Monday, May 18, 2015

2K Sports has just announced WWE 2K16 is scheduled to release on October 27th. The Take-Two earnings report notes that it will be available for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

There was no mention of a PC release, but a PC release of WWE 2K15 arrived months after console release, so it could still be in their plans.

If any other news comes out, we'll update this post.

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01:36 PM - May 18, 2015. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

Sorry Clippers' fans.

This weekend's finale of the collapse of the Los Angeles Clippers, which left the Houston Rockets advancing to the Western Conference finals, was downright dreadful to watch if you had any rooting interest in the Clips.

Even worse, the Clippers had more than ample opportunity to close the series out -- but they simply couldn't.

In sports video games, what is your most epic collapse? Have you ever lost a 3-1 series lead? What about 3-0?

Leave a comment with your story and vote in our poll!

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01:32 PM - May 18, 2015. Posted by ChaseB. Written by Chase Becotte

Players On The Rise

Youth was the big winner this week. Anthony Rizzo received a plus-five overall to go to a 91 overall. Manny Machado received a plus-three overall to go to an 86 overall. Bryce Harper continued his ascent as he's now a 90 overall after getting another plus-three boost. And Gerritt Cole received a plus-four boost to rise to a 90 overall.

Michael Pineda and Marcus Semien both should be pointed out as well. Over the last two weeks those guys have received plus-eight in the overall rating category. Pineda has now become a Gold, and Semien has become a Silver.

For the collection hounds out there, Michael Brantley received a plus-two rating this week, which boosted him to an 89 overall. This means he is no longer needed for the Cleveland Indians collection as Kenny Lofton's rating is an 88. Therefore, you do not need to own any Gold players to finish the Indians collection.

Tier Changes

Manny Machado went from Silver to Gold
Steve Pearce went from Bronze to Silver
Kevin Gausman went from Bronze to Silver
Michael Pineda went from Silver to Gold
Kevin Pillar went from Common to Bronze
Marcus Semien went from Bronze to Silver
Colby Lewis went from Bronze to Silver
Dallas Keuchel went from Silver to Gold
Will Harris went from Bronze to Silver
Aaron Harang went from Bronze to Silver
Starling Marte went from Silver to Gold

Full List Of Changes

Manny Machado +3 boost in Overall rating (86 Overall)
Steve Pearce +4 (80)
Kevin Gausman +5 (78)
Brock Holt +4 (74)
Andrew Miller +3 (89)
Dellin Betances +1 (87)
Jacoby Ellsbury +1 (86)
Michael Pineda +4 (85)
Josh Donaldson +1 (90)
Kevin Pillar +3 (70)
Chris Colabello N/A (65)
David Robertson +2 (88)
Corey Kluber +1 (90)
Michael Brantley +2 (89)
Joakim Soria +3 (83)
Wade Davis +3 (89)
Chris Young +5 (77)
Eduardo Escobar N/A (68)
Sonny Gray +1 (87)
Marcus Semien +4 (78)
Colby Lewis +2 (78)
Dallas Keuchel +2 (86)
Will Harris +3 (78)
A.J. Ramos +2 (83)
Ichiro Suzuki +1 (79)
Bryce Harper +3 (90)
Aaron Harang +3 (78)
Anthony Rizzo +5 (91)
Kris Bryant +2 (83)
Gerritt Cole +4 (90)
Starling Marte +2 (86)
Kolten Wong +3 (83)
Michael Wacha +1 (83)
Justin Turner +4 (77)
Wil Myers +2 (82)

Players On The Decline

The NL East took the brunt of the damage this week. Gio Gonzalez, Jayson Werth and Chase Utley all were downgraded from Gold to Silver. The biggest loser overall this week was Steve Cishek whose overall dropped minus-six on the week. The Blue Jays rotation also took a shot as R.A. Dickey and Mark Buehrle both were dinged in ratings.

The collection hounds got a gift with Michael Brantley going up enough to not be needed anymore for the Cleveland Indians collection, but Yadier Molina going down minus-four this week means he's now needed for the St. Louis Cardinals collection.

Tier Changes

Steve Cishek went from Silver to Bronze
Jayson Werth went from Gold to Silver
Gio Gonzalez went from Gold to Silver
Chase Utley went from Gold to Silver
Homer Bailey went from Gold to Silver

Full List Of Changes

Hanley Ramirez -1 (90)
Jake McGee -3 (85)
R.A. Dickey -3 (81)
Mark Buehrle -2 (81)
Anibal Sanchez -1 (85)
Danny Farquhar -3 (78)
Elvis Andrus -1 (83)
Julio Teheran -2 (82)
Steve Cishek -6 (74)
Stephen Strasburg -2 (88)
Jayson Werth -4 (83)
Ian Desmond -1 (86)
Gio Gonzalez -1 (84)
Chase Utley -4 (81)
Homer Bailey -3 (83)
Yadier Molina -4 (86)
Carlos Martinez -2 (79)
Addison Reed -5 (72)
Matt Kemp -1 (85)

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11:03 AM - May 18, 2015. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Driveclub game update 1.15 is available now, weighing in at roughly 300 MB. Check out the details below. Other updates scheduled to arrive later this month can be seen here.
  • New Driver Levels: You can now reach Level 55 and each new level has a reward.
  • New menu images to show off some of the best #PS4share pictures created by DRIVECLUB players.
  • A new option to toggle the entire On-Screen Display on and off while you race, without pausing.
  • Statistics have been added for all cars from Expansion Packs and free downloads.
  • Includes general improvements for game performance, stability and usability.

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08:18 AM - May 18, 2015. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

The official weekly MLB 15 The Show roster update is available now. The update adds 9 players and includes 146 player movements. Noah Syndergaard was one of the players added, he has an overall 75 rating, with an A potential.

Daddy Leagues have posted the attribute changes for the roster update, some of the changes include Anthony Rizzo +5 (91), Bryce Harper +3 (90), Hanley Ramirez -1 (90), Gerrit Cole +4 (90), Corey Kluber +1 (90), Michael Brantley +2 (89), Wade Davis +3 (89), Andrew Miller +3 (89), Stephen Strasburg -2 (88), Yadier Molina -4 (86).

Check out all of the details below.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015
12:23 PM - May 17, 2015. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Robert Kollars

After 5 years of delays and testing, Project Cars, the latest racing title from the minds of those at Slighty Mad Studios and Bandai Namco, is finally here. When you make the statement "the most authentic, beautiful, intense and technically-advanced racing game on the planet," you had better come prepared to either back that up, or be ready to deal with the inevitable crucification that is surely to follow.

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Every Sunday, we will get you caught up on the sports gaming news you might have missed during the week.

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Saturday, May 16, 2015
09:39 AM - May 16, 2015. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Brandon Kosal

OOTP is the type of game that can seem very overwhelming to newcomers, given all of the options and tools available to the user. Veterans of the series eagerly anticipate each yearly release, but for those skeptical of trying it out due to the complexities of the game, this guide is for you. There are three basic game types to choose from:
  • Standard MLB, which is what this guide will cover.
  • Historical Season, which is similar to Standard MLB, except that instead of starting with current day MLB rosters and settings, you can start your career with any MLB season dating back to 1871. Most of the tips in this guide can be applied to this mode as well.
  • Custom, which is recommended for those who have played the game for some time as there are a lot of customizable options here. Once you are comfortable with OOTP, you will start many games using the custom game creation wizard.
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Friday, May 15, 2015
04:33 PM - May 15, 2015. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

A new R.B.I. Baseball 15 patch has arrived for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users. We will update this post when we get official details.

UPDATE: Just received official word, thanks MLBGames!

This is a stability patch. It addresses several roster stability issues on PS4 and Xbox One, as well as some online stability issues on Xbox One.

The roster update released today includes transactions up to April 23rd, plus the Josh Hamilton move to Texas.

Now that we can safely update rosters, there will be more frequent updates in the future.

We are also working on a follow-up patch to address additional bugs and customer feedback. More details to come on that.

Thanks for the support and we hope you all continue to enjoy R.B.I. Baseball 15!

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Dusenberry Martin Racing has announced Jeff Gordon as the cover athlete for NASCAR '15, scheduled to release for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on May 22nd for $19.99.

As pointed out by BurghFan, the official driver roster, teams and primary in-game sponsors have been revealed as well. Check them all out here.

NASCAR '15 screenshots and videos can be seen here.

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04:01 PM - May 15, 2015. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

This week’s episode is a two-parter. Up first, racing enthusiasts Greg Sewart and Pete Dodd join host Rich Grisham to deliver their initial impressions of the brand new racer Project CARS – what is impressive, what’s lacking, and the interesting approach to development and distribution that the game took. The second part is a brief discussion between Bryan Wiedey, T.J. Lauerman, and Rich about the first bit of news that has been released about this fall’s Madden 16.


Joining us this week:Send us your feedback! We love to hear from you and can’t wait to read your stuff on the air in a future episode. Do it one of these ways:

1) Follow the show on Twitter at @PressRowPodcast and send us some Tweets while you’re there
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Also, the Press Row Podcast is now available on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/...ow/id563624090) and Stitcher Radio (http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/oper...ss-row-podcast), and the Windows Store, so subscribe to it and rate it too!

Run Time: 1 Hour, 17 Minutes

Lastly, check out our brand new compilation page on Audioboom, where all of our shows are easy to access from one page.

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03:03 PM - May 15, 2015. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

EA Sports has just announced they will reveal the full features set for NHL 16 on Tuesday, May 19th.

What are you expecting and/or hoping to hear about?

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The Fall release season is always our busiest time at OS, and this year it appears the calendar is going to be stacked with several big releases throughout the fall. We asked our staff which games they're most excited about. Read after the jump for some of their answers...

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10:33 AM - May 15, 2015. Posted by inTIMidati0n. Written by Steve Noah

Limited Edition Developer's Choice packs are available now in MLB 15 The Show Diamond Dynasty, throughout the weekend. Each pack contains 3 player cards from a pool of 50 developer nominated players with 1 guaranteed Gold or higher and 3x higher chance of receiving a Diamond.

Here are the 50 nominated players chosen by the Developers.
  • ​Andrew McCutchen
  • Matt Harvey
  • Jose Fernandez
  • Madison Bumgardner
  • Jose Altuve
  • Adrian Gonzalez
  • Yasiel Puig
  • Yadier Molina
  • Jose Bautista
  • Josh Donadson
  • Adam Jones
  • Jon Lester
  • Jose Abreu
  • Justin Upton
  • Jose Reyes
  • David Wright
  • Cole Hamels
  • Hunter Pence
  • Matt Kemp
  • David Robertson
  • Anthony Rizzo
  • Jacoby Ellsbury
  • Andrew Cashner
  • Lorenzo Cain
  • Jason Heyward
  • Dallas Keuchel
  • Pat Neshek
  • Matt Cain
  • Manny Machado
  • Chase Headley
  • Joc Pederson
  • Kris Bryant
  • Yasmany Tomas
  • Joe Mauer
  • Francisco Rodriguez
  • George Springer
  • Derek Norris
  • Wil Myers
  • Starlin Castro
  • Stephen Vogt
  • Mike Leake
  • Mookie Betts
  • Dexter Fowler
  • Ichiro Suzuki
  • Juan Uribe
  • Ubaldo Jimenez
  • Will Venable
  • Mike Morse
  • Will Middlebrooks
  • Alexi Amarista
Good luck.

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09:46 AM - May 15, 2015. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Caley Roark

There's game out there that features what we as sports gamers love (deep gameplay, loads of statistics, free agency, a college league and draft, team customization, etc.), yet is most likely unknown to a large percentage of OSers.

Frozen Cortex wasn't even on my radar, until it's latest update introduced Manager Mode. Now, it just got done eating up most of my weekend gaming time. What is Frozen Cortex, and why is it so good?

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