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Friday, July 3, 2015
11:00 AM - July 3, 2015. Written by philliesfan136
The 2015 draft is here. Our outlook is contrasting from last year - we're a winning club now. Still, the horrible 2014 we had lead to the #2 pick in the draft behind the Yanks.

Here's my draft board, hopefully I'll get two or three of these:
CP Steve Guerrero
SS Vinny Fernandez
SP Thomas Storey
SP Jason Villanueva
SP Tim Gleason
CF Ron Hook
3B Aldo Guillen
SP Chris Santiago

Not quite enough hitting talents as I would prefer, so I chose SP Ryan Garcia. He's 19 years old, a RHP from the East with an ETA of 2017. His velocity is said to eventually hit maximum, and the break on his pitches will be exponential. He's got solid remarks about his control and makeup, as well. Garcia's potential is 99 and right now scouts have him at a 69 overall.

My 2nd rounder was SS Vinny Fernandez, who's rated 71 with a chance to reach 97. He could be ready as soon as next year (22 yrs old), which is amicable. The lefty shortstop is lauded for his contact skill but not much else to him sticks out. His fielding, arm, and speed could use some work, but there's always the idea of flipping him to second base with J.P. Crawford in tow.

Against my judgment, I stayed with pitching. The batters left on the board weren't scouted well enough for me to risk it. Reports on SP Carlos Gomez have him at 99 velocity, 78 control, 98 break, and 76 makeup once he hits his peak. That and a 99 potential could not be passed on even with the bevy of pitchers we have in the minors.

My last picks were OF Patrick Pinckney, SS Steve Santiago, 1B Jeff Payton, and RP Julian Ayala. I didn't feel strongly about their potential but that's how it works with late-round gambles.
Dynasty: philliesfan136
UFC Fight Night: Ellenberger vs. Thompson Pre-Fight Conference Call

-Ellenberger wants to add second straight win to gain his first winning streak since 2013. Knows his leash is short.

-Thompson believes win over Ellenberger, especially dominantly, would put him right into the Top 10 at 170.

-Michelle Waterson is thrilled to be making her UFC debut. Admitted she prefers Atomweight but doesn't have a fear at being able to compete at 115.

-Magana predicts rude welcome for Waterson.

-Willie Gates believes he's a future titleholder and wants to use Montague to make a statement.

-Jeremy Stephens enters Top 15 at 145lbs

-Frankie Edgar wants another fight before the year ends to stay active. Said he expects to fight the winner of Aldo/Mendes III. Open not excited about a matchup against Conor McGregor.

-Dan Henderson suffers broken leg in car accident. Dan Henderson broke his femur and tibia in his left leg in a car accident. While nothing official has been heard, it seems to be the end of the road for the 44 year old middleweight.

-UFC 191 rumored to be Daniel Cormier vs. Alexander Gustafsson. No information has been released yet.

-Andrei Arlovski, Junior Dos Santos, Ben Rothwell and Stipe Miocic all reportedly in consideration for the next shot at the Heavyweight title. Nothing is official yet other than no Cain Velasquez rematch. Werdum not expected to fight until the end of October at the earliest.
Dynasty: sirvalkyerie
Thursday, July 2, 2015
08:43 PM - July 2, 2015. Written by sirvalkyerie
UFC 189: Mendes vs. McGregor
2nd Saturday of August, 2015 from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada


Prelim Headliner: Matt Brown vs. Yuri Villefort

Round 1
An initial series of exchanges results in two jabs for Brown and a kick to the body by Villefort. Brown side steps a body kick and nails Villefort with a jab. He follows up with a big right head kick! Villefort staggers backwards. Brown races towards him and slams home two straight rights. Another right head kick! That was fast! Villefort is down and dazed. Brown takes a step back thinking it's a KO but referee John Sharp didn't call the fight. Brown springs forward to rain down punches but Villefort is turtling well. Villefort gets rolled onto his back as Brown tries to secure side control. Villefort does a great job however of snaking his leg in between Brown's. Brown stays stagnant in half guard for the last 30 seconds.

10-9 Brown

Round 2
Both fighters come out looking tired. They circle for some time, bouncing about from foot to foot flicking weak jabs. Villefort decides to step forward and press the action but gets caught right a hard right straight for his troubles. Villefort hits a jab-hook combo that causes Brown to back away. The first significant blow landed for Villefort to this point. Brown hits a weak right head kick. Villefort steps through it to hit a counter jab. Brown fakes the left high kick and instead hits a switch right roundhouse to the ribs. Brown does the same maneuver again but this time it's a kick to the leg. Brown chases down another kick to the lead leg. The round ends with two more cracking leg kicks from Brown.

20-18 Brown...Villefort is gonna need a finish

Round 3
They circle about the cage with loose exchanges. Brown starts hammering home the leg kicks again. Villefort is limping badly as his lead leg has taken significant damage. Brown tosses a left high kick that send Villefort to the ground! Villefort was worried about it going to the legs. Brown dives with a overhand right. It connects and Villefort's head bangs off the canvas. Brown gets in two more shots before John Sharp calls an end to the madness.

Your winner by TKO (Strikes) at the 2:36 mark of Round 3..."The Immortal" Matt Brown

Main Card

Round 1
Seemingly afraid to engage the two bop about the octagon for the first minute or so. Almeida finally lands a stiff jab. Pickett responds with a left high kick that goes just over Almeida's head. Almeida then hits a left kick to the body. Almeida doubles up on his jab then hits a right hook. Pickett backs away but does hit a left hook whilst retreating. They exchange jabs but Almeida also hits a hook. The two seem to just circle around the cage for the rest of the round throwing a punch at a time. No combinations.

10-9 Almeida

Round 2
Pickett hits a jab. Almeida then with a right cross and left cross in succession. Almeida hits a body kick. Almeida rings up a jab. Pickett comes forward and lands two jabs but right after the second makes contact he's hit with a spinning back kick to the rib cage. Almeida is really seeming to open up. He may have been suffering from some open round jitters. Almeida comes forward and hits a left hand and a left kick to the body.

20-18 Almeida....this would be a huge upset! "One Punch" needs a KO

Round 3
Almeida isn't resting on his laurels. He has to know he's up 2 rounds but he's still pressing forward. He's picking off Pickett with jabs. Pickett isn't coming forward but he is beating Almeida to the punch with jabs consistently as the round goes on. Pickett finally starts coming forward, forcing Almeida back. But there just isn't time. Pickett didn't do enough. That's the bell.

The Judge's score the bout 29-28 / 30-27 / 29-28 for you winner by Unanimous Decision....Thomas "Thominhas" Almeida

Round 1
A touch of gloves and then they exchange jabs. Thatch fires off a roundhouse to the ribs. Nelson responds with a double jab. Two jabs from Thatch are punctuated with a stiff straight right. After a few missed/blocked punches by both men Thatch hits a big right hook and a kick to Nelson's lead leg. Two jabs and a low kick from Thatch and Nelson is backing away. Thatch feints a low kick and blasts Nelson with a right straight. Nelson wobbles backwards and Thatch smells blood in the water! Thatch floats out two jabs to get Nelson to back into the cage before unleashing a tumultuous right uppercut! Nelson is out like a light.

Your winner via Knockout (Punch) at 3:55 mark of Round 1...Brandon "Rukus" Thatch

Round 1
The two men exchange a pair of jabs. They do so again. Bermudez hits two more jabs. Stephens now with a jab and a body kick that lands with little power. Bermudez lunges forward as Stephens steps in. Bermudez has Stephens down and is in guard. Bermudez, apparently wary of submission attempts, keeps his head on Stephens chest and is peppering his head and stomach with small short hooks. Stephens is trying to get his feet on Bermudez thighs to push him away but he can't do so. He oughta be worried about getting his guard passed. That's exactly what happens! Bermudez moves to side control but in the process Stephens uses his hips to buck the moving Bermudez. Stephens is now on top in side control. Bermudez immediately transitions to half guard and they spend the next forty seconds locked in a battle for position.

10-9 Stephens

Round 2
Round 2 begins with two big jabs from Stephens. Stephens then hits a huge body kick. And another shot connects as Stephens rattles Bermudez's jaw with a right hook. Bermudez seems to be desperately hunting the takedown. His hands are low and he's not looking to strike. Stephens connects with a jab and then successfully sprawls a double leg attempt. 2:45 to go in the round and Stephens hits another right hand clean to Bermudez's jaw. They circle a bit as the action slows. Stephens lands two jabs. Bermudez hits two counter jabs. A body kick lands from Bermudez. The bell sounds as Stephens lands a right hook and leg kick.

10-9 Stephens

Round 3
A jab and leg kick land from Stephens. A body kick and left cross hit from Stephens. A left hand a big right straight from Stephens. Bermudez hits a counter jab while backing up. Bermudez goes for a takedown but Stephens hits a counter knee! Bermudez falls back onto his butt and Stephens lunges forward to hit him. Stephens missed and Bermudez rapidly, wobbly gets back to his feet. Stephens races towards him, ducks a jab and hits a right spinning backfist! Down goes Bermudez! Stephens follows him to the ground and is raining blows down hard and heavy. Finally Kim Winslow comes in to stop it. Bermudez took a lot of unnecessary blows.

Your winner via TKO (Strikes) at the 3:10 of Round 3...."The Lil' Heathen" Jeremy Stephens

Round 1
This is the Co-Main Event of the Evening! For the UFC Welterweight Championship! Robbie Lawler versus Rory MacDonald II! And we're under way! Rory Mac lands two jabs to being the contest while Robbie misses one. Rory misses a jab but connects with a low front jab kick to Lawler's thigh. But in doing so, Rory ate a tremendous left cross. They each fire off a jab. MacDonald hits another jab but misses a low kick. Lawler hits a right hook. Lawler eats two jabs to land a right hook. Again Lawler takes a jab to land a left hook. Powerful right cross, left hook combo lands for Lawler. MacDonald hits two jabs. MacDonald comes in with some serious pace and gets a single leg takedown. He's in Robbie's guard. MacDonald can do nothing effective as Lawler maintains underhook control.

10-9 Lawler

Round 2
MacDonald hits a straight right. Each man hits the other with a jab. MacDonald hits a stiff left cross. Lawler ducks a jab and lands a huge overhand right! MacDonald is down! Lawler jumps down into side control and lands several massive blows. Herb Dean was getting close to ending it but MacDonald grabs on and stems the tide. Lawler teeters as he's trying to land punches but Rory is keeping him off balance. Lawler misses with a few shots and Rory is able to transition back to guard. Rory is bleeding from his nose. He clangs an elbow off the top of Robbie's head. Lawler looks a little tired and Rory is hunting for an arm. Finally Herb stands them up after a stalemate. Lawler lands a big left hook before the round ends.

20-18 Lawler

Round 3
MacDonald leads with a jab. Lawler hits a jab but is met by a left kick to the ribs. Lawler lands a left cross. Lawler lands a weak left and can't find the follow up right. Robbie hits two left jabs and a leg kick. The trade jabs. Lawler comes in for a right hook and misses. He's grappled by Rory and leveraged into the fence. Rory hits a knee on Lawler's thigh. The round ends there

30-27 Lawler....Rory is going to need two huge round or a finish

Round 4
Rory was instructed to take the fight to the ground, Lawler was getting the better of him in the stand up too often. The round starts, Rory moving forward. Robbie throws a leading left uppercut that was a whisker away from landing. The miss allows Rory the ability to grad double underhooks. And Robbie is going for a ride! Belly-to-Belly suplex and now Rory is in guard. Rory tries to jump from guard to side control and it causes a scramble. Rory regains a dominant position. He's in North-South. MacDonald tries to move to side control but Lawler exploded out. It's a scramble that winds up with Robbie in half guard. Rory is searching for an arm as he transitions to full guard. From his back Rory is landing hammerfists and elbows. He's causing more damage than Robbie.

39-37 Lawler

Round 5
They exchange a few jabs as they move around the cage. Both guys are tired. Lawler hits a few jabs as he decides to grapple! Lawler find his back against the cage as a result but it doesn't take him long to pummel his way out of the hold and they're back at center. MacDonald hits a jab. Lawler hits a jab and a right hook to the body. MacDonald is able to grapple with Lawler again and he drives him into the cage. Noticing that there's about a minute left in the fight, Rory tries to go into overdrive. He hits an uppercut and a slicing elbow. He nails a few punches to the body and then takes down Lawler so that Robbie is seated with his back against the cage. The bell sounds before Rory can do anything else. What a shame that type of explosion couldn't have happened earlier.

48-47 Lawler

The Judge's score the contest 49-46 / 49-46 / 48-47 for your winner....and still UFC Welterweight Champion of the World! "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler

Round 1
It's time for the Main Event of the evening here at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Conor McGregor and Chad Mendes face off for the Interim Featherweight Championship. Here. We. Go. Chad Mendes is moving away from McGregor after the touch of gloves. McGregor is stalking Mendes like prey but can't get close enough to actually hit him. Conor hits a jab and left low kick while Mendes is able to record two counter jabs. McGregor hits another jab/low kick combo. Chad Mendes comes in fast for a takedown! He grabs Conor's leg but Conor doesn't go down, he's hopping backward as Chad tries to complete the shot. Mendes shoves McGregor into the cage and he's now exerting pressure. Mendes tries for a couple of short punches to McGregor's ears. Chad hits a few knees to the thigh. Finally after about a minute and a half Mario Yamasaki separates them. 30 seconds left in the round tick by with little action.

10-9 Mendes

Round 2
Chad starts off the round by attempting a lunging lead uppercut AND GETS BLASTED BY A COUNTER RIGHT HOOK! Chad is down! McGregor follows him to the floor and lands some blows before attempting to secure mount. Mendes is definitely dazed but is coherent enough to fight the mount attempt and they begin to scramble. McGregor is up first but Mendes sprints in and has a waistlock from behind. Mendes drives Conor into the fence and works a few punches before wrenching him away from the cage and onto the floor. Conor is on his hands and knees with Mendes on top of him in back side control. Mendes tries to snake a leg over to get the hooks in but McGregor rolls. Mendes is now in side control with Conor on his back. Chad looks for mount but Conor is fighting it. Conor is trying to slide into guard but Chad won't let him either. Finally Mendes gets mount and he's raining down blows! Conor is eating some big shots but he's trying to defend well. He's using his hips to unbalance Mendes, so not every shot is landing. Finally Conor rolls over giving up his back, Chad immediately goes for the RNC. The bells sounds though and we're done with Round 2. Great stuff from these guys

20-18 Mendes

Round 3
Again Mendes is on his bike, Conor chasing the whole way. Conor can't close the distance as Chad is constantly avoiding engaging. Conor spouts some trash talk but it doesn't draw Chad in. Conor reaches with a leg kick but makes slapping contact. Conor tosses a leg kick and a left jab, Mendes lands a right hook. McGreogr hits a jab but misses a right head kick. Not many high kicks from McGregor, seemingly worried about the takedown. Conor lands a left jab. Mendes doubles up on a jab and uses it as an opening to grapple. He has ahold of McGregor and shoves him into the cage. Mendes hits a slam and McGregor is down but the bell sounds before anything else can happen. Very close round that takedown could have made the difference.

29-28 Mendes

Round 4
McGregor lands two jabs and a leg kick, but again Mendes is able to rush him and grapple. Mendes shoves him into the cage. A chorus of boos rains down from the crowd. With 4 minutes on the clock Mendes starts grappling. Both men ar stagnant against the cage throwing no strikes but it's not until 2:20 left on the clock that Mario Yamasaki separates them. Mendes rushes in again to grapple and although McGregor is able to avoid the initial rush, once Mendes was inside his reach he grappled him on the second try. Mendes gets McGregor against the cage. After about thirty seconds, Mendes is reversed so that he's against the cage. Conor hits a few strikes but the horn sounds. We enter the final round, McGregor looks exhausted.

39-37 Mendes

Round 5
The two touch gloves. McGregor hits a few punches but Mendes rushes in. They're grappled up but Mendes can't force Conor backward. Likewise Conor can't break free. Conor reverses so that Mendes is against the cage. Conor tries to keep him there with his grappling, and even tries for a takedown but can't get it. Mendes flips it around and has control now. As the round beings to run out Mendes gets a takedown but that's all she wrote.

The Judge's score the contest 49-46/48-47/50-45 for your winner by unanimous decision and the new Interim Featherweight Champion....Chad "Money" Mendes

UFC 189: Mendes vs. McGregor Post Fight Presser

-Chad Mendes thrilled for the opportunity and can't wait for trilogy with Aldo

-Conor is disappointed in his performance and admits Chad was the better man. Upset that he didn't get to spend a full camp preparing for Chad though and thinks he'd do better in a rematch. Still wants Aldo fight.

-Dana says he'll talk to Sean Shelby but there's a chance Conor could take a Lightweight fight and then there's a chance he faces the Aldo/Mendes winner. Acknowledges that Frankie Edgar likely deserves a shot as well.

-Jeremy Stephens says he feels as good as he ever has and isn't slowing down any time soon. Offers to fight McGregor. McGregor calls him a midget that makes a midget like Mendes look like a giant.

-Thomas Almeida is thrilled to remain undefeated. Eyeing bigger fights at 135.

-Matt Brown notes that the title chase probably isn't his destination and asks for fun fights. Suggests he'd be willing to fight at 185 as well.

-Neil Seery says he feels a win or two will put him in the 125 title picture after beating Louis Smolka.

Fight of the Night - Thomas Almeida vs. Brad Pickett
Knockout of the Night - Brandon Thatch
Submission of the Night - Mike Swick
Dynasty: sirvalkyerie
07:38 PM - July 2, 2015. Written by philliesfan136
Cam Rupp is slashing .400 in 40 ABs, I'm ready for him to supersede Chooch. Colby Rasmus has been a major disappointment, providing little power and striking out 56 times. We're only invested in him for one go-around but I wanted to see the former Cardinals 1st rounder to turn it up in a fresh scenery. Dom Brown's fall from grace was salvaged by a 20-HR spell in '14, but he persistently struggles with batting average. It's at .254 with 8 jacks, and I'm close to moving on from the erstwhile #1 organizational prospect.

In lieu of two outfielders, I called up Hunter Dozier to give me multiple infielders off the bench. Brian Goodwin was sent down to AAA but he's tearing the cover off the ball (.442). Dozier did not hesitate to make waves, slamming a homer in his first start.

Maikel Franco's .210 average is a bit worrisome but he's still knocked 8 homers. Cesar Hernandez has spoiled any possibility of him being anything but a utility man next season; he's had nearly the same amount of plate appearances as 2014 but still hovers .20 points above the Mendoza line.

Lisalverto Bonilla may be the cure to a humdrum bullpen, in a late-inning guise. He possesses considerable velocity on his fastballs with a side change and curve. Bonilla posted a 1.88 ERA and punched out 16 over 14.1 innings in May. There's promise in his arm at 24 years old, and I'll be observing his progress.

Top hitting prospect Crawford has 14 stolen bases and 9 home runs but I want to see him get that .242 avg up. Roman Quinn looks eager for a shot at just 21, exploding for 8 homers and a .307 average - all while having a knack for speed more than his other traits.

Francisco Liriano is on hug watch. He's 3-4 with a 2.24 ERA, which appears nice and tidy. But he's older than Jaime Garcia and I have too many lefties for the rotation. He's on a one-year contract, making the most out of it, but I want to give some righty a shot while also weighing a spot for Jesse Biddle. Biddle was 5-2, 2.60 in Lehigh Valley and I was planning on him replacing Billingsley, but that would require a lefty being bumped first. Zach Lee would have made sense to occupy a RHP spot, but I want to stretch him out as a SP in the minors first. This query also leaves southpaw Matt Harrison (1-2, 2.63, 51.1 IP) out of the picture, although his performance could lend to a promotion nonetheless.

For now, we're above .500 and right in the thick of the NL East race. That being the case, Liriano will stay where he is and Billingsley must be the lone right-hander in the starting five. Biddle will soak up experience in the bullpen and learn from Cliff/Cole.
Dynasty: philliesfan136
03:54 PM - July 2, 2015. Written by sirvalkyerie
UFC 189: Mendes vs. McGregor Pre-Fight Conference Call

- Conor says Jose is running scared and after he beats Mendes there will be nowhere left to run

-Chad Mendes believes Conor's bark is bigger than his bite. Out to prove he deserves chance 3 against Aldo.

-Robbie respects Rory MacDonald but is confident of victory #2 against the young Canadian.

-Rory believes he won the first fight and is certain of winning the title in their rematch

-Dennis Bermudez eyes title aspirations with win over Jeremy Stephens

-Matt Brown wants to take some "fun fights" after he beats Yuri Villefort in the featured prelim bout

-Conor McGregor has been spending time training at Golden Glory ahead of his fight with Chad Mendes. Strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejzcyk has also been seen spending time at the Golden Glory gym.

-Jon Anik has been released from his UFC contract following a reported sexual assault. Early reports suggest that UFC Commentator, John Gooden will assume Anik's existing duties.

-Citing monetary issues, Ricardo Almeida Jiu-Jitsu shutters its doors.

-Joe Duffy has reportedly begun training with London & Oxford Shootfighters ahead of his upcoming UFC Fight Night: Bisping vs. Leites bout

-Scott Jorgensen begins training with Reign MMA

-Phillip "CM Punk" Brooks has made great progress according to coach Duke Roufus. Rumors swirling that the ex-WWE Champion could make his MMA debut at year's end.

-Judge throws out Bellator MMA case against Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. Ultimately decided that Bellator's failure to disclose exact PPV numbers violated his contract and no reconciliation was started during the 30 day period. Jackson is now a cleared to resume employment with the UFC. No fight plans announced

-Amir Sadollah has joined Team Alpha Male

-Magomed Mustafaev has suffered an ankle injury in training. As a result he has been pulled from the Featured UFC Fight Pass Prelim against Alan Patrick on the UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Oliveira card. Instead Alan Patrick will now face Abel Trujillo in the prelim headliner.

-Phil Davis will make his Bellator debut at Bellator 140 in the Co-Main Event against Tito Ortiz

-Due to the commentating shuffle up, Rogan and Goldberg will broadcast both UFC 189 and UFC Fight Night: Ellenberger vs. Thompson the following day in Vegas. THE UFC has announced via their website that John Gooden and Frank Trigg will become the primary "B" Team to cover most Fight Night events. Kenny Florian, Dan Hardy and Brian Stann have been moved to European and Fight Pass coverage.
Dynasty: sirvalkyerie
10:13 AM - July 2, 2015. Written by Reiny09
Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox
Apr 12, 2015123456789RHE
Minnesota (3-3)100000001260
Chicago (4-2)100000002350
W: J. Guerra (1-0) L: G. Perkins (0-1)
Scoring Summary
MIN1Dozier tripled to center. Heredia scores.10
CHW1Gillaspie doubled to left. Abreu scores.11
MIN9Mauer scored on a wild pitch.21
CHW9Cabrera singled to right. Flowers scores. Gillaspie scores.23
Minnesota Twins
Santana, SS3000110.292
Heredia, CF4110000.250
Mauer, 1B3110110.227
Dozier, 2B4021000.417
Plouffe, 3B3010100.182
Hunter, RF4000000.182
Quentin, LF3010100.333
Escobar, DH4000010.125
Suzuki, C4000000.143
2B: T. Plouffe (2), G. Heredia (1), C. Quentin (1)
3B: B. Dozier (1)
RBI: B. Dozier (5)
GIDP: B. Dozier
Chicago White Sox
Bonifacio, DH4000010.083
Eaton, CF4000000.174
Abreu, 1B4110010.294
Flowers, C2100110.111
Gillaspie, 3B4121000.429
Cabrera, LF4012000.280
Ramirez, SS3000000.087
Shuck, RF3010010.250
Johnson, 2B2000000.267
Garcia, PH1000010.167
Beckham, 2B0000000.000
2B: J. Abreu (1), C. Gillaspie 2 (4)
RBI: M. Cabrera 2 (7), C. Gillaspie (2)
HBP: T. Flowers
Minnesota Twins
P. Hughes7.13111403.46
C. Thielbar0.20000100.00
G. Perkins (L, 0-1)0.22220006.75
TEAM TOTALS8.2533150
Chicago White Sox
C. Sale8.04112200.53
J. Petricka0.0211100INF
J. Guerra (W, 1-0)1.00001100.00
TEAM TOTALS9.0622430
WP: J. Guerra (1)
Dynasty: Reiny09
10:12 AM - July 2, 2015. Written by Reiny09
Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox
Apr 11, 2015123456789RHE
Minnesota (3-2)010100000250
Chicago (3-2)001000000180
W: K. Gibson (1-0) L: J. Danks (0-1) S: G. Perkins (2)
Scoring Summary
MIN2Quentin singled to center. Dozier scores.10
CHW3Cabrera singled to left. Eaton scores.11
MIN4Hunter homered to left.21
Minnesota Twins
Santana, SS4010000.333
Escobar, DH4000000.166
Mauer, 1B4000000.210
Dozier, 2B4120010.400
Plouffe, 3B4000010.157
Hunter, RF3111001.222
Quentin, LF3011000.333
Suzuki, C3000000.200
Schafer, CF3000000.000
2B: D. Santana (3)
HR: T. Hunter (1)
RBI: T. Hunter (1), C. Quentin (1)
SB: B. Dozier (1)
Chicago White Sox
Eaton, CF4120010.210
Cabrera, LF4011000.285
Bonifacio, DH4010010.125
LaRoche, 1B4010020.157
Garcia, RF4010000.176
Gillaspie, 3B4000010.411
Ramirez, SS4000000.100
Flowers, C3000010.125
Shuck, PH1000000.000
Johnson, 2B3020000.307
RBI: M. Cabrera (5)
Minnesota Twins
K. Gibson (W, 1-0)6.28110501.35
B. Duensing (H, 2)0.10000000.00
C. Thielbar (H, 1)0.20000100.00
C. Fien (H, 2)0.10000000.00
G. Perkins (S, 2)1.00000000.00
TEAM TOTALS9.0811060
Chicago White Sox
J. Danks (L, 0-1)7.05220112.57
N. Jones2.00000100.00
TEAM TOTALS9.0522021
Dynasty: Reiny09
03:16 AM - July 2, 2015. Written by sirvalkyerie

Using a PC video game produced by Greydog Software called World of Mixed Martial Arts 4 (WMMA 4) I will be posting a dynasty in which I control the booking decisions of the UFC. I will post schedules, upcoming card announcements, results, press conferences and more goodies generated by the game world. Starting the game off I will be using the real world UFC schedule as of July 2nd. Following the conclusion of UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Oliveira the booked cards will be entirely my own creation. The dates are all roughly a month behind where they are in real life as I had to account for time to schedule the initial fights. Enjoy!

Upcoming Schedule:

Live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada the second Saturday of August 2015...

Live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada the third Saturday of August, 2015

Live from the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California the third Sunday of August 2015...

Live from the SSE Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland the fourth Saturday of August 2015...

Live from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois the fourth Sunday of August 2015...

Live from the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil the first Saturday of September 2015...

Live from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville Tennessee the second Saturday of September 2015...

Live from the SaskTel Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada the third Saturday of September 2015...
Dynasty: sirvalkyerie
Wednesday, July 1, 2015
09:58 PM - July 1, 2015. Written by philliesfan136
I had injuries off this whole time, whoops. Well since it's the start of the new month it's the right time to start them, make things more realistic. Can't turn CPU trading back on though, ugh.

Aaron Harang has been utter garbage (0-4, 9.76 ERA), and he's been outrighted off the 40-man. Maybe he can replenish his value with the Ironpigs, but I'm not counting on it. Chad Billingsley is my next try at a seasoned starter reclamation project. If this doesn't turn out as planned, Matt Harrison (1.18 ERA in relief) or Zach Lee would be next in line. Problem being I have too many lefties as is.. Harrison would make it 5. An all-lefty rotation, never-before-seen bold strategy that might just pay off.
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09:43 PM - July 1, 2015. Written by philliesfan136
All of my second basemen are raking. Quite literally. I've never seen this before in baseball sim.

Chase Utley - .315
Phil Gosselin - .317
Devon Travis - .323
Jonathan Herrera - .324
Miguel Santana - .313
Jordany Valdespin - .284

Big Piece is doing alright, .258 and 7 big shots. Rupp is batting .437 in limited action. Tommy Joseph has heated up as of late, ending April with a .267/3/17 line. Cesar is crumbling under the starter pressure, dipping his average to .214. Draft pick David Min is actually faring better than Crawford, .323 with 4 HRs - he could be the next in line at shortstop if Hernandez does this badly.

Trayvon Robinson is taking vengeance of the MLB teams that disposed of him, lighting up AA for a .450 avg! Neither Rasmus or Goodwin have stood out, but Quinn is doing his part at AAA (.273/3/9).

Hamels is 5-1 with a 2.27 ERA, top form for our ace. No other starter besides Lee (3-2, 2.18, 40 K) is playing markedly. Although 2012 1st rounder Shane Watson is closing in AA and has 9 saves. That could become his full-time duty by the time he hits the majors. A quick checkup on the top 2015 pick Jonas Luke shows a 3.77 ERA, 23 Ks, and a 2-1 record in 31 innings pitched.

Relief pitching is down in the dumps, outside of our 8th (Giles) and 9th (Papelbon) inning fellows. That will be a priority before July 31 passes, and continue to be stressed of importance this winter.
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07:27 PM - July 1, 2015. Written by philliesfan136
My Trade Targets

MLB level
SP Tony Cingrani, CIN
SP Jarrod Parker, OAK
RP Aaron Barrett, WAS
SS/2B Josh Rutledge, COL
SP Brandon Cumpton, PIT
OF Randal Grichuk, STL
SP Andrew Heaney, MIA
SP Trevor Cahill, ARI
OF Jay Bruce, CIN
SP Shelby Miller, STL
OF Yoenis Cespedes, BOS
SP Matt Moore, TB
SP Homer Bailey, CIN
OF Steven Souza, WAS
SP Chi-Chi Gonzalez, TEX
OF/1B Kyle Parker, COL
RP Ryan Cook, OAK
SP Trevor Bauer, CLE
1B C.J. Cron, LAA
C Devin Mesoraco, CIN
SP Brett Anderson, COL
3B Mike Moustakas, KC
OF Wil Myers, TB
SP Mike Minor, ATL
RP J.J. Hoover, CIN
CF/2B Arismendy Alcantara, CHC
RP/SP Drew Pomeranz, OAK
CF/2B Mookie Betts, BOS
RP Neftali Feliz, TEX
RP Dominic Leone, SEA
C Andrew Susac, SF
SP Kenta Maeda, CHW
RP/SP Carlos Martinez, STL
2B D.J. LeMahieu, COL

AAA level
SP J.R. Graham, ATL
RP Bobby Parnell, NYM
RP Paco Rodriguez, LAD
SP/RP Blake Treinen, WAS
SP Danny Hultzen, SEA
OF Stephen Piscotty, STL
SP Sean Nolin, TOR
SP Robbie Ray, DET
RP Trevor Gott, LAA
SP Dylan Bundy, BAL
SP Robbie Erlin, SD
RP Jose Dominguez, LAD
SP Jesse Hahn, SD
SP Tommy Hanson, CHW

Contract dumps
SP Edwin Jackson, CHC
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07:09 PM - July 1, 2015. Written by philliesfan136
Notable Offseason Moves

Washington signed RP Sergio Romo at 3yrs/$17.4MM, to set up Drew Storen.

Oakland added OF Denard Span to the top of their lineup at $12.3MM over 3 years.

Chicago struck a deal to land the Carp's ace pitcher Kenta Maeda. However, this was a few months into the season and he scraped together a 7-8 record with a 4.16 earned run average.

Tampa Bay incorporated Jake Peavy into their already stocked pitching personnel, leaving Drew Smyly and Matt Moore on the outside looking in.

The Yanks weren't quiet, to no one's astonishment, agreeing with C/1B Victor Martinez following his stint with Detroit.

Boston countered with a $63.1MM megadeal for Elvis Andrus, despite already having rising infield prospects Xander Bogaerts and Mookie Betts in place. They could move Xander to third and Mookie to center field, taking out WMB and Jackie Bradley Jr.

I grabbed C.C. Sabathia so that the Red Sox could put him in the back of their rotation; he had produced a 4.19 ERA at 10-11 with rival New York. Even if he's slowing down he's still better than most mediocre options they had.

Baltimore broke the bank for the premier slugger available - Hanley Ramirez. His defense deficiences are hidden well at 2nd and he makes a great offensive tandem with J.J. Hardy. They look like a powerhouse with Machado, Nelson Cruz, Wieters, Adam Jones, Markakis, and Chris Davis all still in the fold. It does push Jonathan Schoop back down to AAA Norfolk.

San Fran improved the infield with the inclusion of Chase Headley and Asdrubal Cabrera. Asdrubal takes over for rookie Joe Panik, and Headley will move to his old position of left field after they retained Kung Fu Panda. Their pitching is solid so they upgraded the team all-round.

The Dodgers opened their pocketbook for Alex Rios, but their outfield was cluttered as is. It's a good problem to have when you're a rich club like LA.

St. Louis scooped up 1B Billy Butler, and I'm not sure why when they have Matt Adams. Perhaps for platoon differences?
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10:41 AM - July 1, 2015. Written by philliesfan136
2015 Roster in April

Tanking didn't go quite as planned. We're 12-8 right now on 4/21. Let's go over the roster change since the offseason.

Carlos is still doing well at 36, but he's making $12M for the next 3 years and I'll probably sell him off regardless. Rupp deserves a chance at the full-time job. Also in the minors are A.J. Jimenez (acquired for John Lackey from Toronto) and Andrew Knapp, 2013 2nd rounder.

Big Piece makes $4M for 3 seasons, not too bad in Show money compared to real-life. I'm gonna attempt to get an AL team to make him their DH; he had 25 bombs last year. Christian Walker is making a case to take over with only Tommy Joseph behind him.

Chase has declined badly (73 ovr.) but he's starting off 2015 batting .290. He only fell by .20 points average, 3 HRs, and 9 RBIs from '13-14 though, not bad. No matter what he'll have someone taking his place as soon as 2016. I have Devon Travis heating up at AAA from the Lackey trade and draftee Miguel Santana below at Reading. Phil Gosselin plays second and can get on base but he's not a long-term option.

Maikel Franco has secured third base and leaves Rule 5 pick Hunter Dozier without a role. Dozier could be a utility player shortly, or move back to shortstop and compete with Cesar Hernandez.

Cesar's last opportunity to be a starter is this season, because he hit a measly .220 with 245 ABs in 2014. J.P. Crawford is rising quickly and Cesar is the bridge.

Ben Revere is a fun contact/speed sparkplug. I was considering trading him but he surprisingly had 11 round-trippers last year. He can be a useful weapon in the lineup if we keep in contention.

Colby Rasmus was a rebound signing from Toronto. He managed a .233/19/58 line in 472 times at the plate. Rule 5 selection (WAS) Brian Goodwin is a reserve with a little swiftness and alright fielding. Roman Quinn had a breakout performance in '14 and was rewarded with a promotion to Triple-A, he's coming for the CF job.

Dom Brown couldn't repeat his red-hot 2013, but he still blasted 20 homers. I'm hoping he's gonna be back on track average-wise after he deflated to .228 in 2014. I hoped for a steal in Wladimir Balentien, who dominated minor league competition after returning from the Swallows in the NPB. He didn't quite translate that to the MLB but he provides power off the bench.

Cole is on a reasonable contract for five terms, and pushing ahead with a 4-0 record after another good campaign last season (14-12, 3.24). He looked like a guaranteed trade chip come July, but we might win enough to reverse that theory. Cliff returned to form too: 10-11 and a 3.08 ERA. I would feel bad about not getting him a ring, but I don't know that I want to hold on to him through age 37.

The bottom three of the rotation were all found on the market: lefties Francisco Liriano/Jaime Garcia, and veteran righty Aaron Harang. They all did marginally well before coming here, handling mid-3.00 ERAs. Depending on how our record fluctuates, they could steady teams' pitching in the playoff chase. Garcia is most likely to stay because of his youth, and he's on a two-year deal, as opposed to Liriano and Harang's one. It's worth your while to hand out contracts to pitchers like these because of their potential prospect return at the deadline.

Chad Billingsley was signed, just like real-life. Couldn't give him a place in the starting five so he's righting the ship in Lehigh. He's joined by Aaron Nola, Ben Lively, Jesse Biddle, Tom Windle, and Jason Hursh (R5-ATL). In addition, Matt Harrison received a "prove-it" deal worth $2.2 mil. Zach Lee was the second piece of the Rollins trade but he's waiting in the bullpen as a LR. The last of the pitching prospects close to the bigs are Matt Barnes (from Boston), Michael Lorenzen (R5-CIN), and Severino Gonzalez.

The bullpen lacks any elite arms besides Pap. Giles is going to be at his rank in no time. De Fratus and Diekman have their strengths but they've hit their ceiling at 27-28 years old. I preserved Aumont to unremarkable results. Griffin Murphy, a Jays lefty, was acquired for Cody Asche. He's not a velocity guy but has upside. Joely Rodriguez was slotted into a sort-of LOOGY role to ease into the conversion from starter. Nick Masset and Chris Perez were brought on off waivers for their late-inning experience. I've been hunting for relief arms in trades to shore up this area.

2015 Top Prospects
1) SS J.P. Crawford - 72 ovr (A)
2) SP Aaron Nola - 78 ovr (B)
3) SP Jonas Luke - 56 ovr (A)
4) CF/SS Roman Quinn - 69 ovr (B)
5) SP Ben Lively - 76 ovr (B)
6) SP Jesse Biddle - 75 ovr (B)
7) 2B Devon Travis - 73 ovr (B)
8) SP Jason Hursh - 76 ovr (B)
9) OF Dylan Cozens - 66 ovr (B)
10) 2B Miguel Santana - 56 ovr (B)
11) SP Michael Lorenzen - 73 ovr (B)
12) SP Shane Watson - 68 ovr (B)
13) OF Cord Sandberg - 65 ovr (B)
14) SP Matt Imhof - 67 ovr (B)
15) SP Fernando Perez - 51 ovr (B)
16) 3B/SS Hunter Dozier - 70 ovr (B)
17) SP Tom Windle - 72 ovr (B)
18) RP Jon Ramsey - 56 ovr (B)
19) C Andrew Knapp - 64 ovr (C)
20) 1B Eddie Coates - 39 ovr (B)
21) SS David Min - 70 ovr (C)
22) OF Carlos Tocci - 59 ovr (C)
23) RP Cody Buckel - 67 ovr (C)
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015
07:08 PM - June 30, 2015. Written by philliesfan136

I'm not going to make a dynasty for this per se, because I know I'll try to do too much and it won't last as long as I want it to. Instead, I'll chronicle notable events throughout the franchise's duration freeform-style. Hope you guys enjoy my take on the Phillies.
We won around 69 games in 2014 and I slowly started to operate with the rebuilding method. Mike Adams was dispatched to Boston to help their bullpen. Antonio Bastardo was delivered to Texas instead of the Pirates. Alternatively, A.J. Burnett got shipped to Pittsburgh for Joely Rodriguez, converted to a relief pitcher. The Marlon Byrd trade was replicated - to Cincy for Ben Lively. Kendrick finally left to be a long man for San Francisco. The Jonathan Pettibone experiment didn't go as planned and I gave him to the White Sox as well. Jimmy Rollins exploded for 25 homers and a .285 average, so he was sold high at the price of pitching 'spects Zach Lee and Tom Windle from the Dodgers. Darin Ruf will be backing up Anthony Rizzo for the other Chicago team. I wanted Jeff Francoeur and Grady Sizemore to turn it around, but their new homes are Boston and Kansas City, respectively.

Jake Fox blew up AAA Lehigh Valley but he did not contribute to the main roster. Oddly, David Buchanan retired due to a "poor free agent market". I thought I would wait it out and let other teams sign IFAs like Yasmani Tomas and Rusney Castillo, but they ended up retiring too. At least Kenta Maeda signed with the ChiSox. Cody Asche did himself no favors in keeping his 3B job by having a poor season, while Maikel Franco loomed in the minors. Freddy Galvis did not impress me enough to take over at short, and he was demoted. J.P. Crawford, our #1 hitting prospect, was moved up a level from Reading.

No big trades happened with Hamels, Utley, or Papelbon in year one. We expanded the farm with draft picks initially. That includes 1B Eddie Coates (39/B), 2B Miguel Santana (56/B), SS David Min (72/C), SP Fernando Perez (51/B). Our first round pick - 10th in the draft - SP Jonas Luke is rated at a 56 overall at age 20 with A potential. He's a righty with two fastballs and a curve in his arsenal, beginning pro ball right at AA.
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06:31 PM - June 30, 2015. Written by Reiny09
Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox
Apr 10, 2015123456789RHE
Minnesota (2-2)1040002007120
Chicago (3-1)000100300470
W: R. Nolasco (1-0) L: C. Rodon (0-1) S: G. Perkins (1)
Scoring Summary
MIN1Dozier doubled to right. Santana scores.10
MIN3Arcia homered to center.20
MIN3Escobar doubled (ground rule double). Santana scores.30
MIN3Plouffe homered to left. Escobar scores.50
CHW4Gillaspie doubled to center. Garcia scores.51
MIN7Santana doubled to center. Arcia scores.61
MIN7Mauer hit a sac fly to center. Santana scores.71
CHW7Cabrera doubled to center. LaRoche scores. Gillaspie scores.73
CHW7Johnson hit a sac fly to right. Cabrera scores.74
Minnesota Twins
Santana, SS5341000.353
Escobar, DH5111000.250
Mauer, 1B4001000.267
Dozier, 2B4021000.375
Plouffe, 3B4112001.200
Hunter, RF4000020.200
Suzuki, C4010000.286
Vargas, DH4000000.000
Arcia, LF3231001.286
Schafer, LF1000000.000
TEAM TOTALS387127022
2B: B. Dozier 2 (3), K. Suzuki (1), E. Escobar (1), D. Santana 2 (2)
HR: T. Plouffe (1), O. Arcia (1)
RBI: B. Dozier (4), J. Mauer (2), T. Plouffe 2 (3), E. Escobar (1), D. Santana (3), O. Arcia (3)
SF: J. Mauer
SB: D. Santana (3)
Chicago White Sox
Bonifacio, DH4000020.000
Eaton, CF4010000.133
Garcia, RF4110010.154
LaRoche, 1B4110010.133
Gillaspie, 3B4121010.538
Cabrera, LF4112010.294
Ramirez, SS4000010.125
Flowers, C2000110.154
Johnson, 2B2011000.200
2B: M. Cabrera (2), A. LaRoche (1), C. Gillaspie (2)
RBI: M. Cabrera 2 (4), C. Gillaspie (1), M. Johnson (1)
SF: M. Johnson
GIDP: A. Garcia
Minnesota Twins
R. Nolasco (W, 1-0)6.17441605.68
B. Duensing (H, 1)0.10000000.00
R. Pressly (H, 1)0.10000000.00
C. Fien (H, 1)1.00000000.00
G. Perkins (S, 1)1.00000200.00
TEAM TOTALS9.0744180
Chicago White Sox
C. Rodon (L, 0-1)4.28550129.64
C. Beck2.12220007.71
M. Albers2.02000100.00
TEAM TOTALS9.01277022
Dynasty: Reiny09