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NBA Live In The Next Generation Stuck
Posted on August 30, 2013 at 03:22 AM.

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NBA Live 14 heading straight to the Next-Gen systems could be the perfect thing to get this franchise back on the right track for the next generation of gaming. Here are some things that could very well put the game over the edge from pretender to contender.

1. Bounce-Tek Could Re-Define The Way Basketball Video Games Look

Dribbling is the constant that you see througout an entire basketball game. It is the main way to move the ball, and often looks awful and awkward in video games. We have all see the weird bounce backs, warping back into hands and all that jazz. Bounce-Tek claims to be the answer to all those woes and truly make dribbling physics based. IF this is done correctly, in my opinion, will make everything look 100x smoother and more realistic. Look at what True Performance Skating did for the NHL series.

2. 'Rising Star" Game Mode

EA gets this stuff right, usually. Madden's superstar mode can be hit or miss, but NHL and FIFA's Career and 'Be A Pro' modes are top notch. NBA2k's 'My Player' is great, but has some problems that, for me, make the longevity of the mode limited. Hopefully EA will take the que from NHL and FIFA, and knock this one out of the park. With NBA Live's re-focus on player by player tendencies, this could make scouting your match-up more crucial that ever.

3. Graphics & Sound

NBA Live 10 had amazing sound. Best of current generation sports games if you ask me. And as for graphics, NBA Live 10 looks pretty darn good. Better than 2k, in some respects. If NBA Live 14 comes out of the box looking beautiful, I think it will be a serious deal breaker for people in the purchasing process, even if the game play lacks a bit. We haven't seen much for either NBA games at this point, but the snippets we have seen of Kyrie Irving have been pretty impressive. Especially the most recent. Like I said, could be the deal breaker people are looking for.

With only 2 months and change until the release of the Next-Gen systems, and NBA Live 14...I'm excited. If EA can build off of, and clean up Live 10's game play, come correct with Next-Gen visuals, I think this game could have serious potential and shouldn't be overlooked this November.
# 1 quehouston @ Aug 29
I agree, Live has sooo much potential with the Ignite Engine, Living Words, Synergy, bouceTek.

Its a shame that everyone is counting them out because of their current gen issues. For me personally next gen is all fair game again. I think Live will be great. Last gen, Live was King. Current gen, 2k ruled. Next gen, who's to say that Live doesn't retake the crown? Not saying that it will happen, just keeping an open mind.
# 2 Semipro91 @ Aug 30
Nobody is a bigger NHL fan than myself, and I cant help but wonder why you think the NHL version of Be a Pro is good? Fifa Kills it, but NHL and Madden are gross. NBA2Ks MyCareer IMO is the second best of these types of game modes.
# 3 dukebeatsuncagain @ Aug 30
@Semipro91: I agree with you that FIFA's is the cream of the crop here, but I think my love of the NHL 'Be A Pro' is just the smoothness of progression. NBA2k's 'My Player' is in no way bad, but for me I could easily get my player to 99 OVR in my third season. NHL and FIFA both give that slow process where you work your way up to the big time.
# 4 poloelite @ Aug 30
It's kind of hard for me to be optimistic about Live and I haven't actually seen any gameplay. That scares me. 2k is holding off from showing next gen because they have to promote current gen, but we all know that they have the tech and recent history to provide an enjoyable basketball experience. EA hasn't been able to get a product to market since Lebron was in Cleveland and 2 months out haven't been pushing to show us what they're cooking up. If they wait for when 2k starts it's hype machine to finally start making their imprint, they're crushed immediately. Now is the time to go "live" with some gameplay footage and show us a tangible product we can see, while 2k is pushing current gen for October 1st. EA pulled similar tactics with Elite and Live 13, so until I see actual gameplay footage and experience a demo, NOTHING they do or say will impress me. They burned the bridge of optimism and hope on their own.
# 5 ccoaxum @ Aug 30
i feel like doesn't matter when EA goes before or after 2k as far as info on the next gen because if a game looks or sounds better then thats all that matter, if you EA comes out info first then 2k ppl can still say 2k is better even tho EA showed their hand first and vise my point is it really doesn't matter what does matter for EA is that its a good solid game,so that they can a even better game in 2015 to really come at i would be shocked if their 2014 game comes out better then 2k this..that would be a bonus for them but i know they only just want to set good foundation for this year game to get people attention my question is how hard are they going in this years game
# 6 Semipro91 @ Aug 30
@Duke, I see your point about progression in NBA2K vs NHL. I agree with you there. The main thing that NHL does that pisses me off is not take into account performance when determining whether my guy is an AHLer or an NHLer. I led the AHL in goals, assists and points by a really large margin while in the Blue Jackets Orginization and didnt the call until midway through the NHL season. I think Im getting off track.. My Bad.
# 7 DBMcGee3 @ Sep 1
I used to really enjoy Live, 2010 being the pinnacle, but EA has a LOT to prove to me before I'll be giving them any more money. I won't be buying a next gen console until sometime next year anyway, but the last couple of years of their current gen titles have been disappointing, if not flat out shameful. It takes more than owning a license to make a great game.
# 8 TheRealHST @ Sep 3
I wont count out Live because competition is always a must.
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