Tuesday, November 15, 2005
07:30 AM - November 15, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
GameInfoWire has the scoop.
"THQ Inc. and JAKKS Pacific, Inc. today announced that WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2006 for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system has shipped to retailers throughout North America. Joining a successful lineup of WWE video games that have sold in more than 18 million units worldwide since 1999, WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2006 offers the deepest and most intense wrestling experience to date in the highly acclaimed series of video games."

12:59 AM - November 15, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
Worthplaying has posted the following:
  • College Hoops 2K6 Screenshots and Trailer (PS2, Xbox - 3.08 MB)
    "It’s that time of year again--the time of year where basketball courts around the nation are filled with excitement, slam dunks, unbelievable athletes, Cinderella stories, and championship dreams. Nothing captivates the nation like the NCAA Basketball Tournament and no other game captures the collegiate atmosphere and energy like College Hoops 2K6."
  • TOCA Race Driver 3 Civic Demo (PC - 131.63 MB)
    "Codemasters has released a demo allowing you to try out the Honda Civic 2006 on the Donington GP circuit in qualifications and three-lap races."
  • Amped 3 Screenshots (X360)
    "Amped 3 features the most authentic snowboarding gameplay with perfected controls and the elements of a true extreme sports sandbox. Throw down stylish tricks, white-knuckle sled rides, and experience death-defying crashes as you earn your world ranking online."

12:59 AM - November 15, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
TeamXbox has posted their review of Need for Speed Most Wanted, giving it a overall score of 8.7 out of 10.
"If you’ve been feeling that need for speed, but never made a pit stop to check out EA’s franchise, Need for Speed Most Wanted would be the perfect first test drive. The best NFS title ever? Well, let’s wait for the Xbox 360 review to make that determination."

12:58 AM - November 15, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
Ferrago has posted their review of SSX On Tour, giving it a score of 70%.
"With the exception of the teenage daughter fashion club atmosphere and those few, minor quibbles, this game is a must for those who ski and snowboard on a regular basis and for those who love the thrill of down-hill adventure. The game is easy to play but difficult to master and you will really enjoy mastering the controls, performing the stunts and beating the competition."

12:58 AM - November 15, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
1up has posted the following reviews:
  • NBA 2K6 (X360 - 7.0/10)
    "And that's 2K6's biggest setback -- it doesn't have the instant visual appeal, next-gen look, or out-and-out raw emotion that gamers want to see in a next-gen sports game. The actual mechanics of the game are quite strong (the shot stick and free throw system are perhaps the best mechanics we've seen in a basketball game to date), and it has all the depth and options we've come to expect from a veteran basketball series."
  • Amped 3 (X360 - 7.0/10)
    "Adolescents are like that, though. They just do things you don't get as they go through their growing pains, and Amped 3 is definitely in the midst of its own. The crazy displays for attention and rebellious personality leave little doubt of that."

Monday, November 14, 2005
05:10 PM - November 14, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Clay and Shawn have brought back our Starting 5 article. Make sure you give it a read and submit some questions for the next one.
"Welcome to Starting 5 – a feature column by Operation Sports!

Once again, Managing Editor Shawn Drotar and Senior Staff Writer Clay Shaver will tackle the world of sports and sports gaming in a rapid-fire discussion.

Is there a question on your mind? Find out below how to submit your question for our next column!"

02:26 PM - November 14, 2005. Posted by NYJets.
Gaming Age has posted their review of Splat Renegade Paintball, giving it a D.
"I can't even possibly recommend this game to hardcore fans of the Paintball sport. I can't recommend this game to the hardcore FPS guys and gals out there. I can't even recommend this game to hardcore gamers around the world. All I can say is this, avoid Splat Renegade Paintball, and live a much happier and fulfilling life. Trust me."

02:23 PM - November 14, 2005. Posted by NYJets.
Gamer Feed has posted their review of WWE Smackdown! Vs. Raw 2006, giving it 4 out of 5 stars.
"THQ continues to impress with yet another quality wrestling game but the parts that suck annoy me. Still, this title has more meat on its bones than five Triceratops and it's a must buy for all WWE fans. The fact that you can fight for belts in Exhibition alone makes it a must buy, but the wrestlers staying in the ring while their opponents come down the aisle tickles my funny bone and I love being tickled. Buy it."

09:25 AM - November 14, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
What a great day yesterday was for me. First I watched the Giants lose to a team that couldn't move the ball on offense, scoring 2 special teams TD's and an interception returned for a TD. I was jumping up and down when Edinger nailed the 48 yarder for the win. Then I watched in disbelief as the vaunted "Great Deadskin Defense" gave up 36 points against what is basically a rookie quarterback in Simms. Come on now, the guy is basically a rookie and he had his way with the Skins. I don't care if the game came down to a 2 point contraversial call at the end. If you score 35 points, you don't let the other team score 36, no matter how fluky it might be. The ONLY thing that would make my day complete is if the Boys can pull out another win against the Eagles. It's not going to be easy, for sure. I can't wait for tonight! I expect a very close game, if the Boys come out on top, they are sitting on top of the division!

Nat still has a clogged up nose, but I can definitely tell she's feeling a lot better. I think later this week she'll be at a 100%. We put a 35 piece puzzle together last night and she was happy about it. I'm trying to get her to do the whole thing by herself, but she can't quite figure it all out yet. I remember putting together a huge puzzle with my dad and brother a long time ago. They are fun and frustrating at the same time.

In other news...

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!
tgreen06 (32), FootballForever (27), Millennium (26), Vgmastr (24), LilLowe (19), BeanTownBrawler (19), TootSweet (17)

Enough about me, what's up with you? How was your weekend?

09:17 AM - November 14, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
We have just posted our Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball MAX'D review. Find out what Mark Fossen has to say about it. *Side note: Just in case you didn't know, this is Mark's final review for Operation Sports. More info in "Steve's Forum".
"Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball Max'd puts my head in a bit of a spin. The sport of paintball itself, featuring points for eliminating enemies and capturing the flag, is really just a live-action videogame. It is Halo in the park, Rainbow Six with inflatable cover, and Perfect Dark with paint. The fact that there are professional paintballers, that players like Chris LaSoya or Keely Watson or Greg Hastings himself are household names outside their own house is surprising enough. What's more surprising is that now we have a videogame based on a sport that is itself based on a videogame."

09:17 AM - November 14, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
We have just posted our World Poker Tour review. Find out what Clay Shaver has to say about it.
"My friends and I have always had a lot of ongoing sports related debates over the last 20 years. Like with any tight-knit group of buddies, I've won some and lost some. I’ve been personally chastised on more than one occasion for my personal belief that, with one month to train, I could fight and beat the top female boxer in the world in less than 3 rounds. I’ve also argued that, even at 32 and 6’3”, 240lbs, I could make a WNBA roster, lead the league in rebounding and technical fouls, and probably start."

09:17 AM - November 14, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
We have just posted our Major League Baseball 2K5 - World Series™ Edition review. Find out what Aaron Holbert has to say about it.
"2K Sports made an interesting choice by deciding to release another version of their Major League Baseball 2K5 series at the end of the season. Major League Baseball 2K5 World Series Edition touts updated rosters and two new features, and it delivers when it comes to those things. Looking back, the biggest problem with the original version of this game was the bugs, and I went into this version hoping that they would all be fixed. Well, some of my wishes were granted and some weren’t."

09:16 AM - November 14, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
GameInfoWire has posted their review of GripShift, giving it a 6 out of 10.
"Your mileage may vary, of course. I think "GripShift" might be a good party game -- what's frustrating for you can be funny when you're watching your friend make the same mistakes (or at least that's been my experience with golf). And maybe, if you throw lots and lots of parties, you might get so good at "GripShift" that Easy will actually start to seem easy. If that happens, don't email me to brag about it. I'll still be as crappy then as I am now, and I won't want to hear it."

09:16 AM - November 14, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Gamez-Edge has posted their review of Mario Kart DS, giving it a 9.6 out of 10.
"I would imagine it’s fairly obvious how highly I think of this game. Yes, I am disappointed that there wasn’t a more robust offering in terms of online content, especially considering all of the hype that has surrounded this game leading up to its release. However, I also understand that this is Nintendo’s first online endeavor, and so that doesn’t really surprise me. Even so, as I have stated numerous times in this review, the game is far too much fun online even in this simplistic package. And the offline single-player and local wireless features will have you wrapped up for so long that it’s impossible not to get your money’s worth from this title."

09:15 AM - November 14, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
UGO has posted the following: