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Friday, May 17, 2013
08:27 AM - May 17, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

CVG has posted their Gran Turismo 6 hands-on preview, behind a force feedback wheel and pedals in a Nissan Nismo 350Z and an Audi Quattro Group B S1.

Dampers and packers strain to balance my weight as I throw the S1 through Maggots, Beckets and Chapel a little bit quicker than it'd like. I wouldn't like to say how this will feel when you're using a pad rather than a wheel, but at least some of the necessary counter-steering I needed to stab into the wheel will translate to the analogue stick.

With a wheel and pedals, GT6 demands as much from you as hardcore PC sims GTR 2 and rFactor. The sound mix is set to highlight lock-ups and tyre squeals, and that lets you react instinctively with your ears and your hands.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013
10:13 AM - May 16, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Shady has done it again.

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09:44 AM - May 16, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

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EA Sports has just posted their NHL 14 gameplay developer diary, which goes over one touch dekes, true performance skating improvements, defensive strafing, quicker pivots, improved high speed turning, linking 45-degree cuts and more.

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Amazon has an exclusive Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition, according to Polygon's Samit Sarkar, which will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow at a cost of $99.

What's so special about it? Well, it's not as special for those of you that already have the DirecTV service with NFL Sunday Ticket. But for those that aren't subscribers, you can get $10 off every month for the first year and get a full season of NFL Sunday Ticket Max (normally $299.95).

You also get this...

... exclusive content for Madden Ultimate Team, the series' popular digital trading card mode. Anniversary Edition buyers will receive 17 special Ultimate Team packs of cards, one for every week of the 2013 NFL season, with each pack containing two rare players, four silver players and four bronze players.

  • For fans who are not currently DirecTV subscribers but are able to receive DirecTV service, they will receive a promo code entitling them to $10 off per month for their first year of service and one year of NFL Sunday Ticket Max at no additional charge.
  • For fans who are already DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket Max subscribers, you can access NFL Sunday Ticket on your computer, tablet, and mobile devices using your current DirecTV username and password.
  • For fans unable to receive DirecTV service, each Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition will include a unique code to access the 2013 regular season (17 weeks) trial of NFL Sunday Ticket on computers, tablets, and mobile devices- including access to the award-winning Red Zone Channel.
UPDATE #2 - According to Anthony Stevenson, Sr. Director of Marketing for EA SPORTS, there will be a unique code inside every box.

More details here.

Is a DIRECTV subscription necessary in order to view NFL Sunday Ticket via computer, mobile or tablet?

No, it is not necessary to have a DIRECTV subscription. Each Anniversary Edition aspecial code for eligible gamers giving them the opportunity to unlock a special, 2013 regular season (17 weeks) trial of NFL Sunday Ticket on computer, tablet and mobile devices.

Can I use this service to access NFL Sunday Ticket on my PS3?

This service is available on your computer, mobile and tablet applications only.

Source - Amazon-exclusive Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition includes free year of NFL Sunday Ticket (Polygon)

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08:59 AM - May 16, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

We have just posted 46 more Gran Turismo 6 screenshots. GT6 arrives this holiday season with a demo planned for July.

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08:49 AM - May 16, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Codemasters has revealed the full track list (82 of them) for GRID 2. The game ships on May 28th for PC, 360 and PS3.
  • Tenshi Way, Okutama [Day & Night]
  • Collins Park Ring, Miami [Day & Night]
  • Indy Circuit Reversed, Brands Hatch [Day]
  • GP Circuit Reversed, Red Bull Ring [Day]
  • Arc De Triomphe, Paris [Day & Night]
  • Le Trocadero, Paris [Sunset]
  • National Circuit, Algarve [Day]
  • Infield Circuit, Indianapolis [Day]
  • Columbus Pass, Barcelona [Day & Night]
  • South Circuit Reversed, Red Bull Ring [Day]
  • Memorial Gate, Barcelona [Day & Night]
  • Redwood Approach, California [Day & Night]
  • Tatsu Valley, Okutama [Day & Night]
  • Downtown Speedway, Miami [Day & Night]
  • Pacific Way, California [Sunset]
  • Big Sur, California [Day & Night]
  • GP Circuit, Algarve [Day]
  • Fountain Loop, Barcelona [Sunset]
  • Championship Circuit, Yas Marina [Day (Pre-order) & Night]
  • Shinto Shrine, Okutama [Day & Night]
  • Sport Circuit , Indianapolis [Day]
  • Saint-Laurent, Cote d’Azur [Day & Night]
  • LiveRoutes, Dubai [Day]
  • Al Sufouh Strip, Dubai [Day & Night]
  • International Circuit, Yas Marina [Day (Pre-order) & Night]
  • Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong [Sunset]
  • Riverside, Chicago [Sunset]
  • Kowloon Climb, Hong Kong [Day & Night]
  • Marine Gate, Barcelona [Day & Night]
  • Paddock Circuit, Yas Marina [Day (Pre-order) & Night]
  • Pont De L’alma, Paris [Day & Night]
  • Nakheel Vista, Dubai [Day & Night]
  • Hattan Way, Dubai [Sunset]
  • North Circuit, Red Bull Ring [Day]
  • Circuit De La Seine, Paris [Day & Night]
  • Wan Chai Gap, Hong Kong [Day & Night]
  • Causeway Approach, Miami [Day & Night]
  • Ocean Drive, Miami [Sunset]
  • Torii Rush, Okutama [Sunset]
  • GP Circuit Reversed (Pre-order) , Brands Hatch [Day]
  • The Loop, Chicago [Day & Night]
  • Leopolda, Cote d’Azur [Day & Night]
  • Cabrillo Highway, Cote d’Azur [Sunset]
  • Mizu Mountain, Okutama [Day & Night]
  • Gulf Approach, Dubai [Day & Night]
  • Wabash Run, Chicago [Day & Night]
  • LiveRoutes, Chicago [Day]
  • Route d’Azur, Cote d’Azur [Day & Night]
  • GP Circuit (Pre-order), Brands Hatch [Day]
  • La Turbie, Cote d’Azur [Day & Night]
  • Peak Road Descent, Hong Kong [Day & Night]
  • Champs Elysees, Paris [Sunset]
  • South Circuit, Red Bull Ring [Day]
  • Sakura Pass, Okutama [Sunset]
  • LiveRoutes, Miami [Day]
  • GP Circuit, Yas Marina [Day (Pre-order) & Night]
  • Pebble Beach Drive, California [Day & Night]
  • Route De Corniche, Cote d’Azur [Sunset]
  • North Circuit, Indianapolis [Pre-Order Bonus] [Day]
  • Sport Circuit, Algarve [Day]
  • Indy Circuit, Brands Hatch [Day]
  • Magazine Gap, Hong Kong [Day & Night]
  • Avenue De New-York, Paris [Day & Night]
  • Underpass Ring, Chicago [Day & Night]
  • Orra Quay Loop, Dubai [Sunset]
  • Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong [Sunset]
  • High Street, Barcelona [Day & Night]
  • Club Circuit, Algarve [Day]
  • Lake Shore Point, Chicago [Day & Night]
  • Bixby Pass, California [Day & Night]
  • GP Circuit, Indianapolis [Day]
  • Oval Circuit, Indianapolis [Pre-Order Bonus] [Day]
  • Columbus Bay, Barcelona [Sunset]
  • LiveRoutes, Paris [Day]
  • LiveRoutes, Barcelona [Day]
  • South Point Bay, Miami [Day / Night]
  • Art Deco Loop, Miami [Sunset]
  • GP Circuit, Red Bull Ring [Day]
  • South Circuit, Yas Marina [Day (Pre-order) & Night]
  • Marina City, Chicago [Sunset]
  • Jumeirah Beach, Dubai [Day & Night]
  • North Circuit Reversed, Red Bull Ring [Day]

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12:24 AM - May 16, 2013. Posted by Mr_Riddick. Written by Steve Noah

Simfballcritic has posted a new Madden NFL 25 video where he gives out some exclusive blocking information.

Here is a list of some of the things he covered (via californ14), watch the video for more detailed information.
  • 5 new "Pull Block" animations.
  • 8 new Run Block double team interaction animations.
  • 6 new "Reach Blocks."
  • 20+ new Pass Block/Pass Rush interaction animations.
  • New zone step blocking interaction animations.
  • New lateral & vertical displacement animations for OL & DL interactions.
  • 30 new blocking schemes.
  • All new pass blocking locomotion.
  • All new open field targeting system.
  • Completely reworked impact blocks and decleaters.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013
10:07 PM - May 15, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

GTPlanet has posted the very first Gran Turismo 6 gameplay video, featuring a few laps around Silverstone’s International Circuit, in the new KTM X-Bow R. They have also posted their hands-on impressions of the game.

With traction control disabled and ABS set to 1 (I didn’t notice SRF was “on”…ugh, sorry!), it felt difficult to be “quick” around the track. However, the car was also easier to control, as if I had a better sense of the level of grip available at each wheel and exactly what the car was doing. It felt good.

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EA Sports will be releasing another NHL 14 trailer and blog tomorrow, featuring the all-new One-Touch Dekes and improvements to the True Performance Skating engine. In early June, we'll see something for the Enforcer Engine.
  • One-Touch Dekes – Experience what it feels like to be a superstar through a new, more responsive deking system controlled only with the left stick and one-button. From beginner to advanced gamers, the system allows for quicker reactive dekes and intuitive combination dekes, creating more moves than ever before.
  • True Performance Skating – Built on the breakthrough innovation that introduced physics-based skating and over 1,000 new skating animations to the EA SPORTS NHL franchise. The second year of the True Performance Skating features greater player responsiveness and unprecedented control through improved balance between speed and momentum, quicker pivots and enhanced lateral skating.

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ESPN's Jon Robinson has posted a new Madden NFL 25 article discussing defensive adjustments, including an explanation of the defensive switch assist, which helps players on defense.

"Another problem was when you switched defenders during a pass and you expected to get the defender over the top, but for whatever reason, when you click on, you end up with the defender underneath,” says Dickson. “Because you’re expecting the defender up top, you’re hitting the left stick down, but when you get the underneath defender instead, by pressing down, you immediately steer him out of the play.

“So what we do this year with switch assist is, if your stick input is more than a certain angle off the direction where your defender is moving, we give you a buffer, which allows you to recognize which defender you switched on to. This enables you to see the direction he’s moving and prevents you from steering the wrong way. In reality, you won’t even realize this assist is there, but the more you play, the more you’ll realize that you’re not steering off the wrong direction like you used to."

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02:16 PM - May 15, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

EA SPORTS has posted NCAA Football 14 Playbook #3: Ultimate Team. Ultimate Team is one of the most popular modes among fans of titles like Madden NFL, NHL and FIFA, and EA SPORTS is excited to offer it for the first time in the NCAA Football franchise.

In Ultimate Team, fans can build a powerhouse team utilizing the best of the best from their own alma mater, or across all college football. Some of the highlights of Ultimate Team include:
  • Over 1,400 former college players available at launch
  • Fans can compete in Solo Challenges against the CPU or take part in the new Head-to-Head Seasons mode against other players. Head-to-Head Seasons involves creating a 10-game season with eight increasing levels of competition
  • Collections, one of the most addictive features in Ultimate Team, allows fans to collect star players, set lineups, and earn coins, special packs or rare players and items
For a more details on Ultimate Team, check out the NCAA Football Ultimate Team blog.

More playbooks will be announced in coming weeks including NCAA Football Dynasty (May 28th) and Play a Season (June 17th).

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08:26 AM - May 15, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

This video is also available on the OS Youtube channel, please subscribe while you're there.

Gran Turismo 6 is coming this holiday season for the PS3. The demo arrives in July.

GTPlanet has posted the cars list featured in the demo (* denotes new to Gran Turismo).

Acura NSX ’91, *Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale ’11, *Alpine A110 1600S ’68, *Audi Sport quattro S1 Rally Car ’86, Ferrari 458 Italia ’09, *Ferrari Dino 246 GT ’71, Ford GT ’06, *KTM X-BOW R ’12, Lamborghini Countach LP400 ’74, *Light Car Company Rocket ’07, McLaren MP4-12C ’10, *Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 ’11, Nissan 370Z (Z34) (GT Academy Version) ’08, Nissan 370Z Tuned Car (GT Academy , Version) ’08, Nissan GT-R Black edition (GT Academy Version) ’12, *Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 N24 Schulze Motorsport, Nissan Leaf G (GT Academy Version), *Tesla Motors Model S Signature Performance ’12, Toyota 86 GT ‘12

But what about the PS4 version? IGN spoke with creator Kazunori Yamauchi and he had this to say.

"We actually do have a PlayStation 4 version in mind, but for this holiday season, we thought it would be best for users to release on PS3 for now."

New Game Engine
  • Refactoring
  • Compact, nimble operation
  • Flexible expandability
  • A new rendering engine that pushes the limits of the PS3
New Physics Engine
  • New suspension and kinematics model
  • New tyre model
  • New aerodynamics model
  • Technical partnership with Yokohama Rubber and KW Automotive
1200 Cars, abundant custom parts, and on-going DLC
  • From historic cars to the latest racing cars, the game contains a total of 1200 cars.
  • Multiple aerodynamic parts and custom wheels will be available for almost all cars.
  • Players can create their own personalised custom car in the game.
  • Cars will be continually added online
33 locations, 71 layouts
  • 33 Locations and 71 layouts will be provided from day1 (7 more locations and 19 more layouts than GT5)
  • More new tracks will continue to be provided online
New Course Maker
  • Massive scenery spanning several tens of square kilometers
  • A new course generation algorithm
Community/Club/Race Organizer
  • Players can form their own communities
  • Various community levels from local and domestic to global
  • Players themselves can create and manage their own online events
New User Interface
  • Balancing directional key operation and touch operation
  • Quick response
  • Shortening of loading times
Multi Device Compatibility
  • PlayStation®
  • Smart Phone
  • Tablet
  • PC

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It’s Episode 22 of the Press Row Podcast, a special Press Row One-on-One with NCAA Football 14 producer Ben Haumiller (@benhaumiller) and host Richard Grisham (@richgrisham) dedicated to the all-new NCAA Ultimate Team Mode – also known as “the mode they said couldn’t be done.” We talk all about how Ultimate Team came about for a college game, the different ways that players are being incorporated into the mode, and all the details about how the game is structured and played. In other words, everything you ever wanted to know about Ultimate Team but were afraid to ask.

This is the second of a series of shows we’ll do with Ben as NCAA Football 14 information comes out, so let us know what you think and send us some questions and thoughts you’d like us to ask Ben in the future.

Do it one of these ways:

1) Follow the show on Twitter at @PressRowPodcast and send us some Tweets while you’re there
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3) Respond to this post

Also, the Press Row Podcast is now available on iTunes, so subscribe and rate it too! The link is here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/o...563624090?mt=2

Enjoy the show!

Run Time: 53:01

If you can't view or listen to the embedded player below, please click here.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013
04:03 PM - May 14, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Best Buy has posted quite a few more features for FIFA 14.
  • Capture the thrill of a well-executed goal with Pure Shot technology, which mimics the moves your favorite striker performs during games when he scores awe-inspiring goals
  • Watch as your player adjusts the approach angle to a more suitable direction for optimal positioning while taking a shot on goal
  • Experience players' expanded understanding of the phases of shooting, which enables them to adjust their stride and pace to precisely hit the ball
  • Contend with realistic situations, in which players may need to take off-balanced or rushed shots that can hinder the accuracy and strength of their attempt based on where they are on the pitch and how the ball is delivered to their feet
  • Enjoy new animations that eliminate the foot-sliding, skipping and scissor legs that occurred in FIFA 13
  • Test your skill with Real Ball Physics that enables the ball to act as it would in the real world, based on new formulas that dictate the flight path and trajectory of a shot
  • Strike the ball with force from a distance, drill low-rising shots with accuracy and blast dipping or swerving shots with realistic turbulence effects and utilize Curling Lofted Through Balls to curl the ball around opponents for precise passes
  • Navigate the intricacies of ball possession, mastered by FC Barcelona, which dictates the tempo of the match with the Protect the Ball gameplay feature
  • Fend off and block opponents from the ball while running at any speed, countering defensive pulling by stepping in front of the defender and using your body to shield the ball and stepping into the opposition to maintain possession and make a pass
  • Fight for position prior to receiving the ball, so you are in the optimal location at the opportune moment
  • Move in any direction to preserve your natural momentum and utilize quick, explosive cuts and turns to beat defenders one-on-one while sprinting with the Sprint Dribble Turns feature
  • Show your dribbling with optimal touch and control that minimizes opportunities for defenders to regain possession with Variable Dribble Touches
  • Combine different types of tackles, recover from missed tackles quickly and have another opportunity to compete for the ball in any tackling situation with Second Chance Tackles
  • Come together as a team with improved teammate intelligence that delivers tighter, smarter marking and better run tracking
  • Rely on your defenders to recognize opportunities to improve support and win back possessions, and depend on attacking players to break down intelligent defenses by creating space, running along the back line and checking their pace
  • Learn and master the fundamental skills needed to be a star football player in Skill Games, a competitive practice mode helps you become a better player, faster
  • Develop and refine a personalized scouting network as you search for talent around the world — you can evaluate players who may bolster your squad during the transfer windows with a new hub that provides live scouting reports in Career Mode
  • Connect to the heartbeat of the sport and to other football fans through EA SPORTS Football Club, FIFA 14's social network, where you can compete and share with millions of others around the world

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03:58 PM - May 14, 2013. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah


From Drifting in Japan to Street Racing in Dubai,
New Gameplay Video Showcases Asian GRID 2 Content

Today Codemasters® released a new GRID 2™ gameplay video that showcases the game’s intense Drift events and reveals key Asian locations, including the addition of Hong Kong, set to feature in the game. You can play the embedded video above, or click here for the YouTube version.

The “World Series Racing 3: Asia – New Frontiers” video focuses on the Asian cars, clubs and locations set to star in GRID 2. Racers earn points for style and form in Drift events on steep and aggressive mountain roads filled with hairpins inspired by Okutama in Japan. Open Road racing is represented with Touge events in Hong Kong, where players must close the gap and take their chance to pass in one-on-one, contactless sprints.

The Street Racing category is showcased in Dubai, as cars power down highways and speed past stunning skyscrapers in this distinctive city fuelled by petrol-powered wealth. Track Racing is shown at Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi, one of the most advanced and thrilling dedicated racing circuits in the world, which has played host to a wide range of motorsport up to the very highest level.

Drift events in GRID 2 push players to show their skill in maintaining style and form as they break traction on ribbons of asphalt. Available in career mode, split-screen and online, each Drift event features three short multi-car runs on technical sections featuring combinations of corners and hairpins. Players must record the highest score possible, earning points for the speed, angle and duration of their drift as well as proximity to drift markers on corners. Drifting in GRID 2 requires players to look at cars in a different way, rewarding them for car control in a vehicle’s most unstable state on each and every spectacular run.

GRID 2, the long-awaited sequel to the BAFTA-award winning, critically acclaimed GRID™, will ship to retail on May 28 for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and Windows® PC and is available for pre-order now.

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