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Thursday, July 24, 2014
10:32 PM - July 24, 2014. Written by philliesfan136

Cruiserweight Championship / TLC Match
Eddie Edwards (c)def. La Parka and Curt Hawkins
United States Championship / Tables Match

Ryback def. Leo Kruger (c)

In one of the more technical and therefore entertaining table matches in recent memory, the Human Wrecking Ball tossed Kruger through a table with a fallaway slam. Leo lifted Ryback and spun him for a Jackhammer, but he did have the move done back to him later. The Big Guy went to the top rope presumably for a splash on the prone Kruger, who hopped off the table and spiked him with a DDT. There was a backpack stunner, belly-to-belly suplexes, shoulderbreakers, Ryback spearing himself through a table, and a lot of spots that hit part of the table but didn't break it clean. The young United States champion was particularly impressive but loses the gold after a short stint.
WWE Tag Team Championship

The Usos (c) def. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan

Rikishi's sons brawled with the Wyatt Family all over the ring. They brutalized each other with ladders, sledghammers, and belts while other assorted weapons were on the outside. The Usos won when Jey busted open Harper with a super kick.
Intercontinental Championship

Wade Barrett def. Cody Rhodes (c)

With an twist stipulation, Wade Barrett takes the Intercontinental title home to Evolution, ending Cody's one-month title reign. At the onset, Wade did a Bullhammer but ate a lifting DDT in return. He connected on a Winds of Change but was bulldogged on to a ladder. A second underhook DDT gave the Prince a crimson mask. Rhodes worked him over with a surfboard stretch then received a second elbow and a half-crab followed. Dusty's son drew out a chair and went to town on the England street fighter. Barrett then promptly sent him into steel steps, only to have them used against him later. The Bare-Knuckle Brawler dropped Cody with a sit-out powerbomb and transitioned into a camel clutch. He maimed the IC champion further with another Winds of Change and an Omega Driver, both on a sledgehammer. The back of the champ was thoroughly hurt, and another application of the clutch did him in.
No Holds Barred Match
The Shield def. Evolution (Triple H, Sheamus, Randy Orton)

The Shield put on a clinic once more against the veteran Evolution. The tags were frequent and the action hard-hitting. Reigns and Ambrose doubled up on Orton with a powerbomb/senton. Dean had his back snapped with an Irish Curse and Reigns was flattened via a Pedigree. Triple H was planted by a reverse frankensteiner from Rollins. Roman did a wrist-lock lariat to Randall as his teammates took out the Game with a flapjack/DDT combo. Sheamus flinged Seth with a Pale Justice. The architect of the Shield was bloodied with a classic knee facebuster, but Reigns brought it back for the group with a Superman punch. Their powerhouse crushed Hunter by powerbombing him onto Orton's gut. By the time Sheamus and the Legend Killer tried to intervene, the three count was over.
World Heavyweight Championship / Steel Cage

C.M. Punk (c) def. Antonio Cesaro

Antonio Cesaro placed 1st in the Smackdown Gold Rush and contended for the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble, losing to AJ Styles. He excited at No Way Out in the Chamber match and struck down Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania. That was enough for Paul Heyman to make him the next Paul Heyman Guy. Similar to the WCW World title defenses back in the day, Punk would put the gold on the line inside a steel cage. The Best in the World splattered blood from Cesaro's head with the corner shining wizard and bulldog. A GTS furthered the head damage. They took turns grabbing and slamming each other from climbing the steel. Punker knocked out AC with a roundhouse then was muscled into a gutwrench suplex. The King of Swing snapped his neck and dropped the champion with a Neutralizer. Double stomp to the stomach and Punk goes down with a Alphamare Waterslide. Series of kicks from the Straight Edge Superstar, finishing with a piledriver. Michinoku driver and sit-down powerbomb from the Swiss Sensation, then a German and a Swiss Death. Punk gets the advantage, kicking his challenger in the face and goes up for a diving elbow. A second Go To Sleep puts out Cesaro and Punk escapes the cage.
WWE Championship

Daniel Bryan (c) vs Kane vs Dolph Ziggler
Dynasty: philliesfan136
09:14 PM - July 24, 2014. Written by philliesfan136

Go-home show before Extreme Rules!

*Curt Hawkins def. Adrian Neville

The underdog Neville tried to rise up but things haven't worked out for him since being promoted to Smackdown. He was doing great until Hawkins sneakily rolled him up for the pinfall.

*Jack Swagger def. Chimaera (the Mexican luchador)

*Prince Devitt def. Bret Hart (c) to win the NWA Championship

Devitt is the first young gun to hold the title of WCW and TNA lineage, we'll see how it changes the prestige of it going forward.

*La Parka def. Fernando

*Leo Kruger and Bray Wyatt def. Big E Langston and Ryback

The hunter ate its prey as Ryback was crushed with a snapmare driver. The machine will have to get it together if he wants to take the United States title away on Sunday.

*Cesaro def. King Kong Bundy

The Walking Condominium saw his striking stature fall to the Swiss Superman, who has been on an extreme hot streak ever since winning the Smackdown Gold Rush back in January. A wild gutwrench suplex, lifting uppercut, and springboard uppercut sent the 460-lb. giant down and popped the crowd. Even with the obnoxious Paul Heyman in his ear, Cesaro has the audience in the palm of his hand with every match.

*CM Punk def. KENTA, non-title

The Go to Sleep masters were bound to face off, and the champion out-manuevered the NOAH star. With a little more experience in the States, KENTA could do more shaking up of the Smackdown roster.
Dynasty: philliesfan136
08:24 PM - July 24, 2014. Written by harleyhorse8
Hey Guys,

To help save time I have decided to end posting my Cubs dynasty on two separate fronts, I will now stop blogging it. For further Cubs, check out http://www.operationsports.com/forum...w-dynasty.html

Dynasty: harleyhorse8
07:11 PM - July 24, 2014. Written by philliesfan136

*Bret Hart (c) def. Hunter Hearst Helmsley to retain the NWA Championship

*Rick Martel def. Justin Gabriel (c) to win the European championship

Gabriel dodged a flying elbow and Martel crashed through a table. The Model went after his legs with a shin breaker and locked in the Boston Crab. The champ propped challenger on the table and broke it with a DDT. Rick got back up and piledrived Gabriel on the padding. He put on the crab again only to be surprised with a Emerald Flowsion minutes later. They returned to the ring, where the former AWA title holder did a neckbreaker, belly-to-belly, and Boston Crab in succession. Gabriel's legs could not stand the pain for a third time and Martel seized the title.

*The Wyatt Family def. Big E Langston & the Usos

Rowan and Harper look to be the early favorites in Sunday's tag title match. Bray's feud with Big E rolls on, but this time Harper tapped out one of the Uso brothers.

*Eddie Edwards (c) def. Ultimo Dragon, Diego, and Tyler Breeze to retain the Cruiserweight championship

*Wade Barrett and Ryback def. Cody Rhodes and Leo Kruger

Barrett and the Big Guy get the momentum on their side with a thumping of the IC and US champions. The Prince just about broke Cody's skull with an Omega Driver on the outside.
Dynasty: philliesfan136
06:53 PM - July 24, 2014. Written by Roscosuper

2015 NHL All-Star Game at American Airlines Arena, Dallas, TX

New York Islanders Defenseman, Nikita Nikitin, finished his first NHL All-Star game with an assist and two shots on goal.

Dynasty: Roscosuper
02:51 PM - July 24, 2014. Written by philliesfan136

*Sanada refused to be humbled by Kenta Kobashi, taking out the famous Triple Crown Heavyweight champion with a TKO in a NJPW exhibition.

*Del Rio stuck it to Seth Rollins and the Shield, giving Rollins a hard gutbuster for the win while Triple H observed.

*COO Triple H decided that Christian's title shot would come tonight and a new opponent for Cody Rhodes's IC belt would be solved tonight. That turned out to be Wade Barrett, who just so happened to be slotted into a fatal four-way with Jeff Jarrett, Suicide, and Jay Briscoe. The Bareknuckle Brawler barreled through Suicide with a Wasteland and covered.

*Dolph Ziggler rode his hot momentum into a triumph over the Celtic Warrior. Sheamus only reached 2 counts on an Irish Curse and a White Noise. The Showoff cut down one of Evolution's acolytes with his signature Super Kick.

*A douse of bad luck hits Christian again, who loses his Intercontinental title match to Cody Rhodes. Cody's lifting DDT has propelled him up the ranks as of late.

*An odd cast of characters fought in a fatal four-way for an opportunity at Justin Gabriel's European championship on Heat. Rick Martel bested Irwin R. Schyster, Brodus Clay, and Jinder Mahal to meet Gabriel on Wednesday.

*Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose got the last laugh against Triple H, Kane, and Randy Orton. Reigns capitalized while Bryan hit HHH off the apron, spearing a hole through Orton to take it for the good guys.
Dynasty: philliesfan136
04:41 AM - July 24, 2014. Written by philliesfan136

*Jey Uso def. Erick Rowan

*Jack Swagger def. Ted DiBiase Jr.

According to Jack Swagger, Ted Jr. and his greediness make the wrong stereotype for Americans. He vowed to beat down the Million Dollar Man's son to show that that way is not the proud blue-collar lifestyle he was taught to follow. Swaggie was assertive, planting the former Legacy member with a gutwrench powerbomb.

*Bray Wyatt def. Big E Langston

Thanks to interference from Luke Harper, Bray busts open Big E with a second Sister Abigail for the three count. The cult leader spoke to the fans some more:

"Studying about those good old days and who shall wear the starry crown? Good Lord, show me the way...

She taught me... She taught me from the young age. She said 'You gotta get them before they get you'. 'A rattlesnake's skin is the same color as leaves', she said. And we all understood her. She led us with love, but she told us that the fires, well, they are our friends, too. 'The world is an evil place', she said. And we agreed. And I was there. I was there when she took her final breath. She pulled me in close, and she said 'You're the one'. She said 'They chose you, long before you were ever in existence'. And I understood what she meant. Her touch... could save the world, but her kiss burns it to the ground. I love you, Sister Abigail.

Down, brothers, let's go down. Down by the river to pray...

*Luke Harper def. Jimmy Uso

*Cesaro def. Big John Studd

The one-time United States champion boasted his supreme strength and toughness in this one, calling out a legend in the business and striking him down. A torture rack, military lift into knee gutbuster, double stomp to the chest, Swiss Death uppercut, and a Neutralizer got his point across. And quite thoroughly, at that. What big superstar of the past is next on Cesaro's list?

*Ryback def. Sin Cara, Edge, MVP, Sami Zayn, and Kofi Kingston to earn contendership to the United States championship

*CM Punk def. Kyle O'Reilly (non-title)
Dynasty: philliesfan136
01:43 AM - July 24, 2014. Written by philliesfan136

*Jushin Liger def. Shinsuke Nakamura (NJPW Exhibition)

*Jack Swagger def. Rene Dupree

Swagger made his return with Zeb Colter back in the fold. Originally, he and Cesaro left Colter but the All-American American felt sympathy for the old man with Cesaro becoming a Paul Heyman Guy. Swagger was not pleased when Hulk Hogan congratulated the Swiss Sensation for his grand Wrestlemania win. He was never a Real American at all, complained Swagger. All along, Cesaro had pretended to be an American and lied to our nation. Going forward, Jack Swagger would be the real hero America deserves.

That all said, he had a convincing showing versus France's Rene Dupree. A gutwrench bomb through the announce table and a running powerslam on the chair nearby got a nearfall. A Swagger bomb from the corner onto the French Tickler's body was enough to stave him off.

*Bret Hart (c) def. Dean Malenko to retain the NWA Championship

*Damien Sandow and Antonio Cesaro def. C.M. Punk and AJ Styles

Punk teamed up with friend and former World Heavyweight title holder Styles against the two men currently on his trail - Cesaro and Mr. Money in the Bank Sandow. Damien notched the win with a Terminus neckbreaker on the champion.

*Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, and Dolph Ziggler def. Alberto Del Rio, Leo Kruger, and Randy Orton

The Intercontinental champ, WWE champ, and #1 contender to the latter face two of Evolution's best and the United States champ. It lasted a good 12 minutes and Cody proved to be the better midcard title holder by pinning Kruger off of a lifting DDT.
Dynasty: philliesfan136
Wednesday, July 23, 2014
11:36 PM - July 23, 2014. Written by glenzariczny
Mariners cant capitalize on Ranger miscues. Win streak ends at 8.

Seattle - For all the games the Mariners pulled out of their hats in this streak, it was the one that they should have won that ended up getting away from them. The Rangers committed three errors in the game, and Seattle twice squandered golden opportunities to score as The Rangers squeaked by 3-2. The Mariners had runners on 2nd, and 3rd with one out in the 5th and could not scratch across a run, and then again in the 6th they managed to get the bases loaded with no one out, and somehow failed to score both times. Allowing Texas to hang around long enough for Adrian Beltre to hit an 8th inning solo shot that proved to be the difference. The Mariners will try to get back to their recent winning ways tomorrow when they face Martin Perez (4-7, 5.63 ERA). Seattle will counter with Taijuan Walker (4-6, 3.89 ERA).

Texas Rangers at Seattle Mariners
Jun 14, 2014123456789RHE
Texas (33-35)000101010383
Seattle (34-34)020000000270
W: Colby Lewis (8-3) L: Chris Young (4-6) S: Neftali Feliz - 18
Texas Rangers
Martin, CF4010000.216
Choo, LF4000010.264
Fielder, 1B4110000.355
Beltre, 3B4221011.232
Moreland, DH4012000.258
Rios, RF4010010.205
Andrus, SS4010010.255
Profar, 2B4000000.215
Arencibia, C2010100.224
2B: P. Fielder (22), A. Rios (10), M. Moreland (15)
HR: A. Beltre (10)
RBI: A. Beltre (27), M. Moreland 2 (34)
GIDP: L. Martin
E: C. Lewis (1), E. Andrus 2 (6)
Seattle Mariners
Miller, SS4010000.311
Romero, RF4010010.244
Cano, 2B4000010.198
Hart, 1B4110010.237
Montero, DH4010000.247
Seager, 3B3122001.253
Zunino, C4000000.250
Jones, CF3000020.184
Morrison, PH1000000.211
Ackley, LF4010000.226
HR: K. Seager (9)
RBI: K. Seager 2 (23)
SAC: K. Seager
GIDP: R. Cano
Texas Rangers
Lewis (W, 8-3)7.06210413.09
Frasor (H, 5)1.00000101.98
Feliz (S, 18)1.01000000.51
TEAM TOTALS9.0721051
WP: C. Lewis (1)
Seattle Mariners
Young (L, 4-6)7.28331213.79
TEAM TOTALS9.0833141
Dynasty: glenzariczny
10:39 PM - July 23, 2014. Written by philliesfan136

Justin Gabriel defends his European championship, #1 contenders to the Tag Team titles are crowned, and Daniel Bryan finds out his Extreme Rules opponent..

*Like the true villain he is, William Regal resorted to dirty tactics to try and steal the European gold. He brought out the brass knucks and put them to good use, then tacking on a savage knee trembler. The Capetown Werewolf solidified his reign via a dragon suplex then reversing a Regal Stretch into an Emerald Flowsion.

*Luke Harper and Erick Rowan overpowered Daniels & Kazarian to become #1 contenders to the Usos' tag team championships. Harper landed a big spinning side slam on the Fallen Angel while Rowan distracted Kaz.

*Christian is next in line for Cody Rhodes' Intercontinental strap, having got a W over Chris Benoit, John Morrison, and Owen Hart. He delivered an Unprettier to Hart and that was the final straw. We might be seeing the 2012 Over the Limit rematch on the go-home RAW or at the pay-per-view.

*Bray Wyatt continued to spread his message, cutting a promo after a beating of Rob Van Dam. Here's the transcript:

"5000 years from now, people will still be talking about the things that Bray Wyatt did. 5000 years from now, children will still be learning about me in school. 5000 years from now, everything won't be the same. They will be arguing about me, man. They will be arguing about 'Did Bray Wyatt ever truly exist at all? Am I just a fairytale?' I'll assure you, man I am very, very real. To the people, man, you still want to be afraid of me? And you should be, man. We all need something to be afraid of after all, right? But mother, tell your children not to walk my way. Tell your children not to hear my words, what they mean, what they say, mother.

Well class, class, may I ask you a question or two please, class? Is there anyone out there, is there anyone out there in this rotten world who would get their hands dirty for you the way that I will? No, man. Is there anyone out there in this world that will love you and accept you for who you are no matter where you been or what you've done the way that I will? No, man. Still, you want to be afraid of me but you shouldn't, 'cause I am an angel in the dirt. And if you want to find hell with me than I will show you, man, I will show you what hell is like.

Just who is this directed at? It seems the Eater of Worlds is trying to save us from some certain fate..

*Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose were paired up with Wade Barrett and Sheamus, the hitmen of Evolution, to strength their teamwork before Extreme Rules. Sadly, Barrett got the job done for Triple H. He smashed Dean's face in with a Bullhammer while Sheamus kept Rollins at bay.

*Daniel Bryan went at it with Alberto Del Rio, one of the players in consideration for the WWE championship match at the PPV. The Mexican Aristocrat got off a German suplex and a cross armbreaker but was nailed with a huge knockout kick for the loss.

*With Del Rio effectively out of the conversation, COO Triple H announced a three-way contest to determine the official challenger to Bryan's WWE Undisputed championship. He would be tasked with NextGen ally Dolph Ziggler, the Demon Kane, or (interestingly) the Shield's Roman Reigns. His motive with Reigns is intriguing from my view. Perhaps he is taking Roman's mind off a potential 6-man with Evolution and/or persuading him to pursue the WWE title instead. After some great action, Ziggler drew the 3 count on Kane and did not feel Reigns' wrath.

You have to wonder how the Game will respond to this turn of events.
Dynasty: philliesfan136
04:37 PM - July 23, 2014. Written by Roscosuper

The Islanders finished their road trip with a 6-3 win over the Los Angeles Kings Tuesday night at Staples Center.

Kyle Okposo and Frans Nielsen each had two goals and six Islanders finished with a multi-point game as Nikita Nikitin also added an assist as he gears up to represent the Islanders in the NHL Allstar Game this weekend.

NOTES: Defenseman Nikita Nikitin, who currently leads the Islanders in points, will play in his first NHL Allstar game... Cal Clutterbuck as had points in two straight games after a twenty-game deficit.

Dynasty: Roscosuper
04:43 AM - July 23, 2014. Written by philliesfan136

C.M. Punk has the King of Swing on his heels, and Damien Sandow in the shadows with the Money in the Bank. Meanwhile, the COO has overrided the Smackdown GM and forced Seth Rollins into a second US title defense this week. Also, the #1 contender to the Usos' tag team titles is solidified.

*Mark Briscoe answered an invitational match from Damien Sandow, and he put up a good fight. Ultimately, the Savior of the Masses dropped him with a Terminus.

*Yuji Nagata pinned Tiger Mask in another NJPW exhibition bout. Nagata actually completed a mid-air Nagata Lock but was then slammed with a tiger suplex. He secured it with a hard roundhouse kick.

*Eddie Edwards captured the Cruiserweight championship from the Miz in a triple threat with Psycosis. "Die-Hard" put a dent in the moneymaker with a backpack stunner for the win.

*The Usos looked strong going into Extreme Rules with a non-title victory over World's Greatest Tag Team. Jimmy did a Bubba Bomb to Shelton to get the pin. They await Bad Influence or the Wyatt Family at the PPV.

*Cesaro had an amazing performance yet again on Smackdown, hitting the returning Santino into next week. He dropped the Milan Miracle with a Death Valley driver and a German suplex, only to catch him off the top rope with Swiss Death. He is all but guaranteed to fight Punk for the World title at ER.

*Leo Kruger has hotshotted himself into a United States championship by being the winner of a skirmish between nXt alumni. Seth Rollins tapped to a a sleeper while Kruger was grinding has knee into his spine. This was after a top-rope German and a Sethwalker had happened earlier in the match. The South African hunter showed some technical proficiency with a guillotine choke as well.

*World Champion C.M. Punk discarded the dangerous Prince Devitt in a non-title match. Most of the damage done was on a Macho Man diving elbow, an old-school piledriver, and a Go to Sleep. Devitt did get a Bloody Sunday in but he does not take home bragging rights.
Dynasty: philliesfan136
03:23 AM - July 23, 2014. Written by philliesfan136

*Bret Hart (c) def. Davey Richards to retain the NWA Championship

*Bad Influence def. Los Guerreros

*Antonio Cesaro def. Sergeant Slaughter

*Erick Rowan and Luke Harper def. Xavier Woods & R-Truth

*Seth Rollins (c) def. Magnus to retain the United States championship
Dynasty: philliesfan136
Tuesday, July 22, 2014
11:49 PM - July 22, 2014. Written by philliesfan136

The Shield's retort to Triple H's accusations and the return of Evolution.. what is in store for WWE champion Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and the rest of the RAW roster?

*Justin Gabriel preserves the European title over Roderick Strong, who has not been in action for a few months. He showed some style with a moonsault through the announce table and a dragon suplex for the finish.

*The Usos hit a career benchmark with their first WWE Tag Team championship win, in a barnburner against the Motor City Machineguns.

*William Regal is on the chase for Gabriel's gold. The Blackpool veteran roughed up Nigel McGuinness and British Bulldog to get the chance.

*Cody Rhodes defended the IC belt on a second occasion, this time against Bobby Roode. The ending was a blocked suplex into a Cross Rhodes. He has done well without brother Goldust at his side.

*Bray Wyatt made an emphatic return to the WWE, sending R-Truth into the mat with a Sister Abigail. We will probably hear of his intentions or his target shortly.

*The Shield had decided to go on separate paths, but since COO Triple H called them out, they will make an exception. According to the Game, they had not done what he paid them for and they were not nearly effective enough at eliminating Daniel Bryan. Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns were offended by that assumption. They maintained that every night for over a year they obliterated the WWE's top stars. At the right time, they broke out of being Hunter's puppets and went back to their true objective: rectify injustice. Unfortunately, the three lost the picture and got greedy.

They weren't about to let Triple H reform one of the more dominant factions in history and take control of the show. Never under their watch would some other team claim to be as powerful as the Shield. The challenge was out: Shield vs Evolution, Extreme Rules.

*HHH would not address the Shield's challenge just yet but he did book the three versus Wade Barrett, Sheamus, and Kane. If Evolution's members were victorious, they would receive title shots at the tag and Intercontinental champions, respectively. He will consider an Extreme Rules battle if the Shield impress him. To end the 12-minute brawl, Reigns took out Barrett with a Superman punch and spear.

*The challenger to Bryan's WWE title is still undecided. Ziggler is vying for it, but Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton presumably have a more favorable position in the race considering their roles in Evolution. The tag match main event resumed feuds between ADR/Ziggler and Bryan/Orton that raged throughout this year. While Triple H is bothered by the sudden Shield revival, he continues to have his eye on Bryan and the championship situation.

DBry and Dolph stood tall by the conclusion. The leader of the YES! Movement connected on a running knee to Orton while the Showoff knocked Del Rio off the apron. For the second straight week, the Big Red Monster made his presence felt, grabbing Bryan from behind and clotheslining him to close the episode.
Dynasty: philliesfan136
09:36 PM - July 22, 2014. Written by bayers3

TORONTO, ON - Baseball is a fickle game. One week you can't hit to save your life, and the next you seem to hit when you aren't even trying. After months of failing to catch a break the Red Sox have caught on fire, going 10-2 this month. The Red Sox came into the game today with a half game lead in the AL East, and a win would give them the other half. The Blue Jays, starting former Red Sox pitcher Jake Peavy, are officially headed in the wrong direction. If anyone needed to win tonight it was Toronto, but Chris Archer wasn't going to lay down.

Archer and Peavy exchanged shutout innings to start the game, but Boston opened the scoring in the 2nd with two HR. Will Middlebrooks started things off with a solo-HR and Blake Swihart made it 3-0 with a 2R-HR after a David Ortiz double. The Blue Jays came right back in the 3rd with an RBI double by Edwin Encarnacion, thanks to Jackie Bradley Jr. missing a fly ball, and then Jose Bautista drove in Encarnacion to make it 3-2.

The Red Sox were not impressed and hammered Peavy in the 4th. Ortiz slammed a 2R-HR followed by Bradley Jr. hitting an RBI double with two on. Boston kept the hits coming when Swihart smacked a solo-HR in the 6th, and a Bradley Jr. triple paired with a Xander Bogaerts single made it 8-2.

All-Star snub Swihart is having an incredible rookie season.

While the Red Sox were finally hitting Archer was putting on a show of his own. Despite allowing 2R, he only allowed a single BB and practically struck out two batters an inning. Swihart added to his amazing day with a 2RBI double in the 7th, giving Archer a 10-2 lead. Archer stayed in for the 8th and used it to make history by striking out 21 Blue Jays. Archer becomes the first to strike out 21 in a 9 inning game, tying Tom Cheney (1962) who did it in 16 innings.

Torii Hunter added to Toronto's misery with a solo-HR in the 9th, but the Blue Jays wouldn't be shut out. Another former Red Sox player, David Ross, would put the Blue Jays on the board with and RBI double thanks to another Bradley Jr. mistake. Whent he dust cleared Swihart finished 5/5 with 2HR and 5RBI.

Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays
Aug 13, 2015123456789RHE
Boston (70-51)03030220111190
Toronto (61-59)002000001370
W: Archer (11-5) L: Peavy (8-12)
Dynasty: bayers3