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Tuesday, September 2, 2014
02:05 PM - September 2, 2014. Written by justanotherguy
Entering the 2014 Playoffs with the Portland Trailblazers, we had high hopes as the first seed with big plans to bring the organization back to the days where it stood as a contender in the Western Conference. I'm a 6'4 Athletic SG and I'm very hyped to be here and determined to guide the Blazers to their first Championship in decades.

Our opening series is against the 8th seeded New ... Read More
11:24 AM - September 2, 2014. Written by Beastly Wayz

Alright Guys, The NFL Season kicks off in two days. What are your predictions for the Division Winners?


East - Patriots
South - Colts
North - Bengals
West - Broncos


East - Cowboys
South - Saints
North - Packers
West - Seahawks
10:02 AM - September 2, 2014. Written by sticks323
It is September and we barely got any information about NBA Live 15. They finally announced Damian Lillard will be the cover athlete and that got a few people excited but we donít have any real details about the game. We have not seen the game and it comes out in a month.
On the other hand NBA 2k has released two different trailers, showed off cheerleaders and mascots while telling us about different game modes for last gen and this gen consoles. They introduced us to Ernie Johnson and Shaquille ... Read More
Monday, September 1, 2014
10:28 PM - September 1, 2014. Written by Skyboxer
All Pro
Slow Game speed

Injury 45
Fatigue 60
Threshold 25

I strictly play in broadcast cam including FG's.
No Arc.

User CPU
06 10
65 100
48 48
92 100
50 50
45 55
35 35
65 55
35 35

ST: (Both)

Penalties(Still trying different settings) ... Read More
11:06 AM - September 1, 2014. Written by AdamJones113
Is Henrik Lundqvist the King of the NHL?
[Image: Henrik_Lundqvist_in_2010.jpg]

So often referred to as "King" Henrik, New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist, is, well the King. But lately, the Empire State's favourite monarch has been less than his royal airs, more like a royal heir.

Lundqvist is the first goalie to record 30+ wins in his 7 straight first seasons (and would have 9 if not for a lockout-shortened 2012-13 campaign. He's got most of the ... Read More
Sunday, August 31, 2014
03:19 PM - August 31, 2014. Written by mjavon
I've decided to "reload" my dynasty here since I wasn't too far in and I thought the fixes to the online CFM sim stats were too good to not use as a part of this series. I've also been playing a lot with sliders to ensure that I'm getting the most realistic experience possible. I will continue to change sliders as needed to represent the real game played on Sundays.

I didn't want to play the preseason all over again, so I just simmed through the games ... Read More
Saturday, August 30, 2014
10:21 PM - August 30, 2014. Written by AdamJones113
Brutal Comedown

Senators Old Trio Is Finally Destroyed

The final member of the Ottawa's vaunted top 3 of the early-to-late 2000's is finally wearing a colour other than red. One of the saddest sights to most Ottawa fans is that of centre and former captain Jason Spezza wearing Dallas Stars' green. Spezza is not just a former captain to the Canadian capital's faithful, he is an icon of their second millennium history and a ... Read More
10:56 AM - August 30, 2014. Written by ruggedrum
At this point in time and in this day and age, showing me screenshots of arena's just isn't to satisfying. It is time to put up some game play footage and I'm not talking about random up close footage neither. I'm talking real game play, I want to see the intro, I want to see some drives to the lane some fouls some dunks some crossovers something, enough of the arena screenshots. Haven't the faithful who have followed you and fended off numerous 2k haters year after year after year...haven't ... Read More
Wednesday, August 27, 2014
03:44 PM - August 27, 2014. Written by Jakeness23
In this side by side comparison I must say that Live looks better. Good thickness to the player model. Good detail in the accessory, jersey fits better. I'm not trying to start a huge, bloody debate because I have 2K pre-ordered but I will look into Live when the demo comes out. 2K still needs to fix the jerseys, models, and editable hair and facial hair would be nice for both games. Just giving my 2 cents... please don't turn this into a really heated thing if you decide to comment. Be respectful, ... Read More
Tuesday, August 26, 2014
On the release date of Madden I choose to write this blog with a warning to NBA 2k staff/marketing : Don't employ EA's attitude of secrecy/silence when it comes to letting your buyers know what is/isn't in last gen titles.

Everyone at this site is a fanatic about one sport or another in regards to gaming. That is a big reason why I love the community here at OS. Whether that is soccer,basketball, football, baseball, etc. we are all passionate about one(or more than one) of ... Read More
This is more important than you might think because believe it or not, I have correctly guessed the last two Super Bowl matchups and winners. Using the same method by which I have used the last two years, I will come up with this year's pick for the big game, but first go through the divisions and show you records for every team including wins and losses. We'll start with a division that is near and dear to my heart, the AFC East.

AFC East:
... Read More
08:42 AM - August 26, 2014. Written by bradtxmale
Here is a mock Madden NFL 15 cover. I made it this morning. I figured you guys could get a good laugh from this. Leave me a comment.

Sunday, August 24, 2014
After 8 games on all pro, a brief trial of the skills trainer and an online game , here are my initial impressions of the game.
Graphics .
A much better effort coming out of EA Tiburon this year. New player models look great. Tom Brady looks like a lanky skinny kid rather than a linebacker, lighting in the stadiums is markedly better. I played a game at Heinz Field in the afternoon ,as weather changed and the afternoon progressed the skybox changed different shades of colour and ... Read More
Friday, August 22, 2014
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Thursday, August 21, 2014
11:33 PM - August 21, 2014. Written by RUFFNREADY
First my rant: "This is too bleeepin short! C'mon EA!"
I have played only two games (8min qtrs accel clock), and a bunch of the skill challenges; quit the trial, went out for dinner, then went for a bike ride with the family, had dessert, put the kids to bed, had a drink (adult beverage), turned back on my console, logged into EA Access Hub, clicked on Madden 15, and now it's telling me I have less than a hour left!!!! WTH!!!

Timeline: started playing the game around ... Read More