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Friday, March 13, 2015
11:50 AM - March 13, 2015. Written by Roscosuper

Dynasty: Roscosuper
Thursday, March 12, 2015
02:18 PM - March 12, 2015. Written by Roscosuper

Dynasty: Roscosuper
Wednesday, March 11, 2015
06:38 PM - March 11, 2015. Written by Fridge Combat
Bolts Insider


Preseason is finally over, and Charger fans are probably quite concerned!
The Bolts finished off their preseason stint 0-4, a troubling record. They seemed flat on offense and unable to stop a nosebleed on defense, with a complete lack of hustle. It does bring up questions on Tom Telesco's decision, but we have to remember this is one of the most stripped teams in the NFL, and that's something Chargers fans will have to accept.

A fan at Qualcomm last Sunday.

Coach McCoy had this to say at the post-game conference;
"People have to understand, a lot of these guys have never played more than one season of professional football. Training camp can only get players partly ready, it's not the same....
...I understand that Mr. Telesco's decision was not a popular one with everyone, but he has the Charger's franchise at heart, and their future is more important than one season...
...I'm merely here to facilitate the plans going forward. I'm excited about the changes, we have some great players and a great staff, I hope I'm part of it going forward."

Coach McCoy hopes that he can push the inexperienced squad this year.

That said, we all know preseason is mostly meaningless, but it did help us realise a few Pros and Cons about this rebuilding Chargers team:-


* They have at least one good player at most positions; It's hard to believe that to be the case with this record, but most of the best players were on the bench by the 2nd Qtr. Players such as Keenan Allen, Corey Liuget, Melvin Ingram, DJ Fluker, Ryan Mathews, Ladarius Green and even Jason Verrett. At least one player for nearly every phase of the game. Which leads us to the next issue.

* We have seen some standouts; It's clear this team is pretty devoid of depth, despite this, we have seen some players shine through. Newly signed WR Jonathan Baldwin, MLB Andrew Gachkar, WR Tevin Reese, CB Antwon Blake, (to name a few), guys who would be looked over on any other team have had a chance to really stand-out and contribute on this one.
We'll cover them in more detail a bit later.

*They've never quit; Despite two thrashings in the preseason, we've yet to see this team just shut up shop and give up, at least on the offensive side. The fire and determination to win may not count for much, but it might be the difference between a win and a loss this year.


* They are inexperienced; This one seems obvious enough. Mr Telesco made it very clear on how young he wanted the team to be during this transition, which obviously creates some issues. Many of the players on this team have experience ranging from four years, to their rookie season. This lack of experience and leadership could account for the team 'choking' in certain situations. That said, just because they're inexperienced doesn't mean there aren't some great players on this team.

* They have poor players at important positions; QB, O-line and DB to be exact, without a quarterback or offensive line to protect him, or a secondary to stop the other team, it's hard to win football games. It's a quarterback driven league, as they say.

* They have no depth; Especially on defense! We've seen some offensive players come in and help out, but very few from the defensive side. Defense has a few good players but not a great unit, which is very important unfortunately. Let's hope, with more time to gel, this starting unit will pull their socks up and start stopping some teams!


Below is an outline of the final stats for this Chargers group. Below that, a list of players who we thought shined, and fizzled out.

Stats - 2014
K. Clemens26/443788.694.56430109.8
K. Kolb70/1207516.3187.8293567.7
B. Oliver441864.2180346.50
R. Mathews211065.0691126.50
D. Brown252.53001.70
B. Oliver - HB161378.602434.3122
J. Philips - TE1414110.103235.370
J. Baldwin - WR1418713.402946.870
S. Ajirotutu - WR1319715.216449.362
K. Allen - WR1112611.502831.548
R. Mathews - HB912513.912531.372
D. Inman - WR67813.022819.57
T. Reese56312.611731.529
L. Green - TE4389.50239.511
L. Brazil - WR2126.0183.01
D. Paulson - TE11616.00164.012
D. Brown - WR199.0093.00
C. Rinehart - LG20
R. Miller - RG10
T. Bond - LG11
D. Fluker - RT01
T. Robinson - C01
J. Baca - C01
B. Campbell - LT01
R. Fragel - RT01
M. Te'o - MLB2503000
A. Gachkar - MLB2206000
J. Young - FS1903100
J. Addae - SS1501000
T. Palepoi - DE1211000
S. Williams - CB1101010
J. Verrett - CB1000000
T. Williams - OLB1013000
C. Law - OLB902000
A. Jefferson - CB900100
D. Butler - MLB801100
C. Liuget - DE822000
A. Blake - CB700000
C. Davis - CB600000
R. Mathews - DE601000
D. Scafe - DE411000
S. Wright - CB400100
S. Lissemore - DT401000
D. Stuckey - FS400000
M. Ingram - OLB301000
J. Attaochu - OLB300000
K. Reyes - DE211000
R. Carratethers - DT100000
M. Elam - SS100000
T. Reese - WR933537.21031
A. Blake - CB824330.4891
C. Davis - CB923225.8360312.00
L. Brazil - WR511222.4310
Field GoalsExtra Points
N. Novak5683%4777100%22
M. Scifres166025437.6460034

But stats aren't the most important thing, believe it or not, below is a select list of players we thought performed well, and those who didn't.


* WR Jonathan Baldwin - Quite obviously the first player on this list. Baldwin has come in looking to re-ignite his career. As a long, big-bodied pass-catcher, he soon overtook project WR Dontrell Inman on the depth chart. His large frame and strong hands allowed him to become a safety blanket for the Bolt's QBs very early on.

* WR Tevin Reese - Another easy pick here. Reese was drafted in the 7th round then immediately cut. Realising a mistake was made, he's back on the Chargers team making noise. He had a huge game in his debut with both a receiving and returning TD. The Chargers won't look to rely on him too much in the passing game, but he is a dynamic returner with a lot of growing to do.

* MLB M. Te'o - Once the 1st Qtr was up, Te'o was leading the charge at linebacker. Together with Gachkar, they succeeded in racking up an impressive tackle total between them. They were able to make most tackles in the second level and rarely wiffed. Te'o, especially, was very instinctive and has a good nose for where the ball is anywhere on the field. If Donald Butler goes down, we'll be ok!

"Coming for you!" Te'o did an excellent job plugging up holes where and when he could.[/center]

* MLB A. Gachkar - If Te'o is Batman, Gachkar is Robin. The duo had some of the highest tackle numbers as a tandem in the NFL. Gachkar may not possess the instincts of Te'o, but he comes with a fiery do-or-die attitude, throwing himself into tackles and at blockers. His passion makes up for any lack of talent in his coverage.

* LG T.Bond - Probably a surprising pick, but but Bond came to the Chargers from free agency with not much upside. He made this list because he was noticed on the O-Line! Able to use his quickness to swing block and elevate to the second level, Bond was particularly effective in the run game. He's not the strongest cat, but he can shift what he needs to.

* CB J. Verrett - Verrett made this list for the exact opposite reason, we didn't see him! He blanketed in coverage and fazed QBs from looking his way. Sure he let up a few completions, but to expect a 5' 10 rookie DB to cover No.1 receivers is a tall order, and Jason has taken the challenge full-on.

* DE C.Liuget - Last entrant on this list, and it shouldn't be too surprising. Liuget is responsible for most, if not all, of the pressure the poor Chargers D-Line managed to muster up. Even when he came back in at OLB he was able to bring devastating pressure with his intimidating frame. He needs a partner opposite to take some of the burden off, but for now, he will be partly responsible for any sacks the Chargers get this year.


* DT S. lissemore - With a strong presence at DT, it should allow the rest of the line and linebackers to stop the run more effectively. Lissemore is not that presence. Being gashed by 2nd string running backs was a recurring theme in the preseason, not having a strong body in the middle was probably a large reason. Unable to disengage from blocks or fill a gap, Lissemore is really ineffective at this position.

* OLB C. Law - With no sacks, and very few tackles, it could be fair to say that all Law did was eat blocks. Stats aren't everything, but even on the field he was practically invisible. Luckily, he won't be called upon unless there is an injury. His partner opposite, Tourek Williams, didn't fair much better.

* DE K. Reyes - As a starting lineman, this is probably the worst to see. Unable to take up blocks, or put pressure on the QB, it's difficult to say what Reyes' job is out there. Perhaps he is undersized, needless to say, any sacks he made were 'effort' sacks.

Luckily the Chargers cut ties with most who were under-performing, so this list is relatively short. But here are just a couple of names of guys who are on fence.


* WR D. Inman - Dropped on the depth chart in place of Jonathan Baldwin, Inman took an apparent step back. In reality, it was a lot to ask of a rookie to jump into an immediate starting role, and Baldwin has some experience, so maybe not such a bad thing. He performed better in a secondary role and picked up as the preseason continued. This should allow him more time to develop as a player. Nevertheless, the Chargers are expecting big things from the 6'3" young man in the coming years.

Inman will have time to work and improve his skills in the coming months.

* WR S. Ajirotutu - Seemingly the most up and down receiver of the bunch, he has helped the Bolts get out of some serious holes, but then put them in some also. Seyri does have some experience and could still be valuable, but has yet to prove himself consistent enough for a long-term deal.

* QB Both of them! - We saw Clemens remain very poised and had a decent passing game, Kolb nearly pulled off some great comebacks. Clemens is pencilled in as the starter right now, but don't be surprised to see Kolb if Clemens starts to throw the game away!

Here is the Chargers final depth chart for the upcoming year, only surprise being SS Matt Elam in the starting role. Obviously the Chargers see something in this young man the Ravens did not.

San Diego Chargers Depth Chart - 2014
Regular Offense
WRK. AllenD. InmanS. Ajirotutu
TEL. GreenJ. PhillipsD. Paulson
LTB. CampbellW. Smith
LGC. RinehartT. Bond
CC. WattT. RobinsonJ. Baca
RGR. MillerJ. Troutman
RTD. FlukerR. Fragel
WRJ. BaldwinJ. BaldwinT. Reese
QBK. ClemensK. Kolb
FBD. Johnson
HBR. MathewsB. OliverD. Brown
Base 3-4 Defense
LDEK. ReyesR. Mathews
NTR. CarruthersS. Lissemore
RDEC. LiugetT. PalepoiD. Scafe
LOLBM. IngramT. Williams
LILBD. ButlerA. Gachkar
RILBM. Te'oK. Connor
ROLBJ. AttaochuC. Law
CBJ. VerrettS. WilliamsA. Blake
SSM. ElamJ. Addae
FSD. StuckeyJ. Young
CBS. WrightA. JeffersonC. Davis
Special Teams
KN. Novak
PM. Scifres
HK. Kolb
PRA. BlakeT. Reese
KRT. ReeseA. Blake
LSC. Watt

At the end of the week we will have a very special issue, outlining the season schedule, with analysis and predictions, and as always, the latest news around the league!

The Bolts Insider is an independent news-letter, created by a long-time, avid Charger fan, dedicated to bringing you all the top news and results as they happen!

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Dynasty: Fridge Combat
Monday, March 9, 2015
07:13 PM - March 9, 2015. Written by stiets1118
To date, the Alaska State football program is 37-13 overall in their 4 years of playing in the Mountain Conference. They secured 2 conference championships, and a 3rd seems inevitable. The 'Cats are 2-1 in bowl games. The downside...they are only 1-3 against top 25 opponents. 4 games versus ranked opponents in 4 years. Although they pushed now top ranked Florida State to the brink of defeat, a loss is a loss. What is the point of all this? Well, people surrounding the program are talking, talking about the level of play in the conference, and the level that Alaska State is looking to achieve. "We prepare every week, and we all go out there and play to the best of our ability, and we look to come out with a win every game, no matter who we play", stated Markell Cooley, starting QB.
One option that is being considered is a move to another conference. The other option...scheduling of ranked opponents coming into the season. But the downside being that a new, up and coming program like Alaska State doesn't offer a competitive game for some top tier programs. (Tell that to Florida State).
As it stands right now, nothing is being discussed, but the potential is there and we could see a major announcement coming sooner than later.
Dynasty: stiets1118
Sunday, March 8, 2015
10:46 AM - March 8, 2015. Written by bayers3

INDIANAPOLIS - The Colts are once again waiting it out during the first round of the playoffs with a well deserved BYE. The time off allowed the Colts to celebrate a little bit more once again as the awards and accolades rolled in.

Nobody was surprised, even though he was humble enough to say that he thought Aaron Rodgers would win, but Andrew Luck brought home his third straight MVP award. Luck finished the season with a new NFL record in passing yards, 6756, beating his own record set in 2015. He also threw 54TD passes, another record that bested his mark of 44 in 2015. It really couldn't have been anyone else, he has truly taken the reigns as the best player in the NFL.

Luck's assault on the record books will be going for years and years.

Not to be overlooked, but Chuck Pagano won his second Coach Of The Year award and puts himself in a position to get a hefty contract extension. While the offense got most of the headlines, the Colts defense held it's own as one of the best in the NFL. Pagano and DC Greg Manusky have done quite a job with a very talented unit.

Indianapolis also landed the Offensive Player Of The Year (Luck), Offensive Rookie Of The Year (HB Shayn Ramsey), Defensive Rookie Of The Year (CB Kian Sampson), and the Defensive Lineman Of The Year (Donavon Browning).

Wildcard Scores

#3 New England 29 - #6 Houston 23
#4 Baltimore 25 - #5 San Diego 22
#3 Seattle 31 - #6 Arizona 28
#4 Tampa Bay 19 - #5 San Francisco 26

Aside from the 49ers upset of Tampa Bay every game was close. The Ravens earn the honor of traveling to Lucas Oil Stadium and trying to stop the most prolific offense in the history of the NFL.
Dynasty: bayers3
07:51 AM - March 8, 2015. Written by Fridge Combat
Bolts Insider

10:00PM - Aug 28, 2014
San Diego Stadium
San Diego, CA

Remember, full video coverage is available here!


Top Performers:

QB Drew Stanton - 301yds, 5TDs, 81.3%

RB Stefan Taylor - 24CAR, 182YDs, 1TD

WR John Brown - 7REC, 117YDs, 2TDs

With the Bolts at 0-3, this warm night in San Diego was the last opportunity to grab a win before the season starts. Though not an important record in the grand scheme of things, having a win before the season gives a team great momentum heading into the regular season.
Mike McCoy told Bolts Insider that he was confident, win or lose, that his team would be fired up for the season ahead. With a young and hungry team like this, it's hardly surprising!

The Chargers received the ball, and wasted no time getting into a rhythm, managing to convert 2/3 on 3rd down. However, a critical drop by FB David Johnson, and an under-thrown pass to a wide-open Dontrell Freeman, finally forced the turnover.

With 1st & 10 on their own 37, QB Carson Palmer stood in the pocket for a good 5 seconds, (shrugging off a sack attempt by OLB Jerry Attaochu), finding WR Michael Floyd on a comeback for 26yds. Despite excellent coverage, the pressure was not enough to faze the veteran passer. The drive was eventually capped off by an 11yd receiving TD to recently acquired FB Mike Cox.

But after a poor kick by (?) to the 10yd line, CB Antwon Blake fields the kick. Darting up the left 9sideline, and breaking off a tackle, the young man is able to outrun the special teams coverage all the way to the house! That's the second kick return for a TD in as many games for the Chargers!
It all went downhill from there!

With the ball on the 20, Palmer drops back and slings a dart to Floyd between the zones for an excellent 40yd gain. As if that weren't enough, a simple stretch left play is handed to RB Jonathan Dwyer. Though seemingly bottled up, once again poor tackling allows the young man out of Georgia Tech to reverse field. With excellent blocking by the O-line, Dwyer hits a huge gap on the right hand side for a 40yd TD.

The Chargers flock to the right side, allowing Dwyer to cut back behind great blocking.

The Chargers' drive stalls, and leads to another 3 and out. A long pass to WR John Brown, then a 13yd pass to Larry Fitzgerald was enough to put the Cards back on the scoreboard.
Cardinals up 21-7.

Another Bolts drive, another 3 and out, and another score for the Cardinals, as QB Drew Stanton finds Dwyer for a 27yd TD. The Chargers turn the ball over again and, despite a hard defensive effort, Stanton finds J. Brown in the middle of the field for a 7yd TD.

With the game already out of hand, another Chargers punt led to more Arizona points, with a 3yd HB toss to Stefan Taylor.

However, with 57 seconds left in the half, Kolb did manage to drive the Bolts down the field, capping off the drive with a 6yd pass to WR Dontrell Inman. This would be the Chargers first points on offense.
The Cardinals had put up over 400yds of offense in the first half. Fans were seen leading the stadium in droves.
42-14 Cardinals at the half.

Cardinals received the ball, and drove down against this putrid Chargers backup defense. A beautiful catch in the corner of the endzone by J. Brown finished up the drive.

After a sack that left Kolb concussed, Clemens would come back in for the rest of the game, unable to convert on 3rd & 17. The Chargers managed to keep the Cardinals out of the endzone for the rest of the quarter, but that only lasted until the 2nd play of the 4th. Stanton to Dwyer, 2yd TD.
56-14 Cardinals.

The Chargers went for it on 4th & 3 from their own 29, but another sack soon put a stop to that. 2 plays later Stanton found TE John Carlson for the 19yd TD.

RB Brandon Oliver did manage to find the endzone on a 15yd power run right. But with the game in hand, the Cardinals were content to just keep handing the ball off. In a re-occuring theme this preseason, the Chargers defense was shredded by back up running backs. Hopefully this is due to the 2nd string defense and won't happen in the regular season! The Chargers did hold them to a FG. With 66 points already, could they stop the Cardinals reaching 70?

Clemens finally found a chance, and delivered a beautiful ball to a streaking Seyi Ajirotutu for the 64yd TD. A small victory in a game of failures.

This over the shoulder catch was the longest play of the day for the Bolts.

The rest of the game involved the Chargers trying to stop Stefan Taylor with little effect, but the Cardinals scored no more points. Not that they needed any!

Final Score: ARI-66 SD-28

So, what can we take away from this game? Nothing really.
As all of preseason, we have confirmed the Chargers have no depth on defense, (and the starting one is sketchy at best!). Our ability to stop the run is poor, and we lack pass rush.
On offense, it's young and talented at the skill positions, but lacks talent on the O-Line. QB is far too inconsistent to be a viable option. What's worse, pressure isn't taken off the QB as the run game struggles, Mathews has shown glimpses as has Oliver, but we haven't seen a reliable run game as of yet.

It was always a given that the Chargers may only win a few games this year, but with so many picks to play with, this team will be packed full of talented player come seasons end. Let's just hope the fans can wait that long!

Offensive Game Ball: QB - Kellen Clemens; Despite having little success in the first quarter, coming back into the game Clemens did show a bit of a spark for the Chargers offense. Whilst their successes were few and far between, a lot of them came at the hands of Clemens.

Defensive Game Ball: N/A

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Dynasty: Fridge Combat
Saturday, March 7, 2015
02:26 PM - March 7, 2015. Written by Fridge Combat
Bolts Insider

Finally, the last week of Pre-season is upon us, and with it comes the majority of releases before the season begins. The Chargers sit at 0-3 and will look to win their last game. We will see if they make any final moves in this week.


DEN - D. Bishop MLB - 2.25M - The Broncos have addressed, likely, the only position of weakness on defense. Bishop will add a veteran presence to an otherwise young line-backing corps. This will be a tough challenge for the Chargers.

CIN - G. Jones FB - 950K - With a great RB duo, the Bengals decided to upgrade at FB. This should allow Gio Bernard and rookie Jeremy Hill an easier time on the ground.

SD - M. Elam SS - 550K - The former 1st round pick out of Florida was surprisingly cut this week by Baltimore. After a year, in which he struggled with personal fouls, the Ravens saw this reason enough to let the young, talented safety go. The Chargers wasted no time in shoring up the safety position with this young development player.

Only one year removed from being the Ravens first pick, Elam now moves to San Diego!

Being the final day of cuts, we have seen a monumental amount of movement this week! With a plethora of big name players hitting the market, we will do our best to cover as many as we can!


CIN - Domato Peko DT - The Bengals are getting younger on defense. Peko can play in a 4-3 scheme or as a traditional nose tackle based on his size. He's not 30 yet, so there's still a lot left in the tank for the man with the hair.
Possible Landing Spots: CLE/ CHI/ TEN/ PHI/ IND

CLE - C. Shaw QB - After being undrafted, the most winning QB in South Carolina history is now on the street. Unable to beat out Brian Hoyer or Johnny Manziel, (behind Phillip Rivers), Shaw will need an experienced QB to learn behind for a few years before he is ready.
Possible Landing Spots: TB/ IND/ DAL/ NYJ/ BAL/ NO/ TEN

TB - D. Bowers DT - It would seem TB are cutting ties with a lot of it's best front-line players. After releasing Adrian Clayborn last week, now Bowers is on his way out. This seems like an awful move by an already struggling TB defense. Bowers has bulked up to play DT or DE, but some injury history will concern some teams.
Possible Landing Spots: TB/ CHI

ARI - J. Abraham OLB - An excellent veteran at the DE position, Abraham recorded 11.5 sacks last year. But with 14 years under his belt, he may have played his last season in the NFL before hanging them up. That said, if picked up, he would add an excellent asset to the D-Line.
Possible Landing Spots: N/A

IND - J. Cribbs WR - The electrifying kick returner may have lost a step with age, but it's undeniable he is still a dangerous returner. Unfortunately, not being a real receiving threat, he'll struggle to find work in a league full of fast guys.
Possible Landing Spots: NE/ OAK/ NO/ HOU

IND - T. Richardson HB - After being traded for a 1st Rd pick in 2013, Richardson failed to live up to his previous success in Cleveland. Now, without a 1st Rd pick, or a running back, Indy aren't in the best position. Richardson, however, may still find work in the NFL, if he can learn the team's playbook!
Possible Landing Spots: JAX

Richardson did not live up to Colts' expectations, and will now be looking for a new home.

PHI - T. Herremans OG - After 9 years with the team, Herremans is now looking for new work. Years of injuries and playing all over the offensive line, it's clear he has put his body on the line for his team. No one can question his heart, and with a putrid free agency at O-Line, Herremans will be a valued commodity.
Possible Landing Spots: ARI/ KC/ IND/ NYJ

ATL - D. Freeman HB - After being drafted in the 4th round, Freeman has already been released. The Falcons have struggled to find a replacement RB since Michael Turner. Freeman doesn't have a large enough sample size to prove he can play in the NFL yet, so someone may take a chance on him.
Possible Landing Spots: NO/ OAK/ NYJ/ ARI

ATL - C. Godfrey SS - So after moving from Carolina to Atlanta, converted corner Charles Godfrey is now looking for a new team. Whilst his production has dropped in the past few years, he's still in his prime and with great ball skills can contribute at the position.
Possible Landing Spots: IND/ ATL/ NYG/ WAS/ HOU

ATL - O. Umenyiora DE - Rather than keeping two experienced pass rushers on the roster, the Falcons have let both Abraham and Umeniyora walk. It'll be interesting to see how their rush is affected. Anyway, Umeniyora is quite old now, and it'll be hard to convince a team to pick him up now, despite his physical talents.
Possible Landing Spots: N/A

SF - M. Lattimore HB - It seems the talented RB's career is over before it has even started. With a devastating knee injury in 2012, it seems the 49ers have not deemed Lattimore fit to play. With these concerns, it's difficult to see him ever find a team.
Possible Landing Spots: N/A

After failing to pass the 49er's physical, Lattimore may never play a snap of NFL football.

JAX - T. Alualu DE - Alualu's career in Jacksonville has come to a premature end. With 2 years left on his 5-year deal, Alualu adds athletic depth to this crop of defensive tackles. While his numbers aren't remarkable, he can certainly plug the lane in a 4-3 system.
Possible Landing Spots: CIN

NYJ - C. Pace OLB - A long productive career may be coming to an end in free agency. Pace, who anchored the Cardinals and Jets LB corps for many years, was as consistent as they come. Great at locating the ball and getting to the QB, his stats speak for themselves. But it's still hard to see him playing again this year. A great shame.
Possible Landing Spots: N/A

NE - D. Amendola WR - The injury-prone slot receiver out of Texas Tech didn't make the New England cut this year. He is very talented out of the slot with great catching ability, but needs to stay on the field reliably.
Possible Landing Spots: CHI/ CLE/ KC/ HOU

WAS - R. Clark FS - Clark's performance over the last few years has been under much contention. With Polamalu playing free, it was up to Clark to anchor the deep coverage. Did it work? A mixed bag, but that's a lot of responsibility for one man. Vastly under-rated, Clark will still have trouble finding a team at his age.
Possible Landing Spots: N/A

TEN - S. Greene HB - Despite holding a 3-year $10 million contract, the Titans have kicked Greene to the curb. Whilst able to carry the load in New York, Greene will likely play 2nd fiddle in any team he goes to, but does bring a certain power to a back field.
Possible Landing Spots: NO/ OAK/ NYJ/ ARI

TEN - M. Griffin FS - After drafting him in the 1st round in the 2007 draft, the Titans have let Griffin go. This seems a strange move, as he has been nothing but consistent in his 7 years as a pro.
Possible Landing Spots: CHI/ TB/ ATL/ NYJ/ WAS/ PIT

CHI- J. Ratliff DT - After 4 straight Pro-Bowls, Ratliff's production has deteriorated with injuries. But it can't be denied he is an exceptional DT but will struggle to find work at his age.
Possible Landing Spots: TB/ MIA/ JAX/ NYJ/ SEA/ TEN

SD - M. Gilchrist SS - With the addition of recently cut safety Matt Elam, Gilchrist did not last the final cut. Whilst a poor tackler, his excellent coverage skills will find him work at a team with a safety deficiency.
Possible Landing Spots: IND/ ATL/ NYG/ WAS/ HOU

The Bolts Insider is an independent news-letter, created by a long-time, avid Charger fan, dedicated to bringing you all the top news and results as they happen!

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Dynasty: Fridge Combat
12:47 PM - March 7, 2015. Written by Roscosuper

Dynasty: Roscosuper
10:21 AM - March 7, 2015. Written by HiNeighbor
The Phillies finished the 2022 season at 80-82, their highest win total since 2012, when they won 81 games. Their playoff drought continued, however, and now sits at 11 years since they last made the postseason.

This year saw the breakout of young superstar-to-be Jose Sanchez. The former 2nd overall pick in 2020 burst onto the scene, batting a .298/.362/.404 slash while stealing 61 bases.

The Phillies look primed to make a serious playoff push in 2023 and bring the franchise back to prominence.

Matt Tola, 2B - 2015, Round 2, 42nd Overall
Tristan Powell, RF - 2017, Round 2, 37th Overall
Gene Martin, 1B - 2018, Round 2, 35th Overall
Orlando Leon, C - 2014, International Free Agent
Habrao Xisto, SS - 2015, International Free Agent
Jose Sanchez, CF - 2020, Round 1, 2nd Overall

Colby Wyatt, SP - 2016, Round 2, 39th Overall
Cre Finfrock, SP - 2014, Round 1, 7th Overall
Naif Na'il Jamal al Din, SP - 2017, Round 1, 2nd Overall
Julien Renaux, SP - 2018, Round 1, 4th Overall
Toyoaki Watanabe, SP -2020, Round 2, 36th Overall
Alain Dumont, SP - 2019, Round 2, 38th Overall

2022 Philadelphia Phillies Stats - Hitting
Matt Tola592921973112510977104187.333.413.515
Tristan Powell527721343056505165141.254.317.364
Gene Martin5467816044216689710730.293.407.469
Orlando Leon506511223037525212361.241.323.354
Habrao Xisto51984127369116758685510.245.321.412
Jose Sanchez6289318733867355856120.298.362.404
2022 Philadelphia Phillies Stats - Pitching
Colby Wyatt333312800198.215571151002061.283.22
Cre Finfrock3333111200182.11749627921071.464.74
Julien Renaux323091100181.214484191211921.464.16
Naif Na'il Jamal al Din84058122786.090451523831.314.71
Toyoaki Watanabe4000009.016101622.4410.00
Alain Dumont310020240.23324432231.605.31
Dynasty: HiNeighbor
08:46 AM - March 7, 2015. Written by HiNeighbor
Of the starters this year, the following were draft choices by the young GM.

Tristan Powell
Jose Sanchez
Habrao Xisto
Matt Tola
Gene Martin
Orlando Leon

Colby Wyatt
Cre Finfrock
Naif Na'il Jamal al Din
Julien Renaux
Alain Dumont

We hope they each can improve on last year's performances.

The Phillies are still hoping to make the playoffs for the first time under the new GM. It has been 10 long years!

Philadelphia Phillies Depth Chart - 2022
  • Catcher
  • Orlando Leon
  • First Base
  • Gene Martin
  • Second Base
  • Matt Tola
  • Third Base
  • Alex Jimenez
  • Shortstop
  • Habrao Xisto
  • Left Field
  • Michael Suchy
  • Center Field
  • Tristan Powell
  • Right Field
  • Jose Sanchez
  • Starting Pitcher
  • Colby Wyatt
  • David Costas
  • Cre Finfrock
  • Naif Na'il Jamal al Din
  • Shane Watson
  • Relief Pitcher
  • Julien Renaux
  • Miguel Nunez
  • Jeb Stefan
  • Jesse Biddle
  • Seranthony Dominguez
  • Alain Dumont
  • Closer
  • Drew Young
Dynasty: HiNeighbor
08:06 AM - March 7, 2015. Written by HiNeighbor
It's exciting to finally see some of the top Phillies prospects drafted by Mike Fields finally starting to make an impact at the Major League level.

Let's take a look back and see when each of the below players were drafted:

Matt Tola, 2B - 2015, Round 2, 42nd Overall
Tristan Powell, RF - 2017, Round 2, 37th Overall
Gene Martin, 1B - 2018, Round 2, 35th Overall
Orlando Leon, C - 2014, International Free Agent

Colby Wyatt, SP - 2016, Round 2, 39th Overall
Cre Finfrock, SP - 2014, Round 1, 7th Overall
Naif Na'il Jamal al Din, SP - 2017, Round 1, 2nd Overall
Julien Renaux, SP - 2018, Round 1, 4th Overall

On a sad note, 2014 2nd round pick (37th overall) CF Jordan McClain Bradley was forced into early retirement following injury setbacks.

The talented 25-year-old finishes with a .255/.306/.393 slash, hit 38 home runs, and stole 83 bases in 600 games over six MLB seasons.

2021 Philadelphia Phillies Stats - Hitting
Matt Tola59270165402117368126212.279.364.409
Tristan Powell2702966172324224561.244.302.356
Gene Martin493671234759436112033.249.343.420
Orlando Leon474471243246443913543.262.329.384
2021 Philadelphia Phillies Stats - Pitching
Colby Wyatt3333111100203.01808212921921.343.64
Cre Finfrock323291100178.21537516971191.403.78
Naif Na'il Jamal al Din7906412386.1104561629621.545.84
Julien Renaux340230147.04524529651.574.60
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Friday, March 6, 2015
07:06 PM - March 6, 2015. Written by Roscosuper

Dynasty: Roscosuper
07:03 PM - March 6, 2015. Written by Roscosuper

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Thursday, March 5, 2015
10:33 PM - March 5, 2015. Written by bayers3

1:00PM ET - October 30th, 2016
Paul Brown Stadium - Cincinnati, OH

Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals
Oct 30, 20161ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Indianapolis Colts (15-1, 8-0 Away)14771442
Cincinnati Bengals (6-10, 3-5 Home)070714

Top Performers

Passing : A. Luck (IND) - 342YDS, 4TD
Rushing : J. Forsett (IND) - 19CAR, 116YDS, TD
Receiving : C. Shorts III (IND) - 5REC, 138YDS, TD

CINCINNATI - The final week of the regular season is finally here and the AFC playoffs race is coming down to the wire for just about every team involved. Thanks to the Colts opening week loss to the Broncos, they would be under pressure to win this week. Every single team, even ones that had already clinched a spot, could change seeds with a loss today. With four teams in the running for the wildcard slots, there would be an enormous amount of pressure to win today.

NFL Standings - Updated: Oct 30, 2016
Y-New England1230
NY Jets960
San Diego960

The Colts don't really do second gear, and even though they just had to win they blew out the hapless Bengals. The few Colts fans that braved the trip to Cincinnati could be seen waving 'Bungles' signs in the stands, and Indianapolis certainly made them look right.

The Bengals secondary just killed them today, allowing Andrew Luck to pass for 342 yards and 4TD on a simple 20/26. Their weakness was giving up massive amounts of yards to Cecil Shorts III and T.Y. Hilton, who combined for 13 receptions and a whopping 275 yards. Indianapolis opened the scoring with a 77 yard TD to Shorts that started as a 5 yard out, and the Bengals just couldn't tackle him.

The Colts poured it on in the first half with three TD passes, one to Shorts and two to Hilton, before Cincinnati could get on the board with a 9 yard strike to TE Tyler Eifert. The Bengals went into the locker room with their heads down, and they probably should have just stayed in there for the second half.

Marcus Lattimore made it 28-7 with a 1 yard TD run, and then the Bengals really lost their motivation. Gio Bernard went down with a high ankle sprain and left the game, clearly draining the Bengals of their spirit. Things only got worse in the 4th when the Colts made it 42-7, and then Andy Dalton left the game with a chest injury. Rookie QB Kain Jackson came in and hit Eifert for his second TD of the game, but it was too little too late.

Ramsey had a short day, but he had an incredible rookie season.

It wasn't all that surprising to see Dalton get injured, Indianapolis totalled nine sacks during the game. Dalton could barely snap the ball before Vontaze Burfict and D'Qwell Jackson were in his face, both players nabbed three sacks. To add insult it injury, Hilton was swamped on the sidelines in the closing minutes as teammates and coaching staff congratulated him on a stunning record breaking season. Hilton would walk out of the game with 2107 receiving yards, crushing Calvin Johnson's record of 1964.

The win clinches the #1 seed in the playoffs, and with so many of the wildcard teams playing night games the Colts will have to sit back and see who their potential opponents will be in two weeks.
Dynasty: bayers3
Tuesday, March 3, 2015
07:34 PM - March 3, 2015. Written by bayers3

1:00PM ET - October 23rd, 2016
LP Field - Nashville, TN

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans
Oct 23, 20161ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Indianapolis Colts (14-1, 7-0 Away)142102156
Tennessee Titans (2-13, 2-6 Home)7107024

Top Performers

Passing : R. Fitzpatrick (TEN) - 358YDS, 3TD
Rushing : S. Ramsey (IND) - 16CAR, 163YDS, 2TD
Receiving : J. Kearse (TEN) - 8REC, 120YDS, 2TD

NASHVILLE - With a playoff spot already in hand it all comes down to style points with only two games left. Thanks to Denver's 12-2 record coming into this week Indianapolis will have to keep it's foot on the pedal to grab that #1 seed. The Titans are probably happy to be on the wrong end of the Colts playoff run, the top pick in the draft would really help them rebuild.

There wasn't all that much in terms of entertainment today, unless you like seeing a superior team completely demolish a weak opponent. Andrew Luck barely had to throw the ball, going 20/25, to rack up 300 yards of passing. This game was all about the Colts punishing ground attack, and it certainly punished the Titans.

Ryan Fitzpatrick did his best, throwing for over 300 yards with 3TD, but the Titans couldn't run the ball themselves and spent most of the second half suffering through three-and-out possessions. Despite putting 24 points on the board, a worrisome sign for the Colts defense, the Titans were never really in this game.

A brick wall couldn't stop the Indianapolis ground game.

Shayn Ramsey and Justin Forsett combined for an eye popping 291 yards on 33 carries, and at no point did the Titans seem like they could stop them. Part of the problem was stopping the run while covering the Colts wideouts. This issue helped T.Y. Hilton join Luck in the history books with a modest 58 receiving yards. Hilton ended the game with 1970 receiving yards on the season which passes Calvin Johnson's record of 1964. With one game left a 2000 yard receiving season isn't out of the question.

The Colts head to Cincinnati for the final game of the regular season, a win would clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs.
Dynasty: bayers3