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Sunday, September 23, 2012
02:58 PM - September 23, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
For the third time in the Big 10 Championship era, the Spartans and Badgers have met in the B1G Championship. And, for the second consecutive year, the Spartans came out on top. There wasn't anything dramatic, it was just a solid Spartan shutout.

Wisconsin Badgers at Michigan State Spartans
#8 Wisconsin Badgers (10-3 (7-2))0000-0
#1 Michigan State Spartans (13-0 (9-0))017710-34
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense11359
Rushing Yards-44226
Passing Yards55133
First Downs216
Punt Return Yards466
Kick Return Yards1728
Total Yards32453
3rd Down Converstion0/74/6
4th Down Conversion0/00/0
2-Point Conversion0/00/0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals0-03-1
Posession Time6:1821:42
Dynasty: jhendricks316
02:10 PM - September 23, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
Perfection has been attained. One more win will put Michigan State in their 2nd consecutive BCS National Championship Game.

Michigan State Spartans at Minnesota Golden Gophers
#1 Michigan State Spartans (12-0 (8-0))143014-31
Minnesota Golden Gophers (3-8 (2-6))3007-10
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense306201
Rushing Yards20634
Passing Yards100167
First Downs198
Punt Return Yards160
Kick Return Yards5256
Total Yards374257
3rd Down Converstion3/83/8
4th Down Conversion3/30/1
2-Point Conversion0/00/0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals4-10-1
Posession Time19:518:47
Dynasty: jhendricks316
01:50 PM - September 23, 2012. Written by DedicatedLeaguesNCAA
In this dynasty, you can play as any team that you want. We play on Heisman difficulty and until the fourth season, there will be no scheduled player versus player games.

We currently have three player teams: South Carolina, Texas and Miami.

I am the head coach of The University of Texas.
04:39 AM - September 23, 2012. Written by GHmanRON
In the second preseason game for both teams, the Jaguars defeated the Saints after a last minute Touchdown.

Jacksonville Jaguars at New Orleans Saints
Aug 17, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Jacksonville Jaguars (2-0-0)1477735
New Orleans Saints (1-1-0)103111034
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense336407
Rushing Yards104115
Passing Yards232292
First Downs179
Punt Return Yards2458
Kick Return Yards24525
Total Yards605490
3rd Down Converstion6-145-16
4th Down Conversion0-00-0
2-Point Conversion0-01-1
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals2-22-2
Posession Time26:5933:01
Scoring Summary
10:00(NOR) John Kasay 39 yd Field Goal03
5:28(JAC) Austen Lane returned fumble 16 yds 73
4:38(NOR) Joseph Addai 40 yd pass from Drew Brees710
4:27(JAC) Mike Thomas returned kickoff 102 yds1410
11:52(JAC) Brian Robiskie 16 yd pass from Blaine Gabbert2110
1:58(NOR) Garrett Hartley 31 yd Field Goal2113
12:41(NOR) Garrett Hartley 45 yd Field Goal2116
6:18(NOR) Nick Toon 68 yd pass from Luke McCown(2pt good)2124
0:00(JAC) Chastin West 13 yd pass from Blaine Gabbert2824
13:32(NOR) Nick Toon 73 yd pass from Luke McCown2831
6:10(NOR) Garrett Hartley 35 yd Field Goal2834
4:41(JAC) Dajuan Harris 82 yd pass from Jordan Palmer3534
Dynasty: GHmanRON
02:49 AM - September 23, 2012. Written by GHmanRON
In a hard fought game, the Jaguars perservered and came out with the victory in the first preseason game for both teams. Jacksonville got hot in the 2nd half and pulled away in the closing minutes of the game.

New York Giants at Jacksonville Jaguars
Aug 10, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
New York Giants (0-0-0)370717
Jacksonville Jaguars (0-0-0)06141434
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense316424
Rushing Yards105159
Passing Yards211265
First Downs1420
Punt Return Yards2426
Kick Return Yards6988
Total Yards409538
3rd Down Converstion2-137-15
4th Down Conversion0-10-1
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1-14-4
Posession Time28:3231:28
Scoring Summary
3:35(NYG) L. Tynes 34 yd Field Goal30
12:55(JAC) J. Scobee 23 yd Field Goal33
7:23(NYG) M. Boley 70 yd Interception return for TD103
0:26(JAC) J. Scobee 48 yd Field Goal106
8:55(JAC) Zach Miller 55 yd pass from Blaine Gabbert1013
3:41(JAC) Blaine Gabbert 7 yd run1020
7:17(JAC) D. Harris 11 yd pass from Nathan Enderle1027
5:40(NYG) Travis Beckum 38 yd pass from David Carr1727
1:43(JAC) D. Harris 14 yd run1734
New York Giants
Jacksonville Jaguars
Dynasty: GHmanRON
02:19 AM - September 23, 2012. Written by GHmanRON
Hello all, this is my first time doing something like this, so bear with me while I attempt to entertain you throughout the football season.

Here are my house rules:

Acc clock 14 sec min.
Blue Ninjas sliders
Player progression every 4 weeks

I'll be doing preseason, so get ready!
Dynasty: GHmanRON
12:34 AM - September 23, 2012. Written by DTKlive22
Eastern Michigan Eagles Depth Chart - 2012
Regular Offense
WRNick Olds (JR)Donald Scott (JR)*Quincy Jones (FR)Jay Jones (FR)
TEGarrett Hoskins (SR)*Dylan Brooks (SO)Tyreese Russell (SO)Cole Gardner (FR)
LTKorey Neal (SR)Bobby McFadden (SO)
LGCorey Watman (SR)Josh Woods (SO)Shawn Sinawe (JR)
CAndrew Sorgatz (SR)Jordan Erbes (SO)
RGOrlando McCord (JR) Campbell Allison (SO) Garret Parker (FR)
RTLincoln Hanson (SO)Scott MacLeod (SO)
WRDemarius Reed (SO)Dustin Creel (FR) Dustin Daniels (JR)Matt Brown (SO)
QBAlex Gillett (SR)Mark Iannotti (FR)Tyler Benz (SO)
FBMatt Boyd (SR)
HBDominique Sherrer (SR)Javonti Green (JR)*Ryan Brumfield (SO)Joe Fleming (JR)
Base 3-3-5 Defense
LDEAndy Mulumba (SR)Pat O'Conner (FR)
NTDevin Henderson (SR)*CY Maughmer (SO)*Arron Pipkins (FR)Travis Linser (SO)
RDEKalonji Kashama (JR)Omar McFarlane (FR)Matt Price (JR)
LOLBByran Pali ( SR)Blake Poole (SR)
MLBColin Weingrad (JR)Sean Kurtz (JR)
ROLBJustin Cudworth (SR)Jake Pennese (FR)Ike Spearman (FR)Tim Brown (JR)
CBMarcell Rose (SR)Darius Scott (SO)Kenyarda Bates (JR)
SSKevin Johnson (SO)Alex Bellfy (SR)Corey Manns (SR)Pudge Cotton (SO)
FSDonald Coleman (JR)Alex Bellfy (SR)Corey Manns (SR)
SSMike Williams (SR)Kevin Johnson (SO)Pudge Cotton (SO)Jerry Haymon (FR)
CBMarlon Pollard (JR)Dominique Rouse (SO)*Kirkland Bryant (FR)
Special Teams
KKody Fulkerson (JR)*Dylan Mulder (FR)
PJay Karutz (SR)
PRJay Jones (FR)Alex Bellfy (SR)Marcell Rose (SR)Nick Olds (JR)
KRDominique Sherrer (SR)Marcell Rose (SR)Nick Olds (JR)Javonti Green (JR)
LSKorey Neal (SR)Andrew Sorgatz (SR)Corey Watman (SR)

*Red Shirt Players
Dynasty: DTKlive22
Saturday, September 22, 2012
11:26 PM - September 22, 2012. Written by DTKlive22
Dynasty Info
Difficulty: All American
Recruiting Difficulty: All American
Roster: Mavsfan10
Slider Set: Custom
Quarter Lenght: 9 minutes
Speed Threshold: 30

Coach Info
Name: Dre Walker
Ala Mater: Michigan
Current Job: OC for Eastern Michigan
Dynasty: DTKlive22
09:34 PM - September 22, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
Certianly in shape to execute, the Spartans had the guts to go up-tempo all game long. They racked up lots of yards and scored 55. However, they allowed 17 to Northwestern. That is a lot compared to stiffer opposition earlier in the year.

Perhaps the Spartans will only use it on a temporary basis in the future...

Northwestern Wildcats at Michigan State Spartans
Northwestern Wildcats (4-7 (3-4))0773-17
#1 Michigan State Spartans (11-0 (7-0))2117314-55
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense333459
Rushing Yards52244
Passing Yards281215
First Downs1622
Punt Return Yards017
Kick Return Yards150125
Total Yards483601
3rd Down Converstion4/93/7
4th Down Conversion0/02/2
2-Point Conversion0/00/0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals0-05-1
Posession Time10:4417:16
Dynasty: jhendricks316
08:17 PM - September 22, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
(22) Nebraska has been reeling. They've lost 2 straight, after such a promising start. Meanwhile, this win is no surprise to the Spartans. However, the point differential might be the eye opener.

Nebraska Cornhuskers at Michigan State Spartans
#22 Nebraska Cornhuskers (6-3 (4-2))0000-0
#1 Michigan State Spartans (10-0 (5-0))71707-41
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense11411
Rushing Yards-4261
Passing Yards15150
First Downs023
Punt Return Yards045
Kick Return Yards6733
Total Yards78489
3rd Down Converstion0/55/8
4th Down Conversion0/02/3
2-Point Conversion0/01/1
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals0-04-0
Posession Time4:3823:22
Dynasty: jhendricks316
06:46 PM - September 22, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
Those who doubted the Spartans believed that the Hawkeyes had a chance at the upset. That, simply, was not the case. With a strong-scoring second half, the Spartans won 31-3.

Michigan State Spartans at Iowa Hawkeyes
#1 Michigan State Spartans (9-0 (5-0))77314-31
Iowa Hawkeyes (5-4 (2-3))0300-3
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense397147
Rushing Yards23242
Passing Yards165105
First Downs207
Punt Return Yards110
Kick Return Yards5180
Total Yards459227
3rd Down Converstion4/74/10
4th Down Conversion1/20/0
2-Point Conversion0/00/0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals4-00-1
Posession Time18:349:26
Dynasty: jhendricks316
01:33 PM - September 22, 2012. Written by StUTTSxISxASiAN
It is Week 2! After a good win for the Mustangs last week in Kansas, today they face a much harder opponent; #2 USC. Last week, USC beat North Dakota State, a fairly weak FCS team compared to the strong Trojans. We talked with USC wide receiver Robert Woods before the game and he said he expects "an easy win." We will have to wait and see about that, but now we send you to the game. Enjoy.

1st Quarter:
3:53 left in the first quarter when Zach Line punches in a 6 yard TD rush.
1:42 to go when USC has to settle for the long 50 yard field goal.
0:08 left when Gilbert finds Thompson for a 41 yard TD pass after a huge mistake in the USC secondary.
2nd Quarter:
*Interception* 4:14 to go in the 2nd when Barkley goes deep and gets intercepted by Scott.
*Interception* 3:28 until the half but Golbert throws a interception to Wright who gives them a 1st and goal.
2:57 to go when Robert Woods catches a TD pass for USC.
1:36 to go when USC knocks in a 40 yard field goal after a good punt return.
*Interception* 1:26 to go when on the first play Gilbert throws a bad ball and is intercepted.
0;20 to go when Barkley throws a 38 TD to Flournoy.
0:08 when Gilbert throws to Thompson and he goes all the way for the TD. 81 yards! Another mistake in the USC secondary.

HALFTIME: SMU is up 21-20.

3rd Quarter:
3:56 to go and McNeal runs in a 4 yard touchdown to give USC the lead.
*Interception* *Fumble* USC's Wright intercepts another pass but then fumbles it as he is returning it and SMU retains possession! Crazy play.
*Interception* the ball is going right back to USC as a careless throw is picked off by Robey.
*Interception* 1:04 to go in the 3rd, and Gilbert throws another interception to Robey. Not a great day for Gilbert.
*Fumble* USC fumbles it thanks to Nwabuike's big hit. Reed recovers it. Many turnovers in this one.
4th Quarter:
*Interception* Another bad decision by Gilbert. Intercepted by Wright. Coach Fish is not happy. I think Coach Fish is starting to lose his trust in Gilbert.
3:43 to go when Redd runs inn the 5 yard score. USC up by 14.
2:54 left when J.Johnson gets a 76 yard touchdown. SMU down by 7.
1:00 Barkley out for the Rest of the game.

FINAL: USC wins, 35-28.

Gilbert went 14-30, with 329 yards and 3 touchdowns, but did have 6 interceptions. Those numbers did not make Gilbert happy. We talked with him after the game.
Reporter; "Are you happy with your performance today?"
Gilbert; "No, i put to much pressure on myself and threw some careless balls. Im upset with myself, we could have won this game. i just dont want to talk about it."

Gilbert then proceeded to ask the reporters to leave.
That is all from us, we will see you next time.
Dynasty: StUTTSxISxASiAN
Friday, September 21, 2012
08:48 PM - September 21, 2012. Written by MauerMorneau09
Minnesota Twins at Baltimore Orioles
Apr 7, 2012123456789RHE
Minnesota (1-1)3301000108101
Baltimore (1-1)0000000000100
W: Liriano L: Arrieta
Minnesota Twins
Span, CF3100220.000
Carroll, SS5121010.250
Mauer, C4002000.000
Morneau, DH4121000.250
Willingham, LF3113101.333
Parmelee, 1B4110000.285
Valencia, 3B3000010.000
Burroughs, 3B1010000.1000
Revere, RF3111020.333
Casilla, 2B4220000.333
2B: Burroughs
HR: Willingham
RBI: Carroll, Mauer 2, Morneau, Willingham 3, Revere
SF: Mauer, Revere
GIDP: Valencia
E: Valencia
Baltimore Orioles
Roberts, 2B4010110.250
Chavez, LF5010010.444
Markakis, RF5010020.111
Reynolds, 3B4010010.250
Wieters, C3030100.833
Hardy, SS3000100.285
Paulino, DH4000000.000
Johnson, 1B4010020.250
Jones, CF4020000.250
2B: Wieters
GIDP: Chavez, Markakis
Minnesota Twins
Liriano (W, 1-0)6.05002500.00
Burnett (H, 1)1.02000100.00
Baltimore Orioles
Arrieta (L, 0-1)3.087713121.00
Dynasty: MauerMorneau09
08:21 PM - September 21, 2012. Written by BlueJays09
The Cowboys are now 14-0 and are 3 games away from a perfect regular season. Ogletree got his 1st TD of the year, and Austin was fantastic in this game. Tolbert continued his strong play but will again go back to the bench for Murray next game. Bryant will also be back in week 15. Manning wasn't himself throwing 5 INT in the game. Romo was also off throwing 3 INT of his own. The final score of this one was 24-10 Cowboys.

Scoring Summary:
DAL: Ogletree - 2 Yd TD Pass from Romo (1st Q)
NYG: Bradshaw - 2 Yd TD Run (1st Q)
DAL: Janikowski - 26 Yd FG (2nd Q)
NYG: Tynes - 32 Yd FG (3rd Q)
DAL: Tolbert: 11 Yd TD Run (4th Q)
DAL: Austin - 16 Yd TD Pass from Romo (4th Q)

Cowboys Player Stats:
Romo - 16/27 (59%) 200Yds, 2TD, 3INT
Tolbert - 14ATT, 42Yds, TD
Austin - 8Rec, 124Yds, TD
Ogletree - 5Rec, 49Yds, TD
Witten - 3Rec, 27Yds
Janikowski - 26 Yd FG (1/2 FG), 3 XPM
Sensabaugh - 6 Tackles, 1 Sack
Ware - 4 Tackles
McCann - 4 Tackles, 1 Sack
James - 4 Tackles, 1 Sack, 2INT, 23Yds
Jenkins - 4 Tackles, 2INT, 26Yds
Scandrick 1 Tackle, INT, 25Yds

Giants Stats:
Manning - 19/30 175Yds, 5INT
Bradshaw - 14ATT, 43Yds, TD
Beckum - 5Rec, 44Yds
Nicks - 4Rec, 2Yds
Cruz - 2Rec, 61Yds

- Dallas will be on the road to face off against Tampa Bay next week where they will get a look at Josh Freeman and Vincent Jackson as they look to stay undefeated. They will get Murray and Bryant back for the game which could never hurt their chances
Dynasty: BlueJays09
08:09 PM - September 21, 2012. Written by BlueJays09

Yes folks, win number 13. This one was close though until a McCann interception helped the Cowboys pull away for good. The final score was 17-12 and the Cowboys escape with their perfect season still intact.

Dez Bryant left the game and will be out for a week his shoulder injury. Ogletree will fill in at the WR 2 spot.

Scoring Summary:
DAL: Tolbert - 29 Yd Run (1st Q)
ARI: Feely - 44 Yd FG (2nd Q)
DAL: Janikowski - 44 Yd FG (3rd Q)
ARI: Feely - 37 Yd FG (3rd Q)
DAL: McCann - Returned INT 23 Yds for TD (4th Q)
ARI: Roberts - 18 Yd TD Pass from Kolb (4th Q)

Cowboys Player Stats:
Romo - 8/16 (50%) 150Yds
Tolbert - 13ATT, 85Yds, TD
Bryant - 3Rec, 49Yds
Witten - 2Rec, 27Yds
Austin - 2Rec, 57Yds
Gaffney - 1Rec, 17Yds
James - 8 Tackles
McCann - 7 Tackles, 1 Sack, INT, 23Yds, TD
Brooking - 6 Tackles
Ball - 6 Tackles

Cardinals Stats:
Kolb - 21/25 208Yds, TD, INT
Ryan Williams - 12ATT, 76Yds
Doucet - 5Rec, 30Yds
Roberts - 4Rec, 77Yds, TD
Fitzgerald - 4Rec, 40Yds

- Dallas will face off against Manning and the Giants in a Week 1 Rematch! Dallas will be without Bryant, and will look for Austin more in the offense. Look for Ogletree to have a nice game too if he gets Bryant's targets.
Dynasty: BlueJays09