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Wednesday, October 1, 2014
09:02 AM - October 1, 2014. Written by justanotherguy
"You have to play every possession like its your last."

"You gotta play with some passion, you have to play like you want to win this game! We can't expect them to give it to us. We gotta take it! That's how we play!"

"One possession at a time, all the way to the finish!"

"It's not about any one person, its about us and how we do."

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Appreciate him calling in for the community.

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Monday, September 29, 2014
05:47 AM - September 29, 2014. Written by TheRealHST

Stop discriminating against young sports gamers

I'm 32 years old.

My very first experience with a sports videogame was Tecmo Bowl. I can assume that most of us here used this game a springboard into the wonderful world of sports gaming that was soon to follow.

Over the years I would go on to play numerous titles. These games did alot for me as ... Read More
Thursday, September 25, 2014
07:51 PM - September 25, 2014. Written by The Lob Mob

The title is self explanatory... NBA 2K15 MyPark custom arena, importable logos, upload logos put them in the game etc... But we want CREW, not this 'MyPark' ... we'd be cool with both though. The video explains why...

check us out at:





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12:52 PM - September 25, 2014. Written by majesty95
Create a FIFA 15 Ultimate Team using players from your favorite country, league, team or a combination of all three. Then compete with them in a league format with an organized schedule, standings and league stats all being tracked. The top point getter at the end of the season is the league champion!

All matches will be streamed LIVE on Twitch. We will also do live ... Read More
Tuesday, September 23, 2014
06:34 PM - September 23, 2014. Written by Forthy
Arsenal Outlast Palace
by Jericho Alexander

Despite the best efforts of a fiery Palace defense, Arsenal was able to come away with a fairly lopsided win in the first weekend of the season. Delaney and Dann held solid for as long as they could, before Supersigning Danny Welbeck found the net in the 74th minute of the contest. Scott Dann threw himself at countless efforts in front of the net, but picked up a knock in the 68th minute, seeing Welbeck take full advantage.
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01:13 PM - September 23, 2014. Written by Forthy
Crystal Palace Signs Unproven Manager
by Jericho Alexander
Crystal Palace have finally announced their replacement for the departing Anthony Pulis. Whilst many people were first linked with the role, the Crystal Palace board have recently announced Joshua Forseth as their new manager.

Never heard the name before? Don't worry, you aren't alone. Forseth is an unproven, unknown manager, best known for his work as a defensive coach for the Canadian National team. He is
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12:40 PM - September 23, 2014. Written by BreakingBad2013

Welcome to the Official Scouting Tips Blog. Please take the time to read through different tips and techniques to make sure you can maximize your Scouting and have a Great Draft Day.


Wait until the end of Free Agency to scout!

If you wait until the end of the season, some college players will enter or be removed from the
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Monday, September 22, 2014
03:25 PM - September 22, 2014. Written by BlyGilmore

If you've ever played for a Pro Club in FIFA, you know that it is an entirely different type of video game experience.

Decades of sports gaming has programmed us to worry about the old numero uno. In the early days we were the kings of our living rooms, winning championships left and right.

Then came the cold harsh reality that we might actually suck compared to other players. Online ... Read More
02:32 PM - September 22, 2014. Written by NYCDaFutureisBack

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02:47 AM - September 22, 2014. Written by Barbatrucco
About ten days left since Nba 2K15 release and we PS3 / 360 users do not know anything about the old generation consolle, except for the Crew Mode. We spend our money to buy NBA 2K15 old gen version and we pretend news. We are tired of reading news regarding only PS4 / One / PC.
These are my questions for you, 2K crew (Wang, RobJones, Ronnie, Leftos, DaCzar and so on), and I wish some of you will answer these questions below.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014
05:21 PM - September 21, 2014. Written by wferguson05
This is directed towards the guys that want the best 12min. quarter "Simulation" experience against human opponents. I guess I should start out by saying that I believe in the default sliders and have always believed in them for a while. I also think that the simulation sliders were put in place so that league creators could feel more comfortable adding "semi sim" guys to their leagues, knowing that the sliders would help curb some of the foolishness. Here is my thing, learn how to play the 2K and ... Read More
Saturday, September 20, 2014
05:52 PM - September 20, 2014. Written by jordankobewade7
I was recently looking at some of my older blog entries and I couldn't help but notice how relevant they still are. One in particular that caught my eye is my old blog entry highlighting my 2k11 wishlist, and I couldn't help but compare it to what is coming (and what i hope is coming) in 2k15 set to release in under 3 weeks time.

It was a great list then and still is now, and since I feel like my ideas are eerily parallel to those within the 2k dev team (many of my ideas in my blogs ... Read More
Friday, September 19, 2014
11:31 AM - September 19, 2014. Written by wferguson05
The "BEST MADDEN EVER", those were the words I used to describe Madden 15 the first couple of weeks of launch leading up to the first roster update and patch. Shortly afterwards, I began to notice how much this game, although improved game-play wise, is still lacking in the "football sim" area. I understand that many of the players on Madden play the "ranked" mode and they tend to expect to get 60 min. football scores in 24 min. games, and I have no problem with that, but where is the mode for the ... Read More