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Thursday, December 6, 2012
03:18 AM - December 6, 2012. Written by Bloop33
Took a while for this one...

EPL Results:

09/14/19 : 1 - 1 draw vs. Stoke City
09/21/19 : 3 - 0 win @ QPR
09/28/19 : 5 - 4 win vs. Manchester City
10/05/19 : 2 - 1 win @ Manchester United
10/09/19 : 2 - 0 win vs. Norwich City
10/19/19 : 3 - 0 win @ Blackburn
10/26/19 : 1 - 1 draw @ Everton
11/02/19 : 2 - 2 draw vs. Arsenal
11/10/19 : 0 - 4 loss @ Swansea City
11/12/19 : 2 - 1 win vs. Tottenham
11/23/19 : 2 - 0 win @ Wigan
11/30/19 : 0 - 3 loss vs. Chelsea
12/07/19 : 2 - 1 win @ Liverpool
12/14/19 : 1 - 0 win vs. Aston Villa
12/21/19 : 4 - 0 win @ Bolton
12/28/19 : 0 - 0 draw vs. Sunderland

Capital One Cup Results:

09/03/19 : 2 - 0 win vs. Leeds
09/24/19 : 2 - 0 win @ Derby
09/29/19 : (Round of 16) 2 - 1 win @ Sunderland
12/04/19 :(Quarter Final) 1 - 0 win @ Bristol City

Champions Cup Results:

Group Stage:
09/18/19 : 1 - 0 win vs. Zenit St. Petersburg
10/03/19 : 4 - 2 win @ FC Kobenhavn
10/22/19 : 1 - 1 draw vs. AC Milan
11/06/19 : 3 - 0 win @ Zenit St. Petersburg
11/26/19 : 1 - 2 loss @ AC Milan
12/11/09 : 2 - 1 win vs. FC Kobenhavn

The Martinetti Dilemma:

Part of the reason my play time diminished is I was milking my time to try and get Andrea Martinetti to stay. Not long after the summer transfer window, media reports surfaced claiming that Andrea was not liking the weather of England, and that he would want out in the next window. Considering his current run of form, and his dominating presence on the pitch, I was determined to convince him to stay. I raised his wages, praised him a lot and used him at least as a sub in nearly all my games, pissing off my other strikers, most notably Bagasan Carrington.

In the end though it paid off, in more ways than one. First off, he told me that the media just took his words out of context, and assured me he was staying. Second, he has 28 goals in 26 matches, including 18 in the EPL. His current form is that which has been rarely seen in football, and with him at the helm, I will have to look to spend some of my extra money to get the team ready for the Champion's Cup.

The England Managerial Role:

After the last round of International friendlies, I was offered the job as manager of the England. Essentially England will now be the England Hammers, as most of my team will be starting. Not really sure intensely I'll play this, but I'll definitely do the major tournaments and qualifiers for at least a year. Will be pretty cool seeing all the players I've developed playing for England.

Current Roster

Here is my current starting XI and key subs at the beginning of the January window:

Starting XI:
GK - Alberto Frison (89) - Italy, 31
RB - Haris Radetinac (82) - Serbia, 24
CB - Ciaran Clark (85) - Republic of Ireland, 30
CB - Daniele Rugani (85) - Italy, 25
LB - Luke Humphreys (89) (C) - England, 23
RDM - Will Akinde (84) - England, 25
LDM - Koikili Adan Garrido (85) - Spain, 24
RAM - El Medhi Sidqy (87) - Morocco, 26
CAM - Fransisco Prats Bastidas (90) - Spain, 23
LAM - Tyronne Granero Molina (87) - Spain, 25
ST - Andrea Martinetti (91) - Italy, 25


GK - Niclas Quiring (80) - Germany, 23
CB - Predrag Petric (80) - Serbia, 25
CB - Hordur Magnusson (81) - Iceland, 26
CB - Hugo Sorbon (79) - France, 23
CB - Jake Scott (79) - England, 23
RB - Nicolas Soumah (78) - France, 21
LB - Trevor Murru (75) - Italy, 22
CDM - Paul Cadamarteri (81) - England, 23
CDM - Jonathan Speas (79) - United States, 24
RM - Federico Vazquez (89) - Argentina, 24
CM - Christian Heimeroth (78) - Germany, 21
CM - Pavle Lazovic (83) - Serbia, 26
CM - Danny Griffiths (83) - England, 25
CM - John Thalassitis (81) - England, 24
CAM - Craig Morris (81) - Wales, 26
CAM - Jordan Webster (85) - England, 24
CAM - Korede Southern (80) - England, 23
ST - Bagasan Carrington (85) - England, 25
ST - Josh Kitson (81) - England, 23
ST - Shaun McGlashan (78) - England, 20

Transfer Possibilities?

I have $35,000,000 in spending money, plus lots of assets. I really want to make a run at the Champions Cup, as well as catch Chelsea for 1st in the EPL. Capital One and F.A. can be played my 8/11 reserves, so no worries there.

Anyways, my team is deep, but is still lacking. The defenders are decent, but they aren't the strongest, if the CDM's are caught up field, I concede far too often.

My Midfield is very deep, but none have a killer scoring threat, leaving my striker's to bear most of the weight of scoring.

My strikers are definitely good, All are 6'0" or taller and have good finishing. Would it be worth it to go after a shorter striker?

I need some advice here to anyone willing to put in some input, where should I invest my money?

Another possibility is recalling some of my loans. I don't have many, but currently loaned players are:

CB - Christopher Haas (82) - Germany, 25
CB - Milos Stevanovic (81) - Serbia, 21
CAM - Jonathan Hopper (79) - England, 19
LW - Stephan Vieira da Costa (78) - Germany, 19
ST - Adam Evans (82) - England, 22

All of them have their problems, but could fill holes, especially the CB's, Haas is 6'9" and Stevanovic is 6'6".

Let me know! I won't be moving to fast in this window...
Dynasty: Bloop33
Wednesday, December 5, 2012
09:26 PM - December 5, 2012. Written by olivertheorem
North Dakota Fighting Sioux at Chicago State Cougars
Mar 9, 20121ST2NDSCORE
North Dakota (9-22, 7-5)472572
Chicago State (13-18, 8-4)372865
North Dakota Fighting Sioux
C Kyle Simone325-81-22-26100013
F Domingo Sumpter282-40-01-2531125
G Renato Coldiron203-40-02-3331038
G Victorino Gimenez261-20-01-3321013
G Booker Cade316-101-25-62321118
G Edward Langford191-40-03-4410025
F/C John Meyer141-20-16-7300008
G William Thompson92-30-00-0011004
F Ward Dunlop51-20-02-2000004
G John Green50-00-02-2000002
G Andrew Graham50-20-10-0100000
G/F Jan Hornung40-00-02-2010012
TEAM TOTALS22-412-626-332715621072
Chicago State Cougars
F Jarrett Grider312-40-02-2410036
F James Sandoval305-70-00-25100210
F Roy March301-60-22-6630034
G Garth Baty216-72-32-62100216
G James Wentzel214-42-21-31200211
C William Pena211-20-00-0510002
G Wyatt Davis154-80-12-32000110
G James Darnell110-50-20-0111000
F Clay Dion101-30-00-1010002
G Justin Vella81-20-12-3010004
G Joe Betz30-10-00-0200000
F Troy Knoll10-00-00-0000000
TEAM TOTALS25-494-1111-262812101365
Dynasty: olivertheorem
07:48 AM - December 5, 2012. Written by olivertheorem
Houston Baptist Huskies at North Dakota Fighting Sioux
Mar 7, 20121ST2NDSCORE
Houston Baptist (8-22, 4-8)343468
North Dakota (8-22, 7-5)514091
Houston Baptist Huskies
C Rodney Davis221-30-00-1000012
F Richard Jones90-10-01-2020011
F Terry Rodriguez162-40-12-3220026
G Thomas Veliz3310-180-20-03210220
G Tod Perdomo273-101-55-53110212
G Ward Ragsdale242-41-32-3111017
C Weldon Kennedy181-40-12-2620004
F Ronald Keen141-30-10-0110002
G Tony Claussen141-30-00-0002012
F Ron Marker124-60-12-33100110
C Charles Rauch71-10-00-0111002
F James Ling30-00-00-0000100
TEAM TOTALS26-572-1414-192013521168
North Dakota Fighting Sioux
C Kyle Simone152-20-00-0440014
F Domingo Sumpter212-30-02-2301006
G Renato Coldiron173-70-07-88000213
G Victorino Gimenez233-50-04-45311110
G Booker Cade197-120-25-73210119
G Edward Langford243-31-19-101200216
F/C John Meyer182-50-02-4300126
F Ward Dunlop112-20-00-0210004
G John Green111-10-00-0111022
G William Thompson110-10-01-2000111
F/C Colin Turner90-00-02-2300012
G/F Jan Hornung92-30-00-0110024
F/C Fredrick Collins60-00-00-0100000
G Andrew Graham51-10-02-3010004
TEAM TOTALS28-451-334-423515431591
Dynasty: olivertheorem
Tuesday, December 4, 2012
11:32 PM - December 4, 2012. Written by Cpfootballer
After playing the first game of the season I feel that I have a pretty good feel for how much everybody will be playing throughout the season. I will most likely be playing my top 11 (everyone but the 3rd SG) with my 3 PF's taking turns also playing C when I. Eaton is on the bench.

St. Francis(NY) Terriers Depth Chart - 10-11
PGJ. Anderer, SOD. Laurelin, SR
SGT. O'Hara, SRR. Fisher, SOG. Ramsdell, SR
SFA. Umeh, JRA. Souchu, JRA. Allen, SO
PFR. Beatty, FRS. Whitehead, FRE. Del Rosario, FR
CI. Eaton, SO
Dynasty: Cpfootballer
11:27 PM - December 4, 2012. Written by Cpfootballer
First game of the season was a road trip to Colgate which proved to be tougher than I thought due to the fact that my 7' soph. center I. Eaton picked up 2 fouls early in the first half and picked up a 3rd with over 7 minutes left in the half. He won player and freshman of the conference last season so it goes without saying he is a big part of my team. Without him being able to play his normal amount of minutes, I turned to a true freshman PF by the name of S. Whitehead to pick up the slack and he did not disappoint going 9-14 from the field and scoring a big 20 points off the bench. Game went down to the wire but my Terriers were able to defend Colgate's final possession well and force a tough look from 3 that clanked off the rim as time expired giving us the 95-93 win.

St. Francis (NY) Terriers at Colgate Raiders
Oct 15, 20101ST2NDSCORE
St. Francis (NY) (0-0)454095
Colgate (0-0)434093
St. Francis (NY) Terriers
J. Anderer281-20-02-2081024
T. O'Hara276-141-45-65300018
A. Umeh252-40-12-2301106
R. Beatty222-80-06-127142310
I. Eaton175-120-010-124001020
A. Souchu183-40-00-0221106
A. Allen150-20-20-0200000
S. Whitehead249-140-02-22111120
R. Fisher100-00-00-0100010
E. Del Rosario90-20-00-0124000
O. Laurelin50-00-01-2022011
TEAM TOTALS28-621-728-382719146895
Colgate Raiders
J. Cuffie292-100-63-4211017
C. Boyden308-151-21-25100118
E. Prato284-70-13-52200311
D. Doyle213-30-03-3930119
K. Diarra153-53-50-0160079
C. Jeffries181-60-24-6140016
D. Stokes80-00-00-0042010
G. Mitchell111-30-10-0401002
B. Farley122-41-20-0000005
I. Parada50-00-00-0100000
TEAM TOTALS31-655-2014-223822631593
Dynasty: Cpfootballer
09:37 PM - December 4, 2012. Written by olivertheorem
North Dakota Stats - 2011-12
Kyle Simone2929.
Earnest Applegate1325.
Booker Cade2924.
Victorino Gimenez2922.
Domingo Sumpter2921.
John Meyer2418.
William Thompson2918.
John Green1616.
Renato Coldiron2916.
Edward Langford2912.
Ward Dunlop298.
Fredrick Collins186.
Andrew Graham115.
Colin Turner153.
Jan Hornung183.
Dynasty: olivertheorem
09:21 PM - December 4, 2012. Written by olivertheorem
Great West Conference Conference Standings - Updated: Mar 6, 2012
Utah Valley13-16.4489-3-308
Chicago State12-17.4148-41255
North Dakota7-22.2417-52299
Texas-Pan American11-18.3796-63340
South Dakota8-21.2766-63313
Houston Baptist8-21.2764-85336
Dynasty: olivertheorem
09:06 PM - December 4, 2012. Written by olivertheorem
North Dakota Fighting Sioux at Houston Baptist Huskies
Mar 2, 20121ST2NDOTSCORE
North Dakota (7-22, 7-5)30231467
Houston Baptist (8-21, 4-8)3815659
North Dakota Fighting Sioux
C Kyle Simone353-60-00-01350026
F Domingo Sumpter292-20-01-2501015
G Renato Coldiron297-110-04-44210318
G Victorino Gimenez364-70-03-51200611
G Booker Cade322-80-20-0131034
G Edward Langford202-20-08-82000212
F/C John Meyer132-30-00-0400014
G John Green132-32-21-3110017
F Ward Dunlop70-00-00-0000000
G William Thompson50-00-00-0200010
F/C Colin Turner50-00-00-0000000
TEAM TOTALS24-422-417-223313302067
Houston Baptist Huskies
C Rodney Davis280-10-00-4420010
F Richard Jones405-91-23-46011414
F Terry Rodriguez315-101-42-44110213
G Thomas Veliz415-153-93-61200316
G Tod Perdomo371-20-11-2312003
G Ward Ragsdale184-81-41-10100110
C Weldon Kennedy130-00-01-2100011
F Ron Marker80-10-02-2200002
G Tony Claussen40-00-00-0000010
C Ronald Keen20-00-00-0010000
TEAM TOTALS20-466-2013-25218411359
Dynasty: olivertheorem
11:43 AM - December 4, 2012. Written by Von Jenkins
(New Orleans, LA) Von Jenkins has left Duke and is now coaching at LSU after Les Miles was fired for poor performance. Jenkins has won four straight national titles - 3 with Duke and 1 at LSU. LSU will play in its second consecutive national title versus Minnesota soon.

Von has decided to play basketball with the New Orleans Hornets. After initially signing with Lakers, Jenkins wanted to be traded to Hornets to be closer to family. Jenkins played one game with the Lakers and is now with the Hornets as well as Kim English. Jenkins is becoming very active in NOLA.

(update: 12/4/12)

Cleveland Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert, has pulled off one of his most daring personnel moves. Fox Sports Ohio is reporting the Cavs have successfully made a trade with the Hornets for Von Jenkins and Kim English. The Hornets may be getting draft picks and an undisclosed amount of cash.

What happens with Von coaching LSU? Will he stay in Baton Rouge or could he get a coaching job closer to Cleveland? Would Jenkins consider coaching on the professional level like with the Browns, Bengals or Lions? With Jenkins having played a few games with the Mariners, would he want to play for the Indians or Reds?

(Update - 12/4/12)
Cleveland -- Von Jenkins is excited for the opportunity to play for the Cavs. "I am honored that Mr. Gilbert has given up so much to get me here in Cleveland. During our conversation, I told Mr. Gilbert that I was still interested in coaching football and maybe continuing to play baseball. It is my desire to coach the Cleveland Browns. I want to see if I can play in the Indians organization. And most of all, I want to coach football somewhere closer to Cleveland. With that being said, after the national championship game with Minnesota, I will be resigning at LSU and looking for a coaching job closer to Ohio." Von Jenkins traded from New Orleans and deciding to leave LSU is an incredible turn of events for the state of Louisiana.

The Cleveland Cavs are currently 2-0 and with the acquisition of Jenkins have quickly become a playoff contender. Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters and Tyler Zeller are young players with tremendous potential. Von Jenkins will play his first game as a Cavalier against the Milwaukee Bucks.
Dynasty: Von Jenkins
Monday, December 3, 2012
09:10 PM - December 3, 2012. Written by olivertheorem
North Dakota Fighting Sioux at South Dakota Coyotes
Feb 29, 20121ST2NDSCORE
North Dakota (6-22, 6-5)311748
South Dakota (8-20, 6-5)332659
North Dakota Fighting Sioux
C Kyle Simone332-70-10-0700004
F Domingo Sumpter263-70-01-1200007
G Renato Coldiron261-40-02-2472034
G Victorino Gimenez263-50-00-0520006
G Booker Cade184-70-10-0011018
G Edward Langford210-00-01-2100041
F/C John Meyer162-20-00-0410004
G John Green160-90-34-4300014
G William Thompson103-50-13-4100009
F Ward Dunlop50-10-01-2100001
G Andrew Graham20-10-00-0000000
TEAM TOTALS18-480-612-15281130948
South Dakota Coyotes
F Jonathan Batson300-40-04-4840104
F Maurice Hepler143-40-00-0301006
F Chadwick Distefano252-61-32-4610027
G Cameron Lang224-93-63-41040214
G Shane Linker250-10-00-0110030
C Sidney Morales271-30-11-2600023
G Benjamin Memminger174-71-42-44110011
G Gregory Zachary142-70-10-1210014
F Ronald Goldstein92-40-00-0400004
G Hinrich Prommersberger91-30-00-0210012
F Renaud Petitpas52-30-00-0100004
TEAM TOTALS21-515-1512-19389611159
Dynasty: olivertheorem
06:28 PM - December 3, 2012. Written by Str8Edge4Life
2013 NFL Draft - Round 1 Recap
1Arizona CardinalsEric Rancour (Washington)QB6-6236
2Buffalo BillsRannell Moore (West Virginia)HB5-9215
3Oakland RaidersWade Gaspar (Illinois)T6-4322
4Atlanta FalconsReggie Stokes (Indiana)DT6-2295
5Denver BroncosNicholas Shinn (NC St.)HB6-1221
6Cincinnati BengalsJordunn Abrams (Utah)LB6-1240
7Miami DolphinsHoward Moore (Cal)WR6-4229
8Carolina PanthersWilliam Dowd (Washington)WR6-2186
9Jacksonville JaguarsWade Schumacher (Northwestern)QB6-3233
10St. Louis RamsDevin Thomas (Virginia)CB6-2200
11Kansas City ChiefsJ.T. Newkirk (West Virginia)DE6-5305
12Philadelphia EaglesJohn Quigley (Memphis)TE6-3254
13Green Bay PackersBilly Wilson (San Jose St.)G6-2287
14Denver BroncosDaniel Ryland (Texas A&M)DT6-4296
15New York JetsAlgrenon Dixon (Navy)DE6-5328
16Cincinnati BengalsHamid Arrington (West Virginia)LB6-4256
17Houston TexansKeiwone Walters (Notre Dame)DE6-5317
18St. Louis RamsJesse Akerley (North Dakota St.)DT6-1292
19Kansas City ChiefsMason Maggitt (South Carolina)T6-3302
20New England PatriotsRobert Morris (USC)DE6-5265
21Minnesota VikingsCorey Rothman (Oklahoma)CB6-2215
22San Diego ChargersSpencer Hood (Baylor)S6-0210
23Dallas CowboysRyan Murphy (UL-Lafayette)DT6-3305
24Detroit LionsCedric Coley (Iowa)LB6-2245
25Tampa Bay BuccaneersEvan Matthews (Iowa St.)TE6-4254
26New Orleans SaintsDonquel Nickell (Oklahoma St.)WR6-2224
27Indianapolis ColtsCorey Gooden (South Carolina)WR6-2217
28Kansas City ChiefsMike Bozeman (Georgia)DT6-2312
29Jacksonville JaguarsAlexander Quezada (Northwestern)CB5-10202
30Seattle SeahawksBobby Hardy (Michigan)DE6-4290
31Denver BroncosDarius McClam (Miami (OH))T6-5314
32Carolina PanthersGarrett Derby (Notre Dame)G6-5310

Minnesota Vikings 2013 NFL Draft Picks
1 (21)Corey RothmanOklahomaCB6-2215
2 (64)David ColeIowa St.C6-3297
3 (96)Marcus HaynesConnecticutHB5-9201
4 (120)Anthony HopkinsTulsaT6-8320
5 (160)Paul MorrisWestern MichiganWR6-2214
6 (169)John KulickDelta St.LB6-2245
7 (224)Keeston JohnsonNew MexicoDT6-5290
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
06:08 PM - December 3, 2012. Written by d11king

It's a Block Party !!!! .....

..... And EVERYBODY'S invited !!!!

Portland Trailblazers at Dallas Mavericks
Nov 5, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Portland (3-1)23272527102
Dallas (2-2)2318272391
Portland Trailblazers
Damian Lillard325-111-32-24702113
Wesley Matthews335-93-52-25500015
Donte' Thomas348-161-31-28712518
J.J. Hickson332-100-03-41000117
Lamarcus Aldridge3410-170-08-815005028
Delonte' West191-41-12-2553105
Randy Foye255-112-62-20000114
Jajuan Johnson200-10-00-0300102
Tyler Honeycutt100-10-10-0121000
Meyers Leonard40-00-00-0000000
Elliot Williams-- DID NOT PLAY --
Nolan Smith-- DID NOT PLAY --
TEAM TOTALS36-808-1922-2455242128102
Dallas Mavericks
Darren Collison346-140-01-25720113
O.J. Mayo3410-203-72-24401025
Shawn Marion314-50-00-1320008
Dirk Nowitzki343-121-42-2701209
Chris Kaman335-110-03-39111213
Vince Carter194-81-32-23320011
Elton Brand142-40-00-0301014
Jae Crowder120-00-00-0420200
Rodrigue Beaubois153-100-20-0031016
Dauntay Jones100-30-00000000
Brandon Wright81-20-00000002
Troy Murphy-- DID NOT PLAY --
TEAM TOTALS38-895-1610-12392287391

Michael Wilbon
November 5, 2012

DALLAS -- It's not everyday Dirk Nowitzki goes 3-12 from the field and finishes with only 9 points and 7 rebounds... just tonight. It's not everyday a game in the NBA can be described as a Block Party... just tonight.

After giving up 100+ points in 3 consecutive games, the Blazers really tightened up defensively, holding the Mavericks to just 42% shooting from the field and allowing 91 points.

Lamarcus Aldridge continued his tear, finishing with 28 points and 15 rebounds, 6 offensive, and 10-17 shooting from the field. Dirk Nowitzki was doubled every time he touched the ball in the post, and the rotation by the Blazers was picture perfect for Head Coach Terry Stotts, as the Blazers kept shooters from getting hot by contesting many of the open jumpers.

"We did a much better job tonight on defense, especially on Dirk, we were able to rotate defenders on and off of him... he didn't shoot a great percentage and it worked out for us.

If we continue to play like this, we should be able to beat anybody in the league. Contributions from everyone across the board, still trying to find a way to get [Delonte'] West more opportunities, more pick and rolls for Hickson, the Lillard/Aldridge combo is deadly, in time, we'll be able to figure out things like that, but right now, we're looking pretty good, I think this was our best game so far this season,
" Head Coach Terry Stotts said.

The Blazers head back home for a 3 game home stand, starting Thursday against the LA Clippers.



[On-Court Interview]

Doris Burke: I'm here with Lamarcus Aldridge who finished the game with 28 points and 15 rebounds, you've been playing some of your best basketball this season, what's going on with you?

Lamarcus Aldridge: [Laughs] Ahh man, nothing, nothing at all. I'm just trying to do my part in helping this team win ball games, whether it's scoring, rebounding, defense, whatever. We have a really good team here, and I'm just trying to lead by example. My teammates are following suit, so whatever I can do out here, I'm gonna do it.

DB: You guys held Dirk to just 9 points, what were you guys able to do that was so effective defensively?

LA: We gave him a lot of looks defensively, doubled him from different areas of the court, put different defenders, we tried to make things tough for him. We knew that the team goes as he goes, and he's one of the best players in the game, and we just didn't want him beating us, and it worked out for us.

DB: The balance that you guys seem to be displaying on offense was apparent this game as well, how are you guys able to get points from everybody.

LA: You know, like I said, we have a good team here, we have a lot of guys who can go get buckets, but the offense will be there. Defense is where we want to make our mark, and if we can do that, we'll be an even scarier team.

DB: Ready to go home?

LA: [Laughs] Man!!!


[Media Room]

Thomas: "It feels good to finish off a road trip with a win. Obviously, you want to continue the success you're having, and carry over the same energy, the same momentum into the next game, and hopefully we'll be able to do that against LA."


Dynasty: d11king
06:07 PM - December 3, 2012. Written by d11king

Houston, We Have A Solution

Thomas records first triple-double, leading Blazers to 112-104 victory

Portland Trailblazers at Houston Rockets
Nov 4, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Portland (2-1)36213025112
Houston (0-3)27262724104
Portland Trailblazers
Damian Lillard337-120-24-45410118
Wesley Matthews202-60-01-1332015
Donte' Thomas357-100-16-6111400420
J.J. Hickson334-90-03-411210111
Lamarcus Aldridge374-103-70-05212019
Delonte' West267-91-10-01100015
Randy Foye224-103-70-01000111
Jajuan Johnson153-50-01-3510107
Tyler Honeycutt101-31-11-2100004
Meyers Leonard51-10-00-0300002
Elliot Williams-- DID NOT PLAY --
Will Barton-- DID NOT PLAY --
TEAM TOTALS48-855-1217-214827538112
Houston Rockets
Jeremy Lin363-71-13-54300010
James Harden396-223-96-63920221
Chandler Parsons335-91-20-05420111
Patrick Patterson327-110-13-45300017
Omer Asik343-60-02-21011018
Marcus Morris175-110-12-33101012
Carlos Delfino183-41-12-2451019
Toney Douglas152-51-20-0220105
Donatas Montiejunas153-50-00-0100006
Daequan Cook62-41-20-0100005
Terrence Jones10-00-00-0000000
Cole Aldrich-- DID NOT PLAY --
TEAM TOTALS39-848-1918-224629626104

2 Hours Ago by Martellus Clark | ESPNportland
HOUSTON -- The Blazers won their first road game of the season tonight, defeating the Rockets 112-104 in Houston a night after losing in Oklahoma City. Led by Thomas's first triple double of the season {16th of career} the Blazers were able to hold off Houston's late rally attempt, after failing at that task against the Thunder.

The Blazers shot a season-high 52% from the field tonight, and had 6 players in double figures in scoring, including newly signed G Delonte' West (signed for 2 year/8.34 million) who finished with 15 points, on 7-9 shooting. Coach Stotts had this to say about the addition of West.

"He's a great ball player, and he gives us exactly what we need coming off the bench, he can score, he can play defense, and now he gives us another option of our closing lineup as well. He looked good out there, we'll teach him the system, get him a couple plays out there, so I think he'll be fine."

{That closing lineup Coach Stotts is talking about? The Blazers have used a different closing lineup in each game this season. Lakers: Lillard, Matthews, Thomas, Aldridge, Leonard. Thunder: Lillard, Matthews, Thomas, Hickson, Aldridge. Rockets: Lillard, West, Matthews, Thomas, Aldridge.}

The Blazers started the game off on a 9-0 run but couldn't seem to stop the Rockets from scoring runs, giving up multiple 8-0 runs. The Rockets hung around seemingly all game, as the 2nd unit provided them with efficient play, hustle and tough defense, also putting up 36 points in the process.

"We did a good job today of keeping them off the glass, we knew with Asik and Patterson, amongst others, they were gonna crash and possibly get around 15 offensive rebounds, I'm not sure how many they finished with, but our guys did a good job of boxing out and not giving up too many second chance points," Head Coach Terry Stotts said.

"Overall, it's our 3rd consecutive game giving up 100, and I don't like that all. We have to tight up defensively, I'll try to slow the offensive tempo down because we have the tools defensively to keep teams shooting 42-45% and at the same time, we have the tools to be able to score 110 points a game, we have the weapons, so we're going to have to find a balance. We've proved we can win the 110-105 type games, but championship teams don't give up 107 points a game, and that's what we need to not to.

It's a process."

Game Notes
Head Coach Terry Stotts was accessed with a technical foul for arguing with a referee about a non-call in the 3rd quarter.


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Blazers Can't Hang On, Lose To Thunder

Thomas had an all-around game, but it wasn't enough to can't carry Blazers to victory.

Portland Trailblazers (1-1) at Oklahoma City Thunder (1-1)
Nov 2, 20121234Final
Oklahoma City21332532111
Top Performers
Portland Trailblazers
Donte' Thomas - 28 points, 9 assts, 5 rebs (13-22 fg)
Lamarcus Aldridge - 25 points, 7 rebs (11-23 fgs)
Oklahoma City Thunder
Kevin Durant - 27 points, 10 rebs (12-22 fg)
Kevin Martin - 27 points, 2 assts, 1 reb (8-21 fg)
Team Stats Comparison
FG Made-Att42-9238-85
3PT Made-Att8-189-24
FT Made-Att15-1826-29
Portland Trailblazers
JJ. Hickson315-100-04-415200014
Damian Lillard364-112-44-46500314
Oklahoma City Thunder
Russell Westbrook396-210-37-941430219
Serge Ibaka354-60-02-29001010

1 Hour Ago by Martellus Clark | ESPNportland
OKLAHOMA CITY -- Russell Westbrook was 6-14 shooting, Serge Ibaka didn't have a double-double, J.J. Hickson finished with 14 points and 15 rebounds, Aldridge and Thomas both scored more than 25, yet the Thunder found a way to win the game at home 111-107.

The difference? The bench. After having 37 points off the bench against the Lakers two nights ago, the Blazers were only able to muster 15 points against the Thunder. The Thunder did not have that same problem, as they erupted for 41, including 27 from Kevin Martin.

The Blazers were up the entire game, their biggest lead being 10, they were also up 4 with 2:57 left in the game, but the clutch contested baskets by both Kevin Durant and Kevin Martin were too much for the Blazers to overcome.

"We blew that game, we had it in our possession but they wanted it more.. so our guys just gave it to them," Head Coach Terry Stotts said.

"It's really tough to come into a building like this, against a team like this, and get a W, and it's going to be even harder knowing that we should be 2-0. To work that hard and be so close, and to have it slip away.. it's tough. We didn't get enough production off the bench, and we're still giving up too many points on defense, we have a lot of work to do to get to where we want to be, but the season's still young, so no need to worry now."

The Blazers need to quickly put this game behind them as they travel down south to take on a tough Houston team tomorrow night in their first back-to-back of the season.

Game Notes
The Thunder were 26-29 from the free-throw line, compared to 15-18 from the Blazers. The Blazers also had 0 fastbreak points.



[Media Room]

Thomas: It's tough. It really is... We have to find a way to close games out, and it starts on the defensive end. We'll learn from this experience, but we have to get ready for Houston tomorrow.


[Locker Room]

Aldridge: I mean, I don't what needs to be said. We know what we didn't do, and we know what we did do. Hopefully, as the season goes along, we'll know what we did do, and we'll have no idea what we didn't do cause we did everything we needed to.


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Blazers to Sign G Delonte West

A deal has not yet been reached, but it is expected to be done by early Friday.

1 Hour Ago | Associated Press
PORTLAND -- Delonte West will soon be apart of the Portland Trailblazers, after be waived by the Dallas Mavericks earlier in the preseason. West, who is believed to be the backup point guard behind Lillard, brings a much more complete game to the 2nd unit of the Blazers than that of current backup point guard, Nolan Smith. With the ability to defend around the perimeter, and score, West adds more firepower to a Blazers bench which now features 4 newcomers: West, Foye, Honeycutt**, and Johnson.

(** - Honeycutt was acquired via trade with Sacramento. Portland receives: Tyler Honeycutt; Sacramento receives: 2013 2nd Round Draft pick.)

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