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Wednesday, July 20, 2016
05:41 PM - July 20, 2016. Written by MikeFlu
Profile Card - Rod Longwood
Rod Longwood | SP
Cincinnati Reds
Height: 6\'2\"Bats/Throws: R/R
Weight: 210Age: 19 years old

I would normally post the first 10 games here, but I have been traded to the White Sox. I'm listed as middle relief. Hopefully get into the rotation before the season is over.
Dynasty: MikeFlu
09:18 AM - July 20, 2016. Written by koszak27
September 1, 2016:

Upon joining the ranks of English League 1, we knew there would need to be changes moving forward. The team changed a lot from June 1st to September 1st in 2016 so let's begin. The board was very happy with our surprising promotion last season. So happy that they have given us the goal of gaining automatic promotion into the Championship. This will be a tall order and one that our randoms squad would not be able to accomplish without some help. The board also decided that if automatic promotion wasn't tough enough, they would also only allocate $425,000 in the transfer budget with another $2,100 in weekly wages.

A free transfer in Henrik Ojamaa was set to come in and provide further strength to an attack which already had Romero (22 goals) and Sikorski (21 goals) combine for 43 goals in the last season. Ojamaa can also naturally play LM but I decided to try him up front and switch to a 4-3-3 to start the year.

Ojamaa joins Exeter City on a free transfer.

The first player sold off the squad was the young Australian LM, Chris Naumoff (60 OVR). He had an outstanding season in 2015/2016 scoring 9 goals and notching 8 assists even with several weeks missed due to injury. He was in very high demand with offers coming in from several clubs but in the end, only one team met our lofty transfer fee of $650,000; Oldham Athletic.

Naumoff leaves Exeter City after a career high 9 goals and 8 assists in only 34 games last season.

With Ojamaa coming in as a striker and some young depth on the bench, we transfer listed 26 year old Aaron Schoenfeld to see if we could get some more money into the team. We ended up accepting a transfer fee of $625,000 from Crewe Alexandria for the 61 rated ST.

Aaron Schoenfeld heads to Crewe Alexandria and the hope of a starting role.

An opportunity came in for us to sell a youth player and it was one I couldn't pass up given the high expectations for this year and the low transfer budget we were allowed. Several teams came in with bids for our exciting LM prospect, Seung Il You (65 OVR), but AS Nancy blew everyone out of the water with a $5.5 million offer. Even with Naumoff gone, a starting role for the young youth graduate was up in the air with his lack of pace and only three midfield positions open. Ultimately, the large transfer fee was the biggest reason for this move and one that opened the door to further acquisitions.

With the significant increase to our budget from the Naumoff, Schoenfeld and especially You sales, Exeter City were in a position to solidify the midfield and invest in a quality goalkeeper.

The first move was for Italian goalie Eric Lora from Roma. After enquiring about his purchase and hearing he had just joined the team, we were happy enough to just loan in the 18 year-old as a try-out for the season. At 67 OVR, he was already an upgrade over Christy Pym (59 OVR) who had shown flashes of quality play but just wasn't growing his skills.

Once the goalkeeper position was upgraded, the revised midfield was the next focus. With scouts in America for most of the last season, we had some good targets to look at for potential moves. The top guy on our list was American RM Joshua Gatt who was playing at FK Molde. They accepted our initial offer but we were unfortunately out bid and weren't able to counter in time. Our next highest player was Zach Pfeffer (68 OVR), a 21 year old CM at the Philadelphia Union. We were able to lock him into a 4 year deal for a transfer fee of $2.2 million.

Zach Pfeffer moves to England to join Exeter City on a 4 year deal.

The last signing of the window was 18 year old CM John Beavon (65 OVR) from PAOK. The young midfielder showed great strength and playmaking ability after his 1st season and would come in to be the primary bench player for Exeter City. He was showing great potential and cost Exeter City $2.5 mil and 63 OVR CAM Sean Davis. It was more than we wanted to spend but signing the English midfielder would help down the road.

Sean Davis(above) heads to PAOK as part of a deal for John Beavon.

With the player exchanges complete and a few games under our belts, Exeter City sits 6th in the table as of September 1st 2016. Automatic promotion will not come easy but the player transfers have upgraded the squad into a team with a fighting chance.

The only other notes are a few youth academy players who have made the senior team. They are:

Tim Doyle, 60 OVR LW (AUS)
Scott Batt, 54 OVR LM (ENG)
Tim Stevens, 62 OVR CAM (AUS)

2016-2017 Exeter City Starting Squad:

2016-2017 Exeter City Depth Chart:

Exeter City Depth Chart - 2016
GLora (67)Pym (59)Bonmann (60)
RFBSchimpelsberger (68)Arias (61)
LCBGrainger (64)Danic (58)
LFBDavies (64)Ognevoski (63)
RCBKim (69)Duffy (64)
RCMDezi (68)Jung (63)
CMLedson (67)Beavon (65)
LCMPfeffer (68)O'Brien (61)
RFSikorski (64)Nichols (61)
CFRomero (66)Jay (56)
LFOjamaa (72)Doyle (60)

We will be putting all of our efforts into gaining promotion this season so the cup games will not be prioritized. I plan to play one game each month, probably against the top teams in the league. The next update will be the June 1st 2017 end of the season re-cap.
Dynasty: koszak27
Tuesday, July 19, 2016
Well, looks like I'm starting the season in Cincinatti as a long reliever. Kept the ERA under 7 in Spring Training. Ugh.
Dynasty: MikeFlu
02:55 PM - July 19, 2016. Written by Tmizzle
Minnesota Twins at Los Angeles Angels
Jun 14, 2016123456789RHE
Minnesota (38-27)000000002281
Los Angeles (34-31)00020010X350
W: Tropeano (W, 1-2) L: Berrios (L, 5-4) S: Street (S, 15)
Minnesota Twins
Buxton, CF4140000.323
Kepler, RF4010010.250
Mauer, 1B4010000.290
Sano, 3B4010000.277
Park, DH4000010.245
Arcia, LF3000010.239
Santana, 2B3000000.318
Suzuki, C3000000.133
Nunez, SS3111011.219
2B: Buxton (14)
HR: Nunez (3)
RBI: Nunez (8)
GIDP: Mauer
CS: Buxton (6)
E: Kepler (2)
Los Angeles Angels
Escobar, 3B4010010.290
Calhoun, RF4000020.251
Trout, CF4120000.291
Cron, DH3100110.266
Pujols, 1B3000010.273
Nava, LF3110010.267
Soto, C2011010.251
Simmons, SS1001000.232
Giavotella, 2B3000010.268
2B: Trout (19), Escobar (12)
RBI: SImmons (11), Soto (19)
HBP: Simmons
SF: Simmons, Soto
GIDP: Giavotella
SB: Trout (5)
Minnesota Twins
Berrios (L, 5-4)75321703.27
Los Angeles Angels
Tropeano (W, 1-2)85110413.51
Street (S, 15)13110003.80
WP: Tropeano 2 (2)
Dynasty: Tmizzle
12:42 PM - July 19, 2016. Written by Tmizzle
Minnesota Twins at Los Angeles Angels
Jun 13, 2016123456789RHE
Minnesota (38-26)1000214109170
Los Angeles (34-30)001010000290
W: Nolasco (4-6) L: Rasmus (4-4)
Minnesota Twins
Santana, CF4221100.325
Souza Jr, RF5122011.273
Mauer, 1B5140000.291
Sano, 3B5123011.277
Park, DH5220000.249
Arcia, LF5010000.243
Polanco, 2B4022000.225
Murphy, C4110000.182
Nunez, SS4121011.217
2B: Santana (10), Mauer (19), Souza Jr (6), Park 2 (10), Murphy (3)
HR: Sano (31), Souza Jr (13), Nunez (2)
RBI: Santana (9), Polanco 2 (13), Sano 3 (61), Souza Jr 2 (25), Nunez (7)
GIDP: Sano, Park
CS: Santana (5)
Los Angeles Angels
Escobar, 3B4020000.290
Calhoun, RF4121001.255
Trout, CF4010000.288
Cron, DH4010000.269
Pujols, 1B4000010.277
Nava, LF4000010.266
Soto, C3120000.249
Simmons, SS3010000.233
Giavotella, 2B3000000.272
2B: Escobar (11), Soto 2 (4)
HR: Calhoun (12)
RBI: Calhoun (27)
GIDP: Cron 2, Giavotella
Minnesota Twins
Nolasco (W, 4-6)67220013.62
Kintzler (H, 2)10000001.76
Los Angeles Angels
Rasmus (L, 4-4)510440214.01
Dynasty: Tmizzle
Monday, July 18, 2016
10:45 PM - July 18, 2016. Written by MikeFlu
Profile Card - Rod Longwood
Rod Longwood | SP
Cincinnatti Reds
Height: 6\'2\"Bats/Throws: R/R
Weight: 210Age: 18 years old

I was right. Called up way too soon. An ERA close to 9 is tough to swallow after a whole season in the minors combined of less than 2. At least my new contract is a AAA one. I am on the 40-man, so I do have to go to Spring Training. No updates here unless they're significant.
Dynasty: MikeFlu
10:28 PM - July 18, 2016. Written by bayers3

Toronto Blue Jays at Boston Red Sox
Apr 18, 2016123456789RHE
Toronto (3-9)000000000020
Boston (5-6)0000200002132
W: D. Price (3-0) L: M. Estrada (0-3) S: C. Kimbrel (3)

BOSTON, MA - After a strong start to the season the Red Sox find themselves in a bit of a tailspin. Boston finished a home series against Toronto today coming off a four game losing streak that included a three game sweep at home to Baltimore. The Red Sox would turn to David Price to halt the skid in a rematch with Marco Estrada, and he didn't dissapoint.

It seems like these two teams have eachother's number, or at least Estrada and Price do. For the most part this game was very much like their first meeting, with both teams going scoreless through four innings. The biggest difference today was Boston's ability to get hits, but it didn't matter much as they didn't convert into runs.

Luckily for Red Sox fans, the only inning of action broke their way and Boston took advantage of a crazy series of events to take a lead. Things started out when Rusney Castillo tried to score from second on a Jackie Bradley Jr. single, but Jose Bautista gunned him down at home plate from right field. Bradley then stole second where he scored from easily when Mooke Betts hit an RBI double off the Green Monster. Three pitches later Betts tried to steal third and was rewarded with an errant throw by Russell Martin which allowed him to race home and give Boston a 2-0 lead.

Estrada lasted longer today but failed to finish the 6th inning after giving up ten hits on the day. He did manage nine strikeouts, but his efforts were overshadowed by Price. Price would leave after the 7th having only allowed a single hit and fifteen strikeouts. Carson Smith and Koji Uehara combined for holds and handed things off to Kimbrel in the 9th, and three strikeouts later the game was over.

Boston really needed a win after a rough AL East slate that would roll into a series with Tampa Bay at home and a rough road trip to Houston.
Dynasty: bayers3
11:49 AM - July 18, 2016. Written by koszak27
Exeter City surpassed the board's expectations this season and managed a hard fought promotion up to League 1. After finishing the regular season in 6th place, we managed to grab the last promotion place via the League 2 play-off. We sat 1-0 down after the opening round's first leg to Peterborough but a big 3-1 win in the second leg sparked the Grecians to a 5-0 win over Tranmere Rovers in the final match.

Along the way, I managed to keep the team split between two solid squads which helped to spread out the playing time. This kept most of the players happy and spread out the player growth but ultimately, I lost out on two solid players. Smalley, a 60 OVR ST and McEleny, a 62 OVR CAM, were original players to the team which I wanted to keep. Both were great off the bench and really helped solidify the team but I just didn't have the wages to keep them. Both wanted crucial 1st team roles and I didn't have the cash to double or triple their wages in order to keep them for lesser roles.

A few more youth players were signed throughout the season, most importantly Seung Il You, a 63 OVR LM from Korea who was an exciting prospect. We ended the season with a roster of 33 players which didn't even include our biggest signing. Our only move in the January window was a free transfer for Henrik Ojamaa of Scottish team Motherwell. The 26 year old Estonian forward was showing great potential and rated at 72 with his contract set to expire. We got him on a free transfer for $10,000 in weekly wages and look forward to adding him into our starting side for next year.

2015-2016 Exeter City Team of the Season:

2015-2016 Exeter City Season Stats:

Soccer Leaders - Updated: Jun 1, 2016
1. Danny Grainger501. Sebastien Romero22
2. Michael Schimpelsberger472. Daniel Sikorski21
3. Jacopo Dezi453. Chris Naumoff9
4. Sebastien Romero444. Sean Davis8
5. Ryan Ledson435. Ryan Ledson6
AssistsAClean Sheets (GK)CS
1. Chris Naumoff81. Christy Pym10
2. Daniel Sikorski72. Henrik Bonmann2
3. Jacopo Dezi73. Liam Roberts0
4. Sebastien Romero64.
5. Aiden O'Brien45.
Average FormAFOverall IncreaseUP
1. Daniel Sikorski7.21. Sebastien Romero4
2. Sebastien Romero7.12. Ryan Ledson4
3. Chris Naumoff6.93. Liam Ognevoski4
4. Sean Davis6.84. Danny MacGillivray4
5. Tom Nichols6.85. Jacopo Dezi3
Overall DecreaseDWN
1. Christy Pym01.
2. Aaron Schoenfeld02.
3. Danny Grainger03.
4. Jang Suk Won04.
5. Henrik Bonmann05.

The next update will be the start of the 2016-2017 Season as of the September 1st transfer deadline.
Dynasty: koszak27
Sunday, July 17, 2016
10:36 PM - July 17, 2016. Written by MikeFlu
Profile Card - Rod Longwood
Rod Longwood | SP
Louisville Bats
Height: 6\'2\"Bats/Throws: R/R
Weight: 210Age: 18 years old

13 starts at AA, 14 in AAA. Off to The Show! September callup came through.
Dynasty: MikeFlu
08:15 PM - July 17, 2016. Written by MikeFlu
Profile Card - Rod Longwood
Rod Longwood | SP
Louisville Bats
Height: 6\'2\"Bats/Throws: R/R
Weight: 210Age: 18 years old

Tearing it up! Probably be called up way to soon and struggle. Was pulled from the last game with an oblique injury, but doesn't look like I'll miss a start.
Dynasty: MikeFlu
05:33 PM - July 17, 2016. Written by Tmizzle
Boston Red Sox at Minnesota Twins
Jun 12, 2016123456789RHE
Boston (26-37)0010014208121
Minnesota (37-26)300101120581
W: Porcello (W, 4-6) L: Gibson (L, 5-1) S: Kimbrel (S, 12)
Boston Red Sox
Bogaerts, SS5121000.263
Ramirez, 1B5133011.295
Ortiz, DH4000010.287
Betts, RF5110100.290
Shaw, 3B4210000.245
Pedroia, 2B3001000.276
Bradley Jr, CF3220100.241
Holt, LF4132000.283
Vazquez, C3001030.231
2B: Bogaerts (9), Ramirez (14), Bradley (15)
HR: Ramirez (12)
RBI: Pedroia (24), Bogaerts (12), Ramirez 3 (47), Vazquez (10), Holt 2 (22)
SF: Pedroia, Vazquez
GIDP: Betts
CS: Ramirez (3)
E: Shaw (7)
Minnesota Twins
Buxton, CF5112011.311
Kepler, LF4111021.250
Souza Jr, RF4000020.270
Sano, 3B4121001.274
Park, 1B4010020.246
Arcia, DH3111111.244
Polanco, 2B4000020.215
Murphy, C4000010.179
Nunez, 3B4120000.216
2B: Nunez (5)
HR: Sano (30), Kepler (1), Arcia (14), Buxton (8)
RBI: Sano (58), Kepler (1), Arcia (24), Buxton 2 (23)
E: Kepler (1)
Boston Red Sox
Porcello (W, 4-6)75551944.44
Smith (H, 3)12000104.06
Kimbrel (S, 12)11000102.42
Minnesota Twins
Gibson (L, 5-1)6.27621314.34
WP: Gibson (4)
Dynasty: Tmizzle
01:57 PM - July 17, 2016. Written by MikeFlu
Profile Card - Rod Longwood
Rod Longwood | SP
Pensacola Blue Wahoos
Height: 6\'2\"Bats/Throws: R/R
Weight: 210Age: 18 years old

Started and pitched 2 perfect innings in the Southern League All-Star game! If that wasn't good enough, I was promoted to AAA Louisville after the game!
Dynasty: MikeFlu
12:33 PM - July 17, 2016. Written by glenzariczny
This year's mid-summer classic took place at Petco Park in San Diego California. Nelson Cruz of the Seattle Mariners won the home run derby on Monday night and set the stage for Tuesday's festivities. Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants won the games MVP award despite playing for the losing team, as he clubbed two home runs and drove in all four of the National League's runs. On the American League side Miguel Cabrera and Marlon Byrd did the damage with three, and two run homers respectively. The American League will now have home field advantage in this years World Series.

2016 MLB All-Star Game Rosters
American LeagueNational League
Ned Yost
Terry Collins
SPHisashi Iwakuma (Seattle Mariners)SPMadison Bumgarner (San Francisco Giants)
CSalvador Perez (Kansas City Royals)CBuster Posey (San Francisco Giants)
1BMiguel Cabrera (Detroit Tigers)1BAdrian Gonzalez (Los Angeles Dodgers)
2BJose Altuve (Houston Astros)2BBrandon Phillips (Cincinnati Reds)
3BJosh Donaldson (Toronto Blue Jays)3BKris Bryant (Chicago Cubs)
SSTroy Tulowitzki (Toronto Blue Jays)SSErick Aybar (Atlanta Braves)
LFMichael Brantley (Cleveland Indians)LFMatt Holliday (St. Louis Cardinals)
CFMike Trout (Los Angeles Angels)CFAndrew McCutchen (Pittsburgh Pirates)
RFJose Bautista (Toronto Blue Jays)RFJason Heyward (Chicago Cubs)
PosPitchers & ReservesPosPitchers & Reserves
SPDavid Price (Boston Red Sox)SPJake Arrieta (Chicago Cubs)
SPChris Sale (Chicago White Sox)SPJohnny Cueto (San Francisco Giants)
SPFelix Hernandez (Seattle Mariners)SPJon Lester (Chicago Cubs)
SPMarco Estrada (Toronto Blue Jays)SPWei-Yen Chen (Miami Marlins)
RPSam Dyson (Texas Rangers)RPYimi Garcia (Los Angeles Dodgers)
RPCraig Kimbrel (Boston Red Sox)RPWill Smith (Milwaukee Brewers)
RPCody Allen (Cleveland Indians)RPBrad Ziegler (Arizona Diamondbacks)
RPHuston Street (Los Angeles Angels)RPJonathan Papelbon (Washington Nationals)
RPDavid Robertson (Chicago White Sox)RPTrevor Rosenthal (St. Louis Cardinals)
RPSean Doolittle (Oakland Athletics)RPMark Melancon (Pittsburgh Pirates)
RPSteve Cishek (Seattle Mariners)RPKenley Jansen (Los Angeles Dodgers)
CBrian McCann (New York YankeesCTravis d'Arnaud (New York Mets)
CKurt Suzuki (Minnesota Twins)CDerek Norris (San Diego Padres)
1BJose Abreu (Chicago White Sox)1BPaul Goldschmidt (Arizona Diamondbacks)
1BEdwin Encarnacion (Toronto Blue Jays)1BBrandon Belt (San Francisco Giants)
1BVictor Martinez (Tampa Bay Rays)1BAnthony Rizzo (Chicago Cubs)
2BJonathan Schoop (Baltimore Orioles)2BD.J. LeMahieu (Colorado Rockies)
3BKyle Seager (Seattle Mariners)3BMaikel Franco (Philadelphia Phillies)
SSFrancisco Lindor (Cleveland Indians)SSYadiel Rivera (Milwaukee Brewers)
OFMookie Betts (Boston Red Sox)OFRyan Braun (Milawaukee Brewers)
OFKevin Kiermaier (Tampa Bay Rays)OFGiancarlo Stanton (Miami Marlins)
OFKole Calhoun (Cleveland Indians)OFMatt Kemp (San Diego Padres)
OFMarlon Byrd (Cleveland Indians)OFHunter Pence (San Francisco Giants)

American All-Stars at National All-Stars
Jul 12, 2016123456789RHE
American League4000020006100
National League010003000480
W: Hisashi Iwakuma L: Madison Bumgarner S: Steve Cishek
Scoring Summary
ALTop 1Mike Trout singled to center. Jose Altuve Scores.10
ALTop 1Miguel Cabrera homered to left (441 feet) Mookie Betts scores. Mike Trout Scores.40
NLBot 2Buster Posey homered to left (372 feet).41
ALTop 6Marlon Byrd homered to center (434 feet). Jose Abreu scores.61
NLBot 6Buster Posey homered to right. (385 feet). Andrew McCutchen scores. Kris Bryant scores.64
American All-Stars
Altuve, 2B3110010.268
Schoop, 2B1000110.271
Betts, DH1100100.303
Encarnacion, PH-DH1000010.260
Suzuki, PH-DH1000010.269
Trout, CF3111010.305
Kiermaier, CF1010000.274
Cabrera, 1B2113001.345
Abreu, 1B2110000.307
Donaldson, 3B3000000.313
Seager, 3B1010000.259
Tulowitzki, SS2000000.294
Lindor, SS2000000.252
Brantley, LF2010010.302
Byrd, PH-LF2112011.315
Bautista, RF2020000.323
Calhoun, PH-RF2000020.305
Perez, C2000000.305
McCann, C2000000.250
TEAM TOTALS356106292
HR: M. Cabrera, M. Byrd
RBI: M. Cabrera 3, M. Trout, M. Byrd 2
GIDP: J. Altuve
National All-Stars
McCutchen, CF3120010.363
Kemp, CF1000000.315
Bryant, 3B3120000.306
Franco, 3B1000010.267
Rizzo, DH3000010.263
Belt, DH1000000.312
Gonzalez, 1B3000000.306
Goldschmidt, 1B1000000.328
Posey, C3224002.321
d'Arnaud, C1000000.239
Heyward, RF3010000.326
Stanton, RF1000000.287
Holliday, LF3010010.357
Braun, LF0000000.284
Aybar, SS3000000.272
Rivera, SS0000000.203
Phillips, 2B3000020.269
LeMahieu, 2B0000000.264
HR: B. Posey 2
RBI: B. Posey 4
GIDP: E. Aybar
CS: J. Heyward
American All-Stars
Iwakuma (W)2.01110111.99
Price (H)1.02000202.17
Sale (H)1.00000002.94
Hernandez (H)1.01000002.74
Dyson (H)0.23330011.15
Kimbrel (H)0.11000002.45
Robertson (H)1.00000201.95
Doolittle (H)1.00000100.88
Cishek (S)1.00000000.95
TEAM TOTALS9.0844062
WP: S. Dyson
National All-Stars
Bumgarner (L)2.04441112.31
TEAM TOTALS9.01066292
WP: M. Melancon, T. Rosenthal

Petco Parkô
July 12th, 2016
Attendance: 42,524 (100% Capacity)
Weather: 67 degrees, Cloudy
Wind: 8.8 mph, Blowin in from RF
First Pitch: 7:05pm

HP: James Kingsley. 1B: Gary Simmons. 2B: Patrick Johnson. 3B: Larry Bullard.
Dynasty: glenzariczny
11:53 AM - July 17, 2016. Written by MikeFlu
Profile Card - Jumbo Peters
Jumbo Peters | 2B
Blue Jays
Height: 6\'2\"Bats/Throws: L/R
Weight: 210Age: 21 years old

Showing a few signs of life at the end of this cycle.
Dynasty: MikeFlu
12:16 AM - July 17, 2016. Written by MikeFlu
Trade requested. They said as soon as a deal comes that benefits the team.
Dynasty: MikeFlu