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Tuesday, October 14, 2014
08:14 PM - October 14, 2014. Written by bayers3

INDIANAPOLIS - It wasn't all that unexpected, especially after a four game losing streak, but it looks like the blame for 2014 has fallen on General Manager Ryan Grigson. Grigson was fired today following a loss to Pittsburgh, most of his staff will remain but the assumption is that there will be a massive cleanout after the season.

MSMG released a statement that came shortly after the news leaked via Twitter and other media sources through Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Grigson's GM tenure ended after only two years.

Ownership did not specifically cite a failure to build a balanced roster, but most of Grigson's recent moves have left the team in trouble on defense and the offensive line. The trade for Richardson, which cost them a 2013 1st round pick, was a particularly costly mistake.

If the Grigson firing wasn't a big enough surprise, the team announced a flurry of trades and free agent signings before the Week 9 trade deadline. OLB Robert Mathis was traded to the Steelers for a 2016 2nd round pick, OT Gosder Cherilus was sent to the Jets for a 4th and 7th round pick, and finally WR Hakeem Nicks was sent to the Raiders for a 3rd rounder.

In order to fill the roster gaps WR Jacoby Ford, DE Adam Carriker, and OT Max Starks were all signed to 1-year contracts. It's hard to tell if the team will crater after trading away so many starters, but they will have the Week 10 BYE to regroup.
Dynasty: bayers3
Monday, October 13, 2014
08:33 PM - October 13, 2014. Written by jmac7164
This is my WWE 13 universe mode

I will be using the basic rosters and a bunch of CAW's.





Until the CAW's jump to the the Majors (4 every 4 months) they have the default stats and no abilities

Monday: RAW (Major show for Major's)
Tuesday:Tuesday night development (the development show)
Wednesday: WWE Live (minor show for NXT and Tuesday night development)
Thursday:NXT (Major show for Minors)
Friday: Smackdown (Major show for Major's)
Saturday:WWE Network (minor show for NXT and Tuesday night development)
Sunday:PPV 2nd (NXT or Tuesday night development) and 4th (Raw and Smackdown) Sunday of each month

PPV schedule

The NXT and the development PPV's will be on the 2nd Sunday of their respective months. (NXT's vengeance will not start until year 2)

Every time the 4 NXT jump to WWE I will add 2-4 development guys to NXT send the 5 losers to development and hire 5-7 new guys

I will have trades in the dynasty
I will occasionally fire someone or hire an old star to the majors
Dynasty: jmac7164
06:54 PM - October 13, 2014. Written by bayers3

4:25PM EST - October 26th, 2014
Heinz Field - Pittsburgh, PA

Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers
Oct 26, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Indianapolis Colts (3-5, 2-2 Away)7170731
Pittsburgh Steelers (4-4, 2-2 Home)3732134

Top Performers

Passing : B. Roethlisberger (PIT) - 358YDS, 4TD
Rushing : T. Richardson (IND) - 22CAR, 82YDS
Receiving : A. Brown (PIT) - 7REC, 196YDS, 2TD

PITTSBURGH - The Colts took the field tonight under some of the worst weather conditions, heavy rain and driving winds. The rain started before the game and did not let up at any point, the wind was a steady 11MPH that didn't make things easier, but the muddy field would make everything an adventure.

The Colts passing defense has been a serious issue once again this year, and the Steelers passing attack wouldn't allow them much room for improvement. Luckily for Coach Pagano, things would go their way through the first half and victory looked assured.

Through the start of the second quarter Andrew Luck had two TD passes, one to Da'Rick Rogers (19) and one to Reggie Wayne (10), to hold a 14-3 lead over a Shaun Suisham FG. The Colts defense would completely shut down the Pittsburgh running game, and a 21-3 lead was negated on a Wayne clipping call after a 23 yard TD pass to Dwayne Allen was called back and ended up as a 35 yard Adam Vinatieri FG.

With the half nearing a close Rogers burned Ike Taylor for a back-breaking 63 yard TD and a 24-3 lead. Ben Roethlisberger gave the Steelers' fans hope with a 57 yard bomb to Antonio Brown as the half expired. Down 24-10 the Steelers were being routed, managing only 14 rushing yards and 134 yard of offense compared to the Colts 313.

Rogers has stepped up in the absence of Hilton and Nicks.

Things didn't get much better in the 3rd quarter, even after Rogers was stripped of the ball (ruled an INT) to put Pittsburgh on the Indianapolis 25 they allowed three straight sacks to knock them out of FG range. The Steelers' punt was perfect, pinning Luck and the Colts offense on the 1. A short drive and a punt allowed the Steelers to kick a FG before the end of the quarter and make it 24-13.

With the game apparently in hand, the Colts defense went into some serious lapses and the final quarter became a waking nightmare. Roethlisberger took them down and found Orson Charles for an 11 yard TD, but they failed on a 2-PT conversion. Luck answered right back with a 4 yard strike to Donte Moncrief to go up 31-19, but the defense just couldn't hold. Pittsburgh used a 4 play 81 yard drive to score on a pass to Darrius Heyward-Bey, and the Steelers defense came up big time to force a punt. With just under 2:00 left the Steelers marched back down and used a defensive lapse to get Brown in the endzone again on a 24 yard TD. This time they converted the 2-PT attempt and found themselves up 34-31.

Antonio Brown has his way with the Colts secondary.

The Colts had less than 20 seconds to score, and couldn't get close enough for a Vinatieri FG. A truly disappointing loss after victory seemed assured. Luck and Pagano were visibly frustrated after the game, and with a Week 9 BYE on the schedule there was some concern that Pagano might not be around on Monday.
Dynasty: bayers3
Sunday, October 12, 2014
11:45 PM - October 12, 2014. Written by bkrich83

Bernard Pierce rushed for 84 yards in Ravens Playoff win

The Baltimore Ravens visited the Indianapolis Colts and came away with a 17-10 win in a Wildcard playoff game. Joe Flacco connected with Dennis Pitta for a pair of touchdown passes.

The Ravens will next head to Cleveland to take on their AFC North rival Cleveland Browns. The Browns have defeated the Ravens twice this year. The Browns defeated the Ravens in Week 3 13-10 and in Week 16 26-20.

Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts
Jan 3, 20151234F
BAL (11-5)707317
IND (9-7)370010
Top Performers
PASS: Joe Flacco - 24/37 248 Yds 2 TD, 1 INT
RUSH: Bernard Pierce - 18 Att. 84 Yds, 0 TD
REC: Dennis Pitta - 4 Rec. 68 Yds, 2 TD
Team Stats Comparison
First Downs
3rd Down Efficiency
4th Down Efficiency
Total Yards
Passing Yards
Rushing Yards
Penalties-Penalty Yards
Time of Possession
Baltimore Ravens
Joe Flacco24/3724821
Bernard Pierce23843.70
Justin Forsett9293.20
Steve Smith5306.00
Dennis Pitta46817.02
Jacoby Jones45814.50
Torrey Smith4164.00
Kyle Juszczyk2147.00
Owen Daniels22412.00
Marlon Brown12929.00
Bernard Pierce155.00
Justin Forsett133.00
Indianapolis Colts
Andrew Luck20/2815401
Trent Richardson18724.01
Andre Brown33913.00
Stanley Havili133.00
TY Hilton4328.00
Hakeem Nicks4307.50
Trent Richardson331.00
Dwayne Allen3248.00
Reggie Wayne34816.00
Da'Rick Rogers177.00
Greg Whalen11010.00
Dynasty: bkrich83
01:49 PM - October 12, 2014. Written by kdenson1283


New owner Denson has made his first move as owner. Denson has fired, Jay Gruden from the Washington Redskins. Gruden was found outside Redskins park today talking to ESPTV. "My man, Dan who hired me is gone, so I have nothing more to say but, good luck to the new head coach."


WOW! Just like that Denson brought in a new head coach, Tomas Single from Pittsburgh, PA. New owner Denson spoke to 1067daphan earlier in the day and was found to have said, "Jay Gruden, did his thing for Andy Dalton and them cats in Cincy, but here in the city; we are looking for new swag and bringing the butter, baby!"

Swag??? Butter??? No one has heard of Tomas Single either, at least we know Jay Gruden can coach quarterbacks and offenses and his brother has a bowl under his belt. Nevertheless looks as if things are changing in D.C.
Dynasty: kdenson1283
01:42 PM - October 12, 2014. Written by bayers3

1:00PM EST - October 19th, 2014
Lucas Oil Stadium - Indianapolis, IN

Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts
Oct 19, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Cincinnati Bengals (2-4, 1-2 Away)0731020
Indianapolis Colts (3-4, 1-3 Home)370717

Top Performers

Passing : A. Dalton (CIN) - 224YDS, 2TD
Rushing : T. Richardson (IND) - 18CAR, 99YDS
Receiving : M. Sanu (CIN) - 4REC, 67YDS

INDIANAPOLIS - The Colts had a few extra days to rest after a disappointing loss last week. They would need every day they could get with TY Hilton and Hakeem Nicks out for 5 weeks. The Colts cut HB Dan Herron this week to make room on the roster for free agent WR Danario Alexander, hopefully the won't have any other serious injuries.

Facing a struggling Bengals team looked like what the Indianapolis offense needed to right the ship, but this game was a total mess for both teams. Turnovers and officiating errors would be the story of the day, but in the end the Colts just didn't play well enough to win.

A Vinatieri FG was the only score of the 1st quarter, but the drama of the 2nd quarter more than made up for it. The Bengals scored with a 15 yard TD pass to Tyler Eifert after a 12 play 80 yard drive. The Colts came right back and on 4th & goal from the 5 Alexander caught a TD on a short pass, but the officials called him out on the 1 yard line. Coach Chuck Pagano went ballistic, and after some shouting threw a challenge flag. Despite crossing the plane of the endzone, the officials refused to reverse the call and the Bengals got the ball. The Colts managed to hold them at th 5 and Andrew Luck came back on the next possession to find Alexander a second time for an 8 yard TD.

Officials failed to rule this a TD.

The second half would be just as dramatic, this is where the turnover game came into play. Jermain Gresham would open the 3rd quarter with a game ending injury, but Eifert was more of a headache for the Colts. A promising Bengals drive would end with a Bjoern Werner INT, but Luck would give it right back with an INT of his own. The Bengals would get down to the 1 but a false start penalty and a goal line stop would force them to settle for a FG.

Luck would find Reggie Wayne to open the 4th quarter on a 13 yard TD pass and a 17-10 lead. The Bengals would drive back down the field and use a 31 yard FG by Mike Nugent to close the gap on Indy. Luck would start a march down the field to put the game out of reach, but Ahmad Bradshaw missed a short pass that would find Terence Newman and give Cincy a chance to take the lead. A few plays later Andy Dalton would find Ryan Whalen for a 1 yard TD and take a 20-17 lead. Luck would throw a third INT in the final minute and doom the Colts to a second straight loss.

Wayne hauls one in for Indianapolis' final TD.

Many feel that GM Ryan Grigson would keep his job until the end of the season, but the roster he has constructed is starting to frustrate fans and ownership.
Dynasty: bayers3
01:03 PM - October 12, 2014. Written by kdenson1283

Finally some dramatic changes are happening in the Nation's capital. Dan Snyder has finally given up his majority ownership rights to the Washington Redskins. In bizarre turn of events, new owner Denson has purchased the team. Dan Snyder has handed the ropes to a 30 year old kid from Virginia.

Does this guy, out of thin air, believe he can handle a market such as D.C? Can Redskin fans put their trust in someone they have no idea about? Is this a joke? New owner Denson, has a lot to prove to a city that hasn't won a title since 91-92. A lifelong fan since the 80's. If he's 30, that means he was born in the 80's and really doesn't know much about what he has bought, because when Denson was born that was the height and dynasty of the Redskins. The owner was 8 years old when the Redskins won their last Superbowl; and here comes a kid thinking he can bring this team back to it's glory? Only time will tell.

Denson has a lot of work to do. How will Denson piece together this new Redskins team? Nothing within the organization has Denson had any input with, this looks like a disaster in the making. Prove us wrong, Denson..... Please prove us wrong!!!!!

Dynasty: kdenson1283
Saturday, October 11, 2014
11:48 PM - October 11, 2014. Written by bkrich83

Bernard Pierce runs for some of his 1,232 yards on the season.

The 2014 Baltimore Ravens finished with a 11-5 record, good enough for 2nd place in the NFC North. The Ravens will travel to Indianapolis to face the NFC South champion Colts in a Wild Card playoff game.

Here is the 2014 Season Summary for the Ravens.

Baltimore Ravens 2014 Schedule
Sep 7vs BengalsWon, 13-10
Sep 11vs SteelersWon, 27-24
Sep 21at BrownsLost, 13-10
Sep 28vs PanthersLost, 30-20
Oct 5at ColtsWon, 26-16
Oct 12at BuccaneersLost, 30-24
Oct 19vs FalconsWon, 33-14
Oct 26at BengalsWon, 40-38
Nov 2at SteelersWon, 31-28
Nov 9vs TitansWon, 29-13
Nov 24at SaintsLost, 24-20
Nov 30vs ChargersWon, 38-29
Dec 7at DolphinsWon, 23-16
Dec 14vs JaguarsWon, 16-13
Dec 21at TexansWon, 27-14
Dec 28vs BrownsLost, 26-20

NFL Standings - Updated: Dec 13, 2014
Cleveland - Y1240283211
Baltimore - X1150397338

Baltimore Ravens Stats - 2014
Joe Flacco352/5934,2237.1263.971271089.3
Bernard Pierce3131,2323.9728
Justin Forsett1526254.1610
Lorenzo Taliaferro25803.2110
Kyle Juszczyk10343.461
Steve Smith jr,801,12614.1671
Torrey Smith7485111.5250
Dennis Pitta5074914.8349
Jacoby Jones4458113.2867
Justin Forsett262148.2121
Bernard Pierce221768.0021
Kyle Juszczyk161026.4013
Owen Daniels1515010.0323
Marlon Brown1417912.8336
Crockett Gilmore33110.3123
Dynasty: bkrich83
03:36 PM - October 11, 2014. Written by bayers3

8:25PM EST - October 9th, 2014
NRG Stadium - Houston, TX

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans
Oct 9, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Indianapolis Colts (3-3, 2-1 Away)070310
Houston Texans (3-3, 2-1 Home)0701017

Top Performers

Passing : A. Luck (IND) - 371YDS, TD
Rushing : T. Richardson (IND) - 22CAR, 88YDS
Receiving : D. Allen (IND) - 9REC, 89YDS TD

HOUSTON - The Colts would face their division rivals tonight, a Thursday Night game on the road is the bane of teams and fantasy players. The short week of preparation would show, and to make things worse Hakeem Nicks would be out 5 weeks with a broken jaw.

Things got worse for Indianapolis almost immediately as TY Hilton was carted off with a broken collarbone on the first offensive play. Andrew Luck would now have to play without his 2nd & 3rd WR option and depend on the Reggie Wayne / Dwayne Allen duo.

The two teams would struggle on offense, finishing with a scoreless opening quarter, but Luck would find Allen on a 5 yard TD pass to open the 2nd quarter 7-0. Case Keenum, starting in place of Ryan Fitzpatrick, would give the Texans hope with a 20 yard scramble down to the 5 yard line. Unfortunatley for Keenum he would be leveled by LaRon Landry and fumble the ball, the Colts' D'Qwell Jackson would recover the fumble.

Houston would get their revenge ont he exact same drive, as Luck would take the team down to the 8 looking to make it 14-0, but Allen would get muscled away from a short pass that would be caught by DJ Swearinger and taken back 92 yards for a TD. The teams would struggle to score from then on, with a mostly uneventful and scoreless 3rd quarter.

Luck was not on his game tonight.

Things would come alive in the 4th after Allen dropped a TD pass in the endzone to force a Vinatieri FG. Keenum would take advantage of a coverage breakdown and hit TE CJ Fiedorowicz for a 71 yard TD and a 14-10 lead. Luck would engineer one last drive, but the Texans would force a 4th & 2 with less than 1:00 left to play, and Indy would fail to pick it. With the game essentially over Rob Bironas would hit a 53 yard FG to make it a one-TD lead and finish off the Colts.

A very disappointing game for Indy on both sides of the ball. Despite dominating the Texans statistically, and holding Arian Foster to a meager 33 yards, the long TD bomb and the pick-6 would doom Indianapolis.
Dynasty: bayers3
Friday, October 10, 2014
02:28 PM - October 10, 2014. Written by darkwolf80
I'm looking forward to leading my Dallas Mavericks back to the promised land with the new additions they made this past year. And give Dirk the send off he deserves after a Hall of Fame career.

I will be playing with Dreece/Sapp/Blindsidz fiction draft classes. They provide so much more depth, realism, and fun than the 2K provided ones.
Dynasty: darkwolf80
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
10:46 PM - October 8, 2014. Written by majestic24
A's win streak ends at 6 in Anaheim

Anaheim, Ca - The Oakland Athletics came in today with a 6-game winning streak after back-to-back sweeps on the road against the Twins and Mariners. Competition was a little tougher this time around as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, winners of 4 straight, extend their own winning streak to 5 as they trashed the A's 8-2.

Albert Pujols walked in the bottom of the 7th after an error by Josh Donaldson allowed Mike Trout to reach base with 2 outs. That loaded the bases for Josh Hamilton, who hit a grand slam to right on the first pitch from A's reliever Luke Gregerson. Kole Calhoun led off the bottom of the 8th with a solo homer off Ryan Cook to add an insurance run. Kevin Jepsen threw a 1-2-3 9th to seal the win for the Angels, who are in 2nd place behind the A's in the AL West.

The Angels started lefty Hector Santiago who gave up a solo home run to Josh Donaldson in the 1st to allow the A's to take a 1-0 lead. Oakland A's starter Jesse Chavez, who 1-hit the Twins his last time out, allowed a run in the bottom of the 1st. Chavez gave up a home run to Chris Iannetta in the bottom of the 5th before allowing the winning run on-base with a single in the bottom of the 7th.

The A's were led by Josh Donaldson who was 2 for 4 with 2 home runs in the game but were struck with 3 errors from Donaldson, Chavez, and first baseman Brandon Moss.

The series continues tomorrow on Jackie Robinson Day with Tommy Milone starting for the A's and Garrett Richards going up for the Angels.

Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels
Apr 14, 2014123456789RHE
Oakland (10-4)101000000273
Los Angeles (8-5)10001051890
W: N. Maronde (1-0) L: J. Chavez (1-1)
Scoring Summary
OAKTop 1Donaldson homers to right (0 on, 2 out)10
LAABot 1Pujols singles to left, Kendrick Scores (2 on, 1 out)11
OAKTop 3Donaldson homers to right (0 on, 1 out)21
LAABot 5Iannetta homers to left (0 on, 0 out)22
LAABot 7Trout reaches on base after error by Donaldson, Conger scores (2 on, 2 out)23
LAABot 7Hamilton hits grand slam to right (3 on, 2 out)27
LAABot 8Calhoun homers to left center (0 on, 0 out)28
Oakland Athletics
C. Crisp, CF3000100.300
N. Punto, SS3000100.056
J. Donaldson, 3B4222002.208
B. Moss, 1B4000000.255
Y. Cespedes, LF4000010.277
J. Lowrie, DH4000000.288
D. Norris, C4020000.333
J. Reddick, CF3010110.244
A. Parrino, 2B4010010.143
HR: Donaldson 2 (2)
RBI: Donaldson 2 (8)
GIDP: Donaldson
E: J. Chavez (1), Donaldson (2), B. Moss (2)
Los Angeles Angels
E. Aybar, SS4010100.278
H. Kendrick, 2B5210010.167
M. Trout, CF4110010.420
A. Pujols, 1B3111100.189
J. Hamilton, LF3114100.205
D. Freese, 3B4000001.262
K. Calhoun, RF4111011.238
C. Iannetta, C4121011.297
H. Conger, DH4110010.182
2B: Iannetta (2)
HR: Calhoun (4), Hamilton (2), Iannetta (2)
RBI: Calhoun (7), Pujols (5), Hamilton 4 (9), Iannetta (4)
GIDP: Calhoun
SB: Kendrick (2), Aybar (1)
Oakland Athletics
J. Chavez6.15322511.42
L. Gregerson0.22401013.00
R. Cook1.02110112.70
TEAM TOTALS8.0983363
Los Angeles Angels
H. Santiago6.06222123.44
N. Maronde2.01001201.23
K. Jepsen1.00000005.40
Dynasty: majestic24
09:16 PM - October 8, 2014. Written by bayers3

1:00PM EST - October 5th, 2014
Lucas Oil Stadium - Indianapolis, IN

Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts
Oct 5, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Baltimore Ravens (2-3, 1-1 Away)01001020
Indianapolis Colts (3-2, 1-2 Home)730717

Top Performers

Passing : A. Luck (IND) - 349YDS, TD
Rushing : T. Richardson (IND) - 12CAR, 118YDS
Receiving : O. Daniels (BAL) - 9REC, 137YDS

INDIANAPOLIS - The Colts would head into their match up with the Ravens looking like one of the better teams in the league. Two straight wins in which the Colts dominated their opponents would help build their confidence, but the Jaguars and Titans played like they may be some of the worst teams in football. Despite the winning, the Colts defense has struggled regularly.

The Ravens, even though a shadow of their Superbowl winning team, would present a number of issues for the Indy defense. The biggest issue would be the Ravens balanced attack, starting with Joe Flacco under center and the weapons at his disposal. Aside from the opening game against Denver, the Colts haven't faced a team with a running threat (Ray Rice) and a bevvy of receiving options (Torrey Smith, Steve Smith, and Owen Daniels) to complicate things.

Andrew Luck opened the scoring with a 1 yard QB sneak after TY Hilton was tackled on the 1, a disturbing theme for the game. Vinatieri would miss a 53 yard attempt near the end of the 1st, which would prove a costly mistake.

Rice would even the score with a short TD run after a long pass to Smith Sr. on an all-out blitz, and then Matt Elam would pick of Luck on a deep seam to set up a Justin Tucker FG and a 10-7 lead. Things would finally go the Colts way after two fumbles (Hilton on the kickoff and Reggie Wayne after a short pass) would be overturned after review. Vinatieri would tie the game on a 40 yard FG with time expiring.

Smith would be a constant headache.

The entire second half was all Ravens, the Colts defense could barely keep them from scoring and the defense was all over Luck's targets. Hakeem Nicks would get close to scoring, but a fumble on the 5 would kill the drive. The Colts would stone Rice on two straight rushing attempts, and it looked as though a punt from the endzone was coming, but on 3rd and 10 Rice would run for 31 yards to get them out of trouble. The drive would span the 3rd and 4th quarter and end with a Tucker 51 yarder and a 13-10 lead.

Luck, on his way to near 350 passing yards, would engineer a drive that ended with a short TD pass to TY Hilton. The Ravens, and Smith Sr. again, would torment the Colts defense thanks to a 39 yard TD bomb to take a 20-17 lead. Luck would have one more drive in him, taking the offense down the field with less than 2:00 to play in the game. The Ravens defense opened up, and with the clock ticking down Luck hit Wayne for a 37 yard gain that would win the game. Unfortunately Wayne was tackled on the 1 yard line, reaching for the endzone, but the refs did not give it to him and the Ravens walked away victorious.

Another inch would have won the game.

Despite Robert Mathis' two sacks, and the team limiting Flacco to only 250 yards, the Colts defense was burned again and again by big plays.
Dynasty: bayers3
08:39 PM - October 8, 2014. Written by majestic24
Oakland A's Franchise

Posting my new MLB 14 The Show Franchise here for fun. Restarted with the A's after my Dodger franchise.

I'm using PsychoBulk's sliders with OSFM Opening Day rosters and real-life injuries to begin the season.

Let's pick things up from the 3rd week of the season where the A's are leading the AL West at 10-3.

Complete standings below:
Please take note Houston Astros can't be put in the AL West standing since they are in last place right now at 4-9 and the table hasn't been updated for a while now. Can anyone do that for me? Thanks in advance.

MLB Standings - Updated: Apr 13, 2014
New York Yankees1037245
Tampa Bay Rays941.06644
Toronto Blue Jays674.05359
Baltimore Orioles574.54352
Boston Red Sox585.06566
Kansas City Royals936144
Minnesota Twins574.04557
Cleveland Indians584.55059
Detroit Tigers474.53848
Chicago White Sox495.54766
Oakland Athletics1035745
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim752.55253
Texas Rangers574.56667
Seattle Mariners574.54845
Tampa Bay Rays946644
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim755253
Toronto Blue Jays671.55359
Texas Rangers572.06667
Minnesota Twins572.04557
Seattle Mariners572.04845
Baltimore Orioles572.04352
Philadelphia Phillies1026535
Atlanta Braves753.07268
Washington Nationals753.08072
New York Mets575.05457
Miami Marlins496.54555
Chicago Cubs756150
Pittsburgh Pirates661.05154
St. Louis Cardinals661.04361
Cincinnati Reds483.04046
Milwaukee Brewers483.05975
Los Angeles Dodgers1038246
Arizona Diamondbacks962.06464
San Diego Padres663.56067
Colorado Rockies674.06262
San Francisco Giants3107.04258
Arizona Diamondbacks966464
Atlanta Braves757268
Washington Nationals758072
Pittsburgh Pirates661.05154
St. Louis Cardinals661.04361
San Diego Padres661.06067
Colorado Rockies671.56262
Dynasty: majestic24
Monday, October 6, 2014
11:30 PM - October 6, 2014. Written by pelletgun527
2014 NFL Awards
Most Valuable PlayerPeyton ManningQBBroncos (13-3)
Coach of the YearJay GrudenCoachRedskins (13-3)
Offensive Player of the YearPeyton ManningQBBroncos (13-3)
Offensive Player of the YearMatt Stafford QBLions (11-4-1)
Defensive Player of the YearVon MillerOLBBroncos (13-3)
Defensive Player of the YearStephen TullochMLBLions (11-4-1)
Offensive Rookie of the YearBlake BortlesQBJaguars (9-7)
Offensive Rookie of the YearMike EvansWRBuccaneers (5-11)
Defensive Rookie of the YearRyan ShazierOLBSteelers (6-9-1)
Defensive Rookie of the YearLamarcus JoynerSSRams (7-9)
Dynasty: pelletgun527
08:38 PM - October 6, 2014. Written by bayers3

1:00 PM EST - September 28th, 2014
Lucas Oil Stadium - Indianapolis, IN

Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts
Sep 28, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Tennessee Titans (2-2, 2-1 Away)00000
Indianapolis Colts (3-1, 1-1 Home)00102131

Top Performers

Passing : A. Luck (IND) - 281YDS, TD
Rushing : T. Richardson (IND) - 23CAR, 110YDS, 2TD
Receiving : D. Allen (IND) - 8REC, 102YDS

INDIANAPOLIS - The Colts would face an AFC South foe for the second week in a row, but this time they would have the services of starting C Khaled Holmes. They would also avoid facing Jake Locker thanks to a shoulder injury, Brian Hoyer would get the nod for the Titans.

The entire first half of this game was filled with offensive miscues that helped both defenses look good. The Titans managed to stone Trent Richardson in the 1st quarter on a 4th & Goal attempt from the 2, and then Andrew Luck would throw a sloppy INT in the endzone just before half time.

It isn't clear what either coach said during the break, but whatever Chuck Pagano said worked really well. The Colts broke the deadlock with a 28 yard FG by Adam Vinatieri, but their relief was short lived. TY Hilton would have to leave the game after dislocating his wrist, leaving Reggie Wayne and Dwayne Allen to shoulder the receiving load.

Richardson would have a big day on the ground.

Richardson would sneak in from a yard out to make it 10-0, and then basically walk into the endzone in the 4th to make it 17-0. A TD pass to Da'Rick Rogers would basically put the game away at 24-0 with the way the Titans were playing. Hoyer had a horrible day and the Titans couldn't run the ball at any point. Shonn Greene would finish with 12 carries for 22 yards.

Rogers evades a sloppy tackle on his way to a score.

The final humiliation came with the Titans threatening to score, finally getting into the redzone. A bad pass to Kendall Wright would find the arms of Vontae Davis on the 7 yard line, and he would run it all the way back for a pick-six and the final score of 31-0.
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