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So I'm still experimenting with different scheme settings, but wanted to clarify something regarding All Madden. You're saying that I could switch the CFM difficulty to All Madden and not ruin the set (fatigue/block shed/etc)?
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Also, auto subs for BOTH the HUM and CPU slave off the profile settings in the MM...

So, anything altered will be altered for BOTH sides...
1) If you want "the cheese" for the CPU, you simply have to set all three levels to All Madden...once again ANYTHING (fatigue / injury / auto subs) will not only alter fatigue, but "set off the dominoes" in all phases of blocking (RBK / PBK)...

With AP in CFM, the fatigue related cheese will only make it even easier for the HUM to move the ball...the opposite of what you're looking for...

2) The most efficient way to nerf the pass rush slightly would be to go with RTP@ 50 / 50...the consequence is the CPU QB tends to turn into a statue back there and takes coverage sacks, as a result...

DPI is mostly separation and pursuit in pass coverage, so that won't do it and BH / HS mostly favor the HUM D on AP...

3) ANY auto sub adjustment to ANY position affects "universal fatigue", which then makes the "house" fall...with relation to block shed / pursuit versus blocking duration...

Bottom line:

The current adjustments are tied to both HUM and CPU RBK and PBK, which are ALL affected by the modifiers for fatigue...

Any effort to "separate" them has been a waterloo...the only way to affect one side of the ball to one aspect of blocking is to use sliders, which don't work "as intended" this year...

Ergo, the combo posted is the only one that creates the best overall balance...despite it's flaws...

I also recommend the most recent patch, if you haven't downloaded it...they returned a bit of the defence that was kuked by the big patch in October...

All that being said: you might find something I missed, so have at it!
Extremely helpful. I had a strong feeling you had tried all of these routes, which is why I make sure to ask you before making any tweaks to fit my play style. I trust your eyes over my own.

I'll give the scheme tweaks a try. That seems like it could only help. I hope the pass game doest open itself back up though.

As for the other options:

- I could potentially handle a boost in CPU big plays. The cpu is so vanilla at times that a little "cheese" would probably feel realistic haha. My win percentage with bad teams is still pretty high, so I've accepted the fact that I might need to put up with some BS. With your set being a hybrid between All Pro and All Madden, would raising or lowering fatigue have the intended consequences?

- For any tweak that would amplify pass rush, might there be some other tweak to slightly nerf it? I obviously don't want to make dozens of tweaks and have a whole new set, but I seem to remember a few experiments that led to a weaker pass rush (DPI, perhaps heat seaker).

- To make sure I understand what you're saying about auto subs, what would happen if I reduced only the OL values, even ever so slightly? I was considering doing this, but only for the user coach.
Hey kp:

Here's my take on your suggested options:

1) Dropping MM holding to 40 will create a mess in the pass blocking...both the HUM and CPU will get sacked constantly, as that slider affects PBK as well...

2) Fatigue is unbalanced...on AP it gives and artificial boost to the HUM in the last few minutes of each half, making it pretty easy to score on some dodgy "big plays"...on AM that advantage / consequence favors the CPU...bottom line: anything other than default fatigue is a big can of worms, that leads to big plays late in each half...

3) Not sure if 55 Thresh would work for you...I never touch that, because it creates as many problems as it solves...

4) Reducing FS will also get both QBs killed...see holding (above)...

5) Auto Subs affect fatigue, which are tied to block shed...if you lower fatigue you have to change both the holding and mask slider to compensate...and you end up where you started...


I've tried ALL of these options (except thresh, which was confirmed by others to not enhance this set) and they just create tradeoffs that end up cycling things back to where they started...

Here's what might work:

In your HC Scheme menu, set your HB / FB and all OL to "Balanced", while setting the CPU HC's DT(s) / MLB(s) and perhaps one DE and LB to "Run Stop"...the SS also has a run defense based option, if the above doesn't do enough...

The effect of player styles are subtle, but they have a cumulative effect...

I hope this helps!
Hey there King!

So I've gotten back into Madden a bit with the playoffs going, and have been sticking with the set as posted. The one thing that really worked for me was Josh's suggestion of quiting a game, entering the game screen, and then going to the MM before playing. I must have had some weird code floating around.

I must say, the passing game is pretty damn good. But I'm still having too much success running the ball. If I could move the run block slider a bit, the game would be perfect. Holes just open up a bit too easily and stay open a bit too long. I've used weak lines and weak running backs and had the same problem. If I ever have a lead, the games pretty much over.

So I wanted to float a few ideas by you before I spent months trying to test in my limited time..
- Dropping MM holding to 40.
- Tweaking MM and/or CFM fatigue.
- Maybe trying 55 thresh, as I started at 60 last time
- Reducing false start to 45 in the MM
- Dropping Auto sub values

I know that all of these will effect the other teams run game as well, so I was thinking of trying the 0 MM fatigue and possibly Josh's new IBITB slider finding once I got to that point.

Any thoughts on any of this would be fantastic, or even any new ideas.

As always, thanks a bunch. You're really a Madden hero.
Im on now... twitchin @ www.twitch.tv/retired25w
Would love to run sometime... XboxOne here (Retired25Won2k)
Whoever wants a game in, for Ps4 or X1 let me know..
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Great points, Drugsbunny. I don't care as much about player likeness. I would purchase option 1 I wrote about in part 1 if they released. it. I just want the game back. Sounds like you feel the same way.
I find the concept of paying college players to be crazy. Maybe if college players as well as the institutions actually took education seriously, we would not be having this conversation. The nearly 200 grand that makes for a free education should suffice. Not all make it to the NFL and succeed. Those who choose to enter the draft after 2 seasons make what they make. At the end of the day, there are still players who have aspirations bigger than the NFL and use football as a means to an end. The only persons who suffer are us video game lovers who lose out on a fun experience. I personally could care less about player likeness. I choose random names and alter half of my players anyway. It's all about the game play and game modes. The feeling of taking a small school and making a dynasty.
Thanks everyone. I hope if you haven't yet, you guys have also checked out parts 1-3 as well.
Wednesday, January 11, 2017 – Blog Comments
I'm in agreement that returning college football game needs real school names, logos and bowl affiliations but does not need player likeness. With recruiting in dynasty mode, new players dominate the roster in a short time. There has to be a way to make this happen. In the past, Madden games would use generic players in place of retired NFL players that they did not have agreement with. Then maybe we can have an NCAA basketball game based on NBA2K and a college baseball game based on MLB the Show (that is, as long as EA doesn't try to monopolize everything again).
I'd love to see the game return for current generation machines. I don't believe in a college game they need to have real players. In 4 years the entire roster in college is generic anyway. A college game with real schools but generic rosters would sell a ton of copes on current generation machines.
Thanks Surg2k for sharing your story as well. I am sorry to hear about your grandfather but remember he is always with you.
I'm back on The Mob 2.0 and will occasionally update threads as I see fit.
You and I both, Kobestopper. In fact, I miss it so much I wrote a four part series about how it could return. LOL
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Just wanted to say I enjoyed the read! My grandfather was the only one in my family who appreciated baseball as much as me. He passed away on game 1 of the world series 4 years ago. He was a huge Cubs fan. Lost of tears have been shed on game 1 of every world series since then but its so nice to feel him so close to me every game. Keep up the good work your rosters are top notch! I would love to collaborate with you this year. Feb 14th is first work outs for MLB Teams and man it cannot get here fast enough!!
I so miss NCAA football so much������
After last night's amazing championship game, I think we want to see this series return even more. At least I do....
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Retired25Won2K on January 9, 2017 at 01:57 PM.
Theis!!!! Huge in Week #16!!!
Friday, January 6, 2017 – Blog Comments
I agree with MrD. Even if you only play occassionally, join us.
Man we were wondering why you were still playing if you quit. Come back to team 2!
Sounds good, if you want to check out the Roster Early, here is how to find it on Xbox Live.
Gamertag: VTCRB
File Name: Trifecta Basketball League
Thursday, January 5, 2017 – Blog Comments
Forgot about my nephew having the console game and needing VC. So I'll be playing daily for VC and maybe for goals, seasons, and events. Grinding for resets will be a bit tougher.

So I guess I'll continue to update the events progression (and uploading pics of favorite player cards) but no longer update the thread with reward line-ups, pics, RC results, and twitter links.
NYCDaFuture on January 5, 2017 at 07:57 PM.
This might be my last MyPark Mixtape Video but I love to try something new
Great idea... I look forward to it... especially if it will assist in the Global Team Up League I am developing.
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Retired25Won2K on January 4, 2017 at 04:35 PM.
I wish they (2k) would update the Euro Rosters... BIRCH has been on a damn tear the last few weeks!!!!!!!!!
Retired25Won2K on January 4, 2017 at 04:28 PM.
Agreed. The new format and the length of the season was a bit skeptical at first, but I'm hooked even more than I was the last few years. I'm interested to see how Real Madrid is gonna fair this week with the recent injuries too! I hope my Vitoria boys keep it up... Go Baskonia!!!! (Wish Ioannis never left though).
javov10 on January 4, 2017 at 04:17 PM.
This new Euroleague format is great, big games weekly! and no, I don't have the Euroleague TV pass... But I will try to see the PAO vs OLY
Retired25Won2K on January 4, 2017 at 04:04 PM.
Good luck -vs- Brose tomorrow. Are you a Euroleague TV subscriber yet?
Retired25Won2K on January 4, 2017 at 04:00 PM.
Did you see the game vs PAO last week? Man, the second half of the season is gonna be exciting
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Tomba on January 2, 2017 at 03:23 PM.
if you went higher than 8 yes. if you go lower to say 6 you'll be fine
rvn1 on January 2, 2017 at 02:06 PM.
hey Tomba. will minutes played effect these sliders. I like to play on 5 min quarters? or would some of the settings need to adjust to account for the loss of minutes from 8 to 5min
javov10 on January 2, 2017 at 03:32 AM.
Thanks for the comment, I'm a PS4 user... regarding Bouroussis, with Xavi Pascual I don't think the team will run a lot... (8 years in Barca watching it), but I'm thinking of going up to 76, on par with Tomic, I should also go up to Singleton...And deservedly to Calathes !
Sunday, January 1, 2017 – Blog Comments
coopsta007 on January 1, 2017 at 11:34 AM.
Going to have to give these a shot later today. I've always played from the broadcast cameras to create an added sense of realism. Thanks for putting these together and I'll let you know how they play.
Retired25Won2K on January 1, 2017 at 10:41 AM.
Oh, I'd like to mention that Ioannis production has declined this year because of the new coach. He thrives when the offense is ran inside out, unlike the spread motion / hi-snr he's having to run with w/ PAO this year.
Retired25Won2K on January 1, 2017 at 10:37 AM.
Are you by chance a 2k player on the XboxOne? I have been looking everywhere to startjoin/ a group/league of EuroLeague fans!!!
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No prob, krash...glad you're enjoying the game, despite the few obvious, persistent flaws (punting, etc.)...

As far as the run game goes:

1) Make sure you're set to "Manual" for Special Moves or the AI will overuse them...often to your detriment...

2) Either match your HB Scheme / Player Setting to your HBs Player Style OR the style you'd like to see more represented...

For instance "Power Back" will break more tackles and tend to be more "downhill" and One Cut is more shifty, as BCV decides which hole to jump step into...

3) This year, that Special Moves interface is a little over implemented...I had to adjust my running style to be slightly less involved in steering the back behind the LOS...they often make better reads and back cuts than the USER may...their logic is much improved over past iterations...so:

To paraphase 38 Special: "Hold On Loosely"...

4) Lay off the turbo (R2), unless / until you're on the second level...it will override steering the ball carrier and some report that the blocking suffers as soon as you trigger it...


"Less is More" in USER participation in the run game...

Exactly the answer I was looking for. I never play online. I don't have enough friends to do a 32 team online franchise, and that's the only appeal to the online facets of the game for me. Never even tried MUT. H2H has to much cheating for me and that goes for all games not just madden. I'm happy with the defensive performance on both sides right now and the CPU is playing some damn realistic offense. I'm still struggling with my run game but it's not the sliders. It's because I'm playing "normal" speed as opposed to "slow" like I always have in years past. I've been zooming in on run plays lately and that has really helped. The CPU punt game is still lousy in almost every game and that's my only real complaint right now. It's such a small part of the game though that compared to the problems of years past it feels like Madden is finally where it should be. The CPU QB's are unpredictable and throw bombs, check downs, and will throw it away when appropriate. A little less rolling out and throwing on the run or scrambling for a first down because they have a clear lane than I'd like but still an improvement. Thanks again for doing all the work and keeping the rest of us out of slider hell.
Thursday, December 29, 2016 – Blog Comments
Hey krash13:

Thanks for the compliment!

Actually, the previous tuners get folded into the most recent patchs...

I was reticent to DL it, because this late in the cycle, they're usually tailored to online play and can often send things "into reverse" for those of us who play CFM versus the CPU...

This latest patch however, actually enhanced CPU playcalling and slightly tuned gameplay closer to it's earlier (pre October patch) state, so I went with it...

For me, the set posted in the blog actually plays a bit better than it did previously, so I found that no additional adjustment is worth the risk...at this point, anyway...

That being said, I don't advocate online tuners, as they are intended for things like H2H / MUT...

When they get folded into the subsequent patch, they simply become redundant...which can lead to instability...and on their own, are usually counterproductive to CFM / USER v CPU...

Bottom line:

As of today, the set is still holding up "as is"...

I hope this helps!
In the scenario I'm playing out here, the Power 5 break free from the NCAA and pay the players themselves. That is the key to this scenario playing out. Hope that clears it up for you, dtlm6.
I've also considered this format as the most viable way that the NCAA series returns. However, how the players are compensated (if at all) remains the major stumbling block even with using only the Power 5 conferences.
Hello there King. I've been playing madden since 2008, discovered OS around 2010 when I started getting really hooked on the game. I have yet to find someone who takes a more methodical approach to the game than you do. I appreciate that and would like to say thanks for all your shared research. For your M17 settings you have the tuner off. I'm pretty sure this is a stupid question but, did you test the post patch default sliders with the tuner?
Tuesday, December 20, 2016 – Blog Comments
Thanks for more feedback. Sorry for no part three yet. I was sick all weekend and wasn't able to get it done. If I don't get it posted before the weekend, I'd expect another delay for part 3.

Again, sorry for all of you who have been enjoying my series so far. I hope to have this bug beat and get back to writing soon.
Monday, December 19, 2016 – Blog Comments
I am in agreement with everyone who says just bring the game back with fake names. Like it was said above, its always been there. It will only cause heartache to those who don't like to edit the game. A generic game with EASports branding may not sell as much as one with Licensing for Authenticity but hell, I'd be one of the first in line to play the generic version. I love College Football and would not care if I couldn't get the real likeness (editable of course).
Saturday, December 17, 2016 – Blog Comments
I think the problem here with college games returning is twofold. One, is the demand. 2K dropped out of the college hoops market because of low sales and the price of the NCAA licensing. College Hoops was about as good a b ball game gets, IMO. EA followed a few years later. That was with the more or less "accurate" rosters. College Football did better sales wise. I think that one could be profitable on it's own. But there;s still the likeness issue lurking and just what exactly constitues a players likeness. For instance, would Clemson having one of the highest rated QB's in the game, even if he doesn't match Watson's physical appearance at all, constitute likeness. I don't think so. But I could still see some players claiming that. So is it worth it at the end of the day? Especially with Madden now bring in more dough through Ultimate Team. I'd venture to guess that Madden through Ultimate Team alone has brought EA more money than NCAA Football would over the past 3 years.
The problem is that this "random player" option has always been there, and would almost certainly avoid legal liability. The fact that nobody has made such a game suggests that EA and other companies believe that a game with only random players will not sell. Having "real" players and rosters may not matter to many on this site, but EA clearly believes that it mattered to a large portion of its audience, or we most likely would have seen them make this kind of game already.
Thursday, December 15, 2016 – Blog Comments
Personally I think this is the way to go. They'll have to randomize ratings as well. Back in the day you could randomly generate names when you started. IMO, the best way to do this is to randomly generate names and ratings but allow the user on the front end to maybe have checkboxes for each team that would represent strengths or things a team is known for, i.e PSU is Linebacker U. Only for team generation though, once a dynasty was started it would all be based on the coaches recruiting style, etc. if they did this I wouldn't necessarily even need editing personally unless there is sharing because I am not going to be going through and naming and re-rating everyone. The bottom line is the ratings will have to be random too so there is no question of making a player similar to the real person, That means ratings and well as visual things.
Wednesday, December 14, 2016 – Blog Comments
Nice write up and I totally agree. Give me full NCAA with fake named rosters. I'll take the L on editing/sharing players as much as I'd like to have the real players. But it's about avoiding lawsuits and getting a game out so I'm down for it. Like you said, the NCAA is staunchly against paying players and they (nor EA) aren't gonna open themselves up to more likeness stuff.

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