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Monday, April 20, 2015
06:38 AM - April 20, 2015. Written by Fridge Combat
Bolts Insider

After finally picking up their first win of the season, the Chargers will invite the New York Jets to their stadium. The Jets are another team who has struggled thus far, with their record also sitting at 1-3. QB Geno Smith has played poorly to this point, including a 2 pick performance against Detroit in a losing effort. The Jets have also failed to run the ball all year with Ex-Titan Chris Johnson.

Smith is trying to prove he was worth the 2nd Rnd Pick, but is having a rough start.

What they do possess is a lethal front 7 on the Defensive line, young players like OLB Quentin Coples, DT Sheldon Richardson and DE Muhammed Wilkerson. The Bolts will have a hard time moving the ball on the ground, and will have to rely on good pass protection to move the ball against this young, inexperienced secondary.

The Chargers didn't look very convincing in their win against the Jaguars, but hopefully they will continue this momentum and be able to prey on another weak team.


NE - J. Clary OG - $850K - With Vollmer and Solder at OT both out for very long periods of time, the Pats decided it was time to add some depth to this diminished O-Line. Ex-Charger Jeromey Clary has had time at OG and OT. He may either take a position at RT or replace one of the young gaurds.


SEA - A. Bailey LT to BAL for 3rd Rnd Pick - Baltimore decide to add a bit of depth to their O-Line with rookie Alvin Bailey. Though undrafted in 2013, he was projected as a 3rd/4th Rnd Pick, so he does have some potential. The Seahawks took a chance on him, but they have added yet another pick to their 2014 draft. With an abundance of picks, the Hawks will be looking not only to repeat this year but to build for the years to come.


SF - C. Kaepernick QB - Broken Thumb (4 weeks) - Luckily for San Fran, only a minor injury this week. Jim Harbaugh made the decision to pick up Blaine Gabbert in the offseason, so now he will have a chance to re-energise his career with a more talented roster than he's used to.

Blaine Gabbert has a chance to prove he has improved since last year, and possibly impress some other teams on the way.[/center]

NO - M. Ingram HB - Upper Arm Fracture (5 weeks) - The 1st overall pick out of 'Bama has yet to live up to his potential. Years of hard slogging in the Crimson Tide seems to have taken it's toll. Coach Payton likes to run by committee, so the loss of Ingram shouldn't be a huge one.

CHI - M. Slauson OG - Foot Fracture (5 weeks) - Losing Slauson for some time may not be too much of a loss for Chicago. With a mix of veteran talent and young players on the line, they should still be able to protect Jay Cutler.

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Dynasty: Fridge Combat
06:36 AM - April 20, 2015. Written by Fridge Combat
Bolts Insider

4:05PM - September 28, 2014
San Diego Stadium,
San Diego, CAL

Remember, full video coverage is available here!


In possibly the worst matchup of the week, the Jaguars travel down to San Diego, both teams still looking to a mark in the win column. With two deficient defenses it shaped up to be quite the scoring ordeal, both teams would fight hard for their first win.

The Chargers win the toss and choose to defer. So 1st year man Blake Bortles comes on the field, so far boasts 758yds and is 3 for 3 in passing.

Jaguars first drive was pretty solid, with a good balance of pass and run. A couple of defensive lapses gave this Jags offense the opportunity for some big plays, which they did not squander. Though, ultimately, it was a nice stop on 3rd & 1 which ended the drive. Jags settle for the FG.

Despite being benched at the half-way point last week, QB Kellen Clemens returned to the starting lineup and try and redeem his poor performance. His first pass to WR Lavon Brazill turned into a nice 34yd gain after some shifty moves.
However, the Bolts couldn't get much going, (including minus yardage on the ground), which led to 4th & 13 and a punting situation.

OLB Melvin Ingram started the drive with the right tempo, getting his 3rd sack of the year. But the Jags found their momentum, and pushed the ball all the way down to the red zone, after a nice pass to TE Mercedes Lewis. It was capped off by a 1yd run from RB Jordan Todman.

So down 10-0, and possessing only 34yds of offense, switched on in the 2nd Qtr. Leaning on the receiving talents of WR Keenan Allen, who was targeted 4 times with 3 catches, the Chargers finally managed to put some points on the board. A nice touch pass into the corner of the endzone over the defenders, 9yds to Keenan Allen for the TD.

A long drive from the Jaguars took up a majority of the 2nd Qtr, and got them all the way down to the Chargers' 10yd line. Luckily, on 3rd & 5, Ingram fought his way through the line for his 2nd sack of the day. Jags take the FG, 13-7

With the 2 minute warning passing, the Chargers looked to move the ball well through the air. A nice pass across the middle to WR Jonathan Baldwin ended in disaster, however, as he is blasted by rookie Telvin Smith and coughs up the football. Jacksonville recovers.

Despite a sack from DE Kendall Reyes, isn't wasn't enough to stop the Jaguars driving down and kicking the FG, putting them up by 9.

With 43 seconds left, a shaky Kellen Clemens cobbled together a drive down to the 47yd line. It looked like the drive might stall after an incompletion on 2nd & 10, but Clemens uncorks a bomb down the field, out of nowhere. Lavon Brazill, his man running long catches it in stride, leading to the 53yd TD. The score puts them within 3 points of a lead.

Not known for his speed, Brazil gets open downfield, and an uncharacteristically perfect pass from Clemens finds him.

With half-time in the books, the Bolts wait to receive the ball. The ball lands in the hands of CB Antwon Blake at the 9yd line. Breaking a tackle and using his speed up-field, and some great blocking to boot, Blake is able to take it all the way to the house with the first kick of the half!
Chargers now lead 21-16.

The Jaguars seemed to move the ball well on their drive, but were stil held to their 3rd consecutive FG. But the 55yd FG is short! The Chargers stay on top for the time-being.

Finally able to establish a run game, the Bolts managed to move all the way into the redzone, despite a missed pick opportunity from CB Alan Ball. Unfortunately, two off-target throws to Keenan Allen held the Bolts to a FG.

So with a great opportunity, only down by a score and a 2 point conversion, the Jaguars looked to make something swing their way. Showing a lot of stubbornness in the ground game, it wasn't long before another 3 and out for Jacksonville, thanks to some shutdown defense by SS Matt Elam, (he racked up his 10th tackle!)

With momentum on their side, the Chargers drove into the 4th Qtr, finishing up with a 7yd TD to Lavon Brazill, (who showed some power and major heart on his 2nd effort.)

Brazill is neither the biggest or strongest guy, but no-one can disagree with the guy's heart and passion to perform.

Now down 31-16, the game looked fairly out of reach for the Jags without some great play from Blake Bortlers. DE Corey Liuget soon put a stop to that with a 7yd sack. Bortles managed to make up 10 of those yards on the ground, but could not convert the 3rd down pass. Jaguars questionably decide to punt on 4th & 2.

Despite this, Jags SS Jonathan Cyprien got the defense's first sack of the game! Chargers could not convert and punted.

The Jags' drive pretty much petered out to nothing after a sack from DE Kendall Reyes, and another sack from Melvin Ingram, (his 3rd of the day), basically sealed the game.

Another dropped pick from Alan Ball took away the possibility of a Jags win, and a forced fumble by MLB Manti Te'o, (recovered by Matt Elam) benched the Jags offense after one play.

The Chargers ran the clock up, and punched in an 8yd TD by Ryan Mathews, (carrying the whole Jags defense into the endzone), for good measure.

Two consecutive sacks on the Jags' last offensive drive put the game to bed, and the Bolts were able to kneel the clock out.

Final Score: SD - 38 JAX - 16

New York Jets at San Diego Chargers
Oct 5, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
New York Jets (1 - 3)1060016
San Diego Chargers (1 - 3)014101438
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense286353
Rushing Yards120113
Passing Yards166240
First Downs1717
Punt Return Yards627
Kick Return Yards59129
Total Yards351509
3rd Down Converstion411
4th Down Conversion00
2-Point Conversion00
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1/13/1
Posession Time30:0221:58
New York Jets
B. Bortles19/2620200
D. Robinson18874.80
J. Todman7192.71
B. Bortles2147.00
D. Robinson5346.80
A. Robinson56012.00
C. Shorts III31812.00
M. Lee2199.50
C. Harbor199.00
J. Blackmon11414.00
M. Lewis12424.00
L. Pryor12424.00
L. Bowanko10
Z. Beadles11
L. Joeckel12
B. Linder01
A. Pastzor03
J. Cyprien4100
Z. Hood4000
A. Ball4000
G. Hayes4000
J. Thomas4000
T. Smith4000
K. Fortt3000
E. Weddle3000
C. Smith3000
A. Branch3000
A. Colvin3000
R. Davis2000
C. Loston1000
D. McCray1000
J. Lotulelei1000
J. Scobee3/41/11050
B. Anger315050.01
A. Sanders24020.00
J. Todman11919.00
A. Sanders166.00
San Diego Chargers
K. Clemens17/3624730
R. Mathews251124.51
D. Johnson133.00
K. Allen66611.01
L. Brazill511923.82
L. Green3310.00
R. Mathews22814.00
J. Baldwin144.00
C. Watt10
C. Rinehart10
B. Campbell10
M. Elam14000
M. Te'o9000
M. Ingram8300
S. Williams6000
K. Reyes4300
J. Attaochu3000
S. Wright3000
C. Liuget3100
J. Addae3000
D. Stuckey2000
D. Butler1000
C. Law1000
T. Williams1000
J. Verrett1000
R. Carrathers1000
N. Novak1/15/5824
P. Scifres310735.70
A. Blake210653.01
T. Reese12323.00
A. Blake22713.50

Finally the Chargers are able to break their 3 game losing streak and get their first win of the year. Don't let the score and stats fool you though, this was not a convincing win by any means.
The Jaguars are arguably the worst team in the NFL, (in terms of roster), sporting some major injuries on the defense and completely devoid of a pass rush. Despite this the Chargers still struggled to move the ball on the ground until the 2nd half, and Kellen Clemens missed some easy opportunities. Not only that, some poor decisions in passing were not capitalised upon by this Jags defense.
Defense managed to buckle down in the 2nd half, but don't forget the Jags were in the lead for the 1st half of the game!

In concluding, the defense out-shined the offense today in a pretty average performance by the team overall. Next week the Bolts will have to contend with the also 1-3 New York Jets, who possess a much better roster than Jacksonville. The Chargers will really need to step it up if they want another win under their belts.

Offensive Gameball: WR - Lavon Brazill; It wasn't just the 2 TDs and YAC gained today by Lavon, but the heart and determination to break tackles and gain those extra yards. For the moment, Lavon is showing real passion in his game, which is exactly what you want from guys in your locker room. A great pick up by Telesco!

Defensive Gameball: SS - Matt Elam; This was only Elam's 4th game in the Chargers defensive system. Whilst he struggled in Baltimore, he is clearly shining bright in San Diego. Racking up over 10 tackles, (including an on-the-spot fumble recovery), Elam has shown no fear of playing in the box, filling a gap or pursuing the RB. He still has a lot of holes in his coverage, but in run support he is an absolute stud.

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Dynasty: Fridge Combat
03:22 AM - April 20, 2015. Written by sonsart2
The Yankees won today thanks to the late heroics of Alex Rodriguez who hit a 2-out, 2-run walkoff home run off Koji Uehara to scrape out a win 8-7, in a game they should not have to sweat over. Yet again Yankee pitching struggled late in the game.

After 6 innings of work and only 73 pitches, starter Nathan Eovaldi was sent out to start the seventh. A leadoff homer run and two walk later, he was pulled from the game in favor of Andrew Miller. He was worse. He did not retire any of the 3 batters he faced and allowed 3 more runs to score. Now ahead only 7-6, David Carpenter was sent in with no one out and runners on the corners. 2 hits (a deflected groundball off of Carpenter's leg) and a perfect bunt tied the game and loaded the bases with still no one out. With it looking bleak, Carpenter was able to retire the side without any further damage, 7-7.

Carpenter remained in the game into the ninth. After striking out Castillo, Betts tripled into right center. Jose Ramirez came in to try to keep the game tied, but surrendered a sacrifice fly to put Boston ahead 8-7 going into the bottom of the ninth.

In the bottom of the inning, Beltran was called out strikes, followed by an single to left by Teixeira and a lineout to third by Gregorius before Rodriguez saved the game with his shot just over the 318 sign in the left field corner.

With the win, the Yankees move to 3-2, 1 game behind division leading Baltimore.

Masahiro Tanaka is slated to make his return tomorrow after being cleared by doctors earlier in the day.

Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees
Apr 11, 2015123456789RHE
Boston (3-2)0200005018111
New York (3-2)2030110029141
W: J. Ramirez (2-0) L: K. Uehara (0-1)
Scoring Summary
NYY1Headley homered to right. Ellsbury scores02
BOS2Craig homered to left. Pedroia scores.22
NYY3Jones lined to right for a single. Ellsbury scores.23
NYY3Teixeira homered to left. Jones scores.25
NYY5Beltran homered to right.26
NYY6Ellsbury doubled to right. Romine scores.27
BOS7Ramirez homered to center.37
BOS7Victorino doubled to center. Sandoval scores. Pedroia scores.57
BOS7Hanigan grounded to left for a single. Craig scores.67
BOS7Betts grounded and deflected off pitcher for a single. Victorino scores.77
BOS9Holt hit a sacrifice fly to right field. Betts scores87
NYY9Rodriguez homered to left. Teixeira scores.89
Boston Red Sox
Betts, CF5121000.261
Holt, SS4021000.375
Ortiz, 1B5010010.278
Ramirez, LF4111010.381
Sandoval, 3B3110100.238
Pedroia, 2B3210100.313
Craig, DH3212110.286
Victorino, RF4112000.263
Hanigan, C3011000.333
Castillo, PH1000010.000
Vazquez, C0000000.000
2B: S. Victorino (1)
3B: M. Betts (1)
HR: H. Ramirez (1), A. Craig (1)
RBI: S. Victorino 2 (5), H. Ramirez (2), R. Hanigan (1), A. Craig 2 (2), B. Holt (3), M. Betts (3)
SF: B. Holt
GIDP: D. Pedroia, D. Ortiz, R. Hanigan
E: H. Ramirez (1)
New York Yankees
Jacoby Ellsbury, CF4231100.545
Chase Headley, DH5112011.421
Garrett Jones, LF4121100.231
Carlos Beltran, RF5111011.187
Mark Teixeira, 1B5222011.313
Didi Gregorius, SS4020100.353
Alex Rodriguez, 3B4112121.250
Austin Romine, C3110010.571
Brendan Ryan, 2B4010010.167
2B: J. Ellsbury 2 (3), Gregorius (1), A. Romine (1)
HR: C. Headley (4), M. Teixeira (1), C. Beltran (2), Rodriguez (1)
RBI: C. Headley 2 (6), J, Ellsbury (3), M. Teixeira 2 (4), C. Beltran (5), G. Jones (1), Rodriguez 2 (2)
HBP: A. Romine
GIDP: M. Teixeira, G. Jones
SB: J. Ellsbury (7)
E: M. Teixeira (1)
Boston Red Sox
J. Kelly3.075512015.00
A. Ogando2.01111204.50
A. Varvaro1.02111209.00
C. Breslow1.00001000.00
T. Layne1.02000000.00
K. Uehara0.222201027.00
Pitches-Strikes: Kelly 68-46, Ogando 25-18, Varvaro 17-11, Breslow 19-9, Layne 9-5, Uehara 14-10
New York Yankees
Nathan Eovaldi6.06552127.50
Andrew Miller0.022210018.00
David Carpenter2.13110301.69
Jose Ramirez0.20000000.00
Pitches-Strikes: Eovaldi 89-57, Miller 13-8, Carpenter 30-22, Ramirez 8-6
Dynasty: sonsart2
01:41 AM - April 20, 2015. Written by Dynasty Legend 99

It's time to rock again in Tampa Bay.

Rays' fans were treated to a horrific offseason in which they saw their highly touted Manager Joe Maddon resign as well as their young and respectable General Manager Andrew Friedman leave to join the Dodgers.

Tampa Bay Rays' owner Stuart Sternberg announced today that the Search was over for their new General Manager. Sternberg announced that they would be bringing in a young executive Zachary Roberts who served one year last year as an Assistant GM to A's General manager Billy Beane. Roberts is recognized as the Executive who brought Outfielder Mark Canha to the Athletics. Robert's attended Wichita State University in Kansas, took a job with the Kansas City Royals as an intern in 2013 to start his career in baseball. He looks to take the Rays in a new and exciting direction, one not seen since their World Series run in 2008. Surprisingly, he takes over the day before Opening Day, which is tomorrow April 6th. Roberts insists that drastic changes will be made to improve the quality and competition of the Tampa Bay franchise.

The Rays come into 2015 lead again by Superstar Third Baseman Evan Longoria, who is coming off another strong season at the plate and in the field. Longoria weighed in on this offseason's moves, including the New GM Roberts,

" I like what I have seen from him, he is a confident young guy (younger than me). He demands the respect of people in the organization with the way he carries himself, I put my faith and support in him this season as well as the new manager Kevin (Cash). This area is starving for a Winner and I have faith we can bring it back; all of us are ready to buy in."

Injuries will plague the Rays for the first portion of this season as they will start without the Leadership of Alex Cobb and Matt Moore. The Starting Rotation at the beginning of the season will be anchored by Rising Star, Chris Archer as he trie to follow up on an excellent 2014 campaign (10-9, 3.33 ERA). With the injuries as will be listed later in this article along with the Depth Chart, fans will get a picture of 2015 Tampa Bay (at least for April).

Tampa Bay Rays Depth Chart - 2015
  • Catcher
  • Rene Rivera
  • Bobby Wilson
  • First Base
  • James Loney
  • Second Base
  • Nick Franklin
  • Logan Forsythe
  • Third Base
  • Evan Longoria
  • Logan Forsythe
  • Shortstop
  • Asdrubal Cabrera
  • Tim Beckham
  • Logan Forsythe
  • Left Field
  • Kevin Kiermaier
  • David Dejesus
  • Brandon Guyer
  • Logan Forsythe
  • Center Field
  • Desmond Jennings
  • Brandon Guyer
  • David Dejesus
  • Right Field
  • Steven Souza Jr.
  • Brandon Guyer
  • David Dejesus
  • Logan Forsythe
  • Starting Pitcher
  • Chris Archer
  • Jake Odorizzi
  • Erasmo Ramirez
  • Alex Colome
  • Nate Karns
  • Relief Pitcher
  • Grant Balfour
  • Jeff Beliveau
  • Ronald Belisario
  • Kevin Jepsen
  • Brad Boxberger
  • Kirby Yates
  • Closer
  • Ernesto Frieri
  • Designated Hitter
  • David Dejesus
  • Disabled List
  • Jake McGee
  • A. Cobb
  • John Jaso
  • Drew Smyly
  • Matt Moore

Injury Report:

Jake McGee (elbow)- 15 Day DL
Alex Cobb (Forearm)- 15 Day DL
J. Jaso (wrist)- 15 Day DL
D. Smyly- 15 Day DL
M. Moore- 60 Day DL

Thats quite the list, eh? They should all be back together active by mid-june which leaves the first month or so of the season up in the air. The question is, can Longoria, Jennings and Archer hold together the ship long enough for the heavy hitters to come back.
Heres my list of predictions:

Breakout Season: LF Kevin Kiermaier
Alright, this kid is a stud. At 24, this kid is gaining power in addition to his great contact, fielding and speed attributes. With one full season now under his belt, Kiermaier looks poised to hop on the big stage.
.305, 26 HR, 87 RBI, 35 SB

Top Pitcher: Jake Odirizzi

Surprised? Yup, Jake Odirizzi coming off an 11-14 year with a 4+ Era looks a bit like a joke being in this spot but I believe he will turn a corner this season and really become that pitching prospect everyone thought he would be.
16-10, 2.94 ERA

X Factor: Tim Beckham
He was one of the most highly touted prospects for years and years until he made his debut two seasons ago then being on the receiving end of a nasty ACL tear that made him miss most of last season. Beckham has a chance to prove many "bust" rumors floating around by stepping it up this season.

Prediction for this season:

79-83, 5th AL East

A strong group awaits to rejoin the Rays after the first month, I can see a short push towards the front 3 of the division but the American League East is very talented this season with revamped Jays, Red Sox, Yankees squads all awaiting to pounce on the defending champ, Orioles. The Rays will give it their best effort but will fall behind in Late July or August, unless the new General Manager Roberts makes a high profile move near the deadline, I don't see any finish above 3rd; which leads me to believe that they will be sellers at the deadline.

The Rays will be at it tomorrow for Opening Day against the Baltimore Orioles at 3:10pm Central time at Tropicana Field.
Probable Starters are Chris Archer vs. Chris Tillman.

Good Night, and Good Luck Rays Fans!

Mark Topkin,
Tampa Bay Rays Beat Writer
Sunday, April 19, 2015
11:09 PM - April 19, 2015. Written by glenzariczny
Mariners drop finale to Dodgers

Los Angeles - The Mariners bats finally cooled off for a night, and the Mariners pitching performance while solid, wasn't enough to hold back the Dodgers as they suffered a 2-1 defeat. Taijuan Walker was very good going six innings, and only giving up one mistake, a pinch hit home run to lead off the sixth. The Mariners only run came from an RBI single from Kyle Seager in the fourth. The Dodgers strung together back to back doubles from Scott Van Slyke, and Jimmy Rollins in the eighth inning to push across the run that would prove to be the difference. The Mariners now get to head home to take on the Texas Rangers to kick off a nine game homestand. It'll be J.A. Happ on the mound for the M's squaring off against Yovani Gallardo.

Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Dodgers
Apr 15, 2015123456789RHE
Seattle (5-4)000100000180
Los Angeles (3-6)00000101X260
W: Chris Hatcher (2-0) L: Charlie Furbush (0-1) S: J.P. Howell - 1
Seattle Mariners
Jackson, CF3010100.200
Ackley, LF4010020.354
Cano, 2B4000000.250
Cruz, RF4110010.361
Seager, 3B4021000.250
Morrison, 1B3010010.181
Weeks, PH1000010.111
Zunino, C3010010.250
Bloomquist, SS3000000.000
Walker, P2010000.500
Smith, PH1000000.333
Furbush, P0000000.000
Medina, P0000000.000
2B: A. Jackson (2), N. Cruz (4)
RBI: K. Seager (9)
GIDP: A. Jackson, L. Morrison, W. Bloomquist
Los Angeles Dodgers
Crawford, LF4000000.351
Turner, 3B4000020.216
Puig, RF2000100.200
Gonzalez, 1B3010010.297
Ethier, CF3010000.433
Kendrick, 2B3000010.189
Grandal, C2000000.125
Van Slyke, PH1010000.333
Pederson, PR0100000.000
Ellis, C0000000.000
Rollins, SS3011010.200
Peralta, P1010000.500
Nicasio, P0000000.000
Uribe, PH1111001.363
Hatcher, P0000000.000
Heisey, PH1000000.250
Howell, P0000000.000
2B: J. Rollins (2), S. Van Slyke (3)
HR: J. Uribe (2)
RBI: J. Rollins (2), J. Uribe (3)
GIDP: Y. Grandal
CS: A. Ethier (1)
Seattle Mariners
Furbush (L, 1-0)1.03110101.68
TEAM TOTALS8.0622151
Los Angeles Dodgers
Hatcher (W, 2-0)2.00000000.00
Howell (S, 1)1.00000100.00
TEAM TOTALS9.0811170
Dynasty: glenzariczny
10:24 PM - April 19, 2015. Written by glenzariczny
Dodgers walk-off for win over Mariners

Los Angeles - The Mariners gave up an early lead, but were able to rally before ultimately falling to the Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday. Hisashi Iwakuma shook off a shaky start to go seven strong for the M's, and Mike Zunino broke out of an early season slump with a 3-4 effort including his first home run of the year to tie the game up in the 6th, but that was the last impression the Mariners would leave on the scoreboard, and the Dodgers were able to push across a run in the ninth to get only their second win of the year. The two teams will be back at tomorrow with Taijuan Walker going up against Joel Peralta.

Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Dodgers
Apr 14, 2015123456789RHE
Seattle (5-3)0102010004100
Los Angeles (2-6)310000001581
W: Pedro Baez (1-0) L: Yoervis Medina (0-1)
Seattle Mariners
Jackson, CF5010000.189
Ackley, LF5010000.370
Cano, 2B5000010.277
Cruz, RF4120010.375
Seager, 3B3100000.218
Morrison, 1B4000000.166
Zunino, C4231001.241
Miller, SS4033000.451
Iwakuma, P2000000.000
Farquhar, P0000000.000
Smith, PH1000000.352
Medina, P0000000.000
TEAM TOTALS374104021
2B: N. Cruz (3), M. Zunino 2 (2), B. Miller (3)
HR: M. Zunino (1)
RBI: M. Zunino (2), B. Miller 3 (6)
HBP: K. Seager
SAC: H. Iwakuma
Los Angeles Dodgers
Crawford, LF3121100.393
Kendrick, 2B4000010.205
Gonzalez, 1B4000020.294
Van Slyke, RF3111110.272
Puig, PR-RF0000000.214
Ethier, CF4122001.444
Baez, P0000000.000
Uribe, 3B4000020.300
Grandal, C3110010.133
Hatcher, P0000000.000
Pederson, CF0000000.000
Turner, PH1010000.242
Guerrero, PR0100000.000
Rollins, SS4010000.187
McCarthy, P2000020.000
Ellis, C1001000.000
2B: C. Crawford (1), Y. Grandal (1), J. Turner (3), S. Van Slyke (2)
HR: A. Ethier (2)
RBI: C. Crawford (4), A. Ethier 2 (6), A. Ellis (1), S. Van Slyke (1)
GIDP: A. Ellis
SB: C. Crawford 2 (4)
E: J. Uribe (1)
Seattle Mariners
Medina (L, 0-1)0.21110108.30
TEAM TOTALS8.2855291
Los Angeles Dodgers
Baez (W, 1-0)1.010000016.87
Dynasty: glenzariczny
06:05 PM - April 19, 2015. Written by charlieh78
Toronto Blue Jays at Minnesota Twins
Mar 24, 2015 123456789RHE
Toronto (9-10)00700301011131
Minnesota (8-9)1001030106130
W: Drew Hutchison (1-2) L: Ervin Santana (1-1)
Scoring Summary
MIN1Arcia flied to center. Schafer scores.01
TOR3Carrera homered to right.11
TOR3Izturis centered to right. Reyes scores.21
TOR3Encarnacion singled to left. Izturis scores.31
TOR3Donaldson singled to center. Bautista scores.41
TOR3Navarro homered to left. Encarnacion scores. Donaldson scores.71
MIN4Pinto doubled to left. Plouffe scores.72
TOR6Bautista doubled to center. Carrera scores. Reyes scores.92
TOR6Encarnacion grounded out to pitcher on a deflect (1-4-3). Santiago scores.102
MIN6Plouffe homered to left. Robinson scores. Arcia scores.105
TOR8Kawasaki homered to right.115
MIN8Escobar flied to center. Vargas scores.116
Toronto Blue Jays
Reyes, SS3230100.407
Pompey, PH1000010.139
Diaz, SS0000000.000
Izturis, 2B3111000.309
Santiago, PR-2B1100000.182
Bautista, RF3122100.224
Kawasaki, PH-RF1111001.318
Encarnacion, 1B4112010.296
Valencia, PH-1B1010000.273
Donaldson, 3B4121010.207
Tolleson, PH-3B1000000.235
Navarro, DH3113101.317
Goins, PH-DH1000000.059
Martin, C5000030.167
Saunders, LF5000020.231
Carrera, CF3211001.230
TEAM TOTALS39111311383
2B: J.Reyes (7), J.Bautista (2), Donaldson (4)
HR: D.Navarro (2), Kawasaki (2), E.Carrera (2)
RBI: J.Bautista 2 (4), Encarnacion 2 (19), Donaldson (10), M.Izturis (6), D.Navarro 3 (10), Kawasaki (2), E.Carrera (7)
HBP: M.Izturis, E.Carrera
GIDP: M.Izturis
E: Donaldson (2)
Minnesota Twins
Schafer, CF4120010.300
Hicks, CF1000010.154
Santana, SS5020000.255
Mauer, DH4000000.212
Hunter, RF3010000.261
Robinson, PR-RF2120000.333
Arcia, LF4111010.304
Vargas, 1B5110020.245
Plouffe, 3B2213101.209
Bernier, 3B1000000.190
Pinto, C4021000.320
Escobar, 2B3011000.318
TEAM TOTALS386136151
2B: J.Schafer (3), J.Pinto 2 (3), S.Robinson (1)
HR: T.Plouffe (1)
RBI: T.Plouffe 3 (6), O.Arcia (6), J.Pinto (6), E.Escobar (1)
HBP: J.Mauer
SF: O.Arcia, E.Escobar
SB: J.Schafer (13)
Toronto Blue Jays
Hutchison (W, 1-2)5.05221108.10
M.Buehrle (H, 1)1.03320215.06
L.Hendriks (H, 3)1.01000001.17
TEAM TOTALS9.01365151
Pitches-Strikes: Hutchison 83-72%, Buehrle 27-63%, Hendriks 14-64%, Delabar 19-74%, Loup 18-67%
Minnesota Twins
E.Santana (L, 1-1)4.09770224.50
TEAM TOTALS9.0131111383
Pitches-Strikes: Santana 68-66%, May 42-48%, Fellows 12-75%, Fien 7-86%, Pressly 16-69%, Boyer 10-70%

***M.Izturis left in the top of the 6th inning with an elbow injury.

Baseball City, FL
March 24, 2015
Attendace: 4,903 (56%)
Weather: 86 degrees, Clear
Wind: 6.5 mph, Blowing across from LF to CF
Scheduled First Pitch: 1:05 PM

HP: Eric Summersgill. 1B: Freddie Ferguson. 2B: Joe MacDonald. 3B: Carl Dixon.
Dynasty: charlieh78
02:20 PM - April 19, 2015. Written by charlieh78
Minnesota Twins at Philadelphia Phillies
Mar 23, 2015123456789RHE
Minnesota (7-9)0200331009152
Philadelphia (8-9)022100000592
W: Caleb Thielbar (1-0) L: Jerome Williams (0-2)
Scoring Summary
MIN2Arcia homered to right. Hunter scores.20
PHI2Ruiz homered to left. Brown scores.22
PHI3Utley singed to right. Revere scores.23
PHI3Ruf flied to center. Blanco scores.24
PHI4Asche homered to right.25
MIN5Santana singled to center. Suzuki scores. Pinto scores.45
MIN5Mauer grounded into a double play (4-6-3). Schafer scores.55
MIN6Plouffe grounded to third. Arcia scores.65
MIN6Suzuki doubled to left. Dozier scores.75
MIN6Schafer hit an infield single. Suzuki scores.85
MIN7Arcia singled to center. Herrmann scores.95
Minnesota Twins
Schafer, CF4121000.283
Hicks, CF1000010.160
Santana, SS4012010.238
Polanco, SS1000000.167
Mauer, 1B3000000.229
Pryor, P0000000.000
Luke, PH-LF2000010.167
Hunter, RF3120010.256
Herrmann, PH-RF1110100.313
Arcia, LF4243001.310
Achter, P0000000.000
Thompson, P0000000.000
Robinson, PH1010000.263
Duensing, P0000000.000
Dozier, 2B4100000.143
Escobar, 2B1000000.316
Plouffe, 3B5011000.195
Suzuki, C4221000.233
Hughes, P1000010.000
Pinto, PH1110000.286
Thielbar, P0000000.000
Vargas, PH-1B2000000.250
TEAM TOTALS429158151
2B: K.Suzuki (1), Herrmann (1)
HR: O.Arcia (1)
RBI: D.Santana 2 (5), T.Plouffe (3), O.Arcia 3 (5), K.Suzuki (2), J.Schafer (2)
GIDP: J.Mauer
SB: J.Schafer (12)
E: P.Hughes (1), T.Plouffe (3)
Philadelphia Phillies
Revere, CF3120000.288
Paul, PH1010000.229
Danks, CF1000000.300
Blanco, SS3100000.190
Hernandez, PH-SS1000010.286
Utley, 2B3021000.354
Howard, PH1000000.077
d'Arnaud, 2B0000000.000
Ruf, 1B2001000.280
Franco, PH-1B1000010.222
Brown, LF3100010.167
Altherr, PH1000000.154
Gonzalez, P0000000.000
Ruiz, C3112011.340
Francoeur, PH1000000.267
Rupp, C0000000.083
Asche, 3B3121001.275
Clemens, P0000000.000
De Fratus, P0000000.000
Mastroianni, LF1000000.286
Sizemore, RF4000020.264
Harang, P2000020.333
Pettibone, P0000000.000
Williams, P00000001.000
Galvis, 3B2010010.135
HR: C.Ruiz (3), C.Asche (3)
RBI: C.Ruiz 2 (8), C.Utley (7), D.Ruf (7), C.Asche (5)
SF: D.Ruf
CS: C.Utley (2)
E: B.Revere (1), C.d'Arnaud (1)
Minnesota Twins
C.Thielbar (W, 1-0)1.01000101.69
S.Pryor (H, 2)1.00000002.08
A.Achter (H, 1)1.01000200.00
TEAM TOTALS9.0953092
Pitches-Strikes: Hughes 52-79%, Thielbar 12-83%, Pryor 10-80%, Achter 18-67%, Thompson 11-73%, Duensing 11-91%
Philadelphia Phillies
J.Pettibone (BS, 3)1.00000107.30
J.Williams (L, 0-2)1.03310003.18
J.De Fratus1.00000108.59
TEAM TOTALS9.01597151
Pitches-Strikes: Harang 80-63%, Pettibone 7-71%, Williams 30-63%, Clemens 12-83%, De Fratus 10-70%, Gonzalez 23-61%

Baseball City, FL
March 23, 2015
Attendace: 4,164 (48%)
Weather: 85 degrees, Clear
Wind: 5.0 mph, Blowing out to CF
Scheduled First Pitch: 1:05 PM

HP: Eric Summersgill. 1B: Freddie Ferguson. 2B: Joe MacDonald. 3B: Carl Dixon.
Dynasty: charlieh78
01:28 PM - April 19, 2015. Written by glenzariczny
Mariners hold on to take opener in Los Angeles

Los Angeles - The Mariners used a three run third inning to create some distance, and the bullpen was able to slam the door after a quality start by James Paxton, resulting in a 4-3 victory for the M's. The Mariners big inning started after James Paxton laid down a perfect bunt following a Brad Miller walk to lead off the inning. Mark Turner couldn't field the ball cleanly with his bare hand and it resulted in a single. Dustin Ackley then loaded the bases for Robinson Cano who ripped a single up the middle to plate two runs. Nelson Cruz immediately followed that with another single before Zack Grienke was able to get out of it. After that it was Paxton's effort, and the bullpen's shutdown of the Dodger bats afterwards that preserved the victory for Seattle. The two teams will be back here tomorrow night as Hisashi Iwakuma will square off against Brandon McCarthy for the Dodgers.

Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Dodgers
Apr 13, 2015123456789RHE
Seattle (5-2)003001000491
Los Angeles (1-6)100101000350
W: James Paxton (2-0) L: Zack Greinke (0-2) S: Fernando Rodney - 4
Seattle Mariners
Jackson, CF5000000.187
Ackley, LF5120010.409
Cano, 2B5012000.322
Cruz, RF4021000.357
Seager, 3B3100110.241
Morrison, 1B3010100.192
Zunino, C4000020.160
Miller, SS3111100.407
Paxton, P3120000.667
Medina, P0000000.000
Smith, PH1000010.375
Farquhar, P0000000.000
Rodney, P0000000.000
RBI: R. Cano (7), N. Cruz (4), B. Miller (3)
E: M. Zunino (1)
Los Angeles Dodgers
Kendrick, 2B4000010.233
Turner, 3B3110110.218
Puig, RF3210100.214
Gonzalez, 1B4011000.333
Van Slyke, LF4011010.250
Grandal, C4000010.111
Heisey, CF3010000.333
Ethier, PH1000010.434
Rollins, SS3000030.178
Greinke, P1000000.500
Crawford, PH1000010.366
Rodriguez, P0000000.000
Baez, P0000000.000
Hatcher, P0000000.000
Uribe, PH1000010.500
Garcia, P0000000.000
Howell, P0000000.000
TEAM TOTALS323522100
2B: Y. Puig (2), A. Gonzalez (3), S. Van Slyke (1), C. Heisey (1)
RBI: A. Gonzalez (5), S. Van Slyke (1)
SB: Y. Puig (1)
Seattle Mariners
Paxton (W, 2-0)6.04332604.15
Medina (H, 2)1.00000207.36
Farquhar (H, 3)1.01000007.36
Rodney (S, 4)1.00000200.00
TEAM TOTALS9.05332100
Los Angeles Dodgers
Greinke (L, 0-2)5.05331205.40
TEAM TOTALS9.0944350
Dynasty: glenzariczny
12:51 PM - April 19, 2015. Written by sonsart2
The game looked to be competitive when it was 1-1 through 5 innings, but starter Chris Capuano walked 3 and gave up a hit and 1 run before recording an out in the 6th when the bullpen was called.
They didn't fare much better.

While Jared Burton did an admirable job allowing only 1 run to score in a bases loaded no out jam in the 6th, he surrendered 2 singles to start the 7th and gave way to Jim Miller who allowed 3 hits, a walk and 3 runs (2 inherited) to score, before he was relieved by Adam Warren.

Warren gave up a RBI single to Shane Victorino to close out the scoring, but the damage had been done.

With the loss the Yankees drop to 2-2, 1 game behind the division leading Red Sox and Orioles. Nathan Eovaldi is expected to start against Joe Kelly tomorrow.

The Yankees are considering moving a starting pitcher up from AAA if Masahiro Tanaka is unable to make his scheduled start on Sunday. They may run into some trouble however as the top 3 starters for the Railriders will be unavailable to pitch. The likely candidate should this situation arise appears to be to call up Chase Whitley for the spot start and send down struggling reliever, Jim Miller who won the job in spring training but in his 2 appearances, giving up 5 hits, 2 walks and 3 earned runs in his 1 inning of work. He has only retired 3 of the 10 batters he's faced so far this season.

Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees
Apr 10, 2015123456789RHE
Boston ()0010024007120
New York ()000011000280
Boston Red Sox
Betts, CF5110000.222
Pedroia, 2B4210100.308
Ortiz, 1B3112200.308
Ramirez, LF5031000.412
Craig, DH3100200.250
Sandoval, 3B5011020.222
Victorino, RF3012100.267
Bogaerts, SS4111011.200
Hanigan, C4130000.333
HR: X. Bogaerts (1)
RBI: S. Victorino 2 (3), D. Ortiz 2 (2), H. Ramirez (1), P. Sandoval (2), X. Bogaerts (1)
GIDP: H. Ramirez, X. Bogaerts, A. Craig
New York Yankees
Jacoby Ellsbury, CF4020000.500
Didi Gregorius, SS4000000.308
Garrett Jones, RF4000010.111
Chase Headley, 3B3121101.500
Alex Rodriguez, DH3010100.250
Mark Teixeira, 1B3110100.273
Brian McCann, C4010010.111
Chris Young, LF4011020.125
Brendan Ryan, 2B3000010.125
2B: C, Headley (1)
HR: C. Headley (3)
RBI: C. Headley (4), C. Young (1)
SB: J. Ellsbury (6)
Boston Red Sox
J. Tazawa1.00002100.00
Pitches-Strikes: Masterson 109-77, Tazawa 23-11
New York Yankees
Chris Capuano5.05335115.40
Jared Burton1.022202013.50
Jim Miller0.232210027.00
Adam Warren2.12000000.00
Pitches-Strikes: Capuano 83-47, Burton 19-14, Miller 21-14, Warren 29-20
Dynasty: sonsart2
12:09 PM - April 19, 2015. Written by Dynasty Legend 99
Royals implode on Offense, Defense and Pitching to surrender the Finale

The Royals couldn't do anything today, Hit with Runners in scoring position, pitch with runners on, or defend in clutch situation today as one mistake lead to another solidifying a blowout loss.
Oakland Athletics at Kansas City Royals
Apr 19, 2015123456789RHE
Oakland (5-7)30000025010100
Kansas City (8-3)000001101393
W: Scott Kazmir (2-1) L: Danny Duffy (2-1) S: None
Oakland Athletics
Gentry, RF5100020.310
Zobrist, 2B5000010.182
Butler, 1B5230020.296
Lawrie, 3B5210010.235
Ross, DH4324001.261
Vogt, C4123000.244
Semien, SS4111010.333
Crisp, CF4011000.159
Fuld, LF3000120.190
TEAM TOTALS3910109191
2B: B. Butler (1), S. Vogt (3)
3B: S. Vogt (2), C. Crisp (2)
HR: C. Ross (1)
RBI: C. Ross 4 (6), S. Vogt 3 (4), M. Semien (8), C. Crisp (5)
GIDP: B. Lawrie
SB: C. Gentry (5)
PB: S. Vogt (1)
Kansas City Royals
Escobar, SS4010110.288
Hosmer, 1B5000010.224
Cain, CF4011010.229
Gordon, LF4000120.340
Rios, RF3110100.256
Perez, C3021100.316
Moustakas, 3B4120000.298
Morales, DH4120000.300
a-Dyson, PR0100000.000
Infante, 2B4021010.415
2B: O. Infante 2 (6)
3B: K. Morales (1), A. Rios (2)
RBI: L. Cain (5), S. perez (8), O. Infante (3)
SF: L. Cain
SB: L. Cain (6), A. Rios (6)
CS: A. Escobar (2)
E: A. Rios 2 (2), O. Infante (1)
Oakland Athletics
S. Kazmir (W, 2-1)6.07223502.57
T. Clippard (H, 1)2.00001203.86
O' Flaherty1.02110003.00
TEAM TOTALS9.0933470
Kansas City Royals
D. Duffy (L, 2-1)6.04510611.40
L. Coleman1.13431105.79
C. Young0.12110104.15
B. Finnegan1.11000101.00
TEAM TOTALS9.010105191

Kauffman Stadium
April 19, 2015
Attendance: 25,462 (67%)
Weather: 65 Degrees, Clear
Wind: 11.9 mph, Blowing out to RF
Scheduled First Pitch: 1:10pm

HP: Joe McDonald. 1B: Carl Dixon. 2B: Eric Summersgill. 3B: Freddie Ferguson
05:01 AM - April 19, 2015. Written by sonsart2
The Yankees (2-1) scored early and often, but were forced to hang on for dear life to scratch out a win. Ahead 8-1 after 3 innings, The Bombers gave up 3 in the top of the fourth thanks to a 3-run home run by Russell Martin.

Up 11-5 with one out in the top of the 7th, SP Michael Pineda was pulled after walking 2 consecutive batters. His replacement, RP Jared Burton promptly gave up a home run to 3B Jamie Donaldson to cut the gap to 11-8.

CP Dellin Betances didn't show much either. Called upon in the 9th to hold the 3 run lead, Encarnacion grounded out, but 3 consecutive singles by Donaldson, Navarro and Martin plated a run and put the tying run on base. Betances luckily induced a game-ending 4-6-3 double play.

In injury news, Brett Gardner (black eye) and Stephen Drew (strained tricep) are expected to miss a few days. Neither are expected to be put on the DL.

With the win, the Yankees move to 2-1 and are tied for the division lead with the Orioles and Red Sox.

Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees
Apr 9, 2015123456789RHE
Toronto (1-2)1003013019142
New York (2-1)41301200X11161
W: Pineda (1-0) L: Sanchez (0-1) S: Betances (2)
Toronto Blue Jays
Reyes SS5010000.429
Izturis 2B5120000.357
Bautista RF4101110.091
Encarnacion 1B3200200.111
Donaldson 3B4443101.385
Navarro DH5020020.273
Santiago PR0000000.000
Martin C5145011.556
Saunders LF5000030.167
Carrera CF4010010.167
Pompey PR-CF0000000.000
2B: Donaldson (1)
3B: M. Izturis 2 (2)
HR: R. Martin (2), Donaldson (1)
RBI: R. Martin 5 (7), J. Bautista (1), Donaldson 3 (4)
GIDP: J. Bautista, Saunders
E: J. Reyes (1), R. Martin (1)
New York Yankees
Jacoby Ellsbury CF5232010.500
Brett Gardner LF0000000.429
Carlos Beltran RF4112100.182
Garrett Jones 1B5110020.200
Chase Headley DH4122101.455
Alex Rodriguez 3B5120010.231
Chris Young RF-LF4200010.000
Austin Romine C4233101.750
Stephen Drew 2B3021000.250
Didi Gregorius SS1010000.444
Brendan Ryan SS-2B3110010.200
2B: C. Beltran (1)
HR: C. Headley (2), A. Romine (1)
RBI: C. Headley 2 (3), J. Ellsbury 2 (2), C. Beltran 2 (4), S. Drew (1), A. Romine 3 (3)
HBP: B. Ryan, C. Young
SB: J. Ellsbury 3 (5)
E: G. Jones (1)
Toronto Blue Jays
A. Sanchez2.076510122.50
M. Estrada1.242213012.00
J. Francis2.143312111.57
A. Loup2.01000100.00
Pitches-Strikes: Sanchez 50-32, Estrada 50-30, Francis 47-28, Loup 20-13
New York Yankees
Michael Pineda6.18774619.95
Jared Burton0.22110219.00
Adam Warren1.01000000.00
Dellin Betances1.03110004.50
Pitches-Strikes: Pineda 115-69, Burton 12-11, Warren 11-9, Betances 26-18
Dynasty: sonsart2

To watch this series on YouTube click: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...-37s2FT2fVXWCC

After only a brief time into his tenure, Schultzy has made some interesting moves that have Hornets fans talking. In an effort to restore the team to its former glory of the 1990s, the team has brought back its old uniforms and court design. Even more exciting are the changes in the player personnel department. While there have been no blockbuster trades, the team will look different than in years past with an emphasis on feeding the post and kicking out to three point shooters.

Here is a summary of the Hornets' offseason transactions:
-Acquire Nick "Swaggy P" Young and Carlos Boozer from LA Lakers for Mo Williams, Marvin Williams, 2017 first round pick, and 2015 2nd round pick
-Acquire 2015 first round pick and Chris Babb (waived) from Boston Celtics for Gerald Henderson and 2016 first round pick
-Sign PG Nate Robinson to 1yr/$3.10M deal

The Hornets have also picked up a new head coach in Logan Schmidt who will be taking the reigns of a NBA team for the first time in his career. Known as a talented defensive specialist, the young coach will inherit a group that posted 43 wins last season while also allowing only the 4th fewest PPG (97.1). After being swept in the first round by the Lebron-led Miami Heat, the Hornets hope to build on that experience and make a deep run in this year's playoffs.

Here is the roster for this year's squad:
2014-15 Charlotte Hornets Roster
25Al JeffersonC296'10"289$13.50M
15Kemba WalkerPG246'1"184$3.45M
14 Michael Kidd-GilchristSF216'7"232$5.02M
5Carlos BoozerPF326'9" 266$3.25M
0Nick YoungSF/SG296'7"210$4.99M
8 Bismack BiyomboC226'9"245$4.09M
40 Cody ZellerPF/C227'0"240$4.03M
1 Lance StephensonSG/SF246'5"228$9.00M
21Nate RobinsonPG/SG305'9"180$3.10M
11 Noah VonlehPF/C196'10"247$2.44M
22Brian RobertsPG/SG286'1"180$2.73M
44 Jeff TaylorSF/SG256'7"225$915K
19P.J. HairstonSF/SG216'6"229$3.80M

Coach Schmidt was asked by local reporters the status of his starting five and he revealed that he would be going with Walker, Stephenson, Kidd-Gilchrist, Boozer, and Jefferson to start the season. Young players such as Zeller, Biyombo, and Vonleh are all expected to push for playing time, while veterans Nate Robinson and Nick Young will provide a spark off the bench. Brian Roberts and Jeff Taylor may also contribute, but at this point, they will have to impress to win any significant minutes. Rookie P.J. Hairston is the complete wild card of the group, hoping to resurrect his career after spending last year in the D-League following his dismissal from North Carolina for numerous violations of team conduct.

Charlotte Hornets Depth Chart - 2014-15
PGKemba WalkerNate Robinson
SGLance StephensonBrian RobertsP.J. Hairston
SFMichael Kidd-GilchristNick YoungJeff Taylor
PFCarlos BoozerCody ZellerNoah Vonleh
CAl JeffersonBismack Biyombo

As the new NBA season approaches, one cannot help but be cautiously optimistic about this Hornets team. With an average age of 25.08 years old, they are a relatively young team with enough veteran leadership to compete for a division crown and a top 4 seed in the infamously weak Eastern Conference. Only time will tell if the Hornets are ready to take that next step as contenders or if they can deliver on Schultzy's promise of a title within 3 years, but regardless of what happens, they finally have the city of Charlotte buzzing over basketball again.
Dynasty: SchultzyGaming
Saturday, April 18, 2015
07:41 PM - April 18, 2015. Written by charlieh78
Minnesota Twins at Miami Marlins
Mar 22, 2015123456789RHE
Minnesota (6-9)0012000104140
Miami (9-7)100001100361
W: Michael Tonkin (1-0) L: A.J. Ramos (0-1) S: Glen Perkins (4)
Scoring Summary
MIA1Ozuna singled to right. Gordon scores.01
MIN3Mauer reached second on a throwing error by Solano (4-6 E6), Schafer out. Gibson scores.11
MIN4Suzuki singed to center. Hunter scores.21
MIN4Pinto flies to left. Plouffe scores.31
MIA6Stanton homered to left.32
MIA7Colvin doubled to center. Bour scores.33
MIN8Schafer singled to center. Vargas scores.43
Minnesota Twins
Schafer, CF4021100.262
Santana, SS4000010.237
Polanco, SS1000000.176
Mauer, 1B5010000.244
Oliveros, P0000000.000
Perkins, P0000000.000
Dozier, 2B4010000.158
Escobar, 2B1010000.333
Arcia, LF4010020.237
Hicks, LF0000000.167
Hunter, RF3130000.225
Robinson, PR-RF1000100.222
Plouffe, 3B3110000.194
Stauffer, P0000000.000
Fryer, PH-C2000010.286
Suzuki, C3021000.192
Tonkin, P0000000.000
Vargas, PH-1B1110000.261
Gibson, P11100001.000
Pinto, PH0001000.250
Darnell, P0000000.000
Bernier, PH-3B1000000.200
TEAM TOTALS384143240
2B: J.Mauer (2), K.Vargas (3), T.Hunter (2)
RBI: K.Suzuki (1), J.Schafer (1), J.Pinto (5)
SF: J.Pinto
SAC: A.Hicks, D.Bernier
SB: J.Schafer (11)
Miami Marlins
Gordon, 2B3120000.231
Hechavarria, PH-2B1000000.222
Yelich, LF3000000.300
Rojas, PH1000010.375
Gillespie, LF0000000.375
Stanton, RF3111021.318
Kelly, PH-RF1000000.231
Ozuna, CF3011000.417
Sizemore, PH1000000.308
Valdespin, CF0000000.000
Morse, 1B4000020.308
Prado, 3B2000000.327
Bour, PH1110000.313
Brignac, 3B1000010.187
Saltalamacchia, C3000000.271
Realmuto, PH1000000.455
Solano, SS3000010.187
Latos, P0000000.000
Phelps, P0000000.000
Suzuki, PH1000000.136
Hand, P0000000.000
Haren, P0000000.000
Baker, PH0000100.417
Masset, P0000000.000
Rienzo, P0000000.000
Colvin, PH1011000.300
Ramos, P0000000.000
Dunn, P0000000.000
Morris, P0000000.000
2B: J.Bour (2), T.Colvin (1)
HR: G.Stanton (3)
RBI: G.Stanton (7), M.Ozuna (11), T.Colvin (2)
SB: D.Gordon 2 (7)
E: D.Solano (1)
Minnesota Twins
L.Darnell (H, 2)2.00001101.50
T.Stauffer (H, 2)1.011100111.57
M.Tonkin (W, 1-0)1.02110101.80
L.Oliveros (H, 1)1.00000100.00
G.Perkins (S, 4)1.00000201.80
TEAM TOTALS9.0633171
Pitches-Strikes: Gibson 44-59%, Darnell 25-60%, Stauffer 13-54%, Tonkin 11-82%, Oliveros 9-78%, Perkins 13-69%
WP: L.Darnell (1)
Miami Marlins
D.Phelps (BS, 1)1.22101100.87
A.Ramos (L, 0-1)0.12110001.17
TEAM TOTALS9.01443240
Pitches-Strikes: Latos 21-62%, Phelps 36-67%, Hand 22-73%, Haren 15-67%, Masset 18-67%, Rienzo 25-48%, Ramos 10-60%, Dunn 15-60%, Morris 6-83%

***M.Latos (SP-MIA) left the top of the 2nd inning with a shoulder injury.

Baseball City, FL
March 22, 2015
Attendace: 5,708 (66%)
Weather: 78 degrees, Clear
Wind: 8.8 mph, Blowing in from CF
Scheduled First Pitch: 1:05 PM

HP: James Kingsley. 1B: Gary Simmons. 2B: Patrick Johnson. 3B: Larry Bullard.
Dynasty: charlieh78
05:45 PM - April 18, 2015. Written by sonsart2
The Toronto Blue Jays (1-1) scored early and often in an 8-4 blowout over the Yankees today. Encarnacion started the scoring in the top of the 1st with a 3-run homer to left off starter C.C. Sabathia. This wouldn't be the only inning Sabathia struggled in the game.

The Yankees tried to claw their way back into the game in the bottom of the inning, scoring 2 runs on singles and stolen bases from Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner (who drove in Ellsbury) and a sacrifice fly to deep left fiels by Brian McCann that plated Brett Gardner all the way from 2nd base.

In the top of the fifth, with Reyes on first and 2 out, the Blue Jays rallied to score 4 runs on a walk by Encarnacion, followed by and RBI single by Donaldson and a 3-run home run by Valencia before Sabathia was removed from the game in favor of rookie RP Jim Miller.

The Yankees never recovered although a couple of late solo home runs by Chase Headley and Didi Gregorius were a promising offensive sign, the Yankees never get closer than a 4 run deficit. Both teams are now 1-1 going into the final game of the series. Michael Pineda is slated to pitch against Aaron Sanchez in the rubber game tomorrow.

Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees
Apr 8, 2015123456789RHE
Toronto (1-1)3000410008100
New York (1-1)200001100471
W: Buerhle (1-0) L: C.C. Sabathia (0-1)
Toronto Blue Jays
2B: Reyes (1), Valencia (1)
HR: Encarnacion (1), Valencia (1)
RBI: Encarnacion 3 (3), Donaldson (1), Valencia 3 (3), Izturis (1)
HBP: Bautista
GIDP: Carrera
CS: Izturis
New York Yankees
Jacoby Ellsbury5120000.444
Brett Gardner4121000.429
Brian McCann2001100.000
Alex Rodriguez4000010.125
Chase Headley4111011.429
Mark Teixeira4010000.250
Carlos Beltran3000110.143
Didi Gregorius4111001.375
Stephen Drew1000000.000
Brendan Ryan2000110.000
HR: Headley (1), Gregorius (1)
RBI: Gardner (1), Headley (1), McCann (1), Gregorius (2)
SF: McCann
SB: Gardner (2), Ellsbury (2)
E: Drew (1)
Toronto Blue Jays
Pitches-Strikes: Buehrle 115-75, Delabar 25-14
New York Yankees
C.C. Sabathia4.277742213.50
Jim Miller0.121110027.00
David Carpenter3.00001100.00
Andrew Miller1.01000000.00
Pitches-Strikes: Sabathia 95-56, J.Miller 16-8, Carpenter 32-18, A.Miller 14-8
Dynasty: sonsart2