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Monday, December 31, 2012
09:35 PM - December 31, 2012. Written by olivertheorem
Great West Conference Conference Standings - Updated: Feb 1, 2013
Texas-Pan American3-1.7505-13.278289
North Dakota3-1.7505-15.250244
South Dakota2-1.6677-10.412240
Utah Valley2-1.6675-13.278217
Chicago State2-1.6677-12.368205
Houston Baptist1-5.1676-15.286317
Dynasty: olivertheorem
09:24 PM - December 31, 2012. Written by olivertheorem
North Dakota Fighting Sioux at Houston Baptist Huskies
Jan 30, 20131ST2NDSCORE
North Dakota (5-15, 3-1 GWC)332962
Houston Baptist (6-15, 1-5 GWC)292554
North Dakota Fighting Sioux
C Kyle Simone343-90-02-4910128
F Reggie Dimmick255-73-30-00010213
G Renato Coldiron262-50-02-3511026
G Byron Cork283-91-24-43310311
G Jack Withrow191-31-10-0221033
G Victorino Gimenez220-20-10-0421010
F/C Domingo Sumpter122-20-00-0110014
G John Green111-21-112-145100015
G Edward Langford100-20-10-0101000
F Ward Dunlop60-00-00-0100000
F/C Fredrick Collins40-00-00-0000000
G Tony Kissinger41-10-00-1000002
TEAM TOTALS18-426-920-263111611462
Houston Baptist Huskies
C Charles Alley211-40-00-2001012
F Jon Rector334-80-12-66200010
F Max Endicott275-112-44-68200216
G Tod Perdomo240-20-13-4412023
G George Suttle303-80-22-4211028
G Ward Ragsdale192-40-02-3211036
C Weldon Kennedy191-30-11-2411013
F Ron Marker120-20-03-4200013
F James Ling60-00-00-2200010
G Rufus Dalessio61-21-20-0310003
C Ronald Keen20-00-00-0000000
G Tony Claussen10-00-00-0000000
TEAM TOTALS17-443-1117-33339601354
Dynasty: olivertheorem
08:50 PM - December 31, 2012. Written by Raekrazy003
Today is the beginning of the New Orleans Saints dynasty. This will be an offline CC with 15 minute quarters and default All-Pro difficulty. Below is the preseason schedule for the 2012-2013 New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints 2012 Schedule
Aug 9at New England Patriots
Aug 17vs Jacksonville Jaguars
Aug 25vs Houston Texans
Aug 30at Tennessee Titans
Dynasty: Raekrazy003
02:23 PM - December 31, 2012. Written by JaymeeAwesome

Sack Party
...with Consequences (Many Injured)

PATRIOTS 23 - Ravens 13

Baltimore, MD - The Patriots were able to come out strong and hold the lead through the game to win, but it came at a loss. Defensive Captain Jerod Mayo will now be sidelined for 8 weeks due to a Collarbone injury. This was not the only casuality, here's the list of 3 others:

Julian Edelman
Dont'a Hightower
Brandon Lloyd

All three of them came out of the game early and are listed as questionable for next week. When coach Gerard was asked what he thought on the injuries, he said, "Other than Jerod (Mayo), we are looking good for next week. Julian, Dont'a, and Brandon will all stay off their feet for the next few days to start their recovery to be ready for next week."

Patriots took an early lead due to a fumble on the first snap of the game by Ray Rice. The fumble was picked up by Steve Gregory, who also made a huge interception in the final 2 minutes in the endzone. Patriots were able to get a couple first downs and close it out afterwards for the victory.

Big props go out to the Patriots defensive front. They were able to keep the explosive Ray Rice under 50 yards. That feat is a hard one to do. Along with shutting down the game's top running back, they also picked up 4 sacks on Joe Flacco. Two of them came from the hands of newly positioned Defensive End Rob Ninkovich. When asked about his transition to defensive end, he had this to say, "Defense end is a lot like outside linebacker, you're making sure nothing get's outside of you and that you keep the game on the inside. Now I don't have to go out and defend many passes or cover a tight end as much, which is a plus but I have to handle that right tackle. Offensive right tackles are usually big because that's where the run plays go and they have to make holes."

This win propels the Patriots to 2-1 on the year. On to the Bills we go!

New England Patriots at Baltimore Ravens
Sep 23, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
New England Patriots (1-1)10130023
Baltimore Ravens (2-0)070613
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense344306
Rushing Yards14447
Passing Yards200259
First Downs1713
Punt Return Yards1011
Kick Return Yards6762
Total Yards421379
3rd Down Converstion10-186-12
4th Down Conversion0-00-0
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals2/31/0
Posession Time31:4928:11
New England Patriots
Ryan Mallett20/2922210
Stevan Ridley261214.61
Danny Woodhead471.70
Shane Vereen5204.00
Wes Welker34414.60
Brandon Lloyd000.00
Rob Gronkowski5408.00
Aaron Hernandez5499.81
Julian Edelman24120.50
Visanthe Shiancoe12222.00
Stevan Ridley273.50
Danny Woodhead2199.50
Rob Ninkovich5200
Jermaine Cunningham3100
Steve Gregory2010
Ras-I Dowling0010
Patrick Chung3100
Stephen Gostkowski3/32/21137
Zoltan Mesko417543.71
Matthew Slater24422.00
Julian Edelman12323.00
Julian Edelman2105.00
Baltimore Ravens
Joe Flacco21/3027902
Ray Rice19321.61
Tim Hightower3155.00
Anquan Boldin69015.00
Ed Dickson55210.40
Torrey Smith49423.50
Ray Rice4358.70
Dennis Pitta111.00
Jacoby Jones177,00
Bernard Pollard7000
Courtney Upshaw7000
Ray Lewis6000
Ryan McBean1100
Jameel McClain2100
Ryan Longwell2/31/1749
Sam Koch311137.01
Jacoby Jones36220.60
Jacoby Jones11111.00
Dynasty: JaymeeAwesome
02:22 PM - December 31, 2012. Written by JaymeeAwesome

Crowd Pleasers
TD Plunging! Ridley|Gronk with 2 TDs...

Cardinals 20 - PATRIOTS 44

Foxboro, MA - Welcome to New England Ryan Mallett. Mallett was able to shake his first game jitters and pulls out a near perfect day. Throwing his first 300 game of career, Ryan felt comfortable. When asked what was the difference today compared to last week, he said,

"Last week I felt like all eyes were on me as if I am Tom Brady. I'm not Tom Brady, I'm Ryan Mallett and I'm your quarterback. I stepped out today and decided to be Ryan Mallett. But without my team, I'm nothing. You should be talking with them, they're the ones that got us that win today."

Stevan Ridley stepped up to run the Patriots to this victory over the Cardinals as the Patriots would not be denied this week. They were able to walk away with their heads held high. From the first snap of the game it was all in the Patriots favor as Kyle Arrington was able to pick the first pass from John Skelton.

The Patriots picked up a total of 4 interceptions to go with their 4 sacks. The defense was basically a brick wall holding Beanie Wells to under 100 yards on the ground. Also big Gronk was able to haul in two TDs in this victory and was able to do his Gronk spike. There was absolutely nothing that could go wrong for the Patriots today....

Now onto the stats....

Arizona Cardinals at New England Patriots
Sep 16, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Arizona Cardinals (1-0)670720
New England Patriots (0-1)317101444
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense260421
Rushing Yards84142
Passing Yards176279
First Downs1416
Punt Return Yards3325
Kick Return Yards8291
Total Yards375537
3rd Down Converstion7-138-17
4th Down Conversion0-02-2
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals2-27-7
Posession Time27:1232:48
Arizona Cardinals
John Skelton23/3420824
Beanie Wells15694.60
Javarris James5153.00
Gerell Robinson11515.00
Larry Fitzgerald89111.31
Andre Roberts22613.01
LaRon Byrd188.00
Anthony Sherman362.00
Todd Heap133.00
Michael Floyd55310.60
Beanie Wells263.00
Daryl Washington5000
Jamell Fleming4000
Patrick Peterson4000
Calais Campbell4100
William Gay4100
Jay Feely2/22/2853
Dave Zastudil414235.50
Patrick Peterson25125.50
Andre Roberts13131.00
Patrick Peterson23316.50
New England Patriots
Ryan Mallett20/3130530
Stevan Ridley23954.12
Danny Woodhead9444.80
Shane Vereen510.20
Eric Kettani122.00
Wes Welker37826.00
Brandon Lloyd39331.01
Rob Gronkowski55010.02
Aaron Hernandez2147.00
Julian Edelman12828.00
Stevan Ridley199.00
Danny Woodhead3165.30
Eric Kettani2178.50
Jerod Mayo6010
Brandon Spikes5010
Kyle Arrington3010
Devin McCourty7010
Rob Ninkovich3200
Stephen Gostkowski3/35/52033
Zoltan Mesko416641.51
Matthew Slater36521.60
Julian Edelman12525.00
Julian Edelman22512.50
Dynasty: JaymeeAwesome
02:21 PM - December 31, 2012. Written by JaymeeAwesome

An Unsuccessful Road Trip
Mallett Disappoints in First Outing

Titans 19 - PATRIOTS 15

Nashville, TN - The Ryan Mallett show will have to wait one more week. Mallett tosses 2 picks in this dismal first game. The only bright side is his high completion percentage. He was able to spread the ball out but could never bring it home in the redzone in 5 opportunities.

Stevan Ridley was able to get going though, picking up his first 100 yard rushing game of the season. When asked how he felt about today's game, he responded "I feel horrible. We just couldn't put it in the end zone. We need to go to the tapes and work on our red zone offense for next week."

Wes Welker, although grabbing a few balls and decent yards, was injured in the 3rd quarter. While the x-rays turned out negative, Wes was not able to return to the game.

The Patriots will face off against Larry Fitzgerald and the Arizona Cardinals next week in Foxboro. Not only will the focus be on the tall wide receiver, but also on ever speedy Patrick Peterson. Patrick Peterson is a dual threat as a cornerback and a returner.

See you all next week.......Here's the stats from the game:

New England Patriots at Tennessee Titans
Sep 9, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
New England Patriots (0-0)093015
Tennessee Titans (0-0)373919
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense357306
Rushing Yards10771
Passing Yards250235
First Downs1915
Punt Return Yards320
Kick Return Yards6881
Total Yards457387
3rd Down Converstion8-148-14
4th Down Conversion0-00-0
2-Point Conversion0-00-1
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals4-53-3
Posession Time35:4324:17
New England Patriots
Ryan Mallett21/2925002
Stevan Ridley291013.40
Danny Woodhead4102.50
Wes Welker57414.80
Brandon Lloyd122.00
Rob Gronkowski46917.20
Aaron Hernandez5489.60
Julian Edelman22814.00
Stevan Ridley3217.00
Eric Kettani188.00
Jerod Mayo10000
Brandon Spikes6000
Ron Brace2100
Steve Gregory6000
Patrick Chung6000
Stephen Gostkowski5/50/01554
Zoltan Mesko29849.01
Matthew Slater12020.00
Julian Edelman24120.50
Julian Edelman33210.60
Tennessee Titans
Jake Locker18/2323710
Chris Johnson25672.61
Javon Ringer231.50
Jake Locker331.00
Craig Stevens231.50
Nate Washington34113.60
Kenny Britt2115.50
Chris Johnson2178.50
Jared Cook Jr.35518.31
Damian Williams56412.80
Kendall Wright34916.30
Akeem Ayers10000
Jason Babineaux6010
Colin McCarthy5000
Tommie Campbell3010
Michael Griffin5000
Rob Bironas2/21/1756
Brett Kern415939.71
Darius Reynaud38127.00
Darius Reynaud0000
Dynasty: JaymeeAwesome
Sunday, December 30, 2012
06:57 PM - December 30, 2012. Written by olivertheorem
Texas-Pan American Broncs at North Dakota Fighting Sioux
Jan 23, 20131ST2NDSCORE
Texas-Pan American (4-12, 2-0 GWC)274067
North Dakota (4-15, 2-1 GWC)322759
Texas-Pan American Broncs
C Thomas Shuler181-40-00-0520012
F Baltasar Vila251-40-00-4400112
F Elvis Cruz276-90-12-47160214
G Eric Hart294-81-51-24321510
G Nicolas Luttrell205-90-02-22010012
F Cedrick Magana223-80-01-2401029
C Steven Pilcher162-30-01-2200005
G Kenneth Anson131-30-12-3010014
F Randall Burns132-31-12-2011007
G Wally Shirey70-10-00-0101000
G Richard Greer61-30-10-0000012
F Lee McCullough30-00-00-0000000
C Floyd Black10-00-00-0000000
TEAM TOTALS26-554-1311-212981221367
North Dakota Fighting Sioux
C Kyle Simone322-50-12-2620016
F Reggie Dimmick141-21-13-4310016
G Renato Coldiron212-60-01-4710035
G Byron Cork265-63-33-64100316
G Jack Withrow261-110-51-2111043
F Ward Dunlop171-11-10-0200023
G John Green171-40-34-4101016
F/C Domingo Sumpter142-30-00-2510104
G Victorino Gimenez141-20-00-0300012
G Edward Langford110-00-01-4200031
G Tony Kissinger51-30-03-3311005
F/C Fredrick Collins21-10-00-0100002
TEAM TOTALS18-445-1418-31388311959
Dynasty: olivertheorem
12:31 AM - December 30, 2012. Written by cgalligan
2012/13 NBA Playoffs - 2nd round recap

Western Conference

The Spurs came in riding high from their upset win in the 1st round over the #1 seeded Timberwolves, in this Series however, they were simply outgunned by a younger, more athletic team in OKC... The Thunder's NBA Championship Dreams took a HUGE hit in this Series though as Superstar Forward Kevin Durant tore a ligiment in his wrist in the 4th game of the Series... He will miss the remainder of the Playoffs

Without Kevin Durant, I can't see the Thunder getting past the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals...

Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and the star studded Lakers team takes care of the Suns in 6 games... The Suns were able to steal Game 1, but then the Lakers won 4 of the next 5 to advance to the Western Conference Finals...

Eastern Conference

The Miami Heat were the #1 Team in the NBA in the Pre-Season and during the Regular Season.. Their 63-19 record was the best in the league and they had home court advantage throughout the Playoffs... They matched up in the 2nd round vs a Philly team that had all the right pieces to compete with the talent that Miami put on the floor every night... In the shocker of the Playoffs so far the 76ers eliminated the Miami Heat in 6 games and sent the defending Champions home for the Summer... LeBron averaged 25 points, 6 reb and 6 assists fro the Series but he didn't get much help from Chris Bosh who was coming back from an injury... The win propels the Sixers to the Eastern Conference Finals for the 1st time since Allen Iverson took them there in 2001...

Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls survive a grueling 7 game Series vs the Brooklyn Nets... Derrick Rose hit the game winning shot with just 2 seconds remaining in Game 7 to give the Bulls the 111-110 victory...

Rose poured in 48 points in Game 1 of the Series and his great scoring continued throughout the series as he averaged 32 points per game... He carried the team and now he has them in the Eastern Conference Finals vs the 76ers...

Stay tuned for a Conference Finals Preview
Dynasty: cgalligan
Saturday, December 29, 2012
11:16 PM - December 29, 2012. Written by cgalligan
NBA Playoffs - 1st round Complete

#1 Seed in the West Goes down

All Season long we've questioned weather or not the Minnesota Timberwolves for for real, or, were they playing beyond their actual skill level... Well, all Season long they proved us wrong to the tune of a 59-21 record, best in the Western Conference...

Their 1st round matchup would be the #8 Seeded San Antonio Spurs who barely snuck into the playoffs with a 42-40 record... The Spurs are old, its no secret, and this is quite possibly the last run for the Big 3 of Parker, Duncan and Ginobli...

Everything was coming up roses for the T-Wolves in the 1st 2 games of the Series as they were able to take a 2-0 Series lead, winning Game 1 97-96 and Game 2 112-98... The T-Wolves appeared to be more focused, more talented and more energized than the Veteran Spurs... That was until they got to San Antonio in Game 3... The Spurs laid a beat down on the T-Wolves in Game 3, 121-77... The 44 point loss was one of the worst in NBA Playoff History and it seemed to shellshock the young T-Wolves as they would lose Game 4 two nights later 101-86... With the Series Tied at 2-2 and Game 5 back in Minnesota, the Pressure had suddenly shifted onto the T-Wolves... They knew if they lost Game 5 at home, they'd have to win Game 6 in San Antonio and that wouldn't be easy...

The T-Wolves jumped on the Spurs early, taking a 15 point lead in the 1st quarter... They weren't able to maintain that same level of intensity throughout the game however and the Veteran Savy Spurs team would claw their way back into the game... The Spurs would outscore the T-Wolves 85 to 67 the rest of the way on their way to a 100-97 victory and a 3-2 Series lead... Game 6 was a back and forth battle all game long and Tim Duncan and Kevin Love put on a show... Duncan finished the game with 23 points, 11 rebounds and 3 blocks while Love finished with 36 points and 9 rebounds...

In the end, it was the Spurs Experience that won the game and the Series 118-112...

The Win propels the Spurs to the 2nd round of the playoffs where they will take on the 4th Seeded Oklahoma City Thunder...

Also in the Western Conference the 6th Seeded Phoenix Suns took down the 3rd seeded Dallas Mavericks in 6 games which is an upset, but, not a really big one... The Suns accomplished the upset with amazing all around balance as they had 5 players average 13+ points per game in the Series... It also helped that Mavericks All Star Dirk Nowitski missed the entire series because of a knee injury...

In the Eastern Conference Bracket there weren't really any huge surprises... The Heat took care of the Wizards in 5 games... The 76ers and the Knicks played a fantastic 7 game Series with the Sixers coming out on top... The #3 seeded Indian Pacers were eliminated by the 6th seeded Brooklyn Nets in 5 games... This isn't a huge mind blowing upset, but, that fact that it was done in 5 games is a bit surprising... And, the Bulls took care of the Bucks in 5 games...

2nd round preview

Western Conference

(4) (8)

(2) (6)

Eastern Conference

(1) (4)

(2) (6)
Dynasty: cgalligan
Friday, December 28, 2012
05:24 AM - December 28, 2012. Written by JagsBeast52
Los Angeles Angels at Minnesota Twins
Jan 1, 123456789RHE
Los Angeles (0-1)101200000493
Minnesota (1-0)00015002X8140
Scoring Summary
Los Angeles Angels
Minnesota Twins
Los Angeles Angels
Minnesota Twins

I started slow, Kuroda was shaken so I waited 2 innings. But that was too much and they tacked on 3 points. But a late rally brought the angels their first win!
Dynasty: JagsBeast52
Thursday, December 27, 2012
11:40 AM - December 27, 2012. Written by cgalligan
The 2012/13 Regular Season has come to an end... Your Cleveland Cavaliers showed some improvement over the course of a long Season and this team really has a bright future... The Cavs finished the Season 27-56 and will probably be picking in the Top 5 of the NBA Draft this summer...

Around the League

2012/13 Regular Season Awards
Most Valuable PlayerLeBron JamesSFMiami Heat
Rookie of the YearAnthony DavisCNew Orleans Hornets
Sixth Man of the YearJR SmithSGNew York Knicks
Defensive Player of the YearDwight HowardCLos Angeles Lakers
Most Improved PlayerGoran DragicPGPhoenix Suns
Coach of the YearErik SpolstraHCMiami Heat
All-NBA 1st Team
All-NBA 1st TeamKyrie IrvingPGCleveland Cavaliers
Russell WestbrookPGOklahoma City Thunder
LeBron JamesSFMiami Heat
Kevin DurantSFOklahoma City Thunder
Dwight HowardCLos Angeles Lakers
All-NBA 2nd Team
All-NBA 2nd TeamBrandon JenningsPGMilwaukee Bucks
Kobe BryantSGLos Angelese Lakers
Josh SmithPFAtlanta Hawks
Kevin LovePFMinnesota Timberwolves
Al JeffersonCUtah Jazz
All-NBA 3rd Team
All-NBA 3rd TeamDwayne WadeSGMiami Heat
Chris PaulPGLos Angeles Clippers
LaMarcus AldridgePFPortland Trailblazers
Blake GriffinPFLos Angeles Clippers
DeMarcus CousinsCSacramento Kings
All-Defensive 1st Team
All-Defensive 1st TeamPaul GeorgeSGIndiana Pacers
Dwayne WadeSGMiami Heat
Josh SmithPFAtlanta Hawks
Kenneth FriedPFDenver Nuggets
Dwight HowardCLos Angeles Lakers
All-Defensive 2nd Team
All-Defensive 2nd TeamChris PaulPGLos Angeles Clippers
Kyle LowryPGToranto Raptors
Kevin DurantSFOklahoma City Thunder
LaMarcus AldridgePFPortland Trail Blazers
Anthony DavisCNew Orleans Hornets
All-Rookie 1st Team
All-Rookie 1st TeamDamian LillardPGPortland Trail Blazers
Dion WaitersSGCleveland Cavaliers
Michael Kidd-GilchristSFCharlotte Bobcats
Anthony DavisCNew Orleans Hornets
Bradley BealSGWashington Wizards
All-Rookie 2nd Team
All-Rookie 2nd TeamAustin RiversPGNew Orleans Hornets
Jeremy LambSGOklahoma City Thunder
Harrison BarnesSFGolden State Warriors
Tyler ZellerCCleveland Cavaliers
Jonas ValanciunasCToranto Raptors

LeBron wins his 4th, or 5th? I've lost count... NBA MVP Award... He averaged 24.5 ppg - 8.2 reb - 5.9 ast - 1.4 stl - 1.0 blk - he shot 51% from the field, 77% from the ft line and 34% from 3pt land... He is clearly the best player in the game today...

Cavaliers Point Guard Kyrie Irving has become a Superstar in the league in only his 2nd Season... His resume is filling up with accolades and his career has only just begun... NBA Rookie of the Year, NBA All Star, NBA All 1st Team... With Kyrie at the helm the Cavaliers future is bright... This Season Irving averaged: 26.3 ppg (3rd) - 7.7 ast - 4.9 reb - 1.3 stl...

Regular Season Scoring Champ

Carmelo Anthony led the NBA in scoring averaging 28.4 points per game... Melo scored over 40 points in 6 games this Season and his Season high was 48 points in a 110-99 loss to the Magic back on January 30th... His efforts helped the Knicks make the playoffs as the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference...

Regular Rebounding Champ

Anderson Varejao won the rebounding Crown as he averaged 11.4 rebounds per game... Andy also led the league in Offensive Rebounds per game with 3.2... Combined with his 10.6 points per game and Andy is a walking double-double machine...


Western Conference

(1) (8)

(4) (5)

(3) (6)

(2) (7)

Eastern Conference

(1) (8)

(4) (5)

(3) (6)

(2) (7)
Dynasty: cgalligan
Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears
Nov 30, 20131ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Minnesota Vikings (12-0)31731437
Chicago Bears (3-9)070714
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense320224
Rushing Yards102-8
Passing Yards218232
First Downs914
Punt Return Yards6529
Kick Return Yards4070
Total Yards425323
3rd Down Converstion4-162-16
4th Down Conversion1-10-1
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals3-1-22-2-0
Posession Time30:2329:37
Scoring Summary
11:45(MIN) Blair Walsh 40 Yard FG30
12:52(MIN) Vince Young 59 Yard TD Pass to Kyle Rudolph100
11:17(MIN) Chris Cook 64 Yard Fumble Return for TD170
8:23(MIN) Blair Walsh 31 Yard FG200
1:13(CHI) Jay Cutler 6 Yard TD Pass to Matt Spaeth207
7:57(MIN) Blair Walsh 22 Yard FG237
9:44(MIN) Adrian Peterson 1 Yard TD Run307
6:12(MIN) Vince Young 40 Yard TD Pass to Brian Hartline377
1:58(CHI) Jay Cutler 2 Yard TD Pass to Devin Hester3714
Minnesota Vikings
Vince Young13/2629220
Tarvaris Jackson0/2000
Adrian Peterson26682.61
Toby Gerhart7121.70
Vince Young2178.50
Tarvaris Jackson155.00
Kyle Rudolph48922.21
Brian Hartline27939.51
Toby Gerhart24723.50
Randy Moss23819.00
Adrian Peterson23115.50
Jerome Felton188.00
Geoff Schwartz10
Mark Asper10
John Carlson10
Matt Kalil11
T.J. Lang03
Erin Henderson11000
Chad Greenway5000
Jared Allen4200
James Laurinaitis4000
Kevin Williams4100
Antoine Winfield4000
Jamarca Sanford3000
Chris Cook3001
Brian Robison2200
Letroy Guion2100
Terence Newman2000
Harrison Smith1011
Tim Jamison1100
Will Allen1000
Robert Blanton1000
Blair Walsh3/44/41340
Shon Richardson630851.31
A.J. Jefferson12424.00
Percy Harvin11717.00
John Carlson1-1-1.00
Josh Robinson56613.20
A.J. Jefferson1-1-1.00
Chicago Bears
Jay Cutler29/4726621
Matt Forte15-2-0.10
Jay Cutler1-6-6.00
Devin Hester911612.81
Matt Forte8607.50
Eric Weems4266.50
Brandon Marshall33210.60
Kellen Davis2147.00
Earl Bennett2126.00
Matt Spaeth166.01
Nate Garner10
Brandon Keith02
J'Marcus Webb02
Roberto Garza01
Edwin Williams01
Reggie Walker7000
Lance Briggs6100
Charles Tillman5000
Henry Melton5000
Tim Jennings5000
Gary Guyton4000
Lamarr Houston4200
Shea McClellin3100
DaVonte Jackson3000
Julius Peppers3000
Jeremiah Jones3000
Kevin Barnes3000
Major Wright3000
Ricky Jean Francois2000
Ryan Mundy2000
Robbie Gould0/02/220
Adam Podlesh1150145.51
Devin Hester37023.30
Devin Hester22914.50
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
01:00 AM - December 27, 2012. Written by cgalligan
There are only a handful of games left in the 2012/13 NBA Regular Season... Here are the Power-Rankings heading into the Final Month of the Season

April 1st 2013 - NBA Power Rankings
RK (LW)TeamRecordNext Game
1 () Miami Heat55-17
2 () Indiana Pacers47-27
3 () Los Angeles Lakers46-28
4 () Minnesota Timberwolves44-24
5 () Chicago Bulls48-23
6 () Oklahoma City Thunder42-32
7 () Philadelphia 76ers42-31
8 () Dallas Mavericks45-28
9 () New York Knicks39-32
10 () Los Angeles Clippers41-33
11 () Denver Nuggets38-36
12 () Phoenix Suns37-37
13 () San Antonio Spurs38-34
14 () Utah Jazz39-35
15 () New Jersey Nets38-35
16 () Memphis Grizzlies35-38
17 () Milwakee Bucks36-36
18 () Atlanta Hawks36-38
19 () Boston Celtics30-42
20 () Portland Trailblazers32-41
21 () Toronto Raptors34-38
22 () Washington Wizards33-39
23 () Sacramento Kings33-41
24 () Detroit Pistons29-44
25 () Golden State Warriors31-43
26 () Houston Rockets28-45
27 () Cleveland Cavaliers24-47
28 () Orlando Magic26-48
29 () New Orleans Hornets22-51
30 () Charlotte Bobcats22-51

The Miami Heat were the Pre-Season #1 team in the league and its no surprise that they are still ranked #1 in the Power-Rankings entering this final month of the Season... With LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh this team is simply loaded with talent and are the favorite to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals for a 3rd consecutive Season...

As you can see there are a few surprises both good and bad throughout the League... Perhaps the Biggest surprise has been the great play of the Minnesota Timberwolves this Season... Witht the hot start, many figured they would come back down to earth as the Season progressed, but, they haven't let up one bit and are currently the #1 Seed in the Western Conference with their 48-24 record...

Another surprise to many, on the opposite end of the spectrum is the dissapointing Season that the Boston Celtics are having... Currently sitting at 30-43 and 5.5 games out of the 8th and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, its not looking good for the Celtics to make one last run with Kevin Garnet and Paul Peirce... A complete Overhaul is surely soon to be in the Works in Boston...
Dynasty: cgalligan
Minnesota Vikings at Kansas City Chiefs
Nov 23, 20131ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Minnesota Vikings (11-0)1423625
Kansas City Chiefs (8-3)07007
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense482107
Rushing Yards20327
Passing Yards27980
First Downs265
Punt Return Yards5011
Kick Return Yards3674
Total Yards568192
3rd Down Converstion10-213-14
4th Down Conversion0-20-0
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals5-1-11-0-0
Posession Time45:0314:57
Scoring Summary
9:01(MIN) Vince Young 34 Yard TD Pass to Kyle Rudolph70
:59(MIN) Marcus Haynes 2 Yard TD Run140
14:13(KAN) Terrence Taylor 45 Yard Fumble Return for TD147
6:09(MIN) KC: Team Safety167
10:21(MIN) Blair Walsh 51 Yard FG197
14:53(MIN) Blair Walsh 36 Yard FG227
9:29(MIN) Blair Walsh 50 Yard FG257
Minnesota Vikings
Vince Young22/4530911
Adrian Peterson331203.60
Vince Young56513.00
Toby Gerhart331.00
Marcus Haynes2199.51
Percy Harvin1-1-1.00
Randy Moss1-3-3.00
Kyle Rudolph57214.41
Percy Harvin56913.80
Randy Moss45614.00
Brian Hartline34314.30
Greg Childs24422.00
Toby Gerhart2189.00
Jerome Felton177.00
Charlie Johnson21
T.J. Lang23
Jerome Felton10
Geoff Schwartz01
Brian Robison5200
James Laurinaitis5000
Antoine Winfield5010
Erin Henderson4100
Chris Cook3100
Jared Allen2000
Jamarca Sanford2000
Jarius Wright2000
Josh Robinson1000
Kevin Williams1000
Terence Newman1000
Chad Greenway1000
Harrison Smith1000
Greg Childs1000
John Sullivan1000
Blair Walsh3/32/21151
Shon Richardson417443.52
Josh Robinson33612.00
Josh Robinson6508.30
Kansas City Chiefs
David Garrard12/2910901
Jamaal Charles14201.40
David Garrard177.00
Jon Baldwin3299.60
Kellen Winslow393.00
Devon Wylie23517.50
Steve Breaston22412.00
Jamaal Charles2126.00
Jamaal Charles11
Eric Winston01
Mason Maggitt02
Eric Berry11010
Derrick Johnson8000
Terrence Taylor7001
Brandon Flowers7000
Ben Martin6000
Tyson Jackson6200
Tamba Hali5000
Albert Haynesworth4100
Justin Houston3000
J.T. Newkirk3100
Dannell Ellerbe3000
Tarell Brown3000
Andy Studebaker2100
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie2000
Glenn Dorsey2000
Ryan Succop0/11/110
Dustin Colquitt834943.60
Steve Breaston25125.50
Javier Arenas12323.00
Steve Breaston11111.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Wednesday, December 26, 2012
11:47 PM - December 26, 2012. Written by cgalligan

Well folks the 2012/13 NBA All Star Game is upon us and your Cleveland Cavaliers are, unfortunately in a familiar position, LAST in the Eastern Conference Central Division, and dead last in the NBA with a 16-37 win / loss record...

Despite the Team's hardships over the course of the 1st half of the Season, there have been a few Bright Spots...

2nd year Point Guard and former #1 Pick Kyrie Irving has been voted to his 1st ever All Star Game... Through 53 games Kyrie is 2nd in the league in scoring, averaging 26.4 points per game... He also averages 7.9 assists, 4.7 rebounds and 1.2 steals per game...

Kyrie's backcourt mate and #4 overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft Dion Waiters is making a name for himself around the league... He has lived up to the billing coming out of the Draft, and despite the questions early on, he has delivered to this point... Through 53 games Waiters is averaging 16.8 points per game, 4.1 rebounds and 2.9 assists... He has become a legit #2 scoring option for the Cavaliers and they appear to have one of the best young backcourts in the league...

Anderson Varejao just barely missed making his 1st All Star Game as his numbers have been down recently due to some nagging injuries... Despite those injuries, Varejao is averaging 10.9 points per game, 10.9 rebounds, and .8 blocks per game this year...

Outside of those 3, the Cavaliers haven't gotten much production from the rest of the team... Alonzo Gee is inconsistent, but still manages to score 11 points per game and play pretty good defense... Former #4 pick Tristan Thompson is developing nicely and averaging 10.6 points and 7.6 rebounds per game...

Overall, despite the record, I don't think you can be disappointed with how the team has played in every game this year... Talent is clearly holding them back, but, the effort is there, and that's half the battle...

Around the League

2012/13 NBA All-Star Game Rosters
Eastern ConferenceWestern Conference
Head Coach:
Erik Spolstra (MIA)
Head Coach:
Rick Adelman (MIN)
PGKyrie Irving - CLE (1st)PGChris Paul - LAC (6th)
SGDwayne Wade - MIA (9th)SGKobe Bryant - LAL (15th)
SFCarmelo Anthony - NYK (6th)SFKevin Durant - OKC (4th)
PFLeBron James - MIA (9th)PFKevin Love - MIN (3rd)
CAndrew Bynum - PHI (2nd)CDwight Howard - LAL (7th)
PGDerrick Rose - CHI (4th)PGRussell Westbrook - OKC (3rd)
SGMonte Ellis - MIL (1st)SGJames Harden - HOU (1st)
SFLuol Deng - CHI (1st)SFAndre Iguodala - DEN (2nd)
PFJosh Smith - ATL (1st)PFBlake Griffin - LAC (3rd)
CGreg Monroe - DET (1st)CAl Jefferson - UTA (1st)
PGBrandon Jennings - MIL (1st)PFLaMarcus Aldridge - POR (1st)
PGKemba Walker - CHA (1st)PGGoran Dragic - PHX (1st)

All Star Game MVP

24 points - 7 rebounds - 2 assists - 1 steal - 1 block

NBA Standings at the Break

NBA Standings - Updated: Feb 17, 2013
New York Knicks3020--11-421-15
Brooklyn Nets28253.59-822-18
Philidelphia 76ers26254.58-920-15
Toronto Raptors25286.54-716-17
Boston Celtics22309.06-1018-21
Chicago Bulls3814--11-325-11
Indiana Pacers36172.56-523-13
Milwaukee Bucks262511.59-920-20
Detroit Pistons183621.04-814-27
Cleveland Cavaliers163722,55-1014-23
Miami Heat3812--7-421-8
Atlanta Hawks262512.57-716-18
Washington Wizards242714.57-717-21
Orlando Magic203219.05-414-23
Charlotte Bobcats173522.04-811-22
Miami Heat3812--
Chicago Bulls38141.0
Indiana Pacers36173.5
New York Knicks30208.0
Brooklyn Nets282511.5
Philidelphia 76ers262512.5
Atlanta Hawks262512.5
Milwaukee Bucks262512.5
Toranto Raptors252814.5
Washington Wizards242714.5
Boston Celtics223017
Orlando Magic203219
Charlotte Bobcats173522
Detroit Pistons183622
Cleveland Cavaliers163723.5
Minnesota Timberwolves3022--8-221-9
Oklahoma City Thunder27268.56-422-17
Denver Nuggets27279.04-822-18
Utah Jazz252911.06-623-20
Portland Trail Blazers193416.54-815-24
Los Angeles Lakers3618--8-720-21
Los Angeles Clippers34223.08-623-18
Golden State Warriors252710.08-617-22
Phoenix Suns252810.52-1119-19
Sacramento Kings243012.09-519-19
Dallas Mavericks3022--8-221-16
San Antonio Spurs28263.06-820-12
Memphis Grizzlies25264.54-615-18
Houston Rockets22339.511-516-22
New Orleans Hornets173613.53-119-27
Los Angeles Lakers3618--
Minnesota Timberwolves3416--
Los Angeles Clippers34223.0
Dallas Mavericks30225.0
San Antonio Spurs28268.0
Oklahoma City Thunder27268.5
Denver Nuggets27279.0
Memphis Grizzlies25269.5
Golden State Warriors252710
Phoenix Suns252810.5
Utah Jazz252911
Sacramento Kings243012
Houston Rockets223314.5
Portland Trail Blazers193416.5

Stay tuned as I progress through the 2nd half of the 2012/13 Season and head towards the Playoffs.
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