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Thursday, March 19, 2015
12:37 PM - March 19, 2015. Written by Roscosuper

Dynasty: Roscosuper
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
09:43 AM - March 18, 2015. Written by Roscosuper

Dynasty: Roscosuper
Tuesday, March 17, 2015
12:57 PM - March 17, 2015. Written by Fridge Combat
Bolts Insider

10:20PM - Sep 8, 2014
University of Phoenix Stadium,
Glendale, ARI

Remember, full video coverage is available here!


For the second time in a row, the Cardinals and Chargers would clash on the field, only this time, it is for their first win in the regular season. In the last outing, the Cardinals smashed the Chargers in a one-sided contest. The Chargers will be looking for some retribution this time around!

The Cardinals received the ball to start the game and pushed up to the Charger's 39yd line. Luckily, a poor pass and some good coverage by the Chargers led to a 3 and out. A beautiful kick by rookie Chandler Catanzaro squeezed in to put the Cardinals ahead with the 56yd FG. A successful defensive drive by the Chargers.

The rookie from Clemson shows off his leg strength on this long attempt.

First Charger play from scrimmage, Clemens drops back to pass but coverage is very tight. Time runs out and he is smoked by DE Darnell Dockett and coughs up the football. Fellow DE Calais Campbell makes the recovery. Not a great start for the offense.

So with only a 9yd field to work with, the Cardinals stand to make it a two score game. But, some exquisite goal line defense meant the Chargers were able to hold the Cardinals to a 3 and out again! Stopping 3 plays in the red zone is no joke. Catanzaro puts away the 20yd FG.
Cardinals up 6-0.

A strong drive pushed the Chargers down to the 14yd line with some nice runs and short passing. Unfortunately, a near-sack on play action meant the Bolts had to settle for a 31yd FG.

However, as we have learnt, it was only a matter of time before someone broke off a big run against this defense. RB Jonathan Dwyer was that man, for 39yds.
13-3 Cardinals.

Into the 2nd Qtr, the Chargers worked down the field, including great catches by WRs Keenan Allen and Seyri Ajirotutu. Unfortunately, good pressure by the Cardinals caused a sack followed by an incompletion. Novak put the 34yd FG through.

The Cardinals receivers made some excellent catches on their next drive, but once again, the Chargers showed some grit on defense, leading to another FG. Catanzaro put through another beautiful 52 yarder. The young man showing a lot of promise early on.
The Cardinals were 0/3 on 3rd downs at this point.

Ryan Mathews led the charge on the next drive, pushing the defense back into their own half. Clemens completed a pass to TE Ladarius Green, (one of the many catches he had on the day), but MLB Darryl Washington was right there to strip the ball away. CB Peterson recovered, and the Bolts' momentum was stopped.

But even a short field wouldn't be enough for the Cardinals. Some great play from the secondary meant that they would kick yet another FG, 28 yards this time. Arizona had yet to convert a 3rd down all game.

So with 39secs left, Clemens tried to get some more points in the half. Most led to incompletions, but, after taking a wicked shot, Clemens threw a beautiful pass down the seam to Green. It would end the quarter however.
19-6 Cardinals.

With the Chargers receiving the ball in the 2nd half, things didn't start well. OG Chad Rinehart completely wiffed his block and Clemens was sacked back to the 10yd line. With a good gain from Green, 3 & 6 quickly became 4 & 16 as Clemens rolls right and is caught by OLB Sam Acho.

The Cardinals' drive would be capped off by a 17yd pass to John Brown. They would then line up for two and convert it to Michael Floyd.

So, down 27-6 the Chargers knew they would need a TD on this drive. They came up short with 4th & inches at the 39yd line so the punt team came onto the field. However, a miscommunication cost them a timeout and sent the offense back onto the field. FB David Johnson powered forward for 5yds to convert 4th down.
Clemens looked on-point this drive, delivering some well-timed passes and moving the ball effectively. He had 6 completions in a row, but, after making his 7th catch on a WR screen, Keenan Allen was dropped short by Patrick Peterson on the Cardinals 6. 4th & 1, and once again David Johnson come tumbling through the D-Line for a 1st down.
The Chargers first TD of the game finally came on a 2yd power run by Ryan Mathews, with 2 minutes left in the 3rd Qtr.

The Cardinals next drive would push them into the 4th Qtr. Carson Palmer hit 200 yds passing on this drive and capped it with a 2yd run by, you guessed it, Jonathan Dwyer.

With the game out of reach, the Chargers still kept firing, including a pass to WR Lavonn Brazil which he turns into a great 48yd gain, shrugging off FS Tyrann Mathieu. At the goal line, Ryan Mathews is turned away 3 times by stout defense, but a toss play to the left on 4th down gets the Chargers the TD they wanted, including a great block by David Johnson.
Cardinals get the ball, with the score 34-20.

Unfortunately for the Cardinals, Carson Palmer performs an illegal forward pass to make it 2nd & 16 and they can't overcome the distance, giving the ball back to the Chargers.

With the ball in hand, the Bolts deliver their best offensive drive of the day. Clemens squeezes the ball between two defenders to Green on a square out, who manages to shed tackles and juke his way up the sideline. He cannot make the last guy miss, resulting in a 29yd gain. No matter, one pass later Clemens slings it to Allen who is wide open on a slant for a 15yd TD. It's slightly behind him, but he still manages to control it into the endzone.
The score is now 34-27 and the Chargers need one more score to draw level!

Great ball skills here by Keenan to control the catch and put the Bolts one score closer.

The Cardinals begin grinding out the clock on the ground with Dwyer. But on 3rd down, a bad play call to fake FB and toss to HB leads to OLB Melvin Ingram's 8th tackle. Catanzaro comes on to attempt the 58yd FG! It's up and its, wide right! So the Chargers have one more chance to put this game to a tie!

The drive starts well with Green's 11th catch for a 1st down. A couple of plays later he is blasted by a DE and is clearly shaken but carries on regardless. 2 minute warning comes and it's 3rd & 3. Clemens finds Green, but he takes a hit and can't hang on to the relatively easy catch. So 4th down again, can the Chargers be 3/3 on 4th down? Luckily, they have Lavonn Brazil who makes a fearless catch down the middle and gets rocked, but holds on.
17yds away now, a bad decision makes it 2nd & 12. Clemens drops back, and Baldwin has Peterson beat on the fly. He delivers it pinpoint and Baldwin falls into the endzone for the touchdown!
Flag on the play, offensive PI, Branden Oliver. The Chargers fans let out a collective groan.
2nd & 22 soon becomes 3rd & 22, and on his 51st pass, Clemens throws a poor pass and the game is done.

Final Score: ARI-34 SD-27

San Diego Chargers at Arizona Cardinals
Sep 8, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
San Diego Chargers (0-0)3371427
Arizona Cardinals (0-0)1368734
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense397353
Rushing Yards54107
Passing Yards343246
First Downs2114
Punt Return Yards2014
Kick Return Yards173147
Total Yards590514
3rd Down Converstion53
4th Down Conversion40
2-Point Conversion01
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals3/22/2
Posession Time29:3722:23
San Diego Chargers
K. Clemens36/5138010
R. Mathews15473.12
D. Johnson273.50
L. Green - TE1113812.50
K. Allen - WR8729.01
L. Brazil - WR79713.90
D. Inman - WR44010.00
R. Mathews - HB252.50
J. Baldwin - WR2105.00
S. Ajirotutu - WR199.00
D. Johnson - FB199.00
D. Fluker - RT01
C. Rinehart - LG01
M. Ingram - OLB9000
D. Butler - MLB9000
S. Wright - CB4000
J. Addae - SS4000
M. Elam - SS3000
M. Te'o - MLB2000
J. Young - FS2000
S. Williams - CB2000
J. Verrett - CB1000
R. Carrathers - DT1000
K. Reyes - DE1100
J. Attaochu - OLB1000
T. Williams - OLB1000
C. Liuget - DE1000
D. Stuckey - FS1000
N. Novak2/23/399
P. Scifres14242.00
A. Blake817321.60
A. Blake12020.00
Arizona Cardinals
C. Palmer19/3024910
J. Dwyer181086.02
S. Taylor231.50
J. Brown - WR79313.31
M. Floyd - WR4328.00
L. Fitzgerald - WR35217.30
D. Fells - TE24221.00
J. Dwyer - HB2178.50
J. Brown - WR11313.00
K. Minter - MLB8100
S. Acho - OLB7100
D. Washington - MLB7100
P. Peterson - CB7000
D. Bucanon - SS6000
M. Shaughnessy - OLB5000
T. Jefferson - SS5000
J. Powers - CB4000
D. Williams - DT3000
J. Bethel - CB2000
A. Cromartie - CB2000
D. Dockett - DE1100
C. Campbell - DE1000
T. Mathieu1000
C. Catanzaro4/52/21456
D. Zastudil14242.00
P. Peterson410025.00
T. Ginn24723.50
P. Peterson11414.00

This was actually a pretty good outing for this squad. They knuckled down on defense and limited the Cardinals as best they good, more or less halving their points scored compared to last game.
The offense seemed flat up until the 3rd Qtr, where it came alive in a big way! Let's hope this doesn't become a trend and they can find that intensity early on.
The Chargers fared well through the air against this great secondary and weren't stifled in the ground game.
All in all, bit of a heart-wrenching loss for the young guys, but a good showing all the same.

But let's address the elephant in the room, Oliver's PI call that cost the Bolts the game. We caught up with him in the locker room after the game;

"I feel sick, you know, knowing that you let down your team mates like that is an awful feeling. Just a rookie making a rookie mistake, and I have to live with that, especially if it costs us our season...
...I'm sure I'll have a bunch of hate on Twitter when I get home."

Oliver's current situation isn't an uncommon one, rookies are put under so much pressure to perform these days by their team and fans. Mental stresses to athletes from social media and other outlets are real, and they notice no matter what they say.
We will have to see if he can overcome this set-back and continue to perform how we know he can. We would advise to leave his Twitter alone though!

'GOAT of the game', Oliver will have to keep his head in the right place after a costly mistake.

Offensive Game ball: QB - Kellen Clemens; Clemens had a great outing, completing nearly 75% of his passes, whilst throwing it 51 times! He can't take all the credit for his numbers, but he helped orchestrate a near-magnificent comeback.
Special mention to TE Ladarius Green also for his outstanding performance!

Defensive Game ball: OLB - Melvin Ingram; Ingram led the team in tackles today and played Johnny-on-the-spot. Whilst no one had a standout performance on defense, Ingram played hard and made some big stops when it counted.

The Bolts Insider is an independent news-letter, created by a long-time, avid Charger fan, dedicated to bringing you all the top news and results as they happen!

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Dynasty: Fridge Combat
Sunday, March 15, 2015
04:32 PM - March 15, 2015. Written by HiNeighbor

And in dominating fashion. The Phillies swept through every round of the playoffs, culminating in a 4-0 series in versus the Tampa Bay Rays to capture the 2025 Commissioner's Trophy.

Philadelphia Phillies 2025 Post Season Schedule
Oct 17vs San Francisco GiantsWon, 6-5
Oct 18vs San Francisco GiantsWon, 15-7
Oct 20at San Francisco GiantsWon, 3-2
Oct 23vs Cincinnati RedsWon, 3-2
Oct 24vs Cincinnati RedsWon, 10-4
Oct 26at Cincinnati RedsWon, 1-0
Oct 27at Cincinnati RedsWon, 10-7
Nov 1vs Tampa Bay RaysWon, 7-4
Nov 2vs Tampa Bay RaysWon, 7-6
Nov 4at Tampa Bay RaysWon, 6-1
Nov 5at Tampa Bay RaysWon, 6-3

As you can imagine, such a run would require many outstanding performances. Feast your eyes on the prospects - all grown up - and their amazing stats. As they enter their primes, we can only imagine that a dynasty is about to begin.

2025 The Phillies' Farm - 2025 Post Season Prospect Stats - Hitting
Matt Tola48819202125420.396.453.563
Tristan Powell362600038920.167.304.167
Jin-Song Zhao471117403661300.362.434.638
Bobby Bennett92300012200.333.455.333
Habrao Xisto481115512551033.313.370.583
Jose Sanchez46131630489430.348.455.674
Al Smith451020422105703.444.500.756
2025 The Phillies' Farm - 2025 Post Season Prospect Stats - Pitching
Colby Wyatt332003022.1103010160.901.21
Julien Renaux333001021.1191016311.174.22
Naif Na'il Jamal al Din330001016.0181142201.256.19
Alain Dumont420011016.21382991.324.32
Ty Yoder60001036.0600451.670.00
Toyoaki Watanabe40000033.1100240.900.00
Coty Ricketts, Jr.20000011.2000231.200.00
Dynasty: HiNeighbor
03:57 PM - March 15, 2015. Written by HiNeighbor
The Phillies once again return to the postseason in style. This time around, they finished 107-55 and won the NL Eastern Division by an astounding 13 games.

Now, let us take the time to honor Cre Finfrock, the 7th overall pick in the 2014 draft. He was the very first pick by GM Mike Fields. After eight seasons, we made the very tough decision not to re-sign him. Finfrock is now enjoying his career in the KBO on the Kia Tigers.

Profile Card - Cre Finfrock
Cre Finfrock | SP
Philadelphia Phillies
Height: 6\'0\"Bats/Throws: R/R
Weight: 210Age: 29 years old
8 Seasons26165-774.04236171,288.27289681.44

We head into the postseason in a somewhat somber mood.

Catcher Orlando Leon will be sidelined with a torn PCL and is not expected to return to action for another seven months. Also, all-star first basemen Gene Martin will miss roughly three weeks as he continues to recover from a strained PCL.

Jin-Song Zhao will take over duties at first base, while Jim Morton will replace Leon for the foreseeable future.

On the plus side, former 3rd overall pick Bobby Bennett made his much awaited MLB debut this year and performed admirably.

2025 The Phillies' Farm - 2025 Regular Season Prospect Stats Stats - Hitting
Matt Tola60412918228034151849220.301.389.517
Tristan Powell439691111551263524183.253.332.392
Gene Martin49392148313321021037821.300.325.570
Orlando Leon49083142393772675482.290.379.424
Habrao Xisto587891412521581861064112.240.349.366
Jose Sanchez35510113314411625117418.375.460.530
Al Smith5978817737324102431071210.296.352.489
Jin-Song Zhao21341651311150373500.305.410.531
Bobby Bennett106931502562812.292.330.396
2025 The Phillies' Farm - 2025 Regular Season Prospect Stats Stats - Pitching
Colby Wyatt323212400201.215263141031921.262.81
Julien Renaux323213600215.21767726582301.093.21
Naif Na'il Jamal al Din323114600186.01255830462330.922.81
Alain Dumont252517400151.1119437431081.072.56
Ty Yoder292911800167.1150661273961.333.55
Toyoaki Watanabe254710847.03620530451.403.83
Coty Ricketts, Jr.361221451.04121627401.333.71
Dynasty: HiNeighbor
11:15 AM - March 15, 2015. Written by Fridge Combat
Bolts Insider

This week has seen a bit of news pop up just before the first game of the regular season, but most importantly, the Chargers schedule has been released and we have it below in it's entirety.
We will also take a moment to preview the games and come up with a final record for the Chargers

San Diego Chargers Season 2014 Schedule
Sep 8at Arizona Cardinals
Sep 14vs Seattle Seahawks
Sep 21at Buffalo Bills
Sep 28vs Jacksonville Jaguars
Oct 5vs New York Jets
Oct 12at Oakland Raiders
Oct 19vs Kansas City Chiefs
Oct 23at Denver Broncos
Nov 2at Miami Dolphins
Nov 8vs Bye Week
Nov 16vs Oakland Raiders
Nov 23vs St. Louis Rams
Nov 30at Baltimore Ravens
Dec 7vs New England Patriots
Dec 14vs Denver Broncos
Dec 20at San Fransisco 49ers
Dec 28at Kansas City Chiefs

The Chargers have a tough schedule this year, including a hellacious 5-game stretch at the end of the season.
In their division, the Broncos stand strong as the firm winner. Oakland have added some impressive pieces through the draft, and Kansas City, under Coach Reid for the 2nd year, look to return to the playoffs.
If the division wasn't tough enough, teams like New England, Seattle and Baltimore stand in their way. It's gonna be an extremely tough year for this Chargers team, so let's hope that Mr Telesco's plans to rebuild work out!

Let's take a moment to go through each game individually:

@ Arizona Cardinals: The Chargers first game of the season will see them pitted against a team they played in week 4 of preseason, an unusual scheduling to say the least. Arizona dominated their last outing, in a game where they put up over 700 yds of offense!If the Chargers have a similar outing, it's going to be an awful way to start the season! With a dominant secondary, expect to see the Bolts ground and pound the football. There hasn't been much to prove they can do that though!
Score: SD - 17 ARI - 28

Seattle Seahawks: The defending champs will be coming to San Diego in Week 2, and that's not good news. After dismantling the Broncos, (a much tougher opponent than our Bolts!), the Hawks will be looking for a Superbowl repeat, trashing all who stand in the way. With Marshawn Lynch against this putrid run defense, and a Hawks defense that is lights out expect nothing less than a blowout.
Score: SD - 14 SEA - 49

The road to the Superbowl passes through San Diego, unfortunately.

@ Buffalo Bills: The Bills suffer from the same problem a lot the AFC East does, lack of a great QB. The Chargers D will have to use this to their advantage. Unfortunately, CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson will have other ideas. Some other good offensive pieces, a la rookie WR Sammy Watkins and TE Dwayne Allen, means the Bills will have more than their share of offense. The Bills strength is it's formidable front seven, look for the Chargers to go to the air in this one. Not an improbable win to be had here.
Score: BUF - 17 SD - 21

Jacksonville Jaguars: Possibly the only team with more problems than the Chargers! With their trade for Eric Weddle, he now stands as the best player on the team. With a rookie at QB and no real offensive or defensive weapons to speak of, this could legitimately be a game for the Chargers to win. Don't expect them to roll over though!
Score: SD - 34 JAX - 21

New York Jets: With a now upgraded offensive line, and a great defensive line the Jets are in better shape than when the season started. They still have weaknesses at skill positions, barring some excellent pass catchers, but if the Bolts can't rush the passer, it ay be an easy day for Geno Smith.
Score: SD - 21 NYJ - 14

@ Oakland Raiders: The Bolts first division game will be taking place in the Black Hole. The Raiders had some great draft picks this past year. With OLB Khalil Mack, QB Derek Carr to name a few, the Raiders won't be the walkover of last year.
Score: OAK - 17 SD - 28

Kansas City Chiefs: The string of division games continues with Chiefs coming to town. They have a great 3-4 system, built right down the middle, with DT Dontari Poe, MLB Derrick Johnson and SS Eric Berry. OLBs Justin Houston and Tamba Hali cause havoc off the edges, and should have a field day against this poor Chargers O-Line.
Score: SD - 14 KC - 34

@ Denver Broncos: One of the hardest games on the schedule, the Chargers will travel to mile high. The Broncos have no obvious weaknesses on their squad, and with a future hall of famer under center, chances are the Broncos will pick them apart.
Score: DEN - 56 SD - 28

@ Miami Dolphins: Last week before the bye week, will be against the hard-nosed defense of Miami. Ryan Tannehill is in his 2nd year now, and has a better understanding of the offense. The Bolts will also try and contain RB Lamarr Miller, throwing against this secondary is no joke either. A tough challenge indeed.
Score: MIA - 28 SD - 21

Bye Week: After a tough stint of games, the Chargers will limp into Week 10 for their bye. Hopefully, without too many injuries in tow.

Oakland Raiders: After a week of rest, the Bolts will be excited to bring their hated rivals into their stadium. Provided they aren't too injured, or the Raiders struggled in their last meeting, then expect the Bolts to do well here.
Score: SD - 34 OAK - 13

St. Louis Rams: The first game of the Bolts' toughest run of the year starts against St. Louis. If there was a front 4 that you didn't want to meet, it's this one. The Bolts offense will have a real challenge against St. Louis, but the defense may be able to contain QB Sam Bradford and it's lack of pass catchers. Still, not an easy proposition.
Score: SD - 20 STL - 29

@ Baltimore Ravens: From one tough defense to another, the Ravens will be another great test for this O-Line. They have extremely fast receivers, and a strong-armed QB to get it to them. RB Ray Rice also adds a great dimension to their offense. If there is any weakness, it would be the secondary, if they get enough time to pass at all!
Score: BAL - 35 SD - 21

New England Patriots: The team the Chargers can never beat, even at the best of the times. Now they, probably have no chance. The Pats will rule the East until Brady retires most likely, and no doubt Belichick will have planned many ways to exploit this depleted team. No matter who's on the roster, the Pats always find a way to win.
Score: SD - 24 NE - 37

Denver Broncos: 2nd bout against the AFC West heavyweights. Playing at home may make a bit of difference, but not enough to change the outcome, we fear.
Score: SD - 28 DEN - 34

It's unlikely the Chargers will de-throne the Broncos as the division leader this year!

@ San Francisco 49ers: The schedule continues on it's hellish march to the off-season, with another exceptional defense. To this point the Chargers will be no strangers to mobile QBs, and Kapernick may be one of the most agile thus far. Containing him alone will be a challenge for this young defense. With a plethora of linebacking talent, the Chargers will just have to hope they can do their damage through the air.
Score: SF - 35 SD - 17

@ Kansas City Chiefs Last game of the season may be the last gasps for this, as of our estimates, struggling Chargers team. Hopefully it will bring feelings of elation, either from a high draft pick, or from seeing these young players handle a season of adversity.
Score: KC - 38 SD - 14

When it's all said and done, a 5-11 team would be quite the over-achiever, based on the sum of it's players. That would give the Chargers a pick in the back end of the Top 10, and would also be a great stepping stone for the young team moving forward.
Now onto the news of the league this week!


DEN - G. Dorsey DT - $1.91M - The productive DT is joining a strong defense in Denver. DT was one of the 'weaker' positions on this squad, Dorsey adds a solid backup or 2nd player in that spot.

NYG - M. Gilchrist SS - $2.5M - The ex-Charger now has a new home in New York. Taking a spot behind veteran Antrel Rolle is a great spot for the young man to learn and improve his game, maybe even sign a new deal!

NYJ - T. Herremans OG - $1.38M - The Jets have taken advantage to strengthen their offensive line once again. Herremans takes up residence at RG and gives gang green a good ability to run the football. Rex Ryan is making some good moves for the Jets recently to help out his young QB.


ATL - C. Peters DT - With rookie DT Ra'shede Hageman taken in this years draft, the Falcons have decided to cut ties with Peters. Still young and in his playing prime, it would be a surprise not to see him on a 4-3 team before the season is out.
Possible Landing Spots: CHI/ TB/ JAX/ TEN

No teams bit by the injury bug by the end of Preseason!

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Dynasty: Fridge Combat
09:59 AM - March 15, 2015. Written by HiNeighbor
The Phillies started the series with a bang, thanks in part to Gene Martin's stunning offensive performance. He went 3-4 with a home run and five RBI.

Julien Renaux had a sparking outing on the mound, surrendering only one run over eight innings.

The Phillies take a 1-0 series lead, with game 2 taking place tomorrow night.

Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia Phillies
Oct 17, 2024123456789RHE
Atlanta (95-67)001000000140
Philadelphia (98-64)20420000X8100
W: Julien Renaux (1-0) L: Tim Blanchard (0-1)
Scoring Summary
Atlanta Braves
R. Carey2000200.167
C. Tucker4000010.500
A. Russell4000010.125
J. Soler3000020.000
J. Rodriguez1000000.000
A. Medina4020000.429
M. Ross3010110.333
T. Michalczewski4000010.125
M. McGuire2111101.500
T. Blanchard1000000.000
J. Hursh0000000.000
V. Smith1000000.000
J. Corona0000000.000
D. Garrett1000000.000
J. Barrera0000000.000
D. Garcia1000000.000
HR: R. McGuire (1, 3rd inning, 0 on, 0 outs)
LOB: 8
SB: A. Medina (2)
Philadelphia Phillies
J. Sanchez5220000.400
O. Leon4221100.500
M. Tola3220210.667
G. Martin4235001.750
A. Smith4012000.250
H. Xisto3000100.000
J. Parr3000110.000
J. Jones4000000.000
J. Renaux3000000.000
J. Zhao1000000.000
J. Moran0000000.000
2B: A. Smith (1, 3rd inning, 2 on, 1 out), O. Leon (1, 8th inning, 0 on, 2 outs)
HR: G, Martin (1, 1st inning, 1 on, 2 outs)
LOB: 7
SB: J. Sanchez (1)
Atlanta Braves
T. Blanchard (L, 0-1)2.166619123.14
J. Hursh1.222241010.80
J. Corona2.01000000.00
J. Barrera2.01000100.00
Philadelphia Phillies
J. Renaux (W, 1-0)8.04113611.13
J. Moran1.00001000.00
Dynasty: HiNeighbor
09:37 AM - March 15, 2015. Written by HiNeighbor
Well, it's happened. After years of ineptitude, the Phillies are seemingly back on top, having finished the 2024 regular season with a 98-64 record - the best in baseball.

Pretty much everyone in the lineup was clicking, especially the all-star caliber prospects selected by GM Mike Fields.

Matt Tola and Gene Martin came within a few home runs of hitting 40 each, and both finished with .320+ batting averages.

Orlando Leon also made great strides, perhaps finally living up to his former #1 prospect expectations.

The Phillies will take on NL Wildcard winner Atlanta. The series will begin Thursday, October 17th in Philadelphia.

Now, for the yearly statistical summary of Mike Fields' top crop of prospects:

2024 The Phillies' Farm - 2024 Regular Season Prospect Stats Stats - Hitting
Matt Tola604103193360371287710172.320.409.563
Tristan Powell3123676163335295222.244.310.343
Gene Martin572129186322391191246980.325.446.593
Orlando Leon462661474321382615831.318.405.504
Habrao Xisto57577127322117989903212.221.328.341
Jose Sanchez491106155242124581374716.316.420.446
Al Smith619851853721485261171615.299.340.433
Jin-Song Zhao1713056811238353600.327.438.596
2024 The Phillies' Farm - 2024 Regular Season Prospect Stats Stats - Pitching
Colby Wyatt3232141000206.01497514881931.153.28
Cre Finfrock313112600177.01727918781141.364.02
Naif Na'il Jamal al Din3232131000185.21407125551751.053.44
Julien Renaux323217700209.01467424772221.073.19
Alain Dumont450211956.14821418391.173.36
Toyoaki Watanabe4504221541.24025643361.995.40
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Saturday, March 14, 2015
06:39 PM - March 14, 2015. Written by HiNeighbor
What a difference a year makes!

For the first time in 12 years, the Phillies (93-70) finally made it back to the playoffs.

There, they made a remarkable run to the World Series, where they finally succumbed to the New York Yankees, losing two games to four.

Philadelphia Phillies 2023 World Series Results
Oct 31vs New York YankeesWon, 5-4
Nov 1vs New York YankeesLost, 5-3
Nov 3at New York YankeesWon, 5-4
Nov 4at New York YankeesLost, 11-7
Nov 5at New York YankeesLost, 3-2
Nov 6vs New York YankeesLost, 8-2

The surprising season was made possible by the continued emergence of the Phillies' top prospects. This year, highly touted 3B Al Smith made his big league debut and didn't disappoint. He'll need to work on plate discipline during the offseason, as he only managed to draw 20 walks and finished with a sub .300 OBP.

Jose Sanchez continued his destruction of Major League pitching, finishing with a remarkable .343 batting average and 70 stolen bases.

Could next year be the year the Phillies can take the World Series crown? They certainly have the talent.

Jin-Song Zhao, the 6th overall pick of the 2021 draft, got a few at-bats at the highest level and should provide pinch hitter duties next year and be a worthy substitute in the infield.

Now, without further ado, here are the 2023 stats of all Major League players in the Phillies organization who were handpicked by GM wunderkind Mike Fields:

2023 The Phillies' Farm - 2023 Season Recap Stats - Hitting
Matt Tola4528913127325927775162.290.397.529
Tristan Powell513641323166535664123.257.331.376
Gene Martin543941544302410811810282.284.417.495
Orlando Leon536641414728806810552.263.344.403
Habrao Xisto53864112312744851054511.208.317.312
Jose Sanchez554131190395855105627020.343.454.475
Al Smith57564151334127820159125.263.297.397
Jin-Song Zhao171510024700.294.429.353
2023 The Phillies' Farm - 2023 Season Recap Stats - Pitching
Colby Wyatt313112700169.21668112801721.454.30
Cre Finfrock323261000171.1156789891361.434.10
Naif Na'il Jamal al Din333313800179.01557120581691.193.57
Julien Renaux333316700208.216281171002151.263.49
Alain Dumont430403658.14530940431.464.63
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05:22 AM - March 14, 2015. Written by Str8Edge4Life
FC Barcelona at Real Madrid
FC Barcelona (CPU)2923254614137
Real Madrid (Me)3223234520143
FC Barcelona
Marcelinho Huertas, PG397-141-51-131710216
Juan Carlos Navarro, SG339-173-68-84320029
Kostas Papanikolaou, SF405-131-42-37521013
Erazem Lorbek, PF259-124-61-13110023
Ante Tomic, C319-150-00-112101118
Brad Oleson, SG215-121-40-04110111
Bostjan Nachbar, PF202-80-40-0320014
Joey Dorsey, C171-30-00-0610012
Alejandro Abrines, SG163-51-20-0221007
Maciej Lampe, C153-50-01-1400027
Jacob Pullen, PG143-60-21-2140117
TEAM TOTALS56/11011/3314/1749378310137
Real Madrid
Sergio Rodriguez, PG366-91-35-561131518
Sergio Llull, SG424-92-54-44310114
Rudy Fernandez, SF368-165-115-53100026
Nikola Mirotic, PF3715-292-610-126424142
Ioannis Bourousis, C326-90-01-211002013
Marcus Slaughter, C161-10-00-0431212
Tremmell Darden, SF154-61-30-0220019
Dontaye Draper, PG121-51-20-0142023
Salah Mejri, C121-20-00-0300102
Jaycee Carroll, SG111-31-20-0220003
Felipe Reyes, PF110-00-00-0300100
Daniel Diez, SF103-73-42-22100011
TEAM TOTALS50/9616/3627/30473191111143
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02:53 AM - March 14, 2015. Written by Str8Edge4Life
Atlanta Hawks at Phoenix Suns
Mar 14, 20151ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Atlanta (Me)25362721109
Phoenix (CPU)28291826101
Atlanta Hawks
Jeff Teague, PG3610-214-80-02901424
Kyle Korver, SG378-143-60-04310119
DeMarre Carroll, SF375-70-00-37200310
Paul Millsap, PF4015-250-12-310400132
Al Horford, C365-60-00-015221110
Dennis Schroder, PG202-30-00-0170124
Kent Bazemore, SG172-31-10-0112105
Pero Antic, C120-20-11-2311101
Elton Brand, C102-50-00-0400004
TEAM TOTALS49/868/173/847296512109
Phoenix Suns
Eric Bledsoe, PG4110-230-42-211010022
P.J. Tucker, SG375-91-42-23310413
Marcus Morris, SF352-110-20-0541004
Markieff Morris, PF368-172-36-78110024
Alex Len, C336-70-01-18210013
Archie Goodwin, SG207-100-02-21100016
Brandan Wright, C161-40-00-01003012
T.J. Warren, SF132-51-20-0110015
Marcus Thornton, SG131-40-10-0131002
TEAM TOTALS42/904/1613/143825906101
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12:06 AM - March 14, 2015. Written by Str8Edge4Life
Sacramento Kings at Philadelphia 76ers
Mar 13, 20151ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Sacramento (CPU)28222427101
Philadelphia (Me)2126232393
Sacramento Kings
Ray McCallum, PG360-50-22-2291022
Ben McLemore, SG387-161-30-04420215
Rusy Gay, SF319-180-21-23121019
Carl Landry, PF274-60-01-21002029
DeMarcus Cousins, C3711-180-00-015030222
Andre Miller, PG235-100-03-34100413
Derrick Williams, PF223-72-32-26201210
Omri Casspi, SF152-51-30-0200005
Jason Thompson, PF143-50-00-01010016
Nik Stauskas, SG10-00-00-0000010
TEAM TOTALS44/904/139/11561810216101
Philadelphia 76ers
Isaiah Canaan, PG313-122-53-62911511
JaKarr Sampson, SG222-50-00-0211034
Robert Covington, SF286-114-74-42201220
Luc Mbah a Moute, PF292-40-02-4812106
Nerlens Noel, C338-100-03-48111019
Hollis Thompson, SG230-100-70-0571120
Jerami Grant, SF214-91-41-20100210
Ish Smith, PG201-60-12-2220004
Thomas Robinson, PF155-70-01-63100011
Henry Sims, C153-30-02-2010008
Furkan Aldemir, C80-00-00-0501000
TEAM TOTALS34/777/2418/303726751493
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Friday, March 13, 2015
Minnesota Timberwolves at Oklahoma City Thunder
Mar 13, 20151ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Minnesota (Me)35273821121
Oklahoma City (CPU)34263127118
Minnesota Timberwolves
Ricky Rubio, PG274-112-43-42740413
Kevin Martin, SG388-181-34-47420221
Andrew Wiggins, SF369-221-56-73300425
Kevin Garnett, PF295-100-03-310311213
Nikola Pekovic, C284-60-07-88010015
Gorgui Dieng, C306-70-02-29202314
Gary Neal, SG255-82-30-01310012
Zach LaVine, PG211-41-22-2371005
Adreian Payne, PF111-41-30-0400113
TEAM TOTALS43/908/2027/30472910416121
Oklahoma City Thunder
Russell Westbrook, PG3415-233-68-98430641
Andre Roberson, SG303-70-00-0552026
Kyle Singler, SF325-170-82-21310012
Serge Ibaka, PF362-80-03-4712017
Enes Kanter, C277-100-03-313200117
Steven Adams, C212-50-11-4811015
Dion Waiters, SG193-101-33-41410310
Anthony Morrow, SF174-82-50-00110010
D.J. Augustin, PG154-81-50-0251019
Nick Collison, PF140-10-01-2301001
TEAM TOTALS45/987/2821/28482613015118
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09:49 PM - March 13, 2015. Written by Roscosuper

Dynasty: Roscosuper
06:40 PM - March 13, 2015. Written by Roscosuper

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