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Friday, December 2, 2011
04:36 AM - December 2, 2011. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

We have just posted some more SSX screenshots.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011
03:32 PM - December 1, 2011. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Check out all the Madden NFL 12 roster rating changes for week 13. These rosters will be available tomorrow morning.

There are well over 500+ transactions, player equipment updates, and player rating adjustments that went into this update for the online rosters. Huge update for you guys after a big Thanksgiving weekend of games!

The biggest movers from Week 12 on the positive side are OL Maurice Hurt (WAS) with a 5 point boost this week (now 67 overall), LB Aaron Maybin (NYJ) going +5 to 68 overall, OL Marshall Newhouse (GB) going up +4 to a 69 overall, LB Connor Barwin (HOU) goes up +4 to 82 overall, WR Victor Cruz (NYG) going up 3 points to 82, DL Dave Ball (TEN) going up +3 to a 83 and finally, P Shane Lechler (OAK) going up +1 to a 99 overall.

Some of the biggest movers on the negative side are OL Kareem McKenzie (from 88 to 85 overall), OL Steve Hutchinson (MIN) down 2 points to 85 overall, WR Braylon Edwards goes down 2 points to a 80 overall, DL Fred Robbins (from 82 to 79 overall) and DB Nate Allen (from 75 to 75 overall).

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011
04:44 AM - November 30, 2011. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Designer, Yuri Bialoskursky has posted another NFL Blitz blog. This one covers the Blitz store.

It's the time of the year when shopping seems to be on everyone's mind, and I'm definitely no different. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 2-day sales, whatever the case may be, people are lined up and ready to spend their hard earned cash on cool stuff for both their loved ones and themselves. Luckily, in NFL Blitz you won't have to spend a dime (outside of initially buying the game, of course!) in order to enjoy your very own shopping spree in our Blitz Store.

Before we get to that though, we need to talk about Blitz Bucks and how you can get your hands on some. If you've been reading my blogs or watching my videos over the last few weeks, you may have heard me mention Blitz Bucks from time to time, and then never explain what they were or how to get them... I'm a jerk like that, I know, but that all changes today.

Blitz Bucks are what we use as our currency in NFL Blitz, and what we reward you with at the end of every online game. The number of Blitz Bucks you can earn is based on few different things, but how well you perform in the games you play is by far the most important. In every game there are a number of stat categories that we track and display for you at both halftime and at the end of the game. Each of these stat categories can only be won by either you or your opponent, and the more categories you win, the more Blitz Bucks you earn. Of course the easiest way to earn a big chunk of Blitz Bucks is to simply win the game, but don't worry, even the losers will get something. Another way to increase the number of Blitz Bucks you get at the end of the game is to take advantage of the Daily Bonus. Yup, we reward you for simply doing what you'll probably be doing anyway, and that's playing NFL Blitz. The Daily Bonus will increase as long as you complete one online game of NFL Blitz every day for up to seven days.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011
07:49 PM - November 29, 2011. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

If you can't view the embedded video, click here.

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07:35 PM - November 29, 2011. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

IGN has released the Forza Motorsport 4 DLC pack details for December. Listed below are the 10 new vehicles.
  • 2011 Monster Sport Suzuki SX4
  • 2011 Mazda RX-8 R3
  • 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
  • 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS-396
  • 1977 Ford Escort RS1800
  • 1981 Volkswagen Scirocco S
  • 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio Verde
  • 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT
  • 2010 Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4
  • 1957 Maserati 300 S
The next bit of Forza Motorsport 4 car DLC is on the way, and the folks at Turn 10 and Microsoft Studios are teaming up with us here at IGN to bring you a new crop of awesome rides. The December IGN Pack includes 10 brand new cars, including turbo-charged new rides like the 2011 Monster Sport Suzuki SX4 and the classic 1957 Maserati 300 S.

The December IGN Pack is launching for 560 MS Points ($7 USD) on December 6, 2011. If you've purchased a Forza Motorsport 4 Season Pass, however, the pack will be available at no additional cost. A Season Pass can be picked up through the Xbox LIVE Marketplace or participating retailers, including Best Buy and GameStop, for 2400 Microsoft Points ($29.99 USD), and gives you access to all six planned game add-on packs for Forza Motorsport 4 at 30 percent savings.

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The NBA 2K12 Legends Showcase DLC is available now for 360 users. The DLC should be available for PS3, later this afternoon. For details about the DLC, click here.

Queue it up right here, if you're on 360 (800 Points)

Play a few games, test some things out and let us know what you are seeing.

2K Sports Announces NBA® 2K12 Legends Showcase Add-on Content Now Available

Adds hours of play with more than 300 basketball legends and all-new gameplay modes

New York, NY – November 29, 2011 – 2K Sports announced today that Legends Showcase, the downloadable add-on content for NBA® 2K12, is now available for $9.99 via PlayStation® Network for the PlayStation® 3 computer entertainment system and for 800 Microsoft Points via Xbox LIVE® Marketplace for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

“2K Sports is committed to supporting NBA 2K12 by providing fans with exciting and engaging downloadable content,” said Greg Thomas, president of product development for 2K Sports. “We’re proud to present Legends Showcase as the first add-on package for the franchise. The new modes and legends will provide NBA fans with even more content to satisfy their professional basketball hunger.”

Legends Showcase creates a truly unique basketball experience for all fans, featuring a new, cell-shaded art style set in New York City’s iconic Times Square. It will enhance NBA 2K12 by providing a never-seen-before gaming experience, giving fans an all-new way to end the debate over who is the greatest basketball player of all time.

Legends Showcase allows gamers to select from more than 300 of the NBA’s all-time greatest players, including Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Dr. J, and compete in authentic pick-up games from 1-on-1 up to 5-on-5. Legends Showcase also features mini-games, such as 21 and H-O-R-S-E, along with other new features like the 2-on-2 Teammate Challenge and 3-on-3 Era Challenge. Gamers can also unlock current NBA players to create unique match-ups between legends and current stars. Finally, for the ultimate challenge, gamers can bring their My Player into the mix and battle the legends of the NBA to see how they stack up against the best ever.

Legends Showcase also includes Classic Quick Match, a new mode that allows gamers to play online with the “NBA’s Greatest” teams in a regular simulation setting.

NBA 2K12 is now available at leading video game retailers nationwide for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 system, PlayStation® 2 computer entertainment system, Wii, PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) system and Windows PC. Legends Showcase* is add-on content for NBA 2K12 and now available to be downloaded via PlayStation® Network or Xbox LIVE.

*Add-on content. Requires NBA 2K12 to play.

NBA 2K12 is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB. For more information on 2K Sports, visit www.2KSports.com. For more information on NBA 2K12, visit http://www.facebook.com/NBA2K.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011
09:31 AM - November 27, 2011. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Recently, we asked Justin Dewiel, Community Manager at EA Sports about online franchise roster updates and the promised Madden NFL 12 tuner sets. Here is his response.

Any updates for the Online Franchise Rosters?

We don't normally do online franchise roster updates during the season. There's one to start the season and one at the end.

What is the latest on Madden NFL 12 tuner sets?

No updates regarding tuners to pass along at this point.

As many of us already know, tuner sets and surprise onside kicks were announced back in February.

Based off of his response, do you think we see tuner sets for Madden NFL 12?

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Saturday, November 26, 2011
08:31 AM - November 26, 2011. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

We have just posted some more FIFA Street screenshots.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011
10:36 AM - November 24, 2011. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Back in early December, we posted the video. Check out how Lexi Peters, a 14 year old female, was selected to debut in NHL 12 courtesy of ABC News.

With more than 65,000 girls now playing hockey in the U.S., she did not think that made sense. So she did something about it. On the advice of her father, she wrote a letter to Electronic Arts, the creator of the game.

“It is unfair to women and girl hockey players all around the world,” Lexi wrote. “I have to be represented by a man … and that is not fun.”

“Women’s hockey is a fast-growing sport,” she added. “I am confident that I’m not the only woman interested in the opportunity to create herself in the game.”

Several weeks later, Lexi received an unexpected email from the senior producer for EA Sports’ NHL games, David Littman.

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10:33 AM - November 24, 2011. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Sony San Diego Studio and the audio team behind MLB 12 The Show is looking to beef up the audio side of the game. Kotaku has the scoop.

When Sony San Diego Studio needs to build a new major league ballpark for MLB The Show, they go to that ballpark, take hundreds of measurements and images, and spend about four months constructing it in the game. When they need new sounds you hear at that ballpark, they go to a minor league field.

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10:15 AM - November 24, 2011. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

This video is also available on the OS Youtube channel, please subscribe while you're there.

The Biggest Transfer of the Soccer Season—Messi to EA SPORTS

World’s Best Player Joins World’s No. 1 Selling Sports Videogame Franchise*

Messi To First Appear On Cover Of FIFA Street In March 2012

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS) today announced that EA SPORTS™ has signed the world’s top soccer player, Barcelona and Argentina superstar Lionel Messi, to a multi-year endorsement contract that will see him become the global face of the EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer franchise. The biggest transfer deal this season sees the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2010 winner transfer to EA SPORTS and make his debut in March, 2012 on the cover of FIFA Street.

“Our FIFA franchise is the number one selling sports videogame franchise in the world, and Lionel Messi is the number one player in the world, so this agreement is a true partnership of superstars,” said Matt Bilbey, Vice President and GM of Soccer, EA SPORTS. “With Messi on our team we have the world’s best and most exciting player to help EA SPORTS maintain its global leadership in the years ahead.”

“I want to be part of the team behind the best sports game in the world and be associated with the great EA SPORTS name,” said Messi. “EA SPORTS is a brand that shares my values of creativity, excellence and social responsibility.”

Playing for FC Barcelona, Messi received the prestigious FIFA Ballon d’Or 2010 award as the top soccer player in the world, was UEFA Champions League Top Goal Scorer the past three years, is the three-time La Liga Player of the Year, and has made the shortlist for the 2011 FIFA Ballon d’Or. At just 24, Messi has scored over 200 goals in all competitions and currently sits second in the rankings of Barcelona’s all-time leading goal scorers. He has scored 27 goals and 14 assists in 29 games this season in all competitions.

The multi-faceted partnership will see Messi become an EA SPORTS Ambassador. He will become the cornerstone of marketing and advertising campaigns, featured on packaging, and utilized in social media activities around the world for the critically acclaimed FIFA Soccer franchise. EA SPORTS will also team up with the Leo Messi Foundation to support social, educational and health care related initiatives for children around the world.

The EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer series, now in its 19th year, sold a record-breaking 3.2 million copies of FIFA Soccer 12 in the first five days after launching to become the biggest launch in the history of sports videogames.

EA SPORTS is one of the leading sports entertainment brands in the world, with top-selling videogame franchises, award-winning interactive technology, global videogame competitions and breakthrough digital experiences. EA SPORTS delivers personal access to the emotion of sports through industry-leading sports simulation videogames, including Madden NFL football, FIFA Soccer, NHL® hockey, NBA JAM basketball, NCAA® Football, Fight Night boxing, EA SPORTS MMA, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® golf, and EA SPORTS Active. For more information about EA SPORTS, including news, video, blogs, forums and game apps, please visit www.easports.com to connect, share and compete.

*Based on units sold world-wide as of July 25, 2011 (via NPD, Chart-track, GFK & Famitsu Marketing Data Service)

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011
08:36 AM - November 23, 2011. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

The Madden NFL 12 roster update for week 12 is already available for download.

The biggest movers from Week 11 on the positive side are DL Thomas Keiser (CAR) with a 9 point boost this week (now 66 overall), DL Geno Atkins (CIN) going +2 to 81 overall, HB Chris Ogbonnaya (CLE) going up +4 to a 71 overall, DL Brodrick Bunkley (DEN) goes up +3 to 84 overall, HB Kevin Smith (DET) going up 5 points to 79, WR Jordy Nelson (GB) going up +2 to a 86 and finally, TE Rob Gronkowski (NE) going up +3 to a 92 overall.

Some of the biggest movers on the negative side are QB John Skelton (from 72 to 70 overall), OL Geoff Hangartner (CAR) down 2 points to 77 overall, DL Jayme Mitchell goes down 2 points to a 70 overall, CB Champ Bailey (from 98 to 96 overall) and OL Wayne Hunter (from 75 to 73 overall).

Click here to see all the changes. What are your thoughts on the changes?

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011
07:56 PM - November 22, 2011. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

This video is also available on the OS Youtube channel, please subscribe while you're there.

Off-Road Racing on a New Scale
Conquer the most extreme racing environments in powerful radio-controlled vehicles, with hundreds of uniquely customized models to collect and performance based on 8 distinct racing categories: Buggies, Superminis, Rally Cars, Muscle Cars, Racing Trucks, Supercars, Big Rigs and Monster Trucks!

Four Classic Locations, 16 Unique Tracks
Experience the simultaneous challenge and excitement of racing in the world’s most extreme environments, from the dusty desert mesa’s of Monument Valley, to the dangerous jungles of a Pacific island, to the icy tundra at the Arctic Edge, to the apocalyptic ruins of an urban city.

Settle Rivalries Anytime, Anyplace
Challenge friends and the rest of the world to compete for the fastest times in every event – whether that’s on PS3 or PS Vita, or both.

Share Every Moment
Share every moment with your friends and make new friends via the Pitwall. Keep tabs on their activity – so you always know when there’s a new challenge or a new leader – and you can always stay one step ahead of the competition.

Four-Player Multiplayer on PS3
Settle the score with your friends in person with 4 player split-screen races.

Pay Once, Get Both
It’s the same experience on both PS3 and PS Vita, and picking up the game on PS3 will give you full access to the game on PS Vita (and vice versa) – so if you own both you can carry your progress between the two, and always pick up where you left off.

Players in the US can look forward to the release of Motorstorm RC on the PS3 and PS Vita next spring.

Source - Introducing: MotorStorm RC for PSN and PS Vita (Playstation.Blog)

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04:03 PM - November 22, 2011. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

This video is also available on the OS Youtube channel, please subscribe while you're there.

NFL Blitz Designer, Yuri Bialoskursky has posted another NFL Blitz blog. This one covers Blitz Elite Leagues.

In football, building a successful team is no small feat and one that takes a lot of teams years to accomplish. Of course, once a franchise actually manages to put one together, maintaining and sustaining that success over multiple seasons is a whole different story. Coaches and managers are constantly evaluating their players from a number of different angles in order to give their team the best chance for success, and in Elite League, you'll be doing much of the same. Elite League is the deepest, and my favorite, of our new online modes. It allows you to build your team from the ground up and decide what you feel is best equipped to make your team successful for the long haul.

When you first start off, you'll be asked to pick an NFL team to play as and then give your new team a name. Soon after, you'll be introduced to your starting lineup. You'll notice right away that the players in Elite League are represented as trading cards with an image of the player on the front and their ratings on the back. Your initial team may not be the strongest or best bunch of guys, but they'll definitely get the job done.

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Friday, November 18, 2011
06:11 PM - November 18, 2011. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

EA Sports released the NHL 12 alternate jersey code. Listed below are the alternate jerseys that are available, along with the code.
  • Florida Away Jersey (Whites)
  • New York Islanders 3rd jersey
  • Ottawa Senators 3rd jersey
  • Toronto Maple Leafs 3rd jersey
NHL 12 Alternate Jersey Code - 2wg3gap9mvrth6kq

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