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GameSpy has posted the following:
  • NBA Live 08 E3 2007 Trailer (PS3)
  • Gran Turismo 5 E3 Trailer (PS3)
  • skate Preview (PS3, 360)
    "Essentially, it breaks down all of the tricks in the game and puts them all into the right stick of the controller. To perform an ollie, hold down on the stick and flick it up; to do a heelflip, hold down the stick and flick it up and a bit to the side, mimicking the movements your skater uses to perform these tricks."
  • NBA Live 08 Preview (Wii)
    "The gameplay is really going to be the big draw this time, as it has really made things as accessible as possible, allowing non-gamers to quickly get into the swing of things with the "Family Play" mode which basically turns the game into basketball on rails. What this means is that the computer controls the movement for all of your players while you just focus on passing and shooting, which actually makes great use of the Wii controller."
  • NHL 08 Preview (PS3, 360)
    "On top of the training mode, there's a new play editor, allowing you to put your new skills into practice. This editor will let you create your own plays, however absurd they may be, and they can be assigned so every line has its own unique set of plays."
  • Mario Kart E3 Trailer (Wii)
  • Burnout Paradise Preview (PS3, 360)
    "Other significant changes to the game include much-improved crashes. Criterion's theory here was that if the wheels on your car didn't fall off yet, then you've not wrecked it. Visually, there's now a lot more damage to be seen upon impact."
  • Brunswick Pro Bowling Screenshots (PS2)
  • Brunswick Pro Bowling Screenshots (PSP)

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Computer and Video Games has posted the following news:
  • E3: Mario Kart Screenshots (Wii)
    " During the presentation, Nintendo gave attendees a very, very brief look at the game and also informed that it'll come with a new Wii wheel controller."
  • E3: Top Spin 3 Next Spring (Multi)
    "We'd imagine Top Spin 3 will follow a similar route as previous games with a massive career mode and online features. 2K says the game will use next generation technology, gameplay and graphics, and that Top Spin 3 will be the benchmark-setting tennis experience."

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So all 3 companies have had their press conferences and for me, it's either Sony or Nintendo that had the best one. Sony really showed what it has, when it had to. Unfortunately, most of the titles are coming in 2008. Should be a great time to be a gamer though. A ton of links coming with all the news, here we go!

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We have received a copy of All Pro Football 2K8 and we are taking questions in the All Pro Football Forum, for those interested. Throughout the day, I'll update the All Pro Football 2K8 page with some answers. Update #1 is up now, FYI.
Rainey: Do most of the legends feel the same, or are they unique?

Operation Sports: I didn't play around with too many legends just yet. I created three teams so far, just to get a feel for what we'll be looking at. I first created a very offensive minded team, Aikman, Emmitt, Novacek, Harper, Ismail, you get the picture (Go Cowboys!) I didn't select any players for the defense, all offense. When I hit the field, I lit up the AI on offense, but in turn, the AI lit me up, as my defense was horrible, taking bad angles, slow as molasses, frustrating really. Then I went out and created a team with a great defense, selecting no offensive players, just to get a feel for that. Well, all my concerns quickly went away. The defense reacted to the ball extremely well, which is what you would expect "Legendary" defense to react. No longer were they slow, no longer were they taking bad angles. They were ball hawks, in every sense of the word, creating turnovers, big hits over the middle and stripping ball carriers. That's not to say the AI offensive legends didn't get their own on my defense, because after all, I'm playing against some legends as well. So a gold star player would get the better of my gold star DB once, then vice versa. It felt like football, if my gold DB was covering a scrub player, he would be blanketed and if the QB made a mistake and threw his way, it was picked or knocked down. However, there were a few passes that were caught in zones, but man to man, you need to look somewhere else Mr. CPU. My third team was a mix of offensive and defensive Legends and a balanced attack. I think most people are going to play like this, but there are so many ways to configure your team. I think we are going to have some classic online battles, in a chess like gridiron matchup. I was disappointed at first, but now that I know the "Legends" play like legends, I no longer need to worry about the bad angles, which worried me to death."

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Gamersyde has posted a Project Gotham Racing 4 trailer.
"While waiting for the damn Marketplace to get me my videos, and for Snoopers to encode his videos from the event, here is the stream capture of PGR4's live demo and trailer."

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Voodoo Extreme has posted some Sega Rally screenshots.

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GameSpot has posted some more NCAA Football 08 movie clips.

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CVG has posted some Project Gotham Racing 4 screenshots.
"PGR4 is going to be the update that the awesome arcade racing series deserves, and we've got the latest screens showing off the new bikes to appear, fir the first time, in the sequel."

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IGN has posted screenshots from the following games:

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NHL 08 E3 2007 New Gameplay Features Interview

Burnout Paradise E3 2007 Gameplay Trailer

NFL Tour E3 2007 Trailer

Dave Mirra BMX Challenge E3 2007 Trailer

Brunswick Pro Bowling E3 2007 Trailer

Tiger Woods 08 New Features and Character Creation Interview

NCAA Football 08 E3 2007 Offensive Moves Gameplay

Madden NFL 08 E3 2007 MS Press Conference Gameplay

Project Gotham Racing 4 E3 2007 MS Press Conference Trailer

Project Gotham Racing 4 E3 2007 MS Press Conference Live Demonstration

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Other Stuff...

Well, Verizon finally came an hour and a half late yesterday to deliver my FIOS. I couldn't download the NCAA Football 08 demo, because for some strange reason, my DSL router would only give my PC an IP, it wouldn't give my 360 one. So I was screwed. After Verizon left and I tested out a few things, All Pro Football 2K8 arrived. Q&A coming soon.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What is your order of preference for the upcoming football games?

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