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Monday, September 21, 2015
04:11 PM - September 21, 2015. Written by NYCDaFuture
Discussing NBA Live 16 Review For Demo Impressions, and the Countdown to NBA2K16 this Friday 9-25.

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12:38 PM - September 21, 2015. Written by RipCityAndy
Hi All - I finally maxed out my 7'1" Center yesterday with an 80 OVR rating. After dozens of Summer Circuit games I feel like I am ready to publish a review.

I am using a +/- scale. The more of each is better/worse respectively.
+ = Neat
+ + + + + = AWESOME
- = Tad annoying
- - - - - = TERRIBLE

Upgrading my player. (+ + + +) This upgrading system felt fresh and rewarding, and consistently had me wanting to play another game. I always ... Read More
08:58 AM - September 21, 2015. Written by Bullit
So I have just finished up year three of my Nationals franchise and I have come to several conclusions. I would like to point out that this review is just my opinion.

Over the course of over 500 games, I finally feel like I can put my thoughts into a review.

MLB 15 the show does a lot of things right. The stadiums look beautiful and the lighting has never been better. While some people don't like the player models I for one think they are outstanding. They uniforms ... Read More
Sunday, September 20, 2015
04:16 PM - September 20, 2015. Written by Perry_West
I had only two issues with NBA 2k15 MyCareer. Maybe I missed something and there was a mention of what would happen with these features, but last year they had shot fatigue which sort of seems like a dividing topic. I have to say I agree with the concept, but there are rare players who can shoot all day and not feel fatigued and that is where my issue with this feature stands: Are we creating rare exceptional players or run of the mill characters? Why place limitations on us through programming? ... Read More
Saturday, September 19, 2015
10:47 AM - September 19, 2015. Written by EvanRG
In this first episode, EvanRG struggles through a Fifa 16, All-Manual, Custom World Class slider affair... Lukaku makes him pay for his newbness...

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Friday, September 18, 2015
05:56 AM - September 18, 2015. Written by ssx95351
We are a weekly league looking for serious gamers. Gamers who will stick with us for the long term, who are active in not just playing their games but interacting with everyone else in the league, someone who will contribute by writing up their own stories, someone who will keep going even when their your season isn't going the way they planned. Someone who plays fair, always active with the league, and takes advantage of all the different options we offer, use our forums, post your own news, schedule ... Read More
Thursday, September 17, 2015
09:15 AM - September 17, 2015. Written by Jakeness23
Didn't see a better place to ask this, but did anyone see or hear if we're able to edit CAPs in franchise mode after they have been drafted? Obviously we can't edit current players (though that would be cool) but being able to edit CAPs would be huge when you get deep into the franchise modes.
Wednesday, September 16, 2015
I have been through about 3 to 4 generations of gaming ( SNES, Genesis, Virtual Boy, Game Boy, Gameboy color to PS4 ) even the arcade places that used to have prizes when you played skee ball. So over the course of 20 years I have found that games went from one cartridge or 4-6 disk that would provide more content than any game today. Cheat codes, unlockables and secrets gave gamers the ability to have incentives to play a game. It just seems that as times move forward, the less rewarded we the ... Read More
01:37 PM - September 16, 2015. Written by DblocW
Wassup People, Its ya boy DangerousDbloc....hope all is well

So we are a few days away from one of the most exciting times in a long time when 2 different,playable basketball games will be releasing. Give both companies a standing O...Its been a long journey. I salute you for the hard work and dedication as well to the COMMUNITY who let their theories,thoughts,ideas,anguish,disappointments and all that flow which I believe in a sense helped push the Dev teams even harder on top of ... Read More
Tuesday, September 15, 2015
03:39 PM - September 15, 2015. Written by nbcards
NIU Notes:
The 2016 Season has come to a close. NIU was invited to the Military Bowl to take on the Independent team Army. NIU fell 22-19 to the Knights to end the season 9-4 (5-3). NIU did win more than 8 games but failed win their bowl game or the MAC West. NIU has done a much better recruiting this year but still too early to tell if it is Top 75 material.

NCAA Notes:
The following teams won their conference tournaments

B1G Ten: Wisconsin 10-3 (7-2)
... Read More
01:11 PM - September 15, 2015. Written by iceberg760
Normally each year I play HOF, 12Min, Sim settings against my fellow OS brethren with whatever team (just so I see a good matchup)…Me being a jump shooter, it normally takes me a quarter to figure out how/who can shoot…I've had some great games against the likes of AsainPowwwa, AllStarDaDon, WeaponX, etc (way 2 many to recall)…this time around, I am gonna try it DIFFERENTLY…

This time, I will run in 2 Leagues…On the PS4 (PSN is Crown_n_Smoke) in CoachK's League as the Milwaukee Bucks ... Read More
05:09 AM - September 15, 2015. Written by majorstats
What up guys I'm writing this to get a little advice on what all I would need to bring my gaming experience to your pc l, laptop,mobile device, etc. I'm a true gamer and have been wanting to do this for a long time but have never committed to doing anything and now I'm taking the stand after listening to a td jakes sermon today in my car. I'm looking for an affordable setup (laptop really) I kinda already have in mind what mic I am going to buy. But it has to be affordable because my family comes ... Read More
Monday, September 14, 2015
09:05 PM - September 14, 2015. Written by DEEBOFIOUS
I took some time today to check out NBA Live's gameplay for their upcoming release and surprisingly, I was taken back to 2007. This was the year I traded in my Playstation for an XBOX 360, bought NBA 2K8 and NEVER looked back until today. I wanted to see what the buzz was about but quickly it was VERY apparent that NBA Live is far too inferior in almost every way.

Allow me to start and end with graphics. The faces of the players in NBA Live are very good, but everything from ... Read More
03:35 PM - September 14, 2015. Written by NYCDaFuture
Discussing NBA Live Demo 16, and My Career Trailer for NBA2k16. Also the Gameplay videos!

Call in to talk or listen at 646 787-1972 at 6P Eastern Time!

Friday, September 11, 2015
03:18 AM - September 11, 2015. Written by KOACHK
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