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Monday, July 14, 2014
01:33 PM - July 14, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

The free agency moves over the weekend did change the basic structure of the Eastern Conference, with more than one team now looking to have an inside track on the possibility of competing for a shot at the NBA Finals.

It looks as if Chicago, Cleveland, and Indiana will all at least be good enough to challenge for an eastern conference title -- and Miami could certainly be in the mix as well if the final few chips fall their way this offseason.

However, the one thing that hasn't changed is that the Western Conference still has the better crop of teams from top to bottom, and the Eastern Conference still has a long way to go before matching the west in power.

Carmelo didn't move west. LeBron didn't either. Pau Gasol is now in the East. It's time we see the Eastern Conference put forth more than one or two serious competitors for the NBA Championship -- and we could finally have that going into this year.

Has the change in balance in the Eastern Conference made it more appealing to play in NBA 2K15? Do you suspect more big changes are coming to the Eastern Conference this offseason?

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With the fall release season coming up, it seems prudent to ask OS'ers which of the four major sports games they are most excited about this fall.

Are you more excited about NBA 2K15? Madden NFL 15? NHL 15? FIFA 15?

Be sure to sound off in our poll and let us know which game not-mentioned you are also looking forward to most!

Sunday, July 13, 2014
10:18 AM - July 13, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

Today should be d-day minus two towards NCAA/College Football 15’s launch.

We should be celebrating the first new-generation effort of collegiate football, with the expected beautiful graphics and enhancements we were expecting all along.

This week should be the kickoff to our sports gaming season, where nearly every AAA game is released over a four month period.


Read More - It Should Be NCAA Release Week...

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Saturday, July 12, 2014
09:14 AM - July 12, 2014. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Chris Sanner

Checking in today with his personal take on the lack of NCAA Football this summer, Owen Good writes that it won't be the lawsuit that does the series in, it will be the lack of a playoff option in old games.

"And nothing will give it the College Football Playoff, or any game mode resembling the four-team finals that begin with this year's postseason. It would have been intriguing to see it handled by this series,which had always done a smooth job of making the human-voted aspects of college football seem lifelike (even to the point of believably screwing have-nots out of big bowl bids or ignoring their players for big honors.)

That's a big blow to a series that was, in hindsight, still one of the most cunningly future-proofed titles in licensed sports video gaming, thanks to a number of key features."

What do you think about the lack of a playoff option in NCAA? Are you going to play last year's game with updated rosters?

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Friday, July 11, 2014
11:24 AM - July 11, 2014. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Chris Sanner

Lebron James is coming home.

How does this change the NBA, your view of LeBron, and all the other angles to the story you can think of?

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Thursday, July 10, 2014
10:34 AM - July 10, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

In a trailer yesterday, Madden's defensive line controls were revealed and they were quite simple: square for a power move, x for a finesse move, use the l-trigger to try to steer an OL.

On one hand, this will likely help the line play feel more realistic as the game can 'work' better with fewer user options and should still be quite responsive. On the other hand, users may not feel they are getting to select how they get to the QB and instead will be mashing a button to get there.

How do you feel? Are the controls going to work for you or would you like more?

Vote in our poll and leave a comment on any improvements (if any) you'd make!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014
11:14 AM - July 9, 2014. Posted by Fiddy. Written by Chris Sanner

EA Sports today released a new trailer for NHL 15 showing off the graphical improvements in the player models, which have been completely revamped from the inside out. EA also posted a new blog on the improvements. Check out the trailer above and the screenshots below!
  • Layered Player Models add a new level of detail that wasn’t possible before. In addition to the body, each player now wears individual pieces of equipment that live below the jersey. The result is skaters who now look and move like living, breathing athletes.
  • Dynamic Cloth technology on the jersey adds an extra layer of realism, reacting to the skater’s movements as they explode up the ice, helping bring the speed of the game to life.
  • Powered by the same technology that brought the most realistic representation of the athlete to EA SPORTS UFC, NHL 15 delivers groundbreaking visuals to every aspect of the skater. From the skates, to the pants, to the stick – every aspect of the player has been captured to the finest detail.
  • All-new user-controlled celebrations allow for more variety after putting one past the goalie. Join with teammates for a group hug or select from a slew of new individual reactions.

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Monday, July 7, 2014
08:28 AM - July 7, 2014. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Chris Sanner

PES 2015 news is coming fast and furious now, with three new interviews hitting the internet over the weekend into today from WENB. The interviews all feature different content, with information on MyClub, the Fox Engine, and more are discussed.

Check out the interviews and let us know what you think of the details!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

This video posted by Owen Good on his YouTube shows a hilarious moment in MLB 14 The Show which may show up from time to time if you leave the game idle during gameplay. In it, an umpire takes Yasiel Puig's bat from him and shows him how to properly celebrate a home run. Nevermind the fact it's exactly how Puig celebrates a Home Run.

Oh if only we could know what they were saying to each other.

What are some of the cooler scenes you've seen in The Show?

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09:50 AM - July 2, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

Tim Howard was blocking everything and everyone yesterday -- but his historic effort wasn't enough for Team USA to advance onward, losing 2-1 to Belgium.

Historically, this is the moment most Americans move on to other things in sport, to forget about Soccer until the next time Team USA is in the spotlight.

What are your plans for the rest of the summer when it comes to what sports you plan to watch? Are you forgetting about soccer until Team USA is back in the spotlight or are you moving back to watching the MLS?

Sound off by voting in our poll and commenting on what your summer sports viewing plans are!

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Monday, June 30, 2014

The cap on per-player compensation in the Ed O'Bannon case will be capped at $5,000 per year for players, with a maximum reward of up to $20,000 for players. However, the exact figure for what players could earn will be determined by the number of players who make a claim as well as what sport that player played (or plays). Other considerations will be if they appeared in the game either with their likeness or in a photograph, and the number of years the players appeared in the game.

No players receiving rewards will have their eligibility affected by the payout. In total, $60 million in settlements were reached between the Ed O'Bannon legal team and EA, the NCAA, and the CLC.

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11:59 AM - June 30, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

If things had gone according to plan, College Football 15 would be releasing in just a couple of weeks. We would be seeing the first next-gen version of college football, with the better visuals and gameplay leaps we've come to know from other sports titles.

Instead, thanks to the O'Bannon case settlement, NCAA Football is not represented as a video game for now. While there is still hope for a revival of the series in the future, this year is going to be the first without an NCAA Football video-game in a very long time.

How disappointed are you that there won't be college football on new-generation video game consoles this year?

Vote in our poll and sound off on what you plan to do to fill the void this July!

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Sunday, June 29, 2014
11:12 AM - June 29, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

Let’s just get one thing out of the way: the menus in MLB 14 The Show’s franchise definitely went in the right direction from where things were previously.

I honestly just wanted to sound positive before this next paragraph which will sound less than positive.

The menus in MLB 14 The Show’s franchise mode menus are still some of the most poorly organized user interfaces you can find. Want to know how many years you have left with your all-star pitcher? That’s about 3-4 button pushes away on average from the main home screen in franchise mode. Want to know who is leading your team in batting average? That’s really not as easy to find out as it should be.

Read More - MLB The Show: More Improvement Still Needed With Franchise Mode Menus

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014
01:46 PM - June 25, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

Operation Sports is actively seeking video creaters to partner with us as we head into the heart of the 2014 Sports Gaming season. We are looking for informative and high quality video productions to cover the major (and not-so-major) games in our genre.

We are looking for people with a proven track record of quality content which would be a fit for the Operation Sports readership and community. We are looking for video creators who can explain game topics, strategies, and more in a concise and clear manner. By partnering together, we will provide your video channels with publicity and recognition (along with being watched by our audience) in exchange for content a couple of times per month.

If you are interested, we need you to send us an e-mail with your name, the games you cover, and a link to your existing work (YouTube Channel preferred). Please note we are looking for clean and informative programming and will not accept any work with excessive profanity or obscene imagery.

We will be prioritizing MLB The Show and EA Sports UFC video creators ahead of everyone else in the next couple of weeks, but we will get with everyone on the list before mid-July for sure.

The response to this is expected to be quite large, so bear with us as we sort through all applicants and contact people we are interested in partnering with!

Contact Us To Get Started

09:40 AM - June 25, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

In what is most definitely a strange twist of fate, NCAA Football fans must now root for the legal team behind Ed O'Bannon to win against the NCAA for the legal structures required for college football video games to return to actually exist quicker than they might otherwise exist.

EA Executive Joel Linzner admitted on the stand last week in the O'Bannon vs. NCAA trial that EA would love to bring the college football titles back, but only if all of the licenses could be acquired.

To do that will mean having all schools and conferences on board with the title in an environment free from potential litigation -- in short the college landscape will have to allow for players to get compensation for their licensed likenesses.

If the NCAA were to win the case against O'Bannon, there is a very low chance schools will feel compelled to pressure the NCAA into giving players a much bigger slice of the pie -- but even then the legal structures could still come around, as college athletics is definitely heading in that general direction anyways. However, what will force the NCAA's hand (as well as schools and conferences), into much quicker action will be if the O'Bannon team wins their case against the NCAA.

EA has made it clear that the loss of the support of the NCAA, conferences, and schools was the tipping point which drove the NCAA out of business. EA was initially quick to deny the ongoing lawsuits was a cause, but Lisner did blame the O'Bannon suit as being the reason for the game's cancellation, despite it earning $80 million a year in revenue.

The monetary reasons, all $80 million of them, are there for the series return in the future. What isn't clear is when the legal structures will exist within the NCAA to allow for player likenesses to be compensated so college football games can return. It is a near certainty that when those structures are in place, we will see the return of NCAA Football in all its glory.

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