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Wednesday, August 31, 2016
06:23 PM - August 31, 2016. Written by Caulfield
Lets just jump right in, picking up where we left off on the first part of fielding. To refresh memory, the infield will be rated on E/A.

The average for 1B in '82 was .114
99=.038 (Dan Driessen)
40=.260 (Dave Kingman)

The '82 average for 2B-.0356
99=.0087 (John Castino)
40=.0639 (Bump Wills)

The '82 average for SS-.054
99=.0231 (Tim Foli)
{FWIW Ozzie Smith is a 98 but the separation ... Read More
01:32 PM - August 31, 2016. Written by lyonsjor
Year 1 Results

Year 2
Just finished up Year 2 of my Lions franchise. After going 4-12 in year 1, the Lions rebounded with a 10 win season. It was a rollercoaster of a year. Abdullah started off injured so we didn't see him until week 7. By then, we were 4-3. He came back and tore up the league throw the air and ground helping the Lions to a 5 game win streak. Then, he got injured again! We went on a three game slide and the Packers were catching up to us in the division. We ... Read More
01:16 PM - August 31, 2016. Written by lyonsjor
Rough first season with my hometown Detroit Lions (All Pro with Flazko sliders, only playing offense). Haven't played Madden in a good 4 years, but this game is playing quite realistic. Started off 2-2, but then went on a 5 game slide. Ended up 4-12 at the end of the year, but didn't get fired. Bright spot was Ameer Abdullah. He shined all season long. He ended up with 15 TDs and over 1400 yards. Theo Riddick chipped in with 500+ yards. I really struggled passing with Stafford in my first season. ... Read More
Tuesday, August 30, 2016
08:18 PM - August 30, 2016. Written by Caulfield
Now the way I do the field rating attribute is Errors/Assists (E/A) for pitchers and infielders. For outfielders its E/PO (errors/putouts). For catchers its Passed Balls/Plate Appearances. Again, it may not be the absolute best way, but it is fairly simplequick and easy, which I strive for.

The average PB/PA for catchers in '82 .0018
99=.0001 (Bob Boone gets a 95 for his .0003)
60=.0033 (Mike Scioscia falls here)

The average ... Read More
Monday, August 29, 2016
08:53 PM - August 29, 2016. Written by Caulfield
I have decided to use SO% again, this time for velocity. It is a far from perfect way of calculating velocity but here goes:

This is to determine fastball speed. For other pitchs in a pitchers arsenal, if it doesnt affect the fastball speed, I will take 5 or 10 rating points off each subsequent pitch. i really need to look into this further before I make a final decision. If it aint a mess, it'll do ... Read More
Sunday, August 28, 2016
There is something I have thought about for awhile now. It probably crosses my mind way too much, and to be dead honest, it is definitely ridiculous that I let this bother me at all, let alone as much as it actually does.

So, again, full disclosure: I am dumb for caring about this. Fully admit it.

That being said, as time goes on I can't help but notice trends, post to post, on OS and I feel like there are patterns as far which posts get likes and which posts don't. ... Read More
11:18 AM - August 28, 2016. Written by Caulfield
Like K/9 and BB/9, instead of using H/9 and HR/9 I use batting average against and HR% to determine this particular set of attributes.
In 1982 the MLB average of BA Against was .261 and the way my chart worked out was:
99=.212 (Nolan Ryan was tops at .213)
60=.260 (Mike Witt falls right here, as average)
30=.320 (Lary Sorensen had a .322 BA Against)

... Read More
10:27 AM - August 28, 2016. Written by Caulfield
Instead of actually using a pitchers K/9 and BB/9 numbers, I use the same stat as I use for Vision and Discipline: SO% and BB%
In '82 the SO% average was 13.2% The K/9 chart is:
99=24.9% (Mario Soto was tops with 26.5%)
60=13.2% (Most average were Vida Blue, Rich Gale and Jerry Reuss)
40=7.2% (You wont strike out many batsmen with Brewers starter Mike Caldwell and his 7.1 SO%)
20=3.2% ... Read More
06:02 AM - August 28, 2016. Written by Caulfield
Now this is another one of those items where I went outside the box on calculating. The way I do it is the more you attempt to bunt the better rating I give you. And I have two charts, one for pitchers and one for everyone else.
This formula is also short and simple; SH Att./PA . The 1982 MLB average was .0128

For pitchers:
99=.2 (Jerry Reuss)
0=0 For a starting pitcher Mike Scott of the Mets will be pretty useless ... Read More
Saturday, August 27, 2016
12:23 PM - August 27, 2016. Written by Caulfield
I hope my method of calculating potential will be considered vastly greater than calculating speed but even it has its limitations. It probably would have been better to look at more than just WAR to determine potential but I wanted to KISS* it.

Catcher and relief pitchers will each have a separate formula from the starting pitchers and other everyday players. 1B probably should have its own formula too but after much deliberation I lumped 1B in with the rest of the infield and the ... Read More
03:10 AM - August 27, 2016. Written by Caulfield
This speed rating task may prove to be a house of cards that brings down the entire deck but I'm married to this way of doing it and hell or high tide, for better or worse, it is what it is. I will be using stolen bases to determine a partial of the speed rating, and then using position and age to flesh it out. I'm aware of all the pitfalls and discrepancy's this formula will produce but with the limited data to rely on, this will be the simplest way to accomplish the speed attribute. I wanted to ... Read More
Friday, August 26, 2016
06:28 PM - August 26, 2016. Written by Caulfield
My way of determining clutch attribute ratings may have been too far out in leftfield for most folk but my durability and stamina ratings should move back closer to center of mainstream. Or maybe not.
First up is durability for everyday position players, id est, hitters. I don't know what average would be for 1982 but I guesstimate around 106 games? 8 players played in all 162 games including the likes of Steve Garvey, Pete Rose, Dwight Evans and Dale Murphy. Reggie Smith fell right on that ... Read More
02:06 PM - August 26, 2016. Written by Pavelbure
this is an nhl roster file
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Thursday, August 25, 2016
05:58 PM - August 25, 2016. Written by Caulfield
There are a myriad of ways to determine clutch and if you asked ten people for a definition of clutch, you could probably get eleven different answers. Baseball Reference alone has at minimum 10 clutch measurements and maybe as many as 15. Some people are even saying that a "clutch" attribute doesnt exist.
A sampling of BR tallies:
RISP w/2 outs, tied games, within 1 run, within 2 runs,
late and close, which is PA's 7th inning and beyond, score tied or the batting team up 1 ... Read More