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Monday, January 11, 2016
11:33 AM - January 11, 2016. Written by thegna4
East All-Stars at West All-StarsJan 1, 20151ST2ND3RD4THSCOREEastern ConferenceWestern ConferenceEastern Conference All-StarsWestern Conference All-Stars
Saturday, January 9, 2016
08:27 PM - January 9, 2016. Written by CameRoN0407
Over the past few years, the importance of a quality bullpen has grown, and grown noticeably. late inning relief played a big part in Kansas City's World Series run in 2014, and World Series win in 2015. Even the 2014 Giants had a helpful hand from their bullpen, which included contributions from Jean Machi, Jeremy Affeldt, Yusmeiro Petit, and the "uber-closer" Madison Bumgarner. 2016 looks to be no different, as teams have used the copy-cat strategy in attempt to build the next potent bullpen to ... Read More
10:01 AM - January 9, 2016. Written by eskimos44
With all the wealth of knowledge that has been presented here on OS, I thought it'd be a good idea to put it all in one place.

Below you will find steps to run a long term Dynasty in NCAA 14. Only editing to players you will need to do is lower incoming Freshman's injury rating for your team only.

First thing you'll want to do is download Pastapadre roster. This roster is unedited with named players from 2013. You'll see guys like Manziel, Sammy Watkins, Bridgewater, ... Read More
Friday, January 8, 2016
01:59 PM - January 8, 2016. Written by NYCDaFuture
NBA 2K16 Money Plays and Tips - PLAY FRIDAY! Week #5


It's called Quick Euro 14 Flare. Let me know how it works for you. Online Nation All Day
11:06 AM - January 8, 2016. Written by Medevenx05
Was looking for an updated referee attire mod and couldn't find anything so I'll be releasing my updated gamedata after collaborating with Raden 2K. Learn more about the progress on the Phase Three and how it's going to shape up as it's going through finalization and beta testing.

Med's NBA 2K14 Gamedata

... Read More
03:09 AM - January 8, 2016. Written by NBA2KVC
To thank you for your continued suppor again as well as to celebrate new year 2016, we 2kvc.com prepares another gift for all of you: 3% coupon code. Waiting for you at
Thursday, January 7, 2016
09:17 PM - January 7, 2016. Written by eskimos44
I have used these for a while now using unedited rosters. Download Pastapadre roster and plug these settings in and give it a whirl... I'm a simple player, no formation audibles, no hot routes, and rarely do any audibles of any sort. These will give you a challenge without having to deal with the CPU having 4 defenders crush your RB on a toss play. Most tackles will be 1 on 1 tackles like in real life. I also sim every special teams plays(kicks and punts).

I will be doing another ... Read More
Tuesday, January 5, 2016
08:29 PM - January 5, 2016. Written by Oinkersthepig
EDIT: I messed up the seeding somehow and I apologize. The second round of the NFC playoffs has the wrong teams playing one another, but the winners remain accurate. Sorry for any confusion, I guess I was on cruise control or something.

My long hiatus is over, I'm hoping to avoid having anything like that happen again. In this video I break down the 2016 playoffs, who I think will win each game, and make my superbowl prediction.

RTTC Strategy - Part 4 (re adjusted for new point structure)

of course this can change at any moment( and it did) so came back to edit.

80 total hours of game play = Maximum of 324 free game nights.
Lets say you like to sleep (lets take away 8 hours for 3 nights) for total of 24 hours.
Now you have game play for only 56 hours = Maximum of 228 free game nights.

Lets assume you can go +7 on all levels.
each level (98,168, 196,238, ... Read More
Monday, January 4, 2016

The Play is called 71 Quick 52 Chin Midrange. You can find it in the 72 Knicks Playbook. Subscribe and let me know how yall like the play.
Saturday, January 2, 2016
03:29 PM - January 2, 2016. Written by Majingir

By now I'm sure hockey fans are well aware that there's a new mobile game to be played. Following in the footsteps of NBA MyTeam Mobile and WWE Supercard, comes NHL Supercard. A free to play card game where you can collect,train,combine,and play with cards in your deck to defeat other player’s decks. For those who are new to this type of game, this will hopefully help you get a better understanding on the game and some suggested
... Read More
NBA 2K16 MyCAREER- Mr Pete Back In The Days and Draft Day. Hood Life To Good Life Ep 5

Friday, January 1, 2016
10:13 AM - January 1, 2016. Written by Medevenx05
Happy New Year everyone! Mostly an ordinary NBA roster update with reimplemented 2013 Christmas jerseys for the San Antonio Spurs & Golden State Warriors, new transactions, updated ratings, rotations, accessories, animations and positions changes!

Christmas Jersey Updates

Odd enough, we ... Read More