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Friday, July 13, 2012
01:56 PM - July 13, 2012. Written by Von Jenkins

(Fayetteville,AR) Yes, Arkansas won big. BUT! Where is the passing game? Tyler Wilson throws a pick early in the game and they don't call a pass play the rest of the game? What will happen when the Razorbacks go on the road and cannot move the football on the ground or if they had a large deficit to overcome? I understand a win is a win, but Arkansas is getting by only because of the run game.

On the other side of the ball, the defense played exceptional getting three interceptions and a sack. It's hard to say anything bad about the defense right now. Let's hope they can continue to play tough and physical when they are on the field more. Rutgers only had the ball for 4:27. Some would say all that matters is the W, but a storm is coming and will the Hogs survive.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights at Arkansas Razorbacks
Sep 22, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Rutgers Scarlet Knights (3-1)00000
#3 Arkansas Razorbacks (4-0)14103330
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense52285
Rushing Yards2231
Passing Yards5054
First Downs215
Punt Return Yards038
Kick Return Yards042
Total Yards52365
3rd Down Converstion1-5 (20%)5-8 (62%)
4th Down Conversion--
2-Point Conversion--
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals0-0-04-2-2
Posession Time4:2723:32
Scoring Summary
6:25(ARK) TD: M. Humphrey, 23 Yd pass from T. Wilson07
2:11(ARK) TD: K. Small, 5 Yd run014
5:32(ARK) TD: K. Small, 3 Yd run021
0:14(ARK) FG: Z. Hocker, 33 Yd 024
3:24(ARK) FG: Z. Hocker, 39 YD027
2:13(ARK) FG: Z. Hocker, 19 Yd030
Rutgers Scarlet Knights
C. Dodd6/183703
J. Doerner1/11300
J. Jamison3155.00
J. Jamison22010.00
Q. Pratt11111.00
B. Coleman133.00
P. Carrezola1000
M. Robinson11313.00
M. Burton133.00
B. Bujari10
K. Johnson10
D. Hendrickson10
J. Jamison10
R. Dill01
S. Beauharnais13000
D. Harmon2010
J. Doerner313633.00
Arkansas Razorbacks
T. Wilson3/55411
K. Davis19914.70
K. Small221406.32
M. Humphrey25025.01
K. Davis144.00
A. Bailey20
C. Gragg10
L. Charpentier10
J. Mitchell3010
T. Michael1010
D. McKinney1010
C. Smith1100
Z. Hocker3/33/31239
C. Hamilton14242.00
K. Davis33812.60
Dynasty: Von Jenkins
01:30 PM - July 13, 2012. Written by Von Jenkins
(Fayetteville,AR) The most shocking development in this young season is not the major injury to Matt Barkley (partially torn ACL - 7 weeks), but the fact the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide are 1-2. The Tide was up 24-21 in the 4th quarter on Michigan and let the lead slip, losing 35-24. They bounced back to clobber Western Kentucky (0-3), 48-7. But then, go to D.W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium and get absolutely demolished. Arkansas was in control the whole game. "I couldn't believe the holes that were open. It seemed like they (Alabama) were blitzing every play and somehow we would block it just right and myself, KD or DJ would break a big one," senior fullback Kiero Small said.

The three turnovers were drive killers with one pass in particular being intercepted as Alabama was moving the ball with force. It was obvious Coach Jenkins wanted to keep the ball out of the hands of the Crimson Tide offense. The Hogs milked the clock and ran the ball creating the bleak situation that the Tide found themselves in going into the 4th quarter. "It feels really good to finally have us beat the Nick Saban coached Alabama team. We cannot stand that school and finally are making this a decent rivalry instead of being Bama's doormat," Coach Jenkins chuckling with ESPN.

Alabama Crimson Tide at Arkansas Razorbacks
Sep 15, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
#9 Alabama Crimson Tide (1-2)07007
#6 Arkansas Razorbacks (3-0)7147735
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense252418
Rushing Yards75409
Passing Yards1779
First Downs1118
Punt Return Yards819
Kick Return Yards045
Total Yards260482
3rd Down Converstion2-6 (33%)5-7 (71%)
4th Down Conversion--
2-Point Conversion--
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1-1-04-4-0
Posession Time7:2920:31
Scoring Summary
3:22(ARK) TD: K. Davis, 20 Yd run07
6:57(ARK) TD: C. Hamilton, 1 Yd pass from T. Wilson014
5:47(ALA) TD: E. Lacy, 2 Yd run714
1:15(ARK) TD: C. Gragg, 3 Yd pass from T. Wilson721
3:04(ARK) TD: K. Small, 5 Yd run728
4:39(ARK) TD: K. Small, 7 Yd run735
Alabama Crimson Tide
A. McCarron12/2417702
E. Lacy8587.21
J. Fowler3186.00
M. Williams44511.20
K. Norwood34615.30
E. Lacy2105.00
K. Bell26432.00
B. Vogler11212.00
A. Steen50
K. Williams10
M. Williams10
C. Warmack10
N. Johnson11000
J. Shelley1/11
C. Mandell27930.00
C. Jones188.00
Arkansas Razorbacks
T. Wilson3/4920
K. Small231406.02
D. Johnson44912.20
K. Davis1822012.21
C. Hamilton111.01
C. Gragg133.01
J. Herndon155.00
C. Gragg20
B. Cook10
J. Peacock10
A. Tate10
P. Holmes4000
J. Mitchell4000
E. Bennett7010
E. Redmon4010
Z. Hocker5/55
Z. Hocker28036.01
K. Davis12828.00
C. Hamilton11717.00
K. Davis2199.50
Dynasty: Von Jenkins
11:01 AM - July 13, 2012. Written by Von Jenkins

(Jonesboro,AR) Arkansas State's inability to convert on third down may not have been the sole reason they lost, but it didn't help (3-12). The Hogs defense seemed to be all over the field as they intercepted Ryan Aplin three times. Neither team could punch it in the end zone consistently as there were empty red zone trips.

Dennis Johnson had a great game on the ground going over 100 yards. Surprising senior fullback, Keiro Small is contributing huge plays, adding 2 touchdowns. "We have got to get more pressure on the quarterback. We only came up with a couple sacks this week against a team that is no where near the talent level of the Alabama's and LSU's," comments from Arkansas coach Von Jenkins. Arkansas takes an Alabama team next week that lost to Michigan in the opening week.

Arkansas Razorbacks at Arkansas State Red Wolves
Sep 8, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
#7 Arkansas Razorbacks (2-0)14100731
Arkansas State Red Wolves (0-2)00303
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense408233
Rushing Yards23775
Passing Yards171158
First Downs2012
Punt Return Yards220
Kick Return Yards4842
Total Yards478275
3rd Down Converstion4-10 (40%)3-12 (25%)
4th Down Conversion2-20-1
2-Point Conversion
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals7-3-14-0-1
Posession Time18:329:28
Scoring Summary
3:20(ARK) TD: K. Small, 0 Yd run70
2:07(ARK) TD: J. Horton, 34 Yd pass from T. Wilson140
2:58(ARK) TD: K. Small, 17 Yd run210
0:03(ARK) FG: Z. Hocker, 35 Yd run240
3:04(ARST) FG: B. Davis, 23 Yd243
2:05(ARK) TD: J. Herndon, 6 Yd pass from T. Wilson313
Arkansas Razorbacks
T. Wilson10/1715621
B. Mitchell3/31500
K. Davis13574.30
D. Johnson191105.70
K. Small10525.22
A. Tate2136.50
J. Horton25427.01
J. Herndon46215.51
C. Gragg122.00
K. Davis111.00
D. Johnson122.00
M. Humphrey12424.00
K. Small11313.00
A. Beck30
M. Danenhauer20
J. Peacock20
D. Hurd20
M. Linton11
R. Rasner3000
D. Winston4000
T. Williams9100
P. Holmes7010
C. Smith4100
T. Michael3010
E. Bennett2010
Z. Hocker1/24/4736
Z. Hocker29246.01
K. Davis12323.00
C. Hamilton12525.00
K. Davis22211.00
Arkansas State Red Wolves
R. Aplin17/3315803
S. Thorton771.00
M. Gordon6223.60
R. Aplin4358.70
F. Jackson11111.00
T. Stockemer57014.00
A. Muse4246.00
J. Jarboe34515.00
M. Gordon284.00
S. Thorton2-9-4.50
E. Lucas12020.00
Z. McKnight31
A. Wright20
K. Murray10
K. Rains10
C. Mitchell01
D. Jones4010
T. Starson7100
B. Davis1/1-123
R. Wilburn417839.01
T. Stockemer24221.00
Dynasty: Von Jenkins
08:02 AM - July 13, 2012. Written by Cletus
"The 1996 season is underway here in Tampa Bay. Bradley wins the draw back, to Hamrlik, passes to Klima. Klima enters the zone, meets the defense then retreats to center ice and drops it to Shaw. Shaw passes it up to Selivanov at the blue line, Alexander gets a step on the defenseman cuts toward the net, backhand, GOAL!!!! Alexander Selivanov starts out the season with a goal!! 45 seconds into the season Lightning lead 1-0."
That's how the season would start for the Lightning, Selivanov assisted by David Shaw and Petr Klima. Later in the Period, the Isles would strike back. "Tampa on the pp for the first time this seaon, Bradley is out to take the draw and drops it back to Hamrlik. Hamrlik shoots save made and kicked out to Petr Klima. Klima gets it stolen by Scott Lachance who passes it to Muller. Muller clears it and it banks off the boards in on Puppa. Puppa, turns and kicks it in! Goal Islanders. It's tied 1-1" Definitely not Puppa's finest moment as the puck takes a direct bounce off the boards behind him and in.
The second period was filled with action, mostly for the Lightning as it started out with Rob Zamuner fighting with Steve Thomas. "Uh OH, here we go, It's Robbie Zamuner and Steve Thomas. Zamuner gets a couple of punches in as Thomas counters with 2 big jabs to Zamuner. Zamuner tugging on the jersey, levels Thomas with a couple of big punches! Zamuner wins this one easily and David Ortega of Ft. Myers wins a 20 dollar gift certificate from Hooters in our knock em out, grab a drink promotion congrats Mr. Ortega."
Tampa Bay would go on to score 3 goals in a span of 30 seconds during Zamuner's 5 minute major. Poulin scored on a nice pass by Chris Gratton. Selivanov got his second assisted by Bradley and Hamrlik. Capping off the second period scoring Bradley scored on a backhand assisted by Hamrlik and Puppa.
Tampa Bay clamped it down on defense in the third as Puppa played solid throughout the period. However, that didn't stop Steve Thomas from scoring, with an assist by Kirk Muller 6 minutes into the period. Selivanov had a chance at the hat trick with 5 seconds in the period but was denied on a slapshot. That's it from us here in Tampa as the Lightning win 4-2. Join us October 4th as your Lightning take on the Quebec Nordiques in the Great White North!
Dynasty: Cletus
07:08 AM - July 13, 2012. Written by Cletus
I did this as a read along so that people that wanted to read could instead of cluttering up my dynasty thread on the main board. So here we go!

August 25 1995...

It's time for a new season Lightning fans! Time for a new start from our team in Tampa. The 1995 campaign was one for hockey fans to forget, especially us down here in Lightning Land. As the NHL tries to put away memories of the lockout Tampa Bay is putting forth a huge effort to erase their last place finish. A lot of credit must be given to coach Terry Crisp and GM/President Phil Esposito on how far this expansion team has come in such a few years but neither are happy with last season's finish. Esposito is quoted as saying, "Last season was disastrous, we've made strides this offseason to make sure it doesn't happen. We've gotten more skill in the forward position and we are going to have very healthy competition for playing time."
That is very true as Esposito has brought in players such as Brian Bellows and Patrick Poulin to help out the younger players. Tampa Bay is also looking for a breakout year from Alexander Selivanov. The talented winger will be playing alongside team MVP Brian Bradley. Bradley says he's excited to see Selivanov grow as a player. "He's really got a nice scoring touch and is developing his all around game to help take some pressure off me offensively."
Defensively might be where this team struggles. Their top 6 defensemen are Roman Hamrlik, Bill Houlder, Cory Cross and whoever steps up. Hamrlik is starting to hit his young stride in the NHL and proving that he was worthy of being the 1st draft pick in franchise history.
Goalies should be solid this year with Daren Puppa returning to the keep pucks out. The veteran net minder is poised for a big year. "You know I've really trained hard this year and I think we're gonna have a good year. We picked ourselves up a solid backup and he's gonna relieve me some, just not too much." Daren is of course talking about Jeff Reese, picked up in a trade from Hartford. J.C. Bergeron is also there battling for the backup role.

It should be a fun season Lightning fans, and I expect to see everyone out at the Thunderdome on the 1st as your lightning take on the New York Islanders. Pregrame starts at 630 here on the Lightning Radio Network, followed by the game at 7. This is Bob Evans wrapping up this preseason look at the Tampa Bay Lightning.
Dynasty: Cletus
Thursday, July 12, 2012
10:40 PM - July 12, 2012. Written by cottageboy789
I may have made some bad trades, but I felt like a major roster movement was required.

To Tampa Bay:
Trevor Daley
Henrik Zetterberg
John Scott

To Columbus:
Trent Lofthouse
2017 3rd round pick

Analysis: I felt like Matt Finn was ready to step in to the top four, so Daley became expendable. Zetterberg was aging and either Huberdeau of Lofthouse should be able to anchor my new first line.

To Edmonton:
Marian Gaborik

To Columbus:
Jeff Skinner

Analysis: This trade was mostly about shaving cap space and getting younger.

To Washington:
Alexander Ovechkin

To Columbus:
Evander Kane
Dennis Wideman
2017 1st round pick
2017 2nd round pick
2018 3rd round pick

Analysis: I'm gonna be honest, I really don't know why I did this. Most likely because Ovechkin's contract was coming off next year and I was worried I wouldn't be able to resign him. In return I got a real solid left winger, a bounty of draft picks and Wideman, who was thrown in as salary.

To San Jose:
Dennis Wideman

To Columbus:
2017 1st round pick
2017 5th round pick
2017 6th round pick
2017 7th round pick

Analysis: Because Wideman wasn't needed, I traded him to a team that needed a defenseman. In return I got four more draft picks, although the last three were mostly for maximizing return, but they can prove valuable, as my 6th round pick in 2014 has blossomed into a prime defensive prospect.

Free Agents:
Ian White- To back my powerplay
Martin Erat- To provide some fourth line scoring

Another reason is to get my team to cap floor.
Dynasty: cottageboy789
09:57 PM - July 12, 2012. Written by Von Jenkins
Arkansas Razorbacks 2012 Early Commits Recruiting - 2012
Devin VanHBHSPrichard, AL6'1"205
Tom ClarkFBHSTyler, TX6'2"250

We are still in need of an OLB (2), MLB, DT, C, and P.

Prospects we are looking at:

(C) Ted Wade - 4* - Pomona, CA
(C) Joey Ruffin - 4* - Conway, SC

(DT) David Ruffin - 4* - Douglass Hills, KY
(DT) Brian Buckley - 4* - Parsippany-Troy, NJ

(OLB) John Harrell - 4* - Lancaster, TX
(OLB) Harvey Murphy - 3* - Harvey, IL

(MLB) Travis White - 4* - Saraland, AL
(MLB) Jerry Palmer - 4* - Seven Oaks, SC

(FS) Tim Parker - 4* - Metairie, LA
(FS) Will Busch - 3* - Zapata, TX

(P) Johnny Greco - 3* - El Reno, OK (also interested in Mizzou)
(P) Jason Kidd - 2* - Daleville, AL
(P) William Robinson - 3* - Temple, TX

(ATH) Brandon Wright - 5* - Colleyville,TX

(QB) Jason Lowe - 5* - Spring, TX

(WR) Brad Williams - 5* - Fultondale, AL
Dynasty: Von Jenkins
09:50 PM - July 12, 2012. Written by Zweihander
Here's what my team's gonna look like heading into the season. Made some changes, like usual.

Carolina Hurricanes
94Alex Galchenyuk236'2"19193USA (Sniper)
18Mike Richards325'11"19588Canada (2 way forward)
31Jarret Stoll356'1"21083Canada (2 way forward)
4Vincent Lecavalier376'4"20884Canada (Playmaker
29Alexander Semin326'2"20888Russia (Sniper)
86Teuvo Teravainen226'1"19694Finland (Playmaker)
93Johan Franzen376'3"22283Sweden (Power forward)
30Dustin Penner356'4"24582Canada (Power forward)
53Jeff Skinner255'11"19490Canada (Sniper)
24Vladislav Shalimov236'2"18785Russia (Playmaker)
26Brett Stovin226'2"19381Canada (2 way forward)
28Andreas Nodl306'1"19682Austria (Sniper)
32Sergey Bryzgalov256'2"20080Russia (Sniper)
65Erik Karlsson276'0"17690Sweden (OFD)
57Tyler Myers276'8"22891Canada (TWD)
7Brent Seabrook326'3"21892Canada (DFD)
2Olli Maatta236'2"20686Finland (TWD)
17Ryan Mcdonagh286'2"20584USA (TWD)
28Gordie White206'8"23287Canada (DFD)
40Robin Lehner266'3"23091Sweden
35Justin Peters316'1"21382Canada

Carolina Hurricanes Depth Chart - 2017-18
LWTeuvo Teravainen (94)Alexander Semin (88)Johan Franzen (83)Dustin Penner (82)
CAlex Galchenyuk (93)Mike Richards (88)Jarret Stoll (83)Vincent Lecavalier (84)
RWJeff Skinner (90)Vladislav Shalimov (85)Brett Stovin (81)Sergey Bryzgalov (80)
D #1Brent Seabrook (92)Erik Karlsson (90)Olli Maatta (86)
D #2Tyler Myers (91)Gordie White (87)Ryan McDonagh (84)
GRobin Lehner (91)Justin Peters (82)

Off Season

  • To Chicago: Karl Alzner, Darcy Ashley
  • To Carolina: Brent Seabrook
(Pretty good trade, Seabrook is only 3 years older than Alzner and is getting paid the same amount)

  • To Florida: Shawn Matthias, Michael Sauer
  • To Carolina: Jacob Markstrom

  • To Phoenix: 30th Overall pick in the draft, Jacob Markstrom, Joonas Donskoi
  • To Carolina: #1 Overall pick (Cedric Hodges LW Sniper, B B- A- potential. Hopefully can take over for Alex Semin in a few years)
Free Agency


Vincent Levcavalier
Johan Franzen
Doug Walter (22 year old Defensemen, B- A- B potential, 74 Overall)
Tyler Wedgewood (21 year old 2 Way Forward, A- B- B- potential, 74 Overall)


Eric Staal

Season Finally over, here were the stats.
Carolina Hurricanes Stats - 2017-18
Teuvo Teravainen8245428749976
Alex Galchenyuk8230558532538
Jeff Skinner8229548327452
Alexander Semin782435592666
Mike Richards7719405937264
Brent Seabrook828394736090
Tyler Myers809374641045
Erik Karlsson824394324310
Sergey Bryzgalov7121173823325
Brayden Schenn8315213619044
Olli Maatta8211203116167
Vladislav Shalimov741314371318
Brett Stovin78521266014
Vincent Lecavalier82914231228
Jarret Stoll70513180016
Gordie White727111821163
Dustin Penner8089177110
David Jones745914-1617
Ryan Mcdonagh821131425133
Johan Franzen538412-1314
Robin Lehner7043242.37.915
Mike Smith10632.46.905
Justin Peters6043.95.835

At the deadline, traded Kris Russell (Who I picked up from waivers) for Brayden Schenn and David Jones.

Team Stats
  • 1st Goals For (271)
  • 6th Goals Allowed (212)
  • 28th Power Play (14.2%) brutal....
  • 23rd Penalty Kill (80.2%)

49-26-7 105points
Presidents Trophy

Here's what my lines are looking like going into the playoffs. Richards is out till at least round 2 with an ACL strain.

Carolina Hurricanes Depth Chart - 2017-18
LWTeuvo TeravainenAlexander SeminBrett StovinDustin Penner
CAlex GalchenyukBrayden SchennVincent LecavalierJarret Stoll
RWJeff SkinnerVladislav ShalimovSergey BryzgalovDavid Jones
D #1Brent Seabrook Erik Karlsson Olli Maatta
D #2Tyler MyersGordie White Ryan McDonagh
GRobin LehnerJustin PetersMike Smith

Will face Ottawa for what feels like the 100th time.

Dynasty: Zweihander
09:30 PM - July 12, 2012. Written by Von Jenkins

(Lawrence,KS) Both teams had early season jitters as neither one could convert on a third down with any consistency. The downfall of Kansas was all the attempted options that were stuffed. The Arkansas defense also had several balls bounce out of their hands.

Offensively, Knile Davis looked very rusty as he could not get anything going. Dennis Johnson could not stop fumbling the ball with Kansas recovering one. Tyler Wilson made a couple bad reads and paid the price with two interceptions on throws that should have never happened. This was a decent win, but there is a lot of room for this team to grow and improve.

Arkansas Razorbacks at Kansas Jayhawks
Sep 1, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
#7 Arkansas Razorbacks (1-0)79141444
Kansas Jayhawks (0-1)078015
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense447123
Rushing Yards15452
Passing Yards29371
First Downs137
Punt Return Yards8313
Kick Return Yards9129
Total Yards621165
3rd Down Converstion2-8 (25%)2-14 (14%)
4th Down Conversion1-3 (33%)1-3 (33%)
2-Point Conversion0-01-1
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals4-3-01-0-0
Posession Time21:4712:44
Scoring Summary
3:31(ARK) TD: C. Hamilton, 12 Yd pass from T. Wilson70
6:09(ARK) Safety: Ark90
3:27(ARK) TD: J. Herndon, 17 Yd pass from T. Wilson160
0:11(KU) TD: K. Pick, 24 Yd pass from D. Crist167
3:58(ARK) TD: J. Herndon, 42 Yd pass from T. Wilson237
2:54(ARK) TD: J. Herndon, 43 Yd pass from T. Wilson307
2:05(KU) TD: G. Brown, returned fumble 42 Yds (2-Pt)3015
2:19(ARK) TD: D. Johnson, 35 Yd run3715
0:54(ARK) TD: K. Small, 1 Yd run4415
Arkansas Razorbacks
T. Wilson12/2329342
K. Davis11484.30
D. Johnson10686.81
K. Small10383.80
C. Hamilton26934.51
K, Davis273.50
J. Herndon412330.73
C. Gragg13131.00
M. Humphrey25728.50
M. Wade166.00
B. Cook10
C. Gragg10
J. Peacock10
A. Tate10
R. Rasner5100
B. Jones2200
T. Williams8200
T. Wright2100
C. Smith610*Safety
Z. Hocker6/66
Z. Hocker313239.61
K. Davis36521.60
C. Hamilton12626.00
K. Davis78311.80
Kansas Jayhawks
D. Crist7/237110
B. Jablonski0/1000
J. Sims16573.50
A. Turzilli166.00
K. Pick35016.61
J. Sims3165.30
J. Smith155.00
R. Spencer21
T. Hawkinson02
E. Fink01
T. Marrongelli01
D. Zlatnik01
D. Willis8010
H. Tharp2010
A. Mueller1/11
R. Doherty831926.80
K. Pick12929.00
D. Beshears11313.00
Dynasty: Von Jenkins
09:29 PM - July 12, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
Game 92 vs. LAA

This game was similar to that phrase you always see on a side-view mirror: things are closer than they appear.

The Tigers had to worry when the Angels came within one after the 6th. They responded, however, in the 7th, when Mark Trumbo homered and Geovany Soto had an RBI single.

The 9th was treacherous from Valverde. He loaded the bases, but no runs scored. Even if there is a save situation, he won't be used. Valverde threw 20 pitches.

Los Angeles Angels at Detroit Tigers
Jul 17, 2012123456789RHE
Los Angeles (45-46)0100020003111
Detroit (85-7)10300020X6110
W: Jordan Zimmermann (15-2) L: Jerome Williams (4-5) S: Jose Valverde (19)
Scoring Summary
DET1Adam Jones doubles. Hunter Pence scores.01
LAA2Kendry Morales homers to left-center.11
DET3Andre Ethier doubles. Hunter Pence scores.12
DET3Adam Jones homers to right-center. Andre Ethier scores.14
LAA6Howie Kendrick singles. Alberto Callaspo scores.24
LAA6Kendry Morales singles. Howie Kendrick scores. Albert Pujols to 3rd.34
DET7Mark Trumbo homers to left.35
DET7Geovany Soto singles. JJ Hardy scores.36
Los Angeles Angels
Erick Aybar4000010.284
Howie Kendrick4121000.246
Albert Pujols4020000.315
Kendry Morales4132001.268
Torii Hunter4010010.357
Alex Avila4010010.276
Vernon Wells4000010.179
Mike Trout4010020.228
Alberto Callaspo3110020.276
TEAM TOTALS353113081---
2B: M. Trout (13)
3B: A. Callaspo (4)
HR: K. Morales (17)
RBI: H. Kendrick (34), K. Morales 2 (49)
E: A. Callaspo (9)
Detroit Tigers
Hunter Pence4220000.270
Andre Ethier4121010.348
Adam Jones4123001.377
Prince Fielder4000000.431
Michael Morse4000000.332
Ian Kinsler4020000.290
Mark Trumbo3111001.258
JJ Hardy3110000.270
Geovany Soto3011000.312
TEAM TOTALS336116012---
2B: A. Ethier (25), JJ Hardy (19), A. Jones (36)
3B: H. Pence (5)
HR: A. Jones (29), M. Trumbo (4)
RBI: G. Soto (36), A. Ethier (49), A. Jones 3 (106), M. Trumbo (9)
CS: I. Kinsler 2 (13)
Los Angeles Angels
Jerome WIlliams (L)8.011660123.11
TEAM TOTALS8.01166012---
Detroit Tigers
Jordan Zimmermann (W)7.08330512.08
Jordan Walden (H)1.00000104.70
Jose Valverde1.03000201.47
TEAM TOTALS9.01133081---
Dynasty: jhendricks316
08:18 PM - July 12, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
Game 91 vs. LAA

Tensions escalated early in this one. Andre Ethier tripled in his 1st at bat; however, the next batter, Adam Jones, was likely intentionally hit in the shoulder.

In the top of the 2nd, Kendry Morales was plunked as well. The Angels ended the inning with a run on a sacrifice fly.

The Tigers continued to score in the second, and Andre Ethier was hit in his arm. That prompted a warning, but the struggling Ervin Santana was ejected.

Long reliever Danys Dallimore saved the Angels' pen by going 6 and 1/3 innings afterward.

Ricky Romero turned in another nice performance; I think he's making the turnaround.

Los Angeles Angels at Detroit Tigers
Jul 16, 2012123456789RHE
Los Angeles (45-45)010000000160
Detroit (84-7)34000012X10121
W: Ricky Romero (12-2) L: Ervin Santana (8-4)
Scoring Summary
DET1Prince Fielder hits a sacrifice fly. Andre Ethier scores.01
DET1Michael Morse homers to right. Adam Jones scores.03
LAA2Alberto Callaspo hits a sacrifice fly. Vernon Wells scores.13
DET2Geovany Soto triples. JJ Hardy scores.14
DET2Hunter Pence singles. Geovany Soto scores.15
DET2Prince Fielder hits into a fielder's choice. Hunter Pence scores. Andre Ethier to 3rd.16
DET2Michael Morse singles. Andre Ethier scores. Prince Fielder to 2nd.17
DET7Adam Jones singles. Andre Ethier scores.18
DET8Mark Trumbo homers to right.19
DET8Hunter Pence singles. JJ Hardy scores.110
Los Angeles Angels
Mike Trout4000020.228
Howie Kendrick4010000.243
Albert Pujols4010000.313
Vernon Wells4110010.181
Torii Hunter4010000.257
Kendry Morales3010010.263
Alberto Callaspo3001010.276
Alex Avila3000000.276
Chris Ianetta1000010.207
Erick Aybar3010010.287
TEAM TOTALS33161070---
2B: H. Kendrick (21), V. Wells (12)
HBP: K. Morales (2)
SF: A. Callaspo (1)
RBI: A. Callaspo (46)
Detroit Tigers
Hunter Pence5122000.267
Andre Ethier4320000.346
Adam Jones2111100.376
Prince Fielder3002000.435
Michael Morse4123001.335
Ian Kinsler4000010.288
Mark Trumbo4111021.250
JJ Hardy4230000.269
Geovany Soto4111010.312
TEAM TOTALS34101210142---
2B: A. Ethier (24), JJ Hardy 2 (18)
3B: G. Soto (3), A. Ethier (3)
HR: M. Morse (22), M. Trumbo (3)
HBP: A. Ethier (3), A. Jones (2)
SF: P. Fielder (4)
RBI: P. Fielder 2 (99), M. Morse 3 (57), G. Soto (35), A. Jones (103), H. Pence 2 (52), M. Trumbo (8)
SB: H. Pence (3)
E: M. Trumbo (1)
Los Angeles Angels
Ervin Santana (L)1.15770214.47
Danys Dallimor6.17331215.32
Rich Thompson0.10000004.50
TEAM TOTALS8.0121010142---
Detroit Tigers
Ricky Romero (W)7.26110602.74
Jordan Walden1.10000104.85
TEAM TOTALS9.0611070---
Dynasty: jhendricks316
07:09 PM - July 12, 2012. Written by crains13
MLB Standings - Updated: Jun 9, 2012
YANKEES 3821-284212
RED SOX 33286.0311278
RAYS 30308.5263254
BLUE JAYS 283210.5271275
ORIOLES 243614.5262276
WHITE SOX 3525-258242
INDIANS 32272.5290265
TIGERS 31304.5318282
TWINS 27338.0202255
ROYALS 27338.0235266
RANGERS 4317-308205
ANGELS 34279,5255207
ATHLETICS 283114,5250300
MARINERS 233820.5213286
MARLINS 4021-254192
BRAVES 33287.0230209
NATIONALS 32287.5237224
METS 233716.5195251
PHILLIES 233917.5225250
BREWERS 33271.0253228
CARDINALS 28336.5222245
ASTROS 243610.0199256
PIRATES 233610.5202250
DODGERS 3427-229169
ROCKIES 31282.0214219
PADRES 31303.0212232
GIANTS 26358.0195238
Dynasty: crains13
04:16 PM - July 12, 2012. Written by Von Jenkins

Starting tonight, a new dynasty will be created with Von Jenkins coaching at Arkansas and Colossus Crunch at Missouri. Jenkins and Crunch have quite the history as both have spoiled the other one's season: Crunch, a former assistant at Western Kentucky and Jenkins former assistant with Middle Tennessee State.

With the unexpected departure of Bobby Petrino and Gary Pinkel testing the waters in the NFL, the challenges for Jenkins and Crunch are enormous with already established programs. Will Arkansas finally nail the SEC title? Can Mizzou show that they belong in the nation's best conference? The first meeting between the Tigers and Hogs was back in 1908 with Mizzou leading the series, 3-2. The third win by Mizzou was an absolute blowout in the 2008 Cotton Bowl, 38-7.
Dynasty: Von Jenkins
03:58 PM - July 12, 2012. Written by crains13
Cincinnati, OH--- It only took one inning for the Reds to top off the Tigers for the second consecutive days. After trailing 4-0 in the 2nd inning, the Reds came back with a little offensive of their own. Drew Smyly ( 6.92, 4-5) struck out the first 3 of the four batters he faced but in the 2nd, Cincinnati made him pay; touching him up for 11 runs on 9 hits in just 1.1 innings." I've never seen anything like it," said Dusty Baker following the 11-4 win on Saturday. The Reds have only scored double digit runs twice in the 2012 season, both coming against St. Louis on April 9th and 10th. "To score that many runs after they put up 4 on us early was huge," said Jay Bruce who connected on a grand slam in the 2nd inning of the Reds win. Homer Bailey couldn't find his stuff in the 2nd and gave up 4 runs on 5 hits in the 2nd, and it looked like it was going to be a bullpen game for the Reds. Bailey managed to get through the 6th, thanks to the Reds productive offense. Justin Verlander ( 3.28, 5-5) will try to stop the Reds offense on Sunday, as the Tigers look to avoid the sweep. Johnny Cueto ( 2.56, 3-4) will take the mound as he looks to bounce back from a 2-1 loss to Pittsburgh in his last outing. First pitch is scheduled for 1:10, first 10,000 fans will receive a Brandon Phillips bobble-head..

Detroit Tigers at Cincinnati Reds
Jun 9, 2012123456789RHE
Detroit (30-30)0400000004121
Cincinnati (34-25)011000000x11132
W: H. Bailey (5-3) L: D. Smyly (4-5)
Detroit Tigers
A. Jackson CF501101.294
Q. Berry RF 501000.300
M. Cabrera 3B503100.348
P. Fielder 1B400010.300
D. Young LF501000.297
H. Perez SS412000.500
L. Marte P000000.000
D. Kelly 100000.230
G. Laird C411000.183
D. Worth 2B311011.304
D. Smyly 1112001.000
D. Below1010001.000
B. Boesch 100000.269
P. Coke P000000.000
R. Santiago SS100000.200
TEAM TOTALS404124220
RBI: Jackson, Cabrera, Smyly 2
GIDP: Young
E: Laird
Cincinnati Reds
Z. Cozart SS511001.295
D. Stubbs CF410011.244
J. Hoover P000000,000
J. Votto 1B413110.290
B. Phillips 2B412111.292
J. Bruce RF5224021.291
R. Ludwick LF422011.255
T. Frazier 3B421101.310
D. Mesoroco C411100.254
H. Bailey P311300.148
S. LeCure P000000.000
K. Negron 100001.000
C. Heisey CF000000.244
TEAM TOTALS38111311481
2B: Phillips, Bruce, Ludwick, Mesoroco
HR: Bruce (9)
RBI: Votto, Phillips, Bruce 4, Frazier, Mesoroco, Bailey 3
E: Votto, Cozart
Detroit Tigers
D. Smyly (4-5)1.11011112316.92
D. Below2.22000102.71
P. Coke 2.01000104.76
L. Marte 2.00002300.00
Cincinnati Reds
H. Bailey (5-3)6.01044223.30
S. LeCure1.0000003.68
J. Hoover 2.0200004.19
Dynasty: crains13
08:19 AM - July 12, 2012. Written by Von Jenkins
(Seattle,WA) Justin Verlander had the game under continue until the 5th inning. Everything spiraled out of control when Jack Wilson was hit by a pitch with Joel Zumaya on the mound. Wilson looked as if he was going to charge Zumaya and the benches of both teams were prepared to stampede the field. Luckily, Wilson chose the right thing and just walked to first. "Zumaya is a dirty player. I know it for a fact. He was purposely trying to send a message to me and my teammates. As far as I'm concerned all the Tigers are scum," Jack Wilson told reporters. The last game of their series should be interesting as tempers are flaring up and emotions let go.

Detroit Tigers at Seattle Mariners
Apr 17, 2010123456789RHE
Detroit (6-5)100000000160
Seattle (12-0)00003122x8110
W: Erik Bedford (3-0) L: Justin Verlander (0-1)
Scoring Summary
DET1Miguel Cabrera homers.10
SEA5Jose Lopez homers.11
SEA5Chone Figgins doubles. Casey Kotchman scores.12
SEA5Von Jenkins sac fly. Chone Figgins scores.13
SEA6Matt Mangini homers.14
SEA7Von Jenkins homers. Jack Wilson scores.16
SEA8Casey Kotchman homers. Jose Lopez scores.18
Detroit Tigers
A. Jackson4000030.295
J, Peralta4010010.256
M. Cabrera4111011.316
M. Ordonez4020010.512
C. Guillen3000000.310
R. Santiago1000010.333
B. Inge3000020.211
R. Rayburn3010020,311
B. Jones3010020.125
A. Avila3000010.121
TEAM TOTALS321610141---
HR: M. Cabrera
RBI: M. Cabrera
Seattle Mariners
Franklin Gutierrez3010110.450
Von Jenkins3113001.690
Russell Branyan4000020.439
Matt Mangini4111011.352
Jose Lopez4221001.404
Casey Kotchman4232010.462
Chone Figgins4121000.385
Jack Wilson3100000.353
TEAM TOTALS328118254---
2B: J. Lopez, C. Figgins
HR: V. Jenkins, M. Mangini, J. Lopez, C. Kotchman
RBI: V. Jenkins 3, M. Mangini, J. Lopez, C. Kotchman 2, C. Figgins
HBP: J. Wilson
Detroit Tigers
Justin Verlander4.16332213.94
Joel Zumaya3.045503310.80
Robbie Weinhardt0.21000004.66
TEAM TOTALS8.01188254----
Seattle Mariners
Erik Bedford7.03110810.36
Anthony Varvaro2.03000600.00
TEAM TOTALS9.06110141---
Dynasty: Von Jenkins