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Friday, March 23, 2012
10:51 AM - March 23, 2012. Written by datszatta

November 10, 2012 @ Verzion Center
Detroit Red Wings at Washington Capitals
Nov 10, 2012123SOF
DET (11-5-2)11103
WAS (9-5-2)01214
Three Stars
Brooks Liach(wsh)
1g, 1a
Michal Neuvierth(wsh)
Marcus Johansson(wsh)
Team Stats Comparison

Shots on Goal


Faceoffs Won-Lost

Penalty Minutes

Power Plays Converted

Power Play Opportunities

Time on Attack

Scoring Summary
DET4:59- Tomas Tatar(6)- (Nyquist, Datsyuk)
DET6:34- Cory Emmerton(1)- (Eaves, Kindl)
WAS7:39- Marcus Johansson(2)- (Wideman)
WAS4:07- Nicklas Backstrom(10)- (Laich, Alzner)
DET15:58- Niklas Kronwall(1)- (Zetterberg)
WAS18:58- Brooks Laich(2)- (Green, Brouwer)
DETPavel Datsyuk- saved
WASAlex Ovechkin- GOAL
DETHenrik Zetterberg- saved
WASAlex Semin- saved
DETGustav Nyquist- saved

Game Notes:
Wings had a 2 goal lead after 6 mins into the 2nd period, but the Caps would tie it early in the 3rd.....The Wings then were about a min away from the win when the Caps Brooks Laich tied it again.....Zetterberg was hurt in the game after blocking a shot, he would miss a couple shifts but returned. His status for the Wings game against Chicago is "possible".


11/8/12 @ Carolina
4-3 so Win for Detroit....Joey Mac started in net. This was game before the Washington game and it was simmed.
Dynasty: datszatta
San Diego Padres at Los Angeles Dodgers
Apr 13, 2012123456789RHE
San Diego (6-2)1010013006100
Los Angeles (3-5)010100000280
W: Anthony Bass (2-0) L: Ted Lilly (0-2) S: Huston Street (4)
Scoring Summary
SDG1Maybin homered to left.10
LAD2Sands homered to left.11
SDG3Hudson grounded to center for a single (8-2).Guzman socres. Hundley out.21
LAD4Ethier homered to right.22
SDG6Venable grounded into a double play (5-4-3 DP). Hudson out. Headley scores.32
SDG7Headley doubled to left. Bartlett scores. Quentin scores. Headley scores.62
San Diego Padres
Maybin, CF512100.387
Bartlett, SS410012.333
Guzman, 1B512001.286
Quentin, LF410011.200
Hundley, C310021.167
Headley, 3B313310.241
Hudson, 2B301110.161
Venable, RF401000.143
Bass, P200001.000
Alonso, P100000.421
Frieri, P000000.000
Baker, PH101000.500
Thatcher, P000000.000
Cashner, P000000.000
Street, P000000.000
2B: C. Headley 3 (4)
HR: C. Maybin (2)
RBI: C. Headley 3 (5), C. Maybin (5), O. Hudson (2)
GIDP: W. Venable, C. Quentin
San Diego Padres
A. Bass (W, 2-0)5.0422125.79
E. Frieri (H, 2)2.0200020.00
J. Thatcher1.1200100.00
A. Cashner (H, 2)0.1000003.86
H. Street (S, 4)0.1000001.69
Los Angeles Dodgers
Gordon, SS400010.187
Kennedy, 3B401000.160
Kemp, CF401000.238
Ethier, RF411100.393
Loney, 1B401000.313
Sands, LF412100.308
Ellis, 2B401001.344
Bard, C300011.107
Lilly, P201001.250
Guerrier. P000000.000
Gwynn Jr, PH100001.286
Coffey, P000000.000
MacDougal, P000000.000
Rivera, PH100000.143
2B: M. Ellis (3), J. Loney (3)
HR: A. Ethier (2), J. Sands (2)
RBI: A. Ethier (4), J. Sands (7)
Los Angeles Dodgers
T. Lilly (L, 0-2)6.0833354.66
M. Guerrier1.0133306.23
T. Coffey1.0100010.00
M. MacDougal1.0000005.40

Dynasty: MikeFlu
Thursday, March 22, 2012
09:42 PM - March 22, 2012. Written by MikeFlu
The home-opening series at Dodger stadium was a successful one, as the Dodgers took 2 out of 3 from the Pittsburgh Pirates. Strong pitching, particularly by the bullpen was a big factor, as well as the awakening of Matt Kemp's bat, who clubbed a 3-run homer in the series finale. A 3-game set against the Padres is next, before the Dodgers hit the road again.
Dynasty: MikeFlu
Pittsburgh Pirates at Los Angeles Dodgers
Apr 12, 2012123456789RHE
Pittsburgh (2-4)001012000472
Los Angeles (3-4)60000020X890
W: Chad Billingsley (1-0) L: A. J. Burnett (0-2) S: N/A
Scoring Summary
LAD1Kemp homered to center. Gordon scores. Kennedy scores.03
LAD1Loney homered to right. Ethier scores.05
LAD1Sands homered to left.06
PIT3Tabata doubled to center. Burnett scores.16
PIT5Tabata lined to right for a single. Alvarez scores.26
PIT6Alvarez grouded out to Gordon (6-3). Barajas scores. Walker advances to 3rd. Jones advances to 2nd.36
PIT6McLouth hit a sacrifice fly to Ethier (SF9). Walker scores. Jones advances to 3rd.46
LAD7Sands doubled to center. Kennedy scores. Loney scores.48
Pittsburgh Pirates
Tabata, RF402212.308
Presley, LF401010.136
McCutchen, CF501001.370
Barajas, C210020.200
Walker, 2B310011.217
Jones, 1B401000.143
Alvarez, 3B411101.143
Barmes, SS300013.105
Burnett, P111000.333
Morales, PH100000.333
Correia, P000000.000
McLouth, PH000100.000
Cruz, P000000.000
Meek, P000000.000
Evans, PH100000.000
Resop, P000000.000
2B: J. Tabata (2)
3B: P. Alvarez (1)
RBI: J. Tabata 2 (3), P. Alvarez (1), N. McLouth (1)
SF: N. McLouth
GIDP: A. McCutchen
E: J. Cruz (1), C. Barmes (1)
Pittsburgh Pirates
A. Burnett (L, 0-2)4.0665334.91
K. Correia1.0100010.00
J. Cruz1.2220120.00
E. Meek0.1000010.00
C. Resop1.0000102.08
HBP: C. Resop
Los Angeles Dodgers
Gordon, SS310020.214
Kennedy, 3B421010.143
Kemp, CF411302.240
Ethier, RF412000.417
Loney, 1B421201.300
Sands, LF312310.273
Ellis, 2B301011.357
Guerrier, P000000.000
Gwynn Jr, PH101000.333
Jansen, P000000.000
Coffey, P000000.000
Rivera, PH000000.167
MacDougal, P000000.000
Bard, C400001.120
Billingsley, P200002.000
2B: J. Sands (4)
3B: T. Gwynn Jr. (1)
HR: M. Kemp (1), J. Loney (2), J. Sands (1)
RBI: M. Kemp 3 (5), J. Loney 2 (4), J. Sands 3 (6)
HBP: J. Rivera
GIDP: J. Bard
CS: J. Rivera (1), T. Gwynn Jr. (1)
Los Angeles Dodgers
C. Billingsley (W, 1-0)5.0444447.00
M. Guerrier (H, 1)1.0100110.00
K. Jansen (H, 3)1.0200013.86
T. Coffey1.0000020.00
M. MacDougal1.0000106.75

Dynasty: MikeFlu
Pittsburgh Pirates at Los Angeles Dodgers
Apr 11, 2012123456789RHE
Pittsburgh (2-3)001000100291
Los Angeles (2-4)00010004X580
W: Scott Elbert (1-0) L: Daniel Moskos (0-1) S: N/A
Scoring Summary
PIT3Tabata grounded to left for a single. McGehee scores.10
LAD4Sands hit a sacrifice fly to Tabata (SF9). Ethier scores.11
PIT7McCutchen grounded to center for a single. Tabata scores.21
LAD8Kemp doubled to center. Gordon scores. Kennedy scores.23
LAD8Sands doubled to left. Kemp scores Ethier scores.25
Pittsburgh Pirates
Tabata, RF512101.273
Presley, LF300021.111
McCutchen, CF502102.409
Fox, 1B502001.444
Walker, 2B401011.250
Barajas, C300011.222
Barmes, SS401001.125
McGehee, 3B211020.300
Moskos, P000000.000
Resop, P000000.000
Grilli, P000000.000
Karstens, P100000.000
Alvarez, 3B100001.000
2B: C. Barmes (2)
3B: J. Tabata (1)
RBI: J. Tabata (1), A. McCutchen (6)
SAC: J. Karstens 2
GIDP: R. Barajas
SB: J. Tabata (1)
E: J. Tabata (1)
Pittsburgh Pirates
J. Karstens7.0511151.29
D. Moskos (L, 0-1)0.023310INF
C. Resop0.1111112.70
J. Grilli0.20000120.25
Los Angeles Dodgers
Gordon, SS412000.240
Kennedy, 3B211010.118
Kemp, CF311212.238
Ethier, RF321010.400
Loney, 1B402001.333
Sands, LF301300.211
Ellis, 2B400001.360
Bard, C400002.143
Kershaw, P200000.000
Elbert, P200000.000
2B: M. Kemp (2), A. Ethier (5), J. Sands (3)
RBI: M. Kemp 2 (2), J. Sands 3 (3)
SF: J. Sands
SAC: A. Kennedy
Los Angeles Dodgers
C. Kershaw 6.0622583.97
S. Elbert (W, 1-0)3.0300111.80

Dynasty: MikeFlu


November 6, 2012 @ BankAtlantic Center
Detroit Red Wings at Florida Panthers
Nov 6, 2012123F
DET (9-5-2)2327
FLA (7-7-2)1102
Three Stars
Johan Franzen(det)
3g, 1 a
Pavel Datsyuk(det)
2g, 1a
Henrik Zetterberg(det)
1g, 2a
Team Stats Comparison

Shots on Goal3534
Faceoffs Won-Lost4643
Penalty Minutes12:009:00
Power Plays Converted11
Power Play Opportunities36
Time on Attack19:1620:07
Scoring Summary
DET6:55- Pavel Datsyuk(6)- B. Smith, V. Filppula(PP)
FLA15:58- Kyle Chipura(1)- B. Campbell, M. Bradley
DET16:57- Johan Franzen(4)- H. Zetterberg, J. Kindl
DET8:37- Valtteri Filppula(6)- P. Datsyuk, J. Howard
FLA8:56- Scottie Upshall(4)- F. Beauchemin, S. Weiss(PP)
DET9:37- Johan Franzen(5)- H. Zetterberg
DET17:13- Henrik Zetterberg(6)- J. Franzen, N. Kronwall
DET8:13- Johan Franzen(6)- G. Nyquist, N. Lidstrom
DET18:23- Pavel Datsyuk(7)- N. Kronwall

Game Notes:
Pavel Datsyuk scored his 250th career goal on the teams 7th goal of the game.....The Wings changed defensive pairings for the game. Rookie Brendan Smith skated with Lidstrom and Ian White skated with Kronwall.....Franzen's hattrick was the 1st Redwing hattrick of the season.....Detroit win over Flordia starts a 5 game road trip, next up is a stop in Carolina.
Joey McDonald will get the start in Carolina

Road Trip:
11/6/12 @ Florida
win 7-2

11/8/12 @ Carolina
I will play..Joey McDonald to start

11/10/12 @ Washington
i will play

11/12/12 @ Chicago
i will play

11/14/12 @ Nashville

updated Career chart after the 2011-12 chise season

Dynasty: datszatta
04:49 PM - March 22, 2012. Written by datszatta


November 1, 2012 @ Joe Louis Arena
Vancouver Canucks at Detroit Red Wings
Nov 1, 2012123F
VAN (8-4-0)0112
DET (7-4-2)0235
Three Stars
Johan Franzen(det)
1g, 1a, 4 hits
Pavel Datsyuk(det)
1g, 1a, 4 shots
Gustav Nyquist(det)
1g, 5 shots
Team Stats Comparison

Shots on Goal1927
Faceoffs Won-Lost3025
Penalty Minutes6:002:00
Power Plays Converted01
Power Play Opportunities13
Time on Attack12:1718:19
Scoring Summary
DET2:41- Johan Franzen(2)- I. White, N. Kronwall
VAN14:55- Keith Ballard(2)- D. Weise, M. Raymond
DET16:26- Patrick Eaves(4)- Unassisted
DET10:24- Valtteri Filppula(5)- P. Datsyuk, B. Smith(PP)
VAN13:23- Maxim Lapierre(1)- B. Stuart, M. Raymond
DET19:16- Gustav Nyquist(4)- J. Franzen, H. Zetterberg
DET19:45- Pavel Datsyuk(5)- T. Tatar, J. Howard (EN)

Games Simmed after the vancouver game

11/3/12 vs Chicago
Chi: 4 l Det: 3

11/5/12 vs Columbus
Cmb: 1 l Det: 2
Dynasty: datszatta
04:48 PM - March 22, 2012. Written by datszatta

Home Rec: 2-3-1
Road Rec: 5-1-1



Tomas Tatar- After starting the season in GR he was brought up when Rookie Alex Galchenyuk was sent back to Juniors. He has 4 goals which ties for the team lead

Jimmy Howard- 2nd in the league with a 1.77gaa and 6th in the league with a 92.7%sv. He didnt have the greatest per-season and was a concern going into the season.

Nicklas Lidstrom- only 3 pts in 13 games and -4

Ian White- 3pts in the month and also -2

Johan Franzen- only 1 goal in 13 games for the teams resident sniper.

Western Conferance Playoff Race:

Next up the Month of November starting with the Vancouver Canucks. I will be doing the same for November as October. Playing hopefully at least half the games in the month and then simming the rest. I will then have a update at the end of the month.
Dynasty: datszatta
04:47 PM - March 22, 2012. Written by datszatta

October 30, 2012 @ Joe Louis Arena
Dallas Stars at Detroit Red Wings
Oct 30, 2012123F
DAL (5-6-1)1001
DET (6-4-2)1034
Three Stars
J. Howard(det)
1.00 gaa, 96.6%
V. Filppula(det)
1g, 1a, 5 shots
P. Datsyuk(det)
1g, 5 shots, GWG
Team Stats Comparison

Shots on Goal3031
Faceoffs Won-Lost3329
Penalty Minutes10:008:00
Power Plays Converted01
Power Play Opportunities45
Time on Attack14:4014:32
Scoring Summary
DAL9:38- M. Ryder(3)- M. Riberio, L. Eriksson
DET12:58- J. Kindl(2)- P. Eaves
DET0:11- P. Datsyuk(4)- T. Tatar, V. Filppula (PP)
DET2:10- V. Filppula(4)- B. Smith, N. Kronwall
DET19:32- G. Nyquist(3)- Unassisted (EN)

Datsyuk eventually game winning goal

Fippulas goal pushed the lead to 3-1

Game Notes:
2 quick goals by Detroit (datsyuk and filppula) was the key to the Wings win. Quickly changed the momentum of the game.....Nyquist would add an empty net goal.....Detroit ends October with a win but only there 2nd home win of the month.
Dynasty: datszatta
04:47 PM - March 22, 2012. Written by datszatta
Wings loses 2nd in a row


October 29, 2012 @ Joe Louis Arena

Colorado Avalanche at Detroit Red Wings
Oct 29, 2012123F
COL (4-4-2)2013
DET (6-3-2)0101
Three Stars
S. Varalmov(col)
1.00 gaa, 96.0%
M. Duchene(col)
2 goals, 5 shots
J. Hejda(col)
2 assist, 3 hits, 2 shots
Team Stats Comparison

Shots on Goal3125
Faceoffs Won-Lost3034
Penalty Minutes6:006:00
Power Plays Converted00
Power Play Opportunities33
Time on Attack13:4314:28
Scoring Summary
COL9:26- M. Duchene(2)- J. Hedja, K. Porter
COL19:56- L. Stempniak(2)- J. Hedja, E. Johnson
COL3:05- M. Duchene(3)- Unassisted
DET18:28- H. Zetterberg(4)- J. Franzen, B. Smith
Dynasty: datszatta
12:23 PM - March 22, 2012. Written by BlueJays09
The Jays won the 1st 3 of the 6 games and looked to be continuing their streak. The next game however, they got destroyed by the Red Sox, losing the 2nd of as many games vs. Boston. The next game was just as rough a loss as the team lost in 9 innings (i play 5) vs. the other Sox in Chicago. The Jays looked to rebound but it took them 10 more innings against to get the victory against Atlanta. The Jays were looking like they were about to slow off that tear they were on, but game 19 came easy in a shutout vs. Washington. For some reason, I cant access box scored from games 15-17 and 19 (dunno why, prob some kind of glitch).

Game 15: Blue Jays 3, Rays 0
W: Luebke, L: Niemann, SV: Santos
Stats: N/A

Game 16: Blue Jays 3, Rangers 1
W: Villanueva, L: Lewis, SV: Santos
Stats: N/A

Game 17: Blue Jays 5, Orioles 4
W: Chacin, L: Wade, SV: Santos
Stats: N/A

Game 18: Blue Jays 0, Red Sox 6:
W: Buchholtz (3-0), L: Alvarez (2-1)
Blue Jays:
Alvarez - 1IP 6H, 5ER, 1K
Red Sox:
Buchholtz - 5IP 2H, 0ER, 3K
Gonzalez - 2/3 HR, 2RBI, 2R
Youkillis - 1/2 2RBI, R
Drew - 1/2 2RBI, 2B

- The Jays couldn't get any offense off of Buchholtz, and couldn't stop Boston, as Alvarez takes his first bad loss of the season getting chased after 1 inning allowing 5 runs on 6 hits. Buchholtz was fantastic allowing only 2 hits in the game. In the 1st, Gonzalez dove in a run with a single, Youk drove in 2 with a single, and Drew doubled home 2. Gonzalez hit a solo HR in the 2nd to make it 6-0 and that's about all that happened the rest of the game.

Game 19: Blue Jays 3, White Sox 4 (9 Innings):
W: Thornton, L: Olliver
Stats: N/A
Game 20: Blue Jays 3, Braves 2 (10 Innings):
W: Villanueva (3-0), L: O'Flaherty (0-1), SV: Santos (8)
Blue Jays:
Bautista - 0/3, R, BB
Lind - 2/4, R
Lawrie - 2/4, 3B, 2RBI
Wells - 2/4, HR(2), RBI, R
Luebke - 3IP 4H, 2ER, 3K
Villanueva - 4IP 0H, 0ER, 4K
Hanson - 8.1IP 8H, 2ER, BB, 2K
Prado - 2/4, RBI, 2-2B, R
McCann - 1/4, RBI, 2K

- The Jays play back to back 5+ extra inning games but this one turned out to be the better of the 2 as they came away with the 3-2 win. Villanueva came in to pitch 4 innings of long relief hit less ball to get the Win, his 3rd of the season. Atlanta got to Luebke quick after Prado doubled home Bourne, and McCan singled home him. It wasn't until the 4th that Lawrie tripled home 2 Runs to tie it. The game went right to the 10th inning where Casper Wells hit his 1st HR with the Jays to make it 3-2 on a solo shot. Santos closed out the game to seal the victory.

Game 21: Blue Jays 3, Nationals 0:
W: Romero (4-0), L: Strasburg (3-2), SV: Santos (9)
Blue Jays:
Bautista - 1/2 HR(5), RBI, R
Lind - 1/2 HR(11), RBI, R
Lawrie - 1/2 HR(4), RBI, R
Romero - 4IP 3H, 0ER, 4K
Strasburg - 4IP 4H, 3ER, 3K

- The Jays faced a tough young pitcher but got to him hitting 3 HR on only 4 entire hits in the game. Romero pitched another gem, playing 4 innings of 3 hit ball for the shutout. The Home Runs came in the 1st as Bautista and Lind both saw a hanging Curve ball to smash it over the fence, 2-0. Later in the 4th, Lawrie smashed a inside fastball 400 ft for a solo HR to end the scoring.

**PS if anyone knows why I wasn't allowed to view Stats for each game that says N/A could you please comment lol. Thanks**
Dynasty: BlueJays09
07:51 AM - March 22, 2012. Written by cepelkey
Here is a brief recap of my San Antonio Spurs Dynasty for the first four season:

2009-2010: The San Antonio Spurs had 68 wins and 14 Losses in regular season. Won NBA Championship with a 16-3 record.

2010-2011: The San Antonio Spurs ended the regular season with a record of 78 and 4. They went on to sweep the championship (16 and 0).

2011-2012: The San Antonio Spurs ended the regular season with a record 81 and 1. Their only loss was dealt by the Milwaukee Bucks early in the season. They went on to knock off all the competition in the Finals 16-0.

2012-2013:The San Antonio Spurs ended the regular season with a record 81 and 1 and continued on to take the NBA Title again, 16-0.
Dynasty: cepelkey
Minnesota Timberwolves at San Antonio Spurs
Mar 22, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Minnesota (Me)24273231114
San Antonio (CPU)20332825106
Minnesota Timberwolves
Luke Ridnour, PG255-71-24-42100515
Martell Webster, SG182-30-12-2200126
Wesley Johnson, SF285-93-41-27010114
Derrick Williams, PF345-101-34-58521415
Kevin Love, C367-170-68-1011322022
J.J. Barea, PG295-171-35-53812116
Anthony Tolliver, PF242-41-31-2710106
Wayne Ellington, SG232-70-30-0120314
Michael Beasley, SF123-40-14-53010010
Brad Miller, C70-10-10-0100000
Darko Milicic, C72-30-02-2200016
Malcolm Lee, SG40-10-10-0010000
TEAM TOTALS38/837/2831/37472171015114
San Antonio Spurs
Tony Parker, PG203-50-04-43510210
Danny Green, SG304-82-35-65312115
Kawhi Leonard, SF376-110-06-714220118
Tim Duncan, PF347-140-00-15121414
DeJuan Blair, C223-80-02-41012008
Gary Neal, SG281-61-20-0221233
Manu Ginobili, SG235-133-82-23030515
Tiago Splitter, C224-100-00-1200008
Stephen Jackson, SF202-110-43-4330127
Eric Dawson, PF63-30-00-2310006
Cory Joseph, PG40-00-02-2200002
TEAM TOTALS38/896/1724/33521812618106
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Pittsburgh Pirates at Los Angeles Dodgers
Apr 10, 2012123456789RHE
Pittsburgh (2-2)0002500007120
Los Angeles (1-4)010000000181
W: James McDonald (1-0) L: Chris Capuano (1-0) S: N/A
Scoring Summary
LAD2Ellis doubles to center. Sands scores.01
PIT4Fox homered to center. McCutchen scores.21
PIT5McCutchen grounded to right for a single. Tabata scores. Presley advances to 3rd.31
PIT5Fox homered to center. Presley scores. McCutchen scores. 61
PIT5Barmes hit a sacrifice fly to Kemp (SF8). Walker scores.71
Pittsburgh Pirates
Tabata, RF511001.235
Presley, LF511000.133
McCutchen, CF52310`1.412
Fox, 1B523500.462
Walker, 2B413000.250
Barajas, C400002.267
Barmes, SS200111.083
McGehee, 3B400002.250
McDonald, P401000.250
Meek, P000000.000
2B: A McCutchen (2), N. Walker (2)
HR: J. Fox 2 (3)
RBI: A. McCutchen (5), C. Barmes (2), J. Fox 5 (6)
SF: C. Barmes
GIDP: J. Fox
Pittsburgh Pirates
J. McDonald (W, 1-0)8.0711241.13
E. Meek1.0100010.00
Los Angeles Dodgers
Gordon, SS401000.190
Kennedy, 3B300010.067
Kemp, CF401000.222
Ethier, RF302011.412
Loney, 1B401001.300
Sands, LF411001.187
Ellis, 2B402100.429
Bard, C400000.176
Capuano, P100000.000
Gwynn Jr, PH100000.200
De La Rosa, P000000.000
Rivera, PH100001.000
Jansen, P000000.000
Elbert, P000000.000
Guerrier, P000000.000
Uribe, PH100001.200
2B: M. Ellis (2), M. Kemp (1), A. Ethier 2 (4), J. Sands (2)
RBI: M. Ellis (6)
GIDP: J. Bard
SB: D. Gordon (3), J. Loney (1)
E: J. Sands (2)
Los Angeles Dodgers
C. Capuano (L, 0-1)5.09771212.60
R. De La Rosa2.0200033.60
K. Jansen1.0000014.91
S. Elbert0.0100004.50
M. Guerrier1.0000010.00

Dynasty: MikeFlu
07:59 PM - March 21, 2012. Written by MikeFlu
Despite a grand slam by Mark Ellis, their second one of the series, the Dodgers were unable to stop the late charge of the Padres, losing on a walk-off double to drop the final game of the 4-game series last night. Matt Kemp has yet to awaken and the offense is coming from some of the more little-known members of the team. A day off and then home to face the Pirates for a three-game set.
Dynasty: MikeFlu