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Wednesday, December 10, 2014
03:36 AM - December 10, 2014. Written by glenzariczny
Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks
Sep 4, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Green Bay Packers (0-1)0100010
Seattle Seahawks (1-0)1077024
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense297373
Rushing Yards98223
Passing Yards199150
First Downs1621
Punt Return Yards010
Kick Return Yards1964
Total Yards316447
3rd Down Converstion4-9 (44%)3-7 (42%)
4th Down Conversion0-1 (0%)0-1 (0%)
2-Point Conversion0-0 (0%)0-0 (0%)
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1/03/0
Posession Time25:3534:25
Scoring Summary
10:00(SEA) Steven Hauschka, 47 Yd FG03
4:15(SEA) Marshawn Lynch, 1 Yd run (Steven Hauschka Kick)010
14:22(GNB) Mason Crosby, 51 Yd FG310
6:50(SEA) Zach Miller, 7 Yd pass from Russell Wilson (Steven Hauschka Kick)317
1:37(GNB) Jordy Nelson, 6 Yd pass from Aaron Rodgers (Mason Crosby Kick)1017
3:33(SEA) Russell Wilson, 14 Yd run (Steven Hauschka Kick)1024
Green Bay Packers
Aaron Rodgers26/3522310
Eddie Lacy9707.70
John Kuhn2157.50
James Starks4133.20
Brandon Bostick44411.00
Jarrett Boykin44010.00
Jordy Nelson4358.71
Eddie Lacy5326.40
Jared Abbrederis3248.00
Davante Adams3237.60
Randall Cobb22010.00
James Starks155.00
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix100.000
Brad Jones81.000
A.J. Hawk60.000
Morgan Burnett60.000
Julius Peppers30.010
Mason Crosby1/11/1451
Tim Masthay314648.61
Randall Cobb11919.00
Seattle Seahawks
Russell Wilson18/2415911
Marshawn Lynch281906.71
Russell Wilson8324.01
Robert Turbin111.00
Ricardo Lockette66110.10
Doug Baldwin4379.20
Jermaine Kearse4328.00
Zach Miller3206.61
Paul Richardson199.00
Bobby Wagner130.000
Earl Thomas III90.000
Kam Chancellor50.000
Brandon Mebane41.000
Jeremy Lane31.000
Cliff Avril11.000
Steven Hauschka1/13/3647
Jon Ryan13636.01
Paul Richardson36421.30
Bryan Walters2105.00
Dynasty: glenzariczny
Tuesday, December 9, 2014
12:13 AM - December 9, 2014. Written by DEEBOFIOUS
NBA 2k's reign has stood the test of time long enough to eliminate all NBA simulated gaming competition. Although there have been bumps in the road recently with repeated online glitches and over enhancements and marketing for My Player, League, Career, & Crew Modes, 2K's dominant graphics and gameplay have continued to raise the bar. No other sports game presents the clarity of visual arts and the "opportunity" for player specific signature movements and/or moments. Now it is time for a game changer. Currently 2K is on a hamster wheel and I know just how the franchise can escape.

First the focus has to be taken off of My Player Modes. The story lines and built in situations are all way to cheesy along with the Modes' blatant attempt at collecting more of the fans' hard earned money with "availabe VC." 2K has to get back to the NBA and its' Superstars, past and present.

Basketball’s greatest player(s) and team(s) of all time have been debated at a feverish pitch lately. Most of the discussions are directly related to the evolution of today’s NBA. The League and 2K have gone from a “big-man league” to “Michael Jordan’s playground”; pick and roll to pick and pop; from a mid-range game to a three point, spread offense. Now there is a changing of the guard again as new Commissioner Adam Silver replaces David Stern, and as LeBron James and Kevin Durant take the reigns from “Living Legends” Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Steve Nash. Other than the internet, books, videos, and highlight reels, 2K is the NBA's only way to keep the League's Superstars visually relevant.

2K & the NBA are at crossroads. 2K towrad "what next" and the NBA toward "who is next?" The answer to both is, "NBA 2K LEGACY EDITION." The 2K Franchise was on the right track with the inroduction of Legends Teams and the Dream Team rosters. With an NBA 2K LEGACY EDITION, the franchise can blend every era of the NBA into one game where every offline and online matchup become a Clash of the Titans experience for fans. Instead of just your normal rosters and overall team ratings at the team selection screen, fans could tap right or left trigger to flip over to their selected team's ALL TIME roster. NBA ALL TIME rosters would do 3 things for the franchise; 1)eliminate the tacky unfinished legends rosters 2)kill the ridiculous my crew modes that undermine the tradition of rivals by placing Hall of Famers in uniforms of teams they never played for , or would have ever played for 3)educate younger fans of great players of the past.

Over the next few weeks I will give in detail what a game of this magnitude should look like as well as release the ALL TIME rosters for each team.

SPOILER ALERT: The OKC Thunder & Seattle Supersonics will remain seperate.
Sunday, December 7, 2014
11:19 PM - December 7, 2014. Written by Reiny09
Minnesota Timberwolves at New Orleans Hornets
Nov 14, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Minnesota (5-3)2823252399
New Orleans (2-6)2824202597
Minnesota Timberwolves
N. Pekovic387-130-02-211310416
T. Young402-70-30-01122004
A. Wiggins324-72-30-06201010
K. Martin3610-154-71-23201125
B. Knight368-192-44-51600122
M. Williams145-61-11-21200112
C. Brewer140-20-00-0200100
J.J. Barea121-50-34-4120006
G. Dieng112-40-00-0400004
Z. LaVine100-20-10-0110000
TEAM TOTALS39-809-2212-15412033799
New Orleans Hornets
O. Asik325-50-00-09031110
A. Davis397-110-04-415101018
T. Evans385-111-30-01610111
E. Gordon377-201-23-42000018
J. Holiday368-160-11-27601117
R. Anderson173-40-00-1530006
J. Salmons131-50-00-0110002
D. Miller121-10-00-0211002
A. Rivers112-31-12-2110017
J. Fredette103-90-20-0210006
TEAM TOTALS42-853-910-13452053597
Dynasty: Reiny09
06:45 PM - December 7, 2014. Written by Reiny09
Houston Rockets at Minnesota Timberwolves
Nov 12, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Houston (5-3)24192535103
Minnesota (4-3)30212228101
Houston Rockets
D. Howard315-110-02-312221012
T. Jones419-120-00-07220018
T. Ariza357-130-30-17411414
J. Harden3911-223-52-37510127
P. Beverley364-101-41-22810210
J. Terry153-71-11-2200008
N. Johnson142-51-20-0131005
T. Daniels131-20-02-2221114
I. Canaan110-10-01-2240011
D. Motiejunas71-20-10-0200002
R. Covington20-10-02-2000002
K. Papanikolaou10-00-00-0001000
J. Adrien10-00-00-0000000
TEAM TOTALS43-866-1611-1744301039103
Minnesota Timberwolves
N. Pekovic4112-230-04-616101028
T. Young374-71-13-4941219
A. Wiggins335-92-40-02211012
K. Martin326-122-52-22602116
B. Knight347-151-34-63700619
C. Brewer170-40-20-0301000
M. Williams151-70-20-0310012
G. Dieng131-10-00-0700012
Z. LaVine121-21-10-0220003
J.J. Barea113-31-10-0000017
TEAM TOTALS40-838-1913-1847233611101
Dynasty: Reiny09
12:30 AM - December 7, 2014. Written by Reiny09
NBA Power Rankings - 11/9/14
RK (LW)TeamRecordLast Week
1 (2) San Antonio Spurs5-03-0
2 (9) Chicago Bulls6-14-0
3 (1) Cleveland Cavaliers4-12-1
4 (7) Golden State Warriors4-13-0
5 (6) Los Angeles Clippers4-23-1
6 (8) Portland Trailblazers4-22-2
7 (4) Miami Heat5-13-1
8 (5) Charlotte Bobcats5-13-1
9 (12) Oklahoma City Thunder3-32-0
10 (10) Toronto Raptors4-22-2
11 (3) Houston Rockets4-31-3
12 (15) Dallas Mavericks2-41-2
13 (16) Indiana Pacers5-23-1
14 (11) Utah Jazz3-31-2
15 (24) Sacramento Kings4-23-1
16 (17) Minnesota Timberwolves4-22-1
17 (14) Milwakee Bucks4-32-2
18 (18) Phoenix Suns2-41-2
19 (19) New Jersey Nets2-31-2
20 (27) New York Knicks3-43-2
21 (25) Los Angeles Lakers2-31-0
22 (13) Boston Celtics1-50-4
23 (21) Atlanta Hawks2-31-2
24 (22) Washington Wizards2-51-3
25 (23) Orlando Magic2-41-2
26 (26) Memphis Grizzlies1-61-3
27 (20) Denver Nuggets1-40-3
28 (29) New Orleans Hornets1-41-2
29 (30) Philadelphia 76ers0-60-3
30 (28) Detroit Pistons0-50-2
Dynasty: Reiny09
12:14 AM - December 7, 2014. Written by Reiny09
Minnesota Timberwolves at Miami Heat
Nov 8, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Minnesota (4-2)2622222898
Miami (5-1)19203133103
Minnesota Timberwolves
N. Pekovic417-130-05-816011119
T. Young351-30-02-4831124
A. Wiggins344-121-60-1640129
K. Martin319-202-81-22300021
R. Rubio324-110-11-25101019
C. Brewer210-50-20-0410010
G. Dieng132-30-02-2101006
M. Williams135-83-51-10201214
Z. LaVine123-40-00-0221016
J.J. Barea124-62-20-00200010
C. Budinger10-00-00-0010000
A. Bennett10-00-00-0000000
TEAM TOTALS39-858-2412-204428541098
Miami Heat
C. Bosh385-121-22-213110013
J. McRoberts373-90-01-2801117
L. Deng374-71-23-32210112
D. Wade3716-281-27-87430140
N. Cole362-40-06-64700310
D. Granger218-140-11-14000117
C. Andersen130-30-00-0700000
M. Chalmers131-20-00-0141022
S. Napier120-10-02-2000002
J. Ennis10-00-00-0000000
TEAM TOTALS39-803-722-244618719103
Dynasty: Reiny09
Saturday, December 6, 2014
09:03 PM - December 6, 2014. Written by Reiny09
Minnesota Timberwolves at Orlando Magic
Nov 7, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Minnesota (4-1)2325232899
Orlando (2-4)1922182079
Minnesota Timberwolves
N. Pekovic398-160-05-817412021
T. Young385-81-20-08310011
A. Wiggins333-70-30-0520216
K. Martin339-114-50-01501222
R. Rubio334-90-14-41800412
G. Dieng163-30-01-1900017
C. Brewer151-10-00-0211012
J.J. Barea131-61-30-0312043
M. Williams122-60-00-0010014
Z. LaVine104-61-22-21101011
A. Bennett20-00-00-0100000
C. Budinger20-00-00-0000000
TEAM TOTALS40-737-1612-154826561499
Orlando Magic
N. Vucevic334-90-00-1521028
A. Gordon340-30-01-2503001
M. Harkless354-121-42-54200111
V. Oladipo349-151-15-81120124
E. Payton335-110-00-21330210
C. Frye142-50-13-3721107
T. Harris144-70-12-27100010
L. Ridnour142-60-10-0100014
E. Fournier131-40-10-0231012
A. Nicholson130-20-10-0400000
B. Gordon101-60-10-0121012
TEAM TOTALS32-802-1113-233816121979
Dynasty: Reiny09
07:20 PM - December 6, 2014. Written by Reiny09
Minnesota Timberwolves at New Jersey Nets
Nov 5, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Minnesota (3-1)19332030102
New Jersey (1-3)2623211383
Minnesota Timberwolves
N. Pekovic3910-150-04-1112111424
T. Young361-30-12-2621004
A. Wiggins346-112-42-26202116
K. Martin307-112-43-45202119
R. Rubio252-60-12-2581106
M. Williams213-91-30-0270047
C. Brewer161-21-20-0400003
G. Dieng141-20-02-2100204
Z. LaVine145-91-30-01510011
J.J. Barea134-70-20-0120008
C. Budinger20-00-00-0000000
A. Bennett20-00-00-0200000
TEAM TOTALS40-757-2015-2345294810102
New Jersey Nets
B. Lopez235-90-01-28110211
K. Garnett332-90-00-0420115
B. Bogdanovic375-122-41-24200213
J. Johnson3711-171-20-01110023
D. Williams326-162-54-63810218
M. Plumlee261-20-00-01021102
J. Jack203-90-32-2430028
A. Kirilenko201-20-00-2120012
M. Teletovic150-30-11-2300001
A. Anderson20-10-10-0000000
TEAM TOTALS34-805-1610-183821421083
Dynasty: Reiny09
06:52 PM - December 6, 2014. Written by philliesfan136

Oakland Raiders at Cincinnati Bengals
Sep 27, 20151ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Oakland Raiders (2-1)337720
Cincinnati Bengals (1-2)070714
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense319350
Rushing Yards8867
Passing Yards231283
First Downs1514
Punt Return Yards2018
Kick Return Yards4450
Total Yards383423
Turnovers1 (+1)2 (-1)
3rd Down Converstion6/14 (42%)6/14 (42%)
4th Down Conversion0/1--
2-Point Conversion----
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals41
Posession Time12:3115:29
Scoring Summary
2:06(OAK) Blair Walsh 21-yd FG30
6:28(CIN) Andy Dalton 31-yd TD pass to Tyler Eifert37
0:46(OAK) Blair Walsh 34-yd FG67
4:03(OAK) Bobby Rainey 9-yd TD rush137
5:38(CIN) Andy Dalton 11-yd TD pass to Tyler Eifert1314
1:00(OAK) Austin Davis 7-yd TD pass to Khari Donnelly2014
Oakland Raiders
QB Derek Carr12/2115300
QB Austin Davis9/148310
RB DeMarco Murray17633.70
RB Bobby Rainey5193.81
WR Donnard Bernard68714.50
WR Khari Donnelly5418.21
WR Randall Cobb44912.20
TE Jordan Cameron242210
RG Claudeson Reed10
MLB Paul Posluszny11000
SS Tyvon Branch9000
FS Chris Clemons8010
DT Ndamukong Suh3200
K Blair Walsh2/22/2834
P Marquette King320066.60
WR Khari Donnelly232160
WR Khari Donnelly3206.60
Cincinnati Bengals
QB Andy Dalton29/3930422
RB Giovani Bernard13655.00
RB Jeremy Hill320.60
TE Tyler Eifert1010810.82
WR Marvin Jones611419.00
WR A.J. Green4328.00
RB Giovani Bernard4266.50
TE Tyler Eifert20
RG Davin Joseph02
SS Shawn Williams9000
MLB Rey Maualuga4000
LOLB Danny Bailey2100
P Kevin Huber616527.52
RB Giovani Bernard35518.30
RB Giovani Bernard11818.00

Suh spins past the tackle for a huge sack on Andy Dalton.

A Bengals defender knocks away a potential TD, the synopsis of a tough day to come for Derek Carr.

DK Suh wraps up and slams Dalton for his second sack.

Marvin Jones hauls in a red zone target but lands his feet right before the green, leading to a field goal on 4th down instead.

Carr hurts what seems to be his knee on a wildcat run and limps off the field, leaving Austin Davis to finish the game.

Bobby Rainey spikes the pigskin following his second touchdown run on the year.

Brandon Flowers intercepts the ginger on a throw to main man A.J. Green.

Big 4th down stop by Cincy's D against Murray, who failed to convert on two straight runs.

The Red Rifle was stuffed but he gets 6 again with Tyler Eifert.

Khari Donnelly catches the first score for Davis since his signing from St. Louis, finishing off a game-winning drive with 4 minutes left.

Player of the day Chris Clemons receives the second pick from Dalton, who still managed 300 yards besides the mistakes.
Dynasty: philliesfan136
05:20 PM - December 6, 2014. Written by Reiny09
NBA Power Rankings 11/3/14
RK (LW)TeamRecordLast Week
1 (1) Cleveland Cavaliers2-02-0
2 (3) San Antonio Spurs2-02-0
3 (9) Houston Rockets3-03-0
4 (16) Miami Heat3-03-0
5 (18) Charlotte Bobcats3-03-0
6 (4) Los Angeles Clippers2-12-1
7 (5) Golden State Warriors2-12-1
8 (6) Portland Trailblazers2-12-1
9 (8) Chicago Bulls2-12-1
10 (12) Toronto Raptors2-12-1
11 (14) Utah Jazz2-12-1
12 (2) Oklahoma City Thunder1-21-2
13 (11) Boston Celtics1-11-1
14 (19) Milwakee Bucks2-12-1
15 (7) Dallas Mavericks1-21-2
16 (27) Indiana Pacers2-12-1
17 (30) Minnesota Timberwolves2-12-1
18 (10) Phoenix Suns1-21-2
19 (17) New Jersey Nets1-11-1
20 (22) Denver Nuggets1-11-1
21 (21) Atlanta Hawks1-11-1
22 (15) Washington Wizards1-21-2
23 (20) Orlando Magic1-21-2
24 (28) Sacramento Kings1-21-2
25 (24) Los Angeles Lakers1-31-3
26 (13) Memphis Grizzlies0-30-3
27 (23) New York Knicks0-30-3
28 (25) Detroit Pistons0-30-3
29 (26) New Orleans Hornets0-20-2
30 (29) Philadelphia 76ers0-30-3
Dynasty: Reiny09
04:57 PM - December 6, 2014. Written by Reiny09
Chicago Bulls at Minnesota Timberwolves
Nov 1, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Chicago (2-1)24293120104
Minnesota (2-1)2619213096
Chicago Bulls
J. Noah293-50-08-911201014
P. Gasol337-170-01-23030315
D. McDermott346-72-32-28200116
J. Butler395-111-12-35510013
D. Rose368-200-17-83320323
K. Hinrich223-90-41-1021007
T. Gibson224-50-01-2200219
M. Dunleavy150-00-00-0410110
N. Mirotic143-61-20-0212007
N. Mohammed10-00-00-0100000
TEAM TOTALS39-804-1122-273916949104
Minnesota Timberwolves
N. Pekovic3611-210-08-813302030
T. Young313-30-00-2811016
A. Wiggins341-31-21-2230114
K. Martin349-151-32-22210021
M. Williams343-60-10-0172086
C. Brewer181-70-30-0030012
G. Dieng176-100-03-411000015
J.J. Barea150-30-10-0161100
Z. LaVine133-43-31-22110210
A. Bennett131-30-00-0410012
TEAM TOTALS38-755-1315-204427641496
Dynasty: Reiny09
03:49 PM - December 6, 2014. Written by philliesfan136
Matchup Preview *|* September 27, 2015
Oakland Raiders
(2-1, Away)
Cincinnati Bengals
(1-2, Home)
Injury Report
Game Notes
20th ranked offense and 6th ranked defense vs 14th ranked offense and 32nd ranked defense.

Top players: WR A.J. Green (97), ROLB Vontaze Burfict (93), DT Geo Atkins (93), RB Giovanni Bernard (88), LT Andrew Whitworth (88), QB Andy Dalton (88), LE Carlos Dunlap (87), CB Leon Hall (87), *LOLB Danny Bailey (76), *SS Kileon Blake (80)
Dynasty: philliesfan136
07:46 AM - December 6, 2014. Written by D316
PosPlayerInjury Note
ROLBJ. DurantForearm Fracture 4 Weeks
MLBS. LeePartial ACL Tear 3 Weeks
LOLBP. KrugerDislocated Elbow 3 Weeks
WRJ. WrightRuptured Disk 2 Weeks
MLBD. HawthroneBroken Thumb 4 Weeks
Dynasty: D316
07:41 AM - December 6, 2014. Written by D316
NFL League Leaders - Updated: Sep 9, 2014
Passing YardsPYPassing TouchdownsPYTD
1. K. Orton3901. P. Manning5
2. A. Luck3652. K. Orton 4
3. B. Roethlisberger3413. A. Luck4
4. T. Brady3254. G. Smith4
5. C.Palmer3195. 7 tied 3
Rushing YardsRuYdRushing TouchdownsRuTD
1. L. McCoy1941. L. Bell3
2. M. Forte1762. A. Peterson3
3. F. Gore1733. I. Crowell3
4. M. Lynch1714. 8 Tied2
5. R. Bush 1595.
Receiving YardsRecYdInterceptionsInt
1. S. Watkins1731. R. Parker2
2. D. Bowe1722. B. Boykin2
3. A. Brown1693. J. Durant2
4. K. Allen1464. B. Breeland2
5. L. Fitzgerald/ K. Benjamin1375. D. Slay2
1. R. Jones151. C. Matthews3
2. R. McClain142. R. Starks2
3. M. Foster 123. C. Campbell2
4. 5 Tied114. M. Wilkerson2
5. 5. N. Suh2
Dynasty: D316
07:22 AM - December 6, 2014. Written by D316
RK (LW)TeamRecordNext Game
1 (1) Seattle Seahawks1-0@ Chargers
2 (2) Denver Broncos1-0vs. Chiefs
3 (3) New Orleans Saints1-0@ Browns
4 (5) New England Patriots1-0@ Vikings
5 (6) Philadelphia Eagles1-0@ Colts
6 (7) San Francisco 49ers1-0vs. Bears
7 (4) Green Bay Packers0-1vs. Jets
8 (10) Cincinnati Bengals1-0vs. Falcons
9 (11) Carolina Panthers1-0vs. Lions
10 (8) Indianapolis Colts0-1vs. Eagles
11 (12) Arizona Cardinals1-0@ Giants
12 (16) Pittsburgh Steelers1-0@ Ravens
13 (17) New York Jets1-0@ Packers
14 (9) San Diego Chargers0-1vs. Seahawks
15 (21) Detroit Lions1-0@ Panthers
16 (25) Tennessee Titans1-0vs. Cowboys
17 (15) Baltimore Ravens0-1vs. Steelers
18 (13) Kansas City Chiefs0-1@ Broncos
19 (26) Minnesota Vikings1-0vs. Patriots
20 (29) Buffalo Bills1-0vs. Dolphins
21 (18) Miami Dolphins0-1@ Bills
22 (19) Atlanta Falcons0-1@ Bengals
23 (31) Houston Texans1-0@ Raiders
24 (22) Dallas Cowboys0-1@ Titans
25 (14) Chicago Bears0-1@ 49ers
26 (20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers0-1vs. Rams
27 (23) St. Louis Rams0-1@ Buccaneers
28 (28) Jacksonville Jaguars0-1@ Redskins
29 (27) Washington Redskins0-1vs. Jaguars
30 (24) New York Giants0-1vs. Cardinals
31 (30) Cleveland Browns0-1vs. Saints
32 (32) Oakland Raiders0-1vs. Texans
Dynasty: D316