Thursday, October 4, 2007
09:19 AM - October 4, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
Eurogamer has posted a demo of SEGA Rally, weighing in at 554 MB.
"On your way around the shrubbery you will probably like to notice the new physics SEGA has been boasting about. This futuristic concept makes your wheels churn up the surface as you skid and slide around it."

09:19 AM - October 4, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
Xboxic has the scoop.
"Just in case any of you missed Test Drive Unlimited first time around, it has today been announced that the game will be re-released by Atari, probably as an attempt to soak up a little extra revenue off the back of the Christmas roller coaster."

08:46 AM - October 4, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.

After adjusting a few sliders in NBA 2K8, I'm enjoying the game a lot more. Can't say the same about NBA Live 08. I've tried everything and just can't seem to make it feel right. It's still a TON better than last year, but they have quite a bit of work to do.

Lost my first league game in Madden 08 last night (I'm now 3-1), damn fumbles...*grumble, grumble. Not to mention the inability of my defense to stop Portis and Betts. Lost the game 17-13, in a back and forth affair.

What's up with you?
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Voodoo Extreme has posted the following:

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Shawn Drotar over at 5W-G has posted an article entitled, Deconstructing NBA Live 08.
"It’s always difficult to be a sports gaming consumer. Year after year, a new product is released - but it’s at least 90 percent the same as the previous year’s version. You’re often stuck purchasing a game that adds a new wrinkle or two at most, and so the oft-repeated “roster update” criticism is fair."

12:10 AM - October 4, 2007. Posted by hdaniel1.
Yahoo! Video Games has posted an video interview with producer Jeff Antwi about the game NBA Live 08.

12:10 AM - October 4, 2007. Posted by hdaniel1.
Eurogamer has the scoop.
"The track in question is Instituto Politecnico, and despite dense fog, Tom hauled his supercar around for a flawless race. All of which he then saved and uploaded to Xbox Live using the nifty On Demand feature."

12:09 AM - October 4, 2007. Posted by hdaniel1.
Worthplaying has posted some screenshots of Empire of Sports.
"Empire of Sports is an MMORPG built entirely around sport, designed to allow players around the world to simultaneously exist in an online universe, where their alter egos socially interact, train, compete, attend events and acquire the goods and services they need to build a parallel sporting existence."

12:09 AM - October 4, 2007. Posted by hdaniel1.
TVG has the scoop.
"Towards the beginning of 2006, Ubisoft signalled their intention to expand their sports offering with the announcement of an agreement with Shaun White to feature in a videogame due for release in 2007."

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Pro-G has the scoop.
"He added: "The Wii audience is quite different to the standard game audience. Certainly from the people who come round to mine and want to play on the Wii rather than playing on the 360 or the PS3, they're more the non-gamers."

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PALGN has posted the following:
  • Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights Australian Content (360)
    "The first taste of Australia that gamers will get is when they come to customising their car. The game allows you to customise your number plate and amongst the number plate country choices is Australia. This means the car you've customised can feature a New South Wales numberplate."
  • Rockstart Games Presents Table Tennis Preview (Wii)
    "Beginning with the simplest control option, Wii Remote only, we were initially thrown off by how different the game is to Wii Tennis.The biggest difference is that the game simply doesn't use the motion control in the same way. Instead of taking a realistic swing, you have to flick the Remote with a wrist motion in a set direction – either up, down, right, left or any combination in between, while still having the front of the Remote basically still facing forward."

12:08 AM - October 4, 2007. Posted by hdaniel1.
IGN has posted the following:
  • V8 Supercars 3: Create & Race AU Interview (DS)
    IGN AU: "The DS is proving a pretty capable 3D machine, but it's clear the system has some severe limitations. Was it hard to deliver an accurate version of the game?"
    Pete Shea: "It was certainly a challenge, however our DS technology has been carefully designed to maximise the potential of the hardware."
  • EA Sports Presents Third Season of Madden Nation
    "With scenarios designed to test players' skills, the tournament features the gamers competing in teams of two to maintain their place and make it to the next round of play. However, each round-one player from the losing team must face a "free agent" vying for his or her spot on the bus and in the competition."
  • Project Gotham 4 Speeds To Retailers (360)
    "With a dramatic new weather system, revamped career mode, revised Kudos system, new tracks and locations as well as the world's most iconic vehicles, "PGR 4" takes the franchise to the next level in racing games. For the first time in "PGR" history, drivers will have the option of racing a variety of motorcycles from top manufacturers, such as Ducati, BMW and Honda."
  • Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Hands On Preview (DS)
    "Tony Hawk's Proving Ground is not a cakewalk, and that's a good thing. See, players complete challenges by skating up to a particular individual who will send your character off to complete a specific task - score a huge combo, grind specific rails, pull off moves as they're called out…whatever."
  • Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Screenshots (DS)
  • Burnout Paradise Car Week: Day 3 (PS3)
    "It might not be the fastest racer, it might not be the nimblest mover and it might not be the toughest fighter; but when you're sailing through the air doing a double barrel roll you at least won't go unnoticed!"
  • Burnout Paradise Hunter Manhattan Video (PS3)
  • Burnout Paradise Screenshots (PS3)
  • Need for Speed ProStreet Screenshots (PS3)
  • Need for Speed ProStreet Hands On Preview (PS3)
    "When you load up a race weekend, you'll be presented with a list of cars to choose from for each event. This could be completely open, stringently tight or somewhere in-between. The Race Day creator determines which cars will be available to racers, so you'll have to pick from what's available."
  • Need for Speed ProStreet Online Features Video (360)
  • College Hoops 2K8 Screenshots (PS3)
  • WWE SmackDown Countdown 2007: Elijah Burke (360)
    "Elijah Burke arrived in WWE in July 2006 on SmackDown. In his debut match, Burke used a barrage of quick hits and weakening holds to earn arguably the first of certainly many victories in his WWE career."

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GameSpy has posted the following:
  • Victorious Boxers: Revolution Screenshots (Wii)
  • Need for Speed ProStreet Screenshots (360)
  • Need for Speed ProStreet Preview (360)
    "ProStreet is all about classic super-fast circuit racing, time trials, and cool one-off events like the 1/4-mile and 1/2-mile drag runs. The EA rep demoing the game invited us and six other gamers into a privately created Race Day where we would get to taste some of the different online race modes."
  • Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Preview (DS)
    "Fundamentally, THPG will feel immediately familiar to any veteran of the game series, yet it likely feels much easier to control and play for newcomers than the HD-gen console versions might. Back when we saw Sk8land unveiled, Vicarious Visions CEO Karthik Bala told us that the game managed to squeeze everything out of the DS possible."

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GameSpot has posted the following: