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Tuesday, April 18, 2017
01:00 PM - April 18, 2017. Written by KentuckyNCAA14FB
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Dynasty: KentuckyNCAA14FB
10:58 AM - April 18, 2017. Written by KentuckyNCAA14FB
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Louisville Cardinals at Kentucky Wildcats
Louisville Cardinals (0-1)17714745
#2 Kentucky Wildcats (1-0)8614
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense215428
Rushing Yards48224
Passing Yards167204
First Downs1415
Punt Return Yards039
Kick Return Yards23418
Total Yards449485
3rd Down Conversion6-154-9
4th Down Conversion1-21-2
2-Point Conversion0-20-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals3-1-07-4-1
Possession Time14:5617:04
Louisville Cardinals
Kentucky Wildcats
Dynasty: KentuckyNCAA14FB
10:49 AM - April 18, 2017. Written by KentuckyNCAA14FB
Kentucky gets off to a great start
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Dynasty: KentuckyNCAA14FB
Season: 2016-2017
Pre-Season Rank: #7
Final Rank: #15
Overall Record: 29-6
America East Record: 16-0
Postseason Result: 5-seed in NCAA Tournament, Lost to 12-seed UNLV in First Round
NCAA Champion: Illinois
Dynasty: mermelmadness
Season: 2015-2016
Pre-Season Rank: #19
Final Rank: #12
Overall Record: 27-5
America East Record: 15-1
Postseason Result: 4-seed in NCAA Tournament, Lost to 13-seed George Mason in First Round
NCAA Champion: Kansas (as a record 10-seed)
Dynasty: mermelmadness
Season: 2014-2015
Pre-Season Rank: NR
Final Rank: #19
Overall Record: 27-5
America East Record: 15-1
Postseason Result: 6-seed in NCAA Tournament, Lost to 3-seed Kentucky in Second Round
NCAA Champion: Kentucky
Dynasty: mermelmadness
Season: 2013-2014
Pre-Season Rank: NR
Final Rank: NR
Overall Record: 23-10
America East Record: 13-3
Postseason Result: 4-seed in NIT, Lost to 1-seed Michigan in Second Round
NCAA Champion: USC
Dynasty: mermelmadness
Monday, April 17, 2017
10:23 PM - April 17, 2017. Written by Reiny09
Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins
Apr 14, 2017123456789RHE
Chicago (2-8)203000000580
Minnesota (7-3)52002302X14180
W: T. Duffey (2-0) L: D. Covey (0-2)
Scoring Summary
CHW1Saladino homered to left. Cabrera scores.20
MIN1Dozier singled to center. Mauer scores.21
MIN1Sano homered to left. Dozier scores.23
MIN1Rosario homered to center. Liddi scores.25
MIN2Mauer homered to right. Buxton scores.27
CHW3Soto homered to left. Abreu scores. Frazier scores.57
MIN5Mauer homered to left.58
MIN5Kepler doubled to right. Sano scores.59
MIN6Mauer doubled to left. Escobar scores. Castro scores. Buxton scores.512
MIN8Buxton homered to right.513
MIN8Dozier homered to right.514
Chicago White Sox
Cabrera, LF4110000.150
Saladino, DH4132001.282
Abreu, 1B4120000.289
Frazier, 3B3100120.225
Soto, C3113121.265
Garcia, RF4000010.108
May, CF3000010.242
Sanchez, 2B4000010.206
Garcia, SS3010010.400
2B: J. Abreu (3), M. Cabrera (3), L. Garcia (1)
HR: G. Soto (1), T. Saladino (3)
RBI: G. Soto 3 (3), T. Saladino 2 (9)
HBP: J. May
GIDP: T. Frazier, C. Sanchez, J. May
Minnesota Twins
Buxton, CF5331001.440
Mauer, 1B5346002.366
Dozier, 2B5232001.386
Sano, 3B5222001.341
Liddi, DH5120000.214
Kepler, RF4021000.280
Rosario, LF4112001.317
Escobar, SS4110010.250
Castro, C3100110.226
TEAM TOTALS40141814126
2B: J. Mauer (4), M. Sano (2), M. Kepler (1), A. Liddi (1), E. Escobar (1)
3B: J. Mauer (1)
HR: B. Dozier (3), J. Mauer 2 (3), M. Sano (4), E. Rosario (4), B. Buxton (3)
RBI: B. Dozier 2 (8), J. Mauer 6 (12), M. Sano 2 (12), M. Kepler (10), E. Rosario 2 (8), B. Buxton (8)
GIDP: M. Kepler
CS: B. Dozier (1)
Chicago White Sox
D. Covey (L, 0-2)4.098800421.32
M. Ynoa2.064410011.66
J. Petricka2.03220226.75
TEAM TOTALS8.0181414126
Minnesota Twins
T. Duffey (W, 2-0)5.06552626.75
T. May (H, 1)2.02000100.00
R. Pressly2.00000109.00
TEAM TOTALS9.0855282
WP: T. Duffey (2)
Dynasty: Reiny09
08:15 PM - April 17, 2017. Written by glenzariczny
Miami Marlins at Seattle Mariners
Apr 20, 2017123456789RHE
Miami (4-11)000201000381
Seattle (10-6)100000000190
W: Wei-Yin Chen (2-0) L: Felix Hernandez (2-2) S: A.J. Ramos - 2
Scoring Summary
SEA1Mitch Haniger homered to right01
MIA4Justin Bour homered to right, Christian Yelich scores21
MIA6J.T. Realmuto singled to left, Justin Bour scores, Marcell Ozuna advances to 2nd31
Miami Marlins
Gordon, 2B4000110.364
Yelich, CF4110110.230
Stanton, RF4000020.204
Bour, 1B4222011.292
Ozuna, LF3020000.232
Dietrich, DH4010010.302
Realmuto, C3011110.300
Prado, 3B4000020.167
Hechavarria, SS4010010.236
TEAM TOTALS343833101
2B: M. Ozuna (3)
HR: J. Bour (2)
RBI: J. Bour 2 (4), J. Realmuto (6)
HBP: M. Ozuna
GIDP: G. Stanton
E: A. Hechavarria (1)
Seattle Mariners
Segura, SS4000000.275
Haniger, RF4121001.396
Cano, 2B4020000.308
Cruz, DH3010100.187
Seager, 3B4010000.288
Motter, 1B4010000.133
Heredia, CF3000010.179
Martin, PH1000000.236
Ruiz, C3010000.214
Zunino, PH1000010.191
Dyson, LF3010000.211
2B: K. Seager (5)
HR: M. Haniger (3)
RBI: M. Haniger (4)
GIDP: N. Cruz
CS: J. Dyson (2)
Miami Marlins
Chen (W, 2-0)6.27111113.44
Barraclough (H, 1)1.11000000.00
Ramos (S, 2)1.01000107.71
TEAM TOTALS9.0911121
WP: W. Chen (1), A. Ramos (1)
Seattle Mariners
Hernandez (L, 2-2)6.05332914.32
TEAM TOTALS9.08333101
WP: E. Scribner (2)
Dynasty: glenzariczny
04:48 PM - April 17, 2017. Written by Tmizzle
 photo hot stove.gif

Kyle Gibson has been activated from the DL today as he has been out since spring training. Tyler Duffey has been optioned down to Triple-A Rochester where he will slide into the rotation. Duffey was 0-1 in two starts with a 4.91 ERA. Gibson is on track to start on April 19th against Cleveland.
Dynasty: Tmizzle
Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins
Apr 15, 2017123456789RHE
Chicago (2-9)1100020004100
Minnesota (7-4)30000020X5140
W: Boshers (W, 1-0) L: Putnam (L, 0-2) S: Perkins (S, 3)
Chicago White Sox
Cabrera, LF5130010.383
Saladino, DH4000010.175
Abreu, 1B4120020.222
Soto, C3121000.297
Garcia, RF3012000.250
May, CF4000020.184
Davidson, 3B3121001.667
-Frazier, PH-3B1000000.195
Sanchez, 2B4000000.235
Garcia, SS4000020.000
2B: Cabrera (5), Garcia (3), Soto 2 (5)
HR: Davidson (1)
RBI: Garcia 2 (8), Davidson (1), Soto (1)
SF: Soto
GIDP: Garcia
Minnesota Twins
Berry, CF5110000.276
Rosario, LF5230020.276
Dozier, 2B4213101.244
Sano, 3B4030000.362
Vargas, DH3011100.349
Polanco, SS4010000.114
Castro, C4011010.226
Mauer, 1B3020100.346
Kepler, RF4010020.212
2B: Mauer (3), Sano (2)
HR: Dozier (2)
RBI: Dozier 3 (6), Vargas (6), Castro (6)
GIDP: Dozier, Vargas
Chicago White Sox
Putnam (L, 0-2)1.14221103.18
Minnesota Twins
Hughes 68440411.64
Boshers (W, 1-0)12000200.00
May (H, 2)10000001.50
Perkins (S, 3)10000209.00
Dynasty: Tmizzle
03:18 PM - April 17, 2017. Written by KentuckyNCAA14FB
Season Opener Edition of the KENTUCKY GAZETTE - WEEK 1
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Dynasty: KentuckyNCAA14FB
12:29 PM - April 17, 2017. Written by Tmizzle
 photo hot stove.gif

Reports have surfaced that the Minnesota Twins have signed Japanese FA Shoei Otani. Otani led the Japanese league in SO as well as hitting over 25+ homeruns last season. The Twins signed him to be a pitcher as the story breaks. Contract details have not been released yet.
Dynasty: Tmizzle
Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins
Apr 14, 2017123456789RHE
Chicago (2-8)0042000006130
Minnesota (6-4)120000000380
W: Covey (W, 1-0) L: Duffey (L, 0-1) S: Robertson (S, 1)
Chicago White Sox
Anderson ,SS5111010.190
Cabrera, LF5122010.357
Abreu, 1B4021010.195
Frazier, 3B4010010.200
Soto, C4010010.265
Saladino, DH4010010.194
Garcia, RF4111011.242
May, CF4220010.206
Sanchez, 2B4121010.267
2B: Sanchez (1), Anderson 93), Cabrera (4)
HR: Garcia (3)
RBI: Sanchez (6), Anderson (2), Abreu (3), Cabrera 2 (4), Garcia (6)
GIDP: Garcia, Soto
SB: Saladino (1), may (1)
Minnesota Twins
Buxton, CF4120000.268
Berry, LF3000100.292
Dozier, 2B4000000.244
Sano, DH4021020.326
Vargas, 1B4020010.350
Grossman, RF4000010.125
Escobar, 2B4111001.360
Castro, C3111001.222
Polanco, SS3000000.097
2B: Sano (1)
HR: Castro (1), Escobar (1)
RBI: Sano (12), Castro (5), Escobar (3)
GIDP: Dozier, Grossman
Chicago White Sox
Covey (W, 1-0)78330222.57
Jones (H, 1)10001100.00
Robertson (S, 1)10000100.00
Minnesota Twins
Duffey (L, 0-1)59660414.91
Dynasty: Tmizzle
Season: 2012-2013
Pre-Season Rank: #17
Final Rank: #24
Overall Record: 28-5
America East Record: 15-1
Postseason Result: 8-seed in NCAA Tournament, Lost to 4-seed Arizona in Sweet 16
NCAA Champion: Michigan State
Dynasty: mermelmadness