Friday, August 31, 2007
10:32 PM - August 31, 2007. Posted by hdaniel1.
Yahoo! Games has posted an interview with Tiger Woods.
Yahoo! Games: "What specific involvement do you have when these games are produced?"
Tiger Woods: "With this game they asked me, what is it about real golf that you think about? How do you play? As a player, you remember shots. You remember what you did three, four, five years ago. Now we have a log of every shot you hit in the game. And basically, that's how you get good. Some parts of the game are dialed in, just like we are, and other parts of the game are weaknesses. You can definitely see how the weaknesses are exposed in the video game now, which didn't happen before."

10:31 PM - August 31, 2007. Posted by hdaniel1.
Gamersyde has posted a intro video of Project Gotham Racing 4.
"The new cities also look much more interesting than the rather boring ones from PGR3, since this time Bizarre actually seems to have chosen them for their racing lines and not only to get big names on the cover."

10:31 PM - August 31, 2007. Posted by hdaniel1.
DarkZero has the scoop.
"The chop comes from Vick facing federal charges stemming from his involvement in dogfighting operations. EA reveal that the player will be removed from the Madden NFL 08 in the next mandatory roster update thus making him an unplayable character during online matches. Vick will be replaced by Joey Harrington."

10:30 PM - August 31, 2007. Posted by hdaniel1.
Worthplaying has posted a demo of FIFA 08.
"FIFA 08 will create a football experience that matches the complexity, finesse and beauty of the real-world game. FIFA 08 challenges you to master the skills required to play like a pro football player, allowing you on the pitch to defy the odds, perfect your skills, elevate your game and rise up to win glory for your club."

10:30 PM - August 31, 2007. Posted by hdaniel1.
Pro-G has posted the following news:
  • Free BMW Racer from 10Tacle (PC)
    "The freeware game will debut at the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt in mid September, followed by a downloadable version at a later date."
  • Colin McRae: DiRT Demo on PlayStation Store (PS3)
    "Colin McRae DiRT is set to launch on PlayStation 3 on Friday, September 14, but PS3 gamers needn't wait to get their hands dirty."

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IGN has posted the following:

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GameSpy has posted their preview of Sega Rally Revo.
"We've just got done roasting down straight-aways, skidding around hairpin corners and blasting through chunks of mud, ice, gravel and asphalt and while there's still a fair bit of room for improvement in terms of tweaking framerate and control sensitivity, we're looking at a very promising addition to the cherished Sega Rally license."

10:29 PM - August 31, 2007. Posted by hdaniel1.
GameSpot has posted the following:

05:53 PM - August 31, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
The Developers of NHL 2K8 have updated their blog, over at 1up. Make sure you give it a read, as it has a lot of great information.
"Hello everyone. This is the NHL 2K8 team again. We were planning to put up our second part of the Franchise blog here, but we heard the recent 1UP podcast that touched on our game, and felt like it was more important to address some of the unfounded complaints and correct some inaccuracies. Below are some quotes from the podcast, followed by our own responses that will hopefully clear some things up and also get some new information out there about the game."

04:43 PM - August 31, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
We have just posted three more Skate video clips.
"With innovative controls that take advantage of the dual analog sticks, SKATE offers a unique and authentic next-gen skateboard videogame experience unparalleled in the skate videogame genre. Featuring physics driven animations, gamers will have a unique experience every time they pick up the controller since no two tricks will ever be the same. The amount of information the game is able to take from the unique flickit analog controls and interpret it through the physics engine could never be done on a current generation console system. From a fully procedural trick engine to the way cloth moves on the skaters, all movement is physically simulated and dynamic offering gamers a skating game that is the closest thing to skateboarding without actually putting their feet on a board."

04:29 PM - August 31, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
We have just posted two more NHL 08 video clips.
"EA SPORTS – pioneers in the Golden Age of hockey videogames – continues to lead the charge in the next gen era with advancements in AI intelligence, innovative controls, online depth and an unmatched level of authenticity to the sport.

The revolutionary Skill Stick System evolves in NHL 08 and delivers an unparalleled level of control. An all-new deking system enables you to move the puck off your stick, to walk around a defender and give you space in front to challenge the goalie. Enhanced analog speed control and a new skating engine give you the precision and fluidity to play like you would on the ice.

NHL 08 will feature an exclusive AHL license for the first time, with all 29 teams from the primary development league for the NHL fully playable in game. The EA SPORTS NHL franchise is the #1 selling hockey game and the #1 selling sports game in Canada*. NHL 08 is being developed under the EA SPORTS by EA Canada in Vancouver, B.C. The game will be available for the PLAYSTATION®3 system, PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360™ video game system from Microsoft, and PC. For more information, log onto www.nhl08.com."

12:43 PM - August 31, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
We had the opportunity to participate in a conference call this week with three key players, behind the soon to be released NHL 2K8. Clay Shaver has written up the key points of the event.
"While the NHL continues to struggle to garner the attention that it deserves from the general sports gaming public, sliding deeper and deeper into the “niche sport” category, NHL hockey games continue to do very well in the market. Year after year, gamers are treated to a face-off between the two the two sports gaming powerhouses in their battle to claim victory of the frozen floor. While few will argue that the team at Visual Concepts and Kush Games, the makers of the NHL 2K series, has dominated the competition in recent years, rumblings out of Redwood seem to indicate that we may be in for a virtual shootout this season.

Operation Sports had a chance to participate in a conference call this week with three key players behind the soon to be released NHL 2K8, to hear about some new features and talk about what gamers can look forward to when the game hits the shelf in just a couple weeks. Representing 2K were:

Ben Bishop – Producer (Visual Concepts)
Scott Krager - Project Manager (Kush Games)
Colin O'Hara - Lead Designer (Kush Games)"

07:34 AM - August 31, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
CVG has posted an interview with Community Lead, Ben Ward, as they talk about Project Gotham Racing 4.
CVG: "How will you make sure that bikes and cars are on a level playing field?"
Ben Ward: "Well I guess the main answer to this is iteration. We're in a great position with PGR4 in that we've been balancing both cars and bikes in the same race for over six months now. To put that in perspective, we had a little over three weeks to balance all the vehicles in PGR3 at the Xbox 360 launch!"

07:33 AM - August 31, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
IGN has posted their impressions of V8 Supercars: Create & Race.
"First up, this game packs a huge amount of content and countless options. Hopping in, we selected World Tour mode and were immediately whisked off to Eastern Creek for a trial lap around the course. The first thing that struck us about the game is the smooth frame rate - it moves along at quite a good clip. The second thing, however, is that you simply can't see turns coming up. The resolution is such that they only resolve into something your brain recognises when it's too late… and you slam into a wall. Thankfully, the touch screen has a top down map of the course, so you're able to see most (but not all - the map can be a little deceptive) serious corners before you hit them, and I guess like any simulation, you really need to learn the courses before you can master them anyway."