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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Titans sign 10 players to Training Camp Squad
July 25, 2014

Nashville, TN -- The Titans added 10 free agent players to their preseason roster today. The players signed are: QB Tajh Boyd (23), FB Shaun Chapas (25), WR Chris Boyd (22), TE Jermichael Finley (27), G Travis Bond (23), G Andrew Tiller (25), DT Jerel Worthy (24), OLB Devonte Holloman (23), CB Champ Bailey (36), and K Rian Lindell (37).

Players of note:
-Rookie QB Tajh Boyd never came to terms with the New York Jets, who drafted him, and instead released him.
-Veteran TE Jermichael Finley signs a one-year contract with the Titans. He hopes to be fully recovered from an injury that kept him out for a majority of the 2014 season.
-Veteran CB Champ Bailey and K Rian Lindell both desire to continue playing professional football, and the Titans are very young at CB, while the Lindell signing creates a Kicker competition.
-Former Michigan St. All-American DT Jerel Worthy looks to rebound after being released by the Green Bay Packers after only 2 seasons in the NFL. The Titans are extremely thin at DT this season.

These 10 players will report to the team when Training Camp opens up tomorrow.
Dynasty: Dienerbird55

Bryan Rothdiener Officially New Titans Owner
Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

Nashville, TN -- Bryan Rothdiener was all smiles during his first day as the new owner of the Tennessee Titans. Mr. Rothdiener received high praises from the entire Estate of Bud Adams, including Bud’s grandson Kenneth Adams IV, who was initially in line to take over the team.

Rothdiener is not your typical suit and tie kind guy. His back story is not that of a standard billionaire either. Just 23 years old and feeling down on his luck, Rothdiener struck gold by winning the largest payout in New York State lottery history. Rothdiener was just 8 years old at the time the Titans made their move to Nashville, and he has been a fan ever since. After Mr. Adams unfortunate passing, and Rothdiener’s lottery luck struck, it seemed the stars finally aligned for the young sports fanatic. After the 2014 Draft, Rothdiener got in contact with Tommy Smith to discuss a possible sale.

Rothdiener has no intentions of moving the Titans from Nashville, although the bright lights of Los Angeles are “tempting”. He also said that he has full faith in Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt, who was hired by the Titans in January. Rothdiener said he is looking forward to meeting with the coaches and players, and molding this team into a contender this year. “I want to start my career as Titans owner off with a bang, and get this team to the playoffs this year. Obviously, the ultimate goal is to bring multiple Super Bowl Championships to Nashville. But first, there are a lot of new faces in this organization from top to bottom, and we need to get ourselves focused on becoming a cohesive unit."

The Titans open training camp on July 26th.
Dynasty: Dienerbird55
01:21 PM - October 23, 2014. Written by Cf3411
Hey guys this is going to be a 30 team interactive association. Two other people have tried this and it didn't pan out. I want to re-invent it. This league will have me as the commissioner, and I will run the league site as the media member.

Roles you can be:
-GM- (5 Spots available)


-Trade Veto Board-(3-5 guys including me, probably won't need vetoes seeing as how nba trades never get vetoed but just incase we see a horrid trade.)

-Agent/Media-(I'll be one, if you're an Agent/Media guy you can't be a GM. Heres why, you break news, leak rumors so we need someone who just wants to fish around for rumors, true or false? Who knows. Media will post on the website, and on OS. If you're a Media person being an agent would be another thing you could do. Negotiate as every players agent for FA purposes, or for demanding trades, etc.)

-Cap Space guy-You can be anyone of these other roles and do this role as well. I just need someone who has a solid understanding of the CBA to help me out. I don't want this to be as strict as the real CBA, but maybe we could come up with our own rules as a league, and this guy will just help out with monitoring it with me and the other Commissioner.

Few things about the association:
1. Nobody plays games, It is all run on my association and I sim all games, and make the moves you make in my game to adjust the rosters to the moves that have been made.

2. You are the GM so you handle all your scouting, your trades, and roster moves as well as the rotations and your coach profiles so you dictate how YOUR team will play.

Questions for you guys:

1. How many guys do you want to join before we start? (Thinking at least 15 probably 20 though.)

2. Do you guys want to know players ratings from all teams, just yours, or none? Other leagues that I've done they chose none.

3. How many trading windows do you want? I was thinking no more than 3, because I don't want this to be trades were no teams resemble their current selves.

Also I was thinking of doing just 29 games. Heres why:
1-Lets us finish more seasons.
2-Helps you guys with rotations because injuries happen and it would be too tough to sim through weeks without letting you guys reset lineup.
3-This way I can go through 2 games a day for teams and you will still get to tinker with lineups, for whatever reason you want to.

Note: The league will start at Summer League so you guys can put a team in if you want and I will have the games summed for you.

Also when picking your team, if you pick a young team keep that in mind so that you want to build through young talent, and draft unless you can snag a nice trade, but most young teams hold some assets see what their potential can be.

I will be incorporating a FA calculator that determines teams talent, with city, and fan base to determine what FA's go where depending on the offers you guys make.

Hope this draws interest. Lets make this fun!

League Website I created for a different interactive association. We never got started so thats why its not 100% finished. http://fitz3411.wix.com/nbatoday#!league-hub/mainPage

Follow are Dynasty here.

5 Available Teams
Memphis Grizzlies
New Orleans Pelicans
Oklahoma City Thunder
Portland Trail Blazers
New York Knicks
Dynasty: Cf3411
08:03 AM - October 23, 2014. Written by zackebarsch10
Start of Season 2014

Released Players

POS | Name | EXP
FB | T. Oporum | 1
WR | U, Nwachukwu | 1
TE | J. Weeks | 4
LT | W. Yeatman | 3
LT | J. Adams | 1
RG | A. Kupper | 1
ROLB | R. Sapp | 4
MLB | M. Mohamed | 3
MLB | J. Tarpinian | 3
CB | A. Bouye | 1
CB | J. Aubrey | 1
CB | J. Rolle | 1

Depth Chart

Houston Texans Depth Chart - 2014
Regular Offense
WRA. Johnson (90 OVR) (EXP 11)D. Johnson (78 OVR) (EXP 2)K. Martin (79 OVR) (EXP 2)
TEG. Graham (85 OVR) (EXP 4)R. Griffin (82 OVR) (EXP 1)C. Fiedorowicz (79 OVR) (EXP 0)
LTD. Brown (92 OVR) (EXP 6)D. Newton (81 OVR) (EXP 3)D. Quessenberry (80 OVR) (EXP 1)
LGB. Jones (83 OVR) (EXP 2)X. Su'a-Filo (83 OVR) (EXP 0)D. Newton (81 OVR) (EXP 3)
CC. Myers (88 OVR) (EXP 9)J. Ferentz (80 OVR) (EXP 0)X. Su'a-Filo (83 OVR) (EXP 0)
RGB. Brooks (87 OVR) (EXP 2)X. Su'a-Filo (83 OVR) (EXP 0)D. Newton (81 OVR) (EXP 3)
RTT. Clabo (84 OVR) (EXP 10)D. Newton (81 OVR) (EXP 3)D. Quessenberry (80 OVR) (EXP 1)
WRD. Hopkins (85 OVR) (EXP 1)D. Posey (78 OVR) (EXP 2)A. Bonner (74 OVR) (EXP 1)
QBR. Mallett (82 OVR) (EXP 3)R. Fitzpatrick (83 OVR) (EXP 9)T. Savage (78 OVR) (EXP 0)
FBJ. Prosch (83 OVR) (EXP 0)
HBA. Foster (92 OVR) (EXP 5)J. Grimes (82 OVR) (EXP 2)A. Blue (80 OVR) (EXP 0)
Base 3-4 Defense
LDEJ. Crick (81 OVR) (EXP 2)J. Pagan (78 OVR) (EXP 0)K. Browner (77 OVR) (EXP 2)
NTL. Nix III (84 OVR) (EXP 0)J. Powe (82 OVR) (EXP 3)R. Pickett (83 OVR) (EXP 13)
RDEJ.J. Watt (95 OVR) (EXP 3)T. Jamison (77 OVR) (EXP 5)J. Pagan (78 OVR) (EXP 0)
LOLBB. Reed (83 OVR) (EXP 3)W. Mercilus (81 OVR) (EXP 2)J. Simon (80 OVR) (EXP 1)
LILBB. Cushing (89 OVR) (EXP 5)J. Tuggle (80 OVR) (EXP 1)
RILBA. Dent (80 OVR) (EXP 3)M. Bullough (79 OVR) (EXP 0)
ROLBJ. Clowney (88 OVR) (EXP 0)W. Mercilus (81 OVR) (EXP 2)J. Simon (80 OVR) (EXP 1)
CBJ. Joseph (87 OVR) (EXP 8)D. Morris (78 OVR) (EXP 1)E. Mack (78 OVR) (EXP 6)
SSD.J. Swearinger (86 OVR) (EXP 1)E. Pleasant (80 OVR) (EXP 2)L. Ballentine (75 OVR) (EXP 0)
FSK. Lewis (82 OVR) (EXP 4)D. Manning (79 OVR) (EXP 8)L. Ballentine (75 OVR) (EXP 0)
CBK. Jackson (83 OVR) (EXP 4)A. Hal (78 OVR) (EXP 0)
Special Teams
KR. Bullock (81 OVR) (EXP 2)
PS. Lechler (91 OVR) (EXP 14)
PRD. Johnson (EXP 2)D. Manning (EXP 8)A. Bonner (EXP 1)E. Mack (EXP 6)
KRD. Johnson (EXP 2)D. Manning (EXP 8)A. Bonner (EXP 1)J. Grimes (EXP 2)
Dynasty: zackebarsch10
12:13 AM - October 23, 2014. Written by Dienerbird55

Hello everyone, and welcome to my Tennessee Titans Dynasty! This is my first time posting a dynasty blog, so i'll try to make this interesting as possible. This blog should project an "Owner mode" perspective on this franchise, however, I will be using Coach mode in-game, to avoid any conflicts with the financial aspects.

My rules:
- System - PS4 (Madden 15)
- Game Mode - All-Pro
- Quarter Length - 15 Min, Acc Clock - 15 sec
- Roster - Week 1 Rosters
- I will try to be reasonable with trades and free agency.

Okay...let's get this show on the road!


Longtime NFL Franchise Sold to Team Superfan
Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nashville, TN -- Just a few weeks before training camps open, one NFL Franchise is gaining new ownership. The Estate of Bud Adams has sold the Tennessee Titans to longtime Titans super-fan Bryan Rothdiener. The deal is believed to be for approximately $1.75 Billion, and is pending league approval.

Tommy Smith, head of the Estate of Bud Adams and Adam’s son-in-law, stated that “Bud would want this team to succeed, and we believe that in order for this to happen, we need to hand over control of the franchise to someone who has that same burning passion for the game of football that Bud had. We believe that Mr. Rothdiener can bring success to Nashville for many years to come.”

A press conference is scheduled for Tuesday, July 8th to officially announce the sale, and for Mr. Rothdiener to address the public for the first time.
Dynasty: Dienerbird55
Wednesday, October 22, 2014
11:07 PM - October 22, 2014. Written by nwcizhere

BYU got some bad news Friday night.

While they may have rolled the UConn Huskies, they've lost their starting running back.

Jamaal Williams left early in the second quarter, and did not return. He complained of chest pains and x-rays confirm he has a broken rib.

There is no timetable for his return.
Dynasty: nwcizhere
07:07 PM - October 22, 2014. Written by kswgrad2012

KSW's Tulane Power Spread Option

I was gonna post this a while ago, but it took a lot of time to write this up. This is the playbook I use in my Tulane Green Wave dynasty on NCAA Football 13. While I play on '13 the playbook will work fine in NCAA '14, but with a few differences. The SimSports link provided below shows the playbook under the NCAA '14 umbrella. While it's not exactly my offense, it is about 90%. Since most of you guys play '14 now I thought to put it there; if anyone still plays '13 like me, PM me and I can send you a link to the playbook under the NCAA '13 umbrella.

Playbook Name: KSW's Tulane Power Spread Option

Base Offense: This offense has varied so much over the years that ANY option- or spread-based playbook will do. When I created it long ago, I used Air Force as the base.

SimSports Link: http://www.simsports.net/viewPlayboo...bid=2685&gid=2

Position Requirements:
QB: Must have good mobility. Preferably someone w/ 85+ OVR Speed & Acceleration. (75-84 Speed will suffice if needed, but some of the option plays may not be as effective. Below 75 will not work. Acceleration must be at least 80.) Passing skills should be decent, but great passing isn't required (the passing in this offense isn't very in-depth). Bryan Higgins ran this offense to near-perfection in my dynasty this past season. Throwing for only 1687 yards & 18 touchdowns, he also ran for 1755 yds & 17 TDs. He won the 2017 Maxwell Award.

Tulane QB Bryan Higgins

HB: HBs can be recruited based on your preference. I prefer larger power runners but speed backs can work just fine. As long as they have good strength & elusiveness, and SOME ability to shed blockers, they're fine. This is one position where you will use Formation Subs a lot, depending on the situation & your stable of backs. In a dynasty, HB is THE FIRST position I look at when recruiting, because they can make-or-break this offense.

FB: Just as the JOKER is a wild-card in most card games, the FB position is the true wild-card in this offense. It is not required to have a FB in the offense, but having a good one can be a great luxury. If you don't have one, a good power HB or even an athletic TE can work. If you don't want one you can simply substitute a HB/TE in the position. The FB should be an all-around player: good running ability, decent hands, great at blocking. In my Tulane dynasty Fred Roach was the greatest at this. He's since graduated; here's his career stat line:

FB Fred Roach:
292 rush, 1582 yds, 21 TD
43 rec, 498 yds, 3 TD
151 pancake blocks

WR: Speed guys are preferred. Especially the slot receiver. The slot receiver is arguably the most important receiver, as he may receive the majority of the jet sweeps & motion option pitches. Nevertheless all receivers must possess decent strength, as they will have many blocking assignments. In the past I've used bigger receivers on the outside to block, with a speed demon in the slot. But all big guys or all speed demons can work, if they all have good running ability & decent strength. If you throw it as much as I do however, they won't catch a lot of passes.

TE: Like the FB, the TE position can be a wild-card in this offense. A big TE can be a great mismatch down the field, while a smaller TE can play in the backfield as a FB sub. But this one fact is important: ALL TIGHT ENDS MUST BE ABLE TO BLOCK. For this reason I recruit primarily "Blocking" TE's, as I personally don't throw it enough to consider recruiting a good receiving threat. A typical TE in my offense may average between 10-30 catches a season, but over 50 pancake blocks. Great strength & blocking ability is a must, but good hands are a bonus.

Offensive Line: The skills of your O-line will greatly depend on how much you like throwing the ball. If you're run-heavy like me, you better recruit "Run Block" O-linemen. Guys who can dominate the trenches at all times are a must. They need to get great push to have success on dive runs, but must also be athletic enough to block downfield on sweeps, outside run plays and screen passes. As I said with HB's, if you're using this playbook in a dynasty the offensive line would be one of the first positions I'd consider when recruiting, because they too can make-or-break the offense. For guys who throw the ball more than I do, "Balanced" lineman will do.

Key Plays:
The playbook has a fair amount of passing plays, but it's a run-first offense. Use the power running game to set up either the play-action pass or the option game. Most of the passing plays are either short patterns, inside routes or screens, meant to catch the defense napping. When they commit to stopping the run, throw a deep one over the middle. Short pass should be the majority of your passing, which is why passing numbers will typically be low. I treat screen plays as extended running plays, so the passing plays I call most frequently are Slants, Curls, and HB Slip Screen. Ideally most of the deep-ball passing will be done out of play action.

The option plays are important too, as it's all about deception in this offense. You always want to keep the defense guessing on every down. Run a few HB/FB dive plays with your HB or FB to start, then have your QB pull out the read option & gash the defense for a big gain. Every now & then throw out a jet sweep or motion option run with a speedy WR, or a speed option with the HB. The defense should never know what hits them. THIS is the primary reason why my playbook has a whopping 26 formations. Though most formations will contain only 9, 12, or 15 plays, you always want to throw many looks at the defense to keep them on their toes.

Recruiting Recommendations:
QB: Scrambler
HB: Doesn't matter (depends on your preference)
FB: Receiving
WR: Speed preferred (though a fast Possession guy can work)
TE: Blocking
OL: Run Block preferred (though Balanced can work)

This offense can also work well with great ATH's. Depending on their skill set they can find many roles in the system. For example, Bryan Higgins was an ATH when I recruited him, and my HB Josh Williams was also an ATH at first.

The base alignments of the playbook are the Ace, I Form, Pistol and Shotgun. These four alignments I feel link together really well, because they're really 4 offenses wrapped into one. You could go Ace-Pistol combo (since a lot of formations overlap between the two), Ace-I Form (for a heavy dose of power football), Ace-Shotgun (for you Pro Style/One Back enthusiasts), or Pistol-Shotgun (for those who love the Spread offense). Ideally you can use any combination of the four base alignments, but I feel those four mentioned work best as a cohesive unit. I run Pistol-Shotgun combo the most, but you should really play to the hand of the defense. In my Tulane dynasty I could run a lot of Pistol-Shotgun one game, then run Ace-I Form the next. Just take whatever the defense gives you. DON'T FORCE ANYTHING. The best way to run this offense is to play "situational football."

On a per-game average, my play-calling is typically about 70% run, 30% pass. I run 9:00 quarters in my dynasty, and I average between 60-80 plays a game. As far as stats are concerned I aim for over 300 yards a game rushing, while only 100-200 yards passing. If I hit my quota it's a good game; if not I need to tweak my playcalling. This offense CAN work out of hurry-up/no-huddle, though I prefer not to play that way. I like to take time & mix up the formation look, sending out a different combo of players every few plays. That being said, if you want to run no-huddle the offense is perfectly set up to do that. I love to utilize match-ups. In the dynasty my current feature back is a Power back, but on some plays I will bring in a smaller, quicker HB. The Speed back is best fit for the 3- or 4-WR sets where I could run option, or throw a screen pass to him. When I want to go full-on power, I'll sub in a FB at RB, and perhaps substitute a bigger power QB for my typically smaller speed QB. Sometimes I'll put a WR or TE in the backfield, sometimes I'll have 2 FB's. Like I said, it's all about match-ups.

Additional Notes: Not much more to add here, everything's pretty much been explained. You can run this offense however you like, and have fun with it. I know it's a large playbook, but it's meant that way. The point is to be able to run whatever you need at any time. With this offense my Tulane team has enjoyed much success. The team won the national title this past season, and is set to defend the title this season. I try to tweak/update the playbook every offseason, so I'll update the above SimSports link as needed. The playbook will also be posted in my "arena." If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Enjoy!
Dynasty: kswgrad2012
01:38 PM - October 22, 2014. Written by nwcizhere
Despite a huge day from Max DeLorenzo (240 total yards, 3 touchdowns), the Huskies couldn't keep pace with the Cougars. BYU's up tempo offense had the Huskies looking gassed, and head coach Bob Diaco wasn't pleased.

"Obviously, this isn't how you want to start a season," he said after the game. "But, there were some positives. I thought that we ran well, and I think that we were fairly safe with the ball."

On the flipside, Bronco Mendenhall was proud of his team. "The guys played well, but we gave up some big plays. Next week [against Texas], we can't do that because they'll take advantage."

The Cougars go to 1-0 on the year, while UConn falls to 0-1. BYU hits the road again next week to take on the Texas Longhorns

Brigham Young Cougars at Connecticut Huskies
#20 Brigham Young Cougars (1-0)21147749
Connecticut Huskies (0-1)0147021
Brigham Young Cougars
T. Hill17/2018321
T. Hill141047.41
A. Brown99610.60
P. Lasike9586.43
J. Williams 6325.30
A. Hine11010.00
D. Blackmon144.00
M. Mathews44611.51
J. Leslie4389.50
D. Blackmon3399.60
J. Williams199.00
D. Mahina11010.00
K. Nelson12424.00
N. Kurtz133.00
R. Apo144.01
T. Houk12020.00
U. Lapuaho22
K. Johnson20
D. Wesley11
T. Koroma 11
R. Daniel5000
Z. Stout5011
D. Leavitt5000
A. Fua4100
C. Bills3000
R. Peck3200
F. Warner3000
C. Badger3000
T. Tuiloma 2000
M. Pikula2000
S. PoVey2000
H. Langi1000
M. Davis1000
T. Sampson0/07/77
S. Arellano14040.0
K. Nelson36421.30
D. Blackmon12424.00
D. Blackmon44711.70
Connecticut Huskies
C. Whitmer17/3423211
M. DeLorenzo9778.52
J. Clax111.00
M. DeLorenzo1016316.31
S. McQuillan33110.30
G. Davis2126.00
K. Abrams11818.00
T. Myers188.0
R. Levy20
A. Mateas21
D. Gifford 11
G. Cruz02
G. Stewart9010
J. Green7000
O. Melifonwu7100
A. Adams5000
C. Stapleton5000
J. Ashiru4100
M. Vann4100
B. Stegg3000
J. Williams 3000
A. Pruitt2200
W. Lee2000
B. Jones2000
J. Hicks2000
R. Frank2000
B. Puyol0/03/33
J. Wain517835.60
J. Marriner46917.20
T. Lucas11919.00
Dynasty: nwcizhere
11:13 AM - October 22, 2014. Written by nwcizhere
The BYU Cougars underwent some changes in the offseason, perhaps most notably being the loss of seniors Kyle Van Noy and Cody Hoffman. The two Cougars will be remembered as some of the best to ever step foot on the grounds on LaVell Edwards Stadium.

But that doesn't matter now.

This is a new year, and head coach Bronco Mendenhall has decided to take more of a general manager's role. Nick Howell, the man many believe to be a "mini-Bronco" is the defensive coordinator this season. Mendenhall was emphatic about his trust in Howell, saying, "Nick is the guy. He's got a good mind for this. I don't feel like I need to be calling the plays to be a leader. I need to motivate and inspire, and that's what I'll try to do. But Nick is the guy on defense. And I think he'll do a good job. It's about execution. We need to prepare the guys to make plays."

Bob Diaco, the head coach for UConn, shares many similarities with Mendenhall. He believes that goals and hard work off the field means just as much as those on the field. He believes that football should develop character, not just physical skills.

Remarkably, the two coaches have never met. But, they will on Friday, when the Cougars travel to Storrs, Connecticut, to take on the Huskies.

Dynasty: nwcizhere
10:27 AM - October 22, 2014. Written by kdenson1283
Matchup Preview | August 28, 2014
Washington Redskins
(1-2, 0-1 Away)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
(2-1, 0-1 Home)
Injury Report
Game Notes
Defense must maintain high level of play throughout the game

McCoy carry over playing style from Ravens game

Reserves must have high intensity to win roster spots
Dynasty: kdenson1283
10:09 AM - October 22, 2014. Written by kdenson1283

Washington Redskins at Baltimore Ravens
Aug 23, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Washington Redskins (1-2)300710
Baltimore Ravens (1-2)0301013
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense224276
Rushing Yards68168
Passing Yards156108
First Downs1113
Punt Return Yards1811
Kick Return Yards7122
Total Yards313309
3rd Down Converstion15
4th Down Conversion10
2-Point Conversion00
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals0/10/1
Posession Time11:4120:19
Washington Redskins
Baltimore Ravens

Today's game was the third straight game played in the elements. It has been a rainy August in the lower eastern coast. Nonetheless, football was played.

Skins visited the Ravens and it was a defensive showdown. Both offenses could not move the ball in to the end zone in the first half. Cousins had an impressive opening drive leading them down the field and getting off the field with 3 points.

Taylor of the Ravens led his men down the field, tying the game at 3 a piece. Leading into half-time the game seemed not too exciting on the offensive front. Cousins and McCoy are playing for the 2nd string position, and from the looks of it McCoy will probably win the battle. Cousins had a fumble and 2 interceptions playing with the first team, and McCoy had his best game yet with the 2nd team. We will see what McCoy is made of when he gets his start against the Bucs. Last pre-season game before the NFL kicks off it's season opener in 2 weeks.
Dynasty: kdenson1283
01:38 AM - October 22, 2014. Written by nwcizhere
2014 Preseason All-Americans
PosPlayer NameHtWtYear
QBMarcus Mariota, OregonJr.
HBAmeer Abdullah, Nebraska Sr.
HBTodd Gurley, GeorgiaJr.
WRAntwan Goodley, BaylorSr.
WRNelson Agholor, USCJr.
TENick O'Leary, Florida StateSr.
OLAndrus Peat, Stanford Jr.
OLAJ Cann, South CarolinaSr.
OLHroniss Grasu, OregonSr.
OLTre' Jackson, Florida StateSr.
OLBrandon Scherff, IowaSr.
DLVic Beasley, ClemsonSr.
DLShilique Calhoun, Michigan StateJr.
DLLeonard Williams , USCJr.
DLRandy Gregory, NebraskaJr.
LBTrey DePriest, AlabamaSr.
LBRamik Wilson, Georgia Sr.
LBDenzel Perryman, Miami Sr.
DBIfo Ekpre-Olomu, OregonSr.
DBLandon Collins, AlabamaJr.
DBKendall Fuller, Virginia TechSo.
DBVernon Hargreaves III, FloridaSo.
KMarshall Morgan, GeorgiaJr.
PMike Sadler, Michigan StateSr.
RSRyan Switzer, North CarolinaSo.
Dynasty: nwcizhere
01:24 AM - October 22, 2014. Written by nwcizhere
Brigham Young University Cougars 2014 Schedule
Aug 29at Connecticut
Sep 7at Texas
Sep 14vs Virginia
Sep 21vs UNLV
Sep 28at UCF
Oct 4vs Utah State
Oct 12vs Nevada
Oct 19vs Houston
Nov 2at Idaho
Nov 9at Boise State
Nov 23at San Jose State
Dec 7vs FCS Southeast
Dynasty: nwcizhere
01:02 AM - October 22, 2014. Written by nwcizhere
Brigham Young University Cougars Depth Chart - 2014
Regular Offense
WRJordan Leslie Nick KurtzMitch JuergensKeanu Nelson
TEDevin MahinaTerenn Houk
LTUlui LapuahoBrad WilcoxMichael Yeck
LGKyle JohnsonEdward Fusi
CTejan KoromaTerrance Alletto
RGBraydon KearsleyTuni Kanuch
RTDe' Ondre WesleyBrock StringhamMichael Yeck
WRMitch MathewsDevon BlackmonTerenn HoukRoss Apo
QBTaysom HillChristian Stewart
FBPaul Lasike
HBJamaal WilliamsPaul Lasike Algernon BrownAdam Hine
Base 3-4 Defense
LDEGraham RowleyTomasi Laulile Theodore King
NTTravis TuilomaMarques JohnsonLogan Taele
RDERemington PeckLogan Taele
LOLBAlani FuaFred Warner
LILBZac StoutJherremya Leuta-Douyere
RILBManoa PikulaJherremya Leuta-Douyere
ROLBBronson KaufusiMichael Alisa
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Dynasty: nwcizhere
01:00 AM - October 22, 2014. Written by nwcizhere
Just a note: My goal is to make this realistic in terms of statistics, but ultimately, this is just a fun side project. After 2014 started out so well for my Cougars, things fell apart with Taysom Hill's injury. So what better way to cope than by creating a dynasty?

Dynasty: nwcizhere