Wednesday, June 27, 2007
08:15 PM - June 27, 2007. Posted by ExtremeGamer.
Gamespot has posted their preview of Madden NFL 08's Family Mode for the Wii.
"The debut of the Madden NFL series on the Nintendo Wii was a revelation. This was a sports game that took itself a bit more seriously than the lighthearted nature of Wii Sports, didn't skimp on gameplay depth, and brought an entirely new look to the long-standing series, thanks to its unique control scheme. Little wonder, then, that the game earned our distinction as the top traditional sports game of 2006. The challenge with the upcoming sequel--Madden NFL 08--is to keep the momentum rolling. As we discovered at a recent press event held in EA's Los Angeles offices, the developers behind Madden NFL 08 aren't resting on their laurels; instead, they are taking the game in some surprising new directions."

08:13 PM - June 27, 2007. Posted by ExtremeGamer.
IGN has the scoop.
"With The Bigs we really wanted to put a whole new spin on baseball while still staying true to the American pastime," states Greg Thomas, President of Visual Concepts, a 2K Sports studio. "We took all the big action plays intrinsic to the game and made them happen much more often, creating a hero-like presentation of the players and the sport. In The Bigs, gamers will see spectacular wall catches, dramatic diving grabs, acrobatic double plays, and many more dramatic highlight reel moments to deliver a truly new exciting brand of baseball."

08:11 PM - June 27, 2007. Posted by ExtremeGamer.
GameSpy has posted some screens from Burnout Paradise.

08:09 PM - June 27, 2007. Posted by ExtremeGamer.
GameSpy has posted some Skate control videos.

03:11 PM - June 27, 2007. Posted by ExtremeGamer.
Gamespot has posted a Skate video.

12:59 PM - June 27, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
HD implemented a small utility on the main page called Snapshots. Here are the details, straight from the website. Make sure you check out the main page and let us know what you think.
Welcome to the next generation of everything. Snap Shots™ intelligently brings users the right content, at the right place, at the right time, in a convenient shot.
  • Snap Shots enhance links with visual previews of the destination site, including summaries of Wikipedia and IMDb, YouTube videos, stock charts and more.
  • For website users, it’s an enhanced way to surf because links are no longer blind, but a source of information.
  • For website owners, it’s a more engaging way to write and edit by using links as illustrations rather than as diversions.

12:57 PM - June 27, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
IGN has posted their preview of MotoGP '07.
"One of chief changes to '07 is added depth to the tuning features. While you won't be swapping parts a la Forza Motorsport, you will have far greater control of how your bike performs before ever hitting the track. You can adjust front and rear tire compound, gear ratios, front and rear suspension hardness, and the wheelbase (for more responsive steering).

While the new tuning options should satisfy gearheads, us casual race fans get a necessary tweak to gameplay. Some of the changes are subtle, and might not be noticed without hopping back to last year's model for comparison. The racing difficulty has been softened just a tad. Though MotoGP has always offered the most realistic motorcycle experience around, some wipeouts on turns felt a tad suspect. In '07, the turning feels a bit more reasonable. And if you get squirrelly, you'll know it as your bike will fishtail as a warning. This is sort of like Spider-Sense for your bike. But more importantly, it lets you know how effectively you are turning. Just because you avoid a wipeout on a bend, doesn't mean you are maximizing your efficiency. The fishtail is a bit of a wakeup call to adjust your speed and positioning in turns."

12:57 PM - June 27, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
Playsyde and Xboxyde have both posted some Burnout Paradise screenshots.
"Burnout Paradise is finally back with these five new images from the PS3 version of the game. With a big free roaming city, I can't wait to see that game in action."

WorthPlaying has posted the following:
  • College Hoops 2K8 Cover Athlete Signed
    "2K Sports announced that former Ohio State All-American center and future top pick in the 2007 NBA Draft Greg Oden has been named the cover athlete and official spokesman for College Hoops 2K8."
  • Super Swing Golf Pangya 2 Revealed (Wii)
    "The latest issue of Famitsu reveals that Tecmo is once again teaming up with Ntreev Soft to make a sequel to last year's Super Swing Golf, also known as Pangya! Golf with Style or Swing Golf Pangya. Taking advantage of the Wiiís motion sensing controller to give you the full 18-hole golfing experience the new version will include a Tour Mode, unlockable costumes from Ninja Gaiden's Rachel and Ryu Hayabusa, and of course new courses."

07:53 AM - June 27, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
GameSpot has posted their hands-on preview of NBA Live 08.
"The sixty frames per second is a big step up from last year's plodding pace; one producer challenged us to take this game and put it up against NBA Live 07 to see the difference for ourselves. Honestly, we didn't need to--you can see from the outset that Live 08 is a smoother, more stable, and, yes, quicker game of basketball. The improved animation of the players helps, as players move more like their real-life counterparts, whether dropping in Js from ten feet, or getting up close and personal underneath the basket. Even better, the new animation system features more branch points, so that you can interrupt one move and move your controlled player into another juke, spin, pass, or shot seemingly at any point."

07:53 AM - June 27, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
GameSpy has posted their preview of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08.
"First, the putt mechanic is getting a critical change. Although the view and basic gameplay hasn't changed, you can no longer get an "ideal putt" view. Instead, hold the left bumper and you'll get a one-shot preview of where your putt, as currently set up, is going to go. Being able to only do this once is a great balancing decision, both in terms of difficulty and forcing people to just play their hole. As opposed to previous versions' caddy hints, where you had to carefully convert distances from metric measurements to the putt grid and laboriously insure the perfect shot, this simulates a golfer's ability to eyeball a putt while still demanding real skill. We'd like to see the number of previews be variable with difficulty, but it's still a solid change."

07:52 AM - June 27, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
CVG has the article.
"Football Superstars is a the brand new MMO from Nottingham's Monumental Games. But as the name implies you can forget fantasy elves and dwarves, futuristic sci-fi or the utopia of Second Life, this is an MMO based on the reality of modern professional football."

07:52 AM - June 27, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
IGN has posted the following Madden NFL 08 goodies:
  • The Weapons of Madden 08 (PS3)
    "Everyone knows that the star players in the NFL can easily dominate their opponents. These are the players that offensive and defensive coordinators plan entire game schemes around, because the talent of those particular athletes is undeniable. Whether it's the ability to pick apart a defense, break runs for large gains or shut down receivers, these players make their skills known every time they step onto the field. Now, these talented athletes are getting a new classification for the latest version of Madden."
  • The Weapons of Madden 08 (360)
    "In Madden 08, players with these incredible abilities aren't considered stars or impact players -- they're now classified as weapons. These classifications are used to easily identify specialized player attributes, like catching the ball in traffic or being amazing pass rushers. Based on how well a player uses these weapons, you can expose an opposing team's weaknesses and attempt to exploit them. The only way to counter these offensive and defensive assaults is with solid use of your own weapons on the field."
  • Madden NFL 08 Screenshots (PS3)
  • Madden NFL 08 Screenshots (360)

07:52 AM - June 27, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
Eurogamer has posted their first impressions of Sensible World of Soccer 96/97.
"Wisely, the game looks, feels and plays absolutely identically to how you remember it - which is no surprise when you realise that the game is built using the same codebase used for the 96/97 version. Rather than try and cobble together an approximation from the ground up, this is as close to the the real deal as humanly possible, complete with the same fonts, same visuals and even the same menus, sound effects and music. It's such a perfect tribute to the brilliance of the original that you'll want to pull your shirt over your head and run around the room screaming with pure joy."