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Monday, June 15, 2015
07:59 PM - June 15, 2015. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

The Sony Press Conference is going live at 9 p.m. EST. Watch it live above! If anything breaks regarding sports gaming (or big console news) we'll share it here.

07:47 PM - June 15, 2015. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

About 45 minutes ago, Peter Moore was talking shop with Geoff Keighley on the YouTube E3 stream and confirmed that EA and the NFL were still exclusive partners.

"So EA has the exclusivity on an NFL game?" Keighley asked.

"We do," Moore replied.

Keighley then pressed, "On all platforms?"

"On the NFL game, in our NFL agreement, in our NFLPA game agreement -- equally as important with the players -- uh yes...we do," Moore replied.

Moore was asked about a potential Joe Montana game and said it'd have to be unlicensed, saying he doesn't know what's going on there as he reads what everyone else reads on Twitter and in the news.

Moore finished the exchange after a bit more idle speculation with saying, "What you did see today was a spectacular Madden. I thought the team did a great job."

Most likely EA has the license locked up for a few years still, and there is zero reason to expect them to not renew when the time comes, just as they've likely done a few times prior as the current arrangement seems to be working for both parties it appears.

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06:28 PM - June 15, 2015. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

Outside of the new defensive, QB, and WR mechanics, Madden NFL 16 also has a few other big changes coming to this year's game.

Here are some of the additional improvements you'll find in this year's game:
  • A new 'get skinny' (Hold RB) when running through the line for running backs.
  • New context sensitive cut step jukes, performed behind the LOS to cut of blocks.
  • Overhauled ball carrier logic with new 'hit the hole' logic in place.
  • Tweaks to locomotion and True Step.
  • Tweaks to contextual awareness with several new animations and much tighter registration with other players.
  • New extra point rules are in. Players now can kick the PAT from the 15 or attempt to go for the two-point conversion from the two. Also the defensive scoring on PATs is included, as is the option to change your choice in the event of a penalty.

What do you think of the running game improvements as well as the new PAT rules finding their way into this year's game?

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06:04 PM - June 15, 2015. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

It's finally happening! Defensive back and wide receiver interactions are going to be a big thing this year, according to a new blog on EA Sports website. Also being introduced this year are new pass catching mechanics, which will allow you to consider how you want your receiver to go after passes.

"The most revolutionary addition this year is the new catching system. Previously, players had just one option (Y/Triangle button) to catch the ball. In Madden NFL 16, there are three different catches types to choose from.

The mechanics work by HOLDING the catch button as soon as the QB makes the pass. You no longer need to hit B, as catch control is now automatic on the intended receiver. However, it’s still possible to have more control by clicking on with B and steering the receiver with the left stick."

What This Means: The big thing is, this introduces another small layer of strategy on the field -- where you have to make an important decision during a play on whether to play aggressive or conservative. There's nothing wrong with that. Even better, playing as a WR in connected franchise just got a lot more fun. Again, a positive thing.

There are three ways to catch passes this year:
  1. RAC Catch (X/Square) - A run after catch, allows you to catch the ball and turn up field during the catch with the intent to gain yards. These catches have higher drop and knockout chances, and can be susceptible to interceptions if thrown into traffic.
  2. Aggressive (Y/Triangle) - This drives the receiver back to the ball to go up and catch the pass at the highest point possible. These catches have lower catch chances and higher knockout chances, but with guys like Calvin Johnson -- well they may work pretty ok.
  3. Possession (A/X Button) - The Possession catch is what it sounds like. It's safer to do, can help your receiver both catch the ball and stay in bounds. You lose RAC yards with this almost always, but ensures the reception. Good for those goal line plays or first-down conversion attempts.

New WR AI Traits, DB/WR Interactons

"The Multiplayer Catch System is based on technology in development for more than two years, and allows receivers and defenders to go up for a catch simultaneously and battle for the ball in the air while using ratings, mechanics and positioning to deliver the appropriate outcome

The team added more than 400 new multiplayer catch outcomes, which includes knockouts, tip ball, simultaneous possession catches, offensive/defensive PI, interceptions and more."

What This Means: The enhancements we've been waiting on in the passing game look to finally be here. Not only will there be new animations, there will be new tools to use (as detailed above). Also, Madden is adding hundreds of new receiver/defender interaction animations -- including press interactions, zone chuck interactions, and hand fighting during route running.

Also included in the enhancements are new enhancements to the defensive pre-play alignment system. Think of this as trying to force the receiver inside or outside -- you can now strategically try to do that based on what you are expecting your opponent to do. Obviously lining up on the outside of the receiver forcing him in when he's running a slant won't work out well.

There will now also be 'shot plays' added into this year's game. There are 100 new shot plays (600 new plays overall), which will include team-specific shot plays in their playbook.

Finally, there will be new in-game feedback systems. These were developed in response to the success of Madden 15's pass rush and tackling feedback. This new system will be built around passing and catching. The feedback will tell you if the pass was under pressure, on the run, or off the back foot to provide context for why passes weren't accurate (if they aren't).

When a pass is released, there will be a catch UI that displays what kind of catch the AI is looking for. You can override that at any time by choosing the catch button you'd like.

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In a blog today on A.I. Improvements, EA detailed some big improvements to how players move and interact on the gridiron:

"Madden NFL 16 includes added logic for QBs, RBs, WRs and defenders so that each head and eye track (the ball and players around them) uniquely based on their position.

Quarterbacks will scan the field for open receivers, ball carriers will alternate their gaze between incoming defenders, and players will track other players around them after the play. You may even see players looking up at the scoreboard on a breakaway run."

What This Means: This is an addition all about the small things. You can't get a fully immersive experience without little details like head tracking being in and working properly. Real NFL players move their heads and (hopefully) you'll see that happening in Madden as well.

Better Motion Pre, Post, and During Plays

EA also detailed better player motion on the field in Madden NFL 16.

"The quality of player motion has been a primary point of emphasis for the Madden NFL team for several years now. This year, we made huge strides in pre, post and during play motion quality. This touches several major systems like huddle break, walk to line, pile get up logic, pile avoidance, post play path finding and more. When it comes to in-game animation quality improvements, the list is endless.

Players can expect a dramatic reduction in pops, warps, slides, and other issues in Madden NFL 16. This will continue to be a focal point for us as we strive towards our goal of animation quality."

What This Means: Again its about the little things. This may seem trivial, but if the team wants to truly deliver an authentic and immersive experience on the field, things like this simply have to work right.

What do you think of the improvements in head tracking and player movement? Is it a big deal to you? Let us know!

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05:21 PM - June 15, 2015. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

EA Sports released a list of legacy issues which were fixed thanks to feedback from the community in a blog post today.

Here is the list of features claimed to be fixed in Madden NFL 16:
  • QB Spy logic updated (QB swerves the spy exploit)
  • Flip the Play to speed up huddle break issue has been addressed
  • Out of position subs causing exploitable routes has been addressed
  • Rocket Catching / Mossing / DB Glitches have been significantly reduced and/or eliminated
  • A large percentage of the known “nano-blitzes” have been removed
  • The PA End Around exploit play has been addressed.
  • Route swapping exploits have also been resolved.
  • A variety of ‘money plays’ have been revised or altered.
  • Resolved the friendly quit glitch for Madden NFL 16

Which issue is the biggest issue to you which has claimed to be fixed?

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04:27 PM - June 15, 2015. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Chris Sanner

The ground game has gotten quite a bit of attention in the past couple of years from the development team of Madden NFL. This year, its the passing game's turn -- as detailed on a new blog from EA Sports.

"Air Supremacy revolutionizes passing and catching on both sides of the ball with new user and AI mechanics. There is also a new multiplayer catch interaction system with more than 400 new two-player catch animations with a wide variety of outcomes."

What This Means: EA appears to be bringing it on both sides of the ball when it comes to the passing game. Everything about QB and WR play seems to have been reworked. This starts with a new handoff system that will hopefully fix a lot of the longstanding issues with play-action and quick passing plays. The handoffs themselves should look much better too.

Also new this year is a new quarterback locomotion system. These new mechanics are going to enable you to roll out to pass, or basically roll-out in a passing stance. This will keep you from suffering a huge accuracy drop off as throwing on the run will. You'll be able to toggle between pocket passing, rolling out, or scrambling with a single button push as well.

Computer QB AI Gets Reworked

"For many players, the most requested change for Madden NFL 16 was an overhaul to the CPU QB AI. We spent several years developing a new AI architecture called “Behavior Coordinator,” which allows us to create a more granular set of behaviors to a given situation.

This not only helps deliver the most challenging CPU QB’s to date, but also creates a clear distinction between different types of QB’s. The game you get from Tom Brady (pocket passer) is dramatically different than the behavior you will see from dual threats like Mariota or Newton. Each style of QB will now react to situations differently, based on their traits."

What This Means: Hopefully there is going to be a much greater distinction running an offense with Peyton Manning vs. running an offense with Cam Newton. That's what we hope this means. We'll see, in execution, how this plays out on the field. EA is claiming this has changed how the AI calls plays, how it perceives pressure, how it manages situations in-game -- along with robo QB and a dink-and-dunk offense.

The new passing mechanic of the body-relative throws will add an additional layer as well.

What do you think of the potentially improved quarterback play in Madden NFL 16?

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02:41 PM - June 15, 2015. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

Need for Speed
  • Need for Speed is the first up. First thing I'm noticing is the graphics look absolutely splendid. The look and feel is very Fast & Furious like.
  • Need for Speed takes the absolute best pieces of each NFS title to make today's Need For Speed. Everything from the narrative, customization, to police pursuits.
  • Customization is some of the richest ever in the game. Performance tuning, car handling, looks. It's all there.
  • Five Action packed stories. Speed. Style. Build. Crew. Pursuit.
  • A customization video was shown, with a live action sequence transitioning seamlessly into the game. The game seriously looks THAT good. Incredible.
  • Customization options for the cars are intense. Ability to edit just about anything you could imagine.
  • Launches on November 3.

NHL 16
  • A cool trailer was shown, but few other details revealed. We'll have the trailer (and a link) up soon on this post.

EA Sports PGA Tour
  • Again not much to this presentation. Some brief gameplay was shown and what we already know was mentioned again.

NBA Live 16
  • NBA Live 16 rooted in self expression.
  • Game looks much better graphically this year in motion.
  • New App will allow you to scan your face into the game. A preview of the app was very impressive with very quick results.
  • Physics based Live Motion will allow for contextual, free flowing movement. Thousands of new animations. Two years in the making, ties together physics and motion capture.
  • Completely rebuilt passing and catching system.
  • Pick and roll. Screen and reckon. Can control popping and slipping.
  • New shot system, full control to release the ball when you want. Longer you hold the button the later your release. The new meter looks very interesting.
  • New Game Mode being announced later this summer.
  • EA is committed to a reliable and stable experience (shots fired!).
  • End of the Live trailer showed a park-like mode being hinted at.
  • Game launching on September 29, same day as NBA 2K.

  • Trailer featuring real-world historical footage of Pelé is being shown to kick off FIFA information.
  • Pelé being interviewed on stage. Telling some old stories about his experiences.
  • Gameplay has been the focus of FIFA. Innovation is everywhere on the pitch this season.
  • Confidence in Defending. Better defensive shape on the pitch to break down attacks.
  • Control the midfield. Interception intelligence. Better passing and build up in the midfield. Improved counter attacks.
  • Moments of Magic. Better dribbling, more skills to create menacing attacks.
  • No touch dribbling will change the game completely.
  • Better finishing logic.
  • FIFA trainer will help you as you play to be better in game.
  • Women's teams built entirely customized for Women's game.
  • More news coming this summer.

Madden NFL 16
  • Draft Champions allows you to do a quick fire draft and then use it for a single round of games. It looks like a middle ground between Ultimate Team and Franchise but with less overall commitment versus both.
  • Overall passing game overhauled.
  • Quarterbacks, receivers, and defensive players in coverage overhauled.
  • Body relative throws gives you control to throw balls at specific parts of a receiver. You can throw a low pass or high pass where only your receiver can get it.
  • Receivers can go for three new catch types. Possession catches. Run-after-catches. Aggressive catches.
  • Play the receiver and not just the ball for the first time ever as a defender. Can time a hit to dislodge the ball or play to tackle.

11:25 AM - June 15, 2015. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

The Microsoft Press Briefing for E3 kicks off at 9:30 PT, 12:30 ET. You can watch the briefing live above and we will also be providing relevant news and notes in the space below. Feel free to comment as you watch!

UPDATE: If you missed the stream, here is the archive. It starts at roughly the 17:28 mark.

News from the Press Conference:
  • Backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games is coming. 100 titles will be available by the fall, more coming later. You will not have to pay for any of this. If you have the disc, the console will download the game for you. In addition, it will conceivably be based on what digital games were purchased in the past. The one major caveat at this point seems to be it's up to the publishers to allow the title to be downloaded and played.
  • A wireless "elite" controller was announced and will be released in the fall. See a pic of the new controller here.
  • Madden will release on August 25, but you can play it on August 20 if you have EA Access.
  • All EA games will be able to be played early via EA Access on Xbox One.
  • All Xbox Live Gold members can play EA Access for free this week as well (titles include all the '15 sports titles).
  • We just uploaded the Forza 6 E3 Gameplay Trailer. Watch it here.
  • XBox Game Preview will allow users to play games from Independent Developers as they are being developed (Think: Steam Early Access). This program will have free trials for all games available before you buy so you can give the game a spin.[/url]
  • Here is the full list of currently announced backwards compatible games for Xbox 360 to Xbox One. No Sports Games are on the list yet, but we know over 100 will be available.
  • RC Pro-Am will be one of the games in the collection Rare is releasing on August 4.
  • And that's a wrap! Not much sports gaming news, but lots of improvements coming to the Xbox One user experience is a huge plus!

Platform: Wii
Wednesday, June 10, 2015
03:33 PM - June 10, 2015. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

Editor's Note: Operation Sports' partner FanDuel is hosting a one-night fantasy baseball league tonight. It's $5 to enter and first place wins $10,000 cash. Click here to join!

We've posted some great guides on a couple of MLB 15 The Show's pitching interfaces (Meter, Pulse), but we're interested in which interface you are using. In our poll last year, Meter was the easy favorite with 40% of you responding that you were using it.

So let's find out which you like most this year, what pitching interface is getting the bulk of your use this season? Sound off by voting in our poll and comment on if your favorite changed this year or not!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015
10:00 AM - June 9, 2015. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

Axis Football is coming to Steam on July 15, 2015. The game's official page has been launched on Steam and with it are some details of what to expect (along with a video and some screenshots).


Axis Football Overview

Axis Football is a high-quality, 3D American Football Game - not a simulator or manager. Choose from 32 team and play in either season mode or a quick match. A great alternative to Madden, Axis Football features excellent controls and a unique mouse-aimed passing system that gives unprecedented accuracy and control of where the ball is thrown. Unlike the few other football games, Axis Football was specifically designed for play on a computer and takes full advantage of the mouse/keyboard controls.

Teams and Rosters

All 32 cities from the NFL are represented in Axis Football. Each team features its own ranking in passing, running, pass defense, run defense, and special teams. Additionally, each player in the game comes complete with their own stats for all of the various football metrics (speed, tackling, blocking, etc.)

New in Axis Football 2015

If you've played the 2014 version, you might be interested to hear of the features we've added in this year's installment.
  • Randomized season schedules. No more playing the same teams in the same weeks every season!
  • Updated team stats. Some teams got better... some got worse! Find out how your favorite team fared.
  • Updated team rosters
  • Added end zone graphics to the field. The home team's graphic will be shown.
  • Added players to the sidelines.
  • Improved stadium graphics and shadows.
  • Added two environmental conditions: Rain and Snow. These conditions have a random chance of occurring during season mode and have a slight effect on ball handling and catching.

Check out more screenshots of the game here.

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

We're seeing a deluge of 2K News hit today, and it appears that we now know our cover athletes for NBA 2K16. Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, and James Harden are all going to get their own NBA 2K16 cover.

This is contrary to an earlier report which had Kevin Durant and not Anthony Davis on the cover.

We'll update this story with any official cover art if it happens to be released today.

UPDATE: Official NBA 2K16 cover art is here. All signs pointing to three individual covers. More details coming soon.

UPDATE #2: (via @Ronnie2K) The covers are singular, there is no triple cover on sale. However, we will have news on how you can interchange covers in coming days.

UPDATE #3: Official press release below.

NBA® 2K16 Lines Up Star-Studded Cast with Three Covers Featuring NBA All-Stars Stephen Curry, James Harden and Anthony Davis, and Storyline From Famed Director Spike Lee

Legendary filmmaker and basketball aficionado to deliver the on- and off-court drama for the first time ever in a video game

2K today announced that NBA 2K16, the next iteration of the top-rated NBA video game simulation series over the last 15 years*, will define the ultimate intersection of sports and pop-culture with three unique game covers from NBA All-Stars Stephen Curry, James Harden and Anthony Davis, as well as highlighting an all-new MyCAREER mode that was written and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee.

Demonstrating the NBA 2K series’ commitment to authenticity and innovation, 2K and Visual Concepts joined forces with legendary filmmaker and master storyteller Spike Lee to direct, write and co-produce the NBA 2K16’s MyCAREER experience enabling fans to be the story of an NBA player with drama never before experienced in a sports game. Lee’s resume, not only as the most famous fan of the New York Knicks, but as director for the classic feature film He Got Game and Nike’s Mars Blackmon commercial series, demonstrates his passion for basketball culture and storytelling ability which culminate as an interactive experience in NBA 2K16’s MyCAREER.

“Partnering with legendary 2K and Visual Concepts is one of the most unique challenges I’ve had in filmmaking, and allows me to push the boundaries of innovative storytelling,” said Spike Lee. “My hope is fans will feel even more connected to the world of basketball in NBA 2K16.”

Paralleling Curry, Harden and Davis’ path to stardom, NBA 2K16’s MyCAREER gameplay will combine NBA 2K’s most-played mode with a rich, original story written and directed by Lee and produced by Lee’s production company, 40 Acres and a Mule.

“Working with Spike Lee on NBA2K16’s MyCAREER has elevated our most popular game experience from both a visual and narrative perspective,” said Greg Thomas, President, Visual Concepts. “By writing and directing the MyCAREER storyline, Spike brings the real world experience of the NBA to life like never before making NBA 2K16 the ultimate simulation.”

2K also announced that three of the NBA’s top superstars will be making their cover debuts on NBA 2K16: Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry, Houston Rockets’ James Harden, and New Orleans Pelicans’ Anthony Davis. All three athletes will grace their own individual NBA 2K16 cover, celebrating their remarkable on-court achievements this season and throughout their careers.

Each athlete, from Curry, the 2014-15 Kia NBA Most Valuable Player to Harden, a three time NBA All-Star and Davis, two-time NBA All-Star and NBA block leader who helped lead the New Orleans Pelicans franchise to its first ever playoffs appearance, has thoroughly earned the coveted cover role.
  • “This season has been an incredible journey for me and my teammates, and being selected as a cover athlete for NBA 2K16 is an amazing way to celebrate this year. It’s a blessing to be named a member of this special group and I am honored." – Stephen Curry
  • "Fans had a chance to get a glimpse of what I’m capable of this season, so I’m honored to be recognized as a cover athlete of NBA 2K16. I’ve dreamed of making it since I was a kid, and seeing myself on the cover is an incredible feeling.” – James Harden
  • “I’ve enjoyed working with 2K the past few years and it’s an honor to be selected for a cover of NBA 2K16. Just thinking about the players who have been on NBA 2K covers before me makes me feel humbled to be in such amazing company.” – Anthony Davis

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08:50 AM - June 4, 2015. Posted by iTofu. Written by Chris Sanner

Spike Lee, acclaimed filmmaker and die-hard New York Knicks fan, is writing and directing the single-player MyCAREER mode for NBA 2K16.

Lee, who directed films such as "Do the Right Thing" and "He Got Game", said he was asked to work on the game this year, an offer which he accepted.

"Lee said the game's story centers on a basketball player named Frequency Vibrations, whose personal exploits off the court are just as chaotic as the game on it.

"It's about the trials and tribulations of life on a big stage with the money, fame, temptations, family members, the press, fans, all that stuff," said Lee.

Lee is known for his gritty storytelling style, but that won't be an issue with NBA 2K16.

"We make an E-rated game," said Thomas. "It's an NBA licensed project and obviously the NBA cares a lot about their brand and makes sure we stick within those boundaries. Spike understood that from the get-go, but he didn't take his foot off the gas because of that. He still brought the drama."

UPDATE: (via SimBaller, AKA Erick Boenisch - comment post #68)

I hate to disappoint, but it's just a nickname people. You can take a deep breath.

YOUR (created or scanned) face is still front and center, and your own inserted name is in play here.

I know it's hard when it's all you have, but try not to jump to conclusions too much here. I think you guys will find this one highly enjoyable...

UPDATE #2: (via @Ronnie2K)

Want to squash a piece of incorrect speculation: Players are able to create, name, customize & develop their #MyPLAYER in #NBA2K16 per usual.

What do you think about Spike Lee directing the MyCAREER story this year? What do you expect to see out of Frequency Vibrations' story this season?

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015
12:39 PM - June 2, 2015. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

2K Sports today announced a big sale of Virtual Currency in NBA 2K15 to celebrate the NBA Finals today.

"To celebrate the #NBAFinals, we're discounting #NBA2K15 Virtual Currency (VC) up to 50% off! #YourTimeHasCome to take advantage today." - 2K Sports Tweet

If you are looking to get over that last hump and need some VC to do it, this is certainly the day to get that last bit in!

UPDATE: Chris Manning (@LD2K) confirmed on Twitter the sale is for one week.

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11:06 AM - June 2, 2015. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

There has been much speculation about what EA was going to do with their Ultimate Team powered Madden NFL Mobile and user teams. It appears EA has chosen to reset teams to put everyone on a new playing field for a new season -- but not all progress is being reset, which is a bonus.

You will retain your remaining Madden Cash balances. However coins, item binders, head to head rank, seasons completed, level and achievements will be reset to make way for the new season.

The good news is, your success this year will carry over to next. Meaning the higher you bring your season score up -- the better packs you'll have when the new season starts.

"Like any NFL GM, you need to make sure you’re taking all the steps necessary this season to maximize your chances next season. Players have until Saturday, August 15 to maximize their team’s Season Score in order to gain as much of a head start on next season as possible, meaning:

Players will be granted Packs at the beginning of the 2015 Madden NFL Mobile season, based on their Season Score on August 15

Your final starting roster on August 15 will be placed into the history books as a Legacy Team.* Players can visit the Trophy Room anytime to look back and enjoy your masterpiece squad from the past season, and will be available for play on a limited basis."

Are you playing Madden NFL Mobile? Do you like how EA is handling the seasonal transition?

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