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Thursday, August 20, 2015
02:51 PM - August 20, 2015. Written by Son of Sam99
Detroit Red Wings Depth Chart - 2013-14
LWH ZetterbergJ. AbdelkaterT. TatarD. Cleary
CP. DatsyukD. HelmD. LegwandS. Weiss
RWJ. FranzenT. BertuzziD. AlfredssonT. Jurco
D #1N. KronwallB. SmithJ. Ericsson
D #2K. QuinceyJ. KindlD. DeKeyser
GJ. HowardJ. Gustofsson
Dynasty: Son of Sam99
02:50 PM - August 20, 2015. Written by Son of Sam99

Entry: October 3rd, 2013

Finally we were able to offload Alffredsson. The LA Kings sent us their first round pick in the upcoming draft. There was criticism in the media about giving up a “solid veteran” for just one draft pick and I wish we had pushed for more. For all we know though it could turn into Ekblad.
With the hole in the lineup it looks like Babcock will move Zetterberg to center and Legwand to RW as he’s a liability in the faceoff dot anyway.
Now that that goal has been knocked out I felt like the roster is where it should be. I wish we could have gotten to this point before the first game but nonetheless we’re ready for the coming 81 games.
I also met with Mike Illich two days ago. He made it clear in not so many words that the results of this team would fall on my head and that he expected the team to win 42 games and make a run into the second round of the playoffs. I’m 100% confidant that the current roster can accomplish this.
The more and more though I look at whom we have, I see this team as a year away from challenging for the cup. I expect Nyquist, Tatar, Jurco, Pulkkinen, Sheahan, and Mrazek to make big strides in their game throughout this season. If all those guys can step up and our veterans can be healthy I expect a serious cup run next season.
Dynasty: Son of Sam99
02:48 PM - August 20, 2015. Written by Son of Sam99
Detroit Red Wings 2013-14 Schedule
Oct 2vs Buffalo Sabres
Oct 4at Carolina Hurricanes
Oct 5at Boston Bruins
Oct 9vs Phoenix Coyoties
Oct 12vs Philadelphia Flyers
Oct 14at Boston Bruins
Oct 15vs Columbus Blue Jackets
Oct 17at Colorado Avalanche
Oct 19at Phoenix Coyotes
Oct 21vs San Jose Sharks
Oct 23vs Ottawa Senators
Oct 26vs New York Rangers
Oct 30at Vancuover Canucks
Nov 1at Calgary Flames
Nov 2at Edmonton Oilers
Nov 4at Winnipeg Jets
Nov 7vs Dallas Stars
Nov 9vs Tampa Bay Lightning
Nov 12vs Winnipeg Jets
Nov 15vs Washington Capitals
Nov 16at New York Islanders
Nov 19vs Nashville Predators
Nov 21vs Carolina Hurricanes
Nov 23at Ottawa Senators
Nov 24at Buffalo Sabres
Nov 27vs Boston Bruins
Nov 29at New York Islanders
Dec 1at Ottawa Senators
Dec 4vs Philadelphia Flyers
Dec 6at New Jersey Devils
Dec 7vs Florida Panthers
Dec 10at Florida Panthers
Dec 12at Tampa Bay Lightning
Dec 14vs Pittsburgh Penguins
Dec 15vs Tampa Bay Lightning
Dec 17vs Anaheim Ducks
Dec 19vs Calgary Flames
Dec 21at Toronto Maple Leafs
Dec 23vs New York Islanders
Dec 28at Florida Panthers
Dec 30at Nashville Predators
Jan 1vs Toronto Maple Leafs
Jan 4at Dallas Stars
Jan 9at San Jose Sharks
Jan 11at LA Kings
Jan 12at Anaheim Ducks
Jan 16at New York Rangers
Jan 18vs LA Kings
Jan 20vs St. Louis Blues
Jan 22vs Chicago Blackhawks
Jan 24vs Montreal Canadiens
Jan 26vs Florida Panthers
Jan 28at Philadelphia Flyers
Jan 31vs Washington Capitals
Feb 2vs Washington Capitals
Feb 3vs Vancuover Canucks
Feb 6at Florida Panthers
Feb 8at Tampa Bay Lightning
Feb 26at Montreal Canadiens
Feb 27at Ottawa Senators
Mar 4at New Jersey Devils
Mar 6vs Colorado Avalanche
Mar 7vs New Jersey Devils
Mar 9at New York Rangers
Mar 11at Columbus Blue Jackets
Mar 14vs Edmonton Oilers
Mar 16at Chicago Blackhawks
Mar 18vs Toronto Maple Leafs
Mar 20vs Pittsburgh Penguins
Mar 22at Minnesota Wild
Mar 23vs Minnesota Wild
Mar 24at Columbus Blue Jackets
Mar 27vs Minnesota Wild
Mar 29at Toronto Maple Leafs
Mar 30vs Tampa Bay Lightning
Apr 2vs Boston Bruins
Apr 4vs Buffalo Sabres
Apr 5at Montreal Canadiens
Apr 8at Buffalo Sabres
Apr 9at Pittsburgh Penguins
Apr 11vs Carolina Hurricanes
Apr 13at St. Louis Blues
Dynasty: Son of Sam99
Tuesday, August 18, 2015
03:51 PM - August 18, 2015. Written by Son of Sam99

Roster Notes

P. Datsyuk- Playmaker & scorer, 35 years old, $7.175MM, 4 years left on deal. The magic man is the centerpiece of the franchise and should be one of the top 3 goal scorers. When healthy you can rely on him for about a point per game but he’s struggled to play even 50 games a season recently. He’ll have a roster spot as long as he wants one though.

D. Helm- Two way forward, 27 years old, $4.275MM, 2 years left on contract. A reliable center that will pester his check into making mistakes and turnovers but will never net more than 15 goals a season at best. Probably has reached his ceiling & $4+MM may be expensive for what he provides

D. Legwand- Two way forward, 33 years old, $1.975 MM, UFA at end of season. Another defensive center though Legwand is a bargain at under $2MM. Not a scorer and a liability at the faceoff dot, look to play on the wing.

S. Weiss- Playmaker, 31 years old, $4.66MM, 5 years left on contract. A solid skater and good penalty killer who will provide needed depth. Expensive for what he provides and CANNOT be paying him $4.66MM when he’s 35 years old. Look to renegotiate or trade

Left Wingers
H. Zetterberg- Playmaker, 33 years old, $5.8MM, 4 years left on contract. Hampered by injuries recently, we’ll need 75 games out of him for this to be a special season. Still has some gas in the tank and we can expected to retire as team captain like Lidstrom & Yzerman before.

J. Abdelkader- Power forward, 27 years old, $1.665 MM, 3 years left on contract. listed as power forward but with a lot of speed. Works the corners to win the puck and can snipe at times as well. At 27 he should be around for a long time.

D. Cleary- Two way forward, 35 years old, $.55MM, UFA at end of season. A solid depth winger who is most proficient in the defensive end. Cant beat his price tag, will have to reevaluate if he should be pursued at end of season.

D. Miller- Two way forward, 30 years old, $.925MM, 3 years left on contract. He’s purely a depth winger that will start the season in the AHL or remain a healthy scratch. A solid option if injuries necessitate he get ice time.

G. Nyquist- Playmaker, 24 years old, $.84MM, 2 years left on deal. Future superstar… Only 24 years old and ready to play entire NHL season. Still some room to learn & grow his game but we can expect him to score 30+ for the next several seasons. He’s going to get paid after the 2015 season.

Right Wingers
J. Franzen- two way forward, 34 years old, $3.74MM, 4 years left on contract. Mule. Top notch defensive forward and fore checker who can win the front of the net in the offensive zone. A bargain for what he provides on and off the ice. Not totally convinced he’ll play out the remainder of his contract.

D. Alfredsson- Playmaker, 41 years old, $3.5MM, UFA at end of season. Will surly retire at end of season, slow, injury liability, doesn’t provide offense, LOOK TO OFFLOAD.

T. Bertuzzi- Power forward, 39 years old, $1.98MM, UFA at end of season. Likely to retire at end of season but we need his depth & the grit he can provide in the meantime.

T. Tatar- Two way forward, 23 years old, $1.615MM, RFA at end of season. Could be a future superstar. Still needs to learn the defensive side of his game but seems to have a high ceiling. Will look to sign long term deal in offseason.

M. Samuelsson- depth.

J. Kindl- two way defensemen, 27 years old, $2.245MM, 4 years left on contract.
J. Ericsson- defensive defensemen, 30 years old, $4.03MM, 7 years left on contract.
D. DeKeyser- offensive defensemen, 24 years old, $.815MM, RFA at end of season.
N. Kronwall- two way defensemen, 33 years old, $4.515MM, 6 years left on contract.
K. Quincey- two way defenseman, 28 years old, $3.575MM, UFA at end of season.
B. Smith- two way defenseman, 25 years old, $1.145MM, 2 years left on contract.

J. Howard- 29 years old, $5.290MM, 4 years left on contract.
J. Gustavsson- 29 years old, $1.375MM, UFA at end of season.

Noteable Minors
C. Emmerton- Center, playmaker, 25 years old, $.53MM, RFA at end of season.
R. Sheahan- Center, two way forward, 22 years old, $.9MM, RFA at end of season.
J. Andersson- Center, two way forward, 25 years old, $.735MM, 2 years left on contract.
Ferraro- Center, two way forward, 22 years old, $.685MM, RFA at end of season.
T. Jurco- right winger, sniper, 21 years old, $.925MM, 2 years left on contract.
T. Pulkkinen- right winger, sniper, 22 years old, $.9MM, 2 years left on contract.
X. Oulett- two way defensman, 20 years old, $.89MM, 3 years eft on contract.
P. Mrazek- goalie, 22 years old, $.79MM, 2 years left on deal.
Mantha- right winger, power forward, 19 years old, $.925MM, 3 years left on deal.
Dynasty: Son of Sam99
03:49 PM - August 18, 2015. Written by Son of Sam99

Entry: September 26th 2013

The presser to announce Ken Holland’s semi retirement was today. Since he told me his situation I’ve been dreading this day, having to tell people about the diagnosis but obviously its come and passed.

I had the nightmare again last night… Again. I’m suddenly in my office on the phone and somehow, someway I just green lit a trade sending Datsyuk, Nyquist, and draft picks away in exchange for Luongo. I know that I would never do that and that Ken has set the franchise up for relative smooth sailing for the season. But what if the production isn’t there? What if we need to make a move and I just botch the deal? These fans expect a winner and if that doesn’t happen the axe won’t fall on Babcock’s neck.

Anyway I’ve just got to be confident in my decisions and if all else fails, ask myself what Ken would do in any given situation. He did pull me aside after the presser to remind me that he believes I’m ready for this. I am excited for the challenges but certainly have big shoes to fill. I’ve got to make my own decision but if I do some thing the way he did it may not be a bad thing as well. That’s why I’ll be keeping a personal journal occasionally.
Dynasty: Son of Sam99
03:47 PM - August 18, 2015. Written by Son of Sam99
September 26, 2013

Ken Holland Steps Down as Wings’ GM
Detroit MI- In an emotional press conference on Friday at Joe Lewis Arena, Red Wings General Manager, Ken Holland announced he had been diagnosed with stage 2 toe cancer and would be taking a leave of absence from hockey operations with the team.
“Really it wasn’t a difficult decision. I’ll be working with some of the best doctors in the world to improve my health and get back in the game.” Holland said. Holland has been with the franchise since 1983 and in that time the team has won four Stanley Cups, it is in part due to his leadership that the team hasn’t missed the playoffs since 1990. Holland also orchestrated the drafting of such current stars as Pavel Datsuyk, Henrik Zetterberg, and Niklas Kronwall.
“Ken is an amazing guy to work with. He’ll always tell you the truth, not necessarily what you want to hear. But in the business of hockey that’s the kind of leadership a franchise needs.” Red Wings head coach Mike Babcock said when reached for comment.
“Mike’s health is the most important thing for all parties involved.” Mike Illitch, chairman of franchise owners Olympia Entertainment said on the matter. “We all look forward to his recovery and return to the front office.”
In the interim until Holland is able to return, Rick Watkins, assistant general manager since 2008 will step in. Watkins had the following to say; “Its and intimidating prospect to come in and try to take over for an executive as accomplished as Ken. But I’m excited to meet those challenges.”
The news comes at a difficult time for the team with just two weeks until the season begins with a game against Buffalo.
Dynasty: Son of Sam99
Utah Jazz NBA2K16 MYGM

Chapter 4: The Pre-Game
As opening day on October 28th came closer and closer the Jazz team became more and more excited. On October 27th this was sent out by the league:

Detroit Pistons (Home) v. Utah Jazz (Away)
Utah Jazz Projected Lineup
PG Trey Burke
SG Alec Burks
SF Gordon Hayward
PF Derrick Favors
C Rudy Gobert

Detroit Piston Projected Lineup
PG Reggie Jackson
SG Stanley Johnson
SF Marcus Morris
PF Ersan Ilyasova
C Andre Drummond

Injury Report
Utah Jazz:
Dante Exum-Out for Season
Detroit Pistons:
Utah Jazz Record: 0-0
Utah Jazz Away Record: 0-0
Detroit Pistons Record: 0-0
Detroit Pistons Home Record: 0-0

Chapter 5:The Game

Chapter 6: The Post-Game

Dynasty: JazzCeltics
Monday, August 17, 2015
08:28 PM - August 17, 2015. Written by Bluejaysfan65
Dynasty: Bluejaysfan65
01:25 PM - August 17, 2015. Written by JazzCeltics
Utah Jazz NBA2K16 MYGM


Hello I am Jazz Celtics. For NBA2K16 I will be doing a MyGM with the Utah Jazz. On this dynasty I'll be filling you in on the team's performance. For this dynasty I will be substituting the fake owners, like Harvey Baxter, for the actual owners and personnel. In this dynasty I'll include things not seen in NBA2K16's MyGM. I will create fake interviews, news reports about players, and even more. This dynasty will mainly be following my story with the Utah Jazz organization, however, perspectives from players, coaches, and more will also be included. So here it is.

Chapter 1: The History
The Utah Jazz are a professional basketball team located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The team is one of only two professional sport teams in Utah. Thus, the team is a large part of the state of Utah. This is there story.

In 1974 the New Orleans Jazz were formed. The team had been highly unsuccessful and it was viewed as one of the worst teams in the league. Then in 1979, The New Orleans Jazz relocated to Salt Lake City, and became the Utah Jazz.

The new Jazz would make their first playoff appearance in 1984. Draft selections Karl Malone and John Stockton were the franchise player by the end of the decade. The Jerry Sloan run Utah Jazz would become one of the most successful teams of the 1990's as they made it to the playoffs every season during the decade.

In 1997 and 1998 the Jazz made the NBA Finals. Unfortunately, they were beaten both times by Michael Jordan and the powerhouse Bulls. In 2003 Karl Malone and John Stockton left the Jazz.

From 2004-2006 the Jazz missed the playoffs. Luckily, in the 2005 NBA Draft, the Utah Jazz selected Deron Williams, and the team returned to prominence. Then in the 2010-2011 season the squad saw many changes. First the retirement of Jerry Sloan, and then the Deron Williams trade.

The team would once again have to restructure. Tyrone Corbin was brought in as the Head Coach, and Al Jefferson came to the Jazz. In 2012 the team made the playoffs. The team looked to be going in the right direction with stars Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson, however, they, and many other players, would leave after the 2013-2014 NBA season.

Chapter 2: The Present
Last year in the 2014-2015 campaign the extremely young Jazz saw many young players improve. Rodney Hood has become one of the better shooters on the squad, Dante Exum, although injured for the season, has a bright future ahead of him, and Rudy Gobert shined after Enes Kanter's departure.

In the 2015 NBA Draft, the Utah Jazz drafter Trey Lyles and Olivier Hanlan. Trey Lyles is a power forward/center from the University of Kentucky who has promising potential, and is the perfect big man behind Derrick Favors and Rudy Gobert. Olivier Hanlan is a point guard from Boston College who has gone to Europe to play for a few years.

Below is the 2015-2016 depth chart:

http://dynasties.operationsports.com/css/osdyn.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
Utah Jazz Depth Chart - 15/16
PGTrey BurkeRaul Neto (PG/SG)Bryce CottonDante Exum (Inj.)
SGAlec BurksRodney Hood (SG/SF)Elijah Millsap
SFGordon HaywardJoe InglesChris Johnson (SF/SG)
PFDerrick Favors (PF/C)Trevor Booker`Trey Lyles (R) (PF/C)Jack Cooley
CRudy GobertTibor PleissGrant Jerret (PF/C)

With all of that let's get into my story as the General Manager of the Utah Jazz!

Chapter 3: The Invitation
It was the 17th of August, 2015 when my phone began to ring. All day, I had nervously waited a call from the Utah Jazz organization. I was hoping to hear from Greg Miller the CEO of the Utah Jazz.

"Hello Jazz Celtics, this is Greg Miller of the Utah Jazz. With the unfortunate departure of Dennis Lindsey, the former General Manager, we have decided to offer you the job as the general manager of the Utah Jazz." stated Mr. Miller over the telephone. I sat there in shock. I was about to become the general manager of the Utah Jazz franchise. I replied, "I will be in Salt Lake City by tomorrow Mr. Miller. Thank You." The call ended, and I began to pack my bags for Utah.

The next day, August 18th, I arrived in Salt Lake City. At around 2:00 p.m. I made it to the Utah Jazz headquarters in Salt Lake City. I entered the office of Greg Miller and took a seat. Mr. Miller began, "Good afternoon Mr.Celtics. I am very happy to announce you as the general manager of the Utah Jazz."

The excitement rushed through my body as I went to shake his hand. "Now Mr.Celtics I do have very specific goals I'd like for you to accomplish. Here is my list:

With this information I left from the building back to my hotel. Mr. Miller sent me the Utah Jazz roster, and told me that I was free to make any changes I felt necessary. After looking over the roster, watching previous game film, and reading reports on the players, I decided no changes were necessary. Here is the roster:

http://dynasties.operationsports.com/css/osdyn.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
Utah Jazz Roster 15/16
33Trevor BookerPF276'8"230$4,775,000
3Trey BurkePG226'1"185$2,658,240
10Alec BurksSG246'6"211$9,463,484
45Jack CooleyPF236'9"246$845,059
8Bryce CottonPG236'1"165$845,059
11Dante ExumPG206'6"190$3,777,720
15Derrick FavorsPF/C246'10"262$12,000,000
27Rudy GobertC237'1"245$1,175,880
99Treveon GrahamSG216'6"220$525,093
20Gordon HaywardSF256'4"225$15,409,570
5Rodney HoodSG/SF226'8"215$1,348,440
2Joe InglesSF276'10"216$2,050,000
17Grant JerrettPF/C226'10"232$947,276
23Chris JohnsonSF/SG256'6"201$981,348
41Trey LylesC/PF196'10"250$2,239,800

http://dynasties.operationsports.com/css/osdyn.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
13Elijah MillsapSG286'6"215$845,059
5Raulzinho NetoPG/SG236'1"168$900,000
98Tibor PleissC207'0"220$2,900,000

(Two because the generator didn't have enough space)

Yahoo! Sports Report 8/30/15 10:32 A.M
On August 30th Jazz Celtics signed a contract for the general manager position of the Utah Jazz. Greg Miller, owner of the Utah Jazz, stated, "Signing Jazz Celtics was the right move, and I believe he will be very successful as the general manager of the Utah Jazz." These were the full details of the contract:

4 yr. deal
7.3 mil. guaranteed
NBA Championship-1.5 mil
Championship App.-1.0 mil
Playoff App.-755K
Above .500 record-500K

The Utah Jazz are very confident in Jazz Celtics.

Press Conference 9/3/15 1:17 P.M
"Hello Mr. Celtics, My name is Tony Jones of The Salt Lake Tribune, and I have a question for you. What are you going to do with our Utah Jazz?" I started, "Mr. Jones, I am looking to build a roster rivaling that of the rosters in the 1990's with Karl Malone and John Stockton, and I believe that can be accomplished." Mr. Jones replied, "Thank You."

Another interviewer asked, "Mr. Celtics I am Jody Genessy of the Deseret News with a question. How are you going to handle the crippling injury that Dante Exum suffered recently?" I stated, "Well Dante Exum's injury is a horrendous torn ACL, however, the training staff of the Jazz is one of efficiency, and with the proper amount of work, we think he can be on the court by the all-star break. I'm sorry, but I must go."

Tweets 9/4/15-9/6/15

Jody Genessy

The new gm of the Utah Jazz, Jazz
Celtics might bring back da Jazz

Tony Jones

Likin the new gm's ideals

Dynasty: JazzCeltics
Saturday, August 15, 2015
In the last two years alone, Manager Zach Roberts of FC Bayern has taken an already powerful giant and turned them into the biggest powerhouse in years. One Goal still eludes Roberts, The Treble. The Treble being capturing all 3 major trophies, the Bundesliga Title, the Deutscher Pokal, and the Champions League Title. Roberts has announced as of yesterday, Friday August 5th, 2016 that he will be retiring upon season's end. We take a chance today to look at Bayern Munich's chances this season by first looking at the past two seasons under Roberts' reign.

In year 1, Roberts led Bayern Munich to a 40-5-7 Record in 52 games across the Domestic League, Cup, and International Competition. This record was good enough to earn Roberts his first Manager of the Year award. Bayern Munich clinched the Bundesliga on the last match of the season to earn them yet another Bundesliga title. Bayern also triumphed over Hertha Berlin to win the Deutscher Pokal. Roberts led Bayern all the way to the Champions League title match, falling to Barcelona and Lionel Messi 5-3. Robert Lewandowski was the Ballon D'Or winner with an Amazing 53 Goals and 36 assists. Manuel Neuer took home the Bundesliga Player of the Year.

In Year 2, Roberts looked to improve on one of the best seasons in FC Bayern History trying to win the elusive Treble. In 48 Games Bayern finished with a 40-4-4 record, However this year the tournaments would prove to be more troublesome. FC Bayern fell in the Quarterfinals of the Champions League to underdog Valencia CF. Disaster Struck again when Bayern fell in a uncharacteristic Blowout loss to Borussia Dortmund in a 6-2 loss in the Deutscher Pokal SemiFinal. Bayern however was as dominant as ever in the Bundesliga only losing two games all season. Lewandowski was the Bundesliga Player of the year with 50 Goals and 19 Assists, while Manuel Neuer had a rough season in front of Net. Newcomers Falcao, Mesut Ozil, Marco Reus, and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang all proved their worth. While Departures such as Thomas Müller were filled admirably

Now in Year 3, Roberts is looking for the Treble as a way to say Farewell to Bayern and the his Management Career. Several Newcomers and Departures from last years team should make this team much different, and hopefully more of a threat this time around. We take a look at this years key Newcomers and Departures:

Arturo Vidal, Juventus
Douglas Costa, FC Schaktar

Mesut Ozil, Real Madrid
Sebastian Rode, Arsenal

Heres a Look at the Opening Match Roster for Bayern München (First Team):

GK: Manuel Neuer, Guillermo Ochoa,
CB: Jerome Boateng, Mehdi Benatia, Javi Martinez, Per Mertesaker
RB: Phillip Lahm
LB: David Alaba, Juan Bernat
CM: Arturo Vidal, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Xabi Alonso, Arjen Klaasen
CF: Robert Lewandowski, Mario Götze
LW: Marco Reus, Franck Ribery, Andre Ayew
RW: Douglas Costa, Xherdan Shaqiri, Julian Green
ST: Falcao, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang

Phillip Lahm remains as Team Captain.

FC Bayern and Roberts look to continue their reign as Bundesliga Champions as well as picking up the Champions League Title, and Deutscher Pokal this season and that all starts on Saturday August 6th when Bayern takes on Rival and MUST SEE TV Rival Borussia Dortmund.
Friday, August 14, 2015
11:19 PM - August 14, 2015. Written by apetroski
Kentucky Wildcats at Drake Bulldogs
Apr 7, 20081ST2NDSCORE
Kentucky (30-6)283260
Drake (38-0)462470
Kentucky Wildcats
An. Harrison285-152-82-30510114
Aa. Harrison285-180-100-02411010
A. Poythress287-132-53-34101119
K. Anthony-Towns281-80-32-41412124
W. Cauley-Stein286-140-31-116312113
D. Johnson-- DID NOT PLAY --
N. Lee-- DID NOT PLAY --
T. Lyles-- DID NOT PLAY --
D. Hawkins-- DID NOT PLAY --
T. Ulis-- DID NOT PLAY --
E. Floreal-- DID NOT PLAY --
D. Willis-- DID NOT PLAY --
TEAM TOTALS24-684-298-11361465560
TEAM TOTALS24-684-298-11361465560
Drake Bulldogs
Adam Emmenecker281-30-02-22120034
Leonard Houston243-62-40-0231018
Josh Young224-103-60-02000011
Bucky Cox243-70-20-0711006
Austin Petrauskas2818-325-130-017112141
Rayvonte Rice40-00-00-0000000
Klayton Korver10-00-00-0000000
Brent Heemskerk80-10-00-0100000
John Michael Hall-- DID NOT PLAY --
Alex White-- DID NOT PLAY --
Jacob Baryenbruch-- DID NOT PLAY --
Josh Parker-- DID NOT PLAY --
TEAM TOTALS29-5910-252-2311732570
Dynasty: apetroski
Thursday, August 13, 2015
06:35 PM - August 13, 2015. Written by KamekDSU
New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays
Apr 18, 2015123456789RHE
New York (7-4)0020112006100
Tampa Bay (6-6)200000020491
W: Masahiro Tanaka (2-1) L: Alex Cobb (2-1) S: Dellin Betances (2)
New York Yankees
Jacoby Ellsbury, CF5100010.162
Brett Gardner, LF5210010.275
Chase Headley, 3B4010110.142
Mark Teixeira, DH4022100.305
Brian McCann, C4010110.333
Chris Young, RF4001010.227
Garrett Jones, 1B4000010.363
Brendan Ryan, SS4120000.200
--Didi Gregorius, PR-SS0000000.206
Stephen Drew, 2B3233102.413
TEAM TOTALS376106462
2B: Ryan
HR: Drew 2
RBI: Teixeira 2, Young, Drew 3
SF: Young
SB: Ryan
Tampa Bay Rays
Desmond Jennings, CF4011020.222
James Loney, 1B4110000.347
Evan Longoria, 3B4011020.212
Juan Francisco, DH4122011.187
John Jaso, C4000010.342
Kevin Kiermaier, RF4010020.225
--Alexi Casilla, PR0000000.500
David DeJesus, LF4010010.282
Asdrubal Cabrera, SS4110020.238
Nick Franklin, 2B3110020.222
Rene Rivera1000000.421
TEAM TOTALS364940131
2B: Loney
HR: Francisco
RBI: Jennings, Longoria, Francisco 2
E: Cabrera
New York Yankees
Masahiro Tanaka (W, 2-1)7.16440124.65
Andrew Miller (H, 1)0.2100000.00
Dellin Betances (S, 2)1200010.00
Tampa Bay Rays
Alex Cobb (L, 2-1)5543042.74
Brad Boxberger1.2122312.00
Ronald Belisario1.1300001.58
Grant Balfour1100110.00
Dynasty: KamekDSU
03:56 PM - August 13, 2015. Written by KamekDSU
New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays
Apr 17, 2015123456789RHE
New York (6-4)010001100370
Tampa Bay (6-5)00001510x7170
W: Chris Archer (2-0) L: Esmil Rogers (0-1) S: -
Scoring Summary
New York Yankees
Jacoby Ellsbury, CF4000000.184
Brett Gardner, LF3120100.285
Alex Rodriguez, DH4001000.228
Mark Teixeira, 1B3010110.281
Carlos Beltran, RF4000000.275
Chase Headley, 3B4000020.129
Brian McCann, C4222012.346
Didi Gregorius, SS3000000.206
Stephen Drew, 2B3020000.346
2B: Drew
3B: Gardner
HR: McCann 2
RBI: Rodriguez, McCann 2
GIDP: Rodriguez, Beltran
SB: Gardner
Tampa Bay Rays
Alexi Casilla, 2B4121000.500
James Loney, 1B4031100.357
Evan Longoria, 3B5000010.209
Juan Francisco, DH5120020.142
John Jaso, C4020000.382
Kevin Kiermaier, RF4110010.222
David DeJesus, LF4121010.285
Asdrubal Cabrera, SS4231011.236
Desmond Jennings, CF4123010.219
TEAM TOTALS387177171
2B: Casilla, Loney, Jennings
HR: Cabrera
RBI: Casilla, Loney, DeJesus, Cabrera, Jennings 3
HBP: Casilla
GIDP: Francisco, Kiermaier
SB: Casilla, Jennings
New York Yankees
Adam Warren5611151.50
Esmil Rogers (L, 0-1)0.24440154.00
Justin Wilson16220018.00
David Carpenter1.1100010.00
Tampa Bay Rays
Chris Archer (W, 2-0)7633241.87
Kevin Jepsen2100000.00
Dynasty: KamekDSU