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Saturday, September 8, 2012
10:42 PM - September 8, 2012. Written by Gcooksey33
Cleveland OH- Nothing was right today at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Not the weather, and certainly not the way the Browns played in their 63-5 loss to the Buffalo Bills. It was the worse loss ever in the Browns new era and there was not even a silver lining that could be found.

"I'm not even going to bother trying to spin this one at all. All of you saw it so you know what you saw" said head coach Greg Cooksey who was in no mood for comedy of any kind. "Each of us has to take a look inside of ourselves and decide to let that light a fire under us".

Things seemed to have the makings of what would be a early season playoff like contest when the Browns who coming into the game were ranked #1 in the NFL caused Ryan Fitzpatrick to fumble on a failed exchange to Fred Jackson. However, the Bills would recover it and go on a long drive which ended up with Jackson scoring on 2 yard run on 2nd and goal to put the Bills up 7-0.

After that the route was on as on a third down play from the Buffalo 30 Brandon Weeden threw his first of 3 interceptions, this one was costly as Buffalo safety Gorge Wilson took it the distance. Before you knew it the Browns were down 14-0 never to come back.

It also ushered in a comedy of errors as Weeden would through two more picks and was sat down by Cooksey before the middle of the second quarter. Weeden was replaced by former Buffalo QB Trent Edwards who the Browns picked up right before the regular season began. He would fair no better. Edwards would throw two interceptions in the red zone, and one on the first play of the second half. Colt McCoy replaced Edwards midway through the third quarter and threw three interceptions of his own. When all was said and done Browns QB's had thrown 9 interceptions for the game.

To worsen matters the Browns were able to do nothing on the ground. Trent Richardson only was able to muster 31 yards. This was the reason Cooksey gave for what he thought was wrong with the passing game "Trent just had a very bad day to day. We couldn't get anything done on the ground and when your a team like us that has to rely on the ground game to set up the pass you can't only run for 31 yards. You have to find another ways to attack and we just could not find a way to do that today".

Quick Hits

When asked if playing in his first game against his old team was the reason for his poor performance Edwards responded "I'm not making any excuses for the way I played today. Was it weird to be across the sideline starring at my former teamates? Sure, but I'm not gonna stand here and tell you that was why I threw three interceptions".

Colt McCoy was none to happy Edwards replaced Weeden before him. In fact he finally spouted off with displeasure for the first time. "There is absolutely no seniority here at all" said McCoy."Coach Cooksey told me the reason he played Trent first instead of me was because we needed some leadership. He should have done his homework before about this team before he took this job."

McCoy continued "I have done nothing over the last few years for the franchise but work my tail off so I could be a good teammate and leader. I feel like I have been nothing but disrespected. If coach Cooksey does not have a place for me here then I suggest ether trade or release me. I will not accept a mop up role I've worked to hard for that."

When told of McCoy's rant Cooksey said he was very sorry McCoy felt that way and that he would try to resolve the matter this week. He also said that he would not do so in the media and this would be all he would say about the matter.

The Browns will have to have a short memory as the have to big road test's the nest two weeks at Baltimore and then at the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants.

Next up is this Thursday night against the Ravens at 8:30 and Cooksey said he will do all he can to make sure the samething does not happen next week.
Dynasty: Gcooksey33
08:16 PM - September 8, 2012. Written by BlueJays09
Yea, like usual I start a dynasty with another team other than Toronto and I get cold feet about 2 months into the season and run back to my beloved Jays lol. I am going to start new with my Jays and try to take them all the way again. Playing 52 game seasons, 6 inning games, DH always on, and 1 Game winner takes all for playoffs and World Series. I will be playing on default All Star sliders as usual.


Can Jose Bautista lead this team to the World Series?

GM Alex Anthopoulos
will be stepping down as the GM of the Toronto Blue Jays, and they have announced new GM Tyler Spencer from Newfoundland, Canada will be taking over. In his 1st job as GM of a major league team he expects to make a few changes. He announced that manager John Farrell will be signing an extension to stay w/ Toronto despite all the Red Sox rumors. "We are happy to have John for a couple more years, he is the best man for the job and we have all our confidence in him" says GM Spencer.

Next order of business, GM Spencer announced that he would be open to moving anyone on the team except captain Jose Bautista and SP Ricky Romero. "We need these 2 center pieces to get the ball rolling for us" says Spencer. He also announced that he will be looking to acquire another starting SP and said he could use 2B Kelly Johnson to get one.

Rumor also has it that if Johnson was moved for a pitcher, the team may look to move AAA 1B David Cooper to get a 2B back."Cooper is a nice young 1B who deserves the opportunity to shine. He should be in a position to start and unfortunately we don't have that opportunity available" says Spencer.

Lastly, it has been mentioned that Brett Lawrie could be out of Toronto as well as the team thinks he has the most value to attract a nice package. Rumor has it that the Jays were in big talks with San Francisco with names like Pablo Sandoval being mentioned. Other possible names being mentioned in the trade market include: SP Brandon Morrow, 1B Adam Lind and C JP Arencieba. GM Spencer said he liked the teams power and may look for a better defensive catcher who can hit for better contact. Rumor has it that the Brewers duo of Catchers in Lucroy, and Maldonado may be possible targets for Spencer if the right package came along. He also said he could package Brandon Morrow with a prospect from AA or AAA to new an upgrade in SP and maybe a minor league player. 1B Adam Lind may be used along with a prospect to net a better 1B or DH who can bat consistently at the 5th spot behind Encarnacion. Rumor has it that his name was mentioned in talks with the Brewers in the catcher trade.

Players Mentioned In Trade Talks:
Brett Lawrie
JP Arencieba
Brandon Morrow
Adam Lind
Jason Frasor
Jeff Mathis
David Cooper

Players Toronto Has Interest In:
Josh Johnson (MIA)
Matt Garza (CHI)
James McDonald (PIT)
Jonathan Lucroy, Martin Maldonado (MIL)
Justin Morneau (MIN)
Chase Utley (PHI)
Ben Zobrist (TB)

-- Only Time well tell just what this new GM has up his sleeve but it seems that a few changes are looming for the Toronto Blue Jays to try and get them back to the World Series. STAY TUNED!
Dynasty: BlueJays09
05:10 PM - September 8, 2012. Written by Gcooksey33
Matchup Preview *|* September 8, 2012
Buffalo Bills
(2-0, 1-0 Away)
Cleveland Browns
(1-1, 0-1 Home)
Offensive Stats Comparison
1027Total Yards791
728Total Offensive Yards500
524Passing Yards287
204Rushing Yards213
32.0Points Per Game15.0
5Passing TD3
2Rushing TD0
27First Downs24
Defensive Stats Comparison
482Total Yards Allowed435
300Passing Yards Allowed283
182Rushing Yards Allowed152
31Points Allowed23
0Fumble Recoveries2
Injury Report
Buster Skrine (broken callor bone)
4 weeks

Game Notes
Two of the leagues top five defensive units will see each other this week

It seems Brandon Weeden and Greg Little have developed a little bit of chemistry as the have hooked up for over 100 yds of offense so far, including three touchdowns. Lets see if they can keep it up this week.

The last time the Bills came to town it was conditions were quite odd as the two teams battled in a blizzard. Phil Dawson had one of the most memeorible moments in Browns history on the December day as he hit drove a 50 yard field go through the driving winds and snow back in December of 2007. That weather is not likely this time around but let's see if someone on the Browns can step and create another memorable moment this week.

Dynasty: Gcooksey33
01:06 PM - September 8, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
After earning a #1 Preseason Ranking, the Spartans were gutsy enough to schedule #2 Alabama in Week 1. (At least it was a home game.)

On paper, the Spartans had a slight edge, and on the field, the Spartans came away with a W.

Alabama Crimson Tide at Michigan State Spartans
#2 Alabama Crimson Tide (0-1)7070-14
#1 Michigan State Spartans (1-0)01066-22
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense225350
Rushing Yards23217
Passing Yards202133
First Downs1020
Punt Return Yards610
Kick Return Yards2773
Total Yards258433
3rd Down Converstion4/83/7
4th Down Conversion0/02/2
2-Point Conversion0/00/2
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals2-02-0
Posession Time9:5114:13
Scoring Summary
0:48(ALA) E. Lacy, 4 YD Run (T. Matthews Kick)70
1:53(MSU) B. Fowler, 1 YD Pass from A. Maxwell (M. Sadler Kick)77
0:00(MSU) M. Sadler, 37 YD FG710
2:50(ALA) H. Jones, 5 YD Pass from AJ McCarron (T. Matthews Kick)1410
1:21(MSU) N. Hill, 28 YD Run (2 PT Conv. Failed)1416
0:08(MSU) L. Bell, 3 YD Run (2 PT Conv. Failed)1422
Dynasty: jhendricks316
07:04 AM - September 8, 2012. Written by saiint
Matchup Preview *|* September 9, 2012
Pittsburgh Steelers
(0-0, 0-0 Away)
Denver Broncos
(0-0, 0-0 Home)
Offensive Stats Comparison
0Total Yards0
0Total Offensive Yards0
0Passing Yards0
0Rushing Yards0
0Points Per Game0
0Passing TD0
0Rushing TD0
0First Downs0
0Red Zone Attempts0
0Red Zone TD-FG0
0Red Zone Percentage0
Defensive Stats Comparison
0Total Yards Allowed0
0Passing Yards Allowed0
0Rushing Yards Allowed0
0Points Allowed0
0Fumble Recoveries0
0Points Per Game0
0Red Zone Attempts0
0Red Zone TD-FG0
0Red Zone Percentage0
Injury Report
Marcus Gilbert
Partial ACL Tear (4 Weeks)
Von Miller
Pectoral Tear (23 Weeks)
Game Notes
Peyton Manning will open up his career with the Broncos tonight in Denver. The prime time game will be a huge matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers. With the playoff rematch of last year, it hopes to excite fans everywhere. With Denver losing Von Miller to a key injury that will keep him out for the year, Denver is worried that their pass rush won't be strong enough to counter Big Ben and his passing attack.

"Losing Von is tough, but we have guys that can step in and replace him."

John fox talked a lot about Nate Irving this week, the sophomore out of N.C. State.

"This will be a great chance for him to get playing experience and hope to develop him into a stud outside linebacker."

This game will definitely captivate the world tonight. With Peyton Manning under center, and two teams battling for the top of the AFC. It will surely be one to remember.
Dynasty: saiint
04:13 AM - September 8, 2012. Written by Str8Edge4Life
Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants
Sep 8, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Dallas Cowboys (CPU)037010
New York Giants (Me)3671127
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense340329
Rushing Yards16184
Passing Yards179245
First Downs1415
Punt Return Yards025
Kick Return Yards10681
Total Yards446435
3rd Down Converstion2-165-15
4th Down Conversion1-31-2
2-Point Conversion0-01-1
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals3-1-15-1-1
Posession Time25:5534:05
Scoring Summary
4:48(NYG) Lawrence Tynes 50 Yard FG03
12:02(NYG) Lawrence Tynes 49 Yard FG06
10:18(DAL) Dan Bailey 23 Yard FG36
:00(NYG) Lawrence Tynes 57 Yard FG39
13:23(NYG) Eli Manning 72 Yard TD Pass to Domenik Hixon316
6:30(DAL) Felix Jones 9 Yard TD Run1016
6:37(NYG) Lawrence Tynes 33 Yard FG1019
1:20(NYG) Ahmad Bradshaw 14 Yard TD Run (2pt. Good)1027
Dallas Cowboys
Tony Romo18/3819903
DeMarco Murray251475.80
Felix Jones5142.81
Jason Witten46215.50
Kevin Ogletree44310.70
Dez Bryant46616.50
Miles Austin3144.60
Dwayne Harris144.00
Lawrence VIckers177.00
Felix Jones133.00
Phil Costa01
Doug Free02
DeMarcus Ware8000
Anthony Spencer7100
Brandon Carr7000
Barry Church6000
Sean Lee5010
Mike Jenkins4000
Jason Hatcher4000
Gerald Sensabaugh3000
Dan Connor3000
Mana Silva2100
Morris Claiborne2000
Danny McCray2010
Kenyon Coleman2000
Dwayne Harris2000
Bruce Carter1000
Dan Bailey1/11/1423
Chris Jones625442.30
Felix Jones36722.30
Dwayne Harris23919.50
New York Giants
Eli Manning19/2926612
Ahmad Bradshaw31852.71
Eli Manning320.60
David Wilson2-1-0.50
Henry Hynoksi111.00
Hakeem Nicks1-3-3.00
Domenik Hixon614824.61
Hakeem Nicks33712.30
Ahmad Bradshaw300.00
Bear Pascoe23517.50
Victor Cruz22110.50
David Wilson2136.50
Jerrel Jernigan11212.00
Kevin Boothe20
Henry Hynoksi20
David Diehl11
Bear Pascoe10
Chris Snee01
Corey Webster8000
Kenny Phillips7000
Chase Blackburn6000
Michael Boley5010
Antrel Rolle4000
Mathias Kiwanuka4010
Jacquian Williams3000
Jerrel Jernigan3000
Adrian Tracy3100
Justin Tuck3100
Rocky Bernard2000
Osi Umenyiora1100
Will Hill1000
Linval Joseph1000
Michael Coe1010
Lawrence Tynes4/41/11357
Steve Weatherford523246.43
Jerrel Jernigan25829.00
Da'Rel Scott12323.00
Jerrel Jernigan263.00
Jayron Hosley12323.00
Kenny Phillips1-4-4.00
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Friday, September 7, 2012
It took 13 innings, but Cleveland eventually evened up the series against KC with a 6-3 win. Carlos Baerga had quite the night, going 4-6 while hitting for the cycle and driving in 3. To make it even more impressive, Baerga's homerun was of the inside the park variety as he banged one off the LF wall and raced around the bases as Royal LF Vince Coleman ran into the wall in an attempt to make the play. Baerga completed hit cycle with a triple in the right-centerfield gap that drove in his team's final run. Jim Thome hit a 2R blast earlier in the inning to put Cleveland ahead for good. Jose Mesa came on to close it up in the bottom of the 13th for his 3rd save.

Indians at Royals |
Apr 14, 1994123456789ExtrasRHE
Cleveland (5-3)1001010003691
Kansas City (4-4)00110010003132
W: Albie Lopez (W, 1-1) L: Rusty Meacham (L, 0-1) S: Jose Mesa (S, 3)
Scoring Summary
CLE1Carlos Baerga double to CF, Kenny Lofton scores10
KAN3Wally Joyner single to LF, Jose Lind scores11
CLE4Albert Belle solo homer to LF21
KAN4Gary Gaetti single to LF, Felix Jose scores22
CLE6Carlos Baerga inside the park HR to LF32
KAN7Wally Joyner single to CF, Vince Coleman scores33
CLE13Jim Thome 2R homer to CF, Manny Ramirez scores53
CLE13Carlos Baerga triple to RCF, Sandy Alomar Jr scores63
Cleveland Indians
Kenny Lofton, CF6120000.312
Omar Vizquel, SS6010010.142
Carlos Baerga, 2B6143021.382
Albert Belle, LF5111101.200
Eddie Murray, DH6000010.133
Paul Sorrento, 1B5000000.343
Manny Ramirez, RF5100020.172
Jim Thome, 3B5112001.333
Sandy Alomar Jr, C5100010.260
2B: Baerga (2)
3B: Baerga (1)
HR: Belle (1), Baerga (3), Thome (3)
RBI: Belle (1), Baerga 3 (8), Thome 2 (6)
SB: Lofton 2 (6)
E: Baerga (1)
Kansas City Royals
Brian McRae, CF6010110.222
Wally Joyner, DH7022020.162
Mike Macfarlane, C7010060.320
Bob Hamelin, 1B6000010.235
Felix Jose, RF5130000.285
Keith Miller, PR-RF1000000.000
Gary Gaetti, 3B3021110.275
Terry Shumpert, PR-3B0000000.000
Brent Mayne0000100.375
David Howard, 3B0000100.000
Greg Gagne, SS4020200.344
Jose Lind, 2B5110120.230
TEAM TOTALS5031338150
2B: Jose (1)
3B: Jose 2 (2)
RBI: Gaetti (5), Joyner 2 (6)
GIDP: Lind
SB: Shumpert (2), Lind (2)
E: Gagne (2), Howard (1)
Cleveland Indians
Jack Morris1.10000302.16
Derek Lilliquist0.22113002.34
Steve Farr3.04111051.50
Paul Shuey2.13112206.23
Eric Plunk4.12002400.00
Albie Lopez (W, 1-1)0.12001006.75
Jose Mesa (S, 3)1.00000100.00
TEAM TOTALS13.013338150
Kansas City Royals
Kevin Appier6.04330327.20
Stan Belinda2.00000004.26
Rusty Meacham (L, 0-1)4.04210311.00
Hipolito Pichardo1.011011018.00
TEAM TOTALS13.0964173
Dynasty: Joey
09:31 PM - September 7, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
Oklahoma Sooners at Michigan State Spartans
#2 Oklahoma Sooners (11-1 (9-0))0370-10
#1 Michigan State Spartans (14-0 (9-0))72130-31
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense193297
Rushing Yards6076
Passing Yards133221
First Downs1016
Punt Return Yards011
Kick Return Yards051
Total Yards193359
3rd Down Converstion3/76/9
4th Down Conversion0/10/0
2-Point Conversion0/00/0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals0-12-0
Posession Time6:4413:16
Dynasty: jhendricks316
08:45 PM - September 7, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
With a surprising blowout win over Wisconsin, the Spartans are headed to the National Championship to face (2) Oklahoma.

Wisconsin Badgers at Michigan State Spartans
#3 Wisconsin Badgers (11-2 (7-2))0007-7
#1 Michigan State Spartans (13-0 (9-0))710710-34
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense180345
Rushing Yards77136
Passing Yards103209
First Downs619
Punt Return Yards023
Kick Return Yards2335
Total Yards203403
3rd Down Converstion1/64/9
4th Down Conversion1/14/4
2-Point Conversion0/00/0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1-04-0
Posession Time6:0713:53
Scoring Summary
0:05(MSU) L. Caper, 5 YD Run (D. Conroy Kick)07
1:51(MSU) L. Bell 14 YD Pass from A. Maxwell (D. Conroy Kick)014
0:03(MSU) D. Conroy, 43 YD FG017
1:17(MSU) L. Caper, 2 YD Run (D. Conroy Kick)024
3:13(MSU) N. Hill, 1 YD Run (D. Conroy Kick)031
1:17(WIS) M. Ball, 7 YD Run (K. French Kick)731
0:00(MSU) D. Conroy, 38 YD FG734
Dynasty: jhendricks316
07:58 PM - September 7, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
NCAA Football Rankings - Coaches Poll - Updated: Dec 8, 2012
11Michigan State (61)1201525
55Boise State1111067
77West Virginia102981
88Ohio State92941
910Kansas State102903
1212Notre Dame93782
1616Florida State93631
2121Virginia Tech83447
2222Georgia Tech93412
Dynasty: jhendricks316
07:51 PM - September 7, 2012. Written by jhendricks316
The task was simple: beat Minnesota and maintain #1. I must say that there was no trouble for the Spartans, whatsoever.

Minnesota Golden Gophers at Michigan State Spartans
Minnesota Golden Gophers (4-8 (1-7))0300-3
#1 Michigan State Spartans (12-0 (8-0))701014-31
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense143307
Rushing Yards97175
Passing Yards46132
First Downs816
Punt Return Yards1396
Kick Return Yards049
Total Yards156452
3rd Down Converstion0/61/3
4th Down Conversion0/00/0
2-Point Conversion0/00/0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals0-12-1
Posession Time8:0414:38
Scoring Summary
2:37(MSU) J. Caesar, 10 YD Pass from A. Maxwell (D. Conroy Kick)07
0:43(MINN) J. Wettstein, 30 YD FG37
1:15(MSU) D. Conroy, 20 YD FG310
0:00(MSU) N. Hill, 84 YD Punt Return (D. Conroy Kick)317
1:54(MSU) L. Bell, 42 YD Run (D. Conroy Kick)324
0:06(MSU) L. Caper, 8 YD Run (D. Conroy Kick)331
Dynasty: jhendricks316
07:37 PM - September 7, 2012. Written by Gcooksey33
Cincinnati OH- No one really knew what to expect before this one. Trying to predict the outcome of the Browns and Bengals game at Paul Brown Stadium would have been like trying to pass the un passable test. There were a few things we knew (1) We knew both teams came into the game trying to get their first win of the season after being humiliated in week 1. (2) We know the Browns were bringing in what was one of the worse ranked offenses after week 1 (30th out of 32) against one of the worse defense’s in the NFL as the Bengals were similarly ranked 30th out of 32 on defense. (3) We knew that the Bengals had a very mediocre defense that ranked 21st out 32 teams up against the number 2 defense in the NFL. Yea pretty crazy scenario for it only being week 2.
We ended up seeing the number 2 defense of the Browns dominate the Bengals mediocre offense and the 30th ranked offense of the Browns extend drives, convert on third down, and a very happy rookie head coach who was able to walk away with his first win.
Things started off fast for the Browns right out of the gate. After losing the coin to the Bengals elected to receive. The Browns defense immediately made thier mark as they made Bengals QB Andy Dalton to operate under pressure (as they had done all day) from d- linemen Phil Taylor and Atomba Ruben. The duo made Dalton come out firing on all of the first three downs and forced a very quick three and out on the Bengals opening drive.
The Browns went to work with a long drive into the Bengals red zone. They tried three running plays trying to get into the end zone but the drive stalled. As a result Phil Dawson came on to nail a 22 yd field goal with 3:10 to play in the first quarter and the Browns had their first lead of 2012 a 3-0 led of the Bengals.
The Browns defense continued to work quickly and efficiently despite some struggles from the offense. The next score would come with 3:20 to play in the half when former Ohio State Buckeye Mike Nugent Knotted the game up at 3-3 with a 22yd field goal of his own. This came after the Browns stalled a Bengals attempt to get into the end zone when Andy Dalton threw a tight spiral behind AJ Green on third and goal from the Browns 5.
Brandon Weeden then executed a drive the that resulted in him hooking up with Greg Little for the second week in a row for a 13 yd touchdown pass which Little caught at the five then sprinted into the end zone. After Phil Dawson’s extra point the Browns had a 10-3 going into the locker room at halftime.
Much like last week the Browns had a nervous moment in the late the third-early fourth quarter. With 1:15 to go in the third quarter Phil Dawson missed a 48 yd field goal that would have given the Browns a 13-3 advantage. Instead the kick sailed wide left and the Bengals began a drive that would take up the rest of the third quarter and a good part of the fourth.
Andy Dalton drove the Bengals down to inside the Browns 10 yard line were on a second down it appeared a whole had opened in the middle of the Browns defense for Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis. Unfortunately for him as soon as he tried to attack the spot he was blown up by TJ Ward who jarred the ball loose and it was recovered by D’Qwell Jackson at the Browns 13. That led to a Browns drive that took three minutes ending in a 44 yd Phil Dawson field goal with 1:30 to play in the game
Down by 10 with 1:30 to go and no time outs Andy Dalton started what seemed to be a magical drive as he hit AJ Green on successive plays for 47 and 20 yards. Then with 1:12 to play and 1st down and 10 from the Browns 37 He looked to the end zone and found tight end Jermaine Gresham, or so he thought. Dalton put the ball the end zone, but his pass was intercepted by TJ Ward. It was his first interception of the season. The Browns ran two more plays from scrimmage picking up first downs on both plays. Then with :12 seconds remaining Brandon Weeden took a knee the Browns were 13-3 victors over the Bengals.
Quick Hits
Of course the first question on every reporter’s mind after the game was over was Browns head coach Greg Cooksey’s thoughts on his first NFL victory. “It’s great to finally get that first win under your belt, but to be honest it’s a team game and I’m just as happy for my team as I am myself. Last week’s loss was such a disappoint for everyone from the fans down on to us as a coaching staff, and the players, so to rebound like this and get a win is great for us”.
While the Browns did not record any sacks they were in Andy Dalton’s face and causing pressure for most of the game. Cooksey said that he really appreciated the effort that the defensive line gave. He gave big kudos to tackles Phil Taylor and Atomba Ruben who were consistently in the back field and most responsible for forcing Dalton to make bad plays.
Cooksey was thrilled with the offensive production and was most impressed with third down conversions. In the week one loss to Philadelphia the Browns were only 2-8 on third down, this week they were 6-10 “I expected improvement, what I did not expect was for us to double that this week. Our offense worked very hard and it’s something to build on and come back and do again next week” he said. “I am so stingy on that because often times how well you can produce on third down is the difference between wins and losses. Good teams convert third down situations bad team do not”.
The Browns finally got Trent Richardson going this week. Last week Richardson was frustrated about only being able to generate 62 rushing yards vs. the Eagles stout defense. This week He posted 24 carries for 137 yards. “That felt awesome, last week I was upset seeing Shady McCoy put up 115 yards and not being able to match it, today it just seemed so much easier” said Richardson of his performance. Cooksey chimed in with his assessment also “What a difference a week makes eh? We saw Cincinnati’s defense almost gave up 200 yards rushing last week, we had a great feeling and Trent who had a great approach to this game all week made us proud. I’m thrilled for him.”
So the Browns finish the second week of play with an improved 1-1 record. Next week they’ll get another shot at a home victory vs. the Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns Stadium with a kick off time scheduled for 1p.m.

Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns (1-1)370313
Cincinnati Bengals (0-2)03003
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense250204
Rushing Yards15137
Passing Yards115167
First Downs138
Punt Return Yards280
Kick Return Yards5451
Total Yards332255
3rd Down Converstion63
4th Down Conversion00
2-Point Conversion00
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1/01/0
Posession Time23:218:39
Cleveland Browns
Cincinnati Bengals
Dynasty: Gcooksey33
06:25 AM - September 7, 2012. Written by Str8Edge4Life
Jacksonville Jaguars at Minnesota Vikings
Sep 7, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Jacksonville Jaguars (CPU)33006
Minnesota Vikings (Me)3361224
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense199401
Rushing Yards112222
Passing Yards87179
First Downs1020
Punt Return Yards038
Kick Return Yards15888
Total Yards357527
3rd Down Converstion2-127-15
4th Down Conversion1-20-0
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1-0-15-1-4
Posession Time21:2638:34
Scoring Summary
8:47(JAC) Josh Scobee 29 Yard FG30
1:57(MIN) Blair Walsh 32 Yard FG33
9:14(JAC) Josh Scobee 43 Yard FG63
:00(MIN) Blair Walsh 20 Yard FG66
12:08(MIN) Blair Walsh 42 Yard FG69
:26(MIN) Blair Walsh 26 Yard FG612
11:56(MIN) Jax: Team Safety614
9:01(MIN) Adrian Peterson 2 Yard TD Run621
1:56(MIN) Blair Walsh 21 Yard FG624
Jacksonville Jaguars
Blaine Gabbert13/2112100
Rashad Jennings17985.70
Montell Owens4-2-0.50
Maurice Jones-Drew3155.00
Greg Jones111.00
Justin Blackmon45914.70
Rashad Jennings3186.00
Montell Owens210.50
Mike Thomas2147.00
Laurent Robinson12222.00
Marcedes Lewis177.00
Brad Meester21
Uche Nwaneri01
Cameron Bradfield01
Greg Jones01
Rashean Mathis8000
Paul Posluszny7000
Daryl Smith6000
Derek Cox5000
William Middleton5000
Aaron Ross5000
Dawan Landry4000
Tyson Alualu3000
Dwight Lowery3000
Russell Allen3000
Jeremy Mincey2100
Kyle Bosworth2000
Kevin Rutland2000
Andre Branch2000
Antwon Blake1000
Josh Scobee2/20/0643
Bryan Anger624540.82
Rashad Jennings410325.70
Jalen Parmele25527.50
Mike Thomas100.00
Minnesota Vikings
Christian Ponder12/2218100
Toby Gerhart321605.00
Adrian Peterson9404.41
Christian Ponder4235.70
Devin Aromashodu11010.00
Stephen Burton1-4-4.00
Michael Jenkins1-7-7.00
Stephen Burton25628.00
Michael Jenkins22412.00
Kyle Rudolph22914.50
Adrian Peterson242.00
Percy Harvin23919.50
John Carlson188.00
Toby Gerhart12121.00
Phil Loadholt01
Mistral Raymond6000
Erin Henderson6100
Harrison Smith5000
Jasper Brinkley5000
Chad Greenway3000
Antoine Winfield3000
Kevin Williams3200
Jared Allen3000
Robert Blanton3000
Jarius Wright2000
Josh Robinson2000
Brian Robison2200
Christian Ballard2000
Chris Cook2000
A.J. Jefferson1000
Blair Walsh5/51/11642
Chris Kluwe415639.03
Marcus Sherels25025.00
Percy Harvin12323.00
A.J. Jefferson 11515.00
Marcus Sherels4389.50
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
Thursday, September 6, 2012
05:41 PM - September 6, 2012. Written by Str8Edge4Life
Jacksonville Jaguars at Minnesota Vikings
Sep 6, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Jacksonville Jaguars (CPU)0210021
Minnesota Vikings (Me)14301431
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense325427
Rushing Yards119282
Passing Yards206145
First Downs1322
Punt Return Yards167
Kick Return Yards13497
Total Yards475531
3rd Down Converstion4-1310-15
4th Down Conversion2-30-0
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals2-1-05-4-0
Posession Time21:0438:56
Scoring Summary
9:34(MIN) Adrian Peterson 18 Yard TD Run07
4:31(MIN) Adrian Peterson 18 Yard TD Run014
10:06(JAC) Blaine Gabbert 74 Yard TD Pass to Justin Blackmon714
6:04(MIN) Blair Walsh 45 Yard FG717
1:56(JAC) Blaine Gabbert 1 Yard TD Pass to Greg Jones1417
:31(JAC) Blaine Gabbert 45 Yard TD Pass to Justin Blackmon2117
14:56(MIN) Christian Ponder 12 Yard TD Pass to Stephen Burton2124
6:13(MIN) Stephen Burton 11 Yard TD Run2131
Jacksonville Jaguars
Blaine Gabbert15/2821831
Rashad Jennings 13413.10
Montell Owens8678.30
Maurice Jones-Drew310.30
Blaine Gabbert2105.00
Laurent Robinson4338.20
Justin Blackmon312541.62
Rashad Jennings2136.50
Mike Thomas2136.50
Marcedes Lewis2168.00
Greg Jones111.01
Maurice Jones-Drew11717.00
Eugene Monroe01
Brad Meester01
Paul Posluszny10000
Rashean Mathis6000
Derek Cox5000
Daryl Smith4000
Julian Stanford3000
Chris Prosinksi3000
Dwight Lowery3000
Jeremy Mincey3000
Russell Allen3000
Dawan Landry3000
Tyson Alualu2000
Aaron Morgan2000
Andre Branch2000
William Middleton2000
Kyle Bosworth2000
Josh Scobee0/03/330
Bryan Anger418446.00
Jalen Parmele38729.00
Rashad Jennings24723.50
Mike Thomas11616.00
Minnesota Vikings
Christian Ponder14/2515411
Toby Gerhart301605.30
Adrian Peterson9647.12
Christian Ponder33010.00
Stephen Burton33010.01
Percy Harvin1-2-2.00
Kyle Rudolph34816.00
Toby Gerhart294.50
John Carlson2178.50
Stephen Burton22814.01
Adrian Peterson22412.00
Michael Jenkins11616.00
Jerome Felton155.00
Percy Harvin177.00
Phil Loadholt10
Mark Asper01
Harrison Smith6000
Jared Allen5100
Chad Greenway5000
Jasper Brinkley5000
Erin Henderson4000
Chris Cook3000
Josh Robinson3000
Mistral Raymond2010
Brian Robison2000
Jamarca Sanford2000
Everson Griffen1100
Devin Aromashodu1000
John Carlson1000
Percy Harvin1000
Audie Cole1000
Blair Walsh1/14/4745
Chris Kluwe419147.70
Marcus Sherels37424.60
Percy Harvin12323.00
Marcus Sherels273.50
Dynasty: Str8Edge4Life
04:42 PM - September 6, 2012. Written by Gcooksey33
Matchup Preview *|* September 6, 2012
Cleveland Browns
(0-1, 0-0 Away)
Cincinnati Bengals
(0-1, 0-0 Home)
Offensive Stats Comparison
459Total Yards439
250Total Yards320
188Passing Yards153
62Rushing Yards167
17.0Points Per Game20.0
2Passing TD1
0Rushing TD1
11First Downs11
Defensive Stats Comparison
231Total Yards Allowed529
116Passing Yards Allowed375
115Rushing Yards Allowed154
20.0Points Allowed38.0
1Fumble Recoveries0
20.0Points Per Game38.0
Injury Report
Buster Skrine (Broken Collar bone)
5 weeks

Game Notes
The Browns bring the 30th ranked offense into this game to face the 31 defense ranked Bengals.
Both Teams will be looking to rebound from humiliating losses last week. Cleveland lost 20-17 to the Eagles while Cincinnati was walloped by Baltimore 38-20
Browns Head Coach Greg Cooksey said this week he was very frustrated with the offensive lines poor play and only going 2-8 on third down conversions last week. He said he expects improvement in both categories this week.
There is a silver lining for both teams in that Baltimore was the only team to win in the AFC North last week. At least the loses did not set any of these two teams back to far here in the early going.
Dynasty: Gcooksey33