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Saturday, March 17, 2012
07:09 PM - March 17, 2012. Written by MikeFlu
Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays
Apr 10, 2012123456789RHE
Boston (3-2)200000000241
Toronto (2-3)10120000X4111
W: Jesse Litsch (1-0) L: John Lackey (0-1) S: Scott Santos (1)
Scoring Summary
BOS1Gonzalez doubled to right. Ellsbury scores.10
BOS1Pedroia lined to center for a single. Gonzalez scores.20
TOR1Escobar homered to right.21
TOR3Thames hit a sacrifice fly to Crawford (SF7). Johnson scores.22
TOR4Lawrie homered to center.23
TOR4Encarnacion homered to center.24
Boston Red Sox
Ellsbury, CF4100010.176
Crawford, LF4010020.353
Gonzalez, 1B4111020.350
Ortiz, DH4000030.158
Pedroia, 2B3011120.200
Youkilis, 3B3000100.053
Ross, RF4000010.222
Lavarnway, C2010100.214
Punto, SS3000030.154
TEAM TOTALS312423140
2B: A. Gonzalez (2)
RBI: D. Pedroia (2), A. Gonzalez (3)
GIDP: A. Gonzalez
SB: J. Ellsbury 2 (4)
E: N. Punto (1)
Toronto Blue Jays
Escobar, SS4111011.150
Thames, LF3021010.412
Bautista, RF4000010.250
Lawrie, 3B4111011.316
Lind, 1B4000010.200
Encarnacion, DH4131001.300
Rasmus, CF4010020.316
Johnson, 2B3130000.412
Arencibia, C3000020.167
TEAM TOTALS334114093
2B: K. Johnson, (2)
HR: Y. Escobar (1), E. Encarnacion (4), B. Lawrie (1)
RBI: Y. Escobar (2), E Thames (2), E. Encarnacion (4), B. Lawrie (2)
SF: E. Thames
GIDP: J. Bautista, C. Rasmus
SB: E. Thames (3)
E: B. Lawrie (1)
Boston Red Sox
J. Lackey (L, 0-1)6.09430734.50
D. Matsuzaka2.02000200.00
TEAM TOTALS8.01143093
Toronto Blue Jays
J. Litsch (W, 1-0) 6.14203700.00
D. Oliver (H, 1)1.00000300.00
F. Cordero (H, 1)0.20000200.00
S. Santos (S, 1)1.000002018.00
TEAM TOTALS9.04203140
Dynasty: MikeFlu
07:07 PM - March 17, 2012. Written by MikeFlu
Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays
Apr 9, 2012123456789RHE
Boston (3-1)002000000240
Toronto (1-3)000000100182
W: Daniel Bard (1-0) L: Brett Cecil (0-1) S: Andrew Bailey (2)
Scoring Summary
BOS3Ellsbury reached second on a throwing error by Lind (E3). Aviles Scores. Shopach advances to 3rd.*10
BOS3Pedroia grounded and deflected off second baseman Johnson for a single. Shoppach scores. Ellsbury advances to 3rd.20
TOR7Encarnacion homered to center (1)21
Boston Red Sox
Ellsbury, CF4000010.231
Pedroia, 2B4011010.176
Gonzalez, 1B4000020.375
Ortiz, DH4010000.200
Punto, PR0000000.200
Youkilis, 3B4000000.062
McDonald, LF3010010.333
Lavarnway, C1000010.167
Ross, RF3010020.286
Aviles, SS3100010.000
Shoppach, C1100100.000
Crawford, PR-LF0000000.385
2B: D. McDonald (1), C. Ross (1)
RBI: D. Pedroia (1)
HBP: K. Shoppach
SB: C. Crawford (2)
CS: J. Ellsbury (2)
Toronto Blue Jays
Escobar, SS4010010.125
Thames, LF4000010.357
Bautista, RF4010000.313
Davis, PR0000000.000
Lawrie, 3B4020010.333
Lind, 1B4000000.250
Encarnacion, DH3111001.187
Rasmus, CF3010010.333
Johnson, 2B2000010.286
Vizquel, PH-2B1000000.000
Arencibia, C3020000.200
HR: E. Encarnacion (3)
RBI: E. Encarnacion (3)
GIDP: E. Thames
CS: R. Davis (3)
E: A. Lind (1), K. Johnson (1)
Boston Red Sox
D. Bard (1-0)8.07110411.13
A. Bailey (S, 2)1.01000100.00
TEAM TOTALS9.0811051
Toronto Blue Jays
B. Cecil (L, 0-1)6.03210601.50
C. Janssen2.00001100.00
C. Villanueva1.01000200.00
TEAM TOTALS9.0421190
HBP: B. Cecil
Dynasty: MikeFlu
07:06 PM - March 17, 2012. Written by MikeFlu
Well, it wasn't easy, but we were able to take 2 out of 3 from the Tigers. Ace Josh Beckett got shellacked, but the sencond and third starters were able to bring us back to take the remaining games of the opening series. On to Toronto, then home to Fenway.
Dynasty: MikeFlu
07:04 PM - March 17, 2012. Written by MikeFlu
Boston Red Sox at Detroit Tigers
Apr 8, 2012123456789RHE
Boston (2-1)202101000680
Detroit (1-2)003100000490
W: Jon Lester (1-0) L: Mas Scherzer (0-1) S: Andrew Bailey (1)
Scoring Summary
BOS1Crawford homered to right (1). Ellsbury scores*20
BOS3Crawford doubled to left (2). Ellsbury scores.30
BOS3Ortiz grounded to center for a single. Crawford scores.40
DET3Cabrera homered to left (1). Santiago scores. Jackson scores.43
BOS4Punto lined to center for a single. Ross scores.53
DET4Avila grounded out to Punto (6-3). Raburn scores.54
BOS6Lavarnway doubled to right (1). Ross scores.64
Boston Red Sox
Ellsbury, CF3210100.333
Crawford, LF4223001.385
Gonzalez, 1B4000030.500
Ortiz, DH4011020.182
Pedroia, 2B4000010.154
Youkilis, 3B4000010.083
Ross, RF4220020.273
Lavarnway, C4011010.182
Punto, SS4011000.200
TEAM TOTALS356861101
2B: C. Crawford (2), R. Lavarnway (1)
HR: C. Crawford (1)
RBI: C. Crawford 3 (4), D. Ortiz (4), N. Punto (1), R Lavarnway (1)
GIDP: N. Punto
SB: J. Ellsbury (2)
Detroit Tigers
Jackson, CF5130010.333
Martinez, 1B4000010.286
Cabrera, 3B4113001.429
Fielder, DH4000020.400
Boesch, RF4010010.333
Young, LF4000010.333
Raburn, 2B4130000.462
Avila, C4011000.077
Laird, PR0000000.000
Santiago, SS2100100.000
Peralta, PH1000000.500
2B: R.Raburn (2)
3B: R.Raburn (1)
HR: M. Cabrera (1)
RBI: M Cabrera 3 (4), A. Avila (1)
Boston Red Sox
J. Lester (W, 1-0)7.07441515.14
A. Aceves (H, 1)1.00000000.00
A. Bailey (S, 1)1.02000100.00
Detroit Tigers
M. Scherzer (L, 0-1)5.05541517.20
J. Benoit1.02110009.00
O. Dotel2.00000400.00
D. Schlereth1.01000100.00
Dynasty: MikeFlu
07:03 PM - March 17, 2012. Written by MikeFlu
Boston Red Sox at Detroit Tigers
Apr 7, 2012123456789RHE
Boston (1-1)2003301009130
Detroit (1-1)0001200003120
W: Clay Buckhholz (1-0) L: Doug Fister (0-1)
Scoring Summary
Boston Red Sox
Ellsbury, CF4120110.333
Crawford, LF5221020.333
Gonzalez, 1B5242010.750
Ortiz, DH3113111.143
Pedroia, 2B5010030.222
Youkilis, 3B4112011.125
Ross, RF4111021.143
Lavarnway, C4000010.143
Punto, SS3110100.167
TEAM TOTALS3791393123
2B: C. Crawford (1), A. Gonzalez (1), N. Punto (1)
3B: C Crawford (1)
HR: D. Ortiz (1), K. Youkilis (1), C. Ross (1)
RBI: C. Crawford (1), A. Gonzalez 2 (2), D. Ortiz 3 (3), K. Youkilis 2 (2), C. Ross (1)
SF: D. Ortiz
GIDP: D. Ortiz
CS: J. Ellsbury
Detroit Tigers
Jackson, CF5010020.200
Martinez, DH5020000.400
Cabrera, 3B5120000.500
Fielder, 1B2000210.667
Avila, C4000020.000
Peralta, SS4110010.556
Young, LF4142000.750
Raburn, 2B4000020.333
Boesch, RF4021010.375
2B: B. Boesch (1), D. Young (1), J. Peralta (1)
RBI: B. Boesch (4), D. Young 2 (3)
GIDP: M. Cabrera, J. Peralta
Boston Red Sox
C. Buchholz (W, 1-0)6.010332604.50
J. Carlson (H, 1)1.00000104.50
M. Albers1.010002013.50
A. Aceves1.01000000.00
TEAM TOTALS9.01233290
Detroit Tigers
D. Fister (L, 0-1)4.066617213.50
P. Coke0.232202127.00
G. Batalucco1.22110105.40
A. Alburquerque1.21002200.00
D. Schlereth1.01000000.00
TEAM TOTALS9.013993123
Dynasty: MikeFlu
07:02 PM - March 17, 2012. Written by MikeFlu
Boston Red Sox at Detroit Tigers
Apr 5, 2012123456789RHE
Boston (0-1)000000000052
Detroit (1-0)00051311X11201
W: Justin Verlander (1-0) L: Josh Beckett (0-1) S: None
Scoring Summary
Boston Red Sox
Ellsbury, CF2000210.000
Crawford, LF40100010.250
Gonzalez, 1B3020110.667
Ortiz, DH4000020.000
Pedroia, 2B4010010.250
Youkilis, 3B4000020.000
Ross, RF3000100.000
Lavarnway, C3010000.333
Punto, SS3000010.000
2B: Pedrioa (1)
HBP: Lavarnway
GIDP: Crawford, Ortiz
SB: Crawford (1)
E: Jenks (1), Ellsbury (1)
Detroit Tigers
Jackson, CF5111010.200
Martinez, DH5021000.400
Cabrera, 3B5231000.600
Fielder, 1B42421011.000
Avila, C5000030.000
Peralta, SS5241000.800
Young, LF4121000.500
Raburn, 2B5131010.600
Boesch, RF4213001.250
TEAM TOTALS42112011152
2B: Cabrera 2 (2), Fielder (1), Raburn (1)
HR: Boesch (1) Fielder (1)
RBI: Jackson (1), Boesch 3 (3), Cabrera (1) Fielder 2 (2), Young (1), Peralta (1), Raburn (1), Martinez (1)
SF: Young
GIDP: Cabrera, Young, Martinez
E: Cabrera (1)
PB: Avila (1)
Boston Red Sox
J. Beckett (L, 0-1)4.08551211.25
M. Albers1.25440121.60
M. Melancon0.1200000.00
J. Carlson 1.0311019.00
B. Jenks1.0211019.00
TEAM TOTALS8.020111115
Detroit Tigers
Verlander (W, 1-0)9.05004900.00
TEAM TOTALS9.0500490
Dynasty: MikeFlu
07:00 PM - March 17, 2012. Written by MikeFlu
Spring training is over and it's time for Opening Day! Tonight's game pits the Red Sox against the Tigers in Detroit. Tonight's game features a first pitch that will be delivered by the reigning AL MVP and Cy Young winner Justin Verlander to the MVP runner-up, Jacoby Ellsbury. It's time for baseball!
Dynasty: MikeFlu
04:21 PM - March 17, 2012. Written by Str8Edge4Life
Milwaukee Brewers at Toronto Blue Jays
Mar 17, 2012123456789RHE
Milwaukee (Me)01002035112170
Toronto (CPU)1100100216142
W: Zack Greinke L: Brandon Morrow
Scoring Summary
TOR1Jose Bautista RBI Single; Eric Thames Scores01
MIL2Carlos Gomez RBI Bunt Single; Corey Hart Scores11
TOR2Colby Rasmus RBI Double; Edwin Encarnacion Scores12
MIL5Rickie Weeks 2 Run Double; Jonathan Lucroy and Nyjer Morgan Score32
TOR5Adam Lind RBI Ground Rule Double; Kelly Johnson Scores33
MIL7Rickie Weeks RBI Double; Jonathan Lucroy Scores43
MIL7Ryan Braun 2 Run Home Run; Rickie Weeks Scores63
MIL8Carlos Gomez RBI Single; Corey Hart Scores73
MIL8Alex Gonzalez 3 Run Home Run; Mat Gamel and Carlos Gomez Score103
MIL8Rickie Weeks Solo Home Run113
TOR8Edwin Encarnacion 2 Run Home Run; Adam Lind Scores115
MIL9Carlos Gomez Sacrifice Fly; Mat Gamel Scores125
TOR9Eric Thames RBI Single; J.P. Arencibia Scores126
Milwaukee Brewers
Nyjer Morgan, CF5110000.200
Rickie Weeks, 2B5234011.600
Ryan Braun, LF5122011.400
Aramis Ramirez, 3B5000010.000
Corey Hart, RF5240000.800
Mat Gamel, 1B5220000.400
Carlos Gomez, DH4123010.500
Jonathan Lucroy, C5220020.400
Alex Gonzalez, SS5113001.200
TEAM TOTALS44121712063.386
2B: R. Weeks 2, R. Braun, C. Hart
3B: C. Hart, M. Gamel
HR: R. Weeks, R. Braun, A. Gonzalez
RBI: R. Weeks 4, R. Braun 2, C. Gomez 3, A. Gonzalez 3
SF: C. Gomez
GIDP: N. Morgan
SB: C. Hart, C. Gomez 2
Toronto Blue Jays
Yunel Escobar, SS5030000.600
Eric Thames, LF4111100.250
Jose Bautista, RF4021100.500
Adam Lind, 1B5121010.400
Edwin Encarnacion, DH4222011.500
Brett Lawrie, 3B4000010.000
Colby Rasmus, CF4021000.500
J.P. Arencibia, C4110020.250
Kelly Johnson, 2B4110010.250
TEAM TOTALS386146261.368
2B: A. Lind 2, E. Encarnacion, C. Rasmus, K. Johnson
HR: E. Encarnacion
RBI: E. Thames, J. Bautista, A. Lind, E. Encarnacion 2, C. Rasmus
GIDP: E. Thames, J. Bautista, A. Lind
SB: E. Thames
E: Y. Escobar, E. Thames
Milwaukee Brewers
Zack Greinke (W)7.09332603.86
Marco Estrada1.022200118.00
Francisco Rodriguez1.03110009.00
TEAM TOTALS9.014662616.00
Toronto Blue Jays
Brandon Morrow (L)6.0+8430504.50
Jason Frasor0.22200010.00
Darren Oliver0.244401154.00
Luis Perez0.221100113.50
Casey Janssen1.01110009.00
TEAM TOTALS9.01712906312.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
01:40 PM - March 17, 2012. Written by _-King-_
Wilky has whittled his choices down to 6 schools. All 6 offer his major in communications, so basketball programs will be the deciding factor. Does he want to go to a big school and face the possibility of having to start out on the bench for a season or two, or does he want to go somewhere he can come in and be the star right away?

+Favorite school growing up.
+One of the best coaches in the nation.
-Will have to compete with fellow SF recruit James Bell

+Could easily start as Freshman
+Would love to play in nation's capital
-Small conference with little exposure

+Yearly NCAA tournament competitors
+Nice mix of playing early time and program prestige
-New coach

+History of NBA legends
+Early playing time
-Have struggled in recent years
-Weird mascot

+Decent distance away from home could be exciting
+Solid PT in nation's best conference
-Consistently one of the worst teams in the Big 10

+Cool uniforms

Let your voice be heard. Help Wilky decide what college to attend.
Dynasty: _-King-_
05:40 AM - March 17, 2012. Written by Str8Edge4Life
Seattle Mariners at San Diego Padres
Mar 17, 2012123456789RHE
Seattle (CPU)1000003004110
San Diego (Me)000000000030
W: Felix Hernandez L: Edinson Volquez
Scoring Summary
SEA1Ichiro Suzuki RBI Single; Dustin Ackley Scores10
SEA7Mike Carp 3 Run Triple; Felix Hernandez, Dustin Ackley and Ichiro Suzuki Score40
Seattle Mariners
Chone Figgins, 3B5000040.000
Dustin Ackley, 2B3220200.667
Ichiro Suzuki, RF4111110.250
Mike Carp, LF4013120.250
Jesus Montero, C4030000.750
Justin Smoak, 1B4010020.250
Franklin Gutierrez, CF4010000.250
Brendan Ryan, SS3010120.333
Felix Hernandez, P4110000.250
TEAM TOTALS3541145110.314
2B: D. Ackley
3B: M. Carp
RBI: I. Suzuki, M. Carp 3
GIDP: F. Gutierrez
SB: I. Suzuki 2
San Diego Padres
Will Venable, RF1000300.000
Chase Headley, 3B4000010.000
Cameron Maybin, CF3000110.000
Carlos Quentin, LF4010020.250
Yonder Alonso, 1B3010100.333
Nick Hundley, C3000110.000
Orlando Hudson, 2B3000110.000
Jason Bartlett, SS3010120.333
Edinson Volquez, P1000010.000
Jesus Guzman, PH1000000.000
Micah Owings, P0000000.000
Luke Gregerson, P0000000.000
Mark Kotsay, PH1000000.000
Andrew Cashner, P0000000.000
Josh Spence, P0000000.000
TEAM TOTALS27030790.111
GIDP: M. Kotsay
SB: W. Venable 2, C. Maybin
CS: W. Venable
Seattle Mariners
Felix Hernandez (W)9.03007900.00
TEAM TOTALS9.03007900.00
WP: F.Hernandez
San Diego Padres
Edinson Volquez (L)5.06113601.80
Micah Owings1.243312016.20
Luke Gregerson0.10000000.00
Andrew Cashner1.01000100.00
Josh Spence1.00001200.00
TEAM TOTALS9.0114451104.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
05:15 AM - March 17, 2012. Written by Str8Edge4Life
Atlanta Braves at Miami Marlins
Mar 16, 2012 123456789RHE
Atlanta (CPU)000000001150
Miami (Me)00110001x390
W: Josh Johnson L: Tommy Hanson S: Heath Bell
Scoring Summary
MIA3Jose Reyes RBI Single; Omar Infante Scores01
MIA4Gaby Sanchez Sac Fly; Logan Morrison Scores02
MIA8Hanley Ramirez RBI Single; Emilio Bonifacio Scores03
ATL9Martin Prado RBI Single; Michael Bourn Scores13
Atlanta Braves
Michael Bourn, CF4120020.500
Martin Prado, LF4011010.250
Chipper Jones, 3B4010000.250
Dan Uggla, 2B4000020.000
Brian McCann, C3000020.000
Freddie Freeman, 1B3010000.333
Jason Heyward, RF3000020.000
Kris Medlan, P0000000.000
Anthony Varvaro, P0000000.000
Tyler Pastornicky, SS3000020.000
Tommy Hanson, P2000010.000
Eric Hinske, RF1000000.000
TEAM TOTALS311510120.161
2B: M. Bourn, C. Jones
RBI: M. Prado
Miami Marlins
Jose Reyes, SS4021010.500
Emilio Bonifacio, CF4110020.250
Hanley Ramirez, 3B4011000.250
Giancarlo Stanton, RF4010000.250
Logan Morrison, LF3110010.333
Gaby Sanchez, 1B2011000.500
John Buck, C3000000.000
Omar Infante, 2B3120000.000
Josh Johnson, P1000000.000
Greg Dobbs, PH1000000.000
Heath Bell, P0000000.000
TEAM TOTALS29393040.310
2B: E. Bonifacio, G. Stanton, L. Morrison
RBI: J. Reyes, H. Ramirez, G. Sanchez
SF: G. Sanchez
SAC: J. Johnson
SB: J. Reyes 2
CS: J. Reyes
Atlanta Braves
Tommy Hanson (L)7.06220403.57
Kris Medlan0.231100013.50
Anthony Varvaro0.10000000.00
TEAM TOTALS8.09330403.38
Miami Marlins
Josh Johnson (W)8.020001100.00
Heath Bell (SV)1.03110109.00
TEAM TOTALS9.051101201.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
This will be a series following the story of Wilky Izzet, from his final days as a senior in High School, through his college days (CH 2K8) all the way to (hopefully) making the NBA.


The dream started the from the time Willard "Wilky" Izzet picked up the ball and was dunking on the Fisher Price hoop in the living room. There's nothing unique about it. It's a situation almost any boy growing up in America has envisioned. You're going to make it to the league, you're going to be the best who ever played. The dream continues playing out in our minds until we reach that moment where reality slaps you in the face and you come to grips with the fact that you're going to have to start looking at other career paths. For some of us that moment comes sooner than others.

No one ever told Wilky he wasn't going to make it. Growing up, he was always one of the tallest in his class. Not only that, but he could do something with that height. From grade school his gift was inevitable. The other boys envied him, but little did they know how badly Izzet envied them. Few from his neighborhood were particularly wealthy, but money and materials wasn't what he sought. He longed for a sense of belonging. To have just one loving parent like the ones who picked his friends up for school. Basketball was the only thing he had.

Born in Woodhaven, Michigan, Wilky and his mother moved to Burke, Virginia after his dad disappeared and his mother found a new job. His relationship with his mother was never strong. From the earliest his memory can go back, he recalls fierce scoldings from her, and the harsh treatment continued throughout his childhood. At 14, Wilky had had enough of her treatment. Had seen enough new men claiming to be his dad. Had heard enough of being told to put down the ball because it wasn't going to get him anywhere.

At 14, Wilky packed his bags and ran. He spent nights at the park, at the subway, wherever he could go to be safe. It wasn't hard to feel safer on the street than in his home. He got himself up and walked to school every morning. This lasted for a couple months, up until his freshman year was about to begin. That's when his living condition was discovered by Darnell Green, a junior, starter on the Varsity basketball team.

Green had grown up in a similar situation to Izzet, and was emancipated at 16. He had a job at a fast food restaurant to pay for a small place while still attending school. He couldn't let Wilky live on the street so he invited him to stay. The two developed a strong bond. Wilky got a job to help pay the rent, and Green provided the father figure that had never been in Wilky's life.

The relationship carried to the court. Wilky earned his minutes off the bench, and Darnell was one of the toughest SF's in the area. Next season, Wilky had grown to 6'6" and had worked his way up to be the starting PF as a sophomore. Wilky played well, but didn't have an outstanding role. It was Green's senior leadership that notched them the easy conference title. Junior year is when Wilky shined, averaging 16 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 blocks. However, the team finished with a 17-8 record.

Senior year is when tragedy struck. Green and Izzet had continued living together. Green had been promoted to manager and decided college was out of the question. He was good at basketball, but not good enough for D1. He could've played for a smaller school, but opted to stay and watch out for Izzet. Just weeks before Wilky's senior season openor, Darnell Green was gunned down at the age of 20.

Wilky was devastated. His one great friend was now gone forever. He would never get over it, but the only way he could ease his mind was on the court.

Now averaging 20, 9, and 2, and leading the team to a 21-3 record, Wilky Izzet was getting serious looks from colleges. He wasn't one of the top #100 recruits in the nation, but he was a piece that many top colleges would love to add depth to their roster.

Coming in at 6'7" he would be expected to play the SF, and possibly some minutes at PF, different from the PF/C role he played in high school, and he'd be expected to improve his perimeter game.

Top 10 Colleges (no order):

George Mason
Wake Forest
NC State
Norfolk State
Virginia Tech
Notre Dame
Georgia Tech

Play along by recruiting Wilky to your favorite college
Dynasty: _-King-_
Friday, March 16, 2012
09:24 PM - March 16, 2012. Written by jberrybasketball30

GM's Brother New Assistant Coach

Associated Press

Buck's new GM, Jonny Berry, announced yesterday that the Bucks has hired former Iowa Energy Head Coach Nathan Berry has Assistant Coach.

Berry won a championship with the Energy last year, and is now taking over the job that was vacated by Joel Wolf, when he resigned from the Bucks last week.

Nathan is the brother of current General Manager Jonny Berry. He will join the Skiles coaching staff that already includes Jim Boylen, Sidney Modcrief, and Bill Peterson.

--Wendy Alterman
04:16 PM - March 16, 2012. Written by BlueJays09
Wow what a start for Toronto going 6-1 over the 1st 7 games. Games 4 and 5 vs. Tampa and Kansas City were unbelievable as the Jays take both in the 5th, especially the one vs. Tampa as they were down 5 runs going into 5th inning. Adam Lind has been a beast hitting 4 HR in his 1st 7 games, and Bautista is finally back in the lineup hitting a HR in his 2nd game back (7 vs. Mariners). Jays lost Drabek to a tear in his calf muscle so he was sent to the 15-Day DL expected out 2-4 weeks. SP Dustin McGowan was called up from AAA.

Game 4: Blue Jays 6. Rays 5:
W: Villanueva (1-0), L: Farnsworth (0-1)
Blue Jays:
Escobar - 1/3, RBI, R
Johnson - 1/3, HR (2), 2RBI, R
Lawrie - 2/3, 2B, R
Lind - 2/3, HR (2), 2RBI, R
Davis - 0/1, 2R, SB
Francisco - 2/3, RBI
Cecil - 2IP 5R, 0ER, BB
Janssen - 2IP, 0H, 4K
Jennings - 1/3, RBI, 2B, R
Guyer - 1/2, 2RBI, R
Longoria - 1/3, HR, 2RBI, R
Hellickson - 4.2IP 8H, 4ER, 1K

- Wow, what a game. The Rays got to Cecil early in the 2nd shelling him for 5 runs including a 2-Run double by Guyer, and a 2-Run Home Run from Longoria. Cecil didn't get charged with the runs due to 2 errors by 2B Johnson. Johnson would get the last laugh however. In the 4th, Snider singled, Davis pinch ran for him and stole second. Escobar knocked him in with an RBI single. Last inning, down 5-1, Kelly Johnson got redeemed for his 2 errors by crushing a 2-Run HR to center. Lawrie gets up and singles, and Adam Lind steps up to crush a 2-Run HR to left to tie it. The Rays get 2 outs, but Raja Davis reached 1st on a missed double play due to the speed of Davis. Ben Francisco, playing for injured Thames steps up and knocks in the winning run to lead the Jays to a 6-5 win.

Game 5: Blue Jays 2, Royals 1:
W: Oliver (1-0), L: Duffy (0-1), SV: Santos (2)
Francisco - 1/2, R
Arencieba - 1/1, HR (1), 2RBI, R
Drabek - 3.1IP 3H, 1ER, 4K
Moustakas - 1/2, RBI
Duffy - 5IP 3H, 2ER, 1K

- Another 5th inning come back for the Jays lead them to victory despite only mustering 3 hits in the entire game. A. Escobar singled, stole 2nd and scored on a Moustakas RBI single. The game was a pitchers duel until the 4th when Kyle Drabek went down with a minor tear in his calf muscle and will be out 2-4 weeks (Sent to 15-Day DL). In the 5th inning, after a Francisco single to keep the game going with 2 outs, it was Jeff Mathis up to bat, giving Arencieba a rest, but the manager decided to pinch hit Arencieba against the lefty. Arencieba didn't disappoint driving a 2-Run HR over the fence for the first of the year. Santos came in for a perfect 5th inning for save number 2.

Game 6: Blue Jays 8, Orioles 1:
W: Romero (2-0), L: Chen (0-2)
Blue Jays:
Escobar - 1/3, R
Johnson - 2/3, 3B, R
Bautista - 1/2, 2R, 2B, BB
Lind - 2/2, 2HR (4), 5RBI, 2R, SF
Lawrie - 1/3, R
Cuddyer - 2/3, HR (2), 3RBI, R
Romero - 4IP 4H, 1ER, 3K
Miller - 1/2, RBI
Chen - 3IP 8H, 7ER, BB

- The Jays rough up the Orioles for the 2nd straight meeting between the 2, and scoring 16 Runs in the 2 games. Romero was masterful for the 2nd straight game giving up only 1 Run on 4 hits. Miller was the only sign of offense for Baltimore scoring an RBI single in the 2nd. Lind kicked off the 1st inning with a 3-Run Homer, and he wasn't done hitting a Sac Fly in the 4th, followed by a Cuddyer 3-Run Homer in his 1st game as a Jay after coming over from Colorado hitting behind Lind in the 5-spot. Lind capped the game off in the 5th, smacking his 2nd HR of the game and 4th of the young season to lead the Jays to a 8-1 smashing.

Game 7: Blue Jays 1, Mariners 0:
W: Chacin (1-1), L: Vargas (0-1), SV: Santos (3)
Blue Jays:
Bautista - 1/2 HR (1), RBI, R
Chacin - 3.2IP 4H, 0ER, 4K
Vargas - 4IP 1H, 1ER

- This has to be a first. Vargas only allowed 1 hit in the entire game, and still took the loss as the 1 hit was a Solo-HR by Bautista for his 1st of the season after being injured for 3 games. Chacin played in his 1st game after coming over from Colorado and played 3.2 innings allowing 0ER on 4 hits while striking out 4.

American League Standings:
1) Boston Red Sox: 6-1 - 0GB
2) Toronto Blue Jays: 6-1 - 0GB
3) Tampa Bay Rays: 5-2 - 1GB
4) New York Yankees: 2-5 - 4GB
5) Baltimore Orioles: 2-5 - 4Gb
1) Cleveland Indians 5-2 - 0GB
2) Chicago White Sox 2-5 - 3GB
3) Minnesota Twins 2-5 - 3GB
4) Detroit Tigers 2-5 - 3GB
5) Kansas City Royals 1-6 - 4GB
Oakland Athletics 5-2 - 0GB
Seattle Mariners 4-3 - 1GB
LA Angels 4-3 - 1GB
Texas Rangers 3-4 - 2GB

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Dynasty: BlueJays09
02:15 PM - March 16, 2012. Written by BlueJays09
The Jays have sent SP Brandon Morrow, DH Edwin Encarnacion, and SP Rick VandenHurk to Colorado for RF Michael Cuddyer, and SP Jhoulys Chacin. The Jays think that they got a great young SP to add to their rotation, along with a nice bat to replace Encarnacion. The team reports they will use Cuddyer in his natural spot of RF and transfer Ben Francisco to DH. The Jays also sign SP Brad Penny to a 1 yr/1.09M deal and send him to AAA.
Dynasty: BlueJays09