Wednesday, November 16, 2005
07:58 AM - November 16, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
DEEEEEEEEETROIT BASKETBAAAAAAALL! 7-0 baby! After falling behind by 13 in the 3rd period, it turned into the Chauncey Billups show. He absolutely went nuts hitting everything he threw up, hacked, pushed, pulled, whatever... if he threw it up, it was going in. He was in the zone in the 3rd quarter for sure. I couldn't believe it. 7-0 on the young season with trips to Houston and Dallas coming up.

Other than the 2K Sports conference call yesterday, I didn't do too much. Played some Nickjr with Nat and a little baloon baseball, she's really getting good at hitting that thing, lol. It's funny the way she stands in the box, she gives a little mean snarl as she gets ready to hit the ball. I didn't even teach her that, I have no idea where she got it from, lol.

In other news...
Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!
funky_chicken, TheGiant99 (36), gambi99 (35), Eagles0581 (16), lil dwyane wade (14)

Enough about me, what's up with you?

07:57 AM - November 16, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
GameInfoWire has the scoop.
"Konami of Europe has confirmed that the Xbox version of its highly acclaimed Pro Evolution Soccer 5 will be compatible with the next-generation Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft."

07:57 AM - November 16, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
GamePro has posted the following reviews:
  • NBA Live 06 (3.5/5)
    "NBA Live 06 for Xbox 360 looks sexy and plays like pro, but it's just not the polished veteran that you've come to expect with PS2 and Xbox. At least it's clear to see that with a little more seasoning, this game should be in fighting shape next year."
  • Project Gotham Racing 3 (4/5)
    "Is PGR 3 the best racing game ever? Not quite, but it sure stands out as the most visually captivating. Even if you aren't a racing fan, the game is worth a try, just to see the Xbox 360 flexing its muscle. If you are a car nut and own an Xbox 360, the game is well worth owning, even if it's just to immerse yourself in the cockpit of a Ferrari lavishly rendered in high definition."

07:56 AM - November 16, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Boomtown has posted the Project Gotham Racing 3 TV high res trailer.
"We previously featured this TV spot for Project Gotham Racing 3, but we have now found the commercial in a much better resolution that really does justice to the game's graphics."

07:55 AM - November 16, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Cyanide-Studio has posted a patch for Pro Cycling Manager.

07:55 AM - November 16, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Xboxyde has posted the following:

07:55 AM - November 16, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
Fragland has the scoop.
"TrackMania Sunrise eXtreme offers new tracks, new track blocks, new modes and a whole host of new additions and improvements to Sunrise."

07:54 AM - November 16, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
GamePro has posted their review of Mario Kart DS, giving it an 8.6 out of 10.
"All in all, Mario Kart DS is another terrific dose of karting excellence and if you've enjoyed other Mario Kart games in the past, you'd be a fool to pass on this one."

07:53 AM - November 16, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
The official Ski Alpin 2006 website has been updated with new info and trailers. *Note: This is a French site.

05:19 AM - November 16, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
3D Avenue has posted their review of Pro Evolution Soccer 5, giving it a 4.5 out of 5.
"PES 5 continues to remain the premiere football game on consoles today. The new teams have helped the licensing issue but it still remains the aspect that has to really be looked at for the next generation title. With that aside, this truly is the closest thing to playing soccer in your own lounge room."

Tuesday, November 15, 2005
11:22 PM - November 15, 2005. Posted by hdaniel1.
1up has posted the following reviews:
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted (PS2, Xbox - 8.5/10)
    "Most Wanted is yet another thoroughly competent addition to the franchise. The nod back to the cop chase mechanics of the Hot Pursuit games is certainly welcome, plus it's interesting to see that the vaunted "open" gameplay of the last two games has been dialed down by a more forcibly linear structure to keep things interesting."
  • Project Gotham Racing 3 (X360 - 10/10)
    "Is PGR3 without fault? Pretty much. Sure, I'd love the ability to completely remove the HUD for a more immersive experience. I wish I could drive through the streets of the game's cities freely, without track markers dictating my path. This would give the player a better chance to appreciate the work that's gone into recreating the environments; though the included photo mode (which can be accessed at any time from the pause menu) does allow gamers to stop, stare and wander the tracks to their heart's content."
  • FIFA Soccer 2006 (X360 - 7.0/10)
    "What is also strangely fun is this new thing EA Sports is doing with its sports games while they're loading. NBA Live does a great job with this too, and I hope it marks the start of a trend that everyone picks up on."

07:42 PM - November 15, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.
I was invited to a 2K Sports conference call, about their Xbox 360 games earlier today along with quite a few other sites. I had a chance to ask a few questions and get to know the games. Since there were others involved in the conference call, I wasn't able to get in as many questions as I would have liked. But any info is good info, right?

05:26 PM - November 15, 2005. Posted by NYJets.
Gamer Feed has posted their review of WWE Raw, giving it 2 out of 5 stars.
"While WWE Raw isn't exactly bottom-of-the-barrel fare like most cell phone games fall into, it misses on so many opportunities. The create-a-wrestler option would have been ideal to really give you a feeling of craftsmanship, but the results are so muted that your efforts are damn near wasted. Furthermore, the lacking gameplay and presentation make this feel like a match where the fans are chanting "Boring" over and over. Looks like this game loses by disqualification. Oh, well, THQ, there's always next time."

03:52 PM - November 15, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 15, 2005 - 2K Sports, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: TTWO), today announced that NBA 2K6 for Xbox 360(tm) video game and entertainment system from Microsoft has shipped to North American retailers. This groundbreaking title will incorporate next generation visuals and the most complete set of features of any Xbox 360 basketball title. This includes The Association (franchise mode), The Shot Stick, The V.I.P. System(tm), The Crib(tm), 24/7: Road to the Entertainers Basketball Classic, Dual Player Control, the Strip 'n' Rip System the most current player transactions and more. These features, coupled with unparalleled gameplay, have propelled NBA 2K6 to be the #1 rated NBA title*.

New features available exclusively on NBA 2K6 for Xbox 360 include:

* Realistic player models - NBA 2K6 brings NBA player models to life like never before with a new graphic technology based on a virtual human skeleton. Muscles and skin are layered and wrapped around the skeleton, giving each player model a realistic look and movement. This technology allows for new animations, muscle driven body movement, ultra high-resolution detail, player sweat technology and realistic player head-and-eye tracking.

* Cloth simulation - A completely physics-based cloth simulation engine delivers the most remarkable lifelike cloth movement on each player's shorts and jerseys.

* Broadcast style - NBA 2K6 is presented in a dramatic new broadcast style with dynamic camera work, new camera perspectives that are closer to the action, and depth of field effects.

* High dynamic range lighting - A new lighting technique that simulates the reflective nature of objects. For instance, an equally lit polished parquet floor will reflect more light than a player's jersey. With high dynamic range lighting, each item will reflect and absorb the correct level of light as it would in real life.

* 60 frames per second - NBA 2K6 for Xbox 360 runs at standard-setting 60 frames per second, allowing for the most responsive feel and gameplay control.

* Authentic arena lighting - The NBA 2K6 development team took samples from actual NBA basketball arenas to recreate extraordinarily detailed and lifelike in-stadium atmospheres filled with over 10,000 individual crowd models.

For more information, log onto http://www.2ksports.com

03:50 PM - November 15, 2005. Posted by Steve_OS.

NEW YORK, NY - November 15, 2005 - 2K Sports, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: TTWO), today announced that NHL(r) 2K6 for the Xbox 360(tm) video game and entertainment system from Microsoft has shipped to North American retailers. With true-to-life graphics and innovative features like Crease Control(tm), NHL 2K6 is the only hockey title available for Xbox 360 at the launch of the system.

Making its Xbox 360 console debut, NHL 2K6 introduces Crease Control(tm), a new gameplay feature that allows players the opportunity to control the goalie in ways never before possible. Created with the help of Dallas Stars All-Star goalie and NHL 2K6 cover athlete Marty Turco, this breakthrough goaltending interface allows gamers advanced control as they can switch to the goalie's point of view and alter their positioning based on where the puck is played. As the opponent shoots the puck, the game goes into a dynamic slow-motion action perspective where the player must position the goalie's save cursor in the right location to stop the shot. This exciting feature provides gamers with the experience of an NHL goaltender, delivering responsive controls and dramatic goalie save animations.

"Crease Control spawned from brainstorming sessions I had with the development team," stated Marty Turco, Dallas Stars goalie and NHL 2K6 cover athlete. "Knowing that the new NHL rules were going to bring more action to the net than ever before, our goal was to create a revolutionary control scheme that not only relied on important goaltending fundamentals, but also was incredibly fun to use. Crease Control puts the gamer in the goalie's shoes."

NHL 2K6 for Xbox 360 redefines the virtual NHL experience with unparalleled visuals, including incredible ice reflections featuring real-time ice degradation complete with ruts and spray, new net physics with animations for every goal scored, high-resolution player models and a fully 3D crowd in highly detailed arenas. NHL 2K6 also incorporates all the new NHL rules, as well as most current rosters available with the latest big transaction players and hot new rookies.

In addition to all of the exciting and innovative Xbox 360-exclusive features, NHL 2K6 includes Franchise Mode, ProControlTM, On-The-Fly Coaching, Enforcer System and more! These features also made NHL 2K6 the #1 rated hockey game for current generation consoles*.

For more information on 2K Sports titles, please visit http://www.2ksports.com