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Tuesday, April 30, 2013
08:26 AM - April 30, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

GoMadden has posted a very good read on how Madden NFL 25 could enhance defensive line controls.

Yes, there are user-controls currently available to the defensive line, but no, they’re not good enough. Keep in mind that when I say user-controls are “not good enough,” I’m not saying you can’t get pressure while manually controlling a DE or DT. In fact, I know you can. But it’s simply not enjoyable, not as impacting as it could and should be, and you rarely ever feel like you’re doing the things that you’re intending to do. When players can often find themselves doing the opposite of their intent, it’s a good sign that something needs to change.

I have no problems with Madden NFL playing out the ratings as the DL and OL collide, but it shouldn’t make user players feel like they’re trapped in a simulation without any control over the moves their player attempts to do. In order for Madden 25, or any future Madden for that matter to really include all the superstars that we know and love on defense, the controls need to be completely revamped to enhance the usability of the defensive line.

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Monday, April 29, 2013
09:38 AM - April 29, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Check out the newest Rugby Challenge 2: The Lions Tour Edition screenshots, right here.

Alternative Software and Home Entertainment Suppliers are pleased to showcase news screens for “Rugby Challenge 2 The Lions Tour Edition”, putting you in the heart of the action.

From the line-out to the scrum, and from the kick to the try-line, Rugby Challenge 2 adds even more action to the most critically acclaimed Rugby franchise in the history of videogames. These features include:
  • Refined and expanded gameplay with the addition of quick taps, quick lineout’s, mauls from lineout’s, interceptions, contesting ball at the breakdown, removing players from the ruck, number 8 scrum pickups, and dynamic in game team strategies.
  • Revamped Sound and commentary systems, with real-time commentary from Grant Nisbett and former All Black Justin Marshall, along with French language commentary from Eric Bayle and Thomas Lombard.
  • 110+ teams and 50+ stadia from around the world featured including official team, competition, and special match licenses.
  • More options than ever before to create or customise players, teams, and competitions, and also change game rules and behaviour to shape game play.

Sunday, April 28, 2013
Every Sunday, we will get you caught up on the sports gaming news you might have missed during the week.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

UTC has posted two separate articles on how EA Sports can save its basketball brand. Part 1 talks about features and part 2 is all about gameplay.

Footwork is of utmost importance when it comes to basketball. It is often the difference in separating good players from great players. Derrick Rose is so successful because of it – how he plants on a dime, uses a quick first step to explode to the basket or use hesitation and quick jabs. Footwork also directly impacts how great a defender is. Great defenders use their superior footwork to stay ahead of great offensive players and poor defenders can be taken advantage of if they’re flat-footed.

If we can learn from FIFA, and use footwork as a main component of the game, we could separate the true superstars from the average players and it would be awesome to also see realistic footwork ratings that worked to differentiate players from each other.

There are plenty of good ideas in the two articles, make sure you add some of yours.

09:27 AM - April 26, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

OOTP Developments have just released the second update for OOTP 14, bringing it up to version number 14.2.9. It fixes reported bugs and also introduces a couple of small useful features.

List of Changes
  • Fixes reported bugs
  • Fixes rare crashing and freezing issues
  • Includes updated & improved major league rosters (must start new game for changes to take effect)
  • Added "Auto-play to next playoff round" to the play menu, if the league is in playoff mode
  • Added an input line which lets you modify the internal historical year of the league (progressing options in game setup) which is used for auto-import routines. That makes it easier to properly set up fictional historical leagues.
  • Improved player talent creation in feeder leagues
  • Fine-tuned player development & aging code
  • The player list view in team screens is now remembered, for example when returning to the lineup screen
For more details and download links, click here.

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09:22 AM - April 26, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

This video is also available on the OS Youtube channel, please subscribe while you're there.

Check out the latest GRID 2 gameplay video at Algarve in an Audi R8 LMS (Time Attack event).

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Thursday, April 25, 2013
10:22 AM - April 25, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

ESPN's Jon Robinson has posted his Madden NFL 25 hands-on impressions of the Run Free mechanic.

If my player has a 90-plus rating in that specific move category, then you’re able to pull off that highest-level move. For example: Marshawn Lynch can do the 90-plus stiff arm, but any back who isn’t rated as high, can’t do those same moves. We’re creating separation between the best runners and everybody else. Doug Martin is more of a precision runner, so he’ll have top-level precision spin and precision juke. LeGarrette Blount will have the highest level hurdle, truck, and stiff-arm ratings. We’re starting to develop the personalities of these players within our system. We’ve also added in combo moves with the right analog stick, almost like you’re playing ‘Street Fighter.’ So when you hit someone with the truck stick by pressing up, you can then hit half circle to spin. You can do back juke, spin combos, go left to right, right to left, and string together multiple moves with our fake-out system."

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10:12 AM - April 25, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

This weekend (April 25th through April 28th), Xbox LIVE members in the US and Canada will get free access to some of the most popular sports apps on the service - including more than 50 MLB games and 7 UFC Fight Story fights for free.

Enjoy free access to Sports on Xbox LIVE this weekend.
  • All sports apps from April 25th-28th will be unlocked for both Free and Gold members in the US and Canada, including ESPN, UFC, MLB.TV, NBA Game Time, and NHL Game Center.

  • Watch live coverage and highlights of the NFL Draft on ESPN, catch more than 50 MLB games for free, and watch all 7 UFC Fight Story fights in preparation for Saturday’s big UFC 159 Pay Per View fight between Jon “Bones” Jones and Chael Sonnen.
In addition, enjoy highlights, recaps, and clips from the best of the NHL as teams jockey for position leading into the NHL Playoffs, and catch up on highlights of first round clips and highlights of the NBA Playoffs.

Click here for more information on what’s unlocked during the Big Sports Weekend.

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09:48 AM - April 25, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

This video is also available on the OS Youtube channel, please subscribe while you're there.

The multiplayer video gives gamers a view of the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway Circuit in-game, the iconic venue which is the world's largest sporting spectator facility and has been the spiritual home of American motorsport for over a century.

The trailer also reveals the game's powerful yet simple to use livery editor in action, which features up to 6 billion different design combinations so players can stamp their own identity online. Game modes including Checkpoint racing in Paris and street racing in Chicago are shown alongside RaceNet's extensive suite of social features in the video.

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09:31 AM - April 25, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

MaddenTips have posted this Madden NFL 25 podcast discussing the new Run Free mechanic, some of the improvements on the defensive side of the ball and much more.

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08:14 AM - April 25, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

GameInformer has posted their Madden NFL 25 hands-on preview.

AI improvements ensure that defenders take better angles of pursuit and perform breakdown wrap tackles in open space (the success of which depends on their awareness level). An upgraded player switch assist will also help even the odds. When you hit the dive button as your defensive tackle is rushing the QB, for instance, this won't cause your defensive back to dive out of the way accidentally when you press the button to switch players after the ball is released.

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08:06 AM - April 25, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Check out all the new Madden NFL 25 screenshots, right here.

Unlock the power, precision, and creativity of the NFL ballcarrier. Whether you’re a slashing running-back, dual-threat QB, or ball-hawking safety, unleash 30 new moves and string together devastating combos with the all-new precision modifier in Madden NFL 25.


Run Free – Unlock the power, precision and creativity of an NFL ball carrier. Utilize the brand-new precision modifier to call up the perfect move for almost any situation.
  • Precision Modifier – Unleash 30 new moves with the perfect combination of speed, power and elusiveness.
  • Combos – For the first time ever execute combo moves including truck spins, juke spins and more.
Infinity Engine 2 – Year 2 of the award-winning Infinity Engine brings more polished physics and the introduction of the Force Impact system.
  • Physics – Real-time physics and the Force Impact system allows users to feel the big plays on offense and defense; with big hits, stiff-arms and truck moves which provide a more realistic and satisfying feeling than ever before.
  • Running Game Improvements – Madden NFL 25 offers a suite of improvements to the running game, including hard run cutting for direction changes, improved run blocking and new ball carrier avoidance behavior that allows runners to automatically move around blockers and prevent inadvertent collisions. Furthermore, utilize the new stumble recovery to fight gravity as you scramble for extra yards.
  • Defense – New tackle pursuit angles and “breakdown” behavior create a more authentic defensive experience. Recover quickly when caught out of position to get back into the play, and utilize heat-seeker tackling and more accurate dive tackles to make the play.
Connected Franchise Part 1 (to be released 5/6) –Cement your legacy as one of the all-time great NFL players or coaches in the new and improved Connected Franchise.

Connected Franchise Part 2 (to be released 5/20) – Take ultimate control of your franchise.

Madden Share(to be released 6/24) – The best content from around the Madden NFL universe, right at your fingertips.

Madden Ultimate Team (to be released 7/1) – Enjoy new ways to play and build your team in this year’s edition of Ultimate Team.

Product Specifications
Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc.
Developer: EA Tiburon
Ship Date: August 27, 2013
Category: Sports

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013
08:28 PM - April 24, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

UTC has posted three Madden NFL 25 hands-on articles.

Madden NFL 25: Hands On Impressions from Buckeye Part 1

Gone are the days when your blocker would attack the safety and leave the linebacker to blow you up in the backfield. Does it work? I can confidently say that yes it does. Both builds I have played have had excellent blocking logic to where I didn’t have many instances of “What in the world are you doing!” moments. The blocking is much more natural, and maybe its just the placebo effect but the impact blocking seems to have improved as well. Blockers can still shed blocks thankfully, that hasn’t been the issue in the past as much as completely not recognizing the threat… now we don’t have to worry as much about defenders being ignored completely on an overload blitz.

Madden NFL 25: How Fatigue and Stamina Affect Gameplay

Don’t think for one minute that this feature will only affect the ball carrier; you will see stamina affect ever player on the field from wideouts to defensive linemen. I know we have all played guys online who’s favorite play is all streaks or runs a no huddle offense the entire game; in Madden NFL 25 guys will have to think twice about that. If you’re not careful your speedy Mike Wallace-like receiver will be subbed out for quite some time do to exhaustion. On defensive side of the ball you will see some very interesting one on one situations. Think you’re going to beat Chris Johnson to the corner before he turns up field with a tired Patrick Willis? Think again. Abuse your stamina meter and you will surely find your self being left in the dust.

Madden NFL 25: Smitty’s Initial Impressions

Lastly, the aspect that was able to stand out (for the defense) in that early build was the addressing of the Defensive Pursuit Angles. This has been an eyesore for many years and to see this addressed alone should make the “pursuit” rating actually matter now as well as realistic chase downs. I can’t speak on anything else on the defensive side of the ball until I possibly get another chance to play the game in a more refined state.

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MyMaddenPad has posted five major areas in the running game that were addressed in Madden NFL 25.

Today EA SPORTS revealed the new “Run Free” mechanic in Madden NFL 25 that will have you juking, hurdling, stiff arming and spin moving down the field as the run game finally gets a much needed upgrade and attention. Now I’m a running type player by nature so I was still able to run but last year was a lot frustrating because of the new Infinity Engine that had Adrian Peterson falling down just from running into the back of his lineman. Now with the new Infinity Engine 2.0 you won’t have that problem, but what’s even more impressive to me is the “Precision Modifier” that will have even the most pass happy player wanting to run just a tad bit more.

The “Precision Modifier” allows you to pull off 30 new moves for the ball carriers (including QB out of the pocket and defenders with the ball) and string together combos that could leave defenders grabbing air.

There are five major areas of focus that EA SPORTS paid close attention to when it came to the run game.

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08:00 PM - April 24, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

After more than 40 million total votes throughout the Madden NFL 25 cover vote campaign, Barry Sanders (58% of the votes) beat Adrian Peterson (42% of the votes) to be named the Madden NFL 25 cover athlete (Total votes: 700,241).

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