Monday, July 16, 2007
10:04 AM - July 16, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
Gaming Nexus has posted their impressions of NBA Live 08, from their recent trip to E3.
"Rebounding looks to have vastly improved from the demo. I asked about the high level of offensive rebounds in my games and the developer said that was addressed. The fact that there were plenty of times where the ball just fell to the ground with players standing around has also been addressed. When a ball is shot, you'll see the AI do a box out correctly and the ball won't teleport into the players hands when they go up for the rebound. Also multiple players will now jump for the rebound. Some will try to reach over or to the side of a blocking player to grab the ball. Rebounding looks like it's finally been fixed with this version from the demonstration I saw."

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WorthPlaying has posted their preview of Wii Fit.
"Wii Fit uses the Wii Balance Board, included with Wii Fit, for an extensive array of fun and dynamic activities, including aerobics, yoga, muscle stretches and games. Many of these activities provide a "core" workout, a popular exercise method that emphasizes slower, controlled motions."

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Eurogamer has the details.
"Ubisoft and Left Field Productions announced Nitrobike for the Wii last week - a fast-paced motorbike (sorry, "/\/+0]231|{e") racer that aims to repeat the success of LF's own Excitebike 64.

Due out this Christmas, it features lots of rocket-propelled motorcycles darting around against the clock and against other players, with a "unique online mode" promised to back up its offline multiplayer and, of course, one-player offering."

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NintendoWorldReport has posted the following:

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GamersInfo has posted their preview of Fishing Master.
"OK. Let's start again. It is not a fishing simulator. It's a kid's game, and here's how it works. You can cast directionally toward the fish you see on your screen. Once you set the hook with a quick uplift of the Wii-mote, a bar with a fish shows up at the top of your screen. If it drops down, your fish gets away. If it hits the top, your line breaks - and your fish gets away. Your aim is to keep the fish in the middle while you slowly bring it to shore. Other actions besides the motion of the reel would be to lift your Wii-mote to the right or left as the fish tries to get away."

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Other Stuff...

Saw Transformers last night and I don't know, I was a little disappointed. I wanted old school, I wanted Soundwave snitching to Megatron on Starscream's plots, I wanted Starscream holding Megatron as a gun, I wanted Optimus Prime to have his trailer hitched, I wanted Bumblebee is a VW bug, I wanted so much more, I guess I shouldn't have gone in with such high hopes. It was a good movie, but IMHO could have been a lot better. Maybe Soundwave makes his debut in Transformers 2.

No, I didn't have any time to play APF 2K8 over the weekend, but will tonight and give more impressions and thoughts, unless other readers have the game by then.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007
05:06 PM - July 15, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
SportsTwo is a Web 2.0 community and sports oriented site. The software that SportsTwo is run on is entirely custom built, allowing it to offer sports fans features previously unavailable to sports community websites.

Some of these features include:
  • Live Score Feeds fully integrated into "match day threads" allowing members to track the game as they post about it with other members.
  • Real Time News feeds integrated through out the various dedicated team forums allowing members to keep up to date with their team's news while browsing and posting on the forums.
  • Custom Themes (colors, logos, etc) for each forum, including team forums.
  • Blogs and Web Pages, allowing users to create their own custom content and dedicated web pages.
  • Games and Contests, including trivia and sportsbook simulations. All scores are tracked allowing members to compete against one another for cash prizes.

To see these and many other features in action check out SportsTwo at http://www.sportstwo.com.

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PSX Extreme has the scoop.
"When it was supposedly confirmed that Madden 08 would only run at 30 frames per second on the PS3 - with the Xbox 360 version running at 60fps - fans immediately felt inclined to opt for the latter version. However, either the information was incorrect, or the initial report simply got the game wrong.

As it turns out, it's NCAA Football 08 that runs at 30fps on the PS3, not Madden. Kendall Boyd, one of the lead developers and producers on NCAA Football 08 made the confirmation in a recent interview, clarifying the situation. He also said there is no delay for the PS3 version of NCAA Football 08, and both games should arrive as scheduled."

09:16 AM - July 15, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
IGN has posted their hands on impressions of NBA Live 08 Mobile.
"With the 08 edition of NBA Live, EA Mobile has adjusted the controls to fit what it has done with Madden 08 -- the main gameplay is just a one-handed session of movement and button presses of the center button for passes and shots. The way the system works in NBA is that you hold down the button for shooting, but quickly tap it for passing. Like in Madden, the pass sequence puts the game in slow-mo and brings up pass choices with color coding over your teammates for how safe it is to pass to them. There's also a new shot meter that gives you rhythm timing for what percentage you'll get in a shot based on your timing and coverage. In play, the system works fairly well, although it's not as clean as Madden since you need to pass much more often -- shooting takes a bit of holding down of the button, so not only is it harder to time sometimes than a dedicated button, but also it's difficult to make shots on the move. Still, the system is much better in play than most button set-ups that over-complicate the mobile experience, and you can play the game for the most part with just one hand. If you want to complicate things, you can change plays and set picks with the 10-keypad."

Joystiq has posted their impressions of the following games:
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympics (Wii)
    "Despite being one of the largest competitive events in the world, the Olympic Games can essentially be broken down into a series of smaller games. If you're so inclined, you may even refer to their relative individual size as "tiny," "diminutive or "mini," with an enthusiastic vocabulary producing an even more effective title in the form of "minigame." Clearly, the Olympics and the Wii are going to get along famously."
  • High Stakes on the Vegas Strip (PS3)
    "In addition to the now-requisite 1080p graphics, High Stakes has a few unique features. There's a fast-forward mode, which allows you to cut past any unnecessary action of AI opponents. The "Turbo Fold" function lets you fold without having to wait for computer AI to play their cards. Most excitingly, we saw the EyeToy in action, which allowed you to capture your image while playing the game. Video appears on the screen, showing your opponents' faces as they play their hand. It was surprisingly easy to set up, and will work with most USB video cameras, not just the EyeToy."

09:11 AM - July 15, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
PSX Extreme has posted their impressions of Need for Speed: ProStreet.
"I took a test drive of the game and instantly noticed how gorgeous and polished the visuals were. The car reflected the light accordingly, as well as properly mirrored the environment around them on their paint jobs. More over, car detail as a whole was fantastic, as even the undercarriages of the car were modeled. And best of all, the framerate was rock solid at a buttery 30 frames per second, without a hitch the entire time I was racing. Sense of speed still remains extremely well done, and on top of that, the game now features real-time damage rendering. A weak bump will lead to scratches and a dent, meanwhile a crash at 60 will lead to a destroyed hood, bumper, headlights and such. Crash at over 100, and you can expect to total your car and lose the race."

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Gamersyde has posted a Project Gotham Racing 4 gameplay clip.
"Vroom! Project gotham racing 4 gameplay video where we follow a bike in Macau's streets. Once again, the graphics are great, and the driving seems really cool."

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Kotaku has posted some impressions of the following games:
  • Tony Hawk's Proving Grounds
    "You can focus on one skater type, following its storylines and missions to become the top of your class, or you dip into all the storylines, though to get the most out of each archetype you'll want to follow things through to the end. As you progress you'll earn class-based rewards. The Career Skater might get a signature board or an endorsement decorated outfit, while the Rigger will earn new parts or engineering-themed clothing. In addition, each of the game's three cities - Philadelphia, Baltimore, and DC - has an unlockable area specific to each skater type, giving you incentive to play through the game as each."
  • Brunswick Pro Bowling
    "In addition to the basic gameplay, Brunswick Pro Bowling takes the game even deeper. Throughout the course of a lengthy career mode you unlock real bowling equipment, like specialized balls with their own physics and characteristics. The lanes across the ten environments included in the game change during the course of a match...with a press of a button you can see the oil pattern of the lane, allowing those really into the sport to get overly technical about how they line up their shots, which the more casual among us can rely on the good old 'swing your arms as hard as you can and pray' method."

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EA Playground E3 2007 Playground DS Walkthrough

Mario & Sonic Olympics E3 2007 Trailer

Need for Speed ProStreet E3 2007 High Speed Crash Gameplay

Burnout Paradise E3 2007 New Features Interview

NBA 08 Gamers Day 07 Trailer

SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008 E3 2007 Triple H vs Cena Gameplay

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Other Stuff...

My grandmother-in-law came back from her long vacation yesterday, so we spent some time with her. We went shopping, ate a lot of food and I didn't pick up a single controller.

Today, I am hoping to see Transformers. I have to hit the gym and get a haircut, then see what the wifee has in store for us today.

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