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Friday, April 22, 2016
San Francisco Giants at San Diego Padres
Mar 17, 2016123456789RHE
San Francisco (5-9)000000110251
San Diego (10-4)03000210X690
W: Robbie Erlin (2-0) L: Matt Cain (0-2)
Scoring Summary
SDG2Jay singled to center, Kemp scored, Wallace scored, Bethancourt to third.02
SDG2Erlin sacrificed to catcher (2-3 SH), Bethancourt scored, Jay to second.03
SDG6Wallace homered to center, Dickerson scored.05
SFO7Gillaspie grounded out to shortstop (6-3), Span scored.15
SDG7Dickerson singled to center, Weeks scored, Upton Jr. to third.16
SFO8Susac homered to left.26
San Francisco Giants
Panik, 2B3000000.233
d - Susac, PH1111001.300
Brown, 2B0000000.250
Pagan, LF3000000.244
e - Lollis, PH-LF1000010.563
Posey, C4010000.237
Pence, RF2000020.351
a - Span, PH-RF1110000.290
f - Parker, PH1000000.238
Crawford, SS2000010.278
b - Belt, PH1000000.323
Green, SS1000000.158
Duffy, 3B2010000.270
c - Gillaspie, PH1001000.214
Kontos, P0000000.000
Strickland, P0000000.000
Blanks, 1B3000010.111
Blanco, CF3010000.292
Cain, P2000020.000
Samardzija, P0000000.000
St. John, P0000000.000
Tomlinson, 3B1000010.462
2B: Span (2), Blanco (2)
HR: Susac (1)
RBI: Susac (2), Gillaspie (4)
E: Panik (1)
San Diego Padres
Spangenberg, 2B2000000.250
b - Amarista, PH-2B2000100.130
Ramirez, SS2000000.364
c - Weeks, PH-SS2110000.176
Solarte, 3B2010000.324
d - Hendley, PH-3B2000020.333
Myers, CF1000100.194
e - Upton Jr., PH-CF2010000.037
Kemp, RF2110010.194
f - Dickerson, PH-RF1111100.217
Wallace, 1B3222001.304
Pirela, 1B1000010.200
Bethancourt, C3100000.083
Edwards, P0000000.000
Kopotic, P0000000.000
h - Gale, PH0000100.000
Hayden, P0000000.000
Jay, LF2012000.185
Rea, P0000000.000
g - Kratz, PH-C2010010.364
Erlin, P0001000.000
a - Leahy, PH-LF3000000.250
HR: Wallace (1)
RBI: Erlin (1), Wallace 2 (2), Jay 2 (2), Dickerson (1)
SAC: Erlin
GIDP: Leahy
San Francisco Giants
Cain (L, 0-2)4.04321104.50
St. John1.01221114.91
TEAM TOTALS8.0965451
Pitches-Strikes: Cain 73 (66%), Samardzija 15 (47%), St. John 19 (58%), Kontos 23 (70%), Strickland 18 (67%)
WP: Samardzija (1), Cain (1)
San Diego Padres
Erlin (W, 2-0)4.02000400.00
Rea (H, 3)2.01000101.80
Edwards (H, 2)1.01110103.86
TEAM TOTALS9.0522081
Pitches-Strikes: Erlin 56 (80%), Rea 28 (71%), Edwards 13 (62%), Kopotic 12 (83%), Hayden 6 (100%)

San Diego
a - Batted for Erlin in the 4th.
b - Batted for Spangenberg in the 5th.
c - Batted for Ramirez in the 5th.
d - Batted for Solarte in the 5th.
e - Batted for Myers in the 5th.
f - Batted for Kemp in the 6th.
g - Batted for Rea in the 6th.
h - Batted for Kopotic in the 8th.

San Francisco
a - Batted for Pence in the 7th.
b - Batted for Crawford in the 7th.
c - Batted for Duffy in the 7th.
d - Batted for Panik in the 8th.
e - Batted for Pagan in the 8th.
f - Batted for Span in the 9th.

Date Palm Field
March 17, 2016
Attendace: 8,218 (87% capacity)
Weather: 68 degrees, clear
Wind: 5.1 mph, Blowing in from RF
Scheduled First Pitch: 7:10 PM

HP: Woody Keller. 1B: Ed Drummond. 2B: Clyde Washington. 3B: Earl Hendricks.
Dynasty: charlieh78
01:20 PM - April 22, 2016. Written by mkilcNYR
Starting up a Padres franchise which I will be running for a couple of seasons. I have some high hopes for the Padres as their farm team has some good prospects and the current MLB roster isn't totally devoid of talent!

Will probably be running about 2 games a week. The next post coming up will be the Minor League breakdown of the top 3 prospects in the system. I'll update the minor league team's progress once every five games. For the franchise I'm using TNK/Psychobulk's slider set (latest version but altered to set trading slider at 2 for April with gradual increases as the season progresses). Also using the OSFM 40 man rosters.

After every week I'll round up the trades and acquisitions that happen around the league and give a breakdown of why the teams traded as well as any injuries that occur.

Before the season kicks off with the Dodgers/Padres opening matchup here is a quick run down of the depth chart for the season as it kicks off:

San Diego Padres Depth Chart - 2016
  • Catcher
  • Derek Norris
  • Christian Bethancourt
  • First Base
  • Wil Myers
  • Brett Wallace
  • Second Base
  • Corey Spangenberg
  • Adam Rosales
  • Third Base
  • Yangervis Solarte
  • Shortstop
  • Alexi Ramirez
  • Alexi Amarista
  • Left Field
  • Melvin Upton Jr.
  • Alex Dickerson
  • Center Field
  • Jon Jay
  • Right Field
  • Matt Kemp
  • Starting Pitcher
  • James Shields
  • Tyson Ross
  • Andrew Cashner
  • Drew Pomeranz
  • Robbie Erlin
  • Relief Pitcher
  • Kevin Quackenbush
  • Matt Thornton
  • Brandon Maurer
  • Carlos Villanueva
  • Brad Hand
  • Closer
  • Fernando Rodney
  • Designated Hitter
  • Brett Wallace

Decided to make some hard choices to begin the year by leaving all my high prospects in the outfield in the minors. Jabari Blash, Hunter Renfroe, Travis Jankowski, and Manuel Margot are all in AAA or AA to begin the year. I imagine at some point this year I'll trade Jankowski as I'm looking to upgrade the starting pitching and net a few infield prospects or controllable veterans at 3rd and SS.

Starting Pitching is looking good if everyone stays healthy and beasts out with the Padres front office hoping that Shields lives up to the "Big Game James" moniker. Also on the way out this year most likely will be Andrew Cashner as he is a free agent before the season is over and Tyson Ross is arbitration eligible for 2017.

Dodgers and Padres is next and I hope you guys join together with the Padres in their search for an elusive World Series in the 2000's !
Dynasty: mkilcNYR
01:18 PM - April 22, 2016. Written by drinklime
I'd like to thank the following people for their unwavering support during these troubled times:
  • SwedishTouch76
  • belikepepsi
  • Bigg-Cee
  • SportsGamer2010
  • ZombieRommel
  • Sleepinonme
  • Blasterpiece
  • GUCCI134
  • Tyler_1873
  • SP8erMOnkEY
  • King_Clarke1
  • RaW_DealMMA

Without them I would probably be in jail or worse.

My dynasty is doing very well:
  • Chuck Liddell
  • Tito Ortiz
  • Ken Shamrock
  • Brock Lesnar
  • Shane Carwin
  • Damian Maia
  • Aderson Silva (MW)
  • Georges St. Pierre
  • BJ Penn (LW)

Next update coming soon.
Dynasty: drinklime
Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Chicago Cubs at San Diego Padres
Mar 15, 2016123456789RHE
Chicago (5-7)000010000140
San Diego (9-4)20000001X371
W: Andrew Cashner (2-0) L: Jon Lester (1-1) S: Jose Dominguez (2)
Scoring Summary
SDG1Ramirez doubled to center, Spangenberg scored.01
SDG1Solarte singled to right, Ramirez scored.02
CHC5Montero doubled (ground rule double) to right, Russell scored.12
SDG8Myers singled to center, Rosales scored.13
Chicago Cubs
Heyward, RF3000010.121
c - Szczur, PH-RF1000010.222
Bryant, 3B3000020.219
d - Negron, PH-3B1000000.154
Rizzo, 1B4010000.347
Schwarber, LF3000020.286
e - Perez, PH1010000.286
Zobrist, 2B3000000.414
f - Baez, PH1000010.182
Russell, SS1100010.162
a - Soler, PH1000010.154
Alcantara, SS1000000.187
Fowler, CF3010020.195
Lester, P1000010.000
Lackey, P0000000.000
Richard, P0000000.000
b - La Stella, PH1000010.091
Warren, P0000000.000
Machi, P0000000.000
Ramirez, P0000000.000
Montero, C3011010.278
TEAM TOTALS311410140
2B: Montero (1)
RBI: Montero (2)
HBP: Russell
SAC: Lester
San Diego Padres
Spangenberg, 2B2110100.267
Weeks, 2B1000000.133
Ramirez, SS3111000.387
Rosales, SS1110000.187
Solarte, 3B3011000.313
Hendley, 3B1000000.368
Myers, CF4011010.200
Kemp, RF3000000.172
Leahy, RF0000000.294
Norris, C2010000.333
Gale, C1000010.000
Cruz, 1B3010020.273
Jay, LF3000010.160
Cashner, P1000000.000
Morrow, P1000000.000
Mazzoni, P0000000.000
a - Amarista, PH1000000.143
Garces, P0000000.000
Dominguez, P0000000.000
2B: Ramirez (2), Rosales (2)
RBI: Myers (4), Ramirez (4), Solarte (6)
E: Ramirez (1)
Chicago Cubs
Lester (L, 1-1)4.03221404.91
TEAM TOTALS8.0733150
Pitches-Strikes: Lester 71 (68%), Lackey 17 (76%), Richard 11 (73%), Warren 16 (56%), Machi 18 (67%), Ramirez 2 (50%)
WP: Lester (2)
San Diego Padres
Cashner (W, 2-0)4.02000700.00
Morrow (H, 3)2.01110200.90
Mazzoni (H, 3)1.00000301.80
Garces (H, 2)1.00000101.50
Dominguez (S, 2)1.01000100.00
TEAM TOTALS9.04110140
Pitches-Strikes: Cashner 66 (64%), Morrow 29 (62%), Mazzoni 10 (100%), Garces 12 (67%), Dominguez 13 (77%)
WP: Morrow (2)

San Diego
a - Batted for Mazzoni in the 7th.

a - Batted for Russell in the 7th.
b - Batted for Richard in the 7th.
c - Batted for Heyward in the 8th.
d - Batted for Bryant in the 8th.
e - Batted for Schwarber in the 9th.
f - Batted for Zobrist in the 9th.

Date Palm Field
March 15, 2016
Attendace: 7,979 (85% capacity)
Weather: 82 degrees, clear
Wind: 6.6 mph, Blowing in from LF
Scheduled First Pitch: 1:10 PM

HP: Dave Lawrence. 1B: Ricky Holliday. 2B: Darryl Parker. 3B: Matthew Ross.
Dynasty: charlieh78
04:23 PM - April 20, 2016. Written by thegna4


Halfway through the 2016 MLB season, the Minnesota Twins are 49-32, good for first place in the AL Central and 4 games ahead of the Detroit Tigers. Miguel Sano and Brian Dozier have been the team's MVPs so far this season. Sano is leading the AL in hitting and Dozier is leading the AL in RBI's.

2016 Minnesota Twins Stats - Hitting
Byung-Ho Park31243831101746268323.266.319.465
Byron Buxton3103265122426187962.210.257.300
Brian Dozier29749841812067326133.283.356.552
Joe Mauer282327490724415700.262.360.369
Eddie Rosario2823473172626195522.259.314.397
Trevor Plouffe2693269911135265500.257.324.420
Yadier Molina24917688011782400.273.303.317
Miguel Sano24643891502047377300.362.441.667
Eduardo Nunez1772247122420132645.266.325.424
Eduardo Escobar173205691727102001.324.359.509
Dino Dominguez781317403851940.218.274.385
Oswaldo Arcia6062130377900.350.418.550
John Ryan Murphy55817500551400.309.377.400
2016 Minnesota Twins Stats - Pitching
Glen Perkins30010260029.026938321.172.79
Casey Fien29000001226.120817231.032.73
Ryan Pressly2907100340.23212413361.112.66
Michael Tonkin2903600332.046301018222.008.44
Brandon Kintzler2601500235.13513510201.273.31
Kevin Jepsen20000101017.210508221.022.55
Phil Hughes1717630110107.0106381225701.223.20
Kyle Gibson161674080104.21043911421021.393.35
Ervin Santana1616760110101.0924414311001.223.92
Ricky Nolasco1616830130111.0101411414791.043.32
Fernando Abad1302000029.124527261.061.53
Jose Berrios993105052.26527417461.564.61
Dynasty: thegna4
Sunday, April 17, 2016
San Diego Padres at Chicago Cubs
Mar 14, 2016123456789RHE
San Diego (8-4)2200000037110
Chicago (5-6)000002000261
W: Tyson Ross (2-0) L: Jake Arrieta (1-1)
Scoring Summary
SDG1Solarte singled to center, Spangenberg scores, Ramirez to third.10
SDG1Myers flied to left (SF7), Ramirez scored.20
SDG2Ramirez homered to center, Spangenberg scored.40
CHC6Bryant singled to center, Montero scored, Heyward scored.42
SDG9Amarista singled to right, Jay scored.52
SDG9Hendley doubled to center, Amarista scored.62
SDG9Leahy singled to right, Hendley scored.72
San Diego Padres
Spangenberg, 2B4230010.250
Weeks, 2B1000000.143
Ramirez, SS3222111.393
1 - Amarista, PR-SS1111000.150
Solarte, 3B4011010.310
Hendley, 3B1111000.389
Myers, CF2001110.192
Cruz, 1B1000010.263
Kemp, RF3000110.192
Leahy, RF1011000.294
Wallace, 1B3010100.250
2 - Upton Jr., PR-CF1000010.000
Hedges, C3000010.182
Kratz, C1010000.333
Dickerson, LF4000020.182
Ross, P1000110.000
Campos, P1000010.000
Quackenbush, P0000000.000
Pomeranz, P0000000.000
a - Gale, PH1000000.000
3 - Jay, PR0100000.182
Villanueva, P0000000.000
TEAM TOTALS3671175121
2B: Wallace (2), Spangenberg (2), Hendley (3)
HR: Ramirez (2)
RBI: Myers (3), Ramirez 2 (3), Solarte (5), Amarista (1), Hendley (4), Leahy (1)
SF: Myers
GIDP: Hedges, Dickerson
Chicago Cubs
Heyward, RF3110000.133
b - Alcantara, PH-RF1000010.200
Bryant, 3B3012010.241
c - Szczur, PH1000000.250
Ramirez, P0000000.000
Rucinski, P0000000.000
Rizzo, 1B4000020.356
Schwarber, LF3010020.320
d - Baez, PH1010000.200
Zobrist, 2B3010000.462
Strop, P0000000.000
Brothers, P0000000.000
Negron, 3B1000010.167
Russell, SS3000130.167
Fowler, CF4000020.184
Arrieta, P1000010.200
Brooks, P0000000.000
a - Soler, PH1000000.160
Machi, P0000000.000
La Stella, 2B1000000.100
Montero, C3110020.273
TEAM TOTALS332621150
2B: Heyward (2)
RBI: Bryant 2 (4)
E: La Stella (1)
San Diego Padres
Ross (W, 2-0)4.01001501.80
Campos (H, 3)2.04220303.38
Quackenbush (H, 4)1.00000202.25
Pomeranz (H, 3)1.00000201.80
TEAM TOTALS9.06221150
Pitches-Strikes: Ross 54 (63%), Campos 37 (68%), Quackenbush 12 (83%), Pomeranz 9 (78%), Villanueva 16 (81%)
Chicago Cubs
Arrieta (L, 1-1)3.15445217.30
TEAM TOTALS9.011775121
Pitches-Strikes: Arrieta 80 (56%), Brooks 23 (61%), Machi 21 (67%), Strop 21 (62%), Brothers 15 (67%), Ramirez 10 (80%), Rucinski 20 (65%)
WP: Rucinski (2), Machi (1)

San Diego
a - Batted for Pomeranz in the 9th.
1 - Ran for Ramirez in the 7th.
2 - Ran for Wallace in the 8th.
3 - Ran for Gale in the 9th.

a - Batted for Brooks in the 5th.
b - Batted for Heyward in the 8th.
c - Batted for Bryant in the 8th.
d - Batted for Schwarber in the 9th.

Date Palm Field
March 14, 2016
Attendace: 7,552 (80% capacity)
Weather: 86 degrees, cloudy
Wind: No Wind
Scheduled First Pitch: 1:05 PM

HP: Carl Dixon. 1B: Eric Summersgill. 2B: Freddie Ferguson. 3B: Joe MacDonald.
Dynasty: charlieh78
04:14 PM - April 17, 2016. Written by Bloop33
Derek Patterson retires after 13 seasons with a 224-97 record, 2,877.1 innings, 3,081 K's, 3.05 ERA
Dynasty: Bloop33
03:54 PM - April 17, 2016. Written by glenzariczny
Cano, Karns lead M's to sweep of Indians

Cleveland - The Mariners got a much needed effort from Nate Karns, who was able to go the distance, and save the bullpen a day after being taxed to go the distance when Taijuan Walker had to leave the game in the first inning. Karns only gave up five hits in this one striking out seven, and getting the complete game shutout. Karns has been a revelation for the M's to start the year as he's won all three of his starts posting a sterling 0.73 ERA in those appearances. On the other side of things, Robinson Cano continued his torrid start going 4-5 in this one clubbing two home runs and driving in four to lead the way offensively for the Mariners, who cooled off the Indians big time in this series. The Indians have their own list of problems now as both starter Josh Tomlin, and left fielder Rajai Davis had to leave this game with injuries. After the game the M's hopped on a plane for Los Angeles for an early showdown between the current top two teams in the AL West. The Mariners get to kick it off by sending Felix Hernandez to the mound (2-1, 4.43 ERA) to face off against Tyler Skaggs (2-0, 2.53 ERA).

Seattle Mariners at Cleveland Indians
Apr 21, 2016123456789RHE
Seattle (10-5)0120100127111
Cleveland (11-4)000000000050
W: Nate Karns (3-0) L: Josh Tomlin (1-1)
Seattle Mariners
Aoki, DH4111111.263
Marte, SS5110000.259
Cano, 2B5344002.377
Cruz, RF5011000.183
Seager, 3B3111101.246
Lind, 1B4010010.343
Smith, LF4010020.250
Clevenger, C4000010.200
Martin, CF3110120.294
TEAM TOTALS377117374
2B: N. Cruz (2), L. Martin (2), K. Marte (3)
HR: N. Aoki (2), K. Seager (7), R. Cano 2 (7)
RBI: N. Aoki (5), K. Seager (11), N. Cruz (9), R. Cano 4 (13)
E: A. Lind (1)
Cleveland Indians
Davis, LF2010000.232
Napoli, LF2010000.346
Lindor, SS3010000.368
Kipnis, 2B3000130.275
Santana, 1B4000010.288
Gomes, C3010010.314
Byrd, RF3000010.327
Uribe, 3B3000000.192
Naquin, CF2000100.227
Almonte, DH3010010.366
3B: F. Lindor (2)
SAC: F. Lindor
GIDP: C. Santana 2
SB: R. Davis (4)
CS: R. Davis (2)
Seattle Mariners
Karns (3-0)9.05002700.73
Cleveland Indians
Tomlin (L, 1-1)1.12110116.14
TEAM TOTALS9.01177374

Progressive Field
April 21, 2016
Attendance: 3,801 (10% Capacity)
Weather: 61 Degrees, Cloudy
Wind: 3.3 mph, Blowing across from RF to LF
First Pitch: 12:10pm
Dynasty: glenzariczny
03:18 PM - April 17, 2016. Written by glenzariczny
Mariners bullpen comes to rescue in 5-0 win, but Walker leaves with injury again

Cleveland - For the second time in his first three scheduled starts, the Mariners bullpen needed to be called on to salvage a game that Taijuan Walker couldn't make it through. This time the Mariners aren't taking their chances and are putting Walker on the 15 day DL. He only threw 12 pitches before leaving this one with a rib cage injury. Nick Vincent ended up getting the win though as he and 4 other relivers shut out the Indians on a rainy night at Progressive Field. There will likely need to be another roster move made to finish this road trip off as the bullpen was spent severely in this one. James Paxton will likely come up to take Walker's place in the rotation, and one of the relievers, most likely Tony Zych will be sent down to rest in Tacoma while a fresh arm comes up to help out the pen. The Mariners however will look for a sweep tomorrow with Nate Karns (2-0, 1.15 ERA) on the mound against Indian ace and 2014 Cy Young winner Corey Kluber (3-0, 0.74 ERA).

Seattle Mariners at Cleveland Indians
Apr 20, 2016123456789RHE
Seattle (9-5)001200002570
Cleveland (11-3)000000000071
W: Nick Vincent (1-0) L: Brady Aiken (0-1) S: Joaquin Benoit - 1
Seattle Mariners
Aoki, LF2100300.264
Marte, SS5011010.264
Cano, 2B4010020.339
Cruz, DH3010100.182
Seager, 3B3100100.241
Gutierrez, RF3110000.152
Lind, PH1000000.355
Smith, RF0000000.250
Lee, 1B2000200.143
Sardinas, PH-1B0100000.250
Iannetta, C4012010.351
Martin, CF4122021.292
2B: N. Cruz (1)
3B: K. Marte (3)
HR: L. Martin (2)
RBI: L. Martin 2 (4), C. Iannetta 2 (4), K. Marte (7)
GIDP: N. Aoki, K. Marte
CS: N. Cruz (1)
Cleveland Indians
Davis, LF4010000.222
Lindor, SS3010100.370
Kipnis, 2B4000040.292
Byrd, RF4000030.346
Gomes, C4000020.313
Santana, 1B4020010.313
Uribe, 3B4010000.204
Naquin, CF2000100.238
Almonte, DH3020000.368
TEAM TOTALS320702100
2B: C. Santana (2)
GIDP: F. Lindor, M. Byrd
E: M. Byrd (1)
Seattle Mariners
Vincent (W, 1-0)1.24000305.40
Scribner (H, 3)3.01001301.04
Zych (H, 2)2.02000201.00
Benoit (S, 1)2.00000200.00
TEAM TOTALS9.07002100
Cleveland Indians
Aiken (L, 1-1)3.24334404.32
TEAM TOTALS9.0755761

Progressive Field
April 20, 2016
Attendance: 13,399
Weather: 38 Degrees, Rain
Wind: 10.7 mph, Blowing out to LF
First Pitch: 6:10
Dynasty: glenzariczny
San Diego Padres at San Francisco Giants
Mar 13, 2016123456789RHE
San Diego (7-4)011100000390
San Francisco (4-7)001000000141
W: James Shields (2-0) L: Madison Bumgarner (0-1) S: Fernando Rodney (4)
Scoring Summary
SDG2Shields walked with bases loaded, Norris scored.10
SDG3Norris homered to left.20
SFO3Posey singled to left, Span scored, Pence advances to second.21
SDG4Hendley doubled to center, Leahy scored.31
San Diego Padres
Jay, LF5000020.182
Amarista, 2B5010000.105
Upton Jr., CF4000130.000
Norris, C3221101.308
Kratz, C1010000.250
Pirela, 1B5010010.211
Rosales, SS5000000.133
Leahy, RF3110100.250
Hendley, 3B3021110.353
Shields, P1011100.500
Rea, P1000000.000
Kopotic, P0000000.000
a - Cruz, PH1000000.278
Vincent, P0000000.000
Rodney, P0000000.000
2B: Hendley (2), Leahy (2)
HR: Norris (2)
RBI: Shields (1), Norris (2), Hendley (3)
SB: Amarista (1)
San Francisco Giants
Span, CF2110100.269
d - Lollis, PH-CF1010000.667
Pence, RF3010010.400
e - Parker, PH-RF1000010.294
Posey, C3011010.207
f - Susac, PH1000000.143
Belt, 1B3000010.280
g - Williamson, PH0000100.143
Crawford, SS2000000.345
b - Gillaspie, PH-SS1000000.273
Adrianza, SS1000000.375
Duffy, 3B2000010.267
c - Blanks, PH1000010.100
Tomlinson, 3B0000000.400
Panik, 2B3000000.273
Gearrin, P0000000.000
Osich, P0000000.000
Kontos, P0000000.000
Pagan, LF3000000.265
Bumgarner, P1000000.000
St. John, P0000000.000
a - Blanco, PH1000000.278
Mazzaro, P0000000.000
Lopez, P0000000.000
Green, 2B1000010.125
2B: Lollis (1)
RBI: Posey (3)
GIDP: Adrianza
E: Osich (1)
San Diego Padres
Shields (W, 2-0)4.03111201.80
Rea (H, 2)2.00000202.25
Kopotic (H, 3)1.00000104.50
Vincent (H, 3)1.01000203.60
Rodney (S, 4)1.00001001.80
TEAM TOTALS9.0411271
Pitches-Strikes: Shields 56 (63%), Rea 29 (76%), Kopotic 15 (73%), Vincent 17 (71%), Rodney 14 (50%)
San Francisco Giants
Bumgarner (L, 0-1)4.06331414.50
St. John1.00000002.25
TEAM TOTALS9.0933571
Pitches-Strikes: Bumgarner 65 (63%), St. John 12 (67%), Mazzaro 15 (67%), Lopez 20 (55%), Gearrin 11 (45%), Osich 22 (55%), Kontos 9 (44%)

San Diego
a - Batted for Kopotic in the 8th.

San Francisco
a - Batted for St. John in the 5th.
b - Batted for Crawford in the 7th.
c - Batted for Duffy in the 7th.
d - Batted for Span in the 8th.
e - Batted for Pence in the 8th.
f - Batted for Posey in the 9th.
g - Batted for Belt in the 9th.

Date Palm Field
March 13, 2016
Attendace: 9,037 (96% capacity)
Weather: 80 degrees, clear
Wind: No Wind
Scheduled First Pitch: 3:05 PM

HP: Carl Dixon. 1B: Eric Summersgill. 2B: Freddie Ferguson. 3B: Joe MacDonald.
Dynasty: charlieh78
01:06 PM - April 17, 2016. Written by glenzariczny
Mariners take game one from Tribe 9-4

Cleveland - The Mariners were hoping to continue cooling off the Indians, and did just that Tuesday night. Another four home runs plated 9 for the Mariners on only eight hits as they were able to secure the victory. the 3-4-5 of Cano, Cruz, and Seager continues to carry the M's early in the season as all three went deep in this one. Wade Miley was effective in 6.2 innings before being chased by a Rajai Davis home run in the seventh. The bullpen was able to slam the door though and get the Mariners a victory in the first game against the suddenly cool Indians, who have lost two in a row after starting the year 11-0. The two teams are back at it again tomorrow night as the Mariners will send Taijuan Walker (0-1, 3.00 ERA) to the mound to take on Brady Aiken (1-0, 3.46 ERA).

Seattle Mariners at Cleveland Indians
Apr 19, 2016123456789RHE
Seattle (8-5)300040020980
Cleveland (11-2)0001003004110
W: Wade Miley (2-1) L: Cody Anderson (2-1)
Seattle Mariners
Aoki, LF3011110.275
Marte, SS5001020.271
Cano, 2B3212101.346
Cruz, DH4112011.173
Seager, 3B4111001.255
Gutierrez, RF4110010.140
Lind, 1B3232101.367
Iannetta, C3100120.364
Martin, CF4100010.273
HR: K. Seager (6), N. Cruz (3), R. Cano (5), A. Lind (4)
RBI: N. Aoki (4), K. Seager (10), N. Cruz 2 (8), R. Cano 2 (9), A. Lind 2 (8), K. Marte (6)
SF: N. Aoki
GIDP: C. Iannetta, K. Marte
SB: L. Martin (3)
Cleveland Indians
Davis, LF5112001.220
Lindor, SS4120000.373
Byrd, RF403.1000.375
Santana, 1B4000000.295
Kipnis, 2B4020010.318
Gomes, C4010010.341
Uribe, 2B4000010.200
Napoli, DH4110010.333
Naquin, CF4111020.250
TEAM TOTALS374114061
2B: F. Lindor (6), T. Naquin (5)
3B: M. Napoli (1)
HR: R. Davis (2)
RBI: R. Davis 2 (6), T. Naquin (5), M. Byrd (9)
GIDP: Y. Gomes
Seattle Mariners
Miley (W, 2-1)6.210440515.30
Zych (H, 1)0.10000001.29
TEAM TOTALS9.01144061
Cleveland Indians
Anderson (L, 2-1)4.03663326.75
TEAM TOTALS9.0899484
WP: C. Anderson (1)

Progressive Field
April 19, 2016
Attendance: 13,340 (35% Capacity)
Weather: 40 Degrees, Cloudy
Wind: 10.4 mph, Blowing in from LF
First Pitch: 6:10pm
Dynasty: glenzariczny
Cleveland Indians at San Diego Padres
Mar 12, 2016123456789ExtrasRHE
Cleveland (3-8)11000001014131
San Diego (6-4)0200001000370
W: Dan Otero (1-0) L: Travis Hayden (0-1) S: Cody Allen (2)
Scoring Summary
CLE1Uribe singled to center, Brantley scores, Gomes to second.10
CLE1Lindor grounded out to first (3U), Chisenhall scored, Almonte to third20
SDG2Cruz homered to left, Myers scored.22
SDG7Weeks singled to center, Cruz scored, Dickerson to third.23
CLE8Aguilar doubled to center, Cowgill scored.33
CLE10Aguilar homered to center.43
Cleveland Indians
Lindor, SS3001020.167
b - Davis, PH1000000.267
Walters, SS0000000.250
Kipnis, 2B3010010.179
c - Napoli, PH1000010.316
Ramirez, 2B1000000.333
Brantley, LF3110000.333
d - Grossman, PH-LF2000010.154
Gomes, C2010100.250
e - Robinson, PH0000000.222
1 - Cowgill, PR0100000.077
Recker, C1000000.500
Uribe, 3B3011000.267
f - Perez, PH1000010.100
Urshela, 3B1000010.000
Santana, 1B2000120.400
g - Aguilar, PH-1B2122001.400
Chisenhall, RF5130010.412
Almonte, CF5020000.314
Kluber, P1000000.000
Salazar, P0000000.000
House, P0000000.000
a - Butler, PH1010000.333
McAllister, P0000000.000
Thatcher, P10100001.000
Otero, P1000010.000
Allen, P0000000.000
TEAM TOTALS4041342111
2B: Kipnis (2), Aguilar (1)
HR: Aguilar (1)
RBI: Lindor (1), Uribe (4), Aguilar 2 (3)
HBP: Walters, Robinson
SAC: Kluber
GIDP: Davis, Uribe
SB: Santana (1
E: Walters (1)
San Diego Padres
Spangenberg, 2B5000010.167
Ramirez, SS3000010.360
Mazzoni, P0000000.000
Garces, P0000000.000
b - Pirela, PH1000000.214
Edwards, P0000000.000
Hayden, P0000000.000
c - Wallace, PH1010000.235
1 - Amarista, PR0000000.071
Solarte, 3B5000010.320
Myers, CF2100100.208
Upton Jr., CF2000020.000
Kemp, RF3000000.217
Leahy, RF1010000.231
Hedges, C2000020.250
Gale, C2000000.000
Cruz, 1B4222001.294
Dickerson, LF4020000.222
Maurer, P0000100.000
Morrow, P0000000.000
a - Weeks, PH-SS2011000.154
HR: Cruz (2)
RBI: Cruz 2 (5), Weeks (1)
HBP: Weeks
PB: Gale (1)
Cleveland Indians
Otero (W, 1-0)1.00000007.11
Allen (S, 2)1.01000107.71
TEAM TOTALS10.0733271
Pitches-Strikes: Kluber 64 (59%), Salazar 16 (63%), House 14 (64%), McAllister 14 (71%), Thatcher 18 (72%), Otero 16 (63%), Allen 17 (76%)
San Diego Padres
Edwards (BS, 1)2.02110203.00
Hayden (L, 0-1)1.03110214.50
TEAM TOTALS10.013442111
Pitches-Strikes: Maurer 54 (70%), Morrow 35 (66%), Mazzoni 15 (67%), Garces 9 (56%), Edwards 32 (59%), Hayden 25 (72%)

San Diego
a - Batted for Morrow in the 5th.
b - Batted for Garces in the 7th.
c - Batted for Hayden in the 10th.
1 - Ran for Wallace in the 10th.

a - Batted for House in the 7th.
b - Batted for Lindor in the 7th.
c - Batted for Kipnis in the 7th.
d - Batted for Brantley in the 8th.
e - Batted for Gomes in the 8th.
f - Batted for Uribe in the 8th.
g - Batted for Santana in the 8th.
1 - Ran for Robinson in the 8th.

Date Palm Field
March 12, 2016
Attendace: 4,426 (47% capacity)
Weather: 76 degrees, partly cloudy
Wind: 2.9, blowing across from LF to RF
Scheduled First Pitch: 2:30 PM

HP: Larry Bullard. 1B: James Kingsley. 2B: Gary Simmons. 3B: Patrick Johnson.
Dynasty: charlieh78
Saturday, April 16, 2016
03:17 PM - April 16, 2016. Written by glenzariczny
Indians white hot start has them way out in front already

The Cleveland Indians have already put some distance between them and their division rivals, as they started out to a red hot 11-0 record before finally dropping their first game yesterday. The run has the tribe already 5.5 games in the division. While the defending champion Kansas City Royals find themselves already 8.0 games back as a result. It's always said pennants aren't won in April, but this start will surely aid the Indians in making the post season with their upstart club. They'll see if they can continue their nice start this week with a home series against the Seattle Mariners before hitting the road to take on Division rivals the Tigers, and Twins.

American League Standings - Updated: Apr 17, 2016
New York Yankees75-4844
Toronto Blue Jays671.57659
Baltimore Orioles671.53542
Boston Red Sox572.04363
Tampa Bay Rays493.54458
Cleveland Indians111-6037
Chicago White Sox675.54755
Minnesota Twins576.04049
Detroit Tigers576.03141
Kansas City Royals487.03649
Los Angeles Angels84-5139
Seattle Mariners751.04937
Houston Astros761.55851
Texas Rangers772.05554
Oakland Athletics583.54248

National League Standings - Updated: Apr 17, 2016
Washington Nationals84-4840
New York Mets651.54436
Atlanta Braves662.03738
Miami Marlins384.53643
Philadelphia Phillies1127.52764
Pittsburgh Pirates85-5744
Milwaukee Brewers750.56761
Chicago Cubs750.54640
St. Louis Cardinals750.55861
Cincinnati Reds661.54334
Arizona Diamondbacks85-5144
San Diego Padres85-5141
Los Angeles Dodgers761.05045
San Francisco Giants761.04846
Colorado Rockies483.52843

American League Leaders - Batting - Updated: Apr 17, 2016
Batting AverageAVGHitsH
1. Mark Canha - OAK.4351. Troy Tulowitzki - TOR24
2. Elvis Andrus - TEX.4222. Mark Canha - OAK20
3. Troy Tulowitzki - TOR.3933. Elvis Andrus - TEX19
4. Corey Dickerson - TB.3674. Corey Dickerson - TB18
5. Francisco Lindor - CLE.3625. Byron Buxton - MIN18
Home RunsHRRuns Batted InRBI
1. Kyle Seager - SEA51. Evan Gattis - HOU14
2. Brett Lawrie - CWS52. Jose Bautista - TOR13
3. Evan Gattis - HOU53. Eddie Rosario - MIN12
4. Steve Pearce - TB44. Mike Trout - LAA12
5. Adrian Beltre - TEX45. Troy Tulowitzki - TOR11
RunsRStolen BasesSB
1. Troy Tulowitzki - TOR151. Billy Burns - OAK6
2. Josh Donaldson - TOR112. Craig Gentry - LAA4
3. Marcus Semien - OAK103. Jose Altuve - HOU3
4. Francisco Lindor - CLE104. Delino DeShields Jr. - TEX3
5. Evan Gattis - HOU105. Jacoby Ellsbury - NYY3
On Base plus SluggingOPSWins Above ReplacementWAR
1. Mark Canha - OAK1.2081. Troy Tulowitzki - TOR1.24
2. Mike Trout - LAA1.1722. Elvis Andrus - TEX1.03
3. Justin Upton - DET1.1503. Mike Trout - LAA1.01
4. Francisco Lindor - CLE1.1144. Francisco Lindor - CLE0.97
5. Troy Tulowitzki - TOR1.1035. Mark Canha - OAK0.90

National League Leaders - Batting - Updated: Apr 17, 2016
Batting AverageAVGHitsH
1. John Jaso - PIT.4441. Denard Span - SF22
2. Denard Span - SFO.4312. Stephen Piscotty - STL19
3. Wil Myers - SD.4003. Charlie Blackmon - COL18
4. Stephen Piscotty - STL.3884. Brett Phillips - MIL18
5. Brett Phillips - MIL.3675. Alexei Ramirez - SD18
Home RunsHRRuns Batted InRBI
1. Anthony Rizzo - CHC51. Chris Carter - MIL13
2. Stephen Piscotty - STL52. Stephen Piscotty - STL12
3. Giancarlo Stanton - MIA43. Josh Harrison - PIT11
4. Paul Goldschmidt - ARI44. Anthony Rizzo - CHC10
5. Chris Carter - MIL45. Matt Carpenter - STL10
RunsRStolen BasesSB
1. Anthony Rizzo - CHC131. Charlie Blackmon - COL6
2. Brett Phillips - MIL122. Dexter Fowler - CHC4
3. Chris Carter - MIL123. Gregory Polanco - PIT4
4. Trea Turner - WAS104. Ben Revere - WAS4
5. Ryan Braun - MIL95. Dee Gordon - MIA4
On Base plus SluggingOPSWins Above ReplacementWAR
1. Wil Myers - SD1.1921. Stephen Piscotty - STL0.96
2. Stephen Piscotty - STL1.1582. Anthony Rizzo - CHC0.93
3. Anthony Rizzo - CHC1.1203. Charlie Blackmon - COL0.88
4. John Jaso - PIT1.1014. Andrew McCutchen - PIT0.88
5. Trea Turner - WAS1.0765. Brett Phillips - MIL0.84

American League Leaders - Pitching - Updated: Apr 17, 2016
WinsWEarned Run AverageERA
1. Corey Kluber - CLE31. Nathan Eovaldi - NYY0.00
2. 17 others tied with22. Marco Estrada - TOR0.50
3. 3. Carlos Carrasco - CLE0.71
4. 4. Corey Kluber - CLE0.74
5. 5. Henderson Alvarez - OAK0.75
ShutoutsSOComplete GamesCG
1. 8 tied with11. Marco Estrada - TOR2
2. 2. Corey Kluber - CLE2
3. 3. 9 others tied with1
4. 4.
5. 5.
StrikeoutsKWalks + Hits per inningWHIP
1. Justin Verlander - DET241. Nathan Eovaldi - NYY0.60
2. Dylan Bundy - BAL212. C.C. Sabathia - NYY0.80
3. Ervin Santan - MIN203. Corey Kluber - CLE0.82
4. Yordano Ventura - KC204. Henderson Alvarez - OAK0.83
5. Lance McCullers - HOU205. Carlos Carrasco - CLE0.87
SavesSWins Above ReplacementWAR
1. Cody Allen - CLE71. Corey Kluber - CLE0.72
2. Zach Britton - BAL52. Nathan Eovaldi - NYY0.71
3. Huston Street - LAA53. Marco Estrada - TOR0.65
4. Aroldis Chapman - NYY44. Henderson Alvarez - OAK0.65
5. Francisco Rodriguez - DET45. Hisashi Iwakuma - SEA0.62

National League Leaders - Pitching - Updated: Apr 17, 2016
WinsWEarned Run AverageERA
1. Patrick Corbin - ARI31. Patrick Corbin - ARI0.42
2. Radhames Liz - PIT32. Matt Harvey - NYM0.43
3. 14 others tied with23. Colin Rea - SD0.59
4. 4. David Hale - COL1.08
5. 5. Robert Stephenson - CIN1.13
ShutoutsSOComplete GamesCG
1. Julio Teheran - ATL11. 17 tied with1
2. Zack Grienke - LAD12.
3. Tyson Ross - SD13.
4. David Hale - COL14.
5. Max Scherzer - WAS15.
StrikeoutsKWalks + Hits per inningWHIP
1. Matt Harvey - NYM271. Colin Rea - SD0.59
2. Sean Newcomb - ATL262. Bud Norris - ATL0.75
3. Tyson Ross - SD263. Kenta Maeda - LAD0.77
4. Patrick Corbin - ARI264. Patrick Corbin - ARI0.83
5. Jon Niese - PIT255. James Shields - SD0.90
SavesSWins Above ReplacementWAR
1. Will Smith - MIL51. Clayton Kershaw - LAD1.03
2. Mark Melancon - PIT52. Patrick Corbin - ARI0.94
3. Hector Rondon - CHC53. Matt Harvey - NYM0.88
4. Jonathan Papelbon - WAS44. James Shields - SD0.68
5. Brad Ziegler - ARI45. Jimmy Nelson - MIL0.68
Dynasty: glenzariczny
02:31 PM - April 16, 2016. Written by glenzariczny
Mariners shut out in finale at Yankee Stadium

Bronx - Michael Pineda gave the Mariners a taste of what they've been missing, as he turned in a dominant performance giving up only one hit before giving way to the bullpen to finish off the M's, as the Yankees were able to salvage the final game of this series at home. Hisashi Iwakuma was the hard luck loser, as he only gave up one run in what was a mighty fine performance in it's own right, but the Yankees only needed that one run, although A-Rod would tack on a home run for good measure late in the game to seal it. The Mariners will now get a day off and hit the road for Cleveland to take on the Indians who are off to a scorching 11-1 start this season. It'll be Wade Miley (1-1, 5.25 ERA) taking the hill against Cody Anderson (2-0, 4.91 ERA).

Seattle Mariners at New York Yankees
Apr 17, 2016123456789RHE
Seattle (7-5)000000000021
New York (7-5)00000012X380
W: Hisashi Iwakuma (1-2) L: Michael Pineda (2-1) S: Aroldis Chapman - 4
Seattle Mariners
Aoki, LF3010100.271
Marte, SS2000210.302
Cano, 2B4010010.347
Cruz, RF4000020.167
Seager, 3B4000020.255
Lind, 1B3000100.296
Clevenger, C3000000.250
Gutierrez, PH1000000.128
Smith, DH3000010.250
Martin, CF2000120.300
E: L. Martin (4)
New York Yankees
Gardner, LF4111011.267
Judge, DH3010100.289
Rodriguez, 3B4111021.262
Bird, 1B4010010.187
Beltran, RF4110000.244
Castro, 2B3000100.302
Gregorius, SS4021020.244
Sanchez, C3010000.286
Hicks, CF3000000.182
2B: C. Beltran (3), A. Judge (4)
HR: B. Gardner (1), A. Rodriguez (1)
RBI: B. Gardner (4), A. Rodriguez (5), D. Gregorius (6)
Seattle Mariners
Iwakuma (L, 1-2)7.05112612.84
TEAM TOTALS8.0833262
New York Yankees
Pineda (W, 2-1)7.21003704.66
Miller (H, 2)0.10000003.86
Chapman (S, 4)1.01002200.00
TEAM TOTALS9.0200590

Yankee Stadium
April 17, 2016
Attendance: 33,138 (67% Capacity)
Weather: 68 Degrees, Cloudy
Wind: 8.8 mph, Blowing out to LF
First Pitch: 1:05pm
Dynasty: glenzariczny
02:00 PM - April 16, 2016. Written by glenzariczny
Seager, Hernandez push M's to another win

Bronx - The Mariners rode seven strong innings from their ace, and Kyle Seager's bat continues to heat up as he clubbed two home runs to give the Mariners a 7-3 win on Saturday. The Yankees made it close in the seventh after a couple misplayed grounders that should've been double plays extended the inning. Brian McCann laced a single that cut it to 6-3, but Chris Iannetta came right back in the top of the eighth, and hit a solo shot that would result in the final score. Seager ended up with two other hits going 4-5 on the day, and pushing his average back into respectability after a slow start the first two weeks. The Mariners will be going for the series sweep tomorrow sending Hisashi Iwakuma (1-1, 3.75 ERA) to the mound to face former Mariner Michael Pineda (1-1, 7.71 ERA).

Seattle Mariners at New York Yankees
Apr 16, 2016123456789RHE
Seattle (7-4)0002202107111
New York (6-5)010000200390
W: Felix Hernandez (2-1) L: Masahiro Tanaka (0-2)
Seattle Mariners
Aoki, LF4010110.267
Marte, SS5010010.317
Cano, 2B5110020.356
Cruz, DH4210120.182
Seager, 3B5344002.279
Gutierrez, RF3000120.132
Lind, 1B3012120.333
Iannetta, C4111021.400
Martin, CF4010010.316
TEAM TOTALS3771174133
HR: K. Seager 2 (5), C. Iannetta (1)
RBI: K. Seager 4 (9), A. Lind 2 (6), C. Iannetta (2)
HBP: A. Lind, F. Gutierrez
GIDP: K. Marte
E: K. Marte (3)
New York Yankees
Ellsbury, CF4000000.342
Gardner, LF4000020.268
Teixeira, 1B4000030.098
Rodriguez, 3B4130000.263
Beltran, RF4000020.243
Judge, DH4121010.286
Gregorius, SS4110000.220
Castro, 2B4020000.325
McCann, C4012010.294
2B: A. Rodriguez 2 (4)
RBI: B. McCann 2 (6), A. Judge (10)
GIDP: J. Ellsbury
PB: B. McCann (1)
Seattle Mariners
Hernandez (W, 2-1)7.07330604.43
TEAM TOTALS9.0933090
WP: F. Hernandez (1)
New York Yankees
Tanaka (L, 0-2)5.06442514.96
TEAM TOTALS9.011774133

Yankee Stadium
April 16, 2016
Attendance: 34,444 (69% Capacity)
Weather: 62 Degrees, Clear
Wind: 8.2 mph, Blowing in from RF
First Pitch: 1:05pm
Dynasty: glenzariczny