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Peyton Manning: Still The Man Stuck
Posted on September 12, 2012 at 02:16 PM.

To quote the great Ric Flair, "To be the man, you gotta beat the man." Right now, I wouldn't bet against Peyton Manning.

One of the biggest stories of the off-season took itís first step in the regular season on Sunday night. Peyton Manning took over as Quarterback of the Denver Broncos, and not only did he avoid injury, he looked great in beating the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The avoiding injury was a huge concern, not only of myself, but every columnist on every website that mentions sport. Manning was only sacked twice by an aggressive Steelers defense. Albeit, a defense missing hard-hitting Safety Ryan Clark, but a stout defense nonetheless.

Manning finished the game 19-for-26 for 253 yards with two touchdowns. He also picked up a key first down on a scramble out of the pocket for seven yards. A play that could have been the most important of the game. Not because it picked up a first down, but it showed that Manning is not afraid to move out of the pocket.

The Denver Offensive Line is better than most of the lines Manning ever had in Indianapolis. With that in mind, giving up only two sacks is a major accomplishment against that Steelers defense. If the Offensive Line can keep Manning up-right, his numbers should only improve.

Manningís first touchdown of the night was his 400th of his illustrious career. Obviously a huge accomplishment, and my guess is he has many more this season. The Broncos do have a difficult schedule -- the first five weeks are brutal -- but Manning has the ability to lead this team to a winning record through the first five weeks.

Therefore, the coming weeks will be the truest test to see how far Manning has come in the last 12 months. Peyton Manning probably wonít be seeing a ton of help from his ground game as we all anticipated, but that could have just been another in a long line of dominating performances from the Steelers.

It wonít be easy, but just think, this was a warm-up for Manning. Once he gets 100% in-sync with the offense heíll be able to pick apart defenses like he has in the past. I have zero doubt about that, because Peyton Manning, much like football, is back.

Manning is still the man, furthermore, heís still a top-five Quarterback in the league. At this point, we are just waiting on the big game to remind us all of the Peyton of old. The 400-yard, five-touchdown game as he commands the offense at the line, changing the play. That will come, and at this point, it is only a matter of when -- not if.
# 1 keator @ Sep 12
Been having this discussion with my friends: Would you take 3-5 years of a mid 30s peyton manning playing at his normal level, or 10-12 years of Andrew Luck, not truly knowing if he will reach his potential.

If I was a Colts fan, I would still rather have Peyton now and worry about the future in 4 years.

Time will tell
# 2 Staalker @ Sep 12
The Denver Offensive Line is better than most of the lines Manning ever had in Denver.

Think you meant Indy?

And for the record, I never doubted Peyton. I was completely shocked when Indy dropped him. In fact, I think I used the words disrespected. Andrew Luck could well be the next Manning, time will tell. But I know that Indy fans wanted to see him retire where that white jersey.

And considering how close Denver got last year with Tebow, there is no reason to assume Manning can't take them to the SB this year. And I doubt Indy makes the playoffs. Just not that impressed with what they have going on right now, Luck or not.

It will be interesting to hear the cries if this becomes true. Like Keator said, I'd rather have Peyton now.
# 3 Brendan Darr @ Sep 12
Good catch, Staalker. As for the question Keator, I think I'd rather have Peyton for the next 3 years in Denver, not Indianapolis.
# 4 keator @ Sep 12
This is going to be an interesting theme during the season
# 5 Kprodigy1 @ Sep 13
Peyton Manning @ age 40 would still be the best quarter back in the NFL. Peyton was never an athletic player to begin, so age or most injuries wouldn't affect him the way it effects most players. Peyton is a cerebral pocket passer and he is a genius when it comes to reading the defense and probably the best ever at doing so. And because of his ability to read the defense he gets rid of the ball quickly and barely ever gets hit. Last year was Peyton's first major injury in his NFL career and everybody was quick to say "he's done, he's too old, he won't be the same" oh please, Peyton Manning the best QB ever and will be so until his arm falls off.
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