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Sunday, June 12, 2016
12:50 PM - June 12, 2016. Written by xFrenZy
The VIP League on PX1 Sports tries to replicate being an NFL GM as closely as possible. Our rules and guidelines are created to foster a competitive sim environment while also replicating real life off of it.

In addition to one of the most realistic GM and coach experiences you can find, we also offer incredibly cool features like live play-by-play broadcasts, NFL RedZone broadcasts and even a weekly magazine!

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Saturday, June 11, 2016
09:41 PM - June 11, 2016. Written by tosa
Player BioYEAROVRPOT2008????
11:12 AM - June 11, 2016. Written by waspman3
Can't remember the last time I've been on but part of the reason is because I don't have my 360 anymore. Is the New Madden and this NHL 17 enough to warrant me to go out and getting an Xbox 1?
08:57 AM - June 11, 2016. Written by LambertandHam
I know there are specific E3 threads, but found this image helpful.

Friday, June 10, 2016
01:05 PM - June 10, 2016. Written by AnDan
Jousiampujat vs Elk HC 4-0 (0-0, 2-0, 2-0)

Jousiampujat at ELK HCJan 1, 123FJMP (X-X-X)0224LIF (0-1-0)0000Three StarsD. Brassard (JMP)
2 goals, 1 hitN. Yakopov (JMP)
1 goal, 1 assistS. Bobrovsky (JMP)
15 saves, 100% SAVETeam Stats ComparisonJMPLIFShots on Goal1715Hits1213Faceoffs Won-Lost810Penalty Minutes04:0006:00Power Plays Converted66,66%0%Power Play Opportunities31Time on Attack11:4505:40Scoring SummarySECOND PERIODJMP08:53 D. Brassard (1) (E. Kuznetsov, ... Read More
11:58 AM - June 10, 2016. Written by AnDan
Elk HC vs MTB United 0-8 (0-3, 0-3, 0-2)

ELK HC at MTB UNITEDJan 1, 123FLIF (0-0-0)0000MTB (x-x-x)3328Three StarsR. O´Reilly (MTB)
2 goals, 2 assists, 3 hitsD. Perron (MTB)
2 goals, 2 assists, 1 hitP. Hörnqvist (MTB)
1 goal, 3 asisstsTeam Stats ComparisonLIFMTBShots on Goal831Hits914Faceoffs Won-Lost1416Penalty Minutes14:0002:00Power Plays Converted0%42,85%Power Play Opportunities17Time on Attack03:0410:45Scoring SummaryFIRST PERIODMTB01:57 R. O´Reilly(1) ... Read More
10:12 AM - June 10, 2016. Written by AnDan
Hockey is back in town!

It is time for a new season, and the player of ELK HC is eager to get som ice action again! A few changes have been made to strengthen the team - including a new head coach!

Coach out: R. Krause - Coach in: I. Macarthur

I. Macarthur will be focusing more on speed and shooting. We believe that is what is right for the teram at this moment!
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09:58 AM - June 10, 2016. Written by AnDan
Let the scouting begin!

Silly Season negotiations (pack opening):

New players in ELK HCPickTeamPlayerPosHtWtELK HCC. McKelvieLW185cm86kgELK HCD. SparreRW178cm82kgELK HCP. LindgrenC183cm84kgELK HCJ. BrodaC183cm92kgELK HCA. GosselinRD180cm71kgELK HCA. MacWilliamLD188cm104kg

Players out: P. Jenys (LW), T. Enström (RW), M. McNeill (C), C. Ullmann (C), G. McFadden (RD), R. McNeill (RD)
09:18 AM - June 10, 2016. Written by AnDan

The season started off really great with a couple of wins in i row. Later on the team faced som hard opponents and had to struggle for the division win.

Elk HC (Team stats, season #4, div 7)
games played: 9
goals: 25
goals against: 26
shots/game: 20,22
hits/game: 6,66
passing: 50,33%
powerplay: 21,42%
penalty kill: 88,00%
faceoffs: 60,30%
breakaways: 12,50% ... Read More
Thursday, June 9, 2016
04:02 PM - June 9, 2016. Written by AnDan
Elk HC vs Buffalo Dinamo 2-1 OT (0-0, 1-1, 0-0, 1-0)

Elk HC at Buffalo DinamoJan 1, 123FLIF (5-3-0)0102BFD (X-X-X)0101Three StarsL. Galvas (LIF)
1 goalZ. Girgensons (LIF)
1 goalE. Fitzpatrik (LIF)
94% SAVETeam Stats ComparisonLIFBFDShots on Goal1917Hits68Faceoffs Won-Lost15-1111-15Penalty Minutes06:0002:00Power Plays Converted00Power Play Opportunities13Time on Attack06:1306:49Scoring SummarySECOND PERIODBFD02:00 Z. Girgensons (1) (M. Hossa, S. Voynov)LIF18:13 (J. ... Read More
03:09 PM - June 9, 2016. Written by AnDan
Elk HC vs Kossun Talli 1-2 (0-0, 0-2, 1-0)

Elk HC at Kossun TalliJan 1, 123FLIF (5-2-0)0011VRG (X-X-X)0202Three StarsR. Garbutt (VRG)
1 goalA. Anisimov (VRG)
1 goalO. Pavelec (VRG)
94% SAVETeam Stats ComparisonLIFVRGShots on Goal1723Hits76Faceoffs Won-Lost8-66-8Penalty Minutes2:004:00Power Plays Converted00Power Play Opportunities12Time on Attack06:2807:52Scoring SummarySECOND PERIODVRG04:13 A. Anisimov (1) (B. Campbell, D. Brown)VRG06:53 R. Garbutt (1) (B. ... Read More
12:09 PM - June 9, 2016. Written by Coach_Chever
Greetings football fans! Zipper Carlisle here, back with and update for WARRIORZ ABROAD 1st heat. When I last left you guys it was HS playoff time here.Our 16 recruits were battling to win a HS State championship for their respective squads of the 16 only a handful were able to be victorious and become HS State champs. those individuals were.


5* Barrington Maxwell QB #19 6'3 248lbs HS: Greenwood Bulldogs (AR) (Arkansas HS State Champs)

5* ... Read More
Wednesday, June 8, 2016
04:51 PM - June 8, 2016. Written by AnDan
Elk HC vs Bronky Indians 0-3 (0-0, 0-3, 0-0)

Elk HC at Bronky IndiansJan 1, 123FLIF (5-1-0)0000BIN (X-X-X)0303Three StarsF. Forsberg (BIN)
1 goal, 1 assistR. Vrbata (BIN)
1 goalT. Krug (BIN)
2 assistTeam Stats ComparisonLIFBINShots on Goal1222Hits124Faceoffs Won-Lost6-1313-6Penalty Minutes12:0008;00Power Plays Converted00Power Play Opportunities45Time on Attack04:2507:21Scoring Summary

The opponent played a fast paced team, and Elk HC struggled ... Read More
03:46 PM - June 8, 2016. Written by AnDan
FC Fischer vs Elk HC 2-3 PS (0-0, 2-2, 0-0, 0, 1-2)

FC Fischer at Elk HCJun 8, 2016123SOFSSV (X-X-X)02012LIF (4-1-0)02023Three StarsP. Bissonnette (LIF)
2 goalsE. Fitzpatrick (LIF
92% SAVES. Vatanen (SSV)
1 goal, 1 hitTeam Stats ComparisonSSVLIFShots on Goal2618Hits184Faceoffs Won-Lost3-1919-3Penalty Minutes14:0004:00Power Plays Converted033,33%Power Play Opportunities23Time on Attack06:0504:00Scoring SummarySECOND PERIODSSV09:39 C. Kreider (1) (D. Stepan, A.
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02:50 PM - June 8, 2016. Written by AnDan
INJURY REPORT: player gone for the seasonPosPlayerInjury NoteLWJ. SavaryHeartattack in the shower

J. Savary will be replaced by P. Jenys for the remaining games this season.