at Minnesota VikingsWon, 20-13
Dec 16vs Green Bay PackersWon, 41-16
Dec 23at Arizona CardinalsWon, 41-34
Dec 30at Detroit LionsWon, 28-22
Jan 12vs Detroit LionsLost, 31-21
Dynasty: pelletgun527
03:13 AM - December 16, 2012. Written by pelletgun527
Stats - 2012
Jay Cutler322/5344,2918.0268.294382193.1
Jason Campbell1/242.00.34000.0
Matt Forte3141,3264.2809582.95
Michael Bush753504.7593621.91
Jay Cutler39852.29005.30
Armando Allen4328.0180016.00
Brandon Marshall1031,53814.9158096.1559
Devin Hester5986014.657253.8427
Alshon Jeffery4362014.424138.8230
Matt Forte4050612.679431.6526
Kelen Davis302387.922514.9116
Evan Rodriguez1924813.136415.5232
Earl Bennett1517411.623111.676
Muchael Bush8394.90132.432
Matt Spaeth77911.32406.157
Brian Urlacher110110253
Lance Briggs8181031
Kelvin Hayden6767010
Julius Peppers60605110
Henry Melton595951500
Charles Tillman5757023
Major Wright5353133
Tim Jennings5151021
Chris Conte484801
Israel Idonije42425100
Stephen Paea3333350
Geno Hayes2626041
Craig Steltz2626000
Shea McClellin1818111
D.J. Moore1717000
Nick Roach13313000
Brian Costanzo1313000
Brandon Hardin1212010
Patrick Trahan1212000
Corey Wooton77110
Matt Toeaina33000
Nick Collins11000
Eric Weems2389338.8100436.70
Devin Hester3077926.0450501.11
Field GoalsExtra Points
Robbie Gould30339052484997
Adam Podlesh823,8616647.141.302419
Dynasty: pelletgun527
02:54 AM - December 16, 2012. Written by pelletgun527
2012 NFL Pro Bowl Rosters
AFC OffensePosVotesNFC OffensePosVotes
Ben Roethlisberger/SteelersQBMatthew Stafford/LionsQB
Payton Manning/BroncosQBMichael Vick/EaglesQB
Andrew Luck/ColtsQBJay Cutler/BearsQB
Jamaal Charles/ChiefsHBMarshawn Lynch/SeahawksHB
BenJarvus Green-Ellis/BengalsHBAhmad Bradshaw/GiantsHB
Fred Jackson/BillsHBAdrian Peterson/VikingsHB
Reggie Bush/DolphinsHBBruce Miller/49ersFB
Chris Pressley/BengalsFBEvan Rodriguez/BearsFB
Craig Stevens/TitansFBBrandon Marshall/BearsWR
Wes Welker/PatriotsWRCalvin Johnson Jr./LionsWR
Demaryius Thomas/BroncosWRMichael Crabtree/49ersWR
Antonio Brown/SteelersWRGreg Jennings/PackersWR
Andre Johnson/TexansWRNate Burleson/LionsWR
Reggie Wayne/ColtsWRJeremy Maclin/EaglesWR
Austin Collie/ColtsWRDomenik Hixon/GiantsWR
Jacoby Ford/RaidersWRDevin Hester/BearsWR
Heath Miller/SteelersTEZach Miller/SeahawksTE
Rob Gronkowski/PatriotsTEJason Witten/CowboysTE
Benjamin Watson/BrownsTETony Scheffler/LionsTE
Jake Long/DolphinsTDonald Penn/BuccaneersT
Eric Winston/ChiefsTTyson Clabo/FalconsT
Andy Levitre/BillsGCarl Nicks/BuccaneersG
Marshal Yanda/RavensGBrian Waters/EaglesG
Chris Myers/TexansCRyan Kalil/PanthersC
Maurkice Pouncey/SteelersCDominic Raiola/LionsC
Joe Thomas/BrownsTMat Kalil/VikingsC
Logan Mankins/PatriotsGDavin joseph/BuccaneersG
AFC DefensePosVotesNFC DefensePosVotes
Cory Redding/ColtsDEBrian Robison/VikingsDE
J.J. Watt/TexansDECliff Avril/LionsDE
Jason Babin/JaguarsDEChris Clemons/SeahawksDE
Luis Castillo/PatriotsDEJustin Smith/49ersDE
Domatra Peko/BengalsDTKevin Williams/VikingsDT
Kyle Williams/BillsDTBrandon Mebane/SeahawksDT
Richard Seymour/RaidersDTNick Fairley/LionsDT
Shaun Phillips/ChargersOLBQuentin Groves/CardinalsOLB
Jerry Hughes/ColtsOLBQuincy Black/BuccaneersOLB
Paul Posluszny/JaguarsMLBPatrick Willis/49ersMLB
Lawrence Timmons/SteelersMLBMason Foster/BuccaneersMLB
D.J. Williams/BroncosOLBDeAndre Levy/LionsOLB
Kevin Burnett/DolphinsOLBJonathan Vilma/SaintsOLB
Aqib Talib/PatriotsCBAntoine Winfield/VikingsCB
Dimitri Patterson/BrownsCBJosh Normal/PanthersCB
Chris Harris/BroncosCBBrandon Bokin/EaglesCB
Jerraud Powers/ColtsCBBrandon Carr/CowboysCB
ERic Weddle/ChargersFSQuintin Mikell/RamsFS
Antoine Bethea/ColtsFSKerry Rhodes/CardinalsFS
Eric Berry/ChiefsSSMajor Wright/BearsSS
Abram Elam/ChiefsSSJamarca Sanford/VikingsSS
AFC Special TeamsPosVotesNFC Special TeamsPosVotes
Rob Bironas/TitansKRobbie Gould/BearsK
Pat McAfee/ColtsPAdam Podlesh/BearsP
Dynasty: pelletgun527
02:31 AM - December 16, 2012. Written by pelletgun527
2012 NFL Awards
Most Valuable PlayerMichael VickQBEagles
Coach of the YearChuck PaganoColts
Offensive Player of the Year(NFC)Michael Vick/(AFC)Ben RoethlisbergerQBEagles/Steelers
Defensive Player of the Year(NFC)Patrick Willis/(AFC)Kevin BurnettLB49ers/Dolphins
Offensive Rookie of the Year(NFC)Robert Griffin III/(AFC)Andrew LuckQBRedskins/Colts
Defensive Rookie of the Year(NFC)Mychal Kendricks/(AFC)Zach BrownLBEagles/Titans
Best Quarterback(NFC)Michael Vick/(AFC)Ben RoethlisbergerQBEagles/Steelers
Best Running Back(NFC)Ahmad Bradshaw/(AFC)Jamaal CharlesHBGiants/Chiefs
Best Wide Receiver(NFC)Brandon Marshall/(AFC)Wes WelkerWRBears/Patriots
Best Offensive Lineman(NFC)Carl Nicks/(AFC)Joe ThomasOLBuccaneers/Browns
Best Defensive Lineman(NFC)Trent Cole/(AFC)Cory ReddingRE/LEEagles/Colts
Best Defensive Back(NFC)Quintin Mikell/(AFC)Aqib TalibFS/CBRams/Patriots
Best Kicker(NFC)John Kasay/(AFC)Sebastian JanikowskiKRedskins/Raiders
Dynasty: pelletgun527