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Monday, January 16, 2017
11:49 AM - January 16, 2017. Written by javov10
Zalgiris Kaunas

Paulius Jankunas 74 PF/C Offensive-Minded Four
Brock Motum 73 PF Faceup Four
Leo Westermann 72 SG/PG Versatile Playmaker
Edgaras Ulanovas 71 SF Two-Way Wing
Kevin Pangos 70 PG Offensive-Minded Point
Augusto CÚsar Lima 70 C Athletic Inside Scorer
Lukas Lekavicius 70 PG Reliable Playmaker
Arturas Milaknis
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Saturday, January 14, 2017
02:55 PM - January 14, 2017. Written by Tomba
Hi Guys Good Ol Tomba here. Figured I'd update you guys a lil more going forward into 2017 Placeholder for alot of new info

I'm on twitter!

06:39 AM - January 14, 2017. Written by Retired25Won2K
Your (19-10) 76ers are seeking to extend their 10-game winning streak after mixing up their offensive and defensive styles the past few games. After learning a few new things/benefits of running different freelances, they are going to focus on the following objectives in this one:
--- 1st Half Goals ---
Offensive OBJ #1: Commit less than 5 turnovers
Offensive OBJ #2: Call plays ONLY using "Smart Play" from the EuroLeague1 Playbook.
Offensive OBJ #3: Stick with Horns ... Read More
Friday, January 13, 2017
1st Half - Meeting the gameplan (see previous blog entry) objectives were the most difficult challenge we've faced all year... defensively more so than offensively because I am not used to utilizing the trap functions, nor playing zone defense. We couldn't get into any rhythm offensively because I was so spent on trying to hit so many buttons to play defense. I believe he remained in the lead going into the 2nd Qtr, but not by much. I'll verify when we head to the filmroom and review the tape ... Read More
07:17 AM - January 13, 2017. Written by Retired25Won2K
--- (18-10) 76ers PNO Challenge Game 29 Gameplan ---
As we continue to progress through the PNO ranks, the 76ers look to expand their horizons after remaining in their comfort zone while on this 10 game win streak.... we will venture into a new offense and defense for this coming game... but only for the first half as we don't wanna get too crazy just yet!!!
--- First Half Focus ---
Offense OBJ 1: Commit less than 6 turnovers
Offense OBJ 2: only call plays from the Center's ... Read More
Tuesday, January 10, 2017
The 76ers are on a roll! After winning Sunday's game (see previous blog post), we won both games played yesterday. Game 21 was going to be a good one, but the opponent "lagged out" and Game 22 didn't last too long before the opponent quit. Anyways, here are the vidz...

Monday, January 9, 2017
01:51 PM - January 9, 2017. Written by javov10
Brose Bamberg

Nicolo Melli 76 PF/C All-Around Power Forward (Top 5 PF easily)
Darius Miller 74 SF/PF Sharpshooter
Daniel Theis 73 C/PF All-Around Center (natural PF but...Small Ball Trincheri)
Fabien Caseur 73 SG/SF Skilled Shooter-Agressive Scorer
Janis Strielneks 73 SG/PG (72 PG) Sharpshooter
Nikos Zisis 71 PG Crafty Playmaker
Leon Radosevic
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06:31 AM - January 9, 2017. Written by Retired25Won2K
I just uploaded Game 20 (see videos in my Arena) of my 76ers Online Challenge... I was surprised to see an opponent use the Timberwolves and play off ball 2-3 Zone for nearly the entire game, making little to no adjustments. I was hard headed until late in the first half, sticking to the Flow freelance w/ motion cuts. I found that the 2-3 Zone Offense freelance works best with Motion Cuts versus Space the Floor or Scoring Actions. Watch the video and you be the judge... Would love to hear recommendations/feedback ... Read More
Sunday, January 8, 2017

Another cover for a fictional NCAA 17

We all miss the NCAA Football series. The the summer wait until Madden's release became much longer after we had our college football series stolen from us. No longer did we have the endless "are the rosters ready yet" posts on the forum. (Not that those are truly missed.) No matter ... Read More
Friday, January 6, 2017
03:54 PM - January 6, 2017. Written by javov10
Darussafaka Dogus

Bradley Wanamaker 77 PG/SG All-Around Point Guard
Scottie Wilbekin 75 PG/SG Shapshooter
Will Clyburn 75 SF/SG Athletic Finisher (One of the biggest surprises)
James Anderson 74 SF/PF Shooter/Scoring Wing
Ante Zizic 73-75 C Rebounding Specialist (Have to see more games, but looks pretty solid)
Adrien Moerman 72 PF Offensive Four/Faceup Four
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Thursday, January 5, 2017
07:56 PM - January 5, 2017. Written by NYCDaFuture
First time playing MyPark for 2K17 and First Sharpshooter Mixtape.. Something Light. Plays and Defense Tutorial videos will be posted soon. Subscribe,Comment. Thanks!

09:58 AM - January 5, 2017. Written by vtcrb
I am setting this up and will UPDATE with Team Scouting Reports/Sliders/Draft Class info/MyLeague Set and more
I normally change the defensive settings in the beginning of the game, but I was extremely lazy last night and felt a bit froggy. We climbed back to a single digit deficit by just choosing freelances instead of calling plays. Here is the 2nd Half... any comments/advice is appreciated, thanks!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017
03:55 PM - January 4, 2017. Written by javov10

Ekpe Udoh 81 C Elite Paint Protector (Best Center in Europe)
Bogdan Bogdanovic 81 SG/SF Two-Way Star
Jan Vesely 77 PF/C Athletic Power Forward
Kostas Sloukas 76 PG/SG Playmaker ( Is having a career year)
Bobby Dixon 75-76 PG Offensive-Minded Point
Luigi Datome 74 SF/PF Versatile Offensive Wing (In the only thing that hasn't gone
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Tuesday, January 3, 2017
We are familiar with the game-loading montage. In a word: Brilliant! Gorgeous! Okay, that is two, but the montage does get me pumped for video game basketball... hell, it would get me pumped for pickup basketball

Every year many who play MyLeague/GM/Career clamor for what? A show. A weekly wrap-up at least; a nightly wrap-up with a weekly would be gravy on anyone's potatoes. They would be something that would highlight some key victories by various teams in the playoff hunt ... Read More