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Monday, September 5, 2016
The '82 New York Yankees.
Everyday Starters:
C Rick Cerone
1B *Dave Revering*
2B Willie Randolph
SS *Bucky Dent*
3B Graig Nettles
LF Dave Winfield
CF Jerry Mumphrey
RF Ken Griffey
DH Oscar Gamble (Skill trade is RF by position)

Ron Guidry / Dave Righetti / *Tommy John* / Mike Morgan / *Doyle Alexander*

It was the typical Bronx Zoo in '82:
(*Dave Revering was sent packing to ... Read More
This is part II, continuing where outfield arm strength left off. Centerfield arm strength was in part I. I use Held%+Kill% to calculate.

For leftfield the '82 MLB average was 63.8%

For rightfield the '82 MLB average was 45.4%

Infield arm strength is next and its one of those items where I reach way out of the batters box to hand out ratings.
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11:57 AM - September 5, 2016. Written by thescoop
Madden 17 is a huge step in the right direction. It isn't perfect but it does mark the biggest move in the right direction we've seen in years. For those not familiar with my "superficial wishlists" for MLB The Show, I'll explain real quick. On these, I don't focus on gameplay issues. I only focus on issues that some might consider superficial or not as important. While I agree there might be some bigger issues than these, I have more fun focusing on the little things and letting others hammer out ... Read More
The '82 Boston Red Sox.
Everyday Starters:
C Gary Allenson/Rich Gedman (platoon)
1B Dave Stapleton
2B Jerry Remy
SS Glenn Hoffman
3B Carney Lansford
LF Jim Rice
CF Rick Miller
RF Dwight Evans
DH Carl Yastrzemski (Skill trade is 1B by position)

Dennis Eckersley / Mike Torrez / John Tudor / Chuck Rainey / Bruce Hurst
(Bob Ojeda is interchangeable with Hurst in the 5th spot)

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05:57 AM - September 5, 2016. Written by AT35
MyTeam Recap

Now, let’s talk about the MyTeam mode. In this year, 2K redesigned the cards, making them look totally different:

(via www.mnrdaily.com)

• The cards have new tiers too. Instead of only having 5 tiers (bronze, silver, gold, amethyst and diamond), like in NBA 2K16, this year we have 9 tiers:
• Bronze
• Silver
• Gold
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Sunday, September 4, 2016
This is the way I have the '82 Baltimore Orioles set up to begin the season.
Everyday Starters:
C Rick Dempsey - 77
1B Eddie Murray - 98
2B Rich Dauer - 87
SS *Lenn Sakata* - 84
3B *Cal Ripken Jr.* - 84
LF Ron Roenicke - 92 / John Lowenstein - 77 (platoon)
CF Al Bumbry - 71
RF Dan Ford - 69
DH Ken Singleton - 67 (Skill trade is RF by position)

Dennis Martinez / Scott McGregor / Mike Flanagan ... Read More
For pitcher arm strength I trot out SO% for a third go-around (I also use it for K/9 and to set fastball velocity). The '82 average for SO% was 13.2%
99=25.2% (Mario Soto)
75=19.2% (Ron Davis, Rudy May, Jeff Reardon)
50=13% (Vida Blue, Rich Gale, Ed Whitson, Jerry Reuss)
25=8% (Matt Keough, Rick Langford)

For pitcher accuracy I use throwing errors/assists. The '82 average was .030
98=.0006 (Fernando Valenzuela)
... Read More
06:54 AM - September 4, 2016. Written by The Lob Mob

CONFIRMED Badge List For NBA 2K17
55 Badges

Alpha Dog
Clutch Performer
Spark Plug
Championship DNA
Floor General
Defensive Anchor
Low Ego
All-Time Great
High Work Ethic
Legendary Work Ethic
Keep It Real
Pat My Back
Laid Back ... Read More
Saturday, September 3, 2016
09:54 PM - September 3, 2016. Written by Caulfield
Now its time for catcher arm strength and accuracy.
Arm Strength is based on CS% The '82 average was 34% and I use 65 as average to balance out the 66 for 66%SB that I use as average for basestealing. The numbers:

(Bob Boone, his defense numbers should make for a heady OVRALL, I havent looked at his offensive production yet)
65=34% (Milt May)
50=26% (Terry Kennedy)
35=19% (Alan Ashby)

Accuracy is throwing errors/PA ... Read More
03:42 PM - September 3, 2016. Written by AT35
MyCareer Recap

Two weeks to go for the launch of NBA 2K17. Recently, we received news about MyCareer. In this article, we will resume all the new stuff that we know by now:
• Starting with the player creation, the archetypes are back for NBA 2K17. Your body customization really matters this year: the wingspan, the height and even the weight will affect your attributes;
• Each archetype has his own upgradable badges. That means you can only upgrade that five badges to
... Read More
Let me know what yall think about what Mike Wang gave us with the details of 2k17..


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06:47 AM - September 3, 2016. Written by Caulfield
Range is calculated A/Innings, except for outfield wich is PO/Inn. and catcher which is Assists/Plate Appearance (Not their batting PA). The high end and the average of each position is staggered.
The averages: 1B=.0779 (55) , 2B=.342 (65) , SS=.358 (70) , 3B=.237 (60)
If you'll remember, the average range for pitcher and catcher is 50. The average for outfield is the same as 2B, OF=65
The high end for 1B=84, 2B=94, SS=99, 3B=89 The average high end for pitcher and catcher=79 ... Read More
03:59 AM - September 3, 2016. Written by Caulfield
Pitchers range is calculated A/Innings. The 1982 average for pitchers was .145 Like catchers, the high end for pitchers is 79.
79=.224 (Fernando Valenzuela)
25=.072 (Bill Gullickson .076)

Outfielder range is PO/Innings. The 1982 average for outfielders was .255 The high end of range for outfield is 99.
99=.347 (Dwayne Murphy)
30=.155 (Dusty Baker .178 gets a 35)

On deck, range for 1B, 2B, SS, and 3B.
... Read More
01:50 AM - September 3, 2016. Written by CoachModer
Once again it appears that EA sports missed the mark with Madden 2017 for the many people that play Coach Mode, like myself, and it makes you wonder if EA will ever get it right. They need to look to OS and get advice from people who actually play the game and have the right ideas for the right fixes. They once again put out a great graphics product to capture your attention, but missed the point of accurate game play i.e. running backs pulling a Mark Sanchez and running into the back of the linemen, ... Read More
Friday, September 2, 2016
12:44 PM - September 2, 2016. Written by lyonsjor
Just finished the 3rd year of my Lions Franchise. Posting below, but check out Year 1 and 2 summaries.

Year 3

Regular Season
Going into year 3, I was feeling optimistic. We just came off of a division winning year at 10-6. We lost in the wild card game big, but that was a big improvement from my first season at 4-12. I set my expectations for another 10 win season.

The team was mostly healthy besides Marvin Jones who struggled to stay on the field ... Read More