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Monday, April 23, 2012
09:13 AM - April 23, 2012. Written by Sportsfan0290
Match Day 1 VS Borussia Monchengladbach

Bayern Munich's fans came into this match with great enthusiasum after the latest signing of homecoming favorite Mehmet Ozil. This match started off at a fast pace as Bayern Munich scored early and never looked back. Bayern Scored goal after goal after goal as it seemed like they were going to go into double digits. Bayern Munich had goals from Robben in the 9th Minute, Gomez 14th, the away team had Peus score in the 19th, Boateng had a header which he made off of a corner kick in the 50th, Ribery scored in the 64th, Van Buyten scored off of a corner kick in the 84th and Gomez scored two more in the 90th and the 92nd minute for his first hat trick of the season. Gomez after the game had this to say to the media "it was an amazing atmosphere today we hope to keep scoring more and more goals and we're just looking forward to the next match". Bayern Munich won this game 7-1 and play at Wolfsburg for the 2nd match of the season.

Match Day 2 at Wolfsburg

Clearly after their first dominating efforts of the season Bayern Munich wanted to second that on their first road match of the season. However this one would be closer then anyonew would think. Helves of Wolfsburg shocked the crowd and both teams by scoring in the 3rd minute of play, later Frank Ribery scored in the 56th and the 69th minute of the match. Although it seemed like Bayern were going to come away with their 6 point of the season it did not happen as Wolfsburgs Mandzukic scored in the 77th minute to give it a 2-2 draw which both clubs shared the points. Bayern Munich are now 1-1-0 for the season as the 3rd match is at home against Hamburg SV.

Match Day 3 VS Hamburg SV

Bayern Munich came into this game looking to go ahead in the standings and be tied for first place. Early in the match Boateng scored his 2nd goal of the season with a corner again in the 6th minute of the game, later on in the first half Ribery would score in the 15th minute, Robben scored in the 19th minute, Gomez scored in the 33rd minute to end the first half scoring. Sanso of Hamburg would score in the 52nd minute as Guerrero would score in the 71st minute. Bayern Munich won this game by 4-2 and most importantly got the 3 points to move to 2-1-0 for the season.

Match Day 4 at FC K'Lautern

Bayern Munich already on top of the standings looked to continue their winning ways. Mehmet Ozil Final captured his first goal ever in the Bundesliga and with Bayern Munich as he scored twice once in the 28th minute and the 43rd minute of the first half. Bayern Munich ended up winning 2-1 and Ozil had this to say after the game "I'm delighted to have finally gotten my first goal of the season now I can move on and hope that I get some more after this great effort by everyone on the squad". Bayern Munich are now 3-1-0.

Match Day 5 at SC Freiburg

Bayern Munich once again had a tough time on the road however they were successfull in getting yet again another victory. Shweinsteger scored early in the 8th minute for his first goal of the season and later on in the 20th minute Robben scored in the 20th. Dembele would score for SC Freiburg in the 64th minute but that would be all of the goals for this game. Schweinsteger had this to say on the game "It was another great effort to get the win and keep ahead of the pack in the standings this team is the best and probably the most talented I've ever played with". Bayern Munich move to 4-1-0 as the go onto play at FC Schalke 04 in a crucial match as Schalke 04 are just behind Bayern Munich in the standings. Bayern Munich won this game 2 goals to 1.

That's all for now stay tuned all career mode long as the next games will be games 6-10.

Dynasty: Sportsfan0290
08:50 AM - April 23, 2012. Written by Sportsfan0290
Bayern Munich Goals For Career Mode

1. Sign a top player during the first transfer window
2. Develop and sign great youth players to the scouting team
3. Have a top player on the club lead the league in goals
4. Win the Bundesliga and Domestic Cup to get the Double

Bayern Munich come into this season with a new manager Jupp Heynckes whose looking to make an imidiate impact towards the fans, media, players and the general manager. The expectations from the general manager is to win the Bundesliga or at least qualify for Champions League.

Bayern Get Their Man

In what has been an incredible transfer period so far we have seen Carlos Tevez get sold to Inter, Sneijder has moved on, and one of the biggest names and a current member of the German national team just got sold from Real Madrid to Bayern Munich for 68,000,000 Euros Mehmet Ozil. The new manager had this to say about Ozil "yes we had to spend what we had if we want to start winning championships he is a great addition to our midfielders which already consist of world class talent in Frank Ribery, and Ayern Robbin you could consider them as a big 3 and probably the most talented bunch ever". Adding another speedster like Ozil Bayern now have one of the quickest and youngest teams in Germany. It should be an interesting first year of this young managers campaign which gets underway in two weeks.

Dynasty: Sportsfan0290
2012 Washington Nationals Stats - Hitting
Ian Desmond304810010620.267.267.300
Jayson Werth2961360240320.448.448.862
Ryan Zimmerman285620121601.214.241.393
Danny Espinosa283920142510.321.355.500
Adam LaRoche2551321390100.520.5201.040
Wilson Ramos233600110200.261.261.391
Rick Ankiel222810261420.364.391.682
Chad Tracy190600010100.316.316.316
Xavier Nady181510010200.278.278.333
Mark DeRosa60100001000.167.286.167
Roger Bernadina51000000111.000.000.000
Jesus Flores51100000000.200.200.200
Steve Lombardozzi20000000100.000.000.000
Jordan Zimmermann31100000000.333.333.333
Stephen Strasburg20000000000.000.000.000
Ross Detwiler20000000000.000.000.000
2012 Washington Nationals Stats - Pitching
Stephen Strasburg220002014.010301130.791.93
Gio Gonzalez220001010.11564071.455.23
Jordan Zimmermann21110009.1821090.861.93
Edwin Jackson11100109.0400070.440.00
Ross Detwiler11000005.1531060.945.06
Brad Lidge20002002.0000000.000.00
Tyler Clippard40100004.1200160.690.00
Henry Rodriguez20110001.1111020.756.75
Tom Gorzelanny30000002.2400111.880.00
Ryan Mattheus10000001.0000010.000.00
Sean Burnett10010000.2332004.5040.50
Craig Stammen20000003.0200030.670.00

2012 Baltimore Orioles Stats - Hitting
Nick Markakis283720110500.250.250.429
Adam Jones282510170500.179.179.321
Nolan Reimold2633001201000.115.115.231
J.J. Hardy253600110401.240.240.360
Matt Wieters251820121400.320.346.520
Mark Reynolds253700231500.280.308.520
Chris Davis251510120700.200.200.360
Robert Andino212530000400.238.238.381
Wilson Betemit150100000600.067.067.067
Endy Chavez80300000200.375.375.375
Ryan Flaherty51300110100.600.6001.200
Ronny Paulino00000001000.0001.000.000
Jason Hammel31100010100.333.333.333
Wei-Yin Chen30000000100.000.000.000
Jake Arrieta20000000000.000.000.000
Tommy Hunter10000000000.000.000.000
2012 Baltimore Orioles Stats - Pitching
Jake Arrieta220002014.01430151.071.93
Tommy Hunter220101010.01693141.708.10
Jason Hammel11100106.01121021.833.00
Brian Matusz11010005.0952011.809.00
Wei-Yin Chen11100108.0521030.632.25
Jim Johnson20011001.2420012.4010.80
Kevin Gregg20000012.0000010.000.00
Matt Lindstrom20000012.1200000.860.00
Pedro Strop30000004.0420141.254.50
Darren O'Day30110014.2331170.865.79
Luis Ayala30000003.0322111.336.00
Troy Patton10000001.1620034.5013.50
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Baltimore Orioles at Washington Nationals
Apr 23, 2012123456789RHE
Baltimore (3-4 (CPU))1101000003111
Washington (4-3 (Me))00621220x13191
W: Jordan Zimmerman (1-1) L: Tommy Hunter (0-1)
Scoring Summary
BAL1Mark Reynolds RBI Single; Adam Jones Scores10
BAL2Adam Jones RBI Ground Out; Nolan Reimold Scores20
WAS3Ryan Zimmerman RBI Single; Wilson Ramos Scores21
WAS3Adam LaRoche 3 Run Home Run (3); Danny Espinosa and Ryan Zimmerman Score24
WAS3Rick Ankiel 2 Run Home Run (1); Jayson Werth Scores26
BAL4Ryan Flaherty Solo Home Run (1)36
WAS4Danny Espinosa RBI Single; Jordan Zimmermann Scores37
WAS4Rick Ankiel RBI Single; Ian Desmond Scores38
WAS5Ian Desmond RBI Single; Wilson Ramos Scores39
WAS6Jayson Werth Solo Home Run (2)310
WAS6Rick Ankiel Solo Home Run (2)311
WAS7Adam LaRoche RBI Triple; Ian Desmond Scores312
WAS7Jayson Werth RBI Double; Adam LaRoche Scores313
Baltimore Orioles
Adam Jones, CF5111010.179
Wilson Betemit, 2B4000040.067
Nick Markakis, RF4010000.250
Mark Reynolds, 3B4011010.280
Matt Wieters, C4020000.320
Chris Davis, 1B4020000.200
Nolan Reimold, LF4110020.115
Ryan Flaherty, SS4131011.600
Tommy Hunter, P1000000.000
Troy Patton, P0000000.000
Luis Ayala, P0000000.000
Endy Chavez, PH1000000.375
Pedro Strop, P0000000.000
Matt Lindstrom, P0000000.000
J.J. Hardy, PH1000000.240
TEAM TOTALS363113091.306
2B: N. Markakis (2)
HR: R. Flaherty (1)
RBI: R. Flaherty (1), A. Jones (7), M. Reynolds (3)
SAC: T. Hunter
GIDP: A. Jones
E: C. Davis (1)
Washington Nationals
Ian Desmond, SS5231000.267
Danny Espinosa, 2B3111200.321
Ryan Zimmerman, 3B4111010.214
Steve Lombardozzi, PH-3B1000010.000
Adam LaRoche, 1B5234001.520
Jayson Werth, RF5232011.448
Rick Ankiel, CF5244002.364
Tyler Clippard, P0000000.000
Chad Tracy, LF5010010.316
Wilson Ramos, C5220000.261
Gio Gonzalez, P0000000.000
Jordan Zimmerman, P2110000.333
Roger Bernadina, CF1000000.000
TEAM TOTALS41131913244.463
2B: J. Werth (6)
3B: A. LaRoche (1)
HR: J. Werth (2), A. LaRoche (3), R. Ankiel 2 (2)
RBI: I. Desmond (1), J. Werth 2 (4), R. Zimmerman (2), D. Espinosa (4), A. LaRoche 4 (9), R. Ankiel 4 (6)
SAC: G. Gonzalez, J. Zimmermann
E: I. Desmond (3)
Baltimore Orioles
Tommy Hunter (L; 0-1)3.0+8771028.10
Troy Patton1.162203013.50
Luis Ayala1.22221026.00
Pedro Strop0.23220104.50
Matt Lindstrom1.10000000.00
TEAM TOTALS8.019131324414.63
Washington Nationals
Gio Gonzalez3.18330315.23
Jordan Zimmermann (W; 1-1)4.12000501.93
Tyler Clippard1.11000100.00
TEAM TOTALS9.011330913.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Washington Nationals at Baltimore Orioles
Apr 22, 2012123456789ExtrasRHE
Washington (3-3 (Me))0100010000 (10)281
Baltimore (3-3 (CPU))2000000001 (10)3101
W: Darren O'Day (1-1) L: Henry Rodriguez (1-1)
Scoring Summary
BAL1Adam Jones 2 Run Single; Robert Andino and Nick Markakis Score02
WAS2Rick Ankiel RBI Single; Jayson Werth Scores12
WAS6Jayson Werth Reaches on Error; Ryan Zimmerman Scores22
BAL10Mark Reynolds Walk-Off Solo Home Run (1)23
Washington Nationals
Ian Desmond, SS4000020.200
Danny Espinosa, 2B4000010.320
Ryan Zimmerman, 3B4110000.208
Adam LaRoche, 1B4010000.500
Jayson Werth, RF4120010.417
Xavier Nady, LF4010010.278
Rick Ankiel, CF3011110.235
Wilson Ramos, C4010000.222
Roger Beradina, PR0000000.000
Jesus Flores, C0000000.200
Chad Tracy, DH4010000.357
TEAM TOTALS35281160.229
RBI: R. Ankiel (2)
GIDP: I. Desmond, W. Ramos
SB: R. Ankiel (2)
CS: R. Bernadina (1)
E: S. Strasburg (1)
Baltimore Orioles
Endy Chavez, LF5030010.429
Robert Andino, 2B5120010.238
Nick Markakis, RF5100020.250
Mark Reynolds, 3B4111111.286
Adam Jones, CF4022010.174
J.J. Hardy, SS4010000.250
Matt Wieters, C3010110.286
Nolan Reimold, PR0000000.091
Ronny Paulino, C0000000.000
Chris Davis, 1B4000020.143
Wilson Betemit, DH4000010.091
TEAM TOTALS3831032101.263
2B: A. Jones (1), R. Andino (3)
HR: M. Reynolds (2)
RBI: A. Jones 2 (6), M. Reynolds (2)
E: R. Andino (2)
Washington Nationals
Stephen Strasburg7.07221901.93
Tyler Clippard1.01001100.00
Tom Gorzelanny0.21000000.00
Henry Rodriguez (L; 1-1)0.11110016.75
TEAM TOTALS9.0103321013.00
Baltimore Orioles
Jake Arrieta7.07221201.93
Darren O'Day (W; 1-1)3.01000405.79
TEAM TOTALS10.08221601.80
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Sunday, April 22, 2012
Baltimore Orioles at Washington Nationals
Apr 22, 2012123456789RHE
Baltimore (2-3 (CPU))0100050006101
Washington (3-2 (Me))000200000250
W: Wei-Yin Chen (1-0) L: Sean Burnett (0-1)
Scoring Summary
BAL2Matt Wieters Solo Home Run (1)10
WAS4Jayson Werth 2 Run Home Run (1); Ryan Zimmerman Scores12
BAL6Adam Jones 3 Run Home Run (1); Nolan Reimold and Nick Markakis Score42
BAL6Chris Davis 2 Run Home Run (1); Mark Reynolds Scores62
Baltimore Orioles
Nolan Reimold, LF5110020.091
J.J. Hardy, SS4010010.250
Nick Markakis, RF4120010.316
Adam Jones, CF4113001.105
Matt Wieters, C4111011.278
Mark Reynolds, 3B4120010.294
Chris Davis, 1B4112011.176
Robert Andino, 2B4010000.187
Wei-Yin Chen, P3000010.000
Kevin Gregg, P0000000.000
TEAM TOTALS366106083.278
HR: A. Jones (1), M. Wieters (1), C. Davis (1)
RBI: A. Jones 3 (4), M. Wieters (2), C. Davis 2 (2)
SAC: W. Chen
E: M. Reynolds (3)
Washington Nationals
Ian Desmond, SS4000000.238
Danny Espinosa, 2B4000000.381
Ryan Zimmerman, 3B4110020.200
Jayson Werth, RF4122001.400
Xavier Nady, 1B3000000.286
Rick Ankiel, CF3000010.214
Mark DeRosa, LF3000000.167
Wilson Ramos, C3020000.214
Ross Detwiler, P2000000.000
Sean Burnett, P0000000.000
Ryan Mattheus, P0000000.000
Craig Stammen, P0000000.000
Steve Lombardozzi, PH0000000.000
Tom Gorzelanny, P0000000.000
TEAM TOTALS30252031.167
2B: R. Zimmerman (2)
HR: J. Werth (1)
RBI: J. Werth 2 (2)
SAC: S. Lombardozzi
SB: J. Werth 2 (2)
Baltimore Orioles
Wei-Yin Chen (W; 1-0)8.05220312.25
Kevin Gregg1.00000000.00
TEAM TOTALS9.05220312.00
Washington Nationals
Ross Detwiler5.15330615.06
Sean Burnett (L; 0-1)0.233300240.50
Ryan Mattheus1.00000100.00
Craig Stammen1.00000000.00
Tom Gorzelanny1.02000100.00
TEAM TOTALS9.010660836.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
09:58 PM - April 22, 2012. Written by lx Shepard xl

Detroit Trades: Brandon Knight and Tayshaun Prince

Portland Trades: Nicolas Batum and Jamal Crawford

What Detroit Gets
  • Youth at the SF position. Tayshaun is an excellent player, but he's showing signs of age. These past few games have proven that he can't keep up with the fast pace offense that Detroit is running with. Batum has speed and can spread the floor. This will help Detroit a lot.
  • Acquiring Crawford allows Stuckey to really focus on his PG position, and gives Rip a player to share minutes with. Both of them in their 30s, we expect to see equal playing time at the SG position.
  • This trade also frees up a lot of cap space for Detroit.

What Portland Gets
  • A young and talented PG. Brandon Knight has the speed and early leadership that the team could desperatly use. Also, having a 2nd PG to play back to back with Jonny Flynn alows a bit more depth to the Blazer roster.
  • Tayshaun provides experience and talent to the struggle Portland SF position. Although he's a bit older, he can lead this team to a few wins and motivate others to play hard around him.
  • Although this trade does cost them cap space, they have two contracts that will provide a few seasons of results.



First Line
PG: Rodney Stuckey
SG: Richard Hamilton
SF: Nicholas Batum
PF: Jason Maxiell
C: Greg Monroe
Although Stuckey is more comfortable at the SG position, he's too undersized for it compared to the rest of the team. This roster puts Stuckey at the point to call plays and be a focal point for the offense. Rip also gets the start, flashing his speed and effectiveness early. Although we do expect his playing time to be limited. Batum will provide a solid push for SF, accumulating a lot of minutes. Maxiell and Monroe round out the big men.

Second Line
PG: Jamal Crawford
SG: Ronnie Brewer
SF: Damien Wilkins
PF: Charlie Villanueva
C: Ben Wallace
This roster really emphasizes the 1 and 2 spot. Crawford and Brewer have similar size and playing styles, and can both EASILY play against other starters and bench teams and score effectively. This provides a lot of depth to the roster, although we are unsure of how happy these players will be in these roles, coming from their starting positions.

SF: Austin Daye
PG: Will Bynum
PF: Jonas Jerebko
PF: Vernon Macklin
Dynasty: lx Shepard xl
12:20 PM - April 22, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
Game 17 @ WSH

The Tigers opened up the scoring when Prince Fielder drove in Miguel Cabrera with a double. Ian Desmond responded with a leadoff HR for the Nationals.

Both Doug Fister and Stephen Strasburg cruised through the next few innings. Craig Stammen came in for Strasburg in the 5th.

After an Austin Jackson single and steal of second base, Miguel Cabrera put the Tigers up again with a 2 run shot to center.

A Miguel Cabrera error put the Tigers in a jam in the 7th. Doug Fister gave way to situational lefty Randy Choate, who struck out pinch-hitter Xavier Paul with runners in scoring position. Octavio Dotel erased the great day for Doug Fister by allowing the tying runs to score.

The Tigers found offense in the 10th. Pinch hitters Placido Polanco and Geovany Soto had singles, then pinch-hitting Victor Martinez hit a double, driving in the run to take the lead. Austin Jackson gave the Tigers insurance with a 2 run double. Michael Morse drove in Jackson. Morse scored on a Nelson Cruz sac fly.

Joaquin Benoit closed out the game, as the Tigers extra-inning offense was all they needed.

After the game, Octavio Dotel was traded (along with a prospect) to the Angels for Scott Downs. As a result, Nate Robertson was sent to AAA, as the acquisition of Downs eliminated his chance of making the 25 man roster.
Dynasty: jhendricks316
11:25 AM - April 22, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
Game 16 vs. STL

There was too much action in this one for a full summary. It was an uncharacteristic day for the Tigers, specifically pitching. The Cardinals came out on top in this slugfest, 16 to 9.


Jon Jay: 4-6, 3 R
Carlos Beltran: 3-6, HR, 2 RBI, 3 R
Lance Berkman: 2 HR, 5 RBI
Matt Holliday: 3-5, HR, 3 R
Allen Craig: 3-6, 2 RBI, 3R
David Freese: 2-5, 4 RBI
Scott Linebrink: 2 IP, 0 ER, 2 H, 3 K

Austin Jackson: 2-5, 2 R, SB
Miguel Cabrera: 5-5, 2 HR, 4 RBI
Prince Fielder: HR
Nelson Cruz: 3-5, HR, 2 RBI, 2 R
Jhonny Peralta: HR


Rafael Furcal: 2-5, 3 K
Adam Wainwright: 3 IP, 6 ER, 8 H

Alex Avila: 0-4, K
Justin Verlander: 5 IP, 11 ER, 15 H
Dynasty: jhendricks316
Game 11 vs. NYM

The Santana vs. Verlander pitching matchup did not live up to its full expectations, as the Tigers offense got it going early. Prince Fielder slugged a 3 run homerun off of Santana in the 1st. Justin Verlander showed no trouble of getting outs, while Johan Santana struggled to keep things close. He was gone after 4 IP.

Justin Verlander ended up shutting out the Mets through 8 IP, but Daniel Schlereth, the situational lefty, surrendered a home run to Lucas Duda, ending the shutout. He prompted the call to Jose Valverde, who surrendered a double before closing the door shut.

Austin Jackson, Victor Martinez, and Placido Polanco had 3 hits each.

Game 12 @ WSH

Gio Gonzalez retired all 12 batters he faced, but gave way to Chien-Ming Wang because ofSpring Training. After fending off a 2nd inning scoring chance, Doug Fister retired 14 consecutive batters.

With two outs in the 7th inning, Delmon Young provided the Tigers' first hit. The suspense continued as this game went to extra innings. Doug Fister provided 8 and 2/3 shutout innings.

The Nationals threatened in the 10th with Jayson Werth's leadoff double, but did not score. However, in the 11th, singles by Xavier Paul and Ian Desmond eventually led to a double steal. Ryan Zimmerman was intentionally walked by Matt Guerrier, and Jose Valverde came into the game with the bases loaded. Michael Morse's ground rule double ended the game with a win for the Nationals.

Game 13 vs. NYM

The Tigers provided the first run of the game in the 4th. After John Mayberry, Jr's triple, Miguel Cabrera drove home Mayberry with a sac fly. This is Cabrera's first start since spraining his wrist. (Cabrera also homered in the 8th.)

Jeff Stevens, who came in to relieve Jon Neise, surrendered a double to Victor Martinez (who finished with 3 hits), and Jhonny Peralta drove in Martinez with a double of his own.

Brandon Beachy was effectively wild, despite posting a stretch of 15 consecutive batters retired. He threw a lot more balls than usual, but finished with 7 shutout innings.

Detroit loaded the bases in the 7th, but damage was averted. The Tigers' bullpen managed their way through the 8th without giving up a run. Randy Choate and Octavio Dotel closed out the game and secured the victory.

Game 14 vs. BAL

Brian Matusz began the game severely fatigued. Only the poor AI management can explain how he got the start.

Delmon Young cashed in on Matusz's fatigue and clobbered a solo shot in the 2nd. The Tigers rallied with 2 outs in the 3rd with a display of more power. Miguel Cabrera hit a 2 run home run to extend the margin to 3.

The Orioles would not back down. Adam Jones responded with a solo shot in the 4th, and Chris Davis went back-to-back with Jones. Jai Miller's RBI triple tied the game at 3. An RBI groundout gave the Orioles their first lead. In a half-inning, Max Scherzer was on the hook for the loss. After allowing a sacrifice fly, Scherzer was pulled.

Austin Jackson drove home Ryan Raburn in the 5th to bring the Tigers within one. JJ Hardy's double in the 7th re-extended the margin to 2.

Reliever Alfredo Simon began to unravel in the 7th. Brennan Boesch delivered a pinch hit RBI single, after a couple Tigers' hits. They were also helped by an error.

No more progress was made as Jim Johnson got the save for the Orioles.

Game 15 @ NYM

The "new look" Tigers' offense (highlighted by acquiring Michael Morse, Nelson Cruz, and David Murphy) got going early as Miguel Cabrera continued his home run dominance. He hit his 4th HR of Spring Training in the 1st inning.

After a Nelson Cruz leadoff double, a Daniel Murphy error allowed Detroit to score their second run. In the 3rd, Prince Fielder slugged a 2 run HR. Starter Mike Pelfrey was done after 4 IP. Fielder went clubbing again off of reliever Jenrry Mejia in the 6th.

A bloop single by Cruz extended the lead to 6-0. Jhonny Peralta extended the assault with a 3 run home run in the 7th. David Murphy went back-to-back with Peralta!

Give it up for Jordan Zimmermann! He went 7 and 1/3 innings without giving up a hit! An early error by Prince Fielder eliminated the bid for perfection. Pinch-hitting catcher Vinny Rottino grounded a ball between the foul line and Miguel Cabrera at 3rd base. Call it a "cheap" hit, but sadly, it ended the no-no bid.
Dynasty: jhendricks316
Game 6 @ MIA

No one ever thought that the only run, Miami's, would come in the 1st. The Tigers did outhit the Marlins in the pitching spectacle. Justin Verlander was creditied with the tough loss. He pitched the entire game for the Tigers.

Mike Stanton's RBI single drove in Hanley Ramirez who doubled early off. Heath Bell shut the door on the Tigers in a perfect 9th.

Game 7 vs. ATL

Atlanta smacked Detroit around again. Detroit was held scoreless for the second game in a row. Not to mention, Miguel Cabrera went down after failing a slide into home plate. He will be out a week with a sore wrist, and the Tigers offense will likely struggle. Prince Fielder had 2 of 3 Tigers hits.

McCann and Uggla homered again, and Bourn, Jones, Hinske, and Prado collected RBIs.

Game 8 vs. PHI

A day off did nothing good for the Tigers. All offense clicked late, but an unexpected 3 run home run by Juan Pierre off of Joaquin Benoit won it for the Phillies. Jhonny Peralta homered in the losing effort.

Game 9 vs. WSH

Detroit halted the three game skid with a win over the Nationals. Washington did go on the board first with a Ryan Zimmerman sac fly after Ian Desmond's leadoff triple.

Victor Martinez and Jhonny Peralta responded with homeruns in the first. Delmon Young's RBI in the 8th prevented the save opportunity.

Game 10 @ HOU

It took a while for the real offense to shine through. Both teams exchanged manufactured runs, but Miguel Cabrera packed the punch with a pinch-hit grand slam. He is still nursing a sore wrist.

Jordan Zimmermann only went 4 1/3 IP, but did not give up a run. Colin Balester recorded the win, but on the other side, Henry Sosa caused the Tigers to load the bases twice. He paid for it, giving up 5 ER.
Dynasty: jhendricks316
11:22 AM - April 22, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
Game 1 @ TOR

Justin Verlander was dominant as usual. I only had him go 6 and 1/3 innings because of Spring Training. Combined, the staff only gave up 5 hits. Matt Guerrier closed the shutout victory.

The overall offense did not disappoint. Sadly, Austin Jackson went hitless in 6 at bats. Ryan Raburn went hitless as well.

Fielder, Martinez, Young, Peralta, Avila, and Polanco provided the RBIs.

Game 2 vs. PHI

The Tigers held their own against the Phillies. All the scoring occured late, so reliever Daniel Schlereth got the win. The Tigers bullpen was amazing. Weinhardt, Guerrier, and Choate all recieved holds and Valverde only needed 1/3 IP for the save.

The offense did the job, but not as spectacularly. Young, Peralta, Raburn, and Polanco were hitless. Victor Martinez's 2 RBI doubles propelled the offense. Alex Avila had an RBI as well.

Game 3 @ ATL

Atlanta was a tough matchup. The game went to 11 innings! I was able to hold off using Jose Valverde, who got the win. Both offenses performed well. Multiple Braves wreaked havoc on the basepaths. Martin Prado had 2 RBIs, and even Tim Hudson chipped in with an RBI knock of his own. However, their relief faltered as both Kris Medlen and Johnny Venters gave up 3 ER each.

Tigers' relievers came through again. Holds were credited to Choate, Benoit, and Schlereth. Colin Balester went 2 and 2/3 innings perfect. We saw our first Tigers homeruns with Fielder and Peralta, who sealed the deal in the 11th.

Game 4 vs. ATL

Atlanta brought the house in the rematch. Rick Porcello made his last start as a Tiger, as his team only mustered a run in the 1st. Porcello gave up 5 ER on 10 hits in only 4 and 2/3 innings! Miguel Cabrera had the only RBI for the Tigers.

Powerhouses Brian McCann and Dan Uggla homered for Atlanta in the 8-1 embarrassment.

Game 5 vs. TOR

Toronto was tougher this time out. This one went 13 innings! Matt Guerrier led the Tigers' bullpen to a victory. Brandon Beachy saw his first action as a Tiger with 3 shutout relief innings.

Colby Rasmus homered in the losing effort, while Prince Fielder provided some power for the Tigers.

Ryan Raburn was the offensive star for the Tigers with a triple and the walk-off single in the 13th.
Dynasty: jhendricks316
Washington Nationals at Baltimore Orioles
Apr 22, 2012123456789RHE
Washington (3-1 (Me))1011200005111
Baltimore (1-3 (CPU))000100000141
W: Edwin Jackson (1-0) L: Brian Matusz (0-1)
Scoring Summary
WAS1Danny Espinosa Solo Home Run (1)10
WAS3Adam LaRoche RBI Double; Danny Espinosa Scores20
WAS4Jesus Flores Scores on Error30
BAL4Matt Wieters RBI Double; J.J. Hardy Scores31
WAS5Danny Espinosa Sacrifice Fly; Ian Desmond Scores41
WAS5Ryan Zimmerman Solo Home Run (1)51
Washington Nationals
Ian Desmond, SS5120010.294
Danny Espinosa, 2B4232001.471
Ryan Zimmerman, 3B4111011.187
Adam LaRoche, 1B4021000.563
Jayson Werth, RF4010010.375
Mark DeRosa, LF3010100.333
Roger Bernadina, CF4000010.000
Jesus Flores, C4100000.200
Chad Tracy, DH4010000.400
TEAM TOTALS365114142.306
2B: D. Espinosa 2 (2), A. LaRoche (2)
HR: R. Zimmerman (1), D. Espinosa (1)
RBI: R. Zimmerman (1), D. Espinosa 2 (3), A. LaRoche (5)
SF: D. Espinosa
SB: I. Desmond (2)
E: R. Zimmerman (1)
Baltimore Orioles
Nolan Reimold, LF4000020.059
J.J. Hardy, SS4100010.250
Nick Markakis, RF4010000.267
Adam Jones, CF4000010.067
Matt Wieters, C3021000.286
Wilson Betemit, DH3000010.143
Mark Reynolds, 3B3000000.231
Chris Davis, 1B3000010.154
Robert Andino, 2B3010010.167
TEAM TOTALS31141070.129
2B: M. Wieters (2), R. Andino (2)
RBI: M. Wieters (1)
GIDP: A. Jones
E: M. Reynolds (2)
PB: M. Wieters (1)
Washington Nationals
Edwin Jackson (W; 1-0)9.04100700.00
TEAM TOTALS9.04100700.00
Baltimore Orioles
Brian Matusz (L; 0-1)5.09550129.00
Pedro Strop3.01001300.00
Luis Ayala1.01000000.00
TEAM TOTALS9.011551425.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Baltimore Orioles at Washington Nationals
Apr 21, 2012123456789RHE
Baltimore (1-2 (CPU))000030000391
Washington (2-1 (Me))0001010002142
W: Jason Hammel (1-0) L: Jordan Zimmermann (0-1) S: Jim Johnson (1)
Scoring Summary
WAS4Adam LaRoche Solo Home Run (2)01
BAL5Jason Hammel RBI Single; Robert Andino Scores11
BAL5Nolan Reimold 2 Run Home Run (1); Jason Hammel Scores31
WAS6Rick Ankiel RBI Ground Rule Double; Jayson Werth Scores32
Baltimore Orioles
Nolan Reimold, LF5112021.077
J.J. Hardy, SS4010010.333
Nick Markakis, RF4000010.273
Adam Jones, CF4010020.091
Matt Wieters, C4010000.182
Mark Reynolds, 3B4020010.300
Chris Davis, 1B4010010.200
Robert Andino, 2B4110000.111
Jason Hammel, P3111010.333
Darren O'Day, P0000000.000
Matt Lindstrom, P0000000.000
Ronny Paulino, PH0000100.000
Jim Johnson, P0000000.000
TEAM TOTALS36393191.250
2B: M. Wieters (1), C. Davis (1), R. Andino (1)
HR: N. Reimold (1)
RBI: J. Hammel (1), N. Reimold 2 (2)
GIDP: N. Reimold
CS: J. Hardy (1)
E: M. Reynolds (1)
Washington Nationals
Ian Desmond, SS4010010.250
Danny Espinosa, 2B5020010.385
Ryan Zimmerman, 3B5010000.167
Adam LaRoche, 1B4131001.583
Jayson Werth, RF4120000.417
Xavier Nady, LF4020010.364
Rick Ankiel, CF4011010.273
Wilson Ramos, C4000000.091
Tom Gorzelanny, P0000000.000
Jordan Zimmermann, P1000000.000
Steve Lombardozzi, PH1000000.000
Craig Stammen, P0000000.000
Chad Tracy, PH1010000.500
Roger Bernadina, PR0000000.000
Tyler Clippard, P0000000.000
Jesus Flores, C10100001.000
TEAM TOTALS382142041.368
2B: J. Werth 2 (5), R. Ankiel (1)
HR: A. LaRoche (2)
RBI: A. LaRoche (4), R. Ankiel (1)
SAC: I. Desmond
GIDP: W. Ramos
SB: I. Desmond (1), D. Espinosa (1), R. Bernadina (1)
E: I. Desmond 2 (2)
Baltimore Orioles
Jason Hammel (W; 1-0)6.0+11220213.00
Darren O'Day (H; 1)1.000002016.20
Matt Lindstrom (H; 1)1.02000000.00
Jim Johnson (SV; 1)1.010000010.80
TEAM TOTALS9.014220412.00
Washington Nationals
Jordan Zimmermann (L; 0-1)5.06320413.60
Craig Stammen2.02000300.00
Tyler Clippard1.00000200.00
Tom Gorzelanny1.01001000.00
TEAM TOTALS9.09321912.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Saturday, April 21, 2012
11:54 PM - April 21, 2012. Written by EyeAmBaldman
The Blue Jays took the second game of the Baltimore series with a 3-2 victory behind more strong starting pitching from Kyle Drabek. Edwin Encarnacion continues to swing a hot bat. Encarnacion knocked a two-run homer in the 4th inning to give the Jays the lead for good.

Drabek went six strong innings, striking out seven and walking none. The only blemish for the night was an Endy Chavez two-run homer in the 3rd inning that gave the Orioles the lead 2-0.

Four Toronto relievers pitched the final three innings, surrendering only one hit and a walk, both by Casey Janssen in the 7th. Darren Oliver came on in the 8th with Chavez on 1st and no one out. Oliver proceeded to strikeout Nick Markakis before giving way to Francisco Cordero who induced a double play off the bat of JJ Hardy. Sergio Santos came on in the ninth and closed it out.

Drew Hutchison takes the hill on Thursday in the rubber match as the Jays attempt to win only their second series on the young season. The Jays return home on Friday for a 3-game set against the Mariners with Ricky Romero (1-2, 9.97) looking to turn things around against Felix Hernandez (2-0, 1.55).

Toronto Blue Jays at Baltimore Orioles
Apr 25, 2012123456789RHE
Toronto (6-12)000300000390
Baltimore (9-9)002000000291
W: Drabek (1-0) L: Hammel (1-2) S: Santos (4)
Toronto Blue Jays
Davis, CF412000.207
Thames, LF411100.240
Bautista, RF401000.242
Encarnacion, 1B412200.333
Lind, DH400002.299
Lawrie, 3B401000.161
Johnson, 2B402000.231
Vizquel, SS300000.300
Mathis, C300000.250
2B: Encarnacion (7)
HR: Encarnacion (5)
RBI: Encarnacion (17), Thames (4)
GIDP: Vizquel, Thames
SB: Thames (1)
Toronto Blue Jays
Drabek (W, 1-0)6.0822076.10
Janssen (H, 2)1.0100117.56
Oliver (H, 2)0.1000012.70
Cordero (H, 2)0.2000006.00
Santos (S, 4)1.0000011.69
Baltimore Orioles
Roberts, 2B411001.313
Chavez, LF311210.313
Markakis, RF401002.243
Hardy, SS402001.234
Jones, CF401001.333
Reimold, DH400001.224
Betemit, 3B401002.235
Davis, 1B300002.235
Wieters, C302000.356
HR: Chavez (1)
RBI: Chavez 2 (8)
GIDP: Hardy, Jones, Davis
E: Roberts (2)
Baltimore Orioles
Hammel (L, 1-2)7.0733033.67

Dynasty: EyeAmBaldman