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Tuesday, January 24, 2017
08:17 AM - January 24, 2017. Written by Retired25Won2K
Hey XboxOne family... This game was yet the hardest one thus far since I set out to play an entire game with sticking to the freelances available. I realized PlayCalling is damn near required with my style of play!!!
Monday, January 23, 2017
08:29 PM - January 23, 2017. Written by Retired25Won2K
We are on a roll... love it when they rage quit
11:36 AM - January 23, 2017. Written by Retired25Won2K
Another nail biter!!!
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08:06 AM - January 23, 2017. Written by Retired25Won2K
First time we've ever been matched up versus the Heat after 39 games I believe... I'm on the XboxOne if anyone ever wants to run...

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Sunday, January 22, 2017
10:09 PM - January 22, 2017. Written by javov10

Galatasaray Odeabank

Austin Daye 73 PF/C Faceup Four
Alex Tyus 73 C Interior Defender
Sinan Guler 72 SG/PG Two-Way Guard (Team Leader)
Tibor Pleiss 72 C Inside Scorer
Blake Schilb 72 SF Versatile Offensive Wing
Bruno Fitipaldo 70 PG Offensive-Minded Point/ Shooter Point ?
Vladimir Micov 69 PF/SF (72
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Saturday, January 21, 2017
08:00 AM - January 21, 2017. Written by mcdowell31
On a high note: I have developed a slider set that works for me and gives me great basketball AI and animations. I am a YouTube fan of TruthChaserProtocol for NBA 2K and RyanMoody for Madden. Both of them seek AI and animation improvements from the development teams that are logical and close to real world for those respective games.

Despite having great sliders, I was still seeing “X-Men Basketball”: Players using psychic powers to make steals, manipulate opponents, and occasionally ... Read More
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Friday, January 20, 2017
08:11 PM - January 20, 2017. Written by mcdowell31
I do not know if it is my imagination or someone at 2K actually reads my ramblings here. There seem to be 1-2 fewer cut-scenes per half, and the controller responds sooner when I input “I don't want to see this cutscene”. I continue playing zero cut-scene setting in MyLeague, so it is a slight improvement, but technically still a misnomer robbing me of the player-only and coach-only atmosphere.

As I have said before: I actually love immersion! I have everything turned-on immersion ... Read More
Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Monday, January 16, 2017
100 Possessions Analysis
Play: Quick 42 Flare
Playbook: Hornets
Option #1

Well, I have surpassed the goal of documenting at least 100 possessions of a particular play. Per the request earlier, here is a brief analysis of Quick 42 Flare from the Hornets playbook. My disclaimer is that after running a few games with the Hornets, chose to venture off and use other teams since I wanted to see the difference of player movement and chemistry.

I personally ... Read More
10:49 AM - January 16, 2017. Written by javov10
Zalgiris Kaunas

Paulius Jankunas 74 PF/C Offensive-Minded Four
Brock Motum 73 PF Faceup Four
Leo Westermann 72 SG/PG Versatile Playmaker
Edgaras Ulanovas 71 SF Two-Way Wing
Kevin Pangos 70 PG Offensive-Minded Point
Augusto César Lima 70 C Athletic Inside Scorer
Lukas Lekavicius 70 PG Reliable Playmaker
Arturas Milaknis
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Saturday, January 14, 2017
01:55 PM - January 14, 2017. Written by Tomba
Hi Guys Good Ol Tomba here. Figured I'd update you guys a lil more going forward into 2017 Placeholder for alot of new info

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05:39 AM - January 14, 2017. Written by Retired25Won2K
Your (19-10) 76ers are seeking to extend their 10-game winning streak after mixing up their offensive and defensive styles the past few games. After learning a few new things/benefits of running different freelances, they are going to focus on the following objectives in this one:
--- 1st Half Goals ---
Offensive OBJ #1: Commit less than 5 turnovers
Offensive OBJ #2: Call plays ONLY using "Smart Play" from the EuroLeague1 Playbook.
Offensive OBJ #3: Stick with Horns ... Read More
Friday, January 13, 2017
1st Half - Meeting the gameplan (see previous blog entry) objectives were the most difficult challenge we've faced all year... defensively more so than offensively because I am not used to utilizing the trap functions, nor playing zone defense. We couldn't get into any rhythm offensively because I was so spent on trying to hit so many buttons to play defense. I believe he remained in the lead going into the 2nd Qtr, but not by much. I'll verify when we head to the filmroom and review the tape ... Read More