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Tuesday, October 14, 2014
12:28 AM - October 14, 2014. Written by schroy48
Can anyone tell me how to get patch 2, buy it, download it ? Where ? any help would be appreciated,,,thanks
Monday, October 13, 2014
10:18 PM - October 13, 2014. Written by ARoid1313
Will be broadcasting my Yankees Franchise, Pure Analog Legend Hitting & Pitching


New York Yankees Depth Chart - 2014CatcherBrian MccannFrancisco CervelliFirst BaseMark TeixeiraMartin PradoFrancisco CervelliSecond BaseMartin PradoStephen DrewThird BaseAlex RodriguezChase HeadleyMartin PradoShortstopChase HeadleyMartin PradoLeft FieldBrett GardnerMartin PradoChris YoungChase HeadleyCenter FieldJacoby EllsburyBrett GardnerMartin ... Read More
08:01 PM - October 13, 2014. Written by Eaglerock562

los angeles lakers
Team Roster


Keith Appling
Michigan State

Carlos Boozer

Jabari Brown

... Read More

They just had an advertisement for the main event of the evening - Triple H vs Chris Jericho vs Stephanie McMahon for the WWF Undisputed Championship (Triple H still carrying the two belts).

-First match on the show: Tazz vs Mr. Perfect. ****ing hell!

-Tazz is so sloppy in the ring and Mr. Perfect is a shell of himself. But, Tazz wins within ... Read More

Another week of the Online Nation Radio For NBA 2k/Live. Today we will discuss the Online Issues of NBA2k15, Online Leagues. Pros/Cons of NBA2k15

Online Nation and Sim Nation All Day. Join the chat rooms now!
09:13 AM - October 13, 2014. Written by maltliquor23

No this isn't a reference to the computer crash that never came. Its a simple question to the developers, tech support and community lead (Ronnie) of 2k sports. From what I can tell, it appears that each and every one of us has the ability to play NBA2k, so long as we do not have a connection to the internet with our next gen systems at any time. Otherwise a patch will download, our saves will upload, and we will be trapped in a never ending cycle of load screens and error messages. ... Read More
Sunday, October 12, 2014
11:38 PM - October 12, 2014. Written by RipCity71252

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11:09 PM - October 12, 2014. Written by BizDevConglomerate
Was guud people, and thanks for taking the time to check this out. Hopefully you feel what im saying, and my vision. The void of collegs footbal this year is very big for me, being an avid NCAA Footbal gamer for over a decade, and using those rosters for my NFL dynasty, its killing me.

Lets get to it. Yesterday I tweeted to most, if not all of the 2k heads on twitter, from Strauss, to the others. It hit me yesterday, what's an interesting, and quick way to see a Pro competitor ... Read More
Friday, October 10, 2014
02:40 PM - October 10, 2014. Written by RipCityAndy
I am using a +/- scale. The more of each is better/worse respectively.
+ = Neat
+ + + + + = AWESOME
- = Tad annoying
- - - - - = TERRIBLE

Upgrading my player. (+ +) The new bucket system is a good way to create well rounded players that can specialize in only a few areas.
Badges (+ + +) . It's fun to see your particular play style rewarded with a badge symbolizing the way you play. Gotta earn it (though I don't know how).
Integrated ... Read More

Compete4ever is excited to bring you a live Madden 15 tournament event
on Saturday, December 6, 2014!




Q&A THREAD www.tinyurl.com/C4MaddenLive6QandA
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Thursday, October 9, 2014
09:44 PM - October 9, 2014. Written by worstsportsgamer1977
September 17th was the day. The day that the long awaited Grand Theft Auto 5 came out. I like many other fans of the series were very excited to get our hands on this game.

1.because it was the biggest baddest GTA of them all.

2.because it was launching a new ambitious online mode. which was launching 2 weeks after the initial release date. Oct 1st. little did we know this day would be infamous for us gamers.

so i sat at home for a week and played through ... Read More
08:35 AM - October 9, 2014. Written by Raindragon
JETS week 2 season 1...Jets vs Packers. OK so before the game based off of some injuries I have decided to try and make a few trades or free agent pick ups. I start with Free agents. I snag Mariani the KR and also pick up Colt Lyara the TE. I'm going to try Pryor for now at QB. I do notice Vreen is on the trade block so I figure what the heck lets try for him. I offer my newly signed Mariani and toss in TE Chamberland as it says they want a WR and TE, tossed in a 6th rounder figured it would be ... Read More
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
03:32 PM - October 8, 2014. Written by FedExPope
Now that ESPN's power rankings has become a random collectin of metrics and TQBR stats, I decided I could do better. So here we go...6 weeks after the start of the season.

1.Seattle – Russell Wilson is simply sublime. He has one pick on the year, 4 fumbles that his teammates have all fallen on (okay, so he’s a little lucky), and just broke the record for most rushing yards by a QB on MNF. And this is a pass first QB who happens to be very athletic…and one who slides and run out of ... Read More
09:31 AM - October 8, 2014. Written by Raindragon
WOW!!!JETS week 1 season 1.Let me just say I have been playing Madden for a long time and this game is sure a challenge.As we know Mike Vick is my QB thanks to Geno being on IR.GAME vs the Raiders1st quarter I'm loosing 14 to 0 with Vick being a wonderful 0/5 and -6 rush.Matt Schaub is 98% comp rate killing me.2nd quarter it goes to 21 to 0 and I move to sitting on the floor, Finally put a drive together and Ivory rushes in with around 10 seconds left to make it a respectable 21-7 game.3rd Quarter ... Read More
09:30 AM - October 8, 2014. Written by Raindragon
J E T S Jets Jets Jets.So far the pre season is done and let me just say the record 3-1 looks better than it is. The first 3 games of the pre season went ok with Geno Smith playing above par but unable to gain the Jets the lead before the half during any of the games. Mr Vick came in and got the win 3 weeks in a row with stellar play in the 3rd quarter of each game. Mr. Simms was the 4th quarter QB for the first 2 but after an alarming 2/34 stat line on completions he was let go, and a Mr. Pryor ... Read More