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Sunday, January 11, 2015
Posted on January 11, 2015 at 06:38 PM.
Depth Chart -
  • Catcher
  • Luis Torrens (83)
  • Derrick Chung (78)
  • First Base
  • Billy Butler (88)
  • Tyrone Meyer (80)
  • Second Base
  • Devon Travis (83)
  • Third Base
  • Brandon Drury (88)
  • Mitch Nay (87)
  • Shortstop
  • Starlin Castro (88)
  • Richard Urena (80)
  • Left Field
  • Rymer Liriano (90)
  • Center Field
  • Mike Trout (99)
  • Dalton Pompey (85)
  • Right Field
  • Preston Tucker (84)
  • Starting Pitcher
  • Kenta Maeda (94)
  • Daniel Norris (92)
  • Braden Shipley (92)
  • Jeff Hoffman (90)
  • Jen-Ho Tseng (90)
  • Relief Pitcher
  • Scott McNair (87)
  • Ryan Cook (86)
  • Mike Morin (86)
  • Tim Collins (84)
  • Daniel Hudson (84)
  • Carson Smith (84)
  • Closer
  • Griffin Murphy
  • Blake Hasselbrock

Friday, September 26, 2014
Posted on September 26, 2014 at 04:00 AM.
With FIFA 15 coming out, I've started my annual West Ham United Career Mode on FIFA 15. My skills have severely diminished it appears, however, and I'm off to a terrible start!

First moves were to sell injury plagued Andy Carroll, bad-boy/constant headache Ravel Morrison, and surprisingly Jamie Collins after I received a very large offer for him.

Coming in were CB Phil Jones, who I've admired for a while as a young English player, Conor Wickham, who was linked with West Ham this summer, and also Gary Hooper, who was a cheap striker considering his skill level. I also signed veteran Steven Caldwell from TFC as a late injury substitute for a while.

Currently I employ a 4-4-2 formation with Alex Song and Mark Noble playing on top of each other rather then side by side.

Current Starting XI:

GK - Adrian
RB - Jenkinson
CB - Reid
CB - Jones
LB - Cresswell
RM - Downing
CDM - Song
CM - Noble
LM - Jarvis
ST - Zarate
ST - Hooper


ST - Valencia
ST - Wickham
ST - Sakho
RM - Amalfitano
CDM - Kouyate
CAM - Nolan
RM - Vaz Te
CB - Tomkins
LB - O'Brien
RB - Demel

Youth players:

CAM - Whitehead
LB - Page
CB - Chambers
CDM - Poyet
LB - Potts
RM - Turgott
LM - Fanimo
ST - Lee
ST - McCallum
CM - Moncur

Results so far are not too good:

League Results (4W - 4D - 12L):

0-7 vs. Tottenham
0-2 @ Crystal Palace
1-5 vs. Southampton
0-5 @ Hull City
1-2 vs. Liverpool
1-3 @ Manchester United
1-3 vs. QPR
2-2 @ Burnley
1-0 vs. Manchester City
1-6 @ Stoke City
0-1 vs. Aston Villa
0-0 @ Everton
1-1 vs. Newcastle
1-2 @ West Bromwich
1-0 vs. Swansea City
1-1 @ Sunderland
3-0 vs. Leicester City
1-4 @ Chelsea
1-0 vs. Arsenal
2-3 vs. West Bromwich

I suck.
Monday, August 25, 2014
Posted on August 25, 2014 at 01:47 AM.
Colorado Rockies Depth Chart - 2020
  • Catcher
  • Kyle Skipworth
  • Shane Medina
  • Edmund Cagle
  • Omar Colon
  • First Base
  • Russell Bush
  • Nate Freiman
  • Edmond Rich
  • Leonard William
  • Second Base
  • Anthony Rendon
  • Felipe Armas
  • Danny Wynn
  • Mario Estrella
  • Third Base
  • Nolan Arenado
  • Michael Amin
  • Bryan McDowell
  • Herbert Flaherty
  • Shortstop
  • Chris Owings
  • Buford Reeder
  • Tomas Perez
  • Left Field
  • Frankie Simon
  • Blake Guerrero
  • Richard Kobayashi
  • Anderson Hawkins
  • Center Field
  • Kenji Takahashi
  • Dustin Ackley
  • Fernando Terrero
  • Carlos Caruso
  • Right Field
  • David Manzanillo
  • Adolfo Salas
  • Roger Anaya
  • Hitoki Murakami
  • Starting Pitcher
  • Carlos Martinez
  • Michael Wacha
  • Cecil Baker
  • Alexi Salazar
  • Mario Cedeno
  • Josh Wirth
  • Relief Pitcher
  • Donnie Joseph
  • Paco Rodriguez
  • Joe Ortiz
  • Frederick Esslinger
  • Erik Davis
  • Daniel Webb
  • Closer
  • Eduardo Salinas
  • Theo Lopez

64Carlos Martinez (95)SPR/R286'0"185 lbs$9.9M
54Michael Wacha (93)SPR/R286'6"210 lbs$7.5M
11Cecil Baker (92)SPL/R256'1"202 lbs$300k
26Alexi Salazar (92)SPL/L285'11"175 lbs$200k
43Mario Cedeno (89)SPR/R286'3"215 lbs$400k
27Ryan Mcrae (89)SPR/R326'3"187 lbs$400k
53Josh Wirth (89)SPS/R265'11"168 lbs$300k
31Dan Ervin (83)SPL/R256'3"222 lbs$355k
25Juan Rosas (83)SPL/L245'10"196 lbs$170k
96Will Hyatt (82)SPR/R286'1"205 lbs$368k
20Richard Larson (82)SPR/R256'2"218 lbs$367k
50Donnie Joseph (89)RPL/L326'3"190 lbs$1.5M
75Paco Rodriguez (88)RPL/L286'3"215 lbs$2.8M
60Joe Ortiz (87)RPL/L295'7"175 lbs$2.5M
22Frederick Esslinger (85)RPR/R285'10"178 lbs$400k
51Erik Davis (85)RPR/R336'2"190 lbs$220k
61Daniel Webb (84)RPR/R316'3"210 lbs$320k
34Andres Caballero (83)RPL/R306'3"198 lbs$320k
18Eduardo Salinas (98)CPR/R255'10"176 lbs$400k
25Theo Lopez (96)CPL/L256'0"182 lbs$4.0M
55Kyle Skipworth (92)CL/R306'4"225 lbs$7.2M
15Shane Medina (76)CR/R296'3"219 lbs$336k
26Edmund Cagle (75)CR/R236'4"229 lbs$310k
17Russell Bush (88)1BL/R266'3"210 lbs$300k
6Anthony Rendon (95)2BR/R296'0"195 lbs$7.9M
8Felipe Armas (95)2BR/R276'4"201 lbs$300k
39Nolan Arenado (94)3BR/R286'1"205 lbs$12.4M
16Chris Owings (92)SSR/R295'10"180 lbs$3.8M
34Buford Reeder (90)SSL/R256'0"192 lbs$5.0M
15Edmund Rich (82)1BL/L246'3"218 lbs$500k
10Michael Amin (82)2BR/R276'3"199 lbs$364k
12Frankie Simon (90)LFR/R265'7"177 lbs$1.8M
7Richard Kobayashi (82)LFL/L256'3"195 lbs$250k
30Kenji Takahashi (95)CFR/L246'1"209 lbs$13.0M
14Dustin Ackley (89)CFL/R326'1"195 lbs$4.7M
18Fernando Terrero (80)CFS/R245'8"182 lbs$345k
23David Manzanillo (91)RFS/R286'2"214 lbs$150k
27Adolfo Salas (90)RFR/R266'3"206 lbs$330k
3Roger Anaya (85)RFS/L276'4"226 lbs$830k
26Hitoki Murakami (82)RFR/R266'2"225 lbs$340k

Overview of Main MLB Players this season:

Starting Pitchers

Carlos Martinez - Acquired from the Cardinals in a trade involving Troy Tulowitski and Michael Wacha, has developed into top pitcher, although seems to be very hit and miss year to year. Career Record: 64-65, 4.50 ERA

Michael Wacha - Also brought in during the same trade, won a Cy Young in 2016 but has seen his performance drop considerably since then. May become expendable as more prospects develop. Career Record: 77-77, 4.03 ERA

Cecil Baker - 2nd year pitcher. Brought along slowly as a prospect through the minor league system. May have been acquired in a trade very early on, but developed with me. Has a rocket of an arm and also good command, stamina and break. Needs a bit of work but may become my ace within a few seasons. Career Record: 23-24, 4.51 ERA

Alexi Salazar - 3rd year pitcher who was also developed in my system. Has struggled in his career, which has been partly spent as a long reliever. The lefty has good stuff but just can't seem to put it together, although this year he took some important steps. Career Record: 22-24, 5.33 ERA

Josh Wirth - Also a 3rd year starter, Wirth has been more consistent than Salazar. Had to be sent down as a sophomore but been one of my better starters since. Has good upside still though he still needs to improve his command. Career Record: 32-22, 4.59 ERA

Mario Cedeno - Cedeno was acquired last season to help a struggling rotation. Has good stuff but not a pitcher who will go deep into games. Used primarily as a long reliever this season, and struggled at it. Career Record: 28-29, 5.02 ERA

Relief Pitchers:

Donnie Joseph - Joseph is my most expensive reliever and has a very good arm, problem is, he gets himself into trouble. Has been more reliabe than most though for me since joining the team. The veteran pitcher on the team. Career Record: 16-8, 4.99 ERA

Paco Rodriguez - Since joining my team, Paco has become my best reliever as far as the statistics and wins are concerned. At just 28, the big lefty will be around for a while so long as his contract demands remain reasonable. Career Record: 36-26, 4.17 ERA

Joe Ortiz - Ortiz was another guy brought in to solidify the bullpen. While his numbers aren't as good in Colorado, he is still one of my better relievers usually. A diminutive guy, Ortiz has crafted a good career for himself thus far. Career Record: 27-19, 3.81 ERA

Frederick Esslinger - Esslinger is in his first Colorado season and had a respectable year and gave me a good right handed option from the pen. While he can still improve in some areas, he is definitely looking like he'll be around for a while. Career Record: 18-7, 4.74 ERA

Closing Pitchers:

Theo Lopez - Lopez has been with my organization since he was 20 and has developed along with his counterpart, who will be mentioned next. While Lopez had the closers job a few seasons ago, he never got comfortable and is now the set up man, a position he seems to be relishing as his ERA has improved quite a bit. At just 25, his career looks to be a long one with the Rockies. Career Record: 8-22, 137 saves, 4.47 ERA

Eduardo Salinas - Salinas also joined when he was 20, and has developed very quickly since joining the team. While he spent more time in the minors than Lopez, he has also been able to craft himself into a reliable pitcher, proving it this year by setting career marks across the board for himself in the closer spot. Career Record: 5-9, 113 saves, 2.91 ERA

Lineup Players:

C - Kyle Skipworth - I brought in Skipworth to help the defensive side of the ball, as my catchers position was built for offense in previous year, but the career ending injury of Randy O'Neill changed that. Skipworth has a great arm and makes pretty good contact at the plate. Seems like he'll be a good option for a few seasons for me. Career Stats: .257 AVG, 118 HR, 396 RBI

1B - Russell Bush - Bush has been developing for quite a while through my system and took over the starting 1B role in late September. Hasn't played much but looks very good for the future. Has good athleticism for his size and great power. Could be a 30-40 HR guy as a permanent starter.

1B - Edmond Rich - Rich has been my back up 1B for a few seasons and is still only 24 years old. Is a good hitter but not much of a fielder or athlete. Very good hitter against right handed pitching so I use him when I need that particular ability. Would be a nice DH when I play against AL teams as well. Career Stats: .288 AVG, 10 HR, 49 RBI

2B - Anthony Rendon - He's been my starting 2nd baseman basically since I started the mode. When I started he was a very average hitter but has worked on it and is now one of my most reliable players all around. Will probably keep his starting spot despite plenty of competition at the position as I have always had good prospects. Career Stats: .270 AVG, 114 HR, 470 RBI

2B - Felipe Armas - Armas is my athletic, super defensive 2nd baseman who also fills in as a 3B and SS sometimes, depending on injuries. Great size and solid speed combined with a cannon arm, he's developed well in the system and really earned his spot on the team. Not a great hitter though, which hurts his chances to overtake Rendon as the starter. Career Stats: .251 AVG, 16 HR, 70 RBI

3B - Nolan Arenado - Nolan came with the team, and is probably the last true Rockie in the organization. Like Rendon, he struggled offensively for years and had a hard time taking a permanent spot, but eventually won out and is now my 2nd highest paid player and my most reliable RBI and AVG guy season to season. Also displaying great power in the last 2 years. Very huge, cause the other big 3B prospect I had was injured and retired 2 seasons ago. Career Stats: .277 AVG, 114 HR, 426 RBI

SS - Chris Owings - Owings, along with his counerpart at shortstop, has developed into a very good utility player for me. A good defender and hitter, he is also a good athlete and can be used in all situations. At the age of 29 though, he has a lot of pressure behind him as my other SS is 25 and growing very well. Career Stats: .250 AVG, 45 HR, 191 RBI

SS - Buford Reeder - Reeder is a young player who has a lot of work to do in order to become the every day starter for the Rockies, but has shown good abilities so far as a 2nd option, and a power option. Another good utility guy, Reeder can play any position in the infield comfortably. Expect him to break out within the next 2 seasons. Career Stats: .248 AVG, 130 HR, 391 RBI

LF - Frankie Simon - Another guy who has developed his way to being a top player in the league, Simon is my smallest major league player but makes up for it with great hitting ability. Looks to be a great lead off man of the future, and will probably have a .290 average in the very least for the next 4-6 years of his career. Very important player to have developed for my team. Career Stats: .275 AVG, 26 HR, 139 RBI

LF - Blake Guerrero - My other left fielder, and also my current lead off man, Guerrero was acquired as a back up from another team and has done very well with the Rockies. While he might not be the best athlete, he can definitely field well and is the best hitter on the team. Can play all over the field and 3B, so is a valuable asset to have on the bench. Career Stats: .279 AVG, 54 HR, 213 RBI

CF - Kenji Takahaski - Taken in my first draft in the 2nd round, Takahashi is a budding superstar. Has a lot of experience for being 24 years old, but if he could stay healthy he could easily becomg one of the most feared players in the league. Has good hitting abilities, which he's worked on hard, is a great base runner and has a monster arm from center. When healthy, has the potential to be a Hall of Fame calibre player, but injuries have been a problem early on. Career Stats: .273 AVG, 70 HR, 261 RBI

RF - David Manzanillo - Another of my early draft picks, Manzanillo is a solid fielder right now but needs to work on his contact. Has solid power for himself though and once he gets used to the majors, could be a major force in the league. At 28 though, he is doing well for himself and is one of the better base runners on the team. Currently leads a very deep group at the right field position, so that must be good news. Career Stats: .265 AVG, 46 HR, 168 RBI

RF - Adolfo Salas - Once again, a draft pick early on in my franchise, Salas has been brought along slowly, but has the ability to be a great power hitter in the league for years to come. At 26 he is just entering the league and in the next few years should become an elite player. Slow though, so there is risk with him still to be seen. Career Stats: .217, 9 HR, 30 RBI

Sunday, July 13, 2014
Posted on July 13, 2014 at 04:47 PM.
21Rocky Tangradi (SNP)246'1"188 lbs86Canada
17Travis Konecny (PLY)256'2"187 lbs85Canada
22Scott Laughton (TWF)286'2"182 lbs85Canada
77Kim Ottosson (SNP)256'1"196 lbs80Sweden
19Calle Jarnkrok (TWF)306'0"176 lbs80Sweden
53Bo Horvat (PWF)276'2"205 lbs79Canada
31Tero Saarenheimo (ENF)246'2"223 lbs79Finland
42Adrian Kempe (PWF)256'2"198 lbs76Sweden
93Mitchell Marner (PLY)256'2"183 lbs76Canada
74Riley Engelhardt216'2"227 lbs88Canada
70Tommy Dowell (PLY)236'3"202 lbs87USA
71Tyler Benson (SNP)246'2"198 lbs86Canada
20Nick Ritchie (PWF)266'2"214 lbs83Canada
51Byron Smith (SNP)246'2"203 lbs81USA
81Nikita Scherbak (SNP)266'2"183 lbs84Russia
42Danny Kristo (SNP)325'11"185 lbs84USA
45Spencer Wakabayashi (TWF)226'4"221 lbs81Canada
83Neil Sipotz (SNP)216'4"212 lbs79Canada
26Petr Straka (PLY)306'1"199 lbs79Canada
28Dougie Hamilton (TWD)296'5"206 lbs88Canada
55Roman Janicki (OFD)266'1"195 lbs87Czech Republic
5Luca Sbisa (TWD)326'2"198 lbs84Switzerland
84Oscar Klefbom (TWD)286'4"209 lbs84Sweden
65Geoffrey McCollum (DFD)216'2"197 lbs82Canada
47Ronald Domish (TWD)236'3"210 lbs81Canada
79Colin Globke (OFD)246'3"206 lbs81Norway
89Nikita Nesterov (OFD)296'1"186 lbs78Russia
34Justin Lemcke (DFD)256'3"217 lbs78Canada
29Willie Brain (DFD)216'2"196 lbs76Canada
35Daniel Wapple (HYB)276'1"179 lbs86Canada
43Patrick Klein (HYB)285'11"183 lbs83Germany
1Taylor Ronning (HYB)266'2"198 lbs82USA
32Tuukka Smura (BUT)276'2"208 lbs80Finland

San Jose Sharks - Regular Season top 10 Stats - 2021-22
Travis Konecny7819537213218
Tyler Benson7036306612318
Tommy Dowell7020466611422
Rocky Tangradi6826356113819
Nikita Scherbak743524594320
Roman Janicki7722325426512
Byron Smith7823214423516
Riley Engelhardt701429436619
Scott Laughton684384219128
Spencer Wakabayashi8012203217427
Daniel Wapple59411441.94.93411
Taylor Ronning2921622.44.9133

Thursday, July 3, 2014
Posted on July 3, 2014 at 08:08 PM.
2019-20 San Jose Sharks
22Scott Laughton (TWF)256'2"182 lbs87Canada
17Travis Konecny (PLY)236'2"184 lbs85Canada
21Rocky Tangradi (SNP)226'0"188 lbs84Canada
25Sean Monahan (TWF)256'2"198 lbs81Canada
27Anders Lee (PLY)296'3"225 lbs80USA
46Bill Arnold (GRN)276'0"203 lbs77Canada
77Kim Ottosson (SNP)226'1"195 lbs77Sweden
49Bryce Van Brabant (GRN)286'3"205 lbs77Canada
29Leon Draisatl (PLY)246'2"216 lbs75Germany
53Bo Horvat (PWF)256'2"205 lbs74Canada
70Tommy Dowell (PLY)216'3"201 lbs87Canada
71Tyler Benson (SNP)226'2"196 lbs86Canada
20Alex Steen (TWF)366'1"212 lbs83Sweden
29Brandon Saad (TWF)276'2"204 lbs82USA
52Byron Smith (SNP)226'2"203 lbs79USA
92Evgeny Kuznetsov (PLY)276'1"201 lbs86Russia
8Ty Rattie (SNP)276'1"187 lbs85Canada
42Danny Kristo (SNP)295'11"185 lbs83USA
26Chris Stewart (PWF)326'2"231 lbs83Canada
23David Pacan (TWF)296'3"205 lbs80Canada
55Roman Janicki (OFD)246'1"195 lbs87Czech Republic
28Dougie Hamilton (TWD)266'5"206 lbs87Canada
3Jamie Oleksiak (DFD)276'7"250 lbs86Canada
84Oscar Klefbom (TWD)266'4"209 lbs85Sweden
10Scott Mayfield (DFD)276'4"203 lbs85USA
44Dennis Seidenberg (DFD)386'1"210 lbs85Germany
6Trevor Daley (DFD)365'11"195 lbs81Canada
11Ryan Sproul (OFD)276'4"200 lbs81Canada
25Mikael Seppala (DFD)266'2"183 lbs80Finland
34Justin Lemcke (DFD)236'3"214 lbs78Canada
1Taylor Ronning (HYB)246'2"198 lbs81USA
2Petr Mrazek (HYB)286'0"186 lbs80Czech Republic
35Leland Irving (HYB)326'1"177 lbs79Canada
30Austin Lotz (HYB)246'2"204 lbs78Canada

Stats -
Tyler Benson7232457720610
Ty Rattie802345686424
Evgeny Kuznetsov7218506820226
Scott Laughton6817506719220
Danny Kristo82282553-1524
Rocky Tangradi7622305215714
Tommy Dowell631536512117
Travis Konecny562227496712
Alex Steen78122436-6234
Roman Janicki7114183219516
Dougie Hamilton828233112244
Oscar Klefbom74425299018
Chris Stewart681513285348
Stefan Renberg4781826-918
Brandon Saad82121123-8218
Anders Lee4951116-4110
Jamie Oleksiak74491340100
Dennis Seidenberg71671310058
Sean Monahan8131013-2014
David Pacan6839126014
Taylor Ronning58332412.50.9126
Petr Mrazek42112.25.911

Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Posted on July 2, 2014 at 04:32 PM.
2018-19 San Jose Sharks
22Scott Laughton (TWF)246'2"182 lbs87Canada
17Travis Konecny (PLY)226'2"182 lbs85Canada
50Antoine Vermette (TWF)366'1"199 lbs81Canada
25Sean Monahan (TWF)246'2"198 lbs81Canada
23Rocky Tangradi (SNP)216'0"187 lbs81Canada
46Bill Arnold (GRN)266'0"203 lbs79Canada
77Kim Ottosson (SNP)216'1"193 lbs77Sweden
49Bryce Van Brabant (GRN)276'3"205 lbs77Canada
20Troy Bourke (TWF)256'0"183 lbs72Canada
85Nathan Heatley (SNP)216'2"201 lbs65USA
73Beau Bennett (SNP)276'1"208 lbs85USA
70Tommy Dowell (PLY)206'3"201 lbs85USA
71Tyler Benson (SNP)216'2"195 lbs84Canada
51Byron Smith (SNP)216'2"202 lbs81USA
14Tom Kuhnhackl (SNP)276'2"174 lbs79Germany
92Evgeny Kuznetsov (PLY)266'1"201 lbs86Russia
42Danny Kristo (SNP)285'11"185 lbs84USA
26Chris Stewart (PWF)316'2"231 lbs84Canada
23David Pacan (TWF)286'3"205 lbs80Canada
27Kenny Ryan (TWF)276'1"203 lbs77USA
55Roman Janicki (OFD)236'1"195 lbs87Czech Republic
28Dougie Hamilton (TWD)256'5"206 lbs85Canada
58David Savard (OFD)286'2"219 lbs84Canada
7Trevor Daley (DFD)355'11"195 lbs83Canada
2Olli Maatta (TWD)246'2"203 lbs83Finland
84Oscar Klefbom (TWD)256'4"209 lbs83Sweden
47Simon Depres (TWD)276'4"214 lbs82Canada
24Kevin Czuczman (TWD)286'3"205 lbs81Canada
6John Ramage (DFD)286'0"200 lbs81Canada
11Ryan Sproul (OFD)266'4"200 lbs81Canada
35Igor Bobkov (HYB)286'6"218 lbs85Russia
1Taylor Ronning (HYB)236'2"198 lbs80USA
30Austin Lotz (HYB)236'2"204 lbs78Canada
38Matt Mahalak (HYB)266'3"184 lbs75USA

Stats -
Tommy Dowell821956754316
Scott Laughton652343662148
Evgeny Kuznetsov6016466221416
Beau Bennett7828346230518
Travis Konecny6726366228523
Tyler Benson81302858111016
Dougie Hamilton8013344722224
Danny Kristo7820214119222
Roman Janicki55927368114
David Savard769172617320
Olli Maatta752242628026
Chris Stewart711212247255
Oscar Klefbom726142012226
Kim Ottosson2910919-228
Simon Depres39314176016
David Pacan8187154018
Tom Kuhnhackl4667132110
Sean Monahan5149132112
Trevor Daley622111324148
Byron Smith408412738
Taylor Ronning4937841.55.9449
Igor Bobkov3423832.23.9224

Tuesday, July 1, 2014
Posted on July 1, 2014 at 05:40 PM.
2017-18 San Jose Sharks
22Scott Laughton (TWF)246'2"182 lbs86Canada
17Travis Konecny (PLY)216'2"182 lbs83Canada
43Phillip Mcrae (PWF)286'3"195 lbs81USA
77Kim Ottosson (SNP)216'1"193 lbs76Sweden
46Bill Arnold (GRN)266'0"203 lbs78Canada
29Mark McNeill (PWF)256'2"214 lbs77Canada
38Wade Megan (SNP)276'1"190 lbs76USA
48Bryce Van Brabant (GRN)266'3"205 lbs76Canada
23Rocky Tangradi (SNP)206'0"187 lbs75Canada
12Patrick Marleau (SNP)386'2"220 lbs87Canada
9Evander Kane (SNP)266'2"195 lbs86Canada
18Jake Virtanen (SNP)216'2"220 lbs80Canada
16Curtis McKenzie (TWF)276'2"209 lbs80Canada
51Byron Smith (SNP)206'2"200 lbs77USA
92Evgeni Kuznetsov (PLY)266'1"201 lbs87Russia
42Danny Kristo (SNP)275'11"185 lbs83USA
23David Pacan (TWF)276'3"205 lbs80Canada
7Teemu Pulkinnen (SNP)265'10"183 lbs80Finland
27Kenny Ryan (TWF)266'1"203 lbs77USA
28Dougie Hamilton (TWD)246'5"206 lbs87Canada
55Roman Janicki (OFD)216'0"195 lbs85Czech Republic
84Oscar Klefbom (TWD)246'4"209 lbs81Sweden
2Matt Clark (DFD)276'3"225 lbs81Canada
24Kevin Czuczman (TWD)276'3"205 lbs81Canada
6John Ramage (DFD)276'0"200 lbs81Canada
10Zachery Davies (DFD)296'0"170 lbs80Canada
6Morgan Ellis (TWD)266'2"205 lbs78Canada
11Ryan Sproul (OFD)256'4"200 lbs78Canada
27Sean Day (TWD)206'5"230 lbs57USA
35Igor Bobkov (HYB)276'6"218 lbs85Russia
30Austin Lotz (HYB)236'2"204 lbs78Canada
33Nathan Lieuwen (HYB)266'5"196 lbs77Canada
39Matt Mahalak (HYB)256'3"184 lbs75USA

Stats -
Evgeni Kuznetsov8228517924318
Scott Laughton812350739310
Travis Konecny8124497330812
Evander Kane822243651972
Jake Virtanen8330326212614
Danny Kristo82283462-3420
Patrick Marleau8222355719112
Kim Ottosson79191736-11222
Roman Janicki53141529-3216
Kevin Czuczman715212630214
Igor Bobkov49311422.33.9236

Thursday, May 15, 2014
Capitals Stats Stats - 2036-37
Jeremy Skinner7844378128932
Vladimir Datsyuk8238417932520
Bradley Boulerice8127517827744
Markku Heino8120517127352
Mikael Backstrom6818426016443
Jimmy Knight8211395043516
Nathaniel Duffy8228214914514
Shawn Forney589404920230
Bedrich Palat828303823120
Pat Cannone8282331-1146
Grant Laing821612280022
Jason Langenbrunner731114256334
Austin Law787152210219
Tommy Cole82616226218
Ralph Pogge818132116322
Eddie Nystrom794162031094
Georges Rheaume7921214300203
Kalle Ragnarsson82391222045
Roy Modano47448102125
Henry Goren355272122
Kelly Schaeffer69491442.04.9279
Edward Cochrane168622.31.9181

Capitals Post-Season Stats Stats - 2036-37
Shawn Forney1329116012
Bradley Boulerice133710604
Pat Cannone13279425
Markku Heino134480121
Jeremy Skinner13628314
Nathaniel Duffy13527310
Eddie Nystrom130663027
Grant Laing13235107
Bedrich Palat13055005
Jimmy Knight13235-112
Kelly Schaeffer137512.30.8702

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Washington Capitals (Shot=Overall)
39Jeremy Skinner (SNP)296'2"196 lbs85Canada
84Vladimir Datsyuk (SNP)276'1"197 lbs82Russia
96Jason Langenbrunner (TWF)276'3"216 lbs80Canada
91Austin Law (PLY)266'4"214 lbs79USA
61Viacheslav Korostin (SNP)276'2"207 lbs77Russia
18Bradley Boulerice (SNP)386'2"203 lbs87Canada
12Markku Heino (PWF)346'1"223 lbs87Finland
23Ralph Pogge (TWF)256'2"196 lbs78USA
40Tommy Cole (PWF)276'2"223 lbs76Canada
28Ron Modano (ENF)226'4"232 lbs75Canada
45Shawn Forney (PLY)346'3"203 lbs86Canada
25Mikael Backstrom (PLY)296'3"206 lbs84Sweden
16Nathaniel Duffy (SNP)276'3"210 lbs77Canada
17Grant Laing (SNP)226'0"190 lbs76Canada
6Ken Aston (GRN)276'2"202 lbs74Canada
27Georges Rheaume (DFD)276'2"205 lbs86Canada
77Jimmy Knight (OFD)266'2"205 lbs83Canada
97Bedrich Palat (OFD)256'4"218 lbs81Czech Republic
3Eddie Nystrom (DFD)246'4"216 lbs80Canada
15Kalle Ragnarsson (DFD)266'1"190 lbs79Sweden
44Pat Cannone (TWD)246'3"210 lbs78Canada
37Viktor Antropov (OFD)256'2"204 lbs77Russia
11Lucas Habscheid (DFD)266'3"197 lbs75Canada
55Yuri Malakhov (OFD)356'2"204 lbs75Russia
14Dmitri Markov (DFD)246'1"195 lbs74Russia
34Kelly Schaeffer (BUT)366'4"206 lbs88USA
30Edward Cochrane (HYB)326'4"209 lbs79Canada
33Cameron Muckalt (BUT)245'11"182 lbs74USA

Capitals Midseason Stats Stats - 2036-37
Jeremy Skinner432528532068
Bradley Boulerice4721264713530
Mikael Backstrom4712284011339
Markku Heino471324377238
Vladimir Datsyuk4714233711218
Jimmy Knight47924331958
Nathaniel Duffy47141428838
Bedrich Palat47420249011
Shawn Forney23419238115
Pat Cannone4741620-3123
Jason Langenbrunner4789176218
Grant Laing47116172016
Austin Law4738112017
Georges Rheaume47279150131
Tommy Cole472684110
Eddie Nystrom4416714043
Ralph Pogge462465016
Kalle Ragnarsson4714514028
Lucas Habscheid8112304
Ron Modano24011-1049
Kelly Schaeffer3826921.96.9317
Edward Cochrane106312.11.9271

Saturday, April 26, 2014
Capitals Stats Stats - 2035-36
Bradley Boulerice8032528421616
Markku Heino822547728341
Shawn Forney8114577117727
Jeremy Skinner8135357013422
Bryant Gudbranson821552675449
Rob Rank6913375011353
Brandon McGrath7916324822223
Nathaniel Duffy8228124013510
Bedrich Palat8213243713343
Vladimir Datsyuk532311349324
Jimmy Knight628263416018
Jason Langenbrunner82724316241
Viacheslav Korostin7417112813556
Ralph Pogge753212419119
Georges Rheaume7961016260244
Eddie Nystrom633101316149
Tommy Cole202911816
Harry Macmurchy5546105236
Shannon Fraser7436960198
Ron Modano2917812084
Kelly Schaeffer67501341.97.9308
Edward Cochrane179432.19.9240

Capitals Post-Season Stats Stats - 2035-36
Bryant Gudbranson1971118312
Jeremy Skinner19116171028
Bradley Boulerice1961117828
Shawn Forney194131712013
Brandon McGrath19211131202
Nathaniel Duffy195611238
Jimmy Knight193811002
Markku Heino166410449
Vladimir Datsyuk16459-128
Tommy Cole19246-204
Kelly Schaeffer1916211.49.9442

Retirement: Bryant Gudbranson, top 6 right wing of the Capitals for 16 seasons has retired at the age of 38. Gudbranson split time between the top line and 2nd line as a point producing two way forward. Excellent defensively and one of our best passers. Finished with 304 goals, 827 assists for 1,131 points in 1,434 games.

Thursday, April 24, 2014
Washington Capitals (Shot=Overall)
84Vladimir Datsyuk (SNP)266'1"197 lbs84Russia
39Jeremy Skinner (SNP)286'2"196 lbs83Canada
96Jason Langenbrunner (TWF)266'3"216 lbs79Canada
61Viacheslav Korostin (SNP)266'2"207 lbs77Russia
57Sheldon Prudden (TWF)275'11"191 lbs76USA
37Alexei Kasparaitis (SNP)256'2"204 lbs69Russia
68Kent Rogalski (SNP)246'2"200 lbs67Canada
18Bradley Boulerice (SNP)376'2"203 lbs87Canada
12Markku Heino (PWF)336'1"223 lbs87Finland
50Jesus Alanko (PWF)246'2"227 lbs76Canada
23Ralph Pogge (TWF)246'2"196 lbs76USA
38Tommy Cole (PWF)266'2"223 lbs76Canada
45Shawn Forney (PLY)336'3"203 lbs87Canada
83Bryant Gudbranson (TWF)376'0"188 lbs87Canada
12Nathaniel Duffy (SNP)266'3"210 lbs77Canada
17Grant Laing (SNP)215'11"188 lbs76Canada
42Harry Macmurchy (SNP)265'11"179 lbs76USA
27Georges Rheaume (DFD)266'2"205 lbs87Canada
2Brandon McGrath (OFD)266'2"207 lbs83Canada
58Shannon Fraser (DFD)296'2"191 lbs81Canada
22Jimmy Knight (OFD)266'2"205 lbs80Canada
97Bedrich Palat (OFD)246'4"218 lbs79Czech Republic
3Eddie Nystrom (DFD)236'4"216 lbs79Canada
14Dmitri Markov (DFD)236'1"195 lbs73Russia
11Russell Blain (TWD)266'7"220 lbs75Canada
36Alan Parlett (DFD)246'7"230 lbs74USA
20Daryl Low (TWD)266'3"207 lbs74Canada
34Kelly Schaeffer (BUT)356'4"206 lbs89USA
30Edward Cochrane (HYB)316'4"209 lbs79Canada
1Victor Purinton (BUT)276'3"205 lbs76USA
33Cameron Muckalt (BUT)235'11"182 lbs74USA

Capitals Midseason Stats Stats - 2035-36
Bradley Boulerice4719355416310
Jeremy Skinner4622264810220
Shawn Forney46933421748
Markku Heino471322354222
Bryant Gudbranson4782735-2324
Jimmy Knight48622284016
Vladimir Datsyuk37168245318
Brandon McGrath46913223010
Bedrich Palat475152010128
Nathaniel Duffy479817-128
Viacheslav Korostin4078153228
Georges Rheaume475914130160
Ralph Pogge45210126015
Jason Langenbrunner474812-1123
Harry Macmurchy453692127
Jesus Alanko37358-1137
Eddie Nystrom301458015
Shannon Fraser4723530130
Russell Lundbohm14033-309
Grant Laing22123002
Kelly Schaeffer3929732.01.9285
Edward Cochrane83232.42.9280

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Capitals Stats Stats - 2034-35
Markku Heino8217607720493
Bryant Gudbranson8215627711236
Shawn Forney8216597528065
Bradley Boulerice8229396814528
Vladimir Datsyuk82452065211128
Francis Flaherty8231195020438
Mats Rakell82192645-5140
Jacob Hamilton827344128130
Dmitri Madigozhin78231336-17618
Luke Wheeler821315284414
John Lewis821116275220
Sergej Dakeev59324279117
Bedrich Palat826192512151
Jason Langenbrunner821212246238
Andy Dowell824131712018
Georges Rheaume727916290245
Viacheslav Korostin7586142236
Eddie Nystrom4708815073
Bruce Tarnasky191452032
Scott Sutton483259061
Kelly Schaeffer68411882.16.9257
Edward Cochrane1811512.88.9002

Capitals Post-Season Stats Stats - 2034-35
Shawn Forney20620261336
Markku Heino207142112111
Vladimir Datsyuk17137201134
Bedrich Palat2021214917
Francis Flaherty206713512
Mats Rakell195813-1020
Sergej Dakeev2028108010
Bryant Gudbranson204482114
Bradley Boulerice15426106
Jacob Hamilton18336224
Kelly Schaeffer2016402.00.9181

Retirement: Defenceman Jacob Hamilton has retired from the Washington Capitals at the age of 38. Hamilton came over at the age of 27 from the Vancouver Canucks to help shore up a fairly weak defensive unit that needed a top end talent. He led the team from the back end and was the highest overall player year to year throughout his time on the team. He retires having played 1,336 games, 188 goals, 469 assists for 657 points.
Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Washington Capitals (Shot=Overall)
84Vladimir Datsyuk (SNP)256'1"197 lbs83Russia
22Francis Flaherty (SNP)266'1"200 lbs81USA
96Jason Langenbrunner (TWF)256'3"216 lbs79Canada
61Viacheslav Korostin (SNP)256'2"207 lbs75Russia
42Jacques Lacerte (SNP)346'2"204 lbs75Canada
10Dean Guerin (SNP)325'11"179 lbs74Canada
68Kent Rogalski (SNP)236'2"200 lbs66Canada
18Bradley Boulerice (SNP)366'2"203 lbs87Canada
12Markku Heino (PWF)326'1"223 lbs87Finland
51Mats Rakell (SNP)246'2"208 lbs82Canada
23Andy Dowell (GRN)266'4"225 lbs79Canada
63Stu Girard (TWF)226'2"205 lbs73Canada
83Bryant Gudbranson (TWF)366'0"188 lbs87Canada
45Shawn Forney (PLY)326'3"203 lbs86Canada
25Luke Wheeler (TWF)326'2"202 lbs80Canada
20John Lewis (SNP)286'1"184 lbs79Canada
5Maxim Butsayev (SNP)226'2"202 lbs63Belarus
10Jacob Hamilton (OFD)376'2"197 lbs87Canada
27George Rheaume (DFD)256'2"205 lbs85Canada
3Eddie Nystrom (DFD)226'4"214 lbs81Canada
21Sergej Dakeev (OFD)316'3"209 lbs81Estonia
15Scott Sutton (DFD)266'4"213 lbs78Canada
95Bedrich Palat (OFD)236'4"218 lbs76Czech Republic
14Dmitri Markov (DFD)226'1"194 lbs72Russia
13Keith Walker (OFD)266'2"197 lbs74Canada
17Ethan McCabe (TWD)236'6"221 lbs65Canada
19Daniel Darche (DFD)216'5"213 lbs63Canada
34Kelly Schaeffer (BUT)346'4"206 lbs89USA
30Edward Cochrane (HYB)306'4"209 lbs79Canada
7Victor Purinton (BUT)266'3"205 lbs78USA

Capitals Midseason Stats Stats - 2034-35
Bryant Gudbranson4710334311216
Markku Heino476364210062
Shawn Forney47730378032
Vladimir Datsyuk472611377616
Bradley Boulerice471521364318
Francis Flaherty471962512422
Mats Rakell471113242122
Jacob Hamilton473202310010
Luke Wheeler479615644
John Lewis475914-4114
Sergej Dakeev2421012416
Bedrich Palat470121212034
Jason Langenbrunner4757126120
Viacheslav Korostin4773101234
Georges Rheaume4718980138
Andy Dowell473584016
Eddie Nystrom3006611048
Scott Sutton473148061
Dmitri Markov40213-3116
Kelly Schaeffer39251302.11.9254
Edward Cochrane127403.02.8981

Monday, April 21, 2014
Capitals Stats Stats - 2033-34
Bradley Boulerice8235437824620
Bryant Gudbranson8219577531558
Shawn Forney82964733135
Vladimir Datsyuk82432568151018
Markku Heino7921426320477
Toby Gelech8223295225538
Mats Rakell822424488640
Jacob Hamilton7313284135422
Viktor Fedorov841722395242
Jim McGrattan83102737-9118
John Lewis8213243716312
Kim Sundstrom8111253619426
Sergej Dakeev818263418231
Emmanuel Verot8212162824024
Jason Langenbrunner82412162026
Georges Rheaume787916341200
Walter Gamble4245917017
Eddie Nystrom4744830130
Andy Dowell36167-2010
Dmitri Markov371013111
Kelly Schaeffer5845751.70.93812
Edward Cochrane26151012.32.9202

Capitals Post-Season Stats Stats - 2033-34
Bradley Boulerice20913221434
Shawn Forney203151812119
Kim Sundstrom18513181304
Vladimir Datsyuk20135181218
Markku Heino20591411319
Jason Langenbrunner204711320
Jacob Hamilton204711502
Bryant Gudbranson206410244
Sergej Dakeev20189617
Eddie Nystrom201781107
Kelly Schaeffer2016401.57.9194

Saturday, April 19, 2014
Had to do this update the day before the deadline, as OS was down at the All-Star game.

Washington Capitals (Shot=Overall)
84Vladimir Datsyuk (SNP)246'1"197 lbs83Russia
94Toby Gelech (SNP)306'4"212 lbs81Canada
19Emmanuel Verot (SNP)256'3"213 lbs79Canada
96Jason Langenbrunner (TWF)246'3"216 lbs79Canada
61Viacheslav Korostin (SNP)246'2"207 lbs71Russia
68Kent Rogalski (SNP)226'2"199 lbs65Canada
71Calvin Moran (PWF)216'1"216 lbs63Canada
18Bradley Boulerice (SNP)366'2"203 lbs87Canada
12Markku Heino (PWF)326'1"223 lbs87Finland
51Mats Rakell (SNP)236'2"208 lbs82Sweden
78Seth Cox (PWF)336'2"232 lbs77Canada
50Andy Dowell (GRN)256'4"225 lbs72Canada
45Shawn Forney (PLY)316'3"203 lbs87Canada
83Bryant Gudbranson (TWF)356'0"188 lbs87Canada
20John Lewis (SNP)276'1"184 lbs78Canada
56Tiny Gore (SNP)306'4"214 lbs77USA
5Maxim Butsayev (SNP)216'2"201 lbs62Belarus
10Jacob Hamilton (OFD)376'2"197 lbs89Canada
67Kim Sundstrom (OFD)306'4"219 lbs82Sweden
27Georges Rheaume (DFD)246'2"205 lbs81Canada
3Eddie Nystrom (DFD)216'4"214 lbs81Canada
21Sergej Dakeev (OFD)306'3"209 lbs80Estonia
15Scott Sutton (DFD)256'4"213 lbs76Canada
77Troy Crosby (ENF)276'1"227 lbs76Canada
14Dmitri Markov (DFD)216'1"193 lbs71Russia
80Kirk Trojanovic (DFD)256'1"188 lbs73Canada
37Will Wedderburn (DFD)216'1"199 lbs63Canada
34Kelly Schaeffer (BUT)336'4"206 lbs89USA
30Edward Cochrane (HYB)306'4"209 lbs79Canada
29Teemu Alanen (BUT)376'2"189 lbs73Finland

Capitals Midseason Stats Stats - 2033-34
Bradley Boulerice6228305818614
Bryant Gudbranson6215405522444
Vladimir Datsyuk6233205315814
Shawn Forney62547524024
Markku Heino5912314316257
Toby Gelech6215233817228
Mats Rakell621918373428
Jacob Hamilton6012243627416
Kim Sundstrom619192814314
Sergej Dakeev615212611121
Emmanuel Verot621010206020
John Lewis62614207112
Tiny Gore6368143020
Jason Langenbrunner6231013-1022
George Rheaume627512271152
Seth Cox6256112316
Eddie Nystrom27235-1117
Scott Sutton44033-2056
Dmitri Markov26101019
Troy Crosby14011-2022
Kelly Schaeffer4131451.70.9378
Edward Cochrane2213812.45.9172

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