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Friday, August 22, 2014
12:13 AM - August 22, 2014. Written by philliesfan136

*Jay Lethal upset Intercontinental title holder Alberto Del Rio in a non-title bout. Lethal hailed the king with an elbow through the announce table but only drew a nearfall. Del Rio struck back with an enziguri only to take a Lethal Injection neckbreaker. "El Patron" wrenched the arm and locked in the cross armbreaker, but Jay did not give in. He stomped on the body part and got him in an armbar. ADR padded on the offense with a flashy moonsault. Black Machismo had some fire in him, dropping his opponent on a Lethal Combination. He kept on the champ with a double chop, dropkick, and a flying clothesline in a row. A second Lethal Injection - the cutter version - sealed the win.

*Ryback and Jack Swagger had the odds stacked against them in a two-on-three against Antonio Cesaro, Curtis Axel, and Ted DiBiase Jr. Early on, the Big Guy superplexed former partner Axel and DiBiase planted Swagger with a Dream Street. The US champion cleaned Ted's clock on a backpack stunner and dropped him via the Jackhammer. Cesaro stepped in and powerbombed the 291-pound powerhouse. Swagger tagged in after a double team but ultimately lost due to a Michinoku driver and a gutwrench suplex.

*The two-member Shield lost again, having faced Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns of Evolution. Ambrose countered a running Rhodes into a spinning side slam to kickstart his team. Reigns joined the action and snapped Dean's back with a powerbomb lungblower. Rollins turned it around on a running single-leg dropkick and a backbreaker-neckbreaker combo. Roman went a clubberin' on his former teammate and finished it with a Superman punch. The Shield teamed up for a headlock and double stomp. That fueled the Lunatic Fringe, who became bothered by the presence of Cody on the apron and knocked him off. He spun right into a spear from Reigns, which got the 3 count.

*Chris Jericho refused to give words to Bray Wyatt until Smackdown, but he did agree to be the tag partner of the Usos in a 6-man match with the Wyatt Family. It was the typical fare until a Samoan drop and super kick to Rowan won it for the good guys.

*NextGen and Evolution went a second round after Del Rio and Lethal earlier. They paired up with Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, respectively, for a main-event tag match. Orton and Del Rio landed the first finishers - an RKO to Bryan and a German suplex to Lethal. The WWE Undisputed champion rebounded with the turnbuckle flip into a running crooked clothesline. A springboard dropkick and cutter from Lethal while Bryan had Orton at bay secured the W for his team.

The ROH and TNA alumni is riding high right now going into Sunday, while the YES! man got back on the horse after some defeats. Mexico's Greatest Export has been bested twice in one night.
Dynasty: philliesfan136
Thursday, August 21, 2014
10:06 PM - August 21, 2014. Written by bayers3

It looks like it's (finally) time for the sea change in the AL East that people have been predicting for years now. Boston, the reigning champions, don't look like they have the bats to win the division again. The Yankees look terrible, but they are loaded with young talent, and a few teams with promise should take the division this year.


#1 Toronto Blue Jays (92-70) : Fans and experts have been picking the Blue Jays year after year only to see them fail. This could be the year, no really, they look like they have a balanced team and they certainly have the pitching to keep up with Boston's rotation. Marcus Stroman could make 'the leap' and be a Cy Young winner, and having Jordan Zimmerman and Yovani Gallardo backing him up won't hurt. Jose Reyes continues to be one of the best SS in baseball, and Edwin Encarnacion gives them some serious power. The loss of Jose Bautista hurts, but Brett Lawrie is finally realizing his potential. The five deep rotation should keep them in games, and the offense should push them to a division title.

#2 Tampa Bay Rays (88-74) : The Rays aren't a great team, but in their park with their rotation they will continue to be good. They always seem to outperform their talent levels thanks to defense, but it's going to take a lot more to top the division. David Price, Matt Moore, Jeremy Hellickson, and Alex Cobb make up one of the best rotations in baseball, but it's still the third best in the AL East. The core of this team is still very young with Evan Longoria and Wil Myers looking like perennial All-Stars, but can the rest of the cast do enough to get them to October?

#3 Boston Red Sox (81-81) : The Red Sox look more like a small ball team this year and could struggle to score on a regular basis. People said the same thing last year and they lit the league on fire after August, but with so many experienced hitters leaving via free agency and defense-first rookies taking their place it's hard to see them doing that again. The rotation and the bullpen, especially the bullpen, could be the best in baseball. Hitters are going to see a lot of hard throwing pitchers on the mound for Boston which should help them hold on to the title of the best defense in baseball. What Boston lost in power it seems to have made up with speed speed speed. Look for the Red Sox to steal bases whenever a free bag is open and don't be surprised if they lead the majors in SB. If Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr., Blake Swihart, and rookie Rico Berroa don't improve a .500 record is reasonable, but if they take a big step forward the Blue Jays might not be so secure at the top.

#4 Baltimore Orioles (78-84) : The Orioles were basically felled by free agency, losing slugger Chris Davis to Texas and Matt Wieters to Houston, and they are getting left behind in a tough division. Adam Jones and future All-World 3B Manny Machado are still elite players, but the same guys they Orioles were trotting out in 2012 are still filling starting roles and they aren't getting any younger. Nick Markakis, JJ Hardy, Ubaldo Jimenez, Miguel Gonzalez, and Jim Johnson are propping up Jones and Machado... or is it the other way around? Jered Weaver continues to quietly be very good, but he isn't getting any younger either. Baltimore is approaching a serious rebuild or risk falling to the bottom of the AL.

#5 New York Yankees (70-92) : It's hard to believe the Yankees are this bad, with experts picking them to finish 26th in baseball, but unlike the Orioles they may have a brighter future. Like previous years, this team is very old and weighed down by bad contracts. Mark Teixeira and Carlos Beltran are ancient, and Andre Ethier is just kinda playing out his contract. Brett Gardner is still a very good outfielder, but he's getting on in years as well. Luckily for the Yankees they have two future superstars, with one already achieving that status. Masahiro Tanaka is approaching his peak, and a trade with the Cubs last year landed SS Javier Baez. Once the Yankees get out from under their bad contracts they should be heavy hitters in free agency again and build through that draft and around Baez.

Dynasty: bayers3
05:23 PM - August 21, 2014. Written by Roscosuper

In a playoff-like atmosphere, the Islanders came through in the closing moments to defeat the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-1 Wednesday night at Nassau Coliseum. Michael Grabner added any empty-netter before deflecting a point shot for the game-winner with 1:25 remaining to play in regulation.

Dynasty: Roscosuper
11:26 AM - August 21, 2014. Written by glenzariczny
Mariner pitching nets M's win number 50 on the season

Seattle - For the first time in years, the Seattle Mariners reached the 50 win plateau before the all-star break, and kept pace in the division, and wild card races with a 2-1 victory Wednesday night. Felix Hernandez was shaky, but was able to dance his way thru 6.1 innings only giving up one run, the bullpen came on in the 7th and shut down a Twin rally that started with a lead off double, and ended up with the bases loaded before Charlie Furbush got Oswaldo Arcia to fly out to end the threat. Fernando Rodney took care of the rest with his 28th save of the season in the 9th. The Mariners will look for a 3-1 series win tomorrow night when the Twins send Scott Feldman (5-8, 4.34 ERA) to the mound to take on Hisashi Iwakuma (7-6, 3.21 ERA).

Minnesota Twins at Seattle Mariners
Jul 9, 2014123456789RHE
Minnesota (47-44)0100000001100
Seattle (50-41)11000000X270
W: Felix Hernandez (9-7) L: Ricky Nolasco (7-5) S: Fernando Rodney - 28
Minnesota Twins
Santana, SS4010100.254
Dozier, 2B4000010.254
Mauer, 1B3010100.316
Willingham, DH5111021.282
Arcia, RF4010010.248
Kubel, LF3020000.233
Bartlett, PH1000010.346
Fryer, LF0000000.300
Pinto, C4020010.232
Plouffe, 3B3010100.279
Hicks, CF4010010.235
TEAM TOTALS351101371
2B: A. Hicks (11)
HR: J. Willingham (20)
RBI: J. Willingham (58)
HBP: J. Mauer
SAC: B. Dozier
GIDP: T. Plouffe
Seattle Mariners
Jones, CF4000010.225
Chavez, RF4121001.327
Cano, 2B4000000.233
Seager, 3B4000000.250
Hart, 1B4010010.237
Morales, DH2110000.229
Romero, LF3011000.248
Zunino, C3010000.231
Ackley, PR0000000.223
Buck, C0000000.264
Miller, SS3010000.288
2B: C. Hart (17), S. Romero (9)
HR: E. Chavez (3)
RBI: E. Chavez (15), S. Romero (13)
HBP: K. Morales 2
Minnesota Twins
Nolasco (L, 7-5)6.05220212.81
TEAM TOTALS8.0722021
Seattle Mariners
Hernandez (W, 9-7)6.17113312.38
Smith (H, 2)0.10000105.06
Furbush (H, 10)1.11000102.48
Rodney (S, 28)1.02000201.54
TEAM TOTALS9.01011371
Dynasty: glenzariczny
Wednesday, August 20, 2014
09:43 PM - August 20, 2014. Written by bayers3

FORT MYERS, FL - A very different Red Sox team showed up at Spring Training this year. After bashing their way to a third championship, this team looks like a defensive dynamo. Everyone knows about the pitching staff, which should remain excellent, but alot of power left town in favor of flashy defense. There are also alot of youg faces this spring, with a lot of minor league players getting non-roster invites to try and make the majors. Another change for Boston will be more emphasis on platoons, mainly at DH, which will hopefully replace the offensive that left via retirement or free agency.

Can Farrell win a fourth?


Boston Red Sox 16-15 (4th AL East)

Hot Hitters

Chris Owings - 3HR 6RBI .292
Will Middlebrooks - 6HR 10RBI .286

Cold Hitters

Dustin Pedroia - 2HR 17RBI .257
Xander Bogaerts - 5RBI .238
Matt Adams - 3HR 12RBI .221


Koufax is looking like the real deal.

1B Issac Koufax (AAA Pawtucket)
LHP Trey Ball (AAA Pawtucket)
LHP Brett Gilchrist (AA Portland)
CF Pedro Santana (AAA Pawtucket)


Who's On Third? : It took all of five minutes for everyone to see what the plan was going to be in Spring Training. Chris Owings and Garin Cecchini weren't going to accomplish much more in AAA, but finding a place for them would be difficult. Luckily, the departure of Mike Napoli allowed Middlebrooks to move to 1B duty and open up the hot corner. Owings has played well enough at AAA and during the spring to earn a chance at SS with Bogaerts moving over to third, a position Owings cannot play. This leaves Cecchini as the backup 3B, with Bogaerts making a move to SS and Owings backing up Pedroia at 2B. Cecchini was also seen playing a few innings in the outfield, so he may have a shot and becoming a back up LF option as well. Boston will open the season with a Bogaerts-Owings-Pedroia-Middlebrooks infield, an elite defensive look that should help cover up their problems elsewhere.

Outfield Starters : Jackie Bradley Jr. and Mookie Betts have CF and LF locked up, but the surprise comes in RF with Shane Victorino leaving town. Garin Cecchini looked like he might play LF and Betts would move to RF, but Rico Berroa snatched it away from him. Berroa has the speed and instinct to be a gold-glove RF, but his bat could get him sent back down to AAA for another season.

The Closer : After destroying everything from the Rookie to AA leagues Leonys Bravo hit a roadblock after his promotion to AAA. He was stunning for the first few innings, but seemed to run out of gas (and he has alot of it, hitting 100MPH regularly) as games went on. He seemed to be two different pitchers, but John Farrell seems to think he has use for the "good" Bravo as Boston's new closer. Bravo came in with a number of other prospects just looking to make the team, but he made MLB veterans look so bad with his powerful fastball-circle change combo that Farrell had to give him a shot. Rubby De La Rosa did his best to win the job, eventually being tabbed as the set-up man, if Bravo fails De La Rosa will be right there to take over.


Outfield Depth (Again) : The starting outfielders have a total of three years of experience between them, and their backups have zero experience. Rico Berroa might be an incredible defender, but if he hits his way out of a job they will be stuck with Cecchini in the outfield. Nelson Cruz, despite being an outfielder, will be used as a platoon DH against lefty pitching. Nobody expects Bradley Jr. to repeat the incredible numbers he put up in 2015, so this outfield could be the weakest part of the team again. If any of the starters go down with an injury look for Boston to sign a free agent or make a panic call-up from AAA or even AA.

3-5 Starters : After enjoying a 1-2-3 punch at the top of the rotation in 2015, it's going to be rough after Archer and Miller. Workman and Barnes were decent in 2015, but Barnes has been moved to the pen in favor of lefty Henry Owens, and Anthony Ranaudo moves from the pen to the rotation. The bullpen is deep but inexperienced, so there really isn't anyone who would be much better than Ranaudo. Braden Shipley is still in the majors, and if he pitches well he could be an option along with Henry Owens. Once the service-date deadline passes we will see who Boston calls up.

Experience Drain : Mike Napoli, Shane Victorino, Clay Buchholz, and David Ortiz are all gone and being replaced by rookies or guys with only a few years of experience. The experiment with Middlebrooks at first might be a disaster, the Adams-Cruz DH platoon probably can't replace Napoli, all of the rookies are bound to struggle. This team isn't really built to win a World Series, but whether they are a .500 team or a Bottom 10 team is unknown.


Boston Red Sox Depth Chart - 2016
  • Catcher
  • B. Swihart
  • C. Ruiz
  • First Base
  • W. Middlebrooks
  • M. Adams
  • Second Base
  • D. Pedroia
  • J. Schoop
  • Third Base
  • X. Bogaerts
  • G. Cecchini
  • Shortstop
  • C. Owings
  • J. Schoop
  • Left Field
  • M. Betts
  • G. Cecchini
  • N. Cruz
  • Center Field
  • J. Bradley Jr.
  • R. Berroa
  • Right Field
  • R. Berroa
  • M. Betts
  • Starting Pitcher
  • C. Archer
  • S. Miller
  • H. Owens
  • B. Workman
  • A. Ranaudo
  • Relief Pitcher
  • B. Davis
  • M. Barnes
  • B. Shipley
  • D. Britton
  • Closer
  • L. Bravo
  • R. De La Rosa
  • Designated Hitter
  • M. Adams
  • N. Cruz
Dynasty: bayers3
07:45 PM - August 20, 2014. Written by philliesfan136

The final proving ground has come for RAW's top superstars before Bash at the Beach, our next PPV. Will it be Cody Rhodes or Roman Reigns, Triple H's new Evolution recruits? Maybe Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose, who are focused on vengeance but might not be able to resist the allure of a championship title match? Or will the COO go back to ole' reliable Randy Orton, who dropped the belt at Wrestlemania? Intercontinental champ Alberto Del Rio or Bryan's allies - Jay Lethal, Dolph Ziggler, and Austin Aries - also figure to have a shot.

*The Miz opened the show, raving about his worldwide travels and how many autographs from the variety fans he's had to sign lately. No WWE talent has the international appeal and popularity as he does, and he has taken the European championship to new heights. "The Bad Guy" Razor Ramon made a special appearance, throwing a toothpick into his face. The Hollywood "star" has no real machismo, said Razor. Miz took offense to that and the brawl was on. A sleeper suplex and Skull Crushing Finale were enough to put away the 4x Intercontinental champion.

*Chris Benoit and Prince Devitt have both been compared to Dynamite Kid, British legend and tag partner of the British Bulldog. Tonight, Devitt outlasted Dynamite's own diving headbutt and a powerbomb from Benoit, landing a Bloody Sunday DDT to retain his NWA Heavyweight title.

*Alberto Del Rio had Austin Aries on the rails with a shoulderbreaker, gutbuster, and German suplex. A-Double escaped the cross armbreaker and transitioned into a brainbuster. A hurricanrana pin gained him some ground in the WWE title hunt, although the Intercontinental gold was not on the line.

*Roman Reigns improved his stock with Evolution by pinning Jay Lethal. Lethal had a good roll going with rolling fisherman suplexes and a Lethal Injection. He fell into the power game of Evolution's muscle - spinebuster, spear, side slam, and Superman punch.

*Evolution's blue-chipper Cody Rhodes took down Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins in a triple-threat that will probably have big implications on the WWE title scene. Dolph tried to win it early with a sleeper on Rollins but ended up on the wrong side of a double enziguri. Rollins bounced off the ropes into a springboard clothesline to Rhodes. Cody and Ziggler completed a Silver Spoon DDT and a codebreaker back-to-back to the former United States champion. The Showoff nearly had it via a Zig Zag to the Dashing One. The match concluded when Rollins was thrown out of the reach of Rhodes as he connected on a Cross Rhodes to Ziggler for the three count.

*Daniel Bryan lost to Seth Rollins last week and was matched up with Dean Ambrose this week. I'm sensing this is a devious plot on HHH's part to have the Shield wear down Bryan before his title match this Sunday. That helps him two-fold as the two have been temporarily distracted from Evolution. Ambrose, usually disobedient, seemed to be okay with that for now.

Bryan went right to the Bryan kicks and a roaring elbow before a running knee and YES! Lock. Dean was able to kick out after all of that and locked in a cloverleaf and fujiwara armbar. He gained the momentum to deliver a Dirty Deeds but Bryan wasn't done. He picked the champion up for a hook-n-ladder and a powerbomb. DBry started to bring it back with a triple back suplex but eventually lost to a surprise roll-up.
Ambrose, Reigns, Rhodes, and Aries have all had varying degrees of success in the past few weeks since a #1 contender has needed to be named. We can only wonder until Sunday who made the biggest impression.
Dynasty: philliesfan136
Tuesday, August 19, 2014
01:34 AM - August 19, 2014. Written by glenzariczny
M's combine for four hit shutout to even series

Seattle - The Mariners pitching dominated the Twins on Tuesday night giving up just four hits en route to a 1-0 shutout victory. James Paxton went six scoreless before giving way to his pen, which was a make shift effort after last night's game. With Danny Farquhar coming on in this one to get the save in lieu of an exhausted Fernando Rodney. Robinson Cano gave Seattle all the offense they needed with an RBI single after an Endy Chavez double kicked off the 6th inning. The Mariners will now look for win number 50 tomorrow in a battle of pitching aces, it will be Ricky Nolasco (7-4, 2.80 ERA) taking on Felix Hernandez (8-7, 2.43 ERA).

Minnesota Twins at Seattle Mariners
Jul 8, 2014123456789RHE
Minnesota (47-43)000000000041
Seattle (49-41)000001000180
W: James Paxton (6-3) L: Mike Pelfrey (6-9) S: Danny Farquhar - 2
Minnesota Twins
Santana, SS4000010.254
Bartlett, DH4000000.360
Mauer, 1B3000100.316
Willingham, RF3000100.283
Arcia, RF3010100.248
Hicks, PR0000000.235
Kubel, CF4000020.228
Plouffe, 3B3020000.279
Suzuki, C2000100.288
Dozier, 2B3010000.257
2B: O. Arcia (10), T. Plouffe (22)
GIDP: K. Suzuki
CS: J. Mauer (1)
E: M. Guerrier (1)
Seattle Mariners
Jones, CF4010000.230
Chavez, RF4110000.320
Cano, 2B3011100.235
Seager, 3B4000010.253
Hart, 1B4020000.237
Morales, DH3010110.222
Ackley, LF4000000.223
Zunino, C2010100.230
Bloomquist, SS2010000.218
2B: C. Hart (16), J. Jones (7), E. Chavez (12), W. Bloomquist (4)
RBI: R. Cano (51)
SAC: W. Bloomquist
CS: C. Hart (3)
Minnesota Twins
Pelfrey (L, 6-9)6.05112204.28
TEAM TOTALS8.0811320
WP: M. Pelfrey 2 (2)
Seattle Mariners
Paxton (W, 6-3)6.02004202.99
Luetge (H, 4)2.01000001.71
Furbush (H, 9)0.10000002.56
Farquhar (S, 2)0.21000104.04
TEAM TOTALS9.0400430
Dynasty: glenzariczny
Monday, August 18, 2014
10:16 PM - August 18, 2014. Written by ZO
Transfer IN
Pos Age Name Rating Fee Team
CB 24 Nikalas Sule 80 Free
Wigan Athletic
RM 23 Andraes Baumann 73 $5.2M Stuttgart
ST 23 Philipp Strifler 74 $3.2M *
*Player added to trade - leo Itaperuna (74)
Transfer OUT
Pos Age Name Rating Fee Team
ST 31 Alan 75 $3.9M Sassuolo
RM 31 Lars Stindl
77 $5.5M KAA Gent
CM 30 Edgar Prib
75 $2.6M Bor. M'Gladbach

We ended up getting Sue for free on an expiring contract. How Wigan let him go is beyond me. Maybe they couldn't, or didn't want to pay his salary any longer. We also gave up quite a lot to land the young and fast rising star Strifler. Unfortunately for us, he would get injured in March and miss the rest of the season. Questions are being asked about his acquisition now.

Alan was an easy sell. He was declining in performance and was becoming a common name on the injured list. Stindl was not someone I wanted to see go, but he forced me into a transfer. He was causing too much of a ruckus in the locker room and the board stepped as well.

All in all, ended up making $3M profit in the month. Used that money to buy a second youth scout. Who ended up finding us a gem of a LW. We've yet to sign him as hes still only 15. But is projected to be a super star some day. Our staff is saying he will probably have a potential of 85-96. His speed and ball control are already off the charts.

We also signed a few others, but we are not sure how they will develop or turn out just yet. Some will be signed and go out on loan this upcoming year.
Dynasty: ZO
05:01 PM - August 18, 2014. Written by Roscosuper

The Islanders continue to struggle as a 2-0 first period lead turned into the worst defeat of the season, losing to the Washington Capitals 8-3 Sunday afternoon at Verizon Center.

Dynasty: Roscosuper
01:12 AM - August 18, 2014. Written by glenzariczny
Mariners implode in extras, fall 6-3

Seattle - The Mariners thought they found new life. After a Kendrys Morales double, Endy Chavez was able to come around to score on a wild pitch after pinch running for Kendrys, that tied the game and seemed to give the M's new life, but the Twins were able to do what no one else in baseball has this year, and that is do major damage to Fernando Rodney. The Twins were able to score three runs off of him in the 10th, and then get and easy 1-2-3 bottom half to secure the victory. The Mariners will now need to regroup and get back at it tomorrow as they will face Mike Pelfrey (6-8, 4.43 ERA), while countering with James Paxton (5-3, 3.21 ERA).

Minnesota Twins at Seattle Mariners
Jul 7, 2014123456789ExtrasRHE
Minnesota (47-42)00011001036111
Seattle (48-41)1000001100390
W: Fernando Rodney (1-2) L: Scott Diamond (4-7)
Minnesota Twins
Santana, SS5020000.259
Dozier, 2B4221001.257
Mauer, 1B3000110.319
Bartlett, PR0000000.429
Colabello, 1B0100100.239
Willingham, DH3121200.285
Arcia, RF5000010.247
Kubel, LF5013030.232
Pinto, C5010010.227
Plouffe, 3B4121021.275
Hicks, CF4110000.235
TEAM TOTALS386116482
2B: J. Kubel (15)
HR: B. Dozier (8), T. Plouffe (12)
RBI: B. Dozier (32), J. Willingham (57), J. Kubel 3 (42), T. Plouffe (38)
SAC: B. Dozier
GIDP: A. Hicks
SB: A. Hicks (5)
CS: A. Hicks (4)
E: O. Arcia (2)
Seattle Mariners
Jones, CF5130000.230
Romero, RF5000010.247
Cano, 2B4011000.235
Seager, 3B5000000.256
Morales, DH4010000.218
Chavez, PR0100000.323
Hart, 1B4020000.233
Zunino, C4000000.228
Miller, SS3111111.288
Ackley, LF4010020.227
2B: D. Ackley (9), K. Morales (5)
HR: B. Miller (9)
RBI: B. Miller (41), R. Cano (50)
SF: R. Cano
Minnesota Twins
Fien (BS, 5)1.01110002.38
Diamond (W, 4-7)2.00000104.72
TEAM TOTALS10.0933141
WP: C. Fien (1)
Seattle Mariners
Rodney (L, 1-2)0.22332001.59
TEAM TOTALS10.01166481
Dynasty: glenzariczny
Sunday, August 17, 2014
10:36 PM - August 17, 2014. Written by glenzariczny
American League Standings - Updated: Jul 6, 2014
Tampa Bay Rays5239-415384
Toronto Blue Jays51390.5421369
New York Yankees44446.5378363
Boston Red Sox44446.5361403
Baltimore Orioles41479.5372379
Detroit Tigers4939-396331
Minnesota Twins46423.0357344
Cleveland Indians395010.5363412
Kansas City Royals375112.0334408
Chicago White Sox335717.0325421
Los Angeles Angels5038-407364
Oakland Athletics49391.0401335
Seattle Mariners48402.0324293
Texas Rangers41479.0336371
Houston Astros385213.0364441
Toronto Blue Jays5139-421369
Oakland Athletics4939-401335
Seattle Mariners48401.0324293
Minnesota Twins46423.0357344
New York Yankees44445.0378363
Boston Red Sox44445.0361403
Baltimore Orioles41478.0372379
Texas Rangers41478.0336371
Cleveland Indians395010.5363412
Houston Astros385212.0364441
Kansas City Royals375112.0334408
Chicago White Sox335717.0325421

National League Standings - Updated: Jul 6, 2014
New York Mets4939-355334
Washington Nationals47412.0400327
Atlanta Braves45434.0353329
Philadelphia Philles40489.0313354
Miami Marlins345515.5335415
St. Louis Cardinals5040-382348
Milwaukee Brewers47422.5382372
Cincinnati Reds42467.0325380
Pittsburgh Pirates42467.0316354
Chicago Cubs40489.0336355
Los Angeles Dodgers5437-362345
Arizona Diamondbacks51392.5390312
San Diego Padres45437.5379333
San Francisco Giants45448.0338328
Colorado Rockies385215.5373389
Arizona Diamondbacks5139-390312
Washington Nationals4741-400327
Milwaukee Brewers47420.5382372
Atlanta Braves45432.0353329
San Diego Padres45432.0379333
San Francisco Giants45442.5338328
Cincinnati Reds42465.0325380
Pittsburgh Pirates42465.0316354
Chicago Cubs40487.0336355
Philadelphia Phillies40487.0313354
Colorado Rockies385210.0373389
Miami Marlins345513.5335415

AL Leaders - Hitting - Updated: Jul 6, 2014
Batting AverageAVGHitsHITS
1. Prince Fielder (TEX).3291. Prince Fielder (TEX)108
2. Victor Martinez (DET).3242. Victor Martinez (DET)104
3. Joe Mauer (MIN).3223. Eric Hosmer (KC)104
4. Albert Pujols (LAA).3134. Billy Butler (KC)101
5. Josh Hamilton (LAA).3115. Mark Teixeira (NYY)101
Home RunsHRRuns Batted InRBI
1. David Ortiz (BOS)251. Prince Fielder (TEX)68
2. Edwin Encarnacion (TOR)222. David Ortiz (BOS)68
3. Nelson Cruz (BAL)213. Josh Donaldson (OAK)64
4. Robinson Cano (SEA)214. Edwin Encarnacion (TOR)62
5. Mark Teixeira (NYY)215. Mark Teixeira (NYY)61
RunsRStolen BasesSB
1. Mark Teixeira (NYY)591. Michael Bourn (CLE)29
2. Josh Donaldson (OAK)572. Desmond Jennings (TB)23
3. Dustin Pedroia (BOS)563. Jose Altuve (HOU)21
4. Edwin Encarnacion (TOR)564. Jose Reyes (TOR)21
5. Desmond Jennings (TB)535. Coco Crisp (OAK)18
Slugging PercentageSLGOn Base plus SluggingOPS
1. Josh Hamilton (LAA).5801. Prince Fielder (TEX).968
2. Prince Fielder (TEX).5762. Josh Hamilton (LAA).962
3. Carlos Beltran (NYY).5553. Carlos Beltran (NYY).926
4. Nelson Cruz (BAL).5334. Adam Lind (TOR).912
5. Adam Lind (TOR).5335. Edwin Encarnacion (TOR).889

AL Leaders - Pitching - Updated: Jul 6, 2014
WinsWEarned Run AverageERA
1. Mark Buehrle (TOR)101. Cole Hamels (LAA)2.18
2. Dan Straily (OAK)102. Felix Hernandez (SEA)2.43
3. Matt Moore (TB)93. Drew Smyly (DET)2.76
4. Justin Verlander (DET)94. James Shields (KC)2.77
5. Dan Straily (OAK)95. Ricky Nolasco (MIN)2.80
StrikeoutsKWalks + Hits per innings pitchedWHIP
1. Yu Darvish (TEX)1401. Felix Hernandez (SEA)0.82
2. Steve Johnson (BAL)1242. Cole Hamels (LAA)1.07
3. Felix Hernandez (SEA)1183. James Shields (KC)1.08
4. Justin Verlander (DET)1174. Brandon Morrow (TOR)1.13
5. Max Scherzer (DET)1165. Jered Weaver (LAA)1.13
Complete GamesCGShutoutsSO
1. James Shields (KC)51. Brett Oberholtzer (HOU)5
2. Brett Oberholtzer (HOU)52. Felix Hernandez (SEA)3
3. Hiroki Kuroda (NYY)43. Cole Hamels (LAA)3
4. Jake Peavy (BOS)44. James Shields (KC)2
5. Miguel Gonzalez (BAL)35. Corey Kluber (CLE)2
Innings PitchedIPSavesSV
1. James Shields (KC)126.21. Grant Balfour (TB)33
2. Felix Hernandez (SEA)126.02. Ernesto Frieri (LAA)28
3. Cole Hamels (LAA)123.23. Fernando Rodney (SEA)27
4. Max Scherzer (DET)122.14. Jim Johnson (OAK)25
5. Ricky Nolasco (MIN)122.05. Neftali Feliz (TEX)23

NL Leaders - Hitting - Updated: Jul 6, 2014
Batting AverageAVGHitsHITS
1. Pablo Sandoval (SF).3331. Pablo Sandoval (SF)106
2. Jason Heyward (ATL).3222. Jean Segura (MIL)105
3. David Wright (NYM).3193. Paul Goldschmidt (ARI)101
4. Andre Ethier (ATL).3064. Adrian Gonzalez (LAD)98
5. Michael Cuddyer (COL).3045. Andre Ethier (LAD)97
Home RunsHRRuns Batted InRBI
1. Jay Bruce (CIN)211. Chase Headley (SD)59
2. Paul Goldschmidt (ARI)202. Paul Goldschmidt (ARI)58
3. Troy Tulowitzki (COL)193. Troy Tulowitzki (COL)55
4. Michael Cuddyer (COL)194. Carlos Gonzalez (COL)53
5. Giancarlo Stanton (MIA)195. Jay Bruce (CIN)53
RunsRStolen BasesSB
1. Andre Ethier (ATL)581. Ben Revere (PHI)27
2. Joey Votto (CIN)572. Jean Segura (MIL)25
3. Paul Goldschmidt (ARI)573. Billy Hamilton (CIN)21
4. Michael Cuddyer (COL)534. Cameron Maybin (SD)20
5. Jayson Werth (WAS)525. Emilio Bonafacio (CHC)20
Slugging PercentageSLGOn Base plus SluggingOPS
1. Michael Cuddyer (COL).5651. Paul Goldschmidt (ARI).956
2. Jason Heyward (ATL).5562. Jason Heyward (ATL).938
3. Carlos Gomez (MIL).5513. Michael Cuddyer (COL).937
4. Paul Goldschmidt (ARI).5504. Pablo Sandoval (SF).923
5. Andre Ethier (ATL).5465. Andre Ethier (ATL).919

MLB League Leaders - Updated: Jul 6, 2014
WinsWEarned Run AverageERA
1. Cliff Lee (PHI)111. Cliff Lee (PHI)1.83
2. Ervin Santana (LAD)102. Stephen Strasburg (WAS)1.96
3. Julio Teheran (ATL)103. Gio Gonzalez (WAS)2.12
4. Stephen Strasburg (WAS)104. Zack Wheeler (NYM)2.12
5. Jon Niese (NYM)95. Daniel Hudson (ARI)2.20
StrikeoutsKWalks + Hits per innings pitchedWHIP
1. Jordan Zimmerman (WAS)1321. Cliff Lee (PHI)0.85
2. Jose Fernandez (MIA)1282. Stephen Strasburg (WAS)0.93
3. Stephen Strasburg (WAS)1253. Jordan Zimmerman (WAS)1.00
4. Clayton Kershaw (LAD)1134. Jake Arrieta (CHC)1.01
5. Cliff Lee (PHI)1095. Dan Haren (LAD)1.03
Complete GamesCGShutoutsSO
1. Jordan Zimmerman (WAS)51. Jake Arrieta (CHC)3
2. Hyun-Jin Ryu (LAD)42. Jhoulys Chacin (COL)3
3. Julio Teheran (ATL)43. Hyun-Jin Ryu (LAD)3
4. Gio Gonzalez (WAS)44. Stephen Strasburg (WAS)3
5. Cliff Lee (PHI)35. Henderson Alvarez (MIA)2
Innings PitchedIPSavesSV
1. Jordan Zimmerman (WAS)131.01. Bobby Parnell (NYM)29
2. Cliff Lee (PHI)127.22. Kenley Jansen (LAD)28
3. Clayton Kershaw (LAD)125.23. Craig Kimbrel (ATL)27
4. Andrew Cashner (SD)125.24. Huston Street (SD)27
5. Dan Haren (LAD)123.25. Trevor Rosenthal (STL)26
Dynasty: glenzariczny
06:22 PM - August 17, 2014. Written by glenzariczny
Cano powers Mariners to avoid sweep

Chicago - Robinson Cano had two home runs, including the go-ahead shot in the 10th. as the Mariners were able to avoid a sweep at the hands of the White Sox with a 5-4 victory. The damage came late for Seattle who looked to be headed to the broom closet until the ninth when the Sox completely unraveled. An error followed by two walks, the second one with the bases loaded allowed the Mariners to tie it up late, then after getting out of the bottom half, Cano delivered the solo shot leading off the extra frames that proved to be the difference. The recent hot streak by Cano has seen him soar to 3rd in the American League in home runs, and has seen his average jump almost 50 points. The Mariners return home for their last homestand before the break tomorrow. It will be Kevin Correia (6-6, 3.12 ERA) taking the mound for the Twins to face Taijuan Walker (7-7, 3.58 ERA).

Seattle Mariners at Chicago White Sox
Jul 6, 2014123456789ExtrasRHE
Seattle (48-40)0210000011582
Chicago (33-57)0220000000472
W: Danny Farquhar (5-3) L: S: Fernando Rodney - 27
Seattle Mariners
Jones, CF4011110.220
Ackley, LF5000010.227
Cano, 2B5232002.234
Seager, 3B5010010.260
Buck, DH4100120.264
Morales, 1B4010010.216
Hart, PR-1B1100010.229
Chavez, RF4122011.323
Zunino, C4000000.232
Miller, SS3000130.287
TEAM TOTALS395853113
HR: R. Cano 2 (21), E. Chavez (2)
RBI: R. Cano 2 (49), J. Jones (10), E. Chavez 2 (14)
GIDP: D. Ackley
E: K. Seager (10)
Chicago White Sox
Eaton, CF4110110.237
Ramirez, SS5120010.268
Konerko, 1B5000020.266
Abreu, DH5000030.156
Garcia, RF4112110.232
Gillaspie, 3B5000030.246
Viciedo, LF3112021.290
Keppinger, PH-LF1000000.234
Beckham, 2B3010110.213
Garcia, PH-2B0000000.261
Flowers, C4010020.196
TEAM TOTALS394743161
2B: A. Garcia (14), G. Beckham (7)
HR: D. Viciedo (13)
RBI: A. Garcia 2 (27), D. Viciedo 2 (29)
E: D. Axelrod (1), A. Ramirez (8)
Seattle Mariners
Farquhar (W, 5-3)1.00001204.11
Rodney (S, 27)1.01001200.81
TEAM TOTALS10.07433161
Chicago White Sox
Downs (H, 4)1.01000104.99
Veal (H, 6)1.00000103.06
Belisario (H, 10)1.00000002.90
Lindstrom (BS, 3)0.21102102.29
Guerra (L, 1-2)1.11110119.41
TEAM TOTALS10.08543113
Dynasty: glenzariczny
05:06 PM - August 17, 2014. Written by Roscosuper

The Islanders continued their road trip on the wrong note in the music city, losing in regulation to the Nashville Predators 3-2 Saturday night at Bridgestone Arena.

Dynasty: Roscosuper
03:39 PM - August 17, 2014. Written by glenzariczny
Chicago bats smash M's for 2nd straight game

Chicago - Who would have known that the team with the worst record in the league would be the Mariners kryptonite. After a nine game winning streak the Mariners pitching got drubbed by the White Sox as they dropped another one on the south side 9-4. Paul Konerko had two home runs to add to his tally from last night as he has destroyed Seattle in this series. The Mariners two best pitchers couldn't get the job done, and the bats have gone somewhat cold. Seattle needs to regroup in a hurry to avoid the sweep tomorrow as Chris Young (6-6, 3.41 ERA) will go to the mound to take on Dylan Axelrod (4-1, 3.76 ERA).

Seattle Mariners at Chicago White Sox
Jul 5, 2014123456789RHE
Seattle (47-40)000000040481
Chicago (33-56)00102330X9121
W: Felipe Paulino (3-13) L: Hisashi Iwakuma (7-6)
Seattle Mariners
Chavez, RF4000000.316
Ackley, LF4000000.231
Cano, 2B4121010.229
Seager, 3B4113001.261
Morales, DH3000100.214
Hart, 1B4000000.230
Buck, C4010010.276
Jones, CF4130000.219
Miller, SS4110010.290
2B: R. Cano (10)
HR: K. Seager (16)
RBI: K. Seager 2 (39), R. Cano (47)
GIDP: C. Hart
SB: J. Jones (6)
E: R. Cano (3)
Chicago White Sox
Eaton, CF4111000.237
Ramirez, SS4110000.266
Konerko, 1B4224022.270
Dunn. DH3120100.219
Garcia, RF4110010.232
Gillaspie, 3B4000030.250
Viciedo, LF4221011.289
Beckham, 2B4123000.212
Flowers, C4010000.195
TEAM TOTALS359129173
2B: T. Flowers (7), G. Beckham (6)
HR: P. Konerko 2 (16), D. Viciedo (12)
RBI: A. Eaton (40), P. Konerko 4 (43), D. Viciedo (27), G. Beckham 3 (20)
SF: A. Eaton
GIDP: A. Garcia
SB: A. Garcia (1)
E: C. Gillaspie (1)
Seattle Mariners
Iwakuma (L, 7-6)5.07440423.21
TEAM TOTALS8.01299172
Chicago White Sox
Paulino (W, 3-13)8.07441215.23
TEAM TOTALS9.0844131
Dynasty: glenzariczny
01:40 PM - August 17, 2014. Written by glenzariczny
Eaton slam ends streak at nine

Chicago - Adam Eaton clubbed a 8th inning grand slam, and a Mariner rally in the 9th fell short as the M's lost their first game in their last 10, falling to the White Sox 6-4. Eaton's slam broke open a pitchers duel that had the game deadlocked at 1-1 throughout, but the Mariner bullpen couldn't hold it down as Farquhar was shaky in the 9th. allowing a run and leaving the bases loaded before Charlie Furbush came in and gave up the Salami. The two teams are back at it tomorrow with the Mariners looking to get back to their recent winning ways by sending Hisashi Iwakuma (7-5, 3.03 ERA) to the mound to face the struggling Felipe Paulino (2-13, 5.30 ERA).

Seattle Mariners at Chicago White Sox
Jul 4, 2014123456789RHE
Seattle (47-39)0001000034110
Chicago (32-56)10000005X6131
W: Donnie Veal (3-3) L: Danny Farquhar (4-3) S: Matt Lindstrom - 19
Seattle Mariners
Chavez, CF5022000.329
Ackley, LF5020000.234
Cano, 2B4000000.225
Hart, 1B4111011.233
Morales, DH4000010.223
Seager, 3B4121001.260
Buck, C4100010.277
Miller, SS4000020.290
Romero, RF4140000.255
TEAM TOTALS384114052
2B: K. Seager (11), E. Chavez (11), S. Romero (8)
HR: K. Seager (15), C. Hart (14)
RBI: K. Seager (36), C. Hart (37), E. Chavez 2 (12)
GIDP: C. Hart
Chicago White Sox
Eaton, CF5124001.236
Ramirez, SS5020000.266
Konerko, 1B4111111.266
Abreu, DH4000030.169
Garcia, RF4110000.231
Gillaspie, 3B4131010.253
Viciedo, LF4020020.285
Beckham, 2B4120010.206
Flowers, C4100020.194
TEAM TOTALS386136192
2B: A. Eaton (18), A. Garcia (13), C. Gillaspie (13), D. Viciedo (7), G. Beckham (5)
HR: A. Eaton (8), P. Konerko (14)
RBI: A. Eaton 4 (39), C. Gillaspie (34), P. Konerko (39)
SB: A. Eaton (6)
CS: A. Ramirez (4)
E: A. Ramirez (7)
Seattle Mariners
Farquhar (L, 4-3)0.13440104.23
TEAM TOTALS8.01366191
WP: F. Hernandez (3)
Chicago White Sox
Veal (W, 3-3)1.22320313.12
Lindstrom (S, 19)0.11000002.36
TEAM TOTALS9.01143052
Dynasty: glenzariczny