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Monday, March 27, 2017

Editor Chris Sanner recently got a chance to go out to 2K and chat with several members of the NBA 2K team about what it was like to go from a member of the OS and Sports Gaming Community to working in gaming. This first video introduces you to everyone I talked to, what they do at 2K, and how they went from community member to making games.

Coming up in future videos we have conversations on what its like to work in games, misconceptions people in the community may have, and also some tips and ideas about how you can angle yourself to get noticed and work on a game like NBA 2K as well.

As part of this series, we are also wanting to encourage anyone interested in working in gaming to look into it. The results of what former OS'ers have been able to do at 2K Sports in particular speaks for itself!

If you are interested in seeing if you have what it takes, we are encouraging all members of the community to contact Chad Riggleman, a recruiter at 2K Sports, about how you may fit in with their future. E-mail Chad at [email protected]

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Thursday, March 9, 2017
05:26 PM - March 9, 2017. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

Next week, I'll be heading out to California to have a chat with several former OS'ers who are now working at 2K on the NBA 2K series. We're going to talk about a lot of topics such as what its like to work at 2K, what the transition from community members to game makers was like, and also some of the nuts and bolts behind the approaches to their jobs.

In short we kind of get to learn some of the hows and whys of game development.

We're going to be having some extended conversations in the 2K Studio about all of this and the videos will be posted afterwards on OS. We're giving you guys the chance to submit questions to the team now to the run-up of the event next Thursday. Obviously we're not going to get any unreleased info on secret plans for NBA 2K18 (sorry guys) but if you have questions about why they do certain things, how they approach their jobs, or what being in the games industry is like, we'd love to be able to talk about them.

Submit your questions in the comments, and I'll try to ask as many of them as possible when I have my sit down with the guys at 2K next week!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017
09:35 AM - January 25, 2017. Posted by HustlinOwl. Written by Chris Sanner

Ramone Russell posted a new blog on the official Playstation Site talking about some new details on Retro Mode in MLB The Show 17:

Retro mode is pretty much a one-button mode, but with surprising depth, and all the new animations, gameplay additions, and improvements found in the regular version of the game.

For example, in an effort to simplify the batter vs. pitcher battle, we’ve taken all the pitching attributes out and boiled them down to velocity, break, and control. Because there is no high and low in the strike zone, you have three pitches at your disposal that you can trigger with the touch of one button. To throw a fastball you hold down on the left analog stick and press X. To throw a changeup you hold up on the left analog stick and press X. And to throw a slider you press to the left or right on the left analog stick after the pitch is released.

One of the wrinkles we’ve added is that velocity is controlled by holding down or up on the analog stick just before the pitcher releases. In closing, you choose velocity before the pitch is thrown and you can affect movement (left or right) after the pitch is thrown.

Also revealed are two regional covers for MLB The Show 17. The Canadian version of the game will featured Aaron Sanchez and the Tawianese version of the game will feature Wei-Yin Chen.

You can see the covers below!

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09:17 AM - January 25, 2017. Posted by smiley3. Written by Chris Sanner

The MLB The Show 17 team revealed their Twitch Livestream schedule this year which also revealed a lot of new features coming to this year's game.

The live streams will start on Twitch on February 7th and will run weekly through March 23rd. In total, 11 live streams are scheduled with one yet to be finalized with regards to date.

In the descriptors for each live stream are some new details of features coming to MLB The Show 17.
  • Gameplay: New Ball Physics, Humanity AI, Cat and Mouse Gameplay, All New Catch and Throw Engine (+More!)
  • Diamond Dynasty Gets Dynamic: Events, Seasons, Programs, Missions 2.0, New Legends & Flashbacks. More!
  • The Little Things: New Uniform Sets, Universal Profile Overhaul, New Brands. More!
  • Presentation and Commentary: Showtrack, New Commentary?
  • Franchise Mode: Launch Pad, Player Quirks, Franchise Front Office.
  • Road to the Show and Create-A-Player: Player Model Revamps, Pave Your Path, Create-A-Player Revamp, PYP.
  • Graphics: Lighting, Grass Tech, New Head Rig, Classic Stadiums.

MLB The Show 17 Releases on March 28.

What do you think the new features are revealing?

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017
02:08 PM - January 24, 2017. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

We recently sat down with Franchise Hockey Manager 3 Producer Jeff Riddolls as well as Community Manager Adam B to talk about this year's game and what it brought to the table.

We gave Franchise Hockey Manager 3 a good rating in our review, and if you are a fan of text-sims or hockey (or both) its more than worth a look.

If you want to give FHM3 a try, you can do so with a special 10% off coupon thanks to the folks at OOTP Developments. Simply use the coupon code OS10FHM3 at checkout on the OOTP Store.

If you cannot see the video above, click here to see it. Also be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel as we add a lot of new content this year!

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Thursday, January 19, 2017
02:12 PM - January 19, 2017. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

The saga of Joe Montana Football is always up for weird twists and turns, and at this point its possible no one is even listening.

Almost non-chalantly in a recent interview with Twitter Sports, Joe Montana himself talked about his company Superstar Games and their recent project called Montana 17 which is "an all passing VR game for football."

This, of course is a major departure from the company's previous claims of a simulation football experience and even a mobile-only title with that same goal in mind. The VR experience of course can be on mobile devices -- but it seems that plans have changed at least a few times for the title and the development time has been much longer than anticipated.

It remains to be seen if Superstar Games even actually gets a product to market at this point. Currently the game is a great case study in how to create a ton of hype posting an anonymous message on a message board full of sim-heads and then failing to capture on that buzz by having a supremely underwhelming reveal. It's a fascinating point of history in OS Annals as well.

In the strange sordid tale of Joe Montana Football, it seems the twists aren't quite over yet.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017
08:49 AM - January 11, 2017. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

The Staff Sports Game of the Year has been handed out for over a decade now here at Operation Sports. The process for how we decide the sports game of the year is simple for our staff voting: We simply have everyone send their top three sports games of the year and assign them points in a reverse manner (3 points for 1st, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd).

We do it this way because we want to be able to award the top three sports games as voted on by the staff, so we allow the staff to vote on three total games on their list.

Over the past several seasons, NBA 2K has dominated this list, winning the last several years thanks to a lot of innovation and a polished presentation and gameplay product.

Did NBA 2K17 hold onto the crown? Let's make the jump and find out!

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Saturday, January 7, 2017
04:23 PM - January 7, 2017. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

The OS Reader's Sports Game of the Year has been a fun award to hand out every year because it represents the game OS'ers think is the absolute best they've played over the last year. In short, its a people's choice award to sports game developers for a job well done.

As with the other categories we'll list off the top vote getters and talk about each after the jump. Before you do that, be sure to visit our YouTube Channel and subscribe to us as we prepare a 2017 full of fun content!

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Thursday, January 5, 2017
01:12 PM - January 5, 2017. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

The 2016 Sports Game of the Year Awards roll on today with the best Franchise/GM Mode Award being awarded today.

For the purposes of this award, we gave it out to individual games versus individual modes since there were different varieties in some games but the differences weren't too huge. With that said, let's get to the results of this category!

Read More - 2016 Sports Game of the Year: Best Franchise/GM Mode (Reader's Choice)

Reddit user upvotd has come up with a pretty brilliant workaround for folks who want to play a season or more with a single player but don't want to go through the grind of the MyCAREER mode.

His solution is to play in MyLEAGUE with a created player with player lock on. Of course, that means you have to manually create a player and place them on a roster -- and then you simply player lock onto your created player. When that happens viola! You have a MyPlayer you can play with and upgrade but without the added cut scenes, gym time, practices, and more of MyCAREER.

How his solution works is to use a spreadsheet system to upgrade your player based on their performance in a way that makes sense (and a way you can work to earn credits in a measureable way).

The system upvotd created allows for player upgrades based on on-court performance. There's even a spreadsheet to make things easier.

You can check out the full YourPlayer system on Reddit right now! Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017
04:15 PM - January 4, 2017. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

Solo/Career modes have really entered into an era of flourishing in sports gaming. MyCAREER from NBA 2K really changed how developers approach this mode on a widespread level by introducing narrative to this part of the sports gaming genre a few years back. While other games had done the narrative idea before, none had quite the success than NBA 2K was able to achieve.

This year, FIFA 17 jumped into the fray with their new mode, 'The Journey'. Other games such as MLB The Show 16, stuck with a more tried and true formula of building up characters and having you create your own narrative to play within.

Be sure to watch the video above and subscribe to us on YouTube and click below to see the results of this year's reader vote.

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03:21 PM - January 4, 2017. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

Gameplay is the bread and butter topic to many OS'ers, and a game truly cannot be considered great without great gameplay. That is true today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

So when it comes to awarding the best gameplay category here at Operation Sports, we tend to really vote with our passions in this category. This year's winner may be surprising to some, but won't be to many others.

Watch the video above, subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and jump to the full results below!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017
10:47 AM - January 3, 2017. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

When it comes to Online Modes in sports games, the Best Online Experience category was the closest and tightest vote in our Reader's Choice from top to bottom.

As it turns out, five games in total were close enough for mention in this year's readers choice vote. You can listen to Editor Chris Sanner and Forum Admin Millennium discuss the results in the piece above, also be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube while you are at it!

Let's get to the results!

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Thursday, December 29, 2016
09:43 AM - December 29, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

Sports Game of the Year Voting on four categories in the awards began a couple of days ago -- check out those categories here.

Today we're adding our final three categories into the voting mix, this time focusing on the single player sports gamer experience. This seemed to be a good year overall for single player modes, with Franchise Modes and Career modes really beginning to hit their stride.

Be sure to vote in the three categories in the links below, voting closes on these in four days!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016
12:42 PM - December 27, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

The first four categories for 2016's Sports Games of the Year are now up in the forums and ready to take your votes! Be sure to vote in each category and leave a comment on each as to why you voted for the game you did!

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