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Thursday, August 25, 2016
05:58 PM - August 25, 2016. Written by Caulfield
There are a myriad of ways to determine clutch and if you asked ten people for a definition of clutch, you could probably get eleven different answers. Baseball Reference alone has at minimum 10 clutch measurements and maybe as many as 15. Some people are even saying that a "clutch" attribute doesnt exist.
A sampling of BR tallies:
RISP w/2 outs, tied games, within 1 run, within 2 runs,
late and close, which is PA's 7th inning and beyond, score tied or the batting team up 1 ... Read More
Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Let me know what yall think about the trailer, and the winner for the free giveaway will be announced Sept 1st..

05:31 PM - August 24, 2016. Written by juicey79

Nice NBA 2k17 hands on impression from Slam magazine.

Nice read, seems like player real truly be differentiated this year.
04:19 PM - August 24, 2016. Written by Caulfield
For Stealing I use SB%. The 1982 MLB SB% average was 66%.
My numbers are:
With a minimum of 20 steals Joe Morgan had the highest SB% at 86%. Jose Cruz and Rafael Ramirez were at the average of 66%.
With a minimum 10 steals Rod Carew might have been the worst with a 37% with 10 SB's and 17 caught stealing, though Todd Cruz was even worse at 17% with 2 SB's and 10 CS. ... Read More
Monday, August 22, 2016
06:35 PM - August 22, 2016. Written by Caulfield
For Vision I use batting ratio SO%
The 1982 MLB average was 13.2%
My numbers were as follows:
99=3.7%/\90=5.8%/\80=8.3%/\70=10.7% (Bill Buckner had 3.7%)
60=13.2% (Fred Lynn was 13.2% average)
50=17.3%/\40=21.5%/\30=25.7%/\20=35%/\10=49% (Dave Kingman was a league worst 25.7%)

For Discipline I use batting ratio BB%
The 1982 MLB average was 8.3%
My numbers:
99=17.7%/\90=15.5%/\80=13.1%/\70=10.7% (Rickey Henderson was 17.7%) ... Read More
12:18 PM - August 22, 2016. Written by Caulfield
These are the numbers I used to come up with the 1982 season historic classic roster player attribute ratings that I have recently started working on. They may not achieve exact, spot on sim numbers, but when you play the game you will see an extreme difference in players on opposite ends of the spectrum.

For Contact I will use batting average instead of BABIP. The MLB average in 1982 for BA was .261
Here are my numbers:
60=.260 ... Read More
Sunday, August 21, 2016
09:17 AM - August 21, 2016. Written by juicey79

This is a great screen shot of Durant. Probably the best I've seen in a video game. I want to see some official videos from 2K Sports. My hype meter is still high and can't wait for the release.
Friday, August 19, 2016
03:05 AM - August 19, 2016. Written by Barbatrucco

This is a major issue.

The Nba 2K players reshaping looks like in Nba Live style is the final stroke. I've already talked about it in a post about Operations Sports four years ago.

http://www.operationsports.com/Barba...ion/? page = 2

And then I wrote that who first would take the greater quality of the other contender - i.e. if Nba Live would reproduce ... Read More
Thursday, August 18, 2016
03:46 PM - August 18, 2016. Written by juicey79

Sorry not a blog just new pic...let the criticism begin
Sunday, August 14, 2016
09:38 PM - August 14, 2016. Written by kpeltz96
2016 Detroit Tigers Stats - HittingNAMEABRH2B3BHRRBIBBSOSBCSBAOBPSLGJ.D. Martinez3936210819122684612601.275.349.496Justin Upton395669925216425313092.251.343.446Victor Martinez37830104241739243110.275.319.399Nick Castellanos3562699174323298400.278.332.374Miguel Cabrera377441111911654487700.294.373.477Ian Kinsler39940100143342294235.251.305.323Anthony Gose2553479322192845176.310.379.361Kelly Johnson2332553721030276210.227.314.403Jose Iglesias285267473117276502.260.325.316Jarrod Saltalamacchia24225581401141236210.240.309.434Bran don ... Read More
Thursday, August 11, 2016
05:09 PM - August 11, 2016. Written by DieHardYankee26
I've been thinking so much about this lately that I figured I needed to get everything out before tomorrow and this was the best way to do it.

Backstory: I'm born and raised in Hampton Roads, VA, born in early 90's, raised by a New Yorker, my first full sports season was '98. I've watched every game I could of all of my teams since I was 4 years old. Yankees, Knicks, Giants, Rangers. Sports are my religion.

Hampton Roads is relevant because my second sports hero was ... Read More
Wednesday, August 10, 2016
04:07 PM - August 10, 2016. Written by sonofbluz72
It seems like madden year after year continues to say that they are making vast improvements to the game. Although this is true in certain instances I feel like it is the minor things they keep on forgetting about. Why do we love nba 2K so much? Sure it provides exceptional graphics that has you double backing to see if it is a Real game or not...but it is also because of the ampostphere and the way the accessories make the players look like themselves. Not to mention the characters that each guy ... Read More
12:42 PM - August 10, 2016. Written by CBAT
Preface - The is no specific reason for me writing this.

We were late to the party. Fashionably late? No, more like everyone is tanked and the party is going to be over soon (season ending/2K17 coming out).

My brother-in-law and I picked up the MyCareer mode for one reason, to play in MyPark. I have never been much of a fan of MyCareer due to its linear nature. Spike Lee added a bunch of commentary and cut scenes in this version, which were basically a snooze fest. ... Read More
Read More Blog: CBAT
01:23 AM - August 10, 2016. Written by CAMeagle

INDIVIDUAL [Pace for period]

(TH) Top 5 = x8,103 / 19.0 = 426.5 pt/hr * 81 = 34,544.4 [426.5]
(FR) Top 5 = 19,780 / 42.0 = 471.0 pt/hr * 81 = 38,147.1 [507.7]
(SA) Top 5 = 31,000 / 67.0 = 462.7 pt/hr * 81 = 37,477.6 [448.8]
(SU) Top 5 = 32,050 / 70.0 = 457.9 pt/hr * 81 = 37,086.4 [350.0]
(SU) Top 5 = 36,145 / 81.0 = 446.2 pt/hr * 81 = 36,145.0 [372.3] (FINAL)

(TH) Top 100 = x3,105 / ... Read More
Tuesday, August 9, 2016
1. SP Michael Fulmer (90 POT)
2. CF Lazaro Armenteros (87 POT)
3. SS Kevin Maitan (86 POT)
4. SS Jacoby Jones (84 POT)
5. RP Joe Jimenez (84 POT)
6. SP Sebastian Castaneda (82 POT)
7. SP Yoan Lopez (82 POT)
8. RF Michael Gerber (82 POT)
9. 2B Jose Miguel Fernandez (81 POT)
10. SP Antonio Gutierrez (80 POT)
11. SP Beau Burrows (80 POT)
12. CF Derek Hill (80 POT)
13. 2B Lourdes Gurriel (80 POT)
14. SP Kevin ... Read More