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Wednesday, April 4, 2012
08:28 PM - April 4, 2012. Written by kodiak
Due to the patch freezing issue, this is being restarted. All previous entries have been deleted.


New York, New York(AP)-Spring training is in the books and the Yankees quest to dethrone the Texas Rangers is upon us. The roster is set and as the schedule would have it, the Yankees do not have to go far to begin the season. The opener will be just a few short miles away from the spring training complex when they take on the Tampa Bay Rays.

2012 New York Yankees 25 Man Roster
52CC SabathiaSPL/L316'72904/68.8M
18 Hiroki KurodaSPR/R376'11901/9.6M
35Michael PinedaSPR/R236'52601/570K
65Phil HughesSPR/R256'52401/4.1M
47Ivan NovaSPR/R256'42251/520K
36Freddy GarciaSPR/R356'42501/1.1M
51David PhelpsRPR/R256'31801/400K
29Rafael SorianoRPR/R326'12201/5.2M
30David RoberstonRPR/R265'111901/2.5M
31Pedro FelicianoRPL/L355'101921/1.4M
53Cory WadeRPR/R286'21901/630K
62Joba ChamberlainRPR/R266'22401/1.0M
48Boone LoganRPR/L276'52251/1.0M
39Clay RapadaRPR/L306'52001/150K
42Mariano RiveraCPR/R426'21851/9.5M
55Russell MartinCR/R295'102311/950K
17Fransisco CervelliCR/R256'12101/490K
25Mark Teixeira1BS/R316'32205/52.0M
24Robinson Cano2BL/R296'02051/14.7M
13Alex Rodriguez3BR/R366'32286/31.2M
2Derek JeterSSR/R376'31952/15.4M
12Eric Chavez3B/1BL/R346'12151/490K
26Eduardo NunezUtilR/R246'01551/490K
11Brett GardnerLFL/L285'101831/640K
14Curtis GrandersonCFL/R306'11851/10.4M
33Nick SwisherRFS/L315'112101/1.5M
22Andruw JonesOFR/R346'12301/3.0M
43Raul IbanezOF/DHL/R396'22271/1.1M

New York Yankees Injury Report
PosPlayerInjury Note
SPMichael Pineda15-day DL: Shoulder
RPPedro Feliciano60-day DL: Shoulder
RPJoba Chamberlain60-day DL: Elbow.ankle
Dynasty: kodiak
08:07 PM - April 4, 2012. Written by BlueJays09
The Jays took advantage of some nice pitching, and the home run ball to improve to 18-3 on the season with 3 victories vs. Colorado, Yankees, and 2 vs. Tampa Bay. CF Austin Jackson was hurt in game 18 vs. Tampa and will be placed on the 60-Day DL.

Game 18: Blue Jays 2, Rays 0:
W: Chacin (3-0) - 4IP 2H, 1ER, 3K (SV: Santos)
L: Hellickson (2-2) - 4IP 5H, 2ER, BB, 2K
Blue Jays:
Jackson - 1/2 R, SB
Kendrick - 1/2 RBI
:Lawrie - 1/2 R, SB, K
Freese - 1/2 RBI
Joyce - 0/2 RBI
Jennings - 2/2 R, 3B

- The Jays take a close victory vs. Tampa behind 4 innings of 2 hit 1 run ball from Chacin. Jennings hit a lead off triple off the wall, and Joyce scored him on a ground out to 1st. Next inning Kendrick's RBI single would tie it at 1. In the 3rd, Freese's RBI single would drive in Lawrie to end the scoring.

Game 19: Blue Jays 7, Yankees 0:
W: Jimenez (5-0) - 3IP 3H, 0ER, 1K
L: Kuroda (1-2) - 3.1IP 10H, 7ER, 3BB
Blue Jays:
Jay - 1/2 HR(1), RBI, 2R
Ramirez - 1/3 R
Bautista - 1/2 RBI, R, 2B, BB
Howard - 3/3 2-HR(4,5), 4RBI, 2R, 2B
Lawrie - 1/3 R, 2B
Freese - 1/3 RBI, 2B
Brown - 2/3 3B, SB
- The Jays pound the Yankees behind Jimenez's 5th win of the season pitching 3 innings of 4 hit shutout ball. The offense started in the 1st when Howard's RBI double made it 1-0. In the 3rd Howard would come alive again smacking a 2-Run HR to make it 3-0. In the 4th, Howard would hit a solo HR (his 2nd of the game), Jay would hit a solo HR (in for injured Jackson), Bautista would hit a RBI single, and Freese a RBI double to make it 7-0 and end Kuroda's night and the scoring.

Game 20: Blue Jays 2, Rays 0:
W: Alvarez (4-0) - 4IP 1H, 0ER, 3K
L: Cobb (1-3) - 5IP 2H, 2ER, 2K
Blue Jays:
Brown - 1/2 R, SB
Bautista - 1/2 HR(6), 2RBI, R, K

- The Jays would take another close one of Tampa in a pitchers duel where Alvarez pitched a 1 hit shutout. The Jays however, would only manage 2 hits themselves. Brown would single and steal 2nd. Then Bautista would smack a 2-Run HR to make it 2-0 for a final score.

Game 21: Jays 4, Rockies 0:
W: Romero (3-1) - 4IP 2H, 0ER, 4K
L: Morrow (3-2) - 3.2IP 5H, 5ER, BB, K
Blue Jays:
Brown - 1/3 R, 2B
Howard - 0/0 R, BB, HBP
Lawrie - 1/2 HR(4), 3RBI, R
Freese - 1/2 R, K
Arencieba - 1/2 HR(5), 2RBI, R

- The Jays get yet another shutout behind Romero's 4 innings of 2 hit ball. All the offense would come in the 4th inning when Lawrie hit a 3-Run HR, and Arencieba hit a 2-Run HR to make it 5-0 off old Jay's SP Morrow.

Toronto Blue Jays Stats - End of May Review
RF Jose Bautista - .442, 6HR, 13RBI, 14R
DH/3B David Freese - .438, 2HR, 9RBI, 7R, 1SB
1B Ryan Howard - .438, 5HR, 13RBI, 13R
3B/2B Brett Lawrie - .378, 4HR, 12RBI, 13R, 4SB
C JP Arencieba - .371, 5HR, 12RBI, 7R
OF Domonic Brown - .361, 0HR, 6RBI, 5R, 5SB
DH/LF Eric Thames - .294, 1HR, 3RBI, 1R
2B Daniel Murphy - .283, 2HR, 6RBI, 10R, 1SB
CF Austin Jackson (60-D DL) - .267, 1HR, 2RBI, 6R, 7SB
SS Hanley Ramirez - .226, 1HR, 6RBI, 7R, 2SB
CF Jon Jay - .429, 1HR, 1RBI, 3R, 1SB
C Rod Barajas - .200, 0HR, 2RBI, 1R
SS/2B Maicer Izturis - .111, 0HR, 0RBI, 0R
SP Henderson Alvarez (4-0) - 13.2IP, 0.66ERA, 5K
SP Ubaldo Jimenez (5-0) - 19.2IP, 0.92ERA, 16K
SP Ricky Romero (3-1) - 17IP, 2.12ERA, 18K
SP Jhoulys Chacin (3-0) - 17IP, 2.12ERA, 11K
SP Brandon Beachy (0-1) - 12.1IP, 4.38ERA, 10K
CL Sergio Santos (0-1, 8/9 SV) - 8.2IP, 5.19ERA, 9K
SU JP Howell (0-0, 2H) - 4.2IP, 1.93ERA, 4K
SU Francisco Cordero (1-0, 6H) - 6.2IP, .000ERA, 8K
MR Casey Janssen (1-0) - 5IP, .000ERA, 6K
LR Carlos Villanueva (2-0) - 3IP, .000ERA, 2K
MR Jose Veras (0-0) - 4IP, 6.75ERA, 1K

AAA Notable Stats:
Kevin Kouzmanoff - .313, 3HR, 10RBI, 11R
Yuniesky Betancourt - .294, 2HR, 11RBI, 9R, 1SB
Floyd Murphy - .270, 5HR, 16RBI, 10R, 1SB
Lou Marson - .222, 0HR, 6RBI, 6R
Luis Valbuena - .212, 2HR, 4RBI, 4R
Ben Francisco - .191, 0HR, 7RBI, 3R
David Cooper - .178, 0HR, 5RBI, 7R
Aaron Rowand - .182, 1HR, 1RBI, 7R
SP Dustin McGowan (1-4) - 28IP, 4.18ERA, 22K
SP Kyle Drabek (5-1) - 36IP, 1.50ERA, 32K
SP Leyson Deeds (3-1) - 31.2IP, 1.42ERA, 30K
SP Kyle Davies (4-1) - 29IP, 2.17ERA, 28K

American League East Standings:
1) Toronto Blue Jays 18-3 - 0GB
2) Boston Red Sox 13-8 - 5GB
3) New York Yankees 11-10 - 7GB
4) Baltimore Orioles 10-11 - 8GB
5) Tampa Bay Rays 8-13 - 10GB
Dynasty: BlueJays09
12:26 PM - April 4, 2012. Written by Jetfire
The Giants start off the Season in Arizona with the first game against the D-backs Ace Ian Kennedy.

San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks
Jan 1, 123456789RHE
San Francisco (0-0)000000110280
Arizona (0-0)000001000171
W: T.Lincecum (1-0) L: Kennedy (0-1) S: Wilson (1)
Scoring Summary
San Francisco Giants
Pagan, CF4031000
Cabrera, LF4000020
Poesy, C4000020
Sandoval, 3B4111011
Sanchez, 2B4000000
Huff, 1B4020000
Crawford, SS4010010
Shierholtz, RF3110000
Lincecum, P2000000
2B: Pagan 2, Huff, Schierholtz
HR: Sandoval
RBI: Pagan, Sandoval
SAC: Lincecum
CS: Pagan
Arizona Diamondbacks
Hill, 2B3000110
Drew, SS4110000
Upton, RF4011010
Young, CF4000020
Kubel, LF3000100
Montero, C4010020
Overbay, 1B3000000
A-Parra, PH1010000
Roberts, 3B3030000
2B: Drew, Upton, Montero, Roberts
RBI: Upton
SAC: Kennedy 2
San Francisco Giants
Arizona Diamondbacks
Kennedy 7.17220412.45
Dynasty: Jetfire
After a great spring Gregor Blanco earned himself an opening day start. Another notable is Hector Sanchez hitting .407 in the Spring earned himself a roster spot.

CF-Angel Pagan
LF-Melky Cabrera
C-Buster Poesy
3B-Pablo Sandoval
1B-Aubrey Huff
RF-Gregor Blanco
2B-Freddy Sanchez
SS-Brandon Crawford

1B-Brandon Belt
RF-Nate Schierholtz
C-Hector Sanchez
2B-Emmanuel Burris
SS-Ryan Theriot

SP-Tim Linecum
SP-Madison Bumgarner
SP-Matt Cain
SP-Ryan Vogelsong
SP-Roy Oswalt

RP-Jeremy Affeldt
RP-Santiago Casilla
RP-Guillermo Mota
RP-Clan Hensly
SU-Sergio Romo
SU-Javier Lopez
CP-Brian Wilson
Dynasty: Jetfire
10:54 AM - April 4, 2012. Written by Jetfire
Big Moves

Its only early March and the Giants have already made a huge move. They have released Starting Left hander Barrzy Zito, and signed Free agent Roy Oswalt for a Two year 16.4M Contract.They have also signed an extension the Big Right hander Matt Cain for a5 year contract worth 122M with a one year team option. They also realse utility player Mike Fonteno. In other news Rookie Greogor Blanco is trying to secure a spot on the team with .412 AVG 2 HR 5 RB. Buster Poesy with his first start of the spring goes 1 for 2 with a HR.
Dynasty: Jetfire
10:34 AM - April 4, 2012. Written by datszatta
Well my wife decided to clean up yesterday so i lost my stats for games 3 and 4 in my calgary series.

Detroit ends the Flames playoff run with a 4-1 series win. Detroit would take game 3 2-1 and game 4 3-1.

Detroit will now face Los Angeles in the West Finals while Washington and New Jersey will face off in the East.
Western Conferance Finals


Los Angeles Kings Leaders:
Goals: 7, Jeff Carter
Assist: 11, Mike Richards
Points: 16, Mike Richards
+/-: 7, Mike Richards
Pims: 27, Matt Greene

Quick Notes: Mike Richards leads all playoff scorers with his 16pts so far, Jeff Carter leads the NHL playoffs in goals with 7. Jonhantan Quick leads the playoffs with 8 wins.
LA will start the series without Anze Kopitar who is out until June. Andre Loktinov is also out until mid May.

Starting Lineup:



Detroit Red Wings Leaders:
Goals: 6, Henrik Zetterberg
Assist: 7, Nicklas Lidstrom
Points: 12, Henrik Zetterberg
+/-: 11, Brendan Smith
Pims: 14, Ian White

Quick Notes:
Zetterberg and Filppula were big reasons why the Wings moved past Calgary. The Wings defense limited Calgary to 2 goals total in games 3 and 4 to get the series win. Detroit will start the series without Johan Franzen who suffered a knee injury in the Calgary series. He will be out until mid May time frame probably miss a couple games. Coach Mike Babcock hasnt decided who will dress Drew Miller or Teemu Pulkkinen for Game 1.

Starting Lineups:


Dynasty: datszatta
Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins
Apr 4, 2012123456789RHE
Chicago (2-3 (CPU))30110031110151
Minnesota (3-2 (Me))0210012006102
W: Chris Sale (1-0) L: Jason Marquis (0-1) S: Matt Thornton (1)
Scoring Summary
CHW1Paul Konerko 3 Run Home Run (1); Alexei Ramirez and Kosuke Fukudome Score30
MIN2Chris Parmelee 2 Run Home Run (1); Danny Valencia Scores32
CHW3Paul Konerko Solo Home Run (2)42
MIN3Joe Mauer Sacrifice Fly; Trevor Plouffe Scores43
CHW4Dayan Viciedo Solo Home Run (1)53
MIN6Justin Morneau Solo Home Run (3)54
CHW7Alexei Ramirez 2 Run Home Run (1); Alex Rios Scores74
CHW7Brent Morel RBI Single; Paul Konerko Scores84
MIN7Trevor Plouffe RBI Ground Out; Chris Parmelee Scores85
MIN7Denard Span RBI Ground Out; Alexi Casilla Scores86
CHW8Alexei Ramirez RBI Double; Alex Rios Scores96
CHW9Dayan Viciedo Solo Home Run (2)106
Chicago White Sox
Alexei Ramirez, SS5233001.348
Kosuke Fukudome, LF5110000.167
Paul Konerko, 1B4334102.368
Adam Dunn, DH5020000.478
A.J. Pierzynski, C5000010.227
Brent Morel, 3B5021000.364
Dayan Viciedo, RF5222002.381
Brent Lillibridge, RF0000000.000
Gordon Beckham, 2B5000040.150
Alex Rios, CF4220000.300
TEAM TOTALS43101510155.349
2B: A. Ramirez (1), A. Dunn (4)
HR: A. Ramirez (1), P. Konerko 2 (2), D. Viciedo 2 (2)
RBI: A. Ramirez 3 (5), P. Konerko 4 (6), B. Morel (1), D. Viciedo 2 (3)
E: C. Sale (1)
Minnesota Twins
Denard Span, CF5021000.348
Jamey Carroll, SS4000010.261
Joe Mauer, C3001020.263
Justin Morneau, DH4111021.500
Danny Valencia, 3B4120000.524
Ryan Doumit, RF3000010.214
Josh Willingham, PH-RF1000000.421
Chris Parmelee, 1B3222001.364
Alexi Casilla, 2B4110000.353
Trevor Plouffe, LF4121010.500
TEAM TOTALS356106072.286
2B: D. Valencia (4)
HR: J. Morneau (3), C. Parmelee (1)
RBI: D. Span (1), J. Mauer (4), J. Morneau (5), C. Parmelee 2 (3), T. Plouffe (1)
HBP: C. Parmelee
SF: J. Mauer
SAC: J. Carroll
E: A. Casilla (2), C. Parmelee (1)
Chicago White Sox
Chris Sale (W; 1-0)6.0+7660629.00
Jesse Crain (H; 1)1.00000000.00
Will Ohman (H; 1)1.23000106.00
Matt Thornton (SV; 1)0.10000000.00
TEAM TOTALS9.010660726.00
Minnesota Twins
Jason Marquis (L; 0-1)6.0+9760249.00
Jeff Gray1.02100100.00
Brian Duensing2.03221217.71
TEAM TOTALS9.0151081558.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Tuesday, April 3, 2012
Omaha Storm Chasers at Rochester Red Wings
Apr 3, 2012123456789RHE
Omaha (CPU)0201000003130
Rochester (Me)10300210x7131
W: Kyle Waldrop L: Nathan Adcock
Scoring Summary
ROC1Matt Rizzoti GIDP; Darin Mastroianni Scores01
OMA2Cam Gallagher 2 Run Home Run; Wil Myers Scores21
ROC3Matt Rizzoti RBI Single; Drew Butera Scores22
ROC3Aaron Bates RBI Single; Brian Dinkelman Scores23
ROC3Deibinson Romero RBI Double; Matt Rizzoti Scores24
OMA4Johnny Giavotella RBI Single; Cam Gallagher Scores34
ROC6Tsuyoshi Nishioka Sacrifice Fly; Angel Morales Scores35
ROC6Drew Butera RBI Ground Out; Oswaldo Arcia Scores36
ROC7Aaron Bates RBI Double; Matt Rizzoti Scores37
Omaha Storm Chasers
Irving Falu, SS5000010.000
Jarrod Dyson, CF5010040.200
Kevin Kouzmanoff, 3B5000030.000
John Whittleman, 1B5020010.400
Wil Myers, RF5120010.400
Cam Gallagher, C4222021.500
Jorge Bonifacio, LF4020000.500
Johnny Giavotella, 2B4021000.500
Orlando Calixte, DH4020010.500
TEAM TOTALS4131330131.317
2B: C. Gallagher, J. Whittleman
HR: C. Gallagher
RBI: C. Gallagher 2, J. Giavotella
Rochester Red Wings
Darin Mastroianni, CF4110000.250
Brian Dinkelman, 2B3110100.333
Matt Rizzotti, 1B4221000.500
Aaron Bates, DH40420001.000
Deibinson Romero, 3B4011000.250
Angel Morales, LF4110010.250
Oswaldo Arcia, RF4110000.250
Tsuyoshi Nishioka, SS3011010.333
Drew Butera, C4111000.250
TEAM TOTALS347136130.382
2B: M. Rizzoti, A. Bates, O. Arcia, D. Romero
RBI: M. Rizzoti, T. Nishioka, A. Bates 2, D. Romero, D. Butera
SF: T. Nishioka
GIDP: M. Rizzoti
SB: D. Mastroianni
E: B. Dinkelman
PB: D. Butera
Omaha Storm Chasers
Nathan Adcock5.0+10551209.00
Patrick Keating1.01110009.00
Brandon Sisk1.02110109.00
Jeremy Jeffress1.00000000.00
TEAM TOTALS8.013771307.88
WP: N. Adcock
Rochester Red Wings
Kyle Waldrop (W)5.29330514.76
Anthony Slama (H)1.11000300.00
Esmerling Vasquez1.02000300.00
Logan Darnell1.01000200.00
TEAM TOTALS9.0133301313.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
02:22 PM - April 3, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
I do not plan on covering this Dynasty as often as the other two, but this team is off to an amazing start. They went the entire month of October without a loss.

It took a lot to manufacture this team over the past three years. I had to take into consideration the fact that the Red Wings were getting older, and the same core group could not exist and deliver much longer.

My only concerns for this team are cap space, injuries, and future draft picks. In addition to talent, the team is relatively young. So, I think that I will eventually see more demanding contract offers. Also, a lot of the deals I made used up draft picks to get them through. There will be lesser amounts of young, fresh talent coming to the Red Wings.

Detroit Red Wings Depth Chart - 2013-14
LWMilan LucicMax PaciorettyRene BourqueJamie McGinn
CPavel Datsyuk (C)Valterri FilppulaMike SantorelliAndrew Cogliano
RWHenrik Zetterberg (A)Jakub VoracekDrew StaffordDan Cleary
D #1James WisnewskiAnton BabchukKyle QuinceyRoman Josi
D #2Dmitry Kulikov (Injured)Niklas Kronwall (A)Brendan Smith
GJimmy Howard Devan Dubnyk
Dynasty: jhendricks316
02:00 PM - April 3, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
Game 6 @ LAL

This was an early statement game for the new-look Pistons, and they delivered. The Pistons also held their defensive ground early, a main concern earlier in the season.

By halftime, the Pistons had 4 scorers in double figures. Kobe Bryant struggled. Despite 14 points at the half, he shot 6-19. In the end Kobe manufactured 38 points, albeit inefficiently. He was 15-36.

The Pistons spread the ball well. Steve Nash and Tayshaun Prince led the Pistons with double-doubles. 6 scorers ended up with double figures.

Detroit Pistons at Los Angeles Lakers
Nov 13, 20111ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Detroit (3-3)40362937142
Los Angeles (4-4)27282842125
Detroit Pistons
Steve Nash3412-173-31-231000328
Derrick Rose337-142-31-25921217
Tayshaun Prince327-103-40-010320117
Brandon Bass334-100-00-0641008
Andrea Bargnani3410-142-32-34101024
JJ Redick167-122-31-21200017
Will Bynum153-61-30-0231107
Troy Murphy161-10-02-2350104
Gerald Green21-10-00-0100002
Shane Battier151-30-10-0410102
Mehmet Okur10-00-00-0000000
TEAM TOTALS61-9713-207-114039756142
Los Angeles Lakers
Steve Blake376-133-40-03321215
Kobe Bryant3815-362-56-82711238
Matt Barnes333-70-20-0542026
Pau Gasol 3510-130-00-09102120
Andrew Bynum3812-180-00-14102024
Jordan Hill114-40-00-0510118
Andrew Goudelock121-10-02-2320104
Christian Eyenga122-30-00-0001004
Josh McRoberts141-30-00-0600102
James Jones10-00-00-0000000
Derrick Caracter10-00-00-0000000
Devin Ebanks152-30-00-1410014
TEAM TOTALS56-1015-118-124120699125
Dynasty: jhendricks316
12:33 PM - April 3, 2012. Written by BlueJays09
The Jays made a splash today, in a 3 way trade with Miami and NY Mets, acquiring disgruntled 3B/SS Hanley Ramirez . Hanley voiced his displeasure with Florida and wanted out somewhere where he would play SS. Here is the deal:

Toronto Trades: 2B Howie Kendrick, SS Yunel Escobar, RP Kyle McClellan
Toronto Gets: SS Hanley Ramirez, 2B Daniel Murphy

Miami Trades: SS Hanley Ramirez, CF Chris Couglan
Miami Gets: SS Yunel Escobar, 2B Howie Kendrick, RP Kyle McClellan

NY Mets Trade: 2B Daniel Murphy
NY Mets Get: CF Chris Couglan

- CF Austin Jackson has torn meniscus in his knee and will be out 48+ days and will be sent to the 60-Day DL. Ezequiel Carrera has been called up from AAA and CF Jon Jay will play the majority of CF, but Domonic Brown will also play CF and Thames LF.

- The Jays needed to ship off Escobar who hasn't been himself since his injury batting .190 and not making any contact or getting on base. Howie Kendrick has been nice defensively but only has 2 RBI and batting only .220. The Jays like having Hanley, Bautista, and Howard and look scary. Murphy will take over staring 2B but will give way to Thames in a time share where Lawrie will play 2B and Freese 3B. The Jays recall Joel Carreno from AAA to replace McClellan.

Projected Batting Order (After Injury/Trade):
LF/CF - Domonic Brown
SS - Hanley Ramirez
3B - Jose Bautista
1B - Ryan Howard
3B/2B - Brett Lawrie
DH/3B- David Freese
C - JP Arencieba
- Last 2 spots will be between 2B Daniel Murphy, DH/LF Eric Thames and CF Jon Jay.
Dynasty: BlueJays09
Los Angeles Dodgers at Chicago Cubs
May 4, 2012123456789RHE
Los Angeles (15-11)000001000163
Chicago (13-14)20000002X480
W: Ryan Dempster (2-1) L: Clayton Kershaw (0-3) S: Carlos Marmol (9)
Scoring Summary
CHC1Soriano reached 2nd on a throwing error by Uribe (E5). Baker scores.01
CHC1Soto doubled to center. Soriano scores.02
LAD6Ethier hit a sacrifice fly to Byrd (SF8). Hairston Jr. scores. 12
CHC8Byrd doubled to left. Castro scores.13
CHC8DeJesus grounded to center for a single. Byrd scores. Rizzo advances to 2nd.14
Los Angeles Dodgers
Gordon, SS400001.300
Hairston Jr, 2B412001.297
Kemp, CF402000.268
Ethier, RF300101.340
Loney, 1B401000.268
Sands, LF400003.277
Uribe, 3B300012.191
A. Ellis, C301000.296
Kershaw, P100001.000
M. Ellis, PH000010.367
De La Rosa, P000000.000
Gwynn Jr, PH000010.182
Jansen, P000000.000
Guerrier, P000000.000
Elbert, P000000.000
2B: M. Kemp (9)
RBI: A. Ethier (27)
SF: A. Ethier
GIDP: D. Gordon, J Loney
E: J. Uribe 2 (2), J. Hairston Jr. (1)
Los Angeles Dodgers
C. Kershaw (L, 0-3)4.0520053.55
R. De La Rosa2.0000012.77
K. Jansen1.0000025.40
M. Guerrier0.2222106.17
S. Elbert0.1100001.54
Chicago Cubs
Johnson, RF400001.216
Baker, 2B412001.385
Castro, SS411001.276
Soriano, LF410000.287
Soto, C401101.292
Byrd, CF411101.247
Rizzo, 1B301012.162
Stewart, 3B301001.322
Miller, P000000.000
Wells, P000000.000
DeJesus, PH101100.351
Marmol, P000000.000
Dempster, P100000.000
Amezaga, 3B200000.115
2B: M. Byrd (3), G. Soto (8), J. Baker (5)
3B: I. Stewart (1)
RBI: D. DeJesus (9), M. Byrd (6), G. Soto (12)
SAC: R. Dempster
SB: S. Castro (5)
Chicago Cubs
R. Dempster (W, 2-1)6.2611273.96
T. Miller (H, 2)0.1000113.46
R. Wells (H, 1)1.0000000.57
C. Marmol (S, 9)1.0000013.48

Recap: Clayton Kershaw failed to get his first win of the season again tonight at Wrigley as the Dodgers' defense and bats failed him once again. Last year's NL Cy Young winner was hurt by a 1st inning error that led to 2 unearned runs. Los Angeles could only squeak out one run against Ryan Dempster and the Cubs' relievers on a sacrifice fly by Andre Ethier in the 6th.

Notes: Despite the RBI, Ethier's 9-game hitting streak came to an end. The Dodgers still hold a half game lead over the Rockies for the NL Divison.
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Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox
Apr 2, 2012123456789RHE
Minnesota (3-1 (Me))5110100008160
Chicago (1-3 (CPU))0012000205103
W: Nick Blackburn (1-0) L: Philip Humber (0-1) S: Anthony Swarzak (1)
Scoring Summary
MIN1Jamey Carroll RBI Single; Denard Span Scores10
MIN1Justin Morneau Solo Home Run (2)20
MIN1Ryan Doumit 3 Run Home Run (1); Josh Willingham and Danny Valencia Score50
MIN2Joe Mauer Sacrifice Fly; Denard Span Scores60
MIN3Alexi Casilla RBI Single; Danny Valencia Scores70
CHW3Alexei Ramirez RBI Ground Out; Alejandro De Aza Scores71
CHW4Alex Rios 2 Run Single; Adam Dunn and Brent Morel Score73
MIN5Alexi Casilla RBI Single; Danny Valencia Scores83
CHW8Adam Dunn 2 Run Home Run (2); Alexei Ramirez Scores85
Minnesota Twins
Denard Span, CF5230000.333
Jamey Carroll, SS5011000.316
Joe Mauer, DH4011010.313
Justin Morneau, 1B5121001.556
Josh Willingham, RF5120000.444
Danny Valencia, 3B5330020.529
Ryan Doumit, C5123011.273
Alexi Casilla, 2B5022000.385
Ben Revere, LF4000000.214
TEAM TOTALS438168042.372
2B: J. Mauer (1), J. Morneau (2), D. Valencia (3)
HR: J. Morneau (2), R. Doumit (1)
RBI: J. Carroll (2), J. Mauer (3), J. Morneau (4), R. Doumit 3 (4), A. Casilla 2 (3)
SF: J. Mauer
GIDP: J. Mauer
SB: D. Span (3)
Chicago White Sox
Alejandro De Aza, LF5110020.333
Alexei Ramirez, SS4111020.278
Paul Konerko, 1B4000010.267
Adam Dunn, DH4242001.500
Brent Morel, 3B4120000.353
A.J. Pierzynski, C4000010.294
Dayan Viciedo, RF4010010.375
Alex Rios, CF4012000.250
Gordon Beckham, 2B4000020.200
TEAM TOTALS375105091.270
2B: A. Dunn (3), B. Morel (2)
3B: A. De Aza (1)
HR: A. Dunn (2)
RBI: A. Ramirez (2), A. Dunn 2 (6), A. Rios 2 (3)
E: B. Morel (1), G. Beckham 2 (2)
Minnesota Twins
Nick Blackburn (W; 1-0)6.07330704.50
Anthony Swarzak (SV; 1)3.03220217.94
TEAM TOTALS9.010550915.00
Chicago White Sox
Philip Humber (L; 0-1)2.0+97600227.00
Zach Stewart3.05110106.75
Hector Santiago2.00000200.00
Addison Reed2.02000100.00
TEAM TOTALS9.016870427.00
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Monday, April 2, 2012
11:49 PM - April 2, 2012. Written by datszatta

Dynasty: datszatta
I still have 4 cuts to make. Then, all spots will effectively be filled.

Detroit Tigers Depth Chart - 2012
  • Catcher
  • Alex Avila
  • Miguel Olivo
  • Victor Martinez
  • First Base
  • Victor Martinez
  • Prince Fielder
  • Miguel Cabrera (DH)
  • John Mayberry, Jr.
  • Second Base
  • Ryan Raburn
  • Freddy Sanchez
  • Placido Polanco
  • Third Base
  • Miguel Cabrera (DH)
  • Placido Polanco
  • Freddy Sanchez
  • Shortstop
  • Jhonny Peralta
  • Freddy Sanchez
  • Left Field
  • Delmon Young
  • John Mayberry, Jr.
  • Andy Dirks
  • Ryan Raburn
  • Center Field
  • Austin Jackson
  • Andy Dirks
  • Right Field
  • Brennan Boesch
  • John Mayberry, Jr.
  • Andy Dirks
  • Ryan Raburn
  • Starting Pitcher
  • Justin Verlander
  • Doug Fister
  • Brandon Beachy
  • Max Scherzer
  • Jordan Zimmermann
  • Collin Balester (LR)
  • Relief Pitcher
  • Octavio Dotel (SU)
  • Randy Choate (MR)
  • Matt Guerrier (MR)
  • Daniel Schlereth (MR)
  • Brad Lidge (MR)
  • Al Alburquerque (MR)
  • Closer
  • Jose Valverde
  • Joaquin Benoit (SU)
  • Designated Hitter
  • Prince Fielder
  • Victor Martinez
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