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Thursday, November 12, 2015
06:06 PM - November 12, 2015. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

A new Madden NFL 16 roster update has just arrived. Check out the blog here and the sortable spreadsheet of all changes here.

It also adds Antonio Brown to the list of 99 overall rated players, joining Tyron Smith, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, J.J. Watt, Rob Gronkowski, Marshal Yanda and Von Miller.

  • Sammy Watkins +2 OVR (88)
  • Alshon Jeffery +1 OVR (93)
  • LeGarrette Blount +1 OVR (83)
  • Kendall Langford +2 OVR (85)
  • Tyrod Taylor +2 OVR (84)
  • Henry Melton -4 OVR (80)
  • Chris Ivory -2 OVR (85)
  • Robbie Gould -3 OVR (88)
  • Randall Cobb -1 OVR (93)
  • Jason Pierre-Paul -1 OVR (88)

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05:54 PM - November 12, 2015. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

According to LD2K, NBA 2K16 patch #3 has been submitted to Sony and Microsoft. Typically patches arrive within a week or 2 after submission for PlayStation users, with a longer wait for Microsoft gamers.

Thanks to Jhawkfootball06, below are SOME of the details for the patch, full patch notes will be revealed when the patch arrives.

Patch 3 Changes

Q: When will the third patch be released?
A: It should be finished this week... Then off to MS and Sony

Q: CPU being overpowered in Pro-Am.
A: This will be addressed in patch 3.

Q: Are blocks being addressed?
A: We're just nerfing poorly rated shot blockers so guys like JJ Redick aren't throwing shots like Lebron.
A: Blocks are being addressed in Patch 3.

Q: Is there a chance we could see stationary stepbacks and step shots get a healthy boost (especially when open) for the players that can do them (or have high ratings and relevant badges)?
A: This one's tricky, Sundown. Currently, standing stepback jumpers are treated the same as other "skill" shots like spin jumpers and pull-up J's. So to fix zig-zagging pull-ups, all of these shots took a pretty big hit. I need to put standing stepbacks in a separate category to be able to boost JUST those shot types, so it's something that we'd have to address in the patch. I'll investigate that today.

Q: Does shooting and Patch 3 tweaks apply in already in progress MyCareers?
A: Yes. They apply everywhere.

Q: Regarding stepback jumpers.
A: I think we have a solution for Patch 3. Until then, it's kind of hacky, but there is a workaround. If you hold LS away, tap Shoot to do the stepback jumper, but then pause for a brief moment (technically, breaking out of the shot to a live dribble, then shooting immediately after) rather than doing it as a Tap+Press&Hold mechanic, you can still create space with the stepback and then branch into the shot portion without incurring the penalty.

Q: Getting an off balance "contested" shot when you don't complete your dribble.
A: It will be patched.
A: Yes, this is what I was referring to when I said it will be patched. Guys playing fadeaway contested anims at inappropriate times. The defensive threshold to trigger those shot animations is just way too low. Nothing is changing with shot percentages... it's just an aesthetic change.

Q: Gameplay updates.
A: We've made a number of significant gameplay fixes for this 3rd patch and my time has been swamped trying to test and balance gameplay before it goes out the door, while also starting new designs and feature work on 2k17. So as much as I'd love to mess with you guys by tweaking the game every day, that's simply not a good use of time.

Shooting Changes

Q: Contested shots at the rim.
A: The change I made only impacts contact shots. Across the board, you should see those drop less. But you can tell by the animation, if the collision looks heavy (defender noticeably knocking the shooter off balance for example), the shot % gets dropped much lower than if the collision looks light (shooter is getting hit by the defender but his layup looks relatively undisturbed.)

Q: What constitutes an "excellent shooter" for these wide open 3 %s you've adjusted?
A: I don't want to give away how our shot heuristics work, but basically, anybody above a 75 rating would see a slight increase in wide open 3's since Saturday. The higher the rating, the bigger the increase. But again, the boost was pretty conservative.

Q: Contested threes.
A: Yeah, I didn't touch contested 3s at all. I can make a tweak there as well if you guys all feel it's a problem. Seems like most people are seeing plenty of bricks on well contested 3s though, so it's a little scary to hit them even harder. It's also possible that what you're perceiving as a well contested 3, is actually considered open as far as the game is concerned. That would change how I go about fixing your issue.

Q: What did the two shooting updates do?
A: The two updates mentioned by bcruise are the only shot % updates made to date. The first was to lower middies, the second to lower contact layups. I have noticed a significant increase in 3pt success since day 1 (primarily in the park), but I attribute that mostly to you guys getting better at the game and your players' leveling up over time.

Roster Updates

Q: Is there any type of live DNA updating that affects players day-to-day based on NBA day-to-day activities?
A: Mike Stauffer is our roster guy and is making regular updates, yes.

Other Updates

Q: Deadeye badge in NBA 2K16 compared to last year.
A: Deadeye was way too OP last year, essentially it made the game think that closing defenders were not there at all. It's still one of the strongest shooting badges, but we did have to neutralize it a bit.

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A new F1 2015 patch has just arrived for PC users, check out the details below. For those of you on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, a patch is coming soon.

  • Added a session list screen which is available via the Multiplayer menu. This screen will allow players to search for all public sessions and join the one they want to. Custom and Hopper sessions will be visible on this list.
  • Multiplayer fixes and improvements:
    • Added additional information to lobbies so players can see how much progress has been made in the current session.
    • Parc ferme rules are no longer incorrectly applied so players will not get their fuel locked to 100kg in qualifying or not be able to change their tyres at the start of a race if they qualified outside the top ten.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause a players car to always be ghosted during timed qualifying sessions.
    • Fixed framerate and lag spikes causing incorrect collisions.
    • Fixed a bug that meant connections with limited upload bandwidth would appear laggy while on track and eventually disconnect.
    • Disallowing Brake Assist will no longer also block ABS.
    • Cars will no longer ghost when driving too slowly on track.
    • Fixed a bug which made the screen pulse black when spectating specific cars in specific circumstances.
    • Minor hopper improvements and changes
    • Removed the AI from all hoppers.
    • Removed the assist restrictions from the Hardcore hopper.
    • Made the countdown timer longer and prevented it from starting for a short time if there are not many players in the session to try to allow more people to join.
    • Changed the grid order to random from realistic. So now the players Mercedes cars will not always start on the front row.
    • Updated the Feature Race to Brazil.
  • Removed the incorrect second DRS detection zone from the Mexico mini map. This was not present in the actual track data.
  • Corrected the number of laps for the Mexican Grand Prix.
  • The player is now correctly disqualified for not using both compounds in a dry weather race.
  • Improvements to AI behaviour in Qualifying:
    • AI will no longer all leave the garage at the same time.
    • AI will no longer use Prime tyres in Q2.
    • AI will always do two runs in Short Qualifying and Q3.
  • Fixed the flashing rear tyre issue present on some PC setups.
  • Made the D-Pad menu more responsive to use.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause OSD messages to remain on screen or to never display. This was mostly reported online but can be seen offline too.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause new tyres to be too cold when they’re put on at a pit stop.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause unrealistic lap times in practice and qualifying.
Sports Updates – Part 1
  • Adjusted the relative performance of the teams and drivers based on the season’s results so far.
  • Updated the tyres for Russia to Super Soft and Soft.
High End PC Enhancements
  • New CPU-driven particle effects to improve visual quality on systems with high-end CPUs. Select “high” or “ultra” particle effects from the options menu.
  • Increased audio voice counts for systems with high-end CPUs. Select the “high” audio quality setting from the option menu.
  • Improved CPU performance for users with 6 and 8+ cores.
  • Improved CPU performance for Intel CPUs with Hyper-Threading Technology.
  • Optimised performance for Intel integrated graphics chips.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015
03:46 PM - November 11, 2015. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah
Today's NBA 2K16 roster update adds the mask for Derrick Rose, along with the Los Angeles Clippers black alternate uniforms. No other roster update details were revealed, if you notice anything let us know!

Also of note, MyPARK House Rules have arrived in Old Town. An "And 1" - shooting foul will result in free throws, from now until midnight.

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09:27 AM - November 11, 2015. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

With Week 9 now in the books, we’re one week closer to the illustrious Operation Sports FanDuel Championship in Week 11. If you haven’t already locked up your seat, time is running out!

To qualify for the championship, enter the Week 10 tournament for only $5, with $100 to first place along with the seat. Click here to enter! We'll see you there!

Now, let’s recap Week 9.

Thanks to monster Week 9 performances from Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams and wide receiver Antonio Brown, Troveur was able to lock down his seat into the final. Troveur’s winning lineup featured a pair of 37s from Williams and Brown and got some additional help from Bears rookie running back Jeremy Langford, in for the injured Matt Forte, and Titans sure-handed tight end Delanie Walker.

In second place this week, only .20 of a point behind Troveur, was Dislimb, who finished with a total score of 188.36. Not only did Dislimb miss out on the DeAngelo Williams party, his quarterback, Big Ben Roethlisberger, left the game early due to injury. Oh what could have been for Dislimb! There’s always next week.

A hearty pat on the back to Troveur and Dislimb for finishing atop the field in the Operation Sports FanDuel Championship!

Don't miss out on the Week 10 contest, as the opportunities to qualify for the Operation Sports Championship in Week 11 are dwindling.

Here’s a look at Troveur’s winning lineup:

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015
04:53 PM - November 10, 2015. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

The Forza Horizon 2 Fast & Furious car pack is available now for $10 on Xbox One, featuring 10 cars from the "Fast and Furious" saga.

Here is the list of cars available in the pack.
  • 1968 Dodge Charger “Fast & Furious” Edition
  • 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona HEMI “Fast & Furious” Edition
  • 1970 Ford Escort RS1600 “Fast & Furious” Edition
  • 2014 Terradyne Gurkha LAPV “Fast & Furious” Edition
  • 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport C2 “Fast & Furious” Edition
  • 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS “Fast & Furious” Edition
  • 1995 Toyota Supra RZ “Fast & Furious” Edition
  • 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) “Fast & Furious” Edition
  • 2001 Honda S2000 “Fast & Furious” Edition
  • 2002 Nissan Fairlady Z “Fast & Furious” Edition

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12:33 PM - November 10, 2015. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Another NBA 2K16 roster update has arrived today, check out the details in the screenshot above (click the image for a higher resolution). Each roster update will contain accessory and team color changes.

To see a more detailed breakdown of the roster update, which includes individual attribute updates, head on over to 2KMTC.

If any other details are revealed, we will update this post. Let us know what you are seeing!

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12:18 PM - November 10, 2015. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

EA has just released their EA Sports UFC 2 vision trailer, check it out here. While it doesn't show any gameplay, it does offer up quite a bit of details about the game, with more scheduled to be released on Friday, November 13. No official release date was announced, but it is scheduled to arrive for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the Spring of 2016.

EA SPORTS™ UFC® 2 innovates with stunning character likeness and animation, adds an all new Knockout Physics System and authentic gameplay features, and invites all fighters to step back into the Octagon™ to experience the thrill of finishing the fight. From the walkout to the knockout, EA SPORTS UFC 2 delivers a deep, authentic, and exciting experience.

Check out the trailer and let us know what are you seeing!

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Monday, November 9, 2015
06:20 PM - November 9, 2015. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

When 2K announced the WWE 2K16 Creation Studio app would release shortly after the launch of WWE 2K16, many fans figured it would have been out by now. Unfortunately, the team has announced that it will be delayed a few more weeks, with a confirmed release date to be revealed soon.

UPDATE (11/9/15): We previously reported the WWE 2K16 Creation Studio App would launch shortly after the game’s release. Unfortunately, the App has been pushed back a few weeks. We apologize for the delay and will have a confirmed release date soon.

The free app for iOS and Android devices gives players the ability to take photos of their faces and easily upload the images to WWE 2K16. Once the image is in the game, it’s easy to add the face to a created Superstar or Diva. Read more about the WWE 2K16 Creation Studio app here.

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04:56 PM - November 9, 2015. Posted by aholbert32. Written by Steve Noah

EA Sports has just announced EA Sports UFC 2 on their official Twitter feed. They have scheduled more details to be revealed tomorrow.

The original EA Sports UFC released on June 17, 2014, read our review here. Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson felt like the game would be released every other year, before the original game release date was even announced.

What are you hoping to see or hear about?

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08:35 AM - November 9, 2015. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

FIFA 16 title update #3, which was released for PC users last week, is available for PlayStation 4 users. It is scheduled to release soon for Xbox One users, but no specific date or time has been announced. Check out the details of the title update below.

UPDATE: The update is available now for Xbox One users.

New Content
  • Star heads for some players, many of which are from the newly promoted Barclays Premier League teams this season.
  • New third kits have been added for Roma, Barcelona, and Inter Milan.
This update includes general stability improvements and addresses the following items identified by the community and the FIFA Live Service team:
  • Improvements to online matchmaking.
  • One instance of a team celebrating a goal at the wrong moment.
  • An exploit to win/loss record in FIFA Online Seasons.
  • Correct country flags appearing in FIFA Pro Clubs.
  • One instance of Pro Club accomplishments resetting for a small number of users.
  • An issue on PS4 that caused screen size changes to not save correctly.
In addition to the above, the update addresses the following in FIFA Ultimate Team:
  • Updated the default value assigned to the Buy Now option to the max value when listing an item for sale on the Transfer Market.
  • Improvements to Compare Price when used on consumable items.
  • Issue where your Goalkeeper was the default selection for all Player Roles.
  • An issue in settings where the image of the ball didn’t match the selected ball.
  • An issue that caused a shared Concept Squad to be displayed as a playable squad in the EA Sports Football Club news feed.
  • An issue with the use of historical kits by your opponent in Play a Friend’s Squad.
Source - EA Forums

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Sunday, November 8, 2015
10:16 AM - November 8, 2015. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah
Every Sunday, we will get you caught up on the sports gaming news you might have missed during the week.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015
07:16 AM - November 7, 2015. Posted by RnRexpress3423. Written by Steve Noah

WWE 2K16 patch 1.02 is available now for PlayStation 4 users. We will update this post when it becomes available for Xbox One users, scheduled to arrive sometime today.

UPDATE: The patch is available now for Xbox One users.

• Addressed several issues where performing a move would cause a character to warp unnaturally
• The AI should now be able to consistently climb to the second rope
• Fixed an issue where Superstars unnaturally dropped back to a prone position when interrupted while transitioning from a prone to kneeling position
• Fixed a warping issue when a kneeling Superstar attempted to pin a grounded opponent
• Reversing a ground stomp now provides the reversing character with adequate time to perform a follow-up action or attack
• Addressed an issue where a character could not use both Finishers if one was a strong strike and the other was a grapple
• In tag matches, reduced the delay for the AI to perform a double team tag
• Fixed several issues where reversal indicators weren’t appearing consistently
• Fixed several display and functional issues with leverage pins
• Fixed an issue with an attacker not cleanly transitioning into a dazed state after having a running attack reversed in the corner
• Reduced the delay before the victory scene after a Superstar wins a table match
• Addressed a delay that would occur if two different Stone Cold versions were used in a One-on-One match
• Addressed an issue where the player could lose character control after falling from the side of the cage onto a broken announce table in a Hell in a Cell match
• Addressed an issue where warping could occur when playing as a manager during entrance break-outs
• Addressed an issue with reversals consumed and momentum gained when reversing an announce table OMG! move
• Fixed an issue where a character would vibrate unnaturally when pushed against the ropes from chain wrestling
• Fixed an issue where the first count wasn’t grayed out when a character performs a pin after a Finisher in a steel cage match
• The charge finisher prompt now appears properly when performing a charged finisher from the top or middle rope
• Addressed several gameplay exploits that could occur in Elimination Chamber matches
• Fixed a stability issue that could occur when playing a Royal Rumble match
• Chain wrestling will no longer occur in a match after a character enters the ring with a foreign object
• Fixed an exploit where corner finisher were not properly consuming a Finisher icon under certain conditions

• Addressed numerous issues related to stability in online matches and when transitioning from the end of one match to another or when handling a player disconnection mid-match
• Alternate attires will no longer revert to the default attire and move-set when entering an online game
• Eliminated an issue where users could experience a prolonged hang while searching for a 2K Tonight match
• Fixed an issue where Custom Superstar names weren’t appearing correctly on the results screen after online matches
• Addressed an issue where a mic chat icon was incorrectly appearing for COM players
• Fixed an issue where the crowd wasn’t holding up sign boards for the Superstars or Divas in the current match
• Addressed an issue in which a player’s framerate suffered significantly after finding an opponent during a practice match
• Fixed an issue where character hair and the announce tables stopped displaying after a number of consecutive online matches
• Addressed an issue where hands were not animating as intended in online matches
• Fixed an issue with the referee’s size in 2K Tonight and WWE Live Matches
• Addressed an issue where Superstars could get stuck in an Elimination Chamber match under certain conditions

• Fixed an issue where Superstars wearing an alternate attire were invisible during victory scenes
• Addressed lighting issues with several characters when using in custom arenas or with a custom entrance
• Addressed camera propping and clipping issues during the introduction sequence before title matches and during entrance break-outs
• Addressed several presentation issues that were occurring during replays after a match
• Addressed an issue with the pre-match title presentation when using a Custom Superstar holding a Custom Championship
• Addressed an issue where male managers for Divas were performing an inappropriate animation during victory scenes
• Fixed an issue where the referee behaved unnaturally during break outs in singles matches

• Addressed numerous clipping and warping issues with clothing parts used in certain combinations
• Addressed several stability issues when modifying various parts in combination
• Addressed an issue with designs failing to appear on faces in gameplay for Custom Superstars with a face photo image applied
• Edited Move-sets for a WWE Superstar or Diva will now copy properly to other characters rather than the default move-set
• Fixed an issue where face changes could revert when selecting ‘ACCEPT’ after using Face Photo and Face Deformation
• Fixed a large number of texture issues occurring with certain outfits
• Addressed an issue with hair styles appearing unnatural when paired with certain clothing options
• Logos can now be consistently applied to sleeves and the legs of longer outfits
• Addressed an issue with improper geometry on Divas’ heads when deforming the face to look smaller
• Fixed an issue where head accessory items were not applying properly when using a particular face template
• Fixed several issues where the dummies in Edit Move-set didn’t sync properly when performing a move
• Edited multiple moves in the ground category in Edit Move-set to highlight the correct respective body parts that they target
• Fixed an issue where numerous hairstyles were appearing with a green tint
• Fixed a hang that could occur when making color changes from the Edit Layers menu
• Fixed a loss of functionality that could occur when trying to access the Edit Parts or Edit Face menu for multiple Custom Superstars in a row

• Improved overall download and search times when using Community Creations
• Fixed an issue with sort filters not displaying the expected content
• Addressed a stability issue when trying to download a character with max logos applied
• When searching for download items by a specific creator, the downloads page will no longer reset to show all listings after backing out of viewing one item
• Addressed an issue where the player couldn’t effectively search for their own uploaded creations using the “User’s Own” search condition
• Addressed an issue where custom entrance settings for Custom Superstars were not uploading to Community Creations
• Fixed an issue where alternate attire saves were not showing up in save slots, which allowed them to be unintentionally overwritten

• Fixed several stability and presentation issues that occur when skipping certain entrances or cutscenes
• Fixed a gameplay issue when pinning Austin as Triple H when playing the match for Special Objective “Triple H vs. Steve Austin”
• Addressed an issue when trying to complete the Special Objective “Three Time Royal Rumble Winner”
• Addressed lighting issues with characters in certain cutscenes
• Addressed a warping issue when restarting the King of the Ring 1996 match
• Addressed a stability issue that could occur in gameplay against Bret Hart in the Survivor Series 1996 match
• Addressed an issue where Stone Cold didn’t properly appear in the ring in a cutscene for the Survivor Series 1996 match.
• Fixed an issue that could occur with the pin meter during the Degeneration X: In Your House 1997 match
• Fixed an issue where the player could improperly fulfill an objective against Dude Love in the Over the Edge ’98 Match

• Attributes, Abilities, and Skills now clearly display as grayed out when copying a move-set from a Custom Superstar via Quick Edit in MyCAREER
• Addressed an issue where relationships were not resetting properly upon the completion of a rivalry with a tag team
• Addressed an issue where an imported Custom Superstar would not appear properly until after the match against Enzo Amore if Career Invasion was toggled ‘on’
• Fixed an issue where the user could be matched against Sting while in a temporary alliance with him
• Eliminated an exploit where Sting’s bat could be used indefinitely during run-ins
• Addressed an issue where incorrect dialogue choices could occur during an interview
• Fixed oddities in camera movement during interviews when playing as a very short Superstar
• Fixed an issue where Tyler Breeze’s selfie stick would flicker and float in mid-air when the player performs a run-in on him
• Addressed issues where the ring announcer wasn’t correct calling the champion and challenger during certain events
• Addressed issues where an improper facial animation was used during certain scenes
• Fixed camera view and issues with Superstars gesturing to missing arena elements in several cutscenes
• Addressed an issue where commentary wasn’t playing properly in certain cutscenes
• The main event for the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View will now always be a Royal Rumble match regardless of the title the player is currently pursuing
• Addressed several issues where interactions with The Authority were causing inconsistent rivalries and match bookings to occur
• Fixed an issue where the Finisher prompt wasn’t displaying properly for the player when first performing an entrance run-in during the tutorial
• Participants in the Tag Team Championship rankings now appear more frequently in singles competition, allowing the user more opportunities for run-ins to establish rivalries
• Fixed a few instances where cutscenes were ending abruptly
• Decreased the occurrence of matches against Career Invasion Superstars since they were happening too frequently
• Fixed several instances of ill-fitting commentary in various cutscenes

• Title matches are now creatable for all matches on the match card. They do not require a rivalry.
• Addressed a title stability issue that could occur after a ‘No Content’ is called during a break out or run-in
• Rivalry matches with customized participants no longer appear blank on the match card
• Fixed several instances where match events weren’t triggering under the appropriate conditions
• Addressed an issue where the No. 1 Contender rank wasn’t properly displayed under “Current Ranking” when editing Superstars or Divas
• Fixed an issue where the crowd didn’t appear correctly if entering a WWE Universe match when exiting WWE Online under certain conditions

• Addressed several instances where a player’s UI could become blurred
• Reduced the delay before the match begins after the loading screen bar appears full

• Fixed numerous issues with impact sounds for certain moves or actions playing twice or not at all
• The ring announcer will now correctly announce the team name of a custom team
• Eliminated a random buzzer noise that would play during the pre-match against the AI when matchmaking for a 6-Man Elimination Chamber match
• Lilian Garcia now announces Custom Superstars when holding a title and mentions custom championships as intended
• Impact audio will now play properly when throwing a Superstar onto a table in a Table or Extreme Rules match

• Added support for the WWE 2K16 New Moves Pack downloadable content ahead of release. Players who have not purchased the downloadable content will still be able to matchmake with and participate in matches against those who have the downloadable content installed.
• Fixed a stability issue with editing Arnold T1’s entrance in Advanced Creation

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Friday, November 6, 2015
05:22 PM - November 6, 2015. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

A new Madden NFL 16 roster update has just arrived. Check out the blog here and a PDF of all the changes here.

This roster marks the mid-season update, which includes a lot of big changes, roster moves, free agent signings and more.

It also adds Tyron Smith to the list of 99 overall rated players, joining Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, J.J. Watt, Rob Gronkowski, Marshal Yanda and Von Miller.

Stefan Diggs | WR, MIN | +5 OVR (82 OVR)
Doug Martin | HB, TB | +3 OVR (88 OVR)
Carson Palmer | QB, ARZ | +3 OVR (94)

Jason Witten | TE, DAL | -4 OVR (88 OVR)
Colin Kaepernick (benched) | QB, SF | -3 OVR (77 OVR)
Vontae Davis | CB, IND | -3 OVR (91 OVR)

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03:37 PM - November 6, 2015. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Whether you’re a big fan or have zero interest, the explosive growth of money, coverage, and influence of eSports is undeniable. As major game publishers analyze the eSports landscape, what – if anything – does it mean for fans of “traditional” sports video games? Are are the similarities and differences between mainstream sports and eSports? Why have eSports become so popular in the first place? Rich Grisham is joined by Kat Bailey to chat about all of these topics on Press Row for the first time.


Joining us this week:Send us your feedback! We love to hear from you and can’t wait to read your stuff on the air in a future episode. Do it one of these ways:

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Run Time: 56 Minutes

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