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Wednesday, December 12, 2012
06:53 PM - December 12, 2012. Written by pelletgun527
2012 NFL Week 2
Thursday's Games
Giants (1-2) 17 @ Panthers (2-1) 33
Sunday's Games
Jaguars (0-3) 20 @ Colts (2-1) 31
Bills (1-2) 15 @ Browns (1-2) 36
Jets (1-2) 41 @ Dolphins (2-1) 44
Chiefs (3-0) 26 @ Saints (1-2) 20
Bengals (2-1) 24 @ Redskins (1-2) 29
Lions (1-2) 27 @ Titans (2-1) 41
49ers (2-1) 44 @ Vikings (2-1) 14
Saints (1-1) 20 @ Panthers (1-1) 27
Rams (1-2) 32 @ Bears (1-2) 35
Buccaneers (3-0) 33 @ Cowboys (0-3) 27
Falcons (1-2) 38 @ Chargers (0-3) 24
Eagles (2-1) 49 @ Cardinals (1-2) 31
Texans (1-2) 34 @ Broncos (3-0) 37
Patriots (3-0) 16 @ Ravens (1-2) 10
Monday's Games
Packers (3-0) 38 @ Seahawks (1-2) 30
Dynasty: pelletgun527
06:44 PM - December 12, 2012. Written by olivertheorem
North Dakota Fighting Sioux at North Dakota State Bison
Dec 4, 20121ST2NDSCORE
North Dakota (0-5, 0-0 GWC)333669
North Dakota State (2-3, 0-0 SUM)325082
North Dakota Fighting Sioux
C Kyle Simone335-110-20-16100210
F Reggie Dimmick254-70-12-34000010
G Byron Cork268-151-31-55420118
G John Green242-50-11-2313025
G Tony Kissinger150-10-10-0010000
G Victorino Gimenez242-40-00-0331024
G Edward Langford184-61-12-21200311
F/C Domingo Sumpter150-20-00-0100020
G/F Renato Coldiron122-30-02-2302026
F Ward Dunlop71-10-01-2310003
G Andrew Graham21-10-00-0000002
TEAM TOTALS29-562-99-172913801469
North Dakota State Bison
C Joseph Bedell274-50-01-41301029
F Wilburn Grubb251-10-01-2710213
F Dana Wallin283-91-43-45300310
G Joseph Weigel325-151-31-24510212
G Dave Troxell319-174-93-46610025
G Edward McQuiston181-50-49-100100211
F Wilton Labelle120-10-00-0300000
C John Su111-10-00-0300012
G Kendall Cuomo81-10-01-2110013
F James Stapleton52-30-00-0000004
F Stephen Moran31-31-30-0000003
TEAM TOTALS28-617-2319-284217321282
Dynasty: olivertheorem
06:43 PM - December 12, 2012. Written by pelletgun527
2012 NFL Week 2
Thursday's Games
Bears (0-2) 23 @ Packers (2-0) 31
Sunday's Games
Texans (1-1) 24 @ Jaguars (0-2) 17
Browns (0-2) 16 @ Bengals (2-0) 19
Raiders (2-0) 19 @ Dolphins (1-1) 16
Chiefs (2-0) 16 @ Bills (1-1) 7
Ravens (1-1) 55 @ Eagles (1-1) 28
Vikings (2-0) 33 @ Colts (1-1) 23
Cardinals (1-1) 19 @ Patriots (2-0) 27
Saints (1-1) 20 @ Panthers (1-1) 27
Buccaneers (2-0) 37 @ Giants (1-1) 27
Redskins (0-2) 24 @ Rams (1-1) 27
Cowboys (0-2) 20 @ Seahawks (1-1) 26
Titans (1-1) 41 @ Chargers (0-2) 27
Jets (1-1) 34 @ Steelers (0-2) 24
Lions (1-1) 33 @ 49ers (1-1) 45
Monday's Games
Broncos (2-0) 45 @ Falcons (0-2) 39
Dynasty: pelletgun527
09:50 AM - December 12, 2012. Written by Von Jenkins
NFL Preseason Week 1 Recap

Teams are actively making major personnel moves. The Cleveland Browns signed two veteran wide receivers, Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson. Jacksonville signed Andre Carter to a 1-year deal worth $4.8M. Arizona signed quarterback, David Garrard and Carolina signed linebacker James Farrior to a one year deal worth $4.2M. Bucs traded with Eagles to get Mike Patterson.
Dynasty: Von Jenkins
Tuesday, December 11, 2012
11:29 PM - December 11, 2012. Written by Von Jenkins
Alabama A&M Bulldogs at Central Arkansas Bears
Nov 7, 20071ST2NDSCORE
Alabama A&M (1-1)414283
Central Arkansas (2-0)5059109

Lexington, KY -- It is only preseason, but the Bears are the talk of the nation. It should be interesting to see how they continue to perform. The Bears are in another preseason tournament with Oklahoma, #3 Memphis and Morgan State. The Bears will play Morgan State at Madison Square Garden.
Dynasty: Von Jenkins
10:25 PM - December 11, 2012. Written by Von Jenkins
Central Arkansas Bears at Kentucky Wildcats
Nov 6, 20071ST2NDSCORE
Central Arkansas (1-0)305282
#12 Kentucky (0-1)512879

Lexington, KY -- Absolute shocker! Kentucky was rolling UCA with a 22 point lead late in the first half. When Kentucky took out the starters early in the second half is when the epic collapse happened. The starters of Kentucky came back in when the Wildcats were up 15, but couldn't hold off the Bears. Tied 79-79 with 30 seconds left, the Bears held for the final shot. As time was about to expire, the starting point guard of the Bears threw up a prayer from the top of the key. The shot rolled around on the rim and went it for the most monumental upset of the year. "I kept tellin' my players to keep fighting. Don't stop believing. I am so proud of my guys. We were down big and showed the nation what we are made of...Bear-Power," exclaimed Coach Jenkins. Next game -- Alabama A&M.
Dynasty: Von Jenkins
09:13 PM - December 11, 2012. Written by Von Jenkins
UCA Hires Von Jenkins

Conway, AR -- University of Central Arkansas announced the school has hired Von Jenkins as its new head basketball coach.

Dynasty: Von Jenkins
07:15 PM - December 11, 2012. Written by olivertheorem
North Dakota Fighting Sioux at Milwaukee Panthers
Dec 2, 20121ST2NDSCORE
North Dakota (0-4, 0-0 GWC)233053
Milwaukee (1-1, 0-0 HZN)343670
North Dakota Fighting Sioux
C Kyle Simone283-70-01-4510027
F Reggie Dimmick232-61-22-2110017
G Byron Cork244-120-21-1401029
G John Green131-41-30-0200043
G Tony Kissinger260-10-10-0451000
G Victorino Gimenez241-70-02-2531004
F/C Domingo Sumpter160-20-02-2200112
G Edward Langford166-80-02-24241214
G/F Renato Coldiron121-40-10-0100012
F Ward Dunlop100-00-03-4210003
G Andrew Graham31-10-00-0000002
F/C Fredrick Collins10-10-00-0000000
F/C Colin Turner10-00-00-0000000
G/F Jan Hornung10-00-00-0000000
TEAM TOTALS19-532-913-173013721353
Milwaukee Panthers
C Harold Abell313-60-00-11500206
F Rory Tyus310-10-00-0610110
F Chris Hunter265-141-81-15010112
G Heino Saugel327-210-97-77320721
G Joseph McKinnon346-102-50-04210214
G Benito Massie204-102-70-01110010
C Columbus Williams112-41-20-0410015
F Darren Collins70-10-10-0200100
G Michael Reese41-10-00-0000002
F Gerry Lacasse30-10-10-0100000
TEAM TOTALS28-696-338-9458541270
Dynasty: olivertheorem
Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks at TCU Horned Frogs
Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks (1-2)0143724
TCU Horned Frogs (2-1)2407738
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense379406
Rushing Yards95154
Passing Yards284252
First Downs1922
Punt Return Yards2650
Kick Return Yards86118
Total Yards491576
3rd Down Converstion4-126-14
4th Down Conversion2-31-1
2-Point Conversion--
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals4-3-15-4-1
Posession Time28:2031:40
Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks
TCU Horned Frogs

The Horned Frogs of TCU tore apart the UL Monroe Warkhawks. TCU had a 24-0 lead at the end of the first, which killed both teams desire to play any longer.

Coach Welsh and the Warhawks face unranked Iowa next week.
Dynasty: ownthehobo
Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers
Nov 9, 20131ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Minnesota Vikings (9-0)01001424
Green Bay Packers (4-5)7001421
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense325326
Rushing Yards13966
Passing Yards186260
First Downs1011
Punt Return Yards10143
Kick Return Yards7933
Total Yards505402
3rd Down Converstion1-146-24
4th Down Conversion0-11-1
2-Point Conversion0-01-1
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1-0-02-1-0
Posession Time27:2632:34
Scoring Summary
10:43(GNB) Aaron Rodgers 31 Yard TD Pass to James Jones07
12:44(MIN) Adrian Peterson 53 Yard TD Run77
:00(MIN) Blair Walsh 49 Yard FG107
14:13(MIN) Vince Young 27 Yard TD Pass to Brian Hartline177
5:23(GNB) Peyton Hillis 1 Yard TD Run (EP No Good)1713
3:15(MIN) Vince Young 40 Yard TD Pass to Brian Hartline2413
:21(GNB) Aaron Rodgers 43 Yard TD Pass to Randall Cob (2pt. Good)2421
Minnesota Vikings
Vince Young16/2624121
Adrian Peterson241154.71
Vince Young5163.20
Joe Webb155.00
Randy Moss122.00
Toby Gerhart111.00
Randy Moss55611.20
Brian Hartline37023.32
Adrian Peterson26733.50
Toby Gerhart210.50
Kyle Rudolph12828.00
John Carlson188.00
Jarius Wright188.00
Jerome Felton133.00
John Carlson10
T.J. Lang02
Geoff Schwartz02
Charlie Johnson01
Jared Allen8200
Mistral Raymond7000
James Laurinaitis7000
Kevin Williams6000
Erin Henderson5000
Harrison Smith4000
Chris Cook3000
Everson Griffen2000
Chad Greenway2100
Antoine Winfield2000
Letroy Guion2000
Brian Robison2200
Terence Newman2000
Robert Blanton1000
Will Allen1000
Blair Walsh1/23/3649
Shon Richardson1046046.05
Percy Harvin26030.00
Josh Robinson11717.00
John Carlson122.00
Josh Robinson111019.10
Green Bay Packers
Aaron Rodgers23/5028720
Peyton Hillis30632.11
Felix Jones133.00
Greg Jennings66210.30
Peyton Hillis6427.00
Jordy Nelson36923.00
James Jones35719.01
Jermichael Finley3155.00
Randall Cobb14343.01
John Kuhn1-1-1.00
Dennis Roland02
Bryan Bulaga02
Jermichael Finley01
O.J. Atogwe10010
Tiras Brown6000
Luis Castillo6300
Tramon Williams5000
B.J. Raji5100
Morgan Burnett5000
Nick Perry4000
Desmond Bishop3000
Gerald McRath3000
Casey Hayward3000
Jerron McMillian3000
Vic So'oto2100
Ryan Pickett2000
Clay Matthews2000
Wesley Abel2000
Mason Crosby0/21/210
Tim Masthay1456740.40
Randall Cobb13333.00
Randall Cobb5438.60
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Monday, December 10, 2012
11:43 PM - December 10, 2012. Written by pelletgun527
2012 NFL Week 1 Scores
Thursday's GamesHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
Cowboys 21 @ Giants 47
Sunday's GamesHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
Colts 52 @ Bears 17
Jaguars 38 @ Vikings 41
Bills 35 @ Jets 30
Dolphins 23 @ Texans 20
Patriots 32 @ Titans 3
Rams 32 @ Lions 35
Redskins 21 @ Saints 31
Eagles 30 @ Browns 27
Falcons 13 @ Chiefs 16
49ers 31 @ Packers 34
Seahawks 16 @ Cardinals 31
Panthers 13 @ Buccaneers 17
Steelers 50 @ Broncos 44
Bengals 46 @ Ravens 22
Monday's GamesHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
Bengals 46 @ Ravens 22
Chargers 10 @ Raiders 23
Dynasty: pelletgun527
10:12 PM - December 10, 2012. Written by ownthehobo
Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks at FCS Southeast
Sep 3, 20111ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks (1-1)770721
FCS Southeast (-)211471052
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense332471
Rushing Yards54218
Passing Yards278253
First Downs1015
Punt Return Yards018
Kick Return Yards8639
Total Yards465528
3rd Down Converstion3-75-8
4th Down Conversion0-11-1
2-Point Conversion--
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals2-2-03-2-0
Posession Time9:2214:38
Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks
FCS Southeast

The Warhawks crushed the Cobras for there first win of the season. Although it was only an FCS team, the Warhawks defense looked very confuesed at times. Coach Welsh is more of an offensive minded coach and that showed greatly in the game.

The UL Monroe rushing attack was run greatly as the Warhawks racked up over 200 yards on the ground. Next weeks match-up at TCU is going to be a tough one for Coach Welsh and the Warhawks.

*NOTE I am still getting used to the tables, but the stats and score need to be switched. The FCS Southeast stats are really the UL Monroe ones and vice versa*
Dynasty: ownthehobo
08:42 PM - December 10, 2012. Written by Von Jenkins
Detroit -- The Browns came out unstoppable on offense, but stalled in the second quarter. "We got ahead of ourselves and lost focus for a few minutes," Coach Jenkins told reporters. Even though the game doesn't really count, this game was a huge win for Jenkins and the Browns organization.

Cleveland Browns at Detroit Lions
Aug 7, 20121234F
CLE (1-0)100121032
DET (0-1)0210021
Top Performers
PASS: Colt McCoy (Browns) - 25-47, 280 Yds 1TD/2 INT
RUSH: Chris Ogbonnaya (Browns) - 18-49 Yards
REC: Kassim Osgood (Lions) - 4-134 Yards 2 TD
Team Stats Comparison
First Downs2511
3rd Down Efficiency72
4th Down Efficiency10
Total Yards561505
Passing Yards394312
Rushing Yards8020
Penalties-Penalty Yards00
Time of Possession20:4111:19
Dynasty: Von Jenkins
08:30 PM - December 10, 2012. Written by Von Jenkins
Cleveland Browns Depth Chart - 2012
Regular Offense
WRTerrell OwensMohamed Massaquoi
TEBen WatsonAlex Smith
LTJoe ThomasOniel Cousins
LGJason PinkstonJarrod Shaw
CAlex MackJohn GrecoGarth Gerhart
RGShawn Lauvao
RTMitchell SchwartzRyan Miller
WRGreg LittleChad Johnson
QBBrandon WeedenColt McCoyThaddeus Lewis
FBOwen MarecicBrad Smelley
HBTrent RichardsonChris OgbonnayaMontario Hardesty
Base 4-3 Defense
LDEJabaal SheardJuqua ParkerBrian Sanford
LDTAhtyba RubinIshmaa'ily KitchenBilly Winn
RDTPhil TaylorJohn Hughes
RDEFrostee RuckerMarcus BenardEmmanuel StephensAuston English
WLBScott FujitaJames-Michael JohnsonTank Carder
MLBD'Qwell JacksonL.J. FortBenjamin Jacobs
SLBChris GocongKaluka MaiavaCraig Robertson
CBJoe HadenDimitri PattersonTrevin Wade
SST.J. WardUsama Young
FSEric HaggRay Ventrone
CBSheldon BrownBuster SkrineJohnson Bademosi
Special Teams
KPhil Dawson
PReggie Hodges
PRJosh Cribbs
KRJosh Cribbs
LSAlex Mack
Dynasty: Von Jenkins
08:18 PM - December 10, 2012. Written by Von Jenkins
Cleveland Browns Preseason 2012 Schedule
Aug 7at Detroit
Aug 14at Green Bay Packers
Aug 21vs Philadelphia Eagles
Aug 28vs Chicago Bears
Dynasty: Von Jenkins