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Wednesday, December 26, 2012
10:01 AM - December 26, 2012. Written by cashby
Dshaun Thomas a 6'2 170lbs wr played his high school ball at Norview High School in norfolk va.He lead his team to there frist playoffs game in almost 12 years falling short to Maury High School 38 to 28.On Dec 25 Dshaun made his decsion to go play for uconn.What a great decsion the kid made.Wecome to the dog pound Dshaun said head coach Pasqualoni.
Dynasty: cashby
Tuesday, December 25, 2012
05:23 PM - December 25, 2012. Written by JagsBeast52
Depth Chart -
  • Catcher
  • Kurt Suzuki
  • First Base
  • Adam Laroche
  • Tyler Moore
  • Second Base
  • Danny Espinosa
  • Steve Lombardozzi
  • Third Base
  • Ryan Zimmerman
  • Shortstop
  • Ian Desmond
  • Left Field
  • Micheal Morse
  • Center Field
  • Bryce Harper
  • Right Field
  • Torii Hunter
  • Brian Burton
  • Starting Pitcher
  • Gio Gonzalez
  • Stephen Strasburg
  • Jordan Zimmerman
  • Ross Detwiler
  • Edwin Jackson
  • Relief Pitcher
  • Craig Stammen
  • Tom Gorzelanny
  • Ryan Mattheus
  • Eric Hacker
  • Mike Gonzalez
  • Henry Rodriguez
  • Closer
  • Drew Storen
Dynasty: JagsBeast52
02:47 PM - December 25, 2012. Written by olivertheorem
North Dakota Fighting Sioux at Savannah State Tigers
Jan 18, 20131ST2NDSCORE
North Dakota (4-14, 2-0 GWC)403171
Savannah State (4-16 [Ind])273057
North Dakota Fighting Sioux
C Kyle Simone334-40-02-48002210
F Reggie Dimmick232-90-01-3300015
G Renato Coldiron222-30-00-0310014
G Byron Cork299-153-42-39100223
G Jack Withrow313-60-02-2130028
F Ward Dunlop172-30-00-0510004
G Victorino Gimenez160-10-02-2451012
F/C Domingo Sumpter71-10-00-0100102
G John Green72-21-10-1010005
G Edward Langford53-30-00-0000026
G Andrew Graham40-20-12-2000002
G Tony Kissinger30-20-00-0100000
G/F Jan Hornung20-10-00-0000010
TEAM TOTALS28-524-611-173512131271
Savannah State Tigers
C David Pickett263-50-00-0700016
F Ellsworth Fahey281-10-04-4210016
F Michael Duffey295-151-67-86310218
G Cordell Butters294-112-60-13100010
G Chris Hardnett291-50-21-2561013
F David Pyatt191-70-02-2501024
F Austin Orr160-30-20-0301000
G Martin Voigt100-10-02-2000002
G Edward Evangelista81-20-04-4100016
F Pete Phillips71-30-00-2000002
TEAM TOTALS17-533-1620-25321140857
Dynasty: olivertheorem
Monday, December 24, 2012
03:09 PM - December 24, 2012. Written by Bloop33
After a solid season, but one that didn't quite bring home the silverware we needed. This year we looked to just strengthen the squad in a few key positions but more importantly maintain our stars.

EPL Results:

08/17/20 : 2 - 0 win vs. West Brom
08/22/20 : 0 - 1 loss @ Fulham
08/29/20 : 4 - 1 win vs. Sunderland

Players Sold:

CB - Christofer Haas (81) - Germany, 26 - $8,500,000 to Shalke
CB - Hordur Magnusson (81) - Iceland, 27 - $7,500,000 to Fiorentina
RB - Nicolas Soumah (78) - France, 22 - $10,000,000 to Bayern Leverkusen

Sold the two veteran CB's to bring in some younger talent and Soumah since he was 3rd in line for the RB's. Pretty simple, no stars lost.

Players given Loans:

LW - Stephan Vieira da Costa (80) - Germany, 20 - Loaned to Borussia Dortmund
CM - Christian Heimeroth (80) - Germany, 22 - Loaned to Sunderland
CAM - Jonathan Hopper (81) - England, 20 - Loaned to Sevilla
CM - Paolo Maietta (83) - Italy, 22 - Loaned to Fiorentina
CAM - Randy Ricketts (75) - Canada, 18 - Loaned to Sunderland

Some short and season loans to non-essential prospects. Can't wait for Heimeroth and Vieira da Costa to develop and become apart of the team, the young German's have been impressive when they have played.

Players Bought:

LW - Daniel Fernandez D. (87) - Spain, 21 - Free Agent
CDM - Etienne Vinetot (81) - France, 22 - $26,000,000 - Stade Rennais
CB - Elisu Nunes Ferreira (80) - Portugal, 22 - $15,500,000 - Zenit St. Petersberg

Daniel Fernandez D. is possibly the steal of the year. He is extremely fast with good finishing and passing attributes. He is an instant star and compliments my current midfield greatly.
Dynasty: Bloop33
Sunday, December 23, 2012
09:12 PM - December 23, 2012. Written by olivertheorem
N.J.I.T Highlanders at North Dakota Fighting Sioux
Jan 16, 20131ST2NDSCORE
N.J.I.T (2-12, 0-1 GWC)352863
North Dakota (3-14, 2-0 GWC)333265
N.J.I.T Highlanders
F Karl Yarborough210-10-02-2310022
F John Jackson244-50-00-0310018
F Don Overton162-30-10-0222014
G Claude Noon338-136-103-34000425
G Dylan Jones302-121-70-0311045
C Landon Siu293-40-00-1721106
G Charles Nelson191-60-10-0121012
F Charles Lara150-10-13-4012013
F Joshua Lopez80-10-00-0101110
F Dwayne Beasley43-31-11-1200008
F David Young10-00-00-0000000
TEAM TOTALS23-498-219-112610821563
North Dakota Fighting Sioux
C Kyle Simone335-90-06-94000016
F Reggie Dimmick272-40-10-0340104
G Renato Coldiron292-60-03-4610047
G Byron Cork294-81-30-0230029
G Jack Withrow273-31-13-42120310
G Edward Langford152-40-10-0310034
F Ward Dunlop131-20-01-4500013
G Victorino Gimenez132-30-02-2112006
F/C Domingo Sumpter70-00-00-0110000
G John Green72-20-02-5021006
TEAM TOTALS23-412-617-282714511365
Dynasty: olivertheorem
07:50 PM - December 23, 2012. Written by olivertheorem
Houston Baptist Huskies at North Dakota Fighting Sioux
Jan 11, 20131ST2NDSCORE
Houston Baptist (5-11, 0-1 GWC)242448
North Dakota (2-14, 1-0 GWC)282250
Houston Baptist Huskies
C Charles Alley282-50-02-3501006
F Jon Rector335-120-01-15110311
F Max Endicott272-110-23-4310107
G Tod Perdomo203-92-50-0821018
G George Suttle302-70-23-6440017
G Ward Ragsdale211-70-32-2600024
C Weldon Kennedy130-00-00-0610020
F Ron Marker112-30-00-0400034
G Rufus Dalessio90-10-10-0210000
F James Ling50-10-01-2100001
TEAM TOTALS17-562-1312-184410311248
North Dakota Fighting Sioux
C Kyle Simone323-120-23-61000109
F Reggie Dimmick282-90-31-3310205
G Renato Coldiron191-30-03-4610005
G Byron Cork284-142-70-011010510
G Jack Withrow320-00-02-2130012
G Victorino Gimenez202-50-02-3311026
F Ward Dunlop110-10-02-4200002
G Edward Langford90-10-02-2210032
F/C Domingo Sumpter80-00-02-4100202
G John Green81-21-14-4000017
G Tony Kissinger30-00-00-0000000
TEAM TOTALS13-4721-323-13397251250
Dynasty: olivertheorem
Saturday, December 22, 2012
10:59 PM - December 22, 2012. Written by olivertheorem
North Dakota Fighting Sioux at Colorado Buffaloes
Jan 7, 20131ST2NDSCORE
North Dakota (1-14, 0-0 GWC)281745
Colorado (12-1, 0-0 BIG 12)342963
North Dakota Fighting Sioux
C Kyle Simone274-60-03-36102111
F Reggie Dimmick284-90-04-51020012
G Byron Cork294-100-33-310100411
G John Green230-20-11-2121021
G Jack Withrow291-40-21-3340013
G Tony Kissinger162-50-10-0100024
F Ward Dunlop140-30-00-0200200
F/C Domingo Sumpter101-10-01-2110013
G Edward Langford90-20-00-0200000
G Victorino Gimenez90-10-00-0320020
G/F Renato Coldiron50-10-00-0200000
TEAM TOTALS16-440-713-183211341345
Colorado Buffaloes
C Michael Craig314-70-01-3720019
F Chris Ballenger346-150-14-512304116
F Jerrell Elias212-71-33-4220038
G Victor Brown312-41-10-1133015
G Miquel Travis333-81-32-2641019
G Les Ford160-20-02-2130012
C Thomas Stuckey122-20-02-4100116
F Louis Sewell92-30-02-2400106
F Gavin Nieman80-40-12-2210002
F Barton Tiller20-10-10-0000000
C Jerry Person10-00-00-0000000
TEAM TOTALS21-533-1018-25361846963
Dynasty: olivertheorem
10:56 PM - December 22, 2012. Written by JagsBeast52
Buffalo Bills at New York Jets
Aug 12, 20121234F
BUF (1-0)0702128
NYJ (0-1)1006824
Top Performers
PASS: Mark Sanchez - 16-31 258 Yards 1 TD 1 INT
RUSH: C.J. Spiller - 21 Rush 102 Yards 3 TD 1 FUMB
REC: Santonio Holmes - 8 Rec 155 Yards 1 TD
Team Stats Comparison
First Downs1515
3rd Down Efficiency15
4th Down Efficiency00
Total Yards408447
Passing Yards232237
Rushing Yards10196
Penalties-Penalty Yards22 Yards50 Yards
Time of Possession17:1722:43
Scoring Summary
Buffalo Bills
Ryan Fitzpatrick16-2623201
C.J. Spiller141027.33
Tashard Choice4000
Mark Clayton45012.50
Andy Levitre1
George Wilson5011 (GW)
Ryan Lindell0-13-330
Brian Moorman522144.20
C.J. Spiller24623.00
C.J. Spiller 22914.50
New York Jets
Mark Sanchez16-3125811
Shonn Greene21944.50
John Conner122,01
Santonio Holmes815519.41
D'Brickshaw Fergusan01
Matt Slauson01
Brandon Moore01
Yeremiah Bell5000
Darrelle Revis2010
Josh Brown3-31-11061
T.J. Conley315451.30
Jeremy Kerley59318.60
Jeremey Kerley4215.30
Dynasty: JagsBeast52
Oklahoma City Thunder at Minnesota Timberwolves
Dec 22, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Oklahoma City (CPU)32311822103
Minnesota (Me)29262235112
Oklahoma City Thunder
Russell Westbrook, PG4113/250/37/99921333
Thabo Sefolosha, SG432/70/20/0981044
Kevin Durant, SF4510/301/65/56011126
Serge Ibaka, PF364/90/01/1800129
Kendrick Perkins, C273/50/02/51101018
Reggie Jackson, PG226/172/42/22420016
Nick Collison, PF202/20/00/0511024
Hasheem Thabeet, C51/10/01/1010003
Eric Maynor, PG50/10/00/0131000
TEAM TOTALS41/973/1518/2351269313103
Minnesota Timberwolves
Luke Ridnour, PG273/112/74/42200112
Alexey Shved, SG376/103/40/08301215
Andrei Kirilenko, SF415/102/64/410500216
Kevin Love, PF397/251/94/711010319
Nikola Pekovic, C306/120/00/07000012
Ricky Rubio, PG196/121/26/64650219
J.J. Barea, PG194/81/20/0350119
Dante Cunningham, PF171/30/02/2420014
Greg Stiemsma, C90/00/02/2200002
Derrick Williams, PF72/20/00/0100004
TEAM TOTALS40/9310/3022/2552236213112
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Friday, December 21, 2012
08:40 PM - December 21, 2012. Written by olivertheorem
SIU-Edwardsville Cougars at North Dakota Fighting Sioux
Jan 2, 20131ST2NDSCORE
SIU-Edwardsville (5-11 [Ind])342054
North Dakota (1-13, 0-0 GWC)241539
SIU-Edwardsville Cougars
F Colby Lett271-50-00-0630002
F Adrian Blizzard324-80-02-314111310
F David Cuthbertson233-72-30-0130048
G David Dewitt305-94-60-01310214
G Arndt Sandgruber324-80-30-0202018
C Matthew Rodriguez171-11-10-0400013
F Leland Dorsett132-41-30-0400015
F Nathan Christensen111-60-10-0010002
G Antione Rice81-20-00-0000012
G Arlen Jones50-10-00-0000000
C Thomas Reavis10-00-00-0100000
TEAM TOTALS22-518-172-33611411354
North Dakota Fighting Sioux
C Kyle Simone330-40-12-2600102
F Reggie Dimmick283-81-21-4101008
G Byron Cork264-100-41-3500039
G John Green262-62-40-0430016
G Jack Withrow190-10-10-0430020
G Edward Langford162-60-01-1111025
G Tony Kissinger162-40-10-2201004
F Ward Dunlop110-20-10-0100000
G Victorino Gimenez92-20-00-0111044
F/C Domingo Sumpter60-00-01-2020101
G/F Renato Coldiron40-10-00-0010000
G Andrew Graham20-00-00-0100000
TEAM TOTALS15-443-146-14289421439
Dynasty: olivertheorem
Thursday, December 20, 2012
10:17 PM - December 20, 2012. Written by olivertheorem
North Dakota Stats - 2012-13
C Kyle Simone1330.
G Byron Cork1323.
F Reggie Dimmick1323.
G John Green1322.
G Tony Kissinger1322.
G Edward Langford1317.
G Victorino Gimenez1316.
F/C Domingo Sumpter1315.
G/F Renato Coldiron1310.
F Ward Dunlop139.
G Andrew Graham76.
G/F Jan Hornung44.
F/C Fredrick Collins53.
F/C Colin Turner42.
G Jack Withrow00.
Dynasty: olivertheorem
09:51 PM - December 20, 2012. Written by olivertheorem
Kentucky Wildcats at North Dakota Fighting Sioux
Dec 30, 20121ST2NDSCORE
#14 Kentucky (12-1, 0-0 SEC)422466
North Dakota (1-12, 0-0 GWC)151631
Kentucky Wildcats
C Charles Smith242-50-05-6012149
F Kyle Owens285-60-02-37011212
F Kevin Countryman252-71-40-0402215
G Tony Davis263-71-33-33200310
G Randall Mickelson253-82-50-0620008
C Thomas Nelson180-40-00-0811110
G George Ashford160-40-40-0231000
G James Emrick121-50-32-2232124
F Wilburn Lukens94-52-30-02011010
F George Bozeman91-10-01-2312013
F Chris Stevens72-31-20-0000005
TEAM TOTALS23-557-2423-5537131271466
North Dakota Fighting Sioux
C Kyle Simone220-10-00-0501130
F Reggie Dimmick222-50-10-0411034
G Byron Cork255-111-30-05200211
G Edward Langford301-70-20-0210062
G John Green252-60-00-0120034
F Ward Dunlop201-30-00-1420022
G Tony Kissinger170-30-10-0101020
F/C Domingo Sumpter130-00-00-0100120
G Victorino Gimenez132-30-00-0102014
G Andrew Graham70-00-02-2200012
G/F Renato Coldiron21-20-00-0000002
F/C Fredrick Collins20-10-00-0000000
TEAM TOTALS14-421-72-3268522531
Dynasty: olivertheorem
Wednesday, December 19, 2012
09:06 PM - December 19, 2012. Written by olivertheorem
North Dakota Fighting Sioux at Oregon Ducks
Dec 23, 20121ST2NDSCORE
North Dakota (1-11, 0-0 GWC)242246
#23 Oregon (8-1, 0-0 PAC10)393170
North Dakota Fighting Sioux
C Kyle Simone340-40-10-0411030
F Reggie Dimmick264-80-10-0310118
G Byron Cork306-151-67-99220320
G Edward Langford352-30-02-2321046
G John Green220-30-00-0111020
F Ward Dunlop140-40-02-2100002
G Tony Kissinger131-20-00-0110022
G/F Renato Coldiron131-30-02-2110014
G Victorino Gimenez70-00-02-2000012
F/C Domingo Sumpter61-20-00-0110002
TEAM TOTALS15-441-815-17239511746
Oregon Ducks
C Lacy Brown291-20-00-0210102
F Joaquin Hansen244-90-00-1821018
F Galen Alcaraz293-42-22-22200310
G Joseph Wendt284-80-30-0455038
G Damian Peterson193-71-43-45210210
G Glen Hughes186-81-20-14000313
C Ross Bennett142-20-00-0121014
G Sidney Johnson132-32-30-0100006
F Ronald Barker132-50-00-0421014
C Don Wilford51-20-00-2010002
F David Slade50-00-01-2000001
G Brent Luce41-10-00-0100002
TEAM TOTALS29-516-146-123217911470
Dynasty: olivertheorem
01:27 PM - December 19, 2012. Written by ownthehobo
Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks at Florida International Golden Panthers
Nov 19, 20111ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks (6-4)797023
Florida International Golden Panthers (1-10)008614
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense306258
Rushing Yards23093
Passing Yards76165
First Downs1714
Punt Return Yards013
Kick Return Yards6589
Total Yards371360
3rd Down Converstion4-94-8
4th Down Conversion--
2-Point Conversion-1-2
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals3-2-04-2-0
Posession Time
Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks
C. Bryant6/117612
C. Bryant14493.50
G. Jones105050
B. Woods9576.31
R. Means45012.50
T. Smith22110.50
M. Stanford210.50
T. Johnson1221
R. Means55911.81
J. Wheatley117170
Florida International Golden Panthers
D. Washington11/2216514
D. Washington10363.61
J. Watson9586.40
K. Mathis1-1-10
K. Humphrey48521.20
S. Yates33712.31
J. Anderson21680
A. Wynn116160
L. Taylor111110

Bowl eligible.

Those two words mean quite a bit to coach Harry Welsh right now after his UL Monroe Warhakws 6th win of the season.

"Holy crap we are bowl eligible baby! BOWL ELIGIBLE! I am so excited to be able to make it to a bowl game in my very first year as a college football coach. I am living the dream! LIVIN' THE DREAM!" Welsh had to say after the game.

Although it was a win, it was not a pretty one for the Warhawks. They started off the game well but late in the 3rd and all through the 4th quarter there offense was getting stopped cold and there defense was getting slowly shredded by the FIU Golden Panthers. The real reason the Warhawks got the win is because of the 4 interceptions thrown by D. Washington of FIU.

C. Bryant only through 11 passes throughout the game and he only completed 6. However, he did do a great job picking up yards on the ground. He rushed for 49 yards, and was the 4th player on the team in that stat. B. Woods got 57 yards while the FB G. Jones and HB R. Means hit 50.

After the week 13 victory to make the Warhawks bowl eligible, they were projected to be in the Godaddy.com Bowl against the 11-0 #24 ranked Ohio Bobcats.

The following is the BCS Top 10 going into week 14:
1. Oklahoma
2. Boise State
3. Alabama
4. Ohio State
5. Michigan State
6. Nebraska
7. Texas A&M
8. Florida
9. Wisconsin
10. USC

In week 14, the Warhawks are up against non-conference opponet Tulane. The following is the week 14 Sun Belt standings:

Sun Belt Conference Standings - Updated: Nov 21, 2011
UL Monroe6-4.6005-1225223
Arkansas State7-3.7005-1312215
Mid Tenn State2-8.2002-3143304
Florida Atlantic2-9.2002-4166297
North Texas2-9.1802-4164324
UL Lafayette3-8.2701-6227312
Dynasty: ownthehobo
Tuesday, December 18, 2012
08:13 PM - December 18, 2012. Written by olivertheorem
Tulsa Golden Hurricane at North Dakota Fighting Sioux
Dec 20, 20121ST2NDSCORE
Tulsa (5-3, 0-0 CUSA)385290
North Dakota (1-10, 0-0 GWC)263359
Tulsa Golden Hurricane
C George Alexis303-40-01-2820117
F Noah Craver262-40-00-2521014
F Richard Diego234-72-31-22100011
G John Snavely297-172-83-34320419
G John Flower276-132-51-16320115
G William Her234-60-14-62720112
C Nestor Cisneros163-50-01-2510007
G Gordon Apodaca103-63-44-43110313
F Eddy Warner70-00-00-0100000
F James Benjamin71-20-00-0201022
TEAM TOTALS33-649-2115-223820911390
North Dakota Fighting Sioux
C Kyle Simone293-40-00-0401316
F Reggie Dimmick212-61-30-0120025
G Byron Cork20-00-00-0000000
G John Green213-61-20-0421057
G Tony Kissinger173-61-31-2321018
G Victorino Gimenez262-50-01-2441045
F/C Domingo Sumpter191-10-01-2111013
G/F Renato Coldiron140-20-00-0310050
G Andrew Graham143-70-10-0100026
G Edward Langford126-60-00-20100112
F Ward Dunlop91-20-00-0310002
F/C Fredrick Collins81-10-01-1010013
G/F Jan Hornung50-00-00-1211000
F/C Colin Turner31-10-00-0000002
TEAM TOTALS26-473-94-102616632459
Dynasty: olivertheorem