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Tuesday, October 23, 2012
02:16 AM - October 23, 2012. Written by RonNewman75

Never back down.

In one of the best games of the year VM and CCHS go back and forth. VM jumped out to an early lead. Connor powered the ball in for the games first touchdown. CCHS would come back and take the lead just before the 1:30 mark. Connor battled back to bring the game with in a touchdown. Then after a big stop by the defense VM would drive down the field with a hurry up no huddle offense to tie the game up, with :45 seconds left VM would stop CCHS from getting a first down and would be forced to punt. With :34 seconds and two timeout Connor lead his team onto the field. BOOM! 55 yard pass the Bronco's were in field goal range. After a time out Connor would hit another 35 yard pass to put the Bronco's on the one yard line, Connor let the clock tick down and called a timeout with :01 left on the clock. The kicker would nail the field goal and down went the Dons.

W 38-35
4 tkls
18/28 279 yds 1 td, 50 yds 2 tds rushing

After the field goal counted VM went off and the campus was buzzing with excitement. As Connor was walking into the locker room Jim Mora stopped him, and handed him an envelope containing his official scholarship offer from UCLA. After changing Connor walked out where in front of his car where two men one dressed in green and another in orange that seemed to know each other. When Connor approached they introduced them selves Dave Clawson as Bowling Green State's head coach and Frank Solich as Ohio's head coach, both came barring Scholarships to play Quarterback.

The next day at breakfast Connor was talking with his father and just as they were talking about how he's a corner-back and everyone is inviting him to play quarterback, that old San Jose State fight song began to play once again. It was once against MacIntyre this time offering a corner-back scholarship at SJSU, it seemed as if MacIntyre didn't care what Connor played as long as he played for him. Just after hanging up with MacIntyre Mrs. Newman came in and dropped some mail on the table.

The first two envelopes were dated for the week prior. The first one came from Arizona it was a notification of interest in Connor for quarterback. Connor thought playing for Rich Rod's system could be good for him if he decided to play quarterback. The other one came from Hawai'i with pictures of beautiful scenery included along with a letter of interest for Connor to play corner-back from them. Connor smirked and said, "Beautiful girls, beautiful place, and they are checking me out at corner-back." With two more envelopes to open he looked at both of them Stanford and Arizona. Arizona extended their interest to corner-back also, as Stanford went on to explain they would be visiting to watch Connor play quarterback. Connor couldn't wait to tell Jessica that he got 3 scholarship offers and 4 more letters of interest.

Palisades High School Dolphins probably one of the worst teams in California had some how managed to go 4-0 and with VMHS only being 2-2 this could be a big change in things to come. Palisade not only offered one of the worst offenses but one of the worst defenses. This game should be a showing off of all Connor's skills as the Dolphins had no one that could match up with Connor. Just before leaving for the game a 513 number came across Connor's phone, 513 it has to be one of his old friends right. WRONG! It's Coach Butch Jones from the University of Cincinnati and he was coming out to watch Connor play this weekend!
Dynasty: RonNewman75
02:11 AM - October 23, 2012. Written by RonNewman75

Let's try this another way.

Undefeated Redlands came into VM to meet Connor Newman with a change up for them. Instead of focusing on his running ability he throw the ball and boy did he ever. VM went up on REVHS and never looked back. Connor using his legs only when he had to put up 269 yards passing on just 13 completions. Maybe mom was right he just needed to get his mind off the game for a while.

W 35-28
3 tkls, 1 tfl
13/17 269 yds 4 tds, 34 yds rushing

Connor awoke to his cell phone ringing the San Jose State fight song, it was Coach MacIntyre, "I told you if you played well this week I'd send you a scholarship offer, it's in the mail kid. Great job hopefully we'll see you here in the fall." Connor was blown away about it and ran downstairs to tell his dad. While all his dad said was, "There will be more..." But for Connor this was the first time he ever received a scholarship offer while it wasn't a CB spot like he wanted he knew from this point on, no matter what, he was going to college and going for free.

Monday morning at school Connor was pulled out of class and called into the office. Upon arrival the secretary sent him into the principal office where his father and Jim Mora, UCLA head coach stood. UCLA was not ready to offer a scholarship yet but Coach Mora was going to stay in town to watch Connor play Friday against Carheoral Catholic aka The Dons. The Don's boost one of the best teams around with a great offense and defense this one be an easy for Connor.

Before the game against the Don's Jessica showed up to tell Connor she was actually coming to her first football game. Can Connor deal with the stress of Jim Mora, The Dons, and Jessica being there, only time will tell.
Dynasty: RonNewman75
02:10 AM - October 23, 2012. Written by RonNewman75

What's it going to take...

Connor and VM seem to have this one in the bag, VM took the lead from South (AK) High School with a huge touchdown run. However SHS just didn't want to go away tying it back up before half. SHS would come out with the swagger VM has been missing for the past two weeks and take a 17-7 lead. As Coach Newman tried everything in his playbook to escape with a W Connor could only toss a touchdown as the game ended to bring it to a 17-14 loss.

17-14 L
4 tkls, 1 Tfl
8/17 137 yds 1 td, 54 yrds 1 td rushing

Connor watched as his team fell apart and the harder he tried to keep them in it the more abuse he took. He couldn't figure out what it was going to take for him to turn this team around. Heading into a game against Redlands with their solid offense and average defense he had to figure it out and figure it out quick, or the town was going to lynch him from the flag post.

There was so much to focus on he spent most of his time at home or in school trying to get better. Mrs. Newman decided it was time for Connor to get out and take his mind off the game. Connor was focused on the game, but thought maybe if he took his mind off of it for a while it would help. While shopping at the mall Connor spotted a group of girls staring at him, but he ignored it and keep to his own. Until one of them walked over, after a few minutes he and a Jessica girl had decided to go see a movie and the best thing about her was she was the only girl in the whole city that didn't know who he was.

Connor came back focused and ready to go for this week's practice, and made sure to bring his linemen donuts hoping the blocking would get a little bit better. After practice Connor was called into the coaches office where stood San Jose State Head Coach Mike MacIntyre. After an hour of conversation MacIntyre made it clear that if Connor played well this week he could be receiving a scholarship to play QB at San Jose State and if he kept up his play on defense he could possibly play corner-back there if he wanted.
Dynasty: RonNewman75
02:08 AM - October 23, 2012. Written by RonNewman75

A Long Ride Home...

Heading to Colorado was a blast Connor spent most of his time with his father has they went over the game plan to go up against a juggernaut in high school football, ThunderRidge. Great on both sides of the ball Connor figured his day wasn't going to be a walk in the park. They had a great QB that was going to take advantage of Connor at any opening, and a fast defensive line that would negate Connors top end speed.

As the game began VM came out fast getting stops on defense and moving the ball on offense. Until THS decided it was enough, the began to spy Connor and kept hitting him sometimes even after the ball was thrown. VM staid in the game and sat themselves up with a chance to win with a stop on forth down, however that stop would never come and a sweep to the opposite side of the field would allow them to score. After a few sacks and shutdown cover Connor had failed to lead his team to a victory.

L 14-24
8 Tkls, 1 Tfl
6/12 37 Yds 2 Tds, 96 Yds Rushing

On the ride home the bus was silent, so quite that a drop Gatorade sounded like a gun shot going off. Coach Newman was focused on his Ipad as he was trying to figure out what could have went wrong. While Connor beat up, bruised, and battered laid slumped over against the window trying to think about what he could have done better himself, feeling as though he had not just let his team down, but his father.

The next week seemed to go on forever. VM was not use to losing, and everyone wanted to blame the newcomers, for the loss. Connor spent extra time in the wight-room and on the track trying to be a step fast a bit stronger. Then came a piece of mail, on it was a stamp from UCLA. UCLA wanted to express an interest in Connor not only at corner-back but at quarterback. Connor who seemed to have only one person in the town believe in him just found out that just maybe someone else might as well.
Dynasty: RonNewman75
02:06 AM - October 23, 2012. Written by RonNewman75

Connor and College

Before the season began Mr. Newman was going over recruiting forms he had all the players fill out, and checking them with the roster to make sure everyone had filled theirs out. Most of them said USC, UCLA, Oregon, Standford. One said UMass and he had to look it up to make sure they were even a school.

After checking all the paperwork and sending them out he noticed Connor never did fill out his. So he began filling out his information until it came to what colleges are you interested in. While he believed he knew his son he didn't want to start send them out until he knew what Connor wanted. Knowing Connor had class til 1:15 pm because he got out early he figured he'd catch him then or after practice.

During practice Connor was looking pretty solid both at corner-back and quarterback. So much so Mr. Newman was believing that they could win this weekend. Connor was exceedingly good at running the ball. But it was expected as Mr. Newman installed much of the option portion of his playbook hoping to use Connor's speed at QB.

After practice, back at home. Mr. Newman finally had time to ask Connor where he wanted to go to college at. After a pause, Connor replied, "I'd kinda like to go back home to Cincinnati, or a small school in Ohio like Ohio, or Bowling Green." Mr. Newman simply thanked him and preceded to send off his recruitment guides to college.

Finally it was time for SPARQ combine, Connor had be preparing for this off-season. It was the last thing before the begining of the season. Connor had preformed well scoring an 82.00 while he had hoped to score higher to get the attention of UC, he decided his play would have to do the talking for him. Not that he would ever shut up on the field even when he was getting shut up.
Dynasty: RonNewman75
02:01 AM - October 23, 2012. Written by RonNewman75

The Connor Newman Story

Connor Newman was for the most part just like any other from Cincinnati, Ohio. His father was a High School football coach which meant he moved around a lot when he was younger. His freshmen season at St. Xavier Connor was only good enough to play special teams and dime corner-back playing only a small role on Friday nights. His sophomore season he moved up the depth chart and on to nickle corner and part time punt returner. After his junior year where he was out shined by his team mate and star corner he would have his chance to step up and make a name for himself.

At the end of his junior year Mr. Newman got a call that would change Connors life forever. Vista Murrieta had offered Mr. Newman their head coaching job as Coley Candaele was moving up into the college ranks. Vista Murrieta is the number two program in California, behind De Le Salle, and arguably the nation. Connor fought and argued to stay in Cincinnati but one thing would change his mind.

Mr. Newman would change Connors mind with one sentence, "Fine, you can come play for me." Connor in his 17 years had never got to actually play for his dad. He was often coached at home and worked out with his dad, but this could finally be his one, and probably his last chance to play for him. Connor with a smirk on his face shot back with, "Fine, we're taking state then." Mr. Newman was a good coach but had never won a state championship.

Vista Murrieta was a very talented program so talented a matter a fact that their first game wasn't even in the state of California or even a neighboring state it was in Colorado, and it's second game, a home game, was against South High School, no not South High School California, but South High School from Anchorage, AK.

When Mr. Newman showed up at practice one thing was sticking out at him. And that was that this school had one of the best defense's he had ever seen, and along with that a strong offense that was missing one thing. Nothing to big but a quarterback, his strongest armed QB could only throw the ball 35 yards. No one warned him about this, now along with having weak QB's he had to teach one of them his system and try to win state.
Dynasty: RonNewman75
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Minnesota Vikings
Oct 22, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (CPU)0133622
Minnesota Vikings (Me)71417745
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense479328
Rushing Yards19773
Passing Yards282255
First Downs2414
Punt Return Yards114
Kick Return Yards134133
Total Yards624465
3rd Down Converstion9-164-11
4th Down Conversion2-21-1
2-Point Conversion0-10-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals4-2-23-2-0
Posession Time41:2818:32
Scoring Summary
11:21(MIN) Christian Ponder 40 Yard TD Pass to Percy Harvin07
13:50(TAM) Josh Freeman 18 Yard TD Pass to LeGarrette Blount77
11:11(MIN) Christian Ponder 24 Yard TD Pass to Stephen Burton714
1:06(TAM) Connor Barth 19 Yard FG1014
:10(MIN) Christian Ponder 6 Yard TD Run1021
:00(TAM) Connor Barth 23 Yard FG1321
11:56(TAM) Connor Barth 43 Yard FG1621
9:30(MIN) Christian Ponder 1 Yard TD Pass to Kyle Rudolph1628
3:09(MIN) Blair Walsh 43 Yard FG1631
:01(MIN) Mistral Raymond 65 Yard Interception Return for TD1638
9:11(TAM) Josh Freeman 4 Yard TD Pass to Doug Martin (2pt. No Good)2238
4:06(MIN) Christian Ponder 42 Yard TD Pass to Stephen Burton2245
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Josh Freeman23/3529824
Doug Martin291073.60
LeGarrette Blount14694.90
D.J. Ware2168.00
Dallas Clark155.00
Vincent Jackson78311.80
LeGarrette Blount4328.01
Arrelious Benn34816.00
Tiquan Underwood3237.60
Dallas Clark23819.00
Mike Williams22412.00
Chris Owusu14646.00
Doug Martin144.01
Donald Penn10
Demar Dotson01
Davin Joseph01
Mason Foster8100
Mark Barron4000
Lavonte David4000
Ronde Barber4000
Eric Wright3000
Daniel Te'o-Nesheim3000
Adam Hayward3000
Myron Lewis3000
Brandon McDonald2000
Roy Miller2000
Najee Goode1000
LeQuan Lewis1100
Quincy Black1000
Cody Grimm1000
Michael Bennett1000
Connor Barth3/31/11043
Michael Koenen311638.60
Arrelious Benn512625.20
Michael Smith188.00
Roscoe Parrish2115.50
Minnesota Vikings
Christian Ponder18/2426940
Adrian Peterson17543.10
Christian Ponder7304.21
Jerome Felton133.00
Michael Jenkins133.00
Percy Harvin1-17-17.00
Percy Harvin712217.41
Kyle Rudolph44711.71
Stephen Burton26633.02
Adrian Peterson263.00
Jerome Simpson12626.00
Michael Jenkins177.00
Toby Gerhart1-5-5.00
Matt Kalil10
Brandon Fusco01
Phil Loadholt01
Jasper Brinkley11000
Antoine Winfield7000
Mistral Raymond6011
Chris Cook5010
Audie Cole5000
Josh Robinson4000
Jamarca Sanford4000
Chad Greenway4010
Brian Robison4100
Everson Griffen3000
Harrison Smith3000
Kevin Williams3000
D'Aundre Reed3100
Erin Henderson3010
Letroy Guion3000
Blair Walsh1/16/6943
Chris Kluwe417543.71
Percy Harvin38729.00
Marcus Sherels14646.00
Marcus Sherels144.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Monday, October 22, 2012
03:27 PM - October 22, 2012. Written by Str8Edge4Life
New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings
Oct 22, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
New Orleans Saints (CPU)307313
Minnesota Vikings (Me)10103730
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense329422
Rushing Yards73209
Passing Yards256213
First Downs1821
Punt Return Yards3433
Kick Return Yards15362
Total Yards506517
3rd Down Converstion2-116-18
4th Down Conversion0-01-3
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals3-1-14-1-3
Posession Time19:4140:19
Scoring Summary
12:14(MIN) Christian Ponder 35 Yard TD Pass to Jerome Simpson07
9:47(NOR) Garrett Hartley 29 Yard FG37
4:50(MIN) Blair Walsh 35 Yard FG310
9:44(MIN) Blair Walsh 22 Yard FG313
5:21(MIN) Christian Ponder 2 Yard TD Pass to Kyle Rudolph320
5:21(MIN) Blair Walsh 33 Yard FG323
1:49(NOR) Drew Brees 6 Yard TD Pass to David Thomas1023
9:19(NOR) Garrett Hartley 42 Yard FG1323
1:12(MIN) Chris Cook 76 Yard Interception Return for TD1330
New Orleans Saints
Drew Brees26/4527814
Pierre Thomas14614.30
Darren Sproles242.00
Devery Henderson188.00
Marques Colston89311.60
Pierre Thomas4297.20
Devery Henderson34113.60
Jimmy Graham33210.60
Courtney Roby2199.50
David Thomas2189.01
Lance Moore263.00
Jed Collins13434.00
Darren Sproles166.00
Zach Strief22
Jermon Bushrod10
Scott Shanle14000
Jonathan Vilma6000
David Hawthorne6000
Johnny Patrick6100
Jabari Greer6000
Patrick Robinson4000
Sedrick Ellis4000
Cameron Jordan4000
Turk McBride4200
Elbert Mack3000
Corey White3000
Malcolm Jenkins3000
Jonathan Casillas2000
Isa Abdul-Quddus2000
Brodrick Bunkley2100
Garrett Hartley2/21/1742
Thomas Morstead624440.60
Travaris Cadet410125.20
Darren Sproles24221.00
Darren Sproles33411.30
Minnesota Vikings
Christian Ponder24/3323920
Adrian Peterson341835.30
Christian Ponder4184.50
Toby Gerhart3103.30
Percy Harvin2-5-2.50
Jerome Simpson133.00
Adrian Peterson5357.00
Percy Harvin47318.20
Kyle Rudolph45012.51
Toby Gerhart4-8-2.00
Jerome Simpson 37023.31
Michael Jenkins2168.00
Stephen Burton166.00
Jerome Felton1-3-3.00
Matt Kalil21
Charlie Johnson11
Brandon Fusco10
John Sullivan 01
Kyle Rudolph01
Chad Greenway8010
Mistral Raymond6000
Robert Blanton5000
Erin Henderson4000
Brian Robison4100
Antoine Winfield4000
Everson Griffen3000
Harrison Smith3020
Marvin Mitchell2000
Josh Robinson2000
Letroy Guion2000
Chris Cook1011
D'Aundre Reed1100
A.J. Jefferson1100
Jasper Brinkley1000
Blair Walsh3/33/31235
Chris Kluwe520240.41
Marcus Sherels24321.50
Percy Harvin11919.00
Marcus Sherels4358.70
Brandon Burton1-2-2.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Sunday, October 21, 2012
09:33 PM - October 21, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
In the only opportunity for the Spartans to lose possession of the Paul Bunyan Trophy, they managed to keep it. Turnovers are still an issue, but the backup (Tim O'Connor) revived the Spartan offense to a resounding victory.

MSU has opted to return to their former "West Coast", hurry-up, Pro-Style offense. The "Spread" experiment will return next season. As a result, Connor Cook returns to the starting position; however, Austin Olsen and Brad Givens will remain in the "rotation". After becoming a campus hero, Tim O'Connor is the odd man out. He will likely only see action in blowouts or via injury.

Michigan Wolverines at Michigan State Spartans
Michigan Wolverines (3-3 (1-2))0303-6
#1 Michigan State Spartans (7-0 (4-0))77021-35
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense145451
Rushing Yards44152
Passing Yards101299
First Downs1020
Punt Return Yards046
Kick Return Yards11951
Total Yards264548
3rd Down Converstion2/114/9
4th Down Conversion1/12/2
2-Point Conversion0/01/1
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals0-11-1
Posession Time14:0014:00
Dynasty: jhendricks316
02:00 PM - October 21, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
The game was rather sloppy, but the Spartan defense kept the burden low for the struggling offense. Title hopes are still alive, as MSU is now 6-0.

Illinois Fighting Illini at Michigan State Spartans
Illinois Fighting Illini (3-2 (0-2))0300-3
#1 Michigan State Spartans (6-0 (3-0))3776-23
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense262295
Rushing Yards21181
Passing Yards241114
First Downs1519
Punt Return Yards028
Kick Return Yards7152
Total Yards333375
3rd Down Converstion2/123/10
4th Down Conversion2/32/4
2-Point Conversion0/00/1
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals0-02-1
Posession Time10:4617:14
Dynasty: jhendricks316
10:54 AM - October 21, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
The Air Raid is finally working in Bloomington; however, you can't expect to win while letting the opposition score 39. Michigan State helped Indiana with a few turnovers, which kept the score close.

Michigan State Spartans at Indiana Hoosiers
#1 Michigan State Spartans (5-0 (2-0))871410-39
Indiana Hoosiers (1-5 (0-3))70312-22
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense337243
Rushing Yards162-11
Passing Yards175254
First Downs1411
Punt Return Yards140
Kick Return Yards153140
Total Yards504383
3rd Down Converstion6/122/11
4th Down Conversion1/10/2
2-Point Conversion1/10/2
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals2-11-1
Posession Time18:039:57
Dynasty: jhendricks316
02:40 AM - October 21, 2012. Written by Str8Edge4Life
Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings
Oct 21, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Green Bay Packers (CPU)30069
Minnesota Vikings (Me)01061329
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense289412
Rushing Yards55133
Passing Yards234279
First Downs1421
Punt Return Yards033
Kick Return Yards21555
Total Yards504500
3rd Down Converstion2-125-16
4th Down Conversion1-34-4
2-Point Conversion0-10-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1-0-04-2-0
Posession Time19:1740:43
Scoring Summary
5:52(GNB) Mason Crosby 52 Yard FG30
12:20(MIN) Christian Ponder 1 Yard TD Pass to Jerome Felton37
5:30(MIN) Blair Walsh 39 Yard FG310
5:03(MIN) Blair Walsh 51 Yard FG 313
1:17(MIN) Blair Walsh 53 Yard FG316
8:54(MIN) Joe Webb 1 Yard TD Run323
5:23(MIN) Blair Walsh 53 Yard FG326
3:36(GNB) Aaron Rodgers 24 Yard TD Pass to James Jones (2pt. No Good)926
1:55(MIN) Blair Walsh 57 Yard FG929
Green Bay Packers
Aaron Rodgers21/3525911
Alex Green14493.40
Aaron Rodgers362.00
James Jones68414.01
Jermichael Finley57414.80
Alex Green4143.50
Greg Jennings35016.60
James Starks2147.00
Donald Driver12323.00
Marshall Newhouse10
Bryan Bulaga03
T.J. Lang01
A.J. Hawk8000
Clay Matthews6100
Brad Jones6000
Casey Hayward5000
Tramon Williams4000
Nick Perry4120
Ryan Pickett4000
C.J. Wilson3000
Morgan Burnett3000
Charles Woodson3000
Davon House2100
M.D. Jennings2000
Sean Richardson2000
Sam Shields2000
B.J. Raji2000
Mason Crosby1/10/0352
Tim Masthay624540.81
Sam Shields411027.50
Randall Cobb25527.50
Jordy Nelson25025.00
Minnesota Vikings
Christian Ponder18/3326712
Joe Webb3/33000
Adrian Peterson341364.00
Christian Ponder133.00
Joe Webb111.01
Michael Jenkins100.00
Percy Harvin1-7-7.00
Kyle Rudolph 57615.20
Michael Jenkins48721.70
Percy Harvin4348.50
Jerome Simpson25929.50
Toby Gerhart22311.50
Jerome Felton273.51
John Carlson177.00
Adrian Peterson144.00
Phil Loadholt11
Brandon Fusco10
John Carlson10
Matt Kalil01
Erin Henderson8010
Brian Robison4300
Chris Cook4000
Harrison Smith4000
Mistral Raymond4000
Kevin Williams3100
Chad Greenway2000
Larry Dean2000
Letroy Guion2000
Antoine Winfield2000
Audie Cole2000
Josh Robinson1000
Marvin Mitchell1000
Robert Blanton1000
A.J. Jefferson1000
Blair Walsh5/52/21757
Chris Kluwe14343.01
Percy Harvin25427.00
Michael Jenkins111.00
Marcus Sherels33311.00
Mistral Raymond100.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
01:12 AM - October 21, 2012. Written by Str8Edge4Life
New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins
Oct 21, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
New England Patriots (CPU)33006
Miami Dolphins (Me)01014327
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense334263
Rushing Yards84106
Passing Yards250157
First Downs1812
Punt Return Yards2521
Kick Return Yards10872
Total Yards467356
3rd Down Converstion7-184-13
4th Down Conversion1-42-2
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals3-0-11-0-1
Posession Time38:3021:30
Scoring Summary
2:19(NWE) Stephen Gostkowski 18 Yard FG30
11:59(MIA) Dan Carpenter 36 Yard FG33
7:25(NWE) Stephen Gostkowski 47 Yard FG63
:33(MIA) Ryan Tannehill 29 Yard TD Pass to Anthony Armstrong610
12:12(MIA) Karlos Dansby 45 Yard Interception Return for TD617
6:13(MIA) Ryan Tannehill 22 Yard TD Pass to Brian Hartline624
14:56(MIA) Dan Carpenter 47 Yard FG627
New England Patriots
Tom Brady26/4025702
Zoltan Mesko0/1000
Stevan Ridley23652.80
Danny Woodhead5173.40
James Develin144.00
Brandon Bolden1-1-1.00
Tom Brady1-1-1.00
Wes Welker88110.10
Aaron Hernandez 6569.30
Brandon Lloyd44912.20
Deion Branch3248.00
Stevan Ridley22814.00
Danny Woodhead11414.00
Julian Edelman133.00
Visanthe Shiancoe122.00
Logan Mankins20
Rob Gronkowski01
Jerod Mayo7000
Devin McCourty5000
Brandon Spikes5000
Dont'a Hightower5000
Sterling Moore5100
Rob Ninkovich3100
Kyle Arrington3000
Vince Wilfork3100
Steve Gregory2000
Tracy White2000
Patrick Chung2000
Matthew Slater2000
Jermaine Cunningham1100
Chandler Jones1000
Niko Koutovides1000
Stephen Gostkowski2/20/0647
Zoltan Mesko416340.70
Devin McCourty25527.50
Matthew Slater25326.50
Julian Edelman22512.50
Miami Dolphins
Ryan Tannehill15/2617920
Reggie Bush241034.20
Jorvorskie Lane122.00
Ryan Tannehill111.00
Brian Hartline45112.71
Anthony Fasano34214.00
Anthony Armstrong24020.01
Daniel Thomas2136.50
Charles Clay11818.00
Jeron Mastrud11111.00
Jorvorskie Lane133.00
Davone Bess111.00
Jake Long30
Jonathan Martin02
John Jerry01
Karlos Dansby6011
Chris Clemons6000
Nolan Carroll5000
Jason Trusnik4000
Jared Odrick4100
Richard Marshall4000
Sean Smith4000
Kevin Burnett4000
Cameron Wake3000
Austin Spitler300
Jimmy Wilson2000
Reshad Jones2000
Koa Misi2000
Josh Kaddu2000
Jonathan Freeny0010
Dan Carpenter2/23/3947
Brandon Fields418145.20
Lamar Miller24924.50
Marcus Thigpen12323.00
Marcus Thigpen3217.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Saturday, October 20, 2012
01:04 PM - October 20, 2012. Written by FamFirstSimLgs
Fam First NBA Power Rankings 11-25-12
RK (LW)TeamRecordNext Game
1 (2) Phoenix Suns26-5
2 (1) Oklahoma City Thunder22-6
3 (3) Miami Heat25-8
4 (7) New York Knicks24--8
5 (5) Denver Nuggets29-11
6 (8) Chicago Bulls22-11
7 (4) New Jersey Nets15-8
8 (6) Minnesota Timberwolves22-10
9 (9) Los Angeles Clippers13-6
10 (9) Indiana Pacers19-15
11 (12) San Antonio Spurs15-10
12 (19) Detroit Pistons9-10
13 (13) Utah Jazz10-8
14 (13) Charlotte Bobcats7-7
15 (14) Philadelphia 76ers12-13
16 (15) Boston Celtics14-13
17 (20) Los Angeles Lakers8-11
18 (21) Cleveland Cavaliers10-13
19 (17) Golden State Warriors14-17
20 (11) Portland Trailblazers9-10
21 (21) Washington Wizards5-9
22 (22) Atlanta Hawks7-16
23 (18) Dallas Mavericks7-13
24 (30) Sacramento Kings7-17
25 (23) Toronto Raptors6-16
26 (25) Houston Rockets11-35
27 (26) Milwakee Bucks4-17
28 (27) Memphis Grizzlies3-15
29 (28) Orlando Magic3-15
30 (29) New Orleans Hornets1-16
Dynasty: FamFirstSimLgs
Friday, October 19, 2012
08:18 PM - October 19, 2012. Written by Str8Edge4Life
Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers
Oct 19, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Seattle Seahawks (CPU)3140724
San Francisco 49ers (Me)10107330
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense235396
Rushing Yards137187
Passing Yards98209
First Downs1015
Punt Return Yards020
Kick Return Yards156110
Total Yards391526
3rd Down Converstion5-148-16
4th Down Conversion1-10-1
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1-1-04-1-1
Posession Time26:0933:51
Scoring Summary
8:10(SEA) Steven Hauschka 49 Yard FG30
2:10(SFO) David Akers 22 Yard FG33
:41(SFO) Kendall Hunter 32 Yard TD Run310
14:08(SEA) Marshawn Lynch 64 Yard TD Run1010
14:02(SEA) Charly Martin 20 Yard Fumble Return for TD1710
1:57(SFO) Frank Gore 1 Yard TD Run1717
:00(SFO) David Akers 41 Yard FG1720
3:44(SFO) Alex Smith 54 Yard TD Pass to Vernon Davis1727
14:23(SFO) David Akers 44 Yard FG1730
2:33(SEA) Russell Wilson 6 Yard TD Pass to Anthony McCoy2430
Seattle Seahawks
Russell Wilson15/2512111
Marshawn Lynch191196.21
Russell Wilson3124.00
Leon Washington133.00
Robert Turbin133.00
Braylon Edwards56412.80
Anthony McCoy3186.01
Charly Martin2157.50
Leon Washington11212.00
Ben Obamanu177.00
Marshawn Lynch122.00
Zach Miller122.00
Michael Robinson111.00
Paul McQuistan11
Breno Giacomini02
Russell Okung02
Earl Thomas9000
Bobby Wagner6000
K.J. Wright6000
Kam Chancellor6000
Richard Sherman4000
Chris Clemons4000
Brandon Mebane4200
Jeron Johnson3000
LeRoy Hill3000
Mike Morgan2000
Red Bryant2100
Alan Branch2000
Marcus Trufant2000
Brandon Browner2000
Charly Martin0001
Steven Hauschka1/13/3649
Jon Ryan625843.01
Ben Obamanu513026.00
Leon Washington12626.00
San Francisco 49ers
Alex Smith12/1922910
Colin Kaepernick0/1000
Frank Gore311093.51
Alex Smith6335.50
Kendall Hunter44010.01
Bruce Miller252.50
Vernon Davis510821.61
Michael Crabtree23417.00
Randy Moss2189.00
DeMarcus Dobbs15252.00
Kendall Hunter11212.00
LaMichael James155.00
Jonathan Goodwin11
Vernon Davis10
Mike Iupati10
Alex Boone01
Anthony Davis01
Aldon Smith6100
Patrick Willis5000
Ahmad Brooks5200
Ray McDonald3100
Carlos Rogers3000
Donte Whitner3000
Dashon Goldson3000
NaVorro Bowman3000
Tarell Brown3000
Darcel McBath2000
Parys Haralson2100
Justin Smith2000
Larry Grant1000
Tramaine Brock1000
Trenton Robinson1010
David Akers3/33/31244
Andy Lee418446.01
Ted Ginn, Jr.38929.60
Kendall Hunter12121.00
Ted Ginn, Jr. 4205.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life