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Saturday, September 10, 2016
01:00 AM - September 10, 2016. Written by dtlm6
Initially, I was impressed with what I was reading about regarding FIFA 17 and planned to buy it over PES 17. Not because I thought that PES 17 wouldn't be great but rather because I think PES 16 is one of the greatest sports games ever (including the soundtrack).

However, the more I read about both games, the more I began to remember that I have enjoyed PES for the last two years (15 and 16) whereas I lost interest in FIFA very quickly over the last two years despite FIFA having my ... Read More
Friday, September 9, 2016
18 years old NYC OnlineNation aka Da Prez... NYC Product from Jamaica Queenz. Just trying to make it out the Hood. Follow The Journey. Subscribe,Like,Comment! #OnlineNation All Day

Thursday, September 8, 2016
02:37 PM - September 8, 2016. Written by Caulfield
You tell a woman you need lockwashers multiple multiple times for your department for two weeks, your cries fall on deaf ears. Her boyfriend who works on the nightshift, and only comes wandering into your department when he's bored, tells her, BANG! you finally get your parts. Aint that just like a woman. My department doesnt even have a second shift, doesnt need one. We do just fine on our own thankyou. At least we have our parts now. For now anyways. The only thing said woman has going for her ... Read More
11:56 AM - September 8, 2016. Written by clayface89
Everyone that played with the kings of crew for 2k16 or any affiliated teams state who you are and post the position and play style that you feel pretty sure about for the prelude so we can have some sort of organization going for us.
The '82 Atlanta Braves.
Everday starters:
C Bruce Benedict
1B Chris Chambliss
2B Glenn Hubbard
SS Rafael Ramirez
3B Bob Horner
LF *Dale Murphy*
CF *Brett Butler*
RF Claudell Washington

Phil Niekro / Rick Mahler / Bob Walk / *Tommy Boggs* / *Ken Dayley*

(Rick Camp started more than Boggs and Dayley combined. After Boggs injury Pascual Perez became the 4th starter when McWillams was traded ... Read More
11:16 AM - September 8, 2016. Written by NYCDaFuture
NBA 2K17 Dynamic Commentary Trailer, let me know what yall think about it and hit the Like, Subscribe, Comment button!

10:41 AM - September 8, 2016. Written by AT35
Pro-AM Recap

Now, let's talk about the Pro-AM mode.
Pro-AM is back for NBA 2K17 with some improvements. In this year, your team's roster can be extended to 10 players and the owner doesn’t need to be present to his team play.
Now, in Pro-AM you can earn Park reputation, starting on amateur and finishing in Elite.
You will be able to view all the stats for players and follow each one's progression.
You are going to be able to earn endorsements and earn
... Read More
Wednesday, September 7, 2016
04:10 PM - September 7, 2016. Written by AT35
Blacktop Recap

Today, let’s talk about NBA Blacktop.
This year’s Blacktop has been very improved. Instead of playing in only one park, in NBA 2K17 you can choose between more then 1 park park.
Now, there is a crowd that will react to the on court events.
You can make your own rules. You can:
• decide if it’s a 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 or 5v5 game;
• half or full court;
• determine the number of points to win the game;
• and even wind
... Read More
11:50 AM - September 7, 2016. Written by lyonsjor
Before checking out Year 4's results, make sure you are up to date on Years 1-3.

Year 4

2019-20 Offseason

Coming off of a surprise Super Bowl run and win, I thought I would mostly focus on depth and addressing a hole at free safety in my defensive backfield. On the free agent market, I picked up Jeremy Langford to be my 3rd RB since Theo Riddick and Ameer Abdullah have been known to get hampered with various injuries. In league news, Carson Palmer signed with ... Read More
Tuesday, September 6, 2016
10:38 PM - September 6, 2016. Written by Caulfield
Twice in the last couple weeks I've seen reports of women giving birth who didnt even "know" they were pregnant. Over the years I have heard of similar stories as well. Maybe its because I'm a man but I just dont get how you dont know for 9 months the fact that there is another living body inside your own body. Heck even the Virgin Mary had the good sense to know she was preggers, of course she did have benefit of being informed of the fact in a dream. Now, those women who have premature births, ... Read More
The '82 Toronto Blue Jays.
Everyday starters:
C Ernie Whitt/Buck Martinez (platoon)
1B Willie Upshaw
2B Damaso Garcia
SS Alfredo Griffin
3B Garth Iorg/Rance Mulliniks (platoon)
LF Barry Bonnell
CF Lloyd Moseby
RF Jesse Barfield
DH *John Mayberry* (Skill trade is 1B by position)

Jim Clancy / Dave Stieb / Luis Leal / Jim Gott / *Mark Bomback*

(*Mayberry was traded to the Yankees for ... Read More
02:18 PM - September 6, 2016. Written by AT35
MyGM/MyLeague Recap

Today we have some news about the MyLeague/MyGM mode.
In NBA 2K17, 2K decided to bring back the Playoffs mode and add the Start Today mode. So this year we have 6 MyLeague/MyGM modes:
• MyGM
• MyLeague
• MyLeague Online
• Start Today
• Season
• Playoffs

Image: 2K Sports

Let’s talk about the 2 new modes:
... Read More
Monday, September 5, 2016
10:55 PM - September 5, 2016. Written by bovandy
Coming Soon
08:13 PM - September 5, 2016. Written by Caulfield
As I mentioned previously, I went outside conventional means to come up with infield arm strength. I felt like there was at least a decent way to incorporate stats to translate into arm strength for catchers pitchers and oufielders but not so much for infielders so I had to fabricate a system. What I did was use age in relation to what infield position the player played. It wont correlate to how strong the players arm was in real life but it will have to suffice until theres a better way thats also ... Read More
The '82 New York Yankees.
Everyday Starters:
C Rick Cerone
1B *Dave Revering*
2B Willie Randolph
SS *Bucky Dent*
3B Graig Nettles
LF Dave Winfield
CF Jerry Mumphrey
RF Ken Griffey
DH Oscar Gamble (Skill trade is RF by position)

Ron Guidry / Dave Righetti / *Tommy John* / Mike Morgan / *Doyle Alexander*

It was the typical Bronx Zoo in '82:
(*Dave Revering was sent packing to ... Read More