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Monday, February 8, 2016
Discussing about the NBA Season, Derek Fisher got fired, is Steph Curry a better scorer then Prime Kobe/Jordan? Talk about NBA 2k16 and the Pro Am Tournament. Call in every Monday nights 6pm Est. 646 787-1972

01:34 PM - February 8, 2016. Written by LeftyJr80
I'm probably one of the few that's still using NBA 2k14 for xbox360 due to Vlad's incredible Reditor program. Which, I feel was a great thing and not so great. It allowed us to personalize the game with some limitations. But, it also opened the door to those same limitations on 2k's part and a vague understanding as to why. I've been reading posts regarding NBA 2k16 and thinking is it worth purchasing 2k16 and went out on a limb and bought it anyway for $40. After playing it, I basically feel it ... Read More
05:48 AM - February 8, 2016. Written by Dan13Marino
Star Tier dropped 19 days ago. I have played countless games since. In the process of a long reset right now. Had a incredible streak of 4 resets in one day (after a near max reset). And got dupe (but not the one you want) Support card. My first card for my freebie was PG Ricky Rubio (2 slot - REB). Probably one of the worst to get.

My first reset was a tease, since I got Billups. So i dropped RP to try and get the dupe in RTTC. And you can read my RTTC blog - part 6 to ... Read More
Sunday, February 7, 2016
09:34 PM - February 7, 2016. Written by Beechoo
Only because there is nothing better....which stinks for gamers like me who are also very big basketball fans.

Sooooooooo many flaws in the game, and cheesing has all but taken over. Even now, I see people I play with who don't think they are cheesing starting to adapt to the game to exploit the flaws and start doing the same thing over and over again because it is what works best. I hate it. I don't want to be a cheeser, but NBA 2k16 basically forces you to be a cheeser if you want ... Read More
Friday, February 5, 2016

I checked the gooey_nba_dlc.iff file for NBA 2K14 (PC) and this is the first texture I found. You can also check this file by opening it with the NBA 2KX ModTool, NBA 2K 3DM tool or RED MC. Remember, "dlc" means "downloadable content". NBA 2K9 was the first NBA 2K game to be released for the PC. The graphics look like NBA 2K10 with images of players from the bottom ... Read More
Thursday, February 4, 2016
09:26 AM - February 4, 2016. Written by Batistaj15
Hello OS community. I just wanted to introduce everyone to my brand new YouTube gaming channel 'JohnBau15'. This is my first time doing this and have alot of great ideas i'd love to translate into videos. Most of the games I play are NBA 2k16, WWE 2k16, Madden NFL 15, & GTA V. I've worked on a little video for NBA 2k16. Please watch the video, subscribe, and feel free to leave any tips in the comments.

RTTC Strategy - Part 6 - Should I even try if I have no Star Pros? - the short answer is NO!

This use to be one of my favorites events until the last one. I wanted to wait if they changed the point structure, but they did not. At my level, I am almost at Star + for RTTC. That should allow me to do at least +5 for the first Star card (but it was not). I have 25 fully trained Leg Pros (non event cards) or Star singles fully trained.

I bought a 48k RP pack thinking, ... Read More
Monday, February 1, 2016
Sunday, January 31, 2016
11:32 PM - January 31, 2016. Written by Bloop33
speaking of Chargers and Texans, I've done some investigative journalism and have come to learn that Thomas Woods and Ryan Crosby are actually twins born to the same mother, but different fathers. In the mid 90's, in the infancy of internet porn, their mother Ivana Spankin was a huge hardcore sensation. While performing a threesome scene with 2 men she became pregnant to twins. Their mothers surname didn't really fit for the boys, and not wanting to use their fathers last names either, they were ... Read More
Saturday, January 30, 2016
12:33 AM - January 30, 2016. Written by CAMeagle


(TH) Top 100 = x3,333 / 14.0 = 238.1 pt/hr * 81 = 19,283.8 [238.1]
(FR) Top 100 = x7,012 / 36.0 = 194.8 pt/hr * 81 = 14,312.1 [167.2]
(SA) Top 100 = 10,845 / 58.0 = 186.9 pt/hr * 81 = 15,145.6 [174.2]
(SU) Top 100 = 13,230 / 70.0 = 189.0 pt/hr * 81 = 15,309.0 [198.8]
(SU) Top 100 = 17,125 / 81.0 = 211.4 pt/hr * 81 = 17,125.0 [354.1] (FINAL)

(TH) Top 500 = x1,945 / 14.0 = 138.9 ... Read More
Wednesday, January 27, 2016
We've collaborated with both tutsyroll and maximize10 of Double-A Mods to bring the 2015 Christmas Jerseys to ALL 30 NBA teams for the new update of Med's NBA Roster for NBA 2K14! We've also updated all of the crazy transactions in the first month of the year, which includes not just player changes, but also coaching changes. We've also updated the rotations, accessories, ratings and animations as usual for your basic roster update.

2015 Christmas Jerseys for All 30 NBA Teams
... Read More
05:02 AM - January 27, 2016. Written by poulka
I have been doing a 100 team soccer tournament based off of 2015 club rankings. The tournament is in three parts, an 8 team starter tournament. Then a 32 team tournament in that includes the four semi finalist from the 8 team tournament. Then the final 64 team tournament. I will give progressions and results from matches.
Monday, January 25, 2016
We discuss Basketball, NBA 2K16, NBA Live 16. Call in every Monday Nights. 6pm Est. 646 787-1972. Go in chat room below at 5:55pm

Sunday, January 24, 2016
04:04 PM - January 24, 2016. Written by gharp14
The offseason in an MLB The Show franchise can be a huge opportunity to improve your team through coach hiring's, free agents, trades, and the rule 5 draft. If your team has a lot of available money left in the budget, then you can make major upgrades for the upcoming season. I will discuss how I approach the key parts of the offseason and then will list some ways in how to improve the offseason of franchise mode.

1. Free Agents
Who I target in free agency depends on ... Read More