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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Capitals Stats Stats - 2034-35
Markku Heino8217607720493
Bryant Gudbranson8215627711236
Shawn Forney8216597528065
Bradley Boulerice8229396814528
Vladimir Datsyuk82452065211128
Francis Flaherty8231195020438
Mats Rakell82192645-5140
Jacob Hamilton827344128130
Dmitri Madigozhin78231336-17618
Luke Wheeler821315284414
John Lewis821116275220
Sergej Dakeev59324279117
Bedrich Palat826192512151
Jason Langenbrunner821212246238
Andy Dowell824131712018
Georges Rheaume727916290245
Viacheslav Korostin7586142236
Eddie Nystrom4708815073
Bruce Tarnasky191452032
Scott Sutton483259061
Kelly Schaeffer68411882.16.9257
Edward Cochrane1811512.88.9002

Capitals Post-Season Stats Stats - 2034-35
Shawn Forney20620261336
Markku Heino207142112111
Vladimir Datsyuk17137201134
Bedrich Palat2021214917
Francis Flaherty206713512
Mats Rakell195813-1020
Sergej Dakeev2028108010
Bryant Gudbranson204482114
Bradley Boulerice15426106
Jacob Hamilton18336224
Kelly Schaeffer2016402.00.9181

Retirement: Defenceman Jacob Hamilton has retired from the Washington Capitals at the age of 38. Hamilton came over at the age of 27 from the Vancouver Canucks to help shore up a fairly weak defensive unit that needed a top end talent. He led the team from the back end and was the highest overall player year to year throughout his time on the team. He retires having played 1,336 games, 188 goals, 469 assists for 657 points.
Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Washington Capitals (Shot=Overall)
84Vladimir Datsyuk (SNP)256'1"197 lbs83Russia
22Francis Flaherty (SNP)266'1"200 lbs81USA
96Jason Langenbrunner (TWF)256'3"216 lbs79Canada
61Viacheslav Korostin (SNP)256'2"207 lbs75Russia
42Jacques Lacerte (SNP)346'2"204 lbs75Canada
10Dean Guerin (SNP)325'11"179 lbs74Canada
68Kent Rogalski (SNP)236'2"200 lbs66Canada
18Bradley Boulerice (SNP)366'2"203 lbs87Canada
12Markku Heino (PWF)326'1"223 lbs87Finland
51Mats Rakell (SNP)246'2"208 lbs82Canada
23Andy Dowell (GRN)266'4"225 lbs79Canada
63Stu Girard (TWF)226'2"205 lbs73Canada
83Bryant Gudbranson (TWF)366'0"188 lbs87Canada
45Shawn Forney (PLY)326'3"203 lbs86Canada
25Luke Wheeler (TWF)326'2"202 lbs80Canada
20John Lewis (SNP)286'1"184 lbs79Canada
5Maxim Butsayev (SNP)226'2"202 lbs63Belarus
10Jacob Hamilton (OFD)376'2"197 lbs87Canada
27George Rheaume (DFD)256'2"205 lbs85Canada
3Eddie Nystrom (DFD)226'4"214 lbs81Canada
21Sergej Dakeev (OFD)316'3"209 lbs81Estonia
15Scott Sutton (DFD)266'4"213 lbs78Canada
95Bedrich Palat (OFD)236'4"218 lbs76Czech Republic
14Dmitri Markov (DFD)226'1"194 lbs72Russia
13Keith Walker (OFD)266'2"197 lbs74Canada
17Ethan McCabe (TWD)236'6"221 lbs65Canada
19Daniel Darche (DFD)216'5"213 lbs63Canada
34Kelly Schaeffer (BUT)346'4"206 lbs89USA
30Edward Cochrane (HYB)306'4"209 lbs79Canada
7Victor Purinton (BUT)266'3"205 lbs78USA

Capitals Midseason Stats Stats - 2034-35
Bryant Gudbranson4710334311216
Markku Heino476364210062
Shawn Forney47730378032
Vladimir Datsyuk472611377616
Bradley Boulerice471521364318
Francis Flaherty471962512422
Mats Rakell471113242122
Jacob Hamilton473202310010
Luke Wheeler479615644
John Lewis475914-4114
Sergej Dakeev2421012416
Bedrich Palat470121212034
Jason Langenbrunner4757126120
Viacheslav Korostin4773101234
Georges Rheaume4718980138
Andy Dowell473584016
Eddie Nystrom3006611048
Scott Sutton473148061
Dmitri Markov40213-3116
Kelly Schaeffer39251302.11.9254
Edward Cochrane127403.02.8981

Monday, April 21, 2014
Capitals Stats Stats - 2033-34
Bradley Boulerice8235437824620
Bryant Gudbranson8219577531558
Shawn Forney82964733135
Vladimir Datsyuk82432568151018
Markku Heino7921426320477
Toby Gelech8223295225538
Mats Rakell822424488640
Jacob Hamilton7313284135422
Viktor Fedorov841722395242
Jim McGrattan83102737-9118
John Lewis8213243716312
Kim Sundstrom8111253619426
Sergej Dakeev818263418231
Emmanuel Verot8212162824024
Jason Langenbrunner82412162026
Georges Rheaume787916341200
Walter Gamble4245917017
Eddie Nystrom4744830130
Andy Dowell36167-2010
Dmitri Markov371013111
Kelly Schaeffer5845751.70.93812
Edward Cochrane26151012.32.9202

Capitals Post-Season Stats Stats - 2033-34
Bradley Boulerice20913221434
Shawn Forney203151812119
Kim Sundstrom18513181304
Vladimir Datsyuk20135181218
Markku Heino20591411319
Jason Langenbrunner204711320
Jacob Hamilton204711502
Bryant Gudbranson206410244
Sergej Dakeev20189617
Eddie Nystrom201781107
Kelly Schaeffer2016401.57.9194

Saturday, April 19, 2014
Had to do this update the day before the deadline, as OS was down at the All-Star game.

Washington Capitals (Shot=Overall)
84Vladimir Datsyuk (SNP)246'1"197 lbs83Russia
94Toby Gelech (SNP)306'4"212 lbs81Canada
19Emmanuel Verot (SNP)256'3"213 lbs79Canada
96Jason Langenbrunner (TWF)246'3"216 lbs79Canada
61Viacheslav Korostin (SNP)246'2"207 lbs71Russia
68Kent Rogalski (SNP)226'2"199 lbs65Canada
71Calvin Moran (PWF)216'1"216 lbs63Canada
18Bradley Boulerice (SNP)366'2"203 lbs87Canada
12Markku Heino (PWF)326'1"223 lbs87Finland
51Mats Rakell (SNP)236'2"208 lbs82Sweden
78Seth Cox (PWF)336'2"232 lbs77Canada
50Andy Dowell (GRN)256'4"225 lbs72Canada
45Shawn Forney (PLY)316'3"203 lbs87Canada
83Bryant Gudbranson (TWF)356'0"188 lbs87Canada
20John Lewis (SNP)276'1"184 lbs78Canada
56Tiny Gore (SNP)306'4"214 lbs77USA
5Maxim Butsayev (SNP)216'2"201 lbs62Belarus
10Jacob Hamilton (OFD)376'2"197 lbs89Canada
67Kim Sundstrom (OFD)306'4"219 lbs82Sweden
27Georges Rheaume (DFD)246'2"205 lbs81Canada
3Eddie Nystrom (DFD)216'4"214 lbs81Canada
21Sergej Dakeev (OFD)306'3"209 lbs80Estonia
15Scott Sutton (DFD)256'4"213 lbs76Canada
77Troy Crosby (ENF)276'1"227 lbs76Canada
14Dmitri Markov (DFD)216'1"193 lbs71Russia
80Kirk Trojanovic (DFD)256'1"188 lbs73Canada
37Will Wedderburn (DFD)216'1"199 lbs63Canada
34Kelly Schaeffer (BUT)336'4"206 lbs89USA
30Edward Cochrane (HYB)306'4"209 lbs79Canada
29Teemu Alanen (BUT)376'2"189 lbs73Finland

Capitals Midseason Stats Stats - 2033-34
Bradley Boulerice6228305818614
Bryant Gudbranson6215405522444
Vladimir Datsyuk6233205315814
Shawn Forney62547524024
Markku Heino5912314316257
Toby Gelech6215233817228
Mats Rakell621918373428
Jacob Hamilton6012243627416
Kim Sundstrom619192814314
Sergej Dakeev615212611121
Emmanuel Verot621010206020
John Lewis62614207112
Tiny Gore6368143020
Jason Langenbrunner6231013-1022
George Rheaume627512271152
Seth Cox6256112316
Eddie Nystrom27235-1117
Scott Sutton44033-2056
Dmitri Markov26101019
Troy Crosby14011-2022
Kelly Schaeffer4131451.70.9378
Edward Cochrane2213812.45.9172

Friday, April 18, 2014
I had a fairly healthy season this year, and had strong performances with some of our veterans battling for their final cup.

At the trade deadline I picked up RW Preston McGillis to help out the 3rd line, which, with Glebov and Rakell, became one of the best 3rd lines in the NHL.

The playoffs went surprisingly easy. The finals were a sweep, although to the credit for the Ducks, who had 62 regular season wins, they kept me to 1 goal in each game, while missing 4 of their top 9 forwards, and 1 of their top 4 d-men.

Capitals Stats Stats - 2032-33
Bryant Gudbranson8225608546744
Markku Heino79245478224103
Bradley Boulerice7634437732730
Shawn Forney8217597620239
Vladimir Datsyuk8250227236636
Toby Gelech8226285433650
Tommy Hewitt827465344228
Jacob Hamilton8212364846234
Preston McGillis811821390324
Mats Rakell8018133112533
Sergej Dakeev825232816024
Jay Eastwood823252827022
Boris Glebov461314276216
Rory McNeill829172630572
Jason Langenbrunner82914233335
John Lewis82129215218
Jamie Antilla825111611058
Georges Rheaume82437191122
Kelly Schaeffer66461541.81.93612
Edward Cochrane2316502.28.9211


Capitals Post-Season Stats Stats - 2032-33
Shawn Forney177121912114
Bradley Boulerice17125171044
Jacob Hamilton17311141306
Vladimir Datsyuk177613952
Toby Gelech1748128013
Boris Glebov17549410
Markku Heino174599119
Mats Rakell173584211
Tommy Hewitt17167804
Preston McGillis17257302
Kelly Schaeffer1716011.33.9403

Retirement: Belorussian center Boris Glebov has retired after 785 career games played. Glebov broke into the league at the age of 26 after a solid AHL career. In those 785 games, he scored 299 goals, 382 assists for 681 points. Glebov was the top line center for the majority of the past 11 seasons on the team.
Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Washington Capitals (Shot=Overall)
84Vladimir Datsyuk (SNP)236'1"197 lbs84Russia
47Boris Glebov (SNP)376'2"205 lbs84Belarus
94Toby Gelech (SNP)296'4"212 lbs80Canada
96Jason Langenbrunner (TWF)236'3"216 lbs80Canada
77Peter Zhitnik (PWF)246'3"233 lbs71Slovakia
60Darren Grossman (PWF)286'2"228 lbs70Austria
46Kristian Jorgenson (PWF)296'2"226 lbs70Sweden
93Drew Gainey (SNP)296'2"214 lbs70Canada
18Bradley Boulerice (SNP)346'2"203 lbs87Canada
12Markku Heino (PWF)306'1"223 lbs86Finland
51Mats Rakell (SNP)226'2"208 lbs82Sweden
64Jamie Antilla (TWF)276'2"194 lbs79Canada
52Tuukka Tarkki (PLY)326'4"209 lbs71Finland
83Bryant Gudbranson (TWF)346'0"188 lbs87Canada
45Shawn Forney (PLY)306'3"203 lbs86Canada
20John Lewis (SNP)266'1"194 lbs77Canada
74Shannon Muir (GRN)286'1"194 lbs75Canada
79Ladislav Bondra (SNP)276'0"183 lbs71Slovakia
10Jacob Hamilton (OFD)356'2"197 lbs89Canada
3Tommy Hewitt (OFD)306'1"199 lbs81Canada
27Georges Rheaume (DFD)236'2"205 lbs80Canada
61Jay Eastwood (OFD)276'0"194 lbs79Canada
21Sergej Dakeev (OFD)296'3"209 lbs79Estonia
60Rory McNeill (TWD)246'2"210 lbs78Hungary
26Eddie James (OFD)346'2"196 lbs78Canada
20Eddie Nystrom (DFD)206'4"214 lbs77Canada
75Scott Sutton (DFD)246'4"213 lbs75Canada
48Marcel Bergevin (OFD)276'2"198 lbs73Canada
34Kelly Schaeffer (BUT)326'4"206 lbs87USA
30Edward Cochrane (HYB)286'4"209 lbs79Canada
33Dmitri Kulikov (HYB)276'3"197 lbs74Russia

Capitals Midseason Stats Stats - 2032-33
Markku Heino4713405310158
Bryant Gudbranson4716334924426
Bradley Boulerice4119234212312
Shawn Forney471327405222
Jacob Hamilton476283433016
Toby Gelech4717163318434
Vladimir Datsyuk4723103315326
Tommy Hewitt472303229116
Mats Rakell471682417425
Rory McNeill477121919333
Sergej Dakeev47118197012
Jay Eastwood47215171302
Eddie James42107171342
Jason Langenbrunner47510153122
John Lewis4767139112
Jamie Antilla4758138032
Boris Glebov116410710
Shannon Muir4735815074
Georges Rheaume4742611152
Kelly Schaeffer3927831.73.9398
Edward Cochrane1210202.61.9080

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
WE WON the cup! 4-2 series over the Flames. Not much to say. We got hot, battled some injuries, and persevered. And now comes another interesting offseason...

Capitals Stats Stats - 2031-32
Shawn Forney8218537114652
Bradley Boulerice8219486718324
Vladimir Datsyuk8242246618626
Bryant Gudbranson8212395120160
Markku Heino7818314923537
Boris Glebov8225244918530
Mats Rakell7623174011434
Oleg Khomutov828283625164
Ian Holloway8215203511414
Toby Gelech8211223311445
Robert Kristensen6515183318247
Tommy Hewitt828223016116
Jacob Hamilton524212513010
Jason Langenbrunner82916254135
Rudy Mahalak77915249128
Bruce Harvey8231518231236
Tomas Holmqvist81314178048
Rory McNeill403912-3023
John Lewis49448-1020
Georges Rheaume661237059
Kelly Schaeffer60352232.27.9164
Sheldon Henrich27111412.43.9173


Capitals Post-Season Stats Stats - 2031-32
Markku Heino22814226415
Bradley Boulerice21613197114
Boris Glebov22117186110
Shawn Forney195131810312
Vladimir Datsyuk22108181136
Bryant Gudbranson22312155112
Jacob Hamilton2211314808
Oleg Khomutov1939128017
Tommy Hewitt224711522
Ian Holloway22358-102
Kelly Schaeffer2215421.78.9301


36 year old defenceman Oleg Khomutov retired after the playoffs. The Estonian d-man played 14 seasons in Washington, taking part in 1,097 games with 123 goals, 415 assists for 538 points, and also won a Norris Trophy. He was apart of each of the teams 7 Stanley Cups.

Sunday, April 13, 2014
Well here we are in another critical season to try to win a cup before guys like Glebov, Hamilton, Khomutov, Gudbranson and Boulerice are too old. With these 5 key veterans who have been mainstays in the lineup for nearly a decade, I've tried to assemble the best supporting cast around them. In previous seasons, I had much more cap space to work with, but now my top 5 forwards and top 3 D all make huge contracts, as well as Kelly Schaeffer.

So, to combat that, I've gotten younger. Players like Vladimir Datsyuk, Jason Langenbrunner and Georges Rheaume have developed through the system, while I've also picked up guys like Rakell, Holloway, Kristensen, McNeill and Lewis through trade or free agency.

So far this season, we're struggling to find consistency, especially with Schaeffer having his most difficult season of his entire career. With a young goaltender like Henrich who has great upside behind him, we definitely won't be waiting too long if Schaeffer continues to struggle in the second half.

Here's the lineup and Stats so far:

Washington Capitals (Shot=Overall)
47Boris Glebov (SNP)366'2"205 lbs85Belarus
84Vladimir Datsyuk (SNP)226'1"196 lbs83Russia
94Toby Gelech (SNP)286'4"212 lbs80Canada
96Jason Langenbrunner (TWF)226'3"216 lbs80Canada
26Ron Weaver (TWD)266'3"216 lbs76Canada
63William Johnston (PLY)256'2"201 lbs74Canada
35Mark Ross (PLY)245'11"181 lbs72Canada
37Dimitri Madigozhin (SNP)236'1"194 lbs71Lithuania
18Bradley Boulerice (SNP)336'2"203 lbs87Canada
12Markku Heino (PWF)296'1"223 lbs87Finland
24Rudy Mahalak (PWF)276'4"239 lbs80Canada
51Mats Rakell (SNP)216'2"206 lbs80Sweden
56Gene Clark (SNP)256'0"181 lbs75Canada
45Shawn Forney (PLY)296'3"203 lbs88Canada
83Bryant Gudbranson (TWF)336'0"188 lbs86Canada
42Ian Holloway (SNP)255'9"180 lbs79Canada
20John Lewis (SNP)256'1"184 lbs74Canada
88Alvin Tokarski (SNP)255'10"184 lbs74Canada
10Jacob Hamilton (OFD)346'2"197 lbs90Canada
4Oleg Khomutov (TWD)356'4"212 lbs86Estonia
6Bruce Harvey (DFD)306'5"222 lbs85Canada
3Tommy Hewitt (OFD)296'1"199 lbs82Canada
14Robert Kristensen (TWD)266'6"224 lbs82Sweden
60Rory McNeill (TWD)236'2"210 lbs78Hungary
27Georges Rheaume (DFD)226'2"204 lbs77Canada
61Jay Eastwood (OFD)266'0"194 lbs79Canada
19Cam Wisniewski (TWD)275'11"200 lbs79Poland
15Seth Christensen (OFD)286'1"192 lbs77Canada
34Kelly Schaeffer (BUT)316'4"206 lbs89USA
31Sheldon Henrich (HYB)266'1"182 lbs83Canada
32Matthew Grumet-Morris (BUT)276'6"219 lbs82Canada


Capitals Midseason Stats Stats - 2031-32
Bradley Boulerice4712304210310
Shawn Forney471030403231
Vladimir Datsyuk47241337458
Boris Glebov4719143312514
Markku Heino4713183110226
Bryant Gudbranson47624308036
Mats Rakell4516622446
Jacob Hamilton4431922608
Oleg Khomutov47515207141
Tommy Hewitt4741519318
Ian Holloway4771118336
Robert Kristensen4089178134
Jason Langenbrunner4751015-1015
Toby Gelech4741014-2027
Rudy Mahalak4259143022
Bruce Harvey4718960135
John Lewis384371012
Rory Mcneill121340011
Georges Rheaume471121051
Kelly Schaeffer34201312.52.9061
Sheldon Henrich157712.11.9281

Saturday, April 12, 2014
Another bad playoff run after a good regular season. Datsyuk is awesome. That is all.

Really need to put together this offseason a team to win 3-4 more cups before some of my guys retire...

Capitals Stats Stats - 2030-31
Shawn Forney8212778936160
Vladimir Datsyuk81503383341233
Markku Heino8229487722792
Bradley Boulerice8229396831534
Boris Glebov8232366826222
Bryant Gudbranson8215365119328
Tommy Hewitt801139509123
Maxim Khabibulin4822264817320
Jacob Hamilton7511324350138
Vyacheslav Garkusha80834424153
Oleg Khomutov804364044081
Toby Gelech7816203645745
Kim Sundstrom7810192919022
Byron Climie82816247220
Billy Harper69614206229
Ruslan Kapitanov54991812125
Rory McNeill534111514348
Jamie Langenbrunner40437-5112
Will Manlow322465016
Blake Roach79336131139
Kelly Schaeffer563511102.09.92610
Pavel Idirshev3019632.41.9205

Friday, April 11, 2014
Washington Capitals (Shot=Overall)
47Boris Glebov (SNP)356'2"205 lbs85Belarus
84Vladimir Datsyuk (SNP)216'1"194 lbs82Russia
94Toby Gelech (SNP)276'4"212 lbs81Canada
95Ruslan Kapitanov (TWF)356'4"225 lbs81Russia
96Jason Langenbrunner (TWF)216'3"214 lbs79Canada
80Emmanuel Verot (SNP)226'3"212 lbs76Canada
12Markku Heino286'1"223 lbs87Finland
18Bradley Boulerice326'2"203 lbs85Canada
23Edward Benson (PWF)276'7"251 lbs81Canada
63Billy Harper (TWF)276'1"203 lbs79USA
35Will Manlow (PLY)286'2"194 lbs79Canada
83Bryant Gudbranson (TWF)326'0"188 lbs87Canada
45Shawn Forney (PLY)286'3"203 lbs86Canada
57Maxim Khabibulin (SNP)286'1"194 lbs84Russia
65Byron Climie (SNP)266'2"205 lbs80Denmark
56Tiny Gore (SNP)276'4"214 lbs76USA
10Jacob Hamilton (OFD)336'2"197 lbs90Canada
4Oleg Khomutov (TWD)346'4"212 lbs86Estonia
40Blake Roach (DFD)276'6"221 lbs81Canada
67Kim Sundstrom (OFD)266'4"219 lbs81Sweden
36Anthony Alos (DFD)266'0"191 lbs79Canada
60Rory McNeill (TWD)226'2"207 lbs78Hungary
37Kim Johansson (TWD)336'3"210 lbs77Sweden
26Eddie James (OFD)326'2"196 lbs78Canada
78Georges Rheaume (DFD)216'2"200 lbs75Canada
92Marshall Griffith (OFD)276'1"195 lbs73Canada
34Kelly Schaeffer (BUT)306'4"206 lbs89USA
32Pavel Idirshev (BUT)286'4"214 lbs82Russia
1Clint Holtby (HYB)276'6"220 lbs78Canada

Capitals Midseason Stats Stats - 2030-31
Shawn Forney486434925130
Maxim Khabibulin4722264817318
Vladimir Datsyuk4725214625718
Boris Glebov4817234015212
Markku Heino4815254015460
Bradley Boulerice4815233822222
Jacob Hamilton467263336118
Oleg Khomutov463212427038
Bryant Gudbranson48914238316
Toby Gelech4810112111533
Ruslan Kapitanov48881610123
Edward Benson4851015919
Byron Climie485914302
Billy Harper3539127116
Kim Sundstrom48471118012
Rory Mcneill3726813237
Anthony Alos4813413017
Kim Johansson191235015
Jason Langenbrunner10112-204
Blake Roach451124071
Kelly Schaeffer2918651.82.9337
Pavel Idirshev2015221.96.9354

I lost in round 1 of the playoffs. Khomutov, Boulerice and Khabibulin were all injured and I just couldn't get going. Got some good young prospects in the system coming though.

Capitals Stats Stats - 2029-30
Maxim Khabibulin7436417726636
Markku Heino7526487416537
Boris Glebov75353671201126
Bryant Gudbranson8217526930049
Shawn Forney7917496614137
Toby Gelech82282250141055
Oleg Khomutov7915294425373
Jacob Hamilton789273634130
Yury Kolesnik77287359518
Bradley Boulerice57112233-3034
Byron Climie829202914150
Darcy Canzanello656232923030
Ulf Jorgenson7311172818118
Geoffrey Yashin804242810035
Edward Benson8213132619230
Billy Harper7271219-9122
Kim Sundstrom5971017-234
Ruslan Kapitanov756101614352
Maxim Galiev6074112310
Blake Roach82145100114
Kelly Schaeffer61371572.11.9307
Pavel Irishdev2516441.91.9274

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
After another cup winning season, we've added a lot of youth into the minors and a few to the NHL team as well. I don't expect a ton of changes for at least a few seasons to the core, but bringing in some youth will be important for the longevity of our success.

Washington Capitals (Shot=Overall)
47Boris Glebov (SNP)346'2"205 lbs86Belarus
94Toby Gelech (SNP)266'4"212 lbs80Canada
64Ulf Jorgenson (PLY)236'1"188 lbs81Sweden
95Ruslan Kapitanov (TWF)346'4"225 lbs81Russia
70Antti Pikkarainen (PWF)226'6"244 lbs80Finland
84Vladimir Datsyuk (SNP)206'1"190 lbs78Russia
98Jason Langenbrunner (TWF)206'3"212 lbs77Canada
78Emmanuel Verot (SNP)216'3"212 lbs77Canada
90Dean Sugihara (TWF)286'2"213 lbs75Canada
61Viacheslav Korostin (SNP)206'2"205 lbs60Russia
18Bradley Boulerice (SNP)316'2"203 lbs87Canada
12Markku Heino (PWF)276'1"223 lbs86Finland
23Edward Benson (PWF)266'7"251 lbs79Canada
35Will Manlow (PLY)276'2"194 lbs79Canada
79Maxim Galiev (PLY)266'3"200 lbs78Belarus
83Bryant Gudbranson (TWF)316'0"188 lbs87Canada
45Shawn Forney (PLY)276'3"203 lbs86Canada
65Byron Climie (SNP)256'2"205 lbs81Denmark
43Taylor Fernandez (SNP)276'0"182 lbs77Canada
56Tiny Gore (SNP)266'4"214 lbs76USA
10Jacob Hamilton (OFD)326'2"197 lbs90Canada
4Oleg Khomutov (TWD)336'4"212 lbs86Estonia
8Lasse Pikkarainen (TWD)336'1"192 lbs85Finland
41Darcy Canzanello (OFD)266'0"191 lbs82Canada
40Blake Roach (DFD)266'6"221 lbs81Canada
67Kim Sundstrom (OFD)256'4"219 lbs81Sweden
90Cameron Boyer (DFD)266'4"215 lbs80Canada
57Josh Allen (TWD)276'3"206 lbs79Canada
19Sergei Tyutin (OFD)246'4"216 lbs77Khazakhstan
55Yuri Malakhov (OFD)286'2"204 lbs75Russia
34Kelly Schaeffer (BUT)296'4"206 lbs89USA
32Pavel Idirshev (BUT)276'4"214 lbs82Russia
1Clint Holtby (HYB)266'6"220 lbs81Canada
7Nikolai Sharov (BUT)256'3"206 lbs74Ukraine


Capitals Midseason Stats Stats - 2029-30
Markku Heino461523385235
Boris Glebov442016366518
Shawn Forney43629357117
Bradley Boulerice401017274022
Toby Gelech461610266743
Bryant Gudbranson465202511031
Antti Pikkarainen4314923-5339
Jacob Hamilton426152118020
Ulf Jorgenson42614201212
Oleg Khomutov466142014149
Darcy Canzanello444141814017
Edward Benson46991813122
Byron Climie46612189123
Lasse Pikkarainen46771413037
Kim Sundstrom404812-820
Dimitri Sadikov452911504
Maxim Galiev46549038
Ruslan Kapitanov394376114
Cameron Boyer131124110
Blake Roach460224042
Kelly Schaeffer3420751.92.9304
Pavel Idirshev169332.14.9211

Sunday, April 6, 2014
Capitals Stats Stats - 2028-29
Boris Glebov7328457318647
Nick Corazzini8232326427624
Shawn Forney829546313221
Bradley Boulerice6228315926537
Bryant Gudbranson611643599244
Toby Gelech8123295221540
Markku Heino5714385220436
Jacob Hamilton8110293925126
Oleg Khomutov7912253721160
Shawn Sertich7821143519224
Kim Sundstrom8211233426321
Eugene Bylsma829233216248
Byron Climie821318315252
Jorgen Huselius76326295126
Lasse Pikkarainen826232928242
Nathaniel Boughner6511112211216
Ruslan Kapitanov76910197220
Alan Aubry702141613047
Black Roach3832513122
Vyacheslav Valentenko19314316
Kelly Schaeffer60411272.02.93211
Alex Wideman2517511.88.9354

Capitals Post-Season Stats Stats - 2028-29
Shawn Forney20819271528
Bradley Boulerice207132015021
Toby Gelech2010818936
Boris Glebov147815724
Oleg Khomutov2011213918
Bryant Gudbranson153692116
Nick Corazzini20549300
Ruslan Kapitanov20358322
Jacob Hamilton20268506
Kim Sundstrom2034711010
Kelly Schaeffer2016311.69.9354

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Washington Capitals (Shot=Overall)
47Boris Glebov (SNP)336'2"205 lbs85Belarus
75Eugene Bylsma (TWF)276'1"199 lbs85USA
94Toby Gelech (SNP)256'4"212 lbs82Canada
95Ruslan Kapitanov (TWF)336'4"225 lbs82Russia
37Shawn Sertich (SNP)276'2"203 lbs78Canada
64Ulf Jorgenson (PLY)226'1"188 lbs78Sweden
97Vyacheslav Mayorov (PLY)316'2"203 lbs77Khazakhstan
88Sergei Grachev (PWF)296'5"242 lbs77Latvia
21Karel Kalinka (SNP)336'2"201 lbs76Czech Republic
90Dean Sugihara (TWF)276'2"213 lbs75Canada
18Bradley Boulerice (SNP)306'2"203 lbs87Canada
12Markku Heino (PWF)266'1"223 lbs87Finland
57Kenneth Peluso (PWF)316'1"221 lbs78Canada
19Jussi Kemppainen (SNP)246'0"180 lbs77Finland
63Billy Harper (TWF)256'1"203 lbs77USA
83Bryant Gudbranson (TWF)306'0"188 lbs87Canada
58Nick Corazzini (SNP)296'1"185 lbs84USA
45Shawn Forney (PLY)256'3"203 lbs84Canada
65Byron Climie (SNP)246'2"205 lbs81Denmark
23Nathaniel Boughner (SNP)286'2"210 lbs81Canada
10Jacob Hamilton (OFD)316'2"197 lbs90Canada
4Oleg Khomutov (TWD)336'4"212 lbs86Estonia
8Lasse Pikkarainen (TWD)326'1"192 lbs86Finland
2Alan Aubry (TWD)326'4"216 lbs81USA
67Kim Sundstrom (OFD)246'4"219 lbs81Sweden
40Blake Roach (DFD)256'6"221 lbs80Canada
23Kenny Hoffman (OFD)266'2"208 lbs78Canada
48Owen Caffrey (DFD)316'2"205 lbs78Canada
17Pete Slater (ENF)266'1"216 lbs77Canada
66Joshua Byfuglien (OFD)296'1"193 lbs76USA
34Kelly Schaeffer (BUT)286'4"206 lbs89USA
31Alex Wideman (BUT)266'0"191 lbs86Canada
1Pasi Maki (HYB)276'1"178 lbs78Finland
30Stanislav Ulanov (HYB)256'2"180 lbs70Lithuania

Off to a decent start despite some key injuries. With an aging core I'm starting to enter a point where I either win or rebuild, for now the winning continues.

Capitals Midseason Stats Stats - 2028-29
Bryant Gudbranson451432468224
Markku Heino4411314217332
Boris Glebov391423372620
Shawn Forney47728351115
Nick Corazzini4716173312312
Toby Gelech4714163011426
Shawn Sertich431692513212
Oleg Khomutov476182412033
Kim Sundstrom477142111111
Eugene Bylsma47516219132
Bradley Boulerice27714218017
Jacob Hamilton467132010016
Byron Climie47108183131
Lasse Pikkarainen474101415126
Alan Aubry3928107014
Nathaniel Boughner30459-326
Ruslan Kapitanov41369309
Kenneth Peluso432462125
Blake Roach3422410022
Oldrich Stastny9112-102
Kelly Schaeffer3524832.02.9319
Alex Wideman148502.11.9252

Monday, March 31, 2014
Well here we are, after a team record 58-22-2 season, and after round 1...I'm eliminated. Gudbranson was injured in the playoffs, killer to my hopes as nobody else was fitting well with the top line. Now I head into the offseason needing to many quite a few cap saving moves. The top end talent on my team is going to take a hit, at least the top end depth players, like Kiiskinen, maybe Aubry, etc.

Capitals Stats Stats - 2027-28
Bryant Gudbranson822754813247
Bradley Boulerice82234972-4533
Toby Gelech7832397117838
Nick Corazzini8031346518439
Boris Glebov77273461-4718
Markku Heino6821335415729
Niko Kiiskinen805444917018
Lasse Pikkarainen7710314125133
Oleg Khomutov569283730139
Eugene Bylsma8213213418337
Kim Sundstrom7113203327210
Byron Climie8212162825246
Alan Aubry485232819073
Jacob Hamilton82919287030
Nathaniel Boughner8216122811620
Ruslan Kapitanov758182613258
Shawn Forney58818264131
Jussi Kemppainen3073108214
Marvin Fedoruk6924610039
Eddie James16314818
Kelly Schaeffer58381722.23.9248
Henrik Backstrom3121802.36.9232

Not even going to bother with playoffs.....

VERY disappointing season.

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