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Thursday, September 15, 2016
06:16 PM - September 15, 2016. Written by Caulfield
One quick note for Hillabeans Rodman Clittun.
Better to be in a basket of deplorables

That is all.

Until the next goodbye. Ciao, Caulfield.
Wednesday, September 14, 2016
10:13 PM - September 14, 2016. Written by EurozDontFogertTheZ
thats whats i do
12:08 PM - September 14, 2016. Written by juicey79
11:55 AM - September 14, 2016. Written by NYCDaFuture
What teams will you be when 2K17 come out and what position will you be for your MyCareer/ProAm? Like, Subscribe, Comment!

Sunday, September 11, 2016
07:44 PM - September 11, 2016. Written by Caulfield
Darrell Hammond. Norm MacDonald. Jim Gaffigan. George Hamilton. And now KFCs newest celebrity chef, Rob Riggle. A real Lt. Col. from Louisville no less. Riggle promotes the football team 'Kentucky Buckets' in the new commercials. Thats all fine and dandy but KFC needs to make the next colonel Kate McKinnon and jump on it quick. I thought each of the previous have been excellent Sanders' except for maybe Gaffigan. Hammond singing "taters and gravy, I throw in a biscuit, and a big ol' cookie" was ... Read More
12:21 PM - September 11, 2016. Written by javov10
This year we have new Euroleague, 16 teams, all against all in the regular season, then playoffs and finally the Final Four... Here the Euroleague Teams available in NBA 2K17 :

F.C. Barcelona Lassa
Real Madrid
Olympiacos Piraeus
Panathinaikos Athens
Galatasaray Odeabank
Anadolu Efes
Darussafaka Dogus
CSKA Moscow
Unics Kazan
Maccabi Fox Tel Aviv
EA7 Armani Milan
Brose Bamberg
... Read More
11:00 AM - September 11, 2016. Written by Tomba
Hey guys! good Ole Tomba here checkin in after a hiatus from all things sports games. Just wanted to say I've been having some ideas i wanted to try out with madden 17s sliders this year that are different from the slider sets that are out in the community threads. As some of you guys know Ive edited madden sliders and rosters since madden 12 and just wanted to see how far things have gotten. recently i picked up madden 12, which was a madden game I really edited the bahjeeziz outta. Looking
... Read More
Saturday, September 10, 2016
09:52 PM - September 10, 2016. Written by Td1984
With the ability to actually overhaul as many teams as we want this year, most of my plans are carry-overs from last year, plus adding all six expansion teams.


Year 1

Seattle SuperSonics (complete with their logo and uniforms that were worn during their lone title run in 1978-79)

Las Vegas/Columbus/Pittsburgh/Memphis (name TBA). I'm leaning towards Memphis as I'm moving the Grizzlies back to Vancouver. But I'm willing to take ... Read More
07:12 AM - September 10, 2016. Written by Caulfield
I guess I've put this one off for long enough and this is the last of the player attribute recipe charts I will make, unless theres one I've overlooked. This is for infield arm accuracy and what I use is throwing errors/assists. I used a 3 year weighted factor on this.

The '82 MLB average for 1B was .0075
98 .0002
65 .0075
45 .0363

The '82 MLB average for 2b was .0036
98 .0001
75 .0036
55 .0136

The ... Read More
02:00 AM - September 10, 2016. Written by dtlm6
Initially, I was impressed with what I was reading about regarding FIFA 17 and planned to buy it over PES 17. Not because I thought that PES 17 wouldn't be great but rather because I think PES 16 is one of the greatest sports games ever (including the soundtrack).

However, the more I read about both games, the more I began to remember that I have enjoyed PES for the last two years (15 and 16) whereas I lost interest in FIFA very quickly over the last two years despite FIFA having my ... Read More
Friday, September 9, 2016
18 years old NYC OnlineNation aka Da Prez... NYC Product from Jamaica Queenz. Just trying to make it out the Hood. Follow The Journey. Subscribe,Like,Comment! #OnlineNation All Day

Thursday, September 8, 2016
03:37 PM - September 8, 2016. Written by Caulfield
You tell a woman you need lockwashers multiple multiple times for your department for two weeks, your cries fall on deaf ears. Her boyfriend who works on the nightshift, and only comes wandering into your department when he's bored, tells her, BANG! you finally get your parts. Aint that just like a woman. My department doesnt even have a second shift, doesnt need one. We do just fine on our own thankyou. At least we have our parts now. For now anyways. The only thing said woman has going for her ... Read More
12:56 PM - September 8, 2016. Written by clayface89
Everyone that played with the kings of crew for 2k16 or any affiliated teams state who you are and post the position and play style that you feel pretty sure about for the prelude so we can have some sort of organization going for us.
The '82 Atlanta Braves.
Everday starters:
C Bruce Benedict
1B Chris Chambliss
2B Glenn Hubbard
SS Rafael Ramirez
3B Bob Horner
LF *Dale Murphy*
CF *Brett Butler*
RF Claudell Washington

Phil Niekro / Rick Mahler / Bob Walk / *Tommy Boggs* / *Ken Dayley*

(Rick Camp started more than Boggs and Dayley combined. After Boggs injury Pascual Perez became the 4th starter when McWillams was traded ... Read More
12:16 PM - September 8, 2016. Written by NYCDaFuture
NBA 2K17 Dynamic Commentary Trailer, let me know what yall think about it and hit the Like, Subscribe, Comment button!