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Wednesday, March 21, 2012
05:55 PM - March 21, 2012. Written by cepelkey
San Antonio Spurs Depth Chart - 2013
PGTony ParkerRicky Dean
SGTim SheehanManu GinobliDonovan Watson
SFRichard JeffersonGerald GreenLucian Stevenson
PFTim DuncanChuck PelkeyTravis Billups
CJerad EllisKevin Garnett
Dynasty: cepelkey
04:11 PM - March 21, 2012. Written by MikeFlu
Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres
Apr 8, 2012123456789RHE
Los Angeles (1-3)0005010017100
San Diego (3-1)2010112018141
W: Anthony Bass (1-0) L: Mike MacDougal (0-1) S: N/A
Scoring Summary
SDG1Alonso homered to right. Maybin scores.02
SDG3Alonso tripled to center. Bartlett scores.03
LAD4Loney hit a sacrifice fly to venable (SF9). Gordon scores. Kemp advances to 3rd.13
LAD4Ellis homered to left. Kemp scores. Ethier scores. Sands scores.53
SDG5Bartlett reached first on fielder's choice (3-6). Maybin out. Guzman scores.54
LAD6Bard doubled to right. Ellis scores64
SDG6Baker grounded to left for a single. Headley scores. Hundley advances to 2nd.65
SDG7Quentin doubled to center. Bartlett scores. Alonso scores.67
LAD9Ethier doubled to center. Kemp scores.77
SDG9Headley doubled to center. Alonso scores.87
Los Angeles Dodgers
Gordon, SS410011.176
Kennedy, 3B501002.083
Kemp, CF421011.214
Ethier, RF311120.357
Loney, 1B300110.313
Sands, LF411011.167
Ellis, 2B523400.412
Bard, C501102.231
Coffey, P000000.000
Harang, P100010.000
Gwynn Jr, PH101000.250
Jansen, P000000.000
Elbert, P000000.000
De La Rosa, P000000.000
Hairston Jr, PH1010001.000
MacDougal, P000000.000
Treanor, C000000.000
2B: A. Ethier (2), J. Hairston Jr. (1), J. Bard (1)
HR: M. Ellis (1)
RBI: M. Ellis 4 (5), A. Ethier (3), J. Loney (2), J. Bard (1)
SF: J. Loney
GIDP: A. Ethier
SB: D. Gordon (2), M. Kemp 2 (2), T. Gwynn Jr. (1)
Los Angeles Dodgers
A. Harang 5.0844057.20
K. Jansen (H, 2)1.0422016.75
S. Elbert0.0011104.50
R. De La Rosa (BS, 1)1.0100026.00
M. MacDougal (L, 0-1)1.0011209.00
T. Coffey0.1100000.00
San Diego Padres
Maybin, CF512001.533
Bartlett, SS522101.313
Alonso, 1B333320.400
Quentin, LF501201.313
Headley, 3B513101.267
Hundley, C401000.333
Venable, RF400001.200
Thatcher, P000000.000
Street, P000000.000
Bass, P000000.000
Hudson, 2B400002.053
Moseley, P100001.000
Hainey, P000000.000
Guzman, PH111000.364
Cashner, P000000.000
Baker, PH101100.250
Frieri, P000000.000
Owings, P000000.000
Kotsay, RF000010.000
2B: C. Headley (1), C. Quentin (1), J. Guzman, J. Bartlett (1)
3B: Y. Alonso (1)
HR: Y.Alonso (1)
RBI: C. Headley (2), C. Quentin 2 (6), Y. Alonso 3 (3), J. Bartlett (5), J. Baker (1)
GIDP: N. Hundley
SB: C. Maybin (3), J. Bartlett (1)
E: J. Bartlett (2)
San Diego Padres
D. Moseley4.0150440.00
P. Hainey1.0200000.00
A. Cashner1.0311019.00
E. Frieri0.2000210.00
M. Owings1.0200000.00
J. Thatcer (H, 3)0.1000000.00
H. Street (BS, 1)0.2211104.50
A. Bass (W, 1-0)0.10000110.80

Dynasty: MikeFlu
02:30 PM - March 21, 2012. Written by cepelkey
The San Antonio Spurs acquired the rights of Forward Chuck Pelkey leading into the 2009 season. CP, as he is known to friends, colleagues and team mates, joined the Spurs after a stint in the US Army. The team expects him to be a great addition to the roster.
Dynasty: cepelkey
Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres
Apr 7, 2012123456789RHE
Los Angeles (1-2)1210000004111
San Diego (2-1)00082002X12111
W: Paul Hainey (1-0) L: Ted Lilly (0-1) S: N/A
Scoring Summary
LAD1Ethier flied to left for a single. Kennedy scores. Kemp advances to 2nd.1 0
LAD2Gordon grounded and deflected off right fielder Venable for a single. Ellis scores. Bard advances to 3rd.20
LAD2Kennedy hit a sacrifice fly to Quentin (SF7). Bard scores.30
LAD3Loney homered to center.40
SDG4Hundley homered to center. Quentin scores.42
SDG4Maybin lined to left for a single. Headley scores. Hudson advances to 2nd.43
SDG4Bartlett grounded to center for a single. Hudson scores. Maybin advances to 2nd.44
SDG4Quentin homered to left. Maybin scores. Bartlett scores. Guzman scores.48
SDG5Venable doubled to center. Headley scores49
SDG5Maybin lined to right for a single. Venable scores.410
SDG8Hundley homered to left. Quentin scores.412
Los Angeles Dodgers
Gordon, SS402110.231
Kennedy, 3B310110.000
Kemp, CF402010.200
Ethier, RF502100.364
Loney, 1B511100.385
Sands, LF300010.125
Ellis, 2B412001.333
Bard, C212020.250
Lilly, P200001.000
Jansen, P000000.000
Gwynn, Jr, PH100001.000
De La Rosa, P000000.000
Guerrier, P000000.000
Elbert, P000000.000
Coffey, P000000.000
Rivera, PH100000.200
MacDougal, P000000.000
2B: A. Ethier (1)
3B: J. Bard (1)
HR: J. Loney (1)
RBI: D. Gordon (1), A. Ethier (2), J. Loney (1), A. Kennedy (1)
SF: A. Kennedy
GIDP: J. Rivera
SB: D. Gordon (1)
CS: D. Gordon 2 (2)
E: D. Gordon (1)
Los Angeles Dodgers
T Lilly (L, 0-1)3.2682454.91
K. Jansen0.1000000.00
R. De La Rosa1.0322029.00
M. Guerrier1.0000220.00
S. Elbert0.2000210.00
T. Coffey0.1000000.00
M. MacDougal1.0222019.00
San Diego Padres
Maybin, CF412210.600
Bartlett, SS311122.273
Guzman, 1B511002.300
Quentin, LF533401.364
Hundley, C322420.364
Headley, 3B321021.100
Hudson, 2B510001.067
Venable, RF511103.273
Bass, P000000.000
Alonso, PH100000.143
Hainey, P000000.000
Kotsay, PH100000.000
Owings, P000000.000
Baker, PH100000.000
Thatcher, P000000.000
Rhode, PH000010.000
Gregerson, P000000.000
Street, P000000.000
2B: W. Venable (2)
HR: C. Quentin (1), N. Hundley 2 (2)
RBI: W. Venable (3), C. Maybin 2 (2), C. Quentin 4 (4), N. Hundley 4 (5), J. Bartlett (4)
SB: C. Headley (1), C. Maybin 2 (2)
E: J. Bartlett (1)
San Diego Padres
A. Bass 3.08442212.00
P. Hainey (W, 1-0)1.0100100.00
M. Owings (H, 1)1.0100210.00
J. Thatcher (H, 2)2.0000000.00
L. Gregerson1.2000100.00
H. Street0.1100000.00

Dynasty: MikeFlu
Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres
Apr 6, 2012123456789RHE
Los Angeles (1-1)000004000470
San Diego (1-1)200100000390
W: Rubby De La Rosa (1-0) L: Cory Luebke (0-1) S: Javy Guerra (1)
Scoring Summary
SDG1Bartlett grounded to center for a single, Hudson scores.01
SDG1Hundley grounded to left for a single. Bartlett scores. Headley advances to 2nd.02
SDG4Luebke grounded out to Gordon (6-3). Venable scores. Maybin advances to 3rd.03
LAD6Rivera homered to left. Gordon scores. Kemp scores. Ethier scores.43
Los Angeles Dodgers
Gordon, SS511000.111
Ellis, 2B501002.250
Kemp, CF210020.000
Ethier, RF210020.333
Rivera, LF411400.250
Loney, 1B403000.500
Uribe, 3B401000.250
Bard, C300010.000
Billingsley, P100000.000
Sands, PH100000.200
De La Rosa, P000000.000
Gwynn Jr, PH100000.000
Elbert, P000000.000
Jansen, P000000.000
Coffey, P000000.000
MacDougal, P000000.000
Kennedy, PH100001.000
Guerra, P000000.000
2B: J. Loney (2)
HR: J. Rivera (1)
RBI: J. Rivera 4 (4)
GIDP: J. Rivera
Los Angeles Dodgers
C. Billingsley4.0633266.75
R. De La Rosa (W, 1-0)1.0000000.00
S. Elbert (H, 1)0.2100010.00
K. Jansen (H, 1)0.1000010.00
T. Coffey (H, 1)1.0100110.00
M. MacDougal (H, 1)1.0100020.00
J. Guerra (S, 1)1.0000010.00
San Diego Padres
Hudson, 2B511003.100
Bartlettt, SS411110.250
Alonso, 1B501003.167
Quentin, LF301011.167
Headley, 3B400000.000
Hundley, C401103.250
Venable, RF311010.333
Maybin, CF403000.667
Luebke, P100100.000
Gregerson,, P000000.000
Frieri, P000000.000
Baker, PH100001.000
Owings, P000000.000
2B: C. Maybin (2), Y. Alonso (1)
3B: O. Hudson (1)
RBI: C. Luebke (1), N. Hundley (1), J. Bartlett (3)
SAC: C. Luebke
San Diego Padres
C. Luebke (L, 0-1)5.1444416.75
L. Gregerson0.2100100.00
E. Frieri2.0200000.00
M. Owings1.0000020.00

Dynasty: MikeFlu
12:24 PM - March 20, 2012. Written by BlueJays09
The Blue Jays announced that OF Travis Snider (AAA) would be traded along with OF Raja Davis, and CF Marcos Rodriguez (AAA) to Seattle for OF's Franklin Gutierrez, Trayvon Robinson, and Casper Wells. The Jays expect to send OF Ben Francisco down to AAA along with Omar Vizquel and bring up 2B Luis Valbuena to allow the trio of players to stay with the big club. Wells should overtake the CF spot and Robinson should take over Thames for the DH spot and backup some OF. The trio should play a lot due to this next deal:

In a separate move, Jays send OF Colby Rasmus, SP Andrew Carpenter (AAA) to the Padres for SP Corey Luebke. This give the Jays a more bulked up Rotation and allows them to open up spots for the newly acquired OF's from Seattle. SP Dustin McGowan will be sent to AAA to make room
Dynasty: BlueJays09
11:11 AM - March 20, 2012. Written by Sportsfan0290
Game 1 USA at Washington Wizards/Youth Squad

This one was a closely contested game from the start to the end. Possibly the best defense we'll see all season dispite the high scoring. Team USA came back from 8 to tie it up. Though in the end the Youth Squad won the game in the end thanks to free throws. Coach Saunders had this to say "it's an amazing win, I mean when you beat a team with multiple all-stars, and MVP's that's sending a message". Leading the way for the Youth Squad were Tyreke Evans who had 16 points, John Wall with 16 points, DeMarcus Cousins 13 points with 7 rebounds and James Harden had 10 points. For Team USA Kevin Durant had 28 points off the bench, LeBron James 9 points 7 assists, Dwight Howard 8 points 5 rebounds 4 assists, and Chris Paul had 6 points. The final score for Team USA in this won was a 56-48 loss as they start the season 0-1.

Game 2 Team USA/New Jersey vs Detroit Pistons

Team USA came into this game with a lot of optimism and looked to get their first win and first home win of the season. This game was a lot closer then some thought it would be. The pistons hung on until the very end but a couple unforced errors gave Team USA their first win of the season. For Detroit Rodney Stucky had 16 points with 8 assists, Tayshaun Prince had 13, and Jason Maxiel had 9 points with 6 rebounds. For Team USA Kevin Durant had 14 points off the bench, Dwyane Wade had 8 points, LeBron James had 6 with 5 rebounds and 4 assists, and Kobe Bryant had just 5 points. Team USA won 60-56 and move to 1-1 for the season.

Game 3 vs Team USA vs Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks just wouldn't go away against Team USA. They gave it everything they could till the very end. The Bucks at one point had the lead but after that Team USA ended up clinching it with free throws to win the game. Kevin Love on the game had this to say "you know we just kept on hustling more and playing harder then them to get the win and it feels great even this early in the season". For Milwaukee Stephen Jackson had 15 points while Drew Gooden had 10 points and 6 Rebounds. For Team USA Kevin Love had 13 points and 6 rebounds, Kevin Durant had another impressive night off the bench with 11 points, LeBron James had 10 points, Dwight Howard had 11 points and 6 rebounds. Team USA won 58-46 and move to 2-1 for the season.

Game 4 Team USA at Dallas/Youth Squad

Dallas's youth squad almost made it feel like Deja vu for Team USA. However this time it was the opposite as even though Kyrie Irving gave Dallas a lead late in the fourth quarter Team USA made one more streak to get the W. Kyrie Irving had 16 points and Roy Hibbert had 10 points which both lead in scoring for the dallas youth squad. Kevin Durant had 15 points, Dwyan Wade had 10 points, Derrick Rose had 9 points, Dwight Howard had 6 points and 5 rebounds while LeBron James and Chauncey Billups had 5 assists. Team USA beat Dallas Youth Squad 61-58.

Team USA move to 3-1 for the season make sure to stay tuned for more updates throughout this Olympic All-Star World Dynasty as the next four five games results will be on the road against the Miami Heat, home vs the Minnesota Timberwolves, on the road at the Oklahoma City Thunder All-Stars, and on the road at the New Orleans Hornets.

Dynasty: Sportsfan0290
04:30 AM - March 20, 2012. Written by Str8Edge4Life
Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays
Mar 20, 2012123456789RHE
Baltimore (CPU)030001000491
Tampa Bay (Me)02022000x6121
W: David Price L: Zach Britton S: Kyle Farnsworth
Scoring Summary
BAL2Mark Reynolds 2 Run Home Run; Adam Jones Scores20
BAL2Chris Davis Solo Home Run30
TAM2Luke Scott Reaches on Error; Ben Zobrist Scores31
TAM2Sean Rodriguez RBI Single; Matt Joyce Scores32
TAM4Jose Molina RBI Single; Ben Zobrist Scores33
TAM4Desmond Jennings RBI Single; Luke Scott Scores34
TAM5Sam Fuld RBI Single; Carlos Pena Scores35
TAM5Luke Scott Sacrifice Fly; Ben Zobrist Scores36
BAL6Mark Reynolds RBI Single; Nick Markakis Scores46
Baltimore Orioles
Brian Roberts, 2B3010100.333
J.J. Hardy, SS4000000.000
Nick Markakis, RF4110000.250
Adam Jones, CF4130000.750
Matt Wieters, C3000120.000
Mark Reynolds, 3B4133011.750
Wilson Betemit, DH4000010.000
Chris Davis, 1B4111011.250
Nolan Reimold, LF3000000.000
TEAM TOTALS33494252.273
2B: A. Jones
HR: M. Reynolds. C. Davis
RBI: M. Reynolds 3, C. Davis
GIDP: W. Betemit
E: J.J. Hardy
Tampa Bay Rays
Desmond Jennings, LF4011010.250
B.J. Upton, CF4000000.000
Evan Longoria, 3B3010100.333
Carlos Pena, 1B4110010.250
Ben Zobrist, 2B4330000.750
Matt Joyce, RF11100001.000
Sam Fuld, RF3011000.333
Luke Scott, DH3111010.333
Sean Rodriguez, SS4021010.500
Jose Molina, C4011000.250
TEAM TOTALS346125140.353
RBI: D. Jennings, L. Scott, S. Rodriguez, J. Molina, S. Fuld
SF: L. Scott
GIDP: C. Pena, J. Molina
E: S. Rodriguez
Baltimore Orioles
Zach Britton (L)4.1116612012.46
Troy Patton3.21000200.00
TEAM TOTALS8.012661406.75
Tampa Bay Rays
David Price (W)6.08442426.00
Jake McGee (H)1.00000000.00
Fernando Rodney (H)1.00000100.00
Kyle Farnsworth (SV)1.01000000.00
TEAM TOTALS9.09442524.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
02:46 AM - March 20, 2012. Written by MikeFlu
Los Angeles Dodgers 2012 Schedule
Apr 5at San Diego Lost, 5-2
Apr 6at San DiegoWon, 4-3
Apr 7at San DiegoLost, 12-4
Apr 8at San DiegoLost, 8-7
Apr 10vs PittsburghLost, 7-1
Apr 11vs PittsburghWon, 5-2
Apr 12vs PittsburghWon, 8-4
Apr 13vs San DiegoLost, 6-2
Apr 14vs San DiegoWon, 2-1
Apr 15vs San DiegoWon, 2-1
Apr 17at MilwaukeeWon, 3-1
Apr 18at MilwaukeeWon, 14-4
Apr 19at MilwaukeeWon, 4-3
Apr 20at HoustonLost, 6-4
Apr 21at HoustonLost, 13-1
Apr 22at HoustonLost, 8-2
Apr 23vs AtlantaWon, 6-3
Apr 24vs AtlantaWon, 3-2
Apr 25vs AtlantaLost, 4-1
Apr 27vs WashingtonWon, 4-1
Apr 28vs WashingtonLost, 7-6
Apr 29vs WashingtonWon, 5-1
Apr 30at ColoradoWon, 8-2
Dynasty: MikeFlu
Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres
Apr 5, 2012123456789RHE
Los Angeles (0-1)000101000252
San Diego (1-0)00200300X570
W: Edinson Volquez (1-0) L: Clayton Kershaw (0-1) S: Huston Street (1)
Scoring Summary
SDG3Bartlett homered to left. Hudson scores.02
LAD4Ellis doubled to center. Ethier scores.12
LAD6Ethier homeered to center.22
SDG6Headley reached first on a fielding error by Kemp (E8). Guzman scores. Quentin advances to 3rd. Maybin advances to 2nd.23
SDG6Venable doubled on a ground rule double. Quentin scores. Maybin scores. Headley advances to 2n.25
Los Angeles Dodgers
Gordon, SS400000.000
Kennedy, 3B300011.000
Kemp, CF400001.000
Ethier, RF422100.500
Loney, 1B401001.250
Sands, LF401003.250
Ellis, 2B301110.333
Bard, C300002.000
Kershaw, P200001.000
Elbert, P000000.000
Gwynn, Jr, PH100000.000
Jansen, P000000.000
Guerrier, P000000.000
Coffey, P000000.000
2B: M. Ellis (1), J. Loney (1), J. Sands (1)
HR: A. Ethier (1)
RBI: M. Ellis (1), A. Ethier (1)
E: M. Kemp (1), J. Sands (1)
Los Angeles Dodgers
C. Kershaw (L, 0-1)5.1553355.06
S. Elbert0.2100020.00
K. Jansen1.0000020.00
M. Guerrier0.1100200.00
T. Coffey0.2000010.00
San Diego Padres
Hudson, 2B510001.000
Bartlett, SS411201.250
Guzman, 1B412001.500
Quentin, LF310011.000
Hundley, C401003.250
Maybin, CF211020.500
Headley, 3B300110.000
Venable, RF301211.333
Volquez, P201000.500
Alonso, PH100001.000
Frieri, P000000.000
Thatcher, P000000.000
Baker, PH100001.000
Street, P000000.000
2B: W. Venable (1), C. Maybin (1)
HR: J. Bartlett (1)
RBI: W. Venable 2 (2), C. Headley (1), J. Bartlett 2 (2)
GIDP: O. Hudson
San Diego Padres
E. Volquez (W, 1-0)6.0422283.00
E. Frieri (H, 1)1.0000000.00
J. Thatcher (H, 1)1.0000000.00
H. Street (S, 1)1.0100020.00

Dynasty: MikeFlu
02:30 AM - March 20, 2012. Written by MikeFlu
Los Angeles Dodgers Opening Day 25-man Roster
22Clayton KershawSPL/L236'3"21413.5M
29Ted LillySPL/L366'1"1956.4M
35Chris CapuanoSPL/L336'3"2243.0M
41Rubby DeLaRosaSPR/R226'1"185490K
44Aaron HarangSPR/R336'7"2614.1M
54Javy GuerraCPR/R266'0"205490K
55Matt GuerrierRPR/R336'3"1952.0M
57Scott ElbertRPL/L266'1"210490K
58Chaad BillingsleySPR/R276'1"2407.3M
60Todd CofeyRPR/R316'4"2411.2M
66Mike MacDougalRPS/R346'4"1851.9M
74Kenley JansenRPS/R246'5"257500K
18Matt TreanorCR/R 356'0"205100K
34Josh BardCS/R336'3"225250K
3Adam Kennedy3BL/R366'1"195400K
5Juan Uribe3BR/R325'11"230400K
6Jerry Hairston, Jr.2BR/R355'10"190710K
7James Loney1BL/L276'2"204980K
9Dee GordonSSL/R235'11"150490K
14Mark Ellis2BR/R345'10"1852.2M
10Tony Gwynn, Jr.CFL/R295'11"193975K
16Andre EthierRFL/L296'2"2054.2M
21Juan RiveraLFR/R336'2"2301.6M
23Jerry SandsLFR/R246'4"225490K
27Matt KempCFR/R276'3"22014.5M
Dynasty: MikeFlu
12:15 AM - March 20, 2012. Written by BlueJays09
Wow, the Jays have been unbeatable these last few games with a 12-2 record In this set of games, Chacin threw a PERFECT GAME against the Rays, and the bats were going vs. the Yankees in their first meeting of the season just destroying them 10-0. The game against the Mets was a bit closer in a 5-1 victory. Adam Lind has been a beast and now has 9 HR on the season. Its hard to tell if this pace for the Jays will keep up, so stay tuned!

Game 12: Blue Jays 6, Rays 0:
W: Chacin (2-1), L: Shields (2-1)
Blue Jays:
Escobar - 2/3 2RBI, R
Johnson - 1/3 R
Bautista - 2/2 RBI, R
Lind - 1/2 HR(7), 3RBI, R
Rasmus - 1/2 2B, R
Francisco - 0/0 BB, R
Chacin - 5IP 0H, 0ER, 2L!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shields - 1IP 4H, 4ER

Wow, the first perfect game I have ever played on a baseball game using the same difficulty sliders I have always used. I was wondering if this was a bit unrealistic but I noticed that the Jays are ranked 91 overall and realized that they have a good rated team in this game and a nice lineup. Since this is a fantasy franchise I do want to win and not loose so I am good with it. For the offense, 4 of the runs came in inning 1, as the Jays chased Shields from the game starting with a Bautista RBI single followed by a Lind 3 Run HR. Escobar drove in 2 Runs with a single later in the 4th to end the game 6-0 Jays.

Game 13: Blue Jays 10, Yankees 0:
W: Alvarez (2-0), L: Kuroda (1-2)
Blue Jays:
Escobar - 1/2 2RBI, R
Bautista - 2/3 2R
Lind - 3/3 HR(8), 2RBI, 2R
Lawrie - 3/3 RBI, 3B, 2R
Cuddyer - 1/3 2RBI, 2B, R
Arencieba - 2/3 2RBI, R
Rasmus - 1/3 RBI, R, 2B, SB
Alvarez - 4IP 3H, 0ER, 3K
Kuroda - 1.2IP 7H, 6ER, BB
Robertson - 1.2IP 8H, 3ER

- The Bats really shook up the Yankees as they had no answer for Toronto in the first meeting between these 2 teams. Alvarez pitched a 3 hit shutout and fanned 3. The team got to Kuroda first and then Robertson as neither could stop the offense. 2nd Inning it all fell apart for New York as Lind got it started with a 2-Run HR, followed by a Cuddyer 2 RBI single, Arencieba 2 RBI single and Rasmus RBI double to make it 7-0. The rest came in the 4th as Escobar hit a 2 RBI single, and Lawrie drove in 1 Run with his triple.

Game 14: Blue Jays 5, Mets 1:
W: Cecil (2-0), L: Mejia (0-1) SV: Cordero (1)
Blue Jays:
Bautista - 1/2 HR(3), RBI, R
Lind - 2/2 HR(9), RBI, 2R
Arencieba - 1/2 HR(3), 2RBI, R
Rasmus - 1/2 R, 3B
Thames - 1/2 RBI
Cecil - 3.2IP 2H, 1ER, 1K
Wright - 1/2 HR, RBI, R
Mejia - 4IP 8H, 5ER

- The Jays continue this massive winning streak behind Cecils 3.2 inning 1 Run game while only allowing 2 hits, 1 which was at the expense of a Wright Solo HR in the 4th. In the 1st, Lind and Bautista each hit Solo HR's, and Lind's was his 3rd consecutive HR and number 9 on the season. Later in the 4th, after Wright HR made it 2-1, the Jays answered with Arencieba's 2 Run HR, and Thames RBI single to drive in Rasmus who was on 3rd from a triple. Final score 5-1.
Toronto Blue Jays Season Stats:
SS Yunel Escobar - .395, 0HR, 5RBI, 9R, 0SB
2B Kelly Johnson - .324, 2HR, 4RBI, 5R, 0SB
OF/3B Jose Bautista - .480, 3HR, 5RBI, 8R, 0SB
1B Adam Lind - .588, 9HR, 20RBI, 14R, 0SB
3B/2B Brett Lawrie - .344, 2HR, 7RBI, 8R, 1SB
OF/INF Michael Cuddyer - .294, 2HR, 7RBI, 4R, 0SB
C JP Arencieba - .333, 3HR, 11RBI, 5R, 0SB
OF Colby Rasmus - .258, 2HR, 3RBI, 8R, 1SB
OF/DH Eric Thames - .455, 0HR, 1RBI, 0R, 0SB
OF/DH Ben Francisco - .278, 0HR, 2RBI, 2R, 0SB
2B/3B Omar Vizquel - .000, 0HR, 0RBI, 1R, 0SB
OF Raja Davis - .000, 0HR, 0RBI, 2R, 3SB
C Jeff Mathis - .000, 0HR, 0RBI, 0R, 0SB
SP Rickey Romero (3-0) - 12IP, 0.75ERA, 14K
SP Jhoulys Chacin (2-1) - 12.2IP, 1.42ERA, 6K
SP Henderson Alvarez (2-0) - 10.1IP, 2.61ERA, 8K
SP Brett Cecil (2-0) - 9.1IP, 0.96ERA, 4K
SP Dustin McGowan (1-0) - 3.2IP, 0.00ERA, 4K
CL Sergio Santos (0-0, 4SV) - 4.2IP, .000ERA, 1K
SU Francisco Cordero (0-1, 1SV, 1H) - 3.1IP, 8.10ERA, 2K
SU Casey Janssen (0-0, 0H) - 3.1IP, .000ERA, 4K
MR Darren Oliver (1-0, 1H) - 2.1IP, 3.86ERA, 2K
MR Kyle McClellan (0-0) - 3IP, 3.00ERA, 5K
MR Jason Frasor (1-0) - 2IP, .000ERA, 4K
LR Carlos Villanueva (1-0) - 3.2IP, .000ERA, 4K

Minor League Notable Stats:
OF Travis Snider - .400, 0HR, 0RBI, R, 0SB
OF/INF Mike McCoy - .342, 1HR, 10RBI, 3R, 1SB
DH Ed French - .324, 2HR, 6RBI, 5R, 1SB
SS Elliot Johnson - .265, 0HR, 3RBI, 1R, 3SB
2B Luis Valbuena - .238, 0R, 3RBI, 4R, 0SB
1B David Cooper - .217, 1HR, 2RBI, 4R, 0SB
C Travis D'Arnaud - .195, 0HR, 5RBI, 4R, 0SB
OF Mike Cameron - .194, 1HR, 1RBI, 4R, 0SB
SS/3B Chris Woodward - .162, 0HR, 2RBI, 3R, 1SB
SP Brad Penny (1-1) - 10IP, 5.40ERA, 8K
SP Aaron Laffey (1-1) - 15.1IP, 3.52ERA, 14K
SP Andrew Carpenter (1-2) - 15IP, 2.40ERA, 12 K
SP Kyle Davies (2-2) - 18.1IP, 1.96ERA, 18K
SP/RP Nelson Figueroa (2-0) - 9.2IP, 2.79ERA, 11K
SP Kyle Drabek (0 Games Played)
MR Jesse Chavez (0-1) - 6.1IP, 5.68ERA, 4K
CL Luis Perez (0-0, 3SV) - 3IP, .000ERA, 4K

American League Standings:
1) Toronto Blue Jays 12-2 - 0GB
2) Boston Red Sox 10-4 - 2GB
3) New York Yankees 7-7 - 5GB
4) Tampa Bay Rays 7-7 - 5GB
5) Baltimore Orioles 5-9 - 7GB
1) Cleveland Indians 8-6
2) Chicago White Sox 5-9
3) Detroit Tigers 5-9
4) Minnesota Twins 4-10
5) Kansas City Royals 2-12
1) Oakland Athletics 9-5
2) Texas Rangers 8-6
3) Seattle Mariners 8-6
4) LA Angels 8-6

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Monday, March 19, 2012
08:05 PM - March 19, 2012. Written by Str8Edge4Life
Oakland Athletics at Minnesota Twins
Mar 19, 2012123456789RHE
Oakland (CPU)0400010005111
Minnesota (Me)1000130027160
W: Glen Perkins L: Grant Balfour
Scoring Summary
MIN1Justin Morneau RBI Double; Jamey Carroll Scores01
OAK2Adam Rosales 2 Run Single; Brandon Allen and Kurt Suzuki Score21
OAK2Cliff Pennington RBI Single; Daric Barton Scores31
OAK2Jemile Weeks RBI Single; Adam Rosales Scores41
MIN5Danny Valencia Solo Home Run42
OAK6Daric Barton Solo Home Run52
MIN6Josh Willingham 2 Run Single; Jamey Carroll and Justin Morneau Score54
MIN6Danny Valencia RBI Double; Josh Willingham Scores55
MIN9Justin Morneau Walk-Off 2 Run Home Run; Joe Mauer Scores57
Oakland Athletics
Jemile Weeks, 2B5021000.400
Coco Crisp, CF4010020.250
Josh Reddick, RF4000000.000
Seth Smith, LF4010000.250
Brandon Allen, DH4110010.250
Kurt Suzuki, C4120000.500
Daric Barton, 1B4221001.500
Adam Rosales, 3B4112000.250
Cliff Pennington, SS4011000.250
TEAM TOTALS375115031.297
2B: S. Smith
HR: D. Barton
RBI: J. Weeks, D. Barton, A. Rosales 2, C. Pennington
E: D. Barton
Minnesota Twins
Denard Span, CF5000040.000
Jamey Carroll, SS5230000.600
Joe Mauer, C5110000.200
Justin Morneau, 1B5243001.800
Josh Willingham, RF4112020.250
Ryan Doumit, DH4020000.500
Tsuyoshi Nishioka, PR-DH0000000.000
Danny Valencia, 3B4122001.500
Alexi Casilla, 2B4000000.000
Ben Revere, LF4030000.750
TEAM TOTALS407167062.400
2B: J. Mauer, J. Morneau 2, D. Valencia
HR: J. Morneau, D. Valencia
RBI: J. Morneau 3, J. Willingham 2, D. Valencia 2
SB: B. Revere
CS: B. Revere
Oakland Athletics
Bartolo Colon5.19550418.44
Joey Devine (BS)0.21000000.00
Jerry Blevins1.02000100.00
Ryan Cook1.02000100.00
Grant Balfour (L)0.122200154.00
TEAM TOTALS8.116770627.56
Minnesota Twins
Carl Pavano2.074402018.00
Brian Duensing4.03110112.25
Anthony Swarzak1.01000000.00
Glen Perkins (W)2.00000000.00
TEAM TOTALS9.011550315.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
07:31 PM - March 19, 2012. Written by datszatta


October 20, 2012 @ HP Pavilion
Three Stars
H. Zetterberg(det)1g, 2a
T. Tatar(det)2 goals
N. Kronwall(det)

Scoring Summary
DET1:36- T. Tatar(3)- H. Zetterberg, V. Filppula
DET2:58- C. Emmerton(1)- G. Nyquist, N. Kronwall
DET7:43- J. Abdelkader(2)- N. Kronwall, H. Zetterberg
DET2:00- T. Tatar(4)- I. White
SJS1:02- M. Havlat(4)- D. Boyle
DET18:44- H. Zetterberg(1)- N. Lidstrom