Tuesday, October 25, 2005
07:59 AM - October 25, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
GamePro has posted SSX on Tour reviews for the following consoles:
  • Xbox (4/5)
    "EA Sports BIG takes their extreme sports formula in new directions with SSX On Tour, a title introduces a Career Mode and skiing to their popular franchise. But are all the changes a good thing?"
  • Playstation 2 (4/5)
    "The biggest new addition to SSX On Tour is the ability to barrel down the mountain on a pair of skis. The game is now all about creating a character and advancing through a lengthy ranked Career Mode. When you create your virtual persona you'll be given the choice of one plank (snowboard) or two (skis). The skiing plays and controls quite similarly to the boards, although there have been some minor tweaks when it comes to pulling off stringed combo runs. Essentially, however, the snowboards and the skis are nearly identical in terms of functionality and ease of use."
  • GameCube (4/5)
    "It's a shame that things like repetitive events and lack of online hurt SSX On Tour so much. Visually the game is top notch and incredibly unique and the new indie inspired soundtrack is a nice change of pace when stacked up against the last's installment's exclusive techno offerings. For every good aspect of the game there seems to be a bad one, and when you balance that out across the board (or ski), it just adds up to a game that tries to evolve a winning formula but falls prey to its own ambition."

07:59 AM - October 25, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Eurogamer has posted the following:
  • TrackMania Sunrise EXtreme Trailer (PC)
    "The trailer's not your usual half-a-minute-of-logos-followed-by-cigarette-man-voiced-rendering though. Instead the developer enlisted the help of community stunt heavyweights to compile just over two minutes of (surprisingly well edited) "freestyling."
  • GT4 Mobile Drifts into 2006( News ) (PSP)
    "Sony confirmed the news in an update to its Japanese release schedule where it now lists the game simply as "2006". GT4 Mobile had previously been aimed at spring 2005, and Sony's been keeping quiet about it ever since it missed that season. And the next one."
  • L.A. Rush Review (PS2 - 5/10)
    "LA Rush looks fine, sounds generic and plays irremediably. If you've ever played any of the other Rush games, this game will be a disappointment. If you've ever played San Andreas, this game will be a disappointment. If you've ever played any of the bulging canon of recent Cars-and-Hip-hop games, you'll be disappointed. With so many other, better games that simply provide more fun in the same environs, it's difficult to recommend this game at all."

07:59 AM - October 25, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Fragland has posted screenshots from the following games:

07:59 AM - October 25, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
TVG has posted their review of Football Manager 2006, giving it an 8 out of 10.
"If the monotony of football in the real-world is beginning to dampen you down, make sure to check out Football Manager 2006; somehow theyíve managed to replicate the same experience of the beautiful game into a beautiful videogame."

02:05 AM - October 25, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
Worthplaying has posted some screenshots of NBA Live 06.
"Live and breathe basketball like never before with NBA LIVE 06 on the Xbox 360. Rebuilt from the ground up and powered by next generation gameplay, players can see and feel the emotion and intensity of the complete basketball experience. Players jump to life with real-world physics and enhanced animations including sweat rolling down the players' faces."

02:05 AM - October 25, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
TeamXbox has posted their review of World Poker Tour 2K6, giving it a overall score of 6.9 out of 10.
"With the myriad of poker titles making their way onto store shelves in the coming month it seems a bit silly to invest in the first to come along, especially when it may not be the best of the bunch. That being said, World Poker Tour is not a bad game by any means. It does offer some innovative options in the creation of different card game variants, and it is nice for a developer to include emotional conveyance as a part of the package - even if its implementation is a bit lacking."

02:04 AM - October 25, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
MSXbox World has posted their review of L.A. Rush, giving it a overall score of 7 out of 10.
"LA Rush isnít a bad game per se because at times itís quite fun. The problem is that there are other racers on the market that do the same thing but are much less frustrating. I guess if you live in LA then there will be some appeal here but other than that then LA Rush simply fits into the average category as a no frills racing game based around some loose gangster type storyline."

Monday, October 24, 2005
01:38 PM - October 24, 2005. Posted by NYJets.
Gamecube Advanced has posted their review of NBA Live 2006, giving it a 7 out of 10
"Thereís a lot to expect from two titles with the same game play, same graphics and same ideas (see the dribble stick). Unfortunately, it imitates the features in 2K6 a great deal.

In the end, the replay value is all that matters. NBA Live gives the essential Ďaliveí feeling that most sports games have. The players and controls are very intuitive and the plethora of game modes make this a very interesting title, even more so for tournaments. In the long run NBA Live unfortunately doesnít stack up with the amounts of moves and 24/7 mode that takes a good portion of 2k6. Still, it is not a terrible game, and itís definitely worth checking out."

01:36 PM - October 24, 2005. Posted by NYJets.
Xbox Advanced has posted their review of Blitz: The League, giving it a 8.7 out of 10.
"Overall I had a great time with Blitz: The League. It is a great arcade game, and is definitely better if you have someone to play with. If you have Xbox Live then you are set. There a couple of negatives to the title but there are more positives to be found here overall."

10:45 AM - October 24, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
PALGN has posted their review of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006, giving it a overall score of 7.5 out of 10.
"However, being the second Tiger title in a month, it is understandable that gamers may feel a little short-changed. EA had fully knowledge that this superior title would be available, and they decided to release the original Tiger game, which is surprising that they didn't release any other sport titles for the launch."

10:45 AM - October 24, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
Ferrago has posted their review of Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition, giving it a score of 71%.
"Overall Midnight Club 3 is a good game but is flawed most garishly by its awful loading times. It is both more expansive and more entertaining than its closest competitor Need for Speed Underground Rivals but lacking the intense thrills both Ridge Racer and Burnout Legends offer."

05:14 AM - October 24, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Bah. I'm still fuming at the conservative play calling from the Cowboys. Seriously, how can they go from a dominating aggressive gameplan against the Eagles, to just plain awful and conservative against the Giants last week and the Seahawks yesterday. The missed FG by Cortez absolutely ripped my heart out, but the defense that played so well the entire game, showed again that they can't stop a team when it counts. It's a good thing the Boys won the toss last week in OT or they'd be sitting at 3 and 4, but instead they sit at 4-3 and with a win next week against the Cardinals will sit at 5-3 going into the bye. I'm not guaranteeing a victory by any means, but if this team wants to compete for a playoff spot, they win this big game at home against the Cards. I'll be fuming about this loss for a few days, especially when they lose the way they did. You know what makes it worse? The Giants, Eagles and Skins all won their games, so the Boys go from 1st place in the division to last. Lovely.

Oh well, yesterday wasn't all bad. I returned my monitor for another and everything looks perfect. I don't see any blurry text now and no dead pixels! None! I had 3 of them on the other one. I can't wait to get the cables and see how the HD looks on this thing.

Enough about me, what's up with you? Do the Astros have what it takes to win the series being down 2 games to none?

05:13 AM - October 24, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Xboxyde has posted two more Project Gotham Racing 3 movie clips.
"Snoopers also had the chance to visit the Xbox 360 showroom on Friday, with my camcorder. He sent me back about one hour of footage, so we'll start with this PGR3 video showing a bit more of New York and the photo mode."

Sunday, October 23, 2005
10:54 AM - October 23, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
Worthplaying has posted the following:
  • Need For Speed Most Wanted Trailer (PSP - 25.01 MB)
    "Need for Speed Most Wanted delivers a unique, fast-paced and gripping ride in the racing genre as players build up their Rap Sheet and street cred to move their way up the Black List to become the most wanted racer on the streets. Players will go head-to-head with the top drivers on the scene as well as strategically evade more than half dozen cops at any one time."
  • AND 1 Streetball Trailers (PC - 19.97, 19.29, 9.15, 21.6 MB)
    "When you ball, you know you're not going to do some fancy 360 with 30 flips in the air and dunk from half-court. When you talk about playing streetball, you keep it real. You bring crowds to their feet by dropping shiny no-look dimes to your teammates. You go strong to the rack and bang on fools no matter how many try to stop you. And when you've got it all, you paint pictures on backboards by pinning your opponent's shots."

10:51 AM - October 23, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
Armchair Empire has posted their review of NBA Live 06, giving it a score of 7.5 out of 10.
"All around, NBA Live 06 is a fairly solid game, even if the tweaks don't really add as much as they should. The online play is a nice inclusion, but once again, it will most likely be shut off by around the time the next game comes out. Like most sports games, there's only very little here other than roster updates, but NBA Live 06 won't disappoint fans, even if it won't particularly impress them."