Friday, December 16, 2005
08:46 AM - December 16, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
3D Gamers have posted some screenshots of LMA Manager 2006.
"Eight new screenshots for LMA Manager 2006 are now available for download to illustrate the 3D soccer management sports sequel currently in the Codemasters training camp."

08:45 AM - December 16, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
BonusStage has posted their review of Blitz: The League, giving it a 7.7 out of 10.
"It seems like there really isnít too much to The League, and when it comes down to it, there really isnít. Thatís not necessarily a bad thing at all, as it keeps things as simple as possible for the most potential at always being an easy pick-up-and-play game. However, the playbooks are extremely small (something like 24 plays for offense and the same for defense is pretty weak) and there isnít much in-depth work done here that doesnít involve drugging your characters up on performance enhancers and such. The final verdict, though, is that Blitz: The League excels in its overall gameplay, especially online, where youíll more than likely meet up with some stiff competition. For any sports fan, this game is an essential must-own, but if you are just looking for something thatíll let you throw around a pigskin, you might want to rent it before committing to a purchase. While weíre at it, parentsÖwell, letís just say that if you donít keep this game away from your kids, donít be blaming the industry this time!"

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Xboxyde has posted the following:

Thursday, December 15, 2005
08:15 PM - December 15, 2005. Posted by NYJets.
Gamer Feed has posted their preview of Major League Baseball 2K6.
"Anyone can say that 2K Sports will have the hottest baseball game in town next year, since they're the exclusive third-party rights holder to the MLB and the MLBPA. But the fact is, MLB 2K6 isn't just going to be about winning by default. Visual Concepts is putting a lot of effort into making sure next year's game o' the diamond is just as sharp as this year's, and, with its jump to the Xbox 360, it'll be one fantastic game. The current console versions, including the series' debut on PSP and the GameCube, should be worth swinging at as well."

05:24 PM - December 15, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – December 15, 2005 – Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) announced today that John Dutton, quarterback for the 2005 Arena Football League™ Champion Colorado Crush, will serve as cover athlete and spokesman for Arena Football™, available in stores on February 7, 2006 under the EA SPORTS™ brand.

In a 51-48 win over the Georgia Force in ArenaBowl XIX this past June, Dutton led the Colorado Crush to its first-ever Arena Football League championship in just their third year in the league, throwing for 347 yards and three touchdowns. Dutton, a seven year Arena Football League veteran, previously led the San Jose SaberCats to an ArenaBowl title in 2002 where he was named MVP of ArenaBowl XVI. As the quarterback at the University of Nevada, Dutton helped Nevada earn its first bowl win with an 18-15 defeat over Ball State in the 1996 Las Vegas Bowl.

“I’m honored to be the first cover athlete for this new franchise and very excited about working with EA on Arena Football,” said John Dutton. “I think it’s great that fans can now experience the true action of Arena Football from the leader in sports video games.”

Arena Football brings all the big hits and non-stop passing plays to life as gamers are put in the middle of the action from the season’s kickoff all the way to the ArenaBowl. Staying authentic to AFL® rules, Arena Football will feature 8-on-8 play, including six players who play both sides of the ball, and the ability to send players into and over the walls with each exciting play. Arena Football will be available on the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and Xbox® video game system from Microsoft. The game’s official website is www.easportsarena.com.

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The Pistons got back to their winning ways last night, taking care of the pesky Kings. Billups had 19 assists! Big Ben looked absolutely rediculous with his glasses on, I'm so glad he took them off, I think he had somewhere around 17 rebounds. RIP lit it up, just like he usually does. 16-3, not a bad way to start off the season.

Man, I'm really getting pumped up for this Cowboys vs. Deadskins game on Sunday. This game is absolutely HUGE! After owning the Skins for a while now, they are going to try and sweep their way into the playoffs. I love how confident they are. It's going to be a great feeling when the Boys go to D.C. and lay a whippin' on em'.

I finally had some time on the 360 last night and played some Kong and NBA 2K6. I'm now at 60% on Kong, where are you EG?

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BBC News has posted an article entitled, Sport Games Stumble on Xbox 360.
"So what has EA done to exploit the new horsepower under the bonnet of the 360?

Sadly, very little. All of the games have a graphical sheen beyond the limits of the current round of consoles but the leap is not startling enough and feels more like evolution than revolution."

09:03 AM - December 15, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Boomtown has posted their review of Need for Speed: Most Wanted, giving it a 7 out of 10.
"The first is EAís ever-present advertising campaign, but just as important is the fact that, while there are a slew of highly successful racing games for consoles, the Need for Speed franchise has been leading the PC racing market almost by default for the last few years. My theory is that die-hard fans of the racing genre will do most if not all of their gaming on consoles, and will therefore have better alternatives. Rather, this game is aimed at those who enjoy the occasional cheap thrill of arcade racing - fans of Underground and those who would have played it but for its distasteful atmosphere. Because in that, as in every other aspect, Most Wanted is slightly better."

09:03 AM - December 15, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Game Freaks 365 has posted their review of Amped 3, giving it an 8.3 out of 10.
"Mentioning Amped 4, I'd love to see Indie Built go for another round. Amped 3 is a fantastic game. It offers fun snowboarding gameplay, an art style that will blow your mind, and a story that will bust your gut in laughter. You don't have to sift through a lot of junk here--there are some annoying challenges, the graphics are ho-hum, and the lack of Xbox Live multiplayer is certainly a let-down. Other than that, I can't complain. Check this game out, it's great. If nothing else, you'll want to get that "What the heck?" feeling I mentioned before."

09:02 AM - December 15, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Matrix Games have posted a patch for PureSim Baseball.
"This new update improves simulation speed, improves the AI contract negotiations, as well as improving the roster management AI. Also nine minor bug fixes were implemented."

09:02 AM - December 15, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Modojo has posted their review of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006, giving it a 3 out of 5.
"As much as I want to award this game a 4/5, I just can't bring myself to do that because EA didn't provide me with all of that additional content, so I don't know if the aforementioned courses are fun to play or whether all this stuff is easily accessible. And as for Pebble Beach, sure, it looks nice, but how many times am I expected to replay the same exact course again and again? It just gets too repetitive. Honestly, if you want a really kick *** golf title check out Jamdat Mini Golf. As for Tiger Woods 06, it's definitely worth downloading, but only if you're willing to go on this one course review."

09:02 AM - December 15, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
PALGN has the scoop.
"Online news outlet Kotaku is reporting that Midway has shut down their recently required studio Midway Australia, which prior to its acquisition in August was famed Adelaide-based developer Ratbag Studios."

09:02 AM - December 15, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
3D Gamers have posted a movie clip of Rugby 06.
"The first movie trailer for Rugby 06 is now online, showing the recently announced scrum-heavy sports sequel by HB Studios in motion. This clip demonstrates the game's premise and teamplay in a bit over a minute of in-engine footage."

09:01 AM - December 15, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
GameBoys have posted their review of Super Mario Strikers, giving it an 8.25 out of 10.
"Next Level has been given the keys to a marquee Nintendo franchise name and they have done the lineage proud with their latest game, Mario Strikers. Sure the single player game is a deep soccer simulation but hey, this game is meant to be played in the multiplayer arena. With solid graphics, good sound and a really addictive multiplayer component, this game should be rated for what it is, an arcade soccer game that is meant to be played with others."

09:01 AM - December 15, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
The Linux Game Tome has posted an updated version of Bygfoot Football Manager.
"CPU teams have strategies, meaning that they play a bit more intelligently now
Betting: you can try to earn some money by betting on match outcomes
Job exchange: you can try to apply for jobs in other teams (even in other countries)
Some usability improvements, e.g. left/right-click behaviour
Reworked Brazilian definition, added Greece definition and updated German definition
As of this release, the source update feature (patches) of the bygfoot-update script is deprecated"