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Tuesday, January 20, 2015
11:04 PM - January 20, 2015. Written by bayers3


Indianapolis Colts (14-2) : Being projected to win 14 games is pretty rare, but some of the advanced numbers actually have them winning that many games. Football Outsiders has their projected win total at 14.1 games, and predicts they will once again have the highest offensive DVOA in the NFL. Constantly unloading on teams is a great way to get to 14 wins, and their defense is probably going to be very good again so the rest of the division is in trouble.

Has Luck even reached his ceiling yet? Does he have one?!

Houston Texans (10-6) : The poor Texans are stuck behind the Colts in this scenario. Each of the past few seasons they have done well and made the playoffs. The problem is dropping two games to the Colts and fighting for a wild card. They have some serious issues at QB, but their offensive line and running game are strong. Just like the past few years, this teams has a really good defense, but their struggles on offense have relegated them to one-and-done status in the playoffs.

Watt continues to destroy offensive lines.

Jacksonville Jaguars (6-10) : The Jaguars are not that bad, in fact they do have a very solid shot at going 6-6 or better outside of their Indianapolis-Houston matchups. They are like a very poor man's Houston at this point, their offense has issues but their defense plays well enough to beat bad teams. Blake Bortles has not developed as expected under center, and he may find himself out of a starting job if things don't improve. The best thing going for them in the division it that they could easily beat Tennessee twice.

Jeffrey is Jacksonville's only weapon.

Tennessee Titans (4-12) : Projecting 4 wins for this team is really hard, especially when Football Outsiders has their expected win total at 2.6. The Titans are probably the worst team in football, a classic example of constantly drafting high gone wrong. Their QB only have one year of experience, their offense is bereft of impact talent, and their defense is basically Jurrell Casey and Brandon Spikes trying to prop up everyone. It's going to be a long year for the Titans, it will probably be Ken Wisenhunt's last if they don't make the playoffs.

Spikes goes from first to worst in exchange for a huge paycheck.
Dynasty: bayers3
Monday, January 19, 2015
10:39 PM - January 19, 2015. Written by bayers3

INDIANAPOLIS - The 2016 season is about to start, and thanks to the pre-season we can see how the 2016 Colts are going to be moving forward. Indianapolis will be the favorite to win it all, as they should be, but this season they didn't have a massive influx of free agents to fill positions of need. Phil Emery still looks like the best GM in football after pulling off a great draft class, but this team is hardly perfect. If the Colts can repeat after basically taking a nap during free agency, this team could be a juggernaut in 2018.

No surprises, the Colts won most of their games, though pre-season results hardly have any effect on the regular season. Most of the competition was between rookies and average vets for a small handful of starting spots. The coaches were very focused on helping depth players get some game experience.


Indianapolis Colts Depth Chart - 2016
Regular Offense
WRT.Y. HiltonD. Rogers
TEJ. TammeB. Pettigrew
LTA. CastonzoJ. Mewhort
LGJ. MewhortD. Thomas
CK. HolmesH. Thornton
RGB. FuscoK. Finley (R)
RTW. Vega (R)D. Thomas
WRC. Shorts IIID. Moncrief
QBA. LuckJ. Palmer
FBS. Havili
HBS. Ramsey (R)J. ForsettM. Lattimore
Base 3-4 Defense
LDED. BrowningR. Jean-Francois
NTT. KnightonR. Jean-Francois
RDEB. Vaughn (R)R. Jean-Francois
LOLBB. WernerE. Walden
LILBA. DentA. Jackson
RILBD. JacksonK. Sheppard
ROLBV. BurfictE. Walden
CBV. DavisA. Mims (R)
SSL. LandryE. Agurs (R)
FSB. DanielsE. Agurs (R)
CBK. Sampson (R)A. Kilgore
Special Teams
KT. Reyes (R)
PP. McAfee
HJ. Palmer
PRD. Moncrief
KRD. Moncrief
LSD. Thomas


Andrew Luck, MVP : What else is there to say about Andrew Luck? After two consecutive MVP awards, and now a Superbowl ring, he has entered the conversation as the best QB in the NFL. With the running game a little bit of an issue, and the offense moving to more formations out of the shotgun, Luck could make an assault on some NFL passing records this season. After throwing for 4735 yards and 44TD in a balanced offense that often salted opponents away in the 2nd half with a crushing running game, it's frightening to think of what could happen if they throw the ball more.

Offensive Line Dominance : The rich get richer, and the great get greater. The Colts line was amazing last year, and it could be even better this year. Rookie RT Wayne Vega came into camp and just crushed everyone in his path, he was so good the Colts moved their line around to start him at RT. Brandon Fusco moved inside to RG and pushed Pro-Bowler Donald Thomas into a backup role. The Colts offense figures to be the best in football, and this unit is one reason why.

Starting HB : Coming into the NFL Draft the team was set to start Justin Forsett, but the preseason changed their minds. Rookie HB Shayn Ramsey impressed coaches with his pass blocking and ability to hold on to the ball. He's a bigger back than Forsett, but he isn't all that fast and doesn't provide the best receiving option. Despite all of that, Hamilton and the Colts tabbed him to be their starter.

Can Ramsey fill Richardson's shoes?


Defensive Line (Again) : Donavon Browning was really good in his rookie year, and he figures to improve going forward, but this group is really thin. Snagging Terrance Knighton on a 1-year deal was a good move, but he can't play every down. Arthur Jones and Ricky Jean-Francois are backing up the ends and DT, which is not an ideal situation. Rookie Brieon Vaughn won the starting job at RE, but it wasn't that hard to win over the other options. This line is going to be very reliant on the linebackers, otherwise it's going to be hard to repeat their 2015 performance.

Tight End : After having what might have been the most dynamic TE situation in the NFL, the Colts suddenly find themselves starting two guys who are average at best. In fact, the TE situation has influenced Hamilton to make a bit of a shift in their offensive philosophy. Based on the preseason, the Colts are backing away from two-TE situations and starting to run more plays out of the shotgun. Jacob Tamme and Brandon Pettigrew, both signed on 1-year deals, are blocking TE types who might be possession receivers at best. It will be interesting to see how Luck and the offense adjust after a huge season from Dwayne Allen.

Secondary Depth : Team management tried hard to upgrade the secondary in the draft, but with LaRon Landry back in the starting lineup it still has some issues. Three of the four starters look to be solid, with Kian Sampson looking like a great draft pick, but nickel/dime/quarters defense will be a problem. There are a lot of rookies and below-average guys backing up the starters, an injury or two could kill the Colts' ability to defend the pass.
Dynasty: bayers3
07:45 PM - January 19, 2015. Written by D316
Week 4
RK (LW)TeamRecordNext Game
1 (3) Cincinnati Bengals3-0@ Patriots
2 (4) Seattle Seahawks2-1@ Redskins
3 (5) Denver Broncos2-1vs. Cardinals
4 (6) Arizona Cardinals3-0@ Broncos
5 (1) New England Patriots3-1vs. Bengals
6 (7) San Diego Chargers3-1vs. Jets
7 (8) Detroit Lions4-0vs. Bills
8 (2) Philadelphia Eagles3-1vs. Rams
9 (9) Green Bay Packers2-2vs. Vikings
10 (10) Indianapolis Colts2-2vs. Ravens
11 (12) Dallas Cowboys3-1vs. Texans
12 (14) San Francisco 49ers2-2vs. Chiefs
13 (16) Buffalo Bills3-1@ Lions
14 (19) Kansas City Chiefs2-2@ 49ers
15 (13) Houston Texans3-1@ Cowboys
16 (21) Baltimore Ravens2-2@ Colts
17 (11) Carolina Panthers2-2vs. Bears
18 (15) New Orleans Saints1-3vs. Buccaneers
19 (17) Chicago Bears2-2@ Panthers
20 (18) Pittsburgh Steelers1-3@ Jaguars
21 (25) Atlanta Falcons2-2@ Giants
22 (22) Cleveland Browns2-1@ Titans
23 (20) Minnesota Vikings2-2@ Packers
24 (23) New York Jets1-3@ Chargers
25 (26) St. Louis Rams1-2@ Eagles
26 (27) Miami Dolphins1-3Bye Week
27 (24) Tennessee Titans1-3vs. Browns
28 (29) Tampa Bay Buccaneers1-3@ Saints
29 (30) Washington Redskins1-3vs. Seahawks
30 (28) Jacksonville Jaguars1-3vs. Steelers
31 (31) New York Giants0-4vs. Falcons
32 (32) Oakland Raiders0-4Bye Week
Dynasty: D316
07:15 PM - January 19, 2015. Written by D316
NFL League Leaders - Updated: Sep 30, 2014
Passing Yards (1-5)PaYdPassing Yards (6-10)PaYd
1. A. Luck12411. E. Manning1087
2. A. Rodgers11932. A. Smith1050
3. B. Roethlisberger11523. J. Cutler1031
4. P. Rivers11484. M. Strafford1025
5. D. Brees11105. T. Brady1025
Rushing Yards (1-5)RuYdRushing Yards (6-10)RuYd
1. L. McCoy6701. B. Sankey480
2. D. Murray6382. M. Lynch468
3. R. Bush 5773. F. Gore 447
4. A. Peterson5724. E. Lacy443
5. M. Forte5015. R. Matthews440
Receiving Yards (1-5)RecYdsReceiving Yards (6-10)RecYds
1. C. Johnson4891. A. Jeffrey398
2. K. Benjamin4262. J. Nelson381
3. D. Bowe4133. S. Watkins 379
4. T. Hilton4094. J. Jones369
5. B. LaFell3995. O. Beckham362
Dynasty: D316
07:05 PM - January 19, 2015. Written by D316
NFL Standings - Updated: Sep 30, 2014
Dallas Cowboys310137104
Philadelphia Eagles31013477
Washington Redskins13092124
New York Giants04099116
Detriot Lions400122105
Minnesota Vikings22011392
Chicago Bears220120118
Green Bay Packers 22011193
Atlanta Falcons2209693
Carolina Panthers220114113
New Orleans Saints130103126
Tampa Bay Buccaneers13093135
Arizona Cardinals 3008361
Seattle Seahawks2108376
San Francisco 49ers220109113
St. Louis Rams1206197
Buffalo Bills3109791
New England Patriots 31012175
New York Jets13081107
Miami Dolphins13096102
Cincinnati Bengals3009753
Cleveland Browns2109686
Baltimore Ravens22099106
Pittsburgh Steelers130116121
Houston Texans3109588
Indianapolis Colts220139130
Tennessee Titans130103132
Jacksonville Jaguars13091131
San Diego Chargers31010596
Denver Broncos210112105
Kansas City Chiefs220100105
Oakland Raiders04072119
Dynasty: D316
06:55 PM - January 19, 2015. Written by D316
Thursday's GamesHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
Giants 34 @ Redskins 37 RG3 356A. Morris 139O. Beckham 147
Sunday's GamesHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
Packers 35 @ Bears 28A. Rodgers 321E. Lacy 140J. Nelson 108
Bills 23 @ Texans 21R. Fitzpatrick 240C. Spiller 117S. Chandler 83
Titans 27 @ Colts 42 A. Luck 377B. Sankey 173R. Wayne 125
Panthers 21 @ Ravens 34 C. Newton 240J. Forsett 128K. Benjamin 140
Lions 24 @ Jets 20 M. Strafford 296R. Bush 167E. Decker 105
Bucs 35 @ Steelers 32 M. Glennon 313L. Bell 91A. Brown 152
Dlophins 31@ Raiders 24 R. TannehillL. Murray 157B. Hartline 78
Jaguars 24 @ Chargers 27 P. Rivers 303D. Robinson 139E. Royal 141
Eagles 24 @ 49ers 34 N. Foles 273L. McCoy 120J. Maclin 105
Falcons 24 @ Vikings 21M. Ryan 261A. Peterson 120J. Jones 94
Saints 28 @ Cowboys 45 D. Brees 333D. Murray 231D. Bryant 127
Monday's GamesHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
Patriots 22 @ Chiefs 24 A. SMith 263J. Charles 127J. Edelman 116
Dynasty: D316
04:56 PM - January 19, 2015. Written by BionicBeard52
Colorado State Rams at San Jose State Spartans
Jan 19, 20151ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Colorado State Rams (1-3)(1-1)733013
San Jose State Spartans (1-2)(1-1)1414141052
Colorado State Rams
San Jose State Spartans

Joe Gray had a record performance and San Jose State played well in all phases of the game to defeat Colorado State 52-13.

A convincing win for San Jose State who just two weeks ago were dominated by New Mexico. Junior QB Joe Gray set the tone for the Spartans with an unbelievable game on the ground, scoring a school record 4 rushing TDs and adding one through the air for 5 total TDs. Gray had 233 total yards, of which 135 came on the ground, before being pulled at the start of the 4th quarter in favor of freshmen Patrick Scott.

Gray was not the only story of the game however as the Spartan defense had their best game of the season in limiting the Rams' offense to 280 total yards. Senior QB Conner Smith was harassed all game and sacked 5 times. Senior CB Jimmy Pruitt also recorded an INT for his first of the season.

Although 5 TDs came from Joe Gray, earlier in a 7-7 game right after Colorado State had tied the game up with a long TD drive the electric Tim Crawley broke his own record of longest kick return with a 104 yard return for a TD to seize the momentum for SJSU. Also true freshmen QB Patrick Scott was able to get some playing time late and connected with junior TE Billy Freeman for a 52 yard TD.

Following the game, Colorado State head coach Jim McElwain did not seem very happy about a late TD pass and criticized SJSU head coach Zach Fanko.

"I don't know where he[Fanko] coached before SJSU," said McElwain. "But here in the Mountain West we respect each other as head coaches and I didn't think that was necessary to run up the score late. You know? Show some class."

Coach Fanko fired back later in his press conference.

"Is this pee-wee football or division 1? I just was just wondering because I'm not going to tell my true freshmen QB to stop playing football because we're up by a lot of points."

Coach Fanko later discussed the game and his first win as head coach of San Jose State.

"It feels great to get that first win for sure," said Fanko. "Our guys showed tremendous effort in all aspects of the game. Joe played outstanding and seemed a step ahead of everyone. We knew it was going to take a huge effort against Colorado State to stop the run like we did and kudos to our guys on a great couple weeks of practice. Huge game coming up next week so we have to get back to it."

After a dominating win over Colorado State, the Spartans head back onto the road to face the Auburn Tigers.
Dynasty: BionicBeard52
12:41 PM - January 19, 2015. Written by BionicBeard52
San Jose State Spartans at New Mexico Lobos
Jan 19, 20151ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
San Jose State Spartans (0-2)(0-1)730717
New Mexico Lobos (2-1)(1-0)1410101448
San Jose State Spartans
New Mexico Lobos

After last week's tough 47-34 loss to Oregon State to open the season, many pundits predicted that the Spartans would show up in Albuquerque hungry for a win, but it was the Lobos who appeared to want the game more as evident by the 48-17 thrashing of San Jose State.

Senior QB Cole Gautsche of New Mexico had quite a day against the Spartan defense but not how you would expect. It was the legs of Gautsche that San Jose State struggled to stop as the QB accounted for 207 yards on the ground and 2 TDs to lead the Lobos. He also threw for 177 yards and a TD. Senior QB Joe Gray ended up leaving the game early in the 2nd quarter and never returned only accounting for 33 yards through the air and 22 on the ground. Back-up Jason Habash was unable to lead the Spartans back, throwing for 193 yards and a TD but also 2 picks. Gray is expected to play in San Jose State's home-opener vs Colorado State which will take place in two weeks following a bye week.

Head coach Zach Fanko did admit losing Gray was a huge blow to the offense but seemed more troubled by his defense.

"Yeah it hurt for sure losing Joe in the 2nd quarter but I'm not sure it would have mattered much the way we played on defense," said Fanko. "When you give up over 200 yards rushing, especially to the opposing team's QB, you're not doing a great job defensively. So we have a lot to work on these next couple weeks, thankfully we have a bye this week and hopefully we will be ready for Colorado State."

Week 3 Scores from Around the Country:

#5 Stanford 37
Oregon State 40 OT

#9 Arizona State 21
Washington State 28

#2 Maryland 24
#22 Wisconsin 38

Wyoming 17
San Diego State 34

Week 4 Top 10 Coaches Poll

NCAA Football Rankings - Coaches Poll - Updated: Jan 19, 2015
11Ohio State (40)20
23Oregon (21)20
34Florida State30
911South Carolina21

Week 4 Heisman Watch

Heisman Watch - Updated: Jan 19, 2015
Melvin GordonHBWisconsin302 yds rushing, 6.9 YPC, 3 total TD
Marcus MariotaQBOregon371 passing yds, 7 total TD
Imani CrossHBNebraska323 yds rushing, 6.7 YPC, 6 total TD
Jameis WinstonQBFlorida State660 passing yds, 7 total TD
Mike DavisHBSouth Carolina407 yds rushing, 7.8 YPC, 4 TD
Dynasty: BionicBeard52
San Jose State Spartans at Oregon State Beavers
Jan 17, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
San Jose State Spartans (0-1)3213734
Oregon State Beavers (1-1)1010141347
San Jose State Spartans
Oregon State Beavers

Turnovers doomed San Jose State in a 47-34 loss to Oregon State. It was a tale of two halves for junior QB Joe Gray who played outstanding in the 1st half in leading the Spartans to a 24-20 halftime lead. But the 2nd half would spiral downward as 3 INTs and a fumble would prove costly. SJSU would pull within 34-27 on a 100 yd kickoff return for a TD by Tim Crawley but the Beavers would go on to score on the ensuing drive and ultimately win the game.

When asked how he felt about the game Coach Fanko responded "well we hung tough vs a pretty good football team, credit to coach Riley and Oregon State, but turnovers were a killer for us. Can't expect to turn it over 5 times and win many games, but I'm proud of my guys for how hard they played. We will be better next week vs New Mexico."

Tune in next week as the Spartans travel to Albuquerque to face the Lobos of New Mexico in a MWC opener for both teams.
Dynasty: BionicBeard52
Sunday, January 18, 2015
03:48 PM - January 18, 2015. Written by bayers3

MIAMI - The NFL Draft tour continues with South Florida as the new backdrop, a much warmer venue than past host cities. With the Colts basically sitting on their wallets during free agency, a number of holes to fill, and a few extra draft picks, this draft promised to be very eventful. GM Phil Emery would head into this draft looking to build for the future and prepare for another run at the Superbowl.

Tennessee took ROLB Boris Ferguson out of Wisconsin #1 overall, and the New York Giants took RE Mario Devito out of Alabama at #2. The theme of this draft was defensive talent, with the 1st round filled with mostly defenders as teams try to counteract the NFL's offensive explosion. The Colts enjoyed extra picks in the 2nd and 7th round thanks to trades with Pittsburgh (52nd) and the New York Jets (200th).

2016 NFL Draft - Indianapolis Colts
1 (32)Kian SampsonCaliforniaCB6'-1"200
2 (52)Shayn RamseyPittsburghHB6'-1"220
2 (64)Kendrick FinleyMichigan StateLG6'-4"315
3 (96)Wayne VegaMissouriRT6'-7"335
4 (128)Aerion MimsTulaneCB6'-0"195
5 (160)Brieon VaughnTexasRE6'-3"295
6 (192)Eddie AgursUtahFS6'-2"205
7 (200)Malcom GarnerFloridaDT6'-3"310
7 (224)Taylor ReyesMississippi StateK5'-11"180


Best Pick(s) : CB Kian Sampson, RT Wayne Vega

Emery must have been elated to have Sampson fall to the final pick of the 1st round. The Cal corner was one of the fastest and most fluid defenders available, and he fills a position of need. The Colts lost one of their starting CB in Prince Amukamara, and Sampson looks like he may be able to step right in and take his place. Vega may be the steal of the draft, the 6'-7" mauler was overlooked a little coming out of Missouri, but the Colts didn't hesitate to call his name in the 3rd round. Vega has elite size and showed good footwork, but he found himself slotted behind a number of other tackles. The Colts already have an established offensive line, so Vega and fellow draft pick Kendrick Finley will have time to develop.

Worst Pick(s) : DT Malcom Garner, FS Eddie Agurs

It's easy to point at a late 6th and 7th round pick and call it a bad pick, but these were confusing picks for a team that desperately needs a DT and has no TE on it's roster. Garner did play in the SEC, and he's a prototypical DT, but he is definitely not an immediate starter. Why Emery went with a FS when the team needs a TE, and when they have a stud FS already, nobody will ever know. The Agurs pick seems like a waste, unless he moves to SS and turns out to be better than scouted.

Sleeper Pick(s) : RE Brieon Vaughn, CB Aerion Mims

These were also easy to pick out, and on some level it's hard to believe these two fell as far as they did. Vaughn was the biggest surprise as a pass rusher out of a 3-4 system in college with elite size and strength, it looks like he was knocked down by his lack of production at Texas where he only registered 12 sacks during his three years as a starter. The Colts are more interested in lineman who can play the run, and many teams pegged Vaughn as a bit of a tweener when it came to DE-NT and he lacks the finer details you would want out of a DE like a quick burst and a knack for pursuit. He has the physical tools to be good, and considering the Colts issues on the defensive line he may be an immediate starter. Mims, another speedy corner, shows elite athleticism but lacks the finer points of pass coverage. He has shown the ability to be an above average defender in zone coverage, but he can be exploited in man coverage. His incredible speed, 4.28 40-yard dash, allowed him to paper over these cracks at times in college, but better receivers showed his deficiencies. Mims doesn't need to start immediately, he will have time to develop, and if the coaching staff can work their magic he has the potential to be a starting CB in the NFL.

Draft Grade : A-

It's definitely too early to make any definitive calls, but early reports have the Colts winning here as well. Emery was able to land some win-now talent (Sampson) and build for the future at the same time. The only knock on this class would be a lack of high-impact talent and Indianapolis' failure to draft a TE or DT capable of starting. None of these prospects made anyone jump for joy, but they will help the Colts make a run at a second Superbowl in 2016.
Dynasty: bayers3

by Drew Stone

Tyler Griffin has had tougher jobs than his current one. "My first job was a summer job painting homes in Denver," said Griffin. "We would have to get on roof tops in 95 degree weather and the roof would get so hot that it felt like your shoes were melting." With apologies to his summer time gig, his current job may prove to be a tad more difficult. While he may not have to climb heights to paint an attic, he will surely have to get down and dirty to get the 76ers out of the NBA basement. "I realize that it will not be an overnight fix, but we do have some players with a ton potential and that is enough to get me excited about where we are headed," exclaimed Griffin. He specifically mentioned the tremendous upside of young post players Joel Embiid and Nerlens Noel as well as the talent of point guard Michael Carter-Williams. With the acquisition of David West, Griffin feels that he will provide that veteran leadership and be a role model to Embiid and Noel. However, if you spend any time with Griffin you will soon find out that he is a realist. He didn't sugarcoat his expectations of this years edition of the Sixers. "We hope to be competitive every single game. I understand that we will take lumps, but I do believe that you can learn more in a loss than in a win," said Griffin. "Yet I would love not to learn as much as we have in previous years." Owner Terrence Gambin has repeatedly said that he has hired the right man for the job. "I believe in what Griffin can do for this city and Sixer fans around the world," said Gambin. "He will roll up his sleeves and accomplish what many think to be impossible." He must because if he doesn't, Sixer fans can make his new job so uncomfortable that he will need to get back on top of a roof to avoid the angry mob.

Drew Stone is a guy from Pennsylvania who writes the things you just read. One of his childhood memories is betting a friend that rookie John Salmons would have a better career than Kobe, and he feels validated that at least Salmons is still in the league. Follow him on Twitter at

Dynasty: ospreywill
Saturday, January 17, 2015
09:17 PM - January 17, 2015. Written by ospreywill

By J.A. Adande

Philadelphia -- In a move that proves any job in the NBA is a good job, three free agents signed on to join the train wreck that is the Philadelphia 76ers. Rookie C Isaiah Austin, swingman James Anderson, and PG Jordan Farmer seach signed one year contracts for a collective total of $13 million. The Sixers released Shavlik Randolph, JaKarr Sampson, & Furkan Aldemir to make room for the trio. In all, I believe it's a move that get the Sixers to 18 wins instead of 15. Gentlemen I hope the check is worth it.

Dynasty: ospreywill
09:06 PM - January 17, 2015. Written by ospreywill
Marc Narducci, Inquirer Staff Writer
Posted: Thursday, October 29, 2014, 7:08 PM


Philadelphia - The Sixers traded veterans Luc Mbah a Moute to the Pacers and Jason Richardson to the Celtics. In return they added David West & Shavlik Randolph and they also swapped 2nd round picks with the Pacers. Adding David West puts a veteran presence on the team that can teach young bigs Joel Embiid, Nerlens Noel, & Henry Sims how to be professionals and the ropes of the NBA. The moves did help the Sixers shed some salary, they now have $30 million in cap room.

Dynasty: ospreywill
08:56 PM - January 17, 2015. Written by ospreywill
Philadelphia 76ers trade: Luc Mbah a Moute, '15 2nd round pick
Indiana Pacers trade: David West, '15 2nd round pick

Philadelphia 76ers trade: Jason Richardson
Boston Celtics trade: Shavlik Randolph
Dynasty: ospreywill
08:51 PM - January 17, 2015. Written by ospreywill
We interrupt this program to bring you live to the introductory press conference of new Sixers GM Tyler Griffin:

Terrence Gambin: ...can come in here and provide us with a clear direction and help us reach the NBA pinnacle. We have a lot faith in the ability of Tyler. After talking with him over the past week to gauge his interest in joining our franchise as the Director of Media Relations, I found him to be a perfect candidate to be the General Manager. Initially, I tried to hire Tyler as the assistant GM, but Sam was against it, so I made the tough call to relieve Sam of his duties. To be clear, Sam didn't do anything wrong, but I feel that Tyler can be special and we needed to get him on board as soon as possible. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen Tyler Griffin.

Tyler Griffin: I'm gonna make this short and sweet and then take a couple of questions because I have a lot of work to do. I'm excited about being in Philadelphia. I believe that we can compete for a championship within the next four years, but it is important for us to pinpoint & develop players. I believe that we have some great pieces to build around, but we must do all we can to develop them. So now I'll take a couple of questions.

Chad Ford (ESPN): Tyler how well do you think the Sixers can do this year?

Griffin: I don't think that it is realistic for us to compete for a playoff spot this year, but I expect us to be improved from last year, as our players are a year more mature. Also having the third pick in the draft allows us to bring in another talented piece. I believe the future is bright.

Stephen A. Smith (ESPN): Are you mentally prepared to lose over and over and over again?

Griffin: Mentally I'm not ready, so I physically have to be great at my job in order to avoid that. I don't want to be daily fodder for Skip and you on First Take because we aren't winning. Ladies and gentlemen thank you for your time, but I have to get to work.

We now return you to Maury.
Dynasty: ospreywill