Thursday, November 3, 2005
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Subaru has posted a Subaru Impreza Shakedown mini-game. It's just another time killer game, nothing spectacular.

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Fragland has posted the following:
  • NBA 2K6 Trailer #2
    "2K Games has released a new movie for NBA 2K6, the Xbox360 version to be more specifically."
  • Test Drive Unlimited Screenshots
    "Damn, those next-gen racers sure look wonderful. Apart from the slick modelled cars, the surroundings look pretty stunning as well. Remember that these are only the first games on a new platform. And Black is the perfect example that new games are still getting nicer on 'old' consoles."

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GamePro has posted the following:

Wednesday, November 2, 2005
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TeamXbox has posted an interview with Jeremy Strauser, Senior Producer of Madden NFL 06.
TeamXbox: "Is this an all new game engine or an advanced version of what we’ve seen for Madden in the current-gen?"
Jeremy Strauser: "This is an all-new game engine; new rendering engine, new animation system, new player models, new stadium models, etc. We were able to share some key data like plays and player ratings with current gen, but just about everything else is brand new."

11:53 PM - November 2, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
GameDaily has posted their preview of NBA Live 06.
"Once we got into the game, the controls and flow the game felt very intuitive. The players did have a slightly robotic feel to them, but it's much improved over the previous versions of NBA Live and virtually every other basketball game to date. Fast breaks were easy to pull off with a few outlet passes."

08:57 PM - November 2, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Allen Iverson Named NBA MVP; Kobe Bryant Wins Scoring Title

The San Antonio Spurs captured their second straight NBA championship by defeating the Miami Heat in five games in an Electronic Arts NBA LIVE 06 videogame simulation of the entire 2005-06 NBA season that began this week.

In the NBA LIVE 06 simulation the Spurs posted an NBA-best 60-22 record and reached The Finals after sweeping the Phoenix Suns in the Western Conference Finals. Forward Tim Duncan was chosen the Finals MVP. The Heat defeated the Detroit Pistons in seven games in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Last year, San Antonio posted a 59-23 regular season record and defeated the Denver Nuggets, Seattle Sonics, Suns and Pistons to claim the NBA championship.

Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson won his second MVP award after finishing second in scoring with 26.7 ppg, second in assists with 8.6 apg, and second in steals with 2.4 spg, leading the 76ers to a 56-26 record in the NBA Live 06 simulation. Philadelphia coach Maurice Cheeks was chosen Coach of the Year.

In the NBA LIVE 06 simulation guard Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA scoring title by averaging 27.3 ppg but he wasn’t able to lead the Lakers (40-42) back into the playoffs. The Sacramento Kings grabbed the final playoff spot in the West with a 42-40 record.

Cleveland’s LeBron James led the Cavaliers to a 15 win improvement over last season and to the best regular season record in the Eastern Conference at 57-25. James finished third in scoring with 24.1 ppg.

Utah forward Andrei Kirilenko was named Defensive Player of the Year, guard Chris Paul of New Orleans was Rookie of the Year, swingman Shane Battier of Memphis was Sixth Man and guard Sebastian Telfair was the Most Improved Player.

Nine teams posted 50 or more wins in the NBA LIVE 06 simulation, including the Cavaliers, 76ers, Heat (55-27) and New Jersey Nets (50-32) in the East and the Spurs, Nuggets (54-28), Suns (53-29), Dallas Mavericks (52-30) and Houston Rockets (51-31) in the West.

With unprecedented player graphics, true-to-life details and major gameplay advancements, NBA LIVE 06 on Xbox 360 elevates the sport of basketball to a whole new level.

The official videogame website can be found at www.easports.com/nbalive06.

Additional results from EA’s NBA LIVE 2006 video game simulation include:

2005-2006 NBA Final Regular Season

Regular Season Awards

MVP – Allen Iverson, Philadephia
Coach of the Year – Maurice Cheeks, Philadelphia
Defensive Player – Andrei Kirilenko, Utah
Rookie of the Year – Chris Paul, New Orleans
Sixth Man – Shane Battier, Memphis
Most Improved Player – Sebastian Telfair, Portland

Regular Season Scoring Leaders

PLAYER – Points per game

Kobe Bryant - 27.3
Allen Iverson - 26.8
LeBron James - 24.1
Ray Allen - 23.7
Yao Ming - 22.5
Vince Carter - 22.4
Tim Duncan - 21.8
Rashard Lewis - 21.7
Kevin Garnett - 21.4
Peja Stojakovic - 21.1

Western Conference Standings

Team – W-L record

1. San Antonio - 60-22
2. Denver - 54-28
3. Phoenix - 53-29
4. Dallas - 52-30
5. Houston - 51-31
6. Memphis - 44-38
7. Golden State - 44-38
8. Sacramento - 42-40
9. Minnesota - 41-41
10. LA Lakers - 40-42
11. Portland - 34-38
12. Seattle - 33-39
13. Utah - 33-39
14. LA Clippers - 32-50
15. New Orleans - 24-58

Eastern Conference Standings

Team – W-L record

1. Cleveland - 57-25
2. Philadelphia - 56-26
3. Miami - 55-27
4. N.J. Nets - 50-32
5. Detroit - 49-33
6. Indiana - 48-34
7. Orlando - 38-44
8. N.Y. Knicks - 37-45
9. Chicago - 36-46
10. Washington - 35-47
11. Boston - 34-48
12. Toronto - 31-51
13. Milwaukee - 28-61
14. Atlanta - 27-55
15. Charlotte - 17-65

2006 NBA Playoffs & Results

NBA Finals: San Antonio defeats Miami, 4-1
MVP: Tim Duncan – San Antonio Spurs

Eastern Conference

First Round
(1) Cleveland defeats (8) New York, 4-2
(5) Detroit defeats (4) New Jersey, 4-2
(3) Miami defeats (6) Indiana, 4-3
(2) Philadelphia defeats (7) Orlando, 4-1

Second Round
(5) Detroit defeats (1) Cleveland, 4-2
(3) Miami defeats (2) Philadelphia, 4-1

Eastern Conference Finals
(3) Miami defeats (5) Detroit, 4-3

Western Conference

First Round
(1) San Antonio defeats (8) Sacramento, 4-0
(4) Dallas defeats (5) Houston, 4-3
(3) Phoenix defeats (6) Memphis, 4-0
(2) Denver defeats (7) Golden State, 4-0

Second Round
(1) San Antonio defeats (4) Dallas, 4-0
(3) Phoenix defeats (2) Denver, 4-3

Western Conference Finals
(1) San Antonio defeats (3) Phoenix, 4-0

NEW YORK, NY - November 2, 2005 - 2K Sports, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: TTWO), today announced Amped(tm) 3 is a launch day candidate for the Xbox 360(tm) video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. The only snowboard game to be available for Xbox 360, Amped 3 features an all-new physics engine, enhanced controls and the world's greatest winter resorts to create the most authentic snowboarding experience. Action is interlaced with a hip storyline that encompasses the distinct snowboarder culture, style, music and attitude.

Amped 3 stays true to its roots as the most authentic trick-based snowboarding game on seven new real-world resorts. Amped 3 is three times larger than the levels in the preceding Amped games. The Snowbox(tm) offers hundreds of challenges at various resorts, including the option for players to test their skills snowmobiling and sledding and then have their top scored runs, hang-times and crashes automatically posted on Xbox Live(r) online gaming service. Given the vastness of the mountains, players explore the backcountry on snowmobile to find the perfect spots and then use the Park Builder for planting their own jumps and rails.

"With Amped 3, 2K Sports has tapped into the power of Xbox 360 to create the most authentic, customized, and unique snowboarding experience for gamers," said Greg Thomas, president of Visual Concepts, a 2K Sports studio. "Amped 3 captures the sport of snowboarding and reflects the style and attitude associated with the snowboarder culture."

Amped 3's Snow Tracks in-game soundtrack features more than 300 new independent music tracks. Select tracks are featured on the exclusive Amped 3 soundtrack CD, available as a pre-sell promotional item at major retailers and at 2K Sports events in November.

For more information, log onto www.ampedsnowboarding.com or http://www.2ksports.com. Amped 3 is developed by Indie Built, Inc., a 2K Sports studio.

ZT Group International Selects Stardock’s Theme Manager Software for Its First Official NASCAR PC

The Complete NASCAR Experience Is Now Available

Plymouth, MI - (November 2, 2005) – ZT Group International, the exclusive NASCAR licensee for PC technology, and leading manufacturer of desktop computers and laptops has announced it has selected Stardock’s Theme Manager software to offer the complete NASCAR PC experience.

Featuring the highest quality components from companies such as AMD, ATI and Seagate, the NASCAR PC by Cisnet, a division of ZT Group International, uses Stardock’s Theme Manager to give the PC Desktop a distinctive look and feel. The NASCAR PC desktop theme features a customized boot screen, a WindowBlinds visual style, a NASCAR-inspired Icon Package, Windows Media Player and custom wallpaper. Virtually every aspect of the Windows desktop is transformed. The images were created for ZT Group International by The Skins Factory.

“We wanted to give our customers a complete NASCAR experience” said James Bateman, Business Development Manager at ZT Group. “By licensing Stardock’s Theme Manager, we were able to extend that experience beyond the external elements and onto the user’s desktop.”

Larry Kuperman, Sales Manager at Stardock, added “We were really excited to be a part of the NASCAR PC experience. Stardock’s Theme Manager was designed to provide a very user friendly experience and it is great to see it reaching the mainstream audience. Through partnerships with companies such as ZT Group, many people that would otherwise have been unfamiliar with PC customization are learning how much it adds to the PC experience.”

For a preview of Theme Manager for the NASCAR PC in action, please visit:


For downloadable screenshots, please visit:


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Gaming Age has posted their review of Blitz: The League, giving it a B.
"I for one am happy to see the Blitz series regain the style and gameplay it was once known for. The addition of the new play styles, attitude, and story mode only enhance this great title. This is easily the best of the Blitz titles, and Midway has given fans a truly fun and entertaining football game that is not hindered by rules and penalties. Blitz the League is not going to change anyone’s minds that were not fans of the previous versions, but fans of the series should eat this up. Blitz the League is a real winner."

02:25 PM - November 2, 2005. Posted by NYJets.
Game Zone has posted their review of NBA Live 06, giving it a 8.1/10.
"NBA Live for the PSP may not be as realistic as some of its console competitors, but when it comes to the handheld department, Live locks down the fun factor, and plays it to perfection. Even with its share of problems, missing this game would be a big mistake for both basketball veterans and newcomers alike."

07:03 AM - November 2, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
What's goin' on fellow OS'ers? I finally found a Walmart that has an Xbox 360 kiosk. I'm going to try and check it out later this evening. I've just heard from a few people that they do in fact have one, so I'll have to definitely go check it out. Anyone know what playable demos are on it?

Just noticed Drew Bledsoe has the NFC's best passer rating. How long has it been since a Cowboy QB has even sniffed that? Bledsoe made a horrible mistake at the end of the Seattle game, but other than that he's been unbelievable, hopefully he stays healthy, because without him the Boys aren't going to do much. They are 7th in total offense and 5th in total defense, not that stats matter all that much nowadays.

I'm finally lifting again after spraining my wrist about 3 weeks ago. I feel all small, it's really wierd. After 3 weeks of no lifting whatsoever, it just seems my muscles have just disappeared. It actually pisses me off, but it will also motivate me to get started again. I played a little basketball yesterday and my shot is far from accurate. I think I'm overcompensating my wrist and just throwing up shots w/ awful form. It's so odd, maybe I'm just too old.

I watched a little bit of all the games last night. The Hornets were a surprise and so was Duncan's hair-do. I can't wait to watch the Pistons tonight. Hopefully the Stones can start Philly's season off on an 0-2 start after tonight.

Enough about me, what's up with you? Who's your pick to win the NBA Championship this year?

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Xboxyde has posted another NBA Live 06 video.
"ThE_MaSTeR_3 sent me this video of NBA Live 2006 Xbox 360 version, taken from a TV show. Lots of gameplay to see, very nice video (but no sound)."

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Voodoo Extreme has posted the following:

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The following sites have posted Amped 3 screenshots:

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Eurogamer has posted an interview with Jon Hare, as they talk about Sensible Soccer.
Eurogamer: "Obviously, PES and FIFA have commanded an unbreakable stranglehold over the past decade. How on Earth are you going to break that?"
Jon Hare: "Well, obviously PES is an excellent game and FIFA is getting stronger all the time [debatable - Ed], but like any dynasties in this position their weakness is their predictability and reluctance to make changes for fear of alienating their existing customer basis - I know this because we had the same with Sensi in the '90s. There are several truly original features in the new Sensi that PES and FIFA simply could not add for fear of change, we know that and we intend to use it to our advantage."