Sunday, March 16, 2008
01:09 PM - March 16, 2008. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Tim Martin
Timothy Martin checks in with a special weekend feature article discussing the good and bad ways to show etiquette whilst playing Pro Evolution Soccer Online.

"Really now, what true sports gamer gleans self-worth by beating up exclusively on the computer?

With the advent of high-speed Internet access (well, for most of usÖIím looking at you, Mr. Token ďIím stealing Wi-Fi from the guy two floors below meĒ Guy) and the breadth of online capability, many of us sports gamers have ditched the single-player experience for competing against real humans. So, with the release of Pro Evolution Soccer to North America right around the corner, sports gaming fans on the next generation consoles might wonder how to settle into a proper playing style and etiquette for Konamiís acclaimed futbol game.

12:52 PM - March 16, 2008. Posted by hdaniel1.
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Saturday, March 15, 2008
08:33 AM - March 15, 2008. Posted by Steve_OS.
The official Forza Motorsport 2 website has posted their weekly pitpass report, detailing the new DLC heading our way on the 19th.

"I'll dispense with the intro this week to say this: the Forza Motorsport 2 March Car Pack trailer has been released! Go watch it here right now, then head over here to discuss everything March Car Pack related. The one-minute long trailer gives you a good glimpse at the 13-vehicle DLC roster, with some cars being a little tougher to discover than others. The March Car Pack releases globally on Xbox Live Marketplace, Wednesday, March 19th at 400 MS points. We went with a Gametrailers.com exclusive for today and the weekend (why? because they're our pals, that's why). Then on Monday, check back here at FM.net to download a super high-quality version of the video, or hop onto Xbox Live Marketplace and grab a free version of the video for your Xbox 360. You get the feeling we kinda sorta want you watch this video?"

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Friday, March 14, 2008
11:24 PM - March 14, 2008. Posted by hdaniel1.
Gamer 2.0 has posted their NBA Ballers: Chosen One preview.

"Besides the obvious graphical improvements, the big new feature in Chosen One is the revamped story mode that will occupy most of your time alone with the game. This time around, your created baller will be looking to become the Chosen One while Chuck D, of Public Enemy fame, narrates your journey to stardom."

Note: I just posted the 360 preview only, the PS3 preview is exactly the same as the 360 preview.

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11:23 PM - March 14, 2008. Posted by hdaniel1.
IGN has posted their UK hands on preview of WipEout HD.

"Perhaps the greatest beneficiary of WipEout HD's graphical overhaul is the Zone mode. A feature first sneaked into WipEout Fusion and subsequently pushed to the fore in the PSP iterations, it grants players with a standard ship that gets incrementally quicker as it passes through lap sectors, with the goal being to reach as high a zone as possible before (ahem) wiping out the machine."

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11:23 PM - March 14, 2008. Posted by hdaniel1.

Game: Gran Turismo 5 PrologueReader Score: 7/10 - Vote Now
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11:22 PM - March 14, 2008. Posted by hdaniel1.

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09:33 PM - March 14, 2008. Posted by Steve_OS.

Game: SEGA Superstars TennisReader Score: 7/10 - Vote Now
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08:56 PM - March 14, 2008. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Matt Gagnon
Yesterday OperationSports was lucky enough to listen in on a conference call led by some of the developers working on Sega Superstars Tennis. In on the call were Producer Steve Lycett and Lead Designer Travis Ryan from Sheffield, UK-based Sumo Digital. Sumo Digital development studio has worked on a wide array of games, more pertinently, the studio has developed a few recent tennis videogames: the 360 and PSP versions of Virtua Tennis 3 and Virtua Tennis World Tour for the PSP.

"With this tennis game though, Sumo Digital is taking a bit of a different approach; they've veered a little more towards the casual gamer while developing SEGA Superstars Tennis and have thus tried to make the game more accessible for all gamers. They are not only trying to bring in a wider audience via gameplay design, but also by incorporating characters from other classic SEGA franchises such as the Sonic series, NiGHTS and Super Monkey Ball."

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01:26 PM - March 14, 2008. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Chris Sanner
Chris Sanner checks in with this article he has titled, NCAA Football 09: More of the Same?

"Did anyone catch that smell coming out of Orlando?

That smell is the smell of the "EA Hype Machine" getting its gears in motion for NCAA Football 09, which is still presumably 3-4 months away from hitting store shelves. In fact, last week during an interview with GameTap, Kendall Boyd, NCAA Football's product manager, revealed some information about the '09 version of NCAA Football."

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09:08 AM - March 14, 2008. Posted by Steve_OS.
GamesIndustry has generated some more EA/Take-Two talk.

"Following yesterday's tender offer by Electronic Arts to buy any outstanding shares of common stock for USD 26 per share, and Take-Two's statement urging shareholders to take no notice, the spotlight has fallen on Take-Two's key development talent in the event that the takeover turns hostile.

But analysts are mixed on where Sid Meier, Ken Levine and the Houser brothers would stand in such a situation, and whether or not the prospect of a hostile takeover would make them more likely to move on."

06:41 AM - March 14, 2008. Posted by Steve_OS.
Ah yes, I'll be finishing up and sending out my tax docs this weekend. Yes, I said I was going to do that last weekend, but you know...

Looking forward to the Pistons/Spurs game tonight. Both teams will be looking to get back on the winning track. Looking forward to watching the Lakers/Rockets game on Sunday as well.

Gym update: You know the "grunter"? Well, I just happen to hit the steam room yesterday and guess who walks in? Yup, so I didn't think much about it until he started rapping while listening to his iPod. I left pretty quickly after he entered, he must be one of the most annoying people on the planet. Saw him come out of the steam room and had paper towels under his feet, I guess because he didn't want his feet to be dirty? Um, they are called slippers buddy, got get some.

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