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Friday, November 21, 2014
07:48 AM - November 21, 2014. Written by zackebarsch10
Quick Take | The Cardinals dominant defense and their first turnover-free game this season paved the way for the first win of the season.

It was over when... | Kicker Chandler Catanzaro kicked an 48 yard Field Goal with 56 seconds left for the final result of 24-7.

Game Ball | MLB Daryl Washington 11 Tackles 1 TFL 1 INT
The defense play-caller was all over the field and ended the game with his interception on the lone turnover of the day.

Game Notes | The first defensice play for Arizona showed the direction of the game with a sack. Another 3 sacks doubled the production from the previous 2 games together. Carson Palmer was hot out of the gate with 12/15 for 128 yards and another TD to Larry Fitzgerald. In contrast to the Cardinals start San Francisco began with 2 three-and-outs. They never found any sort of rhythm as Colin Kaepernick was 4/10 for 28 yards in the first half. To prevent an shootout the 49ers had to convert three 4th downs on their 16-play scoring drive with 1:15 to go.

Notable Facts | Larry Fitzgerald scored in every Cardinals game and has already 4 touchdowns for the season.
It was the first game of the season for Arizona without a turnover. Arizona scored more rushing yards than the first two opponents of the 49ers combined.
Quinton Patton scored his first career touchdown.

Injuries | TE Troy Niklas getting injured on the first drive of the game but will be ready for the Cardinals next game after the bye week against Denver.

Box Score

San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals
San Francisco 49ers (2-0)00077
Arizona Cardinals (0-2)1038324
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense263319
Rushing Yards101115
Passing Yards162204
First Downs1219
Punt Return Yards1016
Kick Return Yards6320
Total Yards336355
3rd Down Converstion39
4th Down Conversion41
2-Point Conversion01
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1/02/0
Posession Time27:0832:52
Scoring Summary
9:08(ARI) 46 yard FG by C. Catanzaro03
2:34(ARI) 6 yard TD pass C. Palmer to L. Fitzgerald010
13:44(ARI) 45 yard FG by C. Catanzaro013
4:07(ARI) 1 yard TD run by J. Dwyer021
1:15(SFO) 9 yard TD pass by C. Kaepernick to Q. Patton721
0:56(ARI) 48 yard FG by C. Catanzaro724
San Francisco 49ers
C. Kaepernick23/3418111
F. Gore13594.5
C. Kaepernick5295.8
C. Hyde5132.6
V. McDonald5397.8
Q. Patton4235.81
M. Crabtree44411.0
A. Boldin3227.3
F. Gore3165.3
S. Johnson22412.0
M. Lattimore188.0
C. Hyde155.0
D. Carrier11010.0
M. Iupati1
M. Martin1
J. Staley1
N. Bowman8
A. Bethea7
R. McDonald7
E. Reid6
A. Smith51
C. Culliver5
T. Carradine4
I. Williams4
A. Lynch3
T. Brock3
C. Borland3
P. Cox2
A. Brooks1
R. Johnson Jr.1
P. Dawson1/11
A. Lee630150.21
Q. Patton24321.5
P. Cox12020.0
P. Cox11010.0
Arizona Cardinals
C. Palmer18/262011
A. Ellington18543.0
J. Dwyer14493.51
S. Taylor252.5
M. Grice341.3
C. Palmer231.5
L. Fitzgerald8688.51
Jo. Brown35217.3
D. Fells23115.5
M. Floyd22713.5
T. Niklas2147.0
A. Ellington199.0
B. Sowell1
J. Cooper1
D. Washington111
M. Shaughnessy71
T. Jefferson6
D. Bishop62
J. Abraham41
J. Bethel4
A. Gaitor3
T. Mathieu3
P. Peterson2
D. Bucannon2
D. Williams1
R. Johnson1
A. Cromartie1
C. Campbell1
C. Catanzaro3/31/11048
D. Butler417243.0
M. Grice11717.0
M. Floyd133.0
P. PEterson2168.0
Dynasty: zackebarsch10
06:09 AM - November 21, 2014. Written by zackebarsch10
Perfect Matchup - Zero losses against zero wins

Matchup Preview *|* January 1,
San Francisco 49ers
(2-0, 1-0 Away)
Arizona Cardinals
(0-2, 0-1 Home)
Offensive Stats Comparison
838Total Offensive Yards715
468Passing Yards466
370Rushing Yards249
34.5Points Per Game23.5
3Passing TD4
5Rushing TD1
43First Downs41
13Red Zone Attempts6
38%Red Zone Percentage67%
Defensive Stats Comparison
546Total Yards Allowed817
475Passing Yards Allowed653
71Rushing Yards Allowed164
2Fumble Recoveries0
14.0Points Per Game28.5
1Red Zone Attempts6
100%Red Zone Percentage67%
Injury Report
RG J. Looney (Torn Tricep)
8 weeks
RT B. Massie (Pectoral Tear)
14 weeks
RE J. Smith (Dislocated Ankle)
6 weeks
CB J. Powers (Pulled Groin)
4 weeks
TE V. Davis (Upper Arm Fracture)
4 weeks
LOLB A. Okafor (Upper Arm Fracture)
3 weeks
LT B. Richardson (Dislocated Hip)
4 weeks
TE R. Housler (Dislocated Elbow)
3 weeks
MLB P. Willis (Abdominal Tear)
1 week
WR T. Ginn (Abdomnial Tear)
2 weeks
Game Notes
The best running team after 2 weeks the 49ers who possess also the best running defense will go physical. With Justin Smith, Vernon Davis and Patrick Willis all be injured the 49ers look to replace their key players with their deep roster.
The Cardinals must win this game to get into the season. Their run defense was strong against the Giants which is a good sign towards this game but also they must improve the pass rush and reduce the turnover. It's a must win game for Arizona against a confident division rival.
Dynasty: zackebarsch10
05:52 AM - November 21, 2014. Written by zackebarsch10
Weekly Awards
NFC Offense Giants QB R. Nassib 44/605 443 yards 3 TD
NFC Defense Eagles MLB D. Ryans 16 tackles 2 sacks

AFC Offense Ravens QB J. Flacco 27/40 302 yards 2 TD
AFC Defense Patriots CB D. Revis 5 tackles 3 INT
Dynasty: zackebarsch10
05:46 AM - November 21, 2014. Written by zackebarsch10
Quick Take | Ryan Nassib broke the record for passing yards in a game of a rookie. The record formerly held by Andrew Luck from 2012 with 433 yards. The passing game has won the match for the Giants as a proof that the modern NFL is indeed a passing league. The Cardinals run defense was outstanding allowing only 1,67 yards per rush. But no pass rush for Arizona is hurting them and gave rookie starter Nassib all the time in the world to complete his passes.

It was over when... | Kicker Josh Brown made his 3rd field goal from 40 yards with 1:34 to go.

Game Ball | QB R. Nassib 44/60 443 yards 3 TD
In his first start after throwing 3 interceptions in the first game of the season after Mannings injury he was impressive all game long. Except for the first drive of the game Arizona had no pass rush at all and Nassib took advantage.

Game Notes | Arizona started perfect on defense with a fine pass rush to not get Nassib into a rhythm. Palmer threw a 61 yard TD pass to Michael Floyd on a simple slant route. From there the Cardinals pass rush completely disappeared till the games end. The Cardinals ground game controlled the game and Arizona was able to get a 10 point lead with 2:45 in the fourth quarter aided by a 13 yard run from Ellington on 3rd & 8 with 4 minutes to go. The Giants scored a TD with 49 seconds to go and Trumaine McBride recovered the following onside kick. Rookie receiver John Brown wasn't able to catch the ball. On the three first drive of the OT New York ran the ball two times on 1st and 2nd down for -1 yards (cumulated). The Interception of Amukamara brought the Giants in position to score the deciding field goal.

Notable Facts | 5 of the 9 runs in the first quarter of the Giants gaines negative yards or no gain. The run for 8 yard on this 9 runs.
Both force fumbles where created by cousin cornerbacks Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Antoio Cromartie.
The Giants completed a 56 yard Hail Mary catch to V. Cruz to end the first half. He was stopped at the Cardinals 5 yard line.
Ryan Nassib threw his first touchdown of his career to salsa-dacning receiver Victor Cruz.

Injuries | WR Ted Ginn with an abdominal tear will miss the next 2 weeks. CB Jerraud Powers with a pulled groin will miss the next 4 weeks. TE Rob Housler with a dislocate elbow will miss the next 3 weeks.

Box Score

Arizona Cardinals at New York Giants
Arizona Cardinals (0-1)710010027
New York Giants (0-1)73017330
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense394486
Rushing Yards14950
Passing Yards245436
First Downs2123
Punt Return Yards1123
Kick Return Yards62124
Total Yards467633
3rd Down Converstion614
4th Down Conversion00
2-Point Conversion00
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals2/03/0
Posession Time33:4339:50
Scoring Summary
14:18(ARI) 61 yard TD pass by C. Palmer to M. Floyd70
3:35(NYG) 5 yard TD pass by R. Nassib to V. Cruz77
14:54(NYG) 48 yard FG by J. Brown710
8:05(ARI) 45 yard FG by C. Catanzaro1010
0:15(ARI) 4 yard TD pass by C. Palmer to L. Fitzgerald1710
14:14(ARI) 42 yard FG by C. Catanzaro2010
6:37(NYG) 8 yard TD pass by R. Nassib to J. Criner2017
2:45(ARI) 3 yard TD run by J. Dwyer2717
0:49(NYG) 3 yard TD pass by R. Nassib to C. Washington2724
0:05(NYG) 40 yard FG by J. Brown2727
1:34(NYG) 40 yard FG by J. Brown2730
Arizona Cardinals
C. Palmer18/2826921
J. Dwyer21854.01
A. Ellington13463.5
C. Palmer11212.0
M. Grice362.0
L. Fitzgerald5428.41
M. Floyd412130.31
Jo. Brown3279.0
A. Ellington24120.5
R. Housler23115.5
Ja. Brown144.0
J. Dwyer133.0
J. Cooper2
E. Watford2
L. Sendlein1
B. Sowell11
T. Jeffferson14
D. Washington121
A. Cromartie7
T. Mathieu6
D. Williams5
M. Shuaghnessy5
D. Bishop5
D. Bucannon4
J. Abraham3
P. Peterson3
J. Bethel3
J. Powers3
S. Acho2
D. Dockett2
C. Campbell2
C. Catanzaro2/33/3945
D. Butler424661.50
M. Grice34816.0
T. Ginn11414.0
P. Peterson2115.5
New York Giants
R. Nassib44/604433
R. Jennings26331.3
P. Hillis3124.0
H. Hynoski155.0
V. Cruz914215.81
L. Donnell9455.0
R. Randle88410.5
R. Jennings77310.4
O. Beckham Jr.55410.8
J. Jernigan22311.5
J. Criner2157.51
C. Washington133.01
P. Hillis144.0
A. Rolle14
S. Paysinger9
J. Beason71
D. Rodgers-Cromartie5
J. Pierre-Paul41
S. Brown41
J. Hankins3
J. Williams3
W. Thurmond III2
P. Amukamara21
C. Jenkins2
T. McBride1
D. Moore1
M. Herzlich1
C. Taylor1
J. Brown3/43/31248
S. Weatherford625642.7
O. Beckham Jr.12525.0
J. Jernigan49924.8
O. Beckham Jr.22311.5
Dynasty: zackebarsch10
Thursday, November 20, 2014
06:54 PM - November 20, 2014. Written by stiets1118
Its been over a year in the making. This game has been circled on the schedule since the schedule was released. In big bold print on the schedule was only one thing...66-12. That was the final score last year in Washington where Coach Tietsworth felt the Cougars ran up the score, passing late into the game when it was well in hand. Washington State starting QB Dwayne Malone is back for his senior season, and after breaking some single game records that game, Malone went on to throw 34TD and over 4000 yards on the year. Malone enters the game with 20TD already this season as his Cougars bring in a 3-3 record to Anchorage Field to take on a 4-1 Alaska State team.
This game promises to be a hard hitting affair with plenty of action and scoring as Washington State sports the #1 pass offense including All-American receiver Robbie Doyle . The Cougars are favored by 4 points entering the game.
Dynasty: stiets1118
11:01 AM - November 20, 2014. Written by kaneski13
What a game! On paper our boys were supposed to get destroyed by this team. Don't get me wrong, the Titans secondary is not terrible compared to most teams, but we're definitely not the best in the league. McCourty is showing why he is the defensive back of the future, Mettenberger has made a huge jump in the QB competition, and McCluster showed up big when Sankey wouldn't. Ghee has made the secondary CB battle talk with 12 tackles in one game. Overall, this team wasn't a team in the first half but came alive in the 4th quarter. I guess that's why they say Coach Taylor owns the 4th Quarter.

Green Bay Packers at Tennessee Titans
Aug 9, 20141ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Green Bay Packers (0-0)3301319
Tennessee Titans (0-0)0371020
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense381319
Rushing Yards6777
Passing Yards314242
First Downs2120
Punt Return Yards307
Kick Return Yards74111
Total Yards485437
3rd Down Converstion98
4th Down Conversion11
2-Point Conversion00
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1/32/1
Posession Time31:2828:32
Green Bay Packers
A. Rodgers13/1912800
M. Flynn25/3318611
E. Lacy102800
J. Starks62400
A. Rodgers3900
D. Adams79900
J. Nelson86100
R. Cobb34200
J. Abbrederis22500
J. Starks73601
J. Bush400
H. Clinton-Dix300
M. Daniels500
J. Boyd200
A. Hawk600
M. Crosby4/51/11343
T. Masthay3111370
Tennessee Titans
Z. Mettenberger 20/2918010
C. Whitehurst5/106200
S. Greene581
B. Sankey11180
D. McCluster14500
K. Wright1240
D. Hagan7370
K. Durham4460
J. Hunter2230
C. Stevens4490
J. McCourty001
K. Wimbley500
K. Woodyard400
B. Ghee1200
J. Casey210
T. Coons2/22/2826
B. Kern6210350

This was a hard fought game. Some things have been shown from players I am looking to lead this team. That's all I have to say today.
Dynasty: kaneski13
01:50 AM - November 20, 2014. Written by D316
Week 2 Power Rankings...Looks Like A Super Bowl Rematch Will Happen
RK (LW)TeamRecordNext Game
1 (1) Seattle Seahawks1-0@ Chargers
2 (2) Denver Broncos1-0vs. Chiefs
3 (3) New Orleans Saints1-0@ Browns
4 (5) New England Patriots1-0@ Vikings
5 (4) Green Bay Packers0-1vs. Jets
6 (6) Philadelphia Eagles1-0@ Colts
7 (11) Carolina Panthers1-0vs. Lions
8 (12) Arizona Cardinals1-0@ Giants
9 (7) San Francisco 49ers0-1vs. Bears
10 (15) Baltimore Ravens1-0vs. Steelers
11 (9) San Diego Chargers0-1vs. Seahawks
12 (8) Indianapolis Colts0-1vs. Eagles
13 (16) Pittsburgh Steelers1-0@ Ravens
14 (10) Cincinnati Bengals0-1vs. Falcons
15 (13) Kansas City Chiefs0-1@ Broncos
16 (22) Dallas Cowboys1-0@ Titans
17 (17) New York Jets1-0@ Packers
18 (21) Detroit Lions1-0@ Panthers
19 (14) Chicago Bears0-1@ 49ers
20 (25) Tennessee Titans1-0vs. Cowboys
21 (19) Atlanta Falcons0-1@ Bengals
22 (20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers0-1vs. Rams
23 (23) St. Louis Rams1-0@ Buccaneers
24 (18) Miami Dolphins0-1@ Bills
25 (27) Washington Redskins1-0vs. Jaguars
26 (29) Buffalo Bills1-0vs. Dolphins
27 (24) New York Giants0-1vs. Cardinals
28 (26) Minnesota Vikings0-1vs. Patriots
29 (28) Jacksonville Jaguars0-1@ Redskins
30 (30) Cleveland Browns0-1vs. Saints
31 (31) Houston Texans0-1@ Raiders
32 (32) Oakland Raiders0-1vs. Texans
Dynasty: D316
01:18 AM - November 20, 2014. Written by D316
NFL Season Week 1 Year 1
Thursday's GamesHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
Packers 21 @ Seahawks 38R. Wilson 255M. Lynch 167D. Baldwin 96
Sunday's GamesHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
Saints 36 @ Falcons 34D. Brees 345M. Ingram 97J. Jones 103
Vikings 28 @ Rams 35T. Bridgewater 270Z. Stacy 111T. Austin 88
Browns 19 @ Steelers 24B. Roethlisberger 249L. Bell 125A. Brown 140
Jaguars 27 @ Eagles 30C. Henne 416L. McCoy 202C. Shorts 121
Raiders 23 @ Jets 27G. Smith 294C. Ivory 111P. Harvin 140
Bengals 14 @ Ravens 35J. Flacco 237W. McGahee 150M. Sanu 84
Bills 31 @ Bears 29J. Cutler 239F. Jackson 121B. Marshall 102
Redskins 31 @ Texans 20R. Fitzpatrick 314A. Foster 127A. Johnson 88
Titans 26 @ Chiefs 20J. Locker 313J. Charles 144D. Bowe 133
Patriots 42 @ Dolphins 28T. Brady 314S. Vereen 102R. Gronkowski 107
Panthers 45 @ Buccaneers 42M. Glennon 320D. Martin 92V. Jackson 87
49ers 28 @ Cowboys 31T. Romo 294D. Murray 145D. Bryant 106
Colts 10 @ Broncos 41P. Manning 324A. Bradshaw 44D. Thomas 107
Monday's GamesHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
Giants 6 @ Lions 24M. Strafford 195R. Bush 101C. Johnson 63
Chargers 13 @ Cardinals 31C. Palmer 254A. Ellington 120L. Fitzgerald 75
Dynasty: D316
12:48 AM - November 20, 2014. Written by D316
Week 1 NFL Power Rankings (Madden 15)
RK (LW)TeamRecordNext Game
1 () Seattle Seahawks0-0vs. Packers
2 () Denver Broncos0-0vs. Colts
3 () New Orleans Saints0-0@ Falcons
4 () Green Bay Packers0-0@ Seahawks
5 () New England Patriots0-0@ Dolphins
6 () Philadelphia Eagles0-0vs. Jaguars
7 () San Francisco 49ers0-0@ Cowboys
8 () Indianapolis Colts0-0@ Broncos
9 () San Diego Chargers0-0@ Cardinals
10 () Cincinnati Bengals0-0@ Ravens
11 () Carolina Panthers0-0@ Buccaneers
12 () Arizona Cardinals0-0vs. Chargers
13 () Kansas City Chiefs0-0vs. Titans
14 () Chicago Bears0-0vs. Bills
15 () Baltimore Ravens0-0vs. Bengals
16 () Pittsburgh Steelers0-0vs. Browns
17 () New York Jets0-0vs. Raiders
18 () Miami Dolphins0-0vs. Patriots
19 () Atlanta Falcons0-0vs. Saints
20 () Tampa Bay Buccaneers0-0vs. Panthers
21 () Detroit Lions0-0vs. Giants
22 () Dallas Cowboys0-0vs. 49ers
23 () St. Louis Rams0-0vs. Vikings
24 () New York Giants0-0@ Lions
25 () Tennessee Titans0-0@ Chiefs
26 () Minnesota Vikings0-0@ Rams
27 () Washington Redskins0-0@ Texans
28 () Jacksonville Jaguars0-0@ Eagles
29 () Buffalo Bills0-0@ Bears
30 () Cleveland Browns0-0@ Steelers
31 () Houston Texans0-0vs. Redskins
32 () Oakland Raiders0-0@ Jets
Attached Images
Dynasty: D316
Wednesday, November 19, 2014
04:27 PM - November 19, 2014. Written by Bills Mafia 716

The Buffalo Sabres are Stanley Cup bound for the first time since 1999 after the team completed a wild run through the first 3 rounds of the 2016 playoffs on Saturday night with their 2-1 overtime defeat of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Once down in the series 3-0, the Sabres became only the fifth team in NHL history to comeback to win in 7 games. "We've learned how to persevere all throughout this season and we've applied those lessons to how we play in the playoffs" remarked captain Matt Moulson on the victory. The winning goal came from an unexpected hero in Patrick Kaleta, who scored 2 goals in the final 2 games of the series. "The feeling was unbelievable. Hearing the crowd just roar when the puck went in and having all my teammates around me was remarkable. It couldn't have happened without that pass from Zemgus though so I got to give him his credit. But again, it was definitely the greatest moment of my career" exclaimed Kaleta. When asked about the Sabres shaky goaltending play throughout the postseason, coach Ted Nolan stated that everything is still up in the air. "Of course we're going with who we feel gives us the best chance to win. But our staff will certainly evaluate the last couple games and see who played the best and who is most prepared". The excitement isn't mutual in the two locker rooms as the 7th seed Toronto Maple Leafs have a whole off-season to reflect on what could have been. "It's a terrible, terrible feeling to lose the way we did. Knowing how long these fans here in Toronto have waited and to come up short like that is heartbreaking". Those words are from Leafs goaltender Jonathan Bernier who shut out the Sabres in games 1 and 2. The Sabres will meet the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Final in what is seen as the Sabres toughest test of the playoffs. "We're excited. We're all very excited" claimed Moulson. Oh yes, Stanley Cup fever is in the air.
Dynasty: Bills Mafia 716
Tuesday, November 18, 2014
02:47 PM - November 18, 2014. Written by mzator21
Tampa Bay Lightning at New York Islanders
Nov 18, 2014123F
TAM (13-4-2)0011
NYI (11-6-0)0224
Three Stars
Mikhail Grabovski
1 Goal, 1 Assist
Josh Bailey
1 Goal, 1 Assist
Thomas Hickey
2 Assists
Team Stats Comparison
Shots on Goal1834
Faceoffs Won-Lost616
Penalty Minutes42
Power Plays Converted11
Power Play Opportunities12
Time on Attack5:095:37
Scoring Summary
NYIFrans Nielsen (6) ASST Grabovski (6), Kulemin (7)
NYIMikael Grabovski (4) ASST Hickey (4), Bailey (4)
NYIJohn Tavares (8) ASST Strome (10)
TAMPPG - Ondrej Palat (5) ASST Carle (2), Kucherov (10) PPG
NYIJosh Bailey (4) ASST Hickey (5), Okposo (12)
Tampa Bay Lightning - Goalies
Evgeni Nabokov (2-2-0)343088%4.00
Tampa Bay Lightning - Skaters
Bryan Boyle14:1500-210
Eric Brewer15:3800-212
Ryan Callahan18:5000020
Matt Carle25:5001020
Johnathan Drouin12:0400010
Valteri Filppula20:1600000
Jason Garrison18:0100-100
Radko Gudas15:0900-200
Tyler Johnson11:5400-100
Alex Killorn13:1500-100
Nikita Kucherov10:0401-100
Brendan Morrow18:0100-202
Vladislav Namestnikov12:2600000
Ondrej Palat12:1110-120
Cedric Paquette14:2300-100
Steven Stamkos20:2700052
Anton Stralman25:2800030
Andrej Sustr19:0100-100
New York Islanders - Goalies
Jaroslav Halak (7-4-0)181794%1.00
New York Islanders - Skaters
Josh Bailey17:4711210
Johnny Boychuk25:2700003
Casey Cizikas13:4200030
Cal Clutterbuck15:0900000
Calvin De Haan15:4900100
Mikhail Grabovski16:0311230
Travis Hamonic16:3400100
Tomas Hickey12:1002210
Nikolay Kulemin15:4101150
Nick Leddy26:3700010
Anders Lee14:5800040
Matt Martin9:0400012
Brock Nelson15:0200020
Frans Nielsen16:2810110
Kyle Okposo21:5301160
Ryan Strome11:2501000
John Tavares17:0810220
Lubomir Visnovsky18:1000210

Detroit Red Wings at Columbus Blue Jackets
Nov 18, 2014123F
DET (8-4-5)1102
CBJ (6-10-1)0033
Three Stars
Ryan Johansen, C
2 Goals
Dalton Prout, D
2 Assists
Adam Cracknell, LW
1 Goal, GWG
Team Stats Comparison
Shots on Goal1733
Faceoffs Won-Lost1312
Penalty Minutes24
Power Plays Converted10
Power Play Opportunities21
Time on Attack5:046:47
Scoring Summary
DETPPG - Tomas Tatar (6) ASST Jurco (3), Dekeyser (6)
DETDarren Helm (2) ASST Tatar (3), Jurco (4)
CBJRyan Johansen (7) ASST Prout (3), Johnson (8)
CBJRyan Johansen (8) ASST Savard (3)
CBJAdam Cracknell (1) ASST Prout (4), Johnson (9)
Detroit Red Wings - Goalies
Sergei Bobrovsky (5-4-0)171588%2.00
Columbus Blue Jackets - Goalies
Jimmy Howard (7-3-4)333091%3.02

San Jose Sharks at Buffalo Sabres
Nov 18, 2014123F
SJS (10-8-2)2215
BUF (4-13-2)1001
Three Stars
Tomas Hertl, LW
2 Goals, 1 Assist
Matt Moulson, LW
1 Goal
Troy Grosenick, G
18 Saves
Team Stats Comparison
Shots on Goal4418
Faceoffs Won-Lost159
Penalty Minutes08
Power Plays Converted20
Power Play Opportunities40
Time on Attack5:343:22
Scoring Summary
BUFMatt Moulson (3) ASST Ennis (7)
SJSTyler Kennedy (2) ASST Marleau (12)
SJSTomas Hertl (5) Unassisted
SJSTomas Hertl (6) ASST Thornton (12)
SJSAndrew Desjardins (1) ASST Goodrow (2), Hertl (6)
SJSJoe Pavelski (9) ASST Couture (10)
San Jose Sharks - Goalies
Troy Grosenick (1-0-0)181794%1.00
Buffalo Sabres - Goalies
Michael Neuvirth (3-5-1)443989%5.00

New Jersey Devils at Winnipeg Jets
Jan 1, 123F
NJD (8-8-2)1102
WPG (9-7-3)0000
Three Stars
Cory Schneider, G
28 Saves, Shutout
Travis Zajac, C
1 Goal
Martin Havlat, RW
1 Goal
Team Stats Comparison
Shots on Goal1728
Faceoffs Won-Lost107
Penalty Minutes84
Power Plays Converted00
Power Play Opportunities02
Time on Attack4:437:02
Scoring Summary
NJDTravis Zajac (4) ASST Henrique (5)
NJDMartin Havlat (3) ASST Elias (9), Zidlicky (7)
New Jersey Devils - Goalies
Cory Schneider (8-7-2)2828100%0.00
Winnipeg Jets - Goalies
Michael Hutchinson (2-1-1)171588%2.00

Carolina Hurricanes at Dallas Stars
Nov 18, 2014123OTF
CAR (5-9-3)00112
DAL (6-8-4)10001
Three Stars
Cam Ward, G
31 Saves
Kari Lehtonen, G
35 Saves
Erik Cole, LW
1 Goal, 7 Shots
Team Stats Comparison
Shots on Goal3531
Faceoffs Won-Lost1310
Penalty Minutes724
Power Plays Converted00
Power Play Opportunities31
Time on Attack6:146:20
Scoring Summary
DALEric Cole (5) ASST Spezza (14), Klingberg (2)
CARVictor Rask (3) ASST Terry (4), Hainsey (2)
CARBrett Bellemore (1) ASST Semin (6), Ward (1)
Carolina Hurricanes - Goalies
Cam Ward (5-5-1)313097%1.00
Dallas Stars - Goalies
Kari Lehtonen (6-5-4)353394%2.00

Anaheim Ducks at Calgary Flames
Nov 18, 2014123F
ANA (11-4-4)0101
CGY (11-6-2)2002
Three Stars
Jonas Hiller
48 Saves
Frederik Andersen
33 Saves
Bryan McGrattan
1 Goal
Team Stats Comparison
Shots on Goal4935
Faceoffs Won-Lost1618
Penalty Minutes1524
Power Plays Converted10
Power Play Opportunities45
Time on Attack5:105:16
Scoring Summary
CGYBryan McGrattan (1) ASST Bollig (3)
CGYSven Baertschi (1) ASST Granlund (4), Russell (9)
ANAEmerson Etem (3) ASST Getzlaf (13), Vatanen (10)
Anaheim Ducks - Goalies
Frederik Andersen (7-2-3)353394%2.00
Calgary Flames - Goalies
Jonas Hiller (8-4-1)494898%1.00
Dynasty: mzator21
Monday, November 17, 2014
09:36 PM - November 17, 2014. Written by bayers3


Indianapolis Colts (12-4) : The Colts look good on offense, really really good, and it's going to be really hard for the rest of this division to stop them. Thanks to two of the worst teams in football they can pencil in a 4-0 record against the Titans and Jaguars. After the changes made to the defensive roster it's doubtful this team is going to choke away victories in the waging seconds again, look for the Colts to put away opponents early and often.

Luck could win his second MVP Award.

Houston Texans (9-7) : This team is difficult to read, but they will definitely continue to be a dominant force on defense. Their issue now is the offense, and it's hard to think they can hang with the better teams in the NFL. A spot in the playoffs isn't out of the question, but they will likely need some things to break their way. They will probably need to win 10 games to make it to the playoffs, but an 8-8 season is more likely.

Houston still has the best defensive line in the division.

Jacksonville Jaguars (5-11) : Jacksonville showed some promise last year, but they just couldn't come through. All of their young talent seems to be stagnant, Blake Bortles did not take a leap forward, and they are bereft of talent at key positions. They do have a few decent offensive linemen, but their best weapon on offense is Justin Blackmon and he can't do it all himself. They have just enough on the roster that they could win 6 games, but 5 is more likely. Experts call for them to finish in the bottom 5 for DVOA thanks to the likelihood that their offensive DVOA may be one of the worst in all of football.

Bortles and Blackmon need to step up.

Tennessee Titans (5-11) : Unfortunately for everyone involved, the Titans are not very good. They could be in the running for the worst team in the league at this rate, and there is nothing Ken Wisenhunt can do about it. Jake Locker has looked terrible and at this point probably will not become a replacement level NFL QB, the running game isn't present, and the defense lost most of it's veteran via free agency and retirement. They will be lucky to win 5 games, it's more likely they will be drafting in the Top 5 for 2016.
Dynasty: bayers3
09:32 PM - November 17, 2014. Written by stiets1118
Markus Cooley hasn't looked back since winning the starting QB job. Cooley has his team at 3-1, with the one loss coming in double overtime against Georgia Tech. Cooley has thrown for 827 yards and 7 TD to only 1 Int. He has completed 68% of his passes, and also racked up 402 yards rushing with 5 TD, averaging 100 yards per game rushing. Cooley credits his success to an offseason workout program where he gained 3 lbs of muscle.
Dynasty: stiets1118
09:17 PM - November 17, 2014. Written by stiets1118
Offensive Captain: Carl Battle, 5-9 172lb RS Junior from Marquette, MI. Carl moved to Anchorage with his aunt and uncle after his senior year in high school. Carl was offered a scholarship after the coaching staff saw him playing flag football at a local church. Coaches were impressed by his body control and hands, and once meeting him, came away more impressed with his maturity. Carl is majoring in Meteorology. Carl posted 36 catches for 420 yards and 5 TD in 2013

Defensive Captain: Roddy Malone, RS Senior, 6-1 220lbs from Marathon, Florida. Roddy is the son of Roger and Caley Malone. Roddy played 2 years at USF before leaving sunny Florida after his dad was transferred to Elmendorf Air Force Base. Roddy decided to enroll at Alaska State and instantly improved the defense and was voted team defensive captain after the first practice. Roddy has a nose for the ball and is good in coverage as well. Look for him to lead the SnowCats in tackles this season.
Dynasty: stiets1118
Sunday, November 16, 2014
02:19 PM - November 16, 2014. Written by bayers3

The pre-season is over, and the Colts look like the odds on favorite to make it to the Superbowl if not win it all. The rich get richer as Phil Emery swooped in on a few choice free agents who failed to find homes, adding CB Prince Amukamara and MLB Brandon Spikes on 1-year contracts really filled in some holes. The Colts have a few warts, but as a whole they look like the most complete team in football. The team finished 3-1 by thrashing the Chargers, Vikings, and Panthers before losing their final game to the Browns.


Indianapolis Colts Depth Chart - 2015
Regular Offense
WRT.Y. HiltonD. Rogers
TED. AllenC. Fleener
LTA. CastonzoC. Hairston
LGJ. MewhortE. Looney (R)
CK. HolmesL. Louis
RGD. ThomasH. Thornton
RTB. FuscoC. Hairston
WRR. WayneC. Shorts IIID. Moncrief
QBA. LuckJ. Palmer
FBS. Havili
HBT. RichardsonV. BallardJ. Forsett
Base 3-4 Defense
LDED. Browning (R)R. Jean-FrancoisLandon Stone (R)
NTM. HughesJ. Chapman
RDEA. JonesR. Jean-FrancoisR. Duncan (R)
LOLBB. WernerE. Walden
LILBB. SpikesA. Dent
RILBD. JacksonK. Sheppard
ROLBV. BurfictE. Walden
CBV. DavisD. ButlerA. Kilgore (R)
SSW. MooreB. Daniels (R)
FSL. LandryB. Daniels (R)
CBP. AmukamaraG. TolerD. Odom (R)
Special Teams
KA. Devito
PP. McAfee
PRD. OdomT.Y. Hilton
KRD. OdomT.Y. Hilton
LSK. HolmesD. Thomas


Quarterback (Again) : After taking home his first MVP award, is there any question that Andrew Luck is the heart of this team? Everyone knows he will be good, and now he has the pieces around him to be even better. There is no excuse for the Colts offense to be anything but the best, and based on the pre-season results they should be the best if not one of the best offenses in football.

Can Luck add a Superbowl ring to his MVP award?

Offensive Line : After looking a little frail going into the 2014 season this could be one of the better units in the NFL thanks to free agency and LeCharles Bentley. Brandon Fusco and Chris Hairston were added to the mix, although Hairston has struggled in his transition to RT and looks like he might be a back-up at best, but Phil Emery stepped in to help develop their players. Emery sent the entire Colts offensive line to train with LeCharles Bentley at his O-Line Performance training center after he was impressed by Khaled Holmes' development, already a client of Bentley's, and it looks like it has paid off. The starting line looks solid, and this should help keep Luck upright and Trent Richardson rolling.

Richardson's Rebirth : Richardson, once a heralded prospect, fell from grace after the 2013 season. The trade for Richardson which cost Indianapolis their 2014 1st round pick looked like a real loser coming into the season, but after rushing for 1391 yards and 12 TD it looks like the Colts have a star HB. Richardson is going to see a lot of the ball in 2015, OC Pep Hamilton continues to be dedicated to the running game and with Ahmad Bradshaw gone it's Richardson's show.


Defensive Line : The front office really failed to do much for the defensive line aside from drafting DE Donavon Browning, but even he doesn't look like the next Robert Quinn. The depth isn't great, and most of the starters are aging. It looks like the group is basically just going to get in the way so the linebackers can step up and make tackles, which could be an issue. Vontaze Burfict, who has been nothing short of amazing coming off the edge, could bring some pass rush relief but that will just be papering over the problem.

Spikes is going to have a lot to do if the Colts' defensive line struggles.

Pagano's Future : Coach Chuck Pagano has done well with the Colts over the years, but 2014 was a real misstep on his part. Yes, important players were traded away, but they blew games they should have won and wasted an MVP season from Luck. New GM Phil Emery has loaded this team with free agents and a few choice draft picks, so Pagano will not have any excuses. A return to the playoffs will help him keep his job, but how far will they have to go for Pagano to avoid being replaced? Pagano is well liked by players and management, but another down season might be too much.

Is it Superbowl or bust for Pagano?

Defensive Backs : Outside of Vontae Davis, Prince Amukamara and super-rookie Branch Daniels, this is Indianapolis' weakest area. William Moore has been decent during the pre-season, but he certainly hasn't wowed anyone. LaRon Landry is slated to start at FS, but he spends more time looking over his shoulder at Daniels than he does defending passes. After Davis and Amukamara it gets really thin, so depth and dime/nickel situations will be an issue. They drafted some depth, but they are hardly more than dime coverage options at the moment. It's a good thing the Colts have a high powered offense because teams are going to be passing all over them.
Dynasty: bayers3