Friday, March 7, 2008
10:19 PM - March 7, 2008. Posted by hdaniel1.

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10:19 PM - March 7, 2008. Posted by hdaniel1.

10:18 PM - March 7, 2008. Posted by hdaniel1.

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09:30 PM - March 7, 2008. Posted by TJdaSportsGuy.
This week's OperationSports.com's "Waiver Wire" podcast is finally online and available for download. We apologize for the delay in getting this posted but there were technical problems a'plenty this week.

Because of those technical problems, we were only able to put up the first half hour of the show. The second half hour was recorded but was of very poor sound quality, so we made the decision just to go with one half of the show. Again, we apologize.

This week, T.J. Cutini was joined by Chris Sanner and the guys mainly discussed the new baseball releases. They also shared some stories from the OS forums, including the bluengold/JSKYWALKER saga.

To listen to the show, either launch the media player in the upper right hand corner of the OS top menu bar or download the .mp3 directly right here.

We do have one other thing to announce. Very soon (as in within the next week), you'll be able to download "The Waiver Wire" via iTunes. Stay tuned for details!

06:56 PM - March 7, 2008. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Bob Nielsen
Robert Nielsen checks in with this rFactor NASCAR article. He talks about the two major mods for rFactor that bring NASCAR racing into the game.

"Last week, I talked about the two major mods for rFactor that bring NASCAR racing into the game -- the NASCAR Simulation Series and Stock Car Evolution. Over the next two weeks, I'll evaluate both mods, starting tonight with NSS.

As stated last week, the NSS mod comes in a single installer, weighing in at around 343 MB. This download usually takes about 15-20 minutes on a DSL line, and I'm sure the download will be shorter on cable Internet. Once your download completes, just click the executable file, and you're off!"

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03:38 PM - March 7, 2008. Posted by iamemmittsmith.
GameTap has posted an interview with Kendall Boyd, Product Manager for NCAA Football 09.
GameTap: "What's the hook for NCAA Football 09? How has the gameplay changed?"

Kendall Boyd: "The big focus this year is about wide-open gameplay and the college atmosphere. If you went to the National Championship last season, it was all about electricity. We want you to be able to feel the electricity as best you can when you go in and play the game. You do that by making it a more wide-open experience in terms of giving guys more ankle-breaking jukes. At the same time, when you hit the hole immediately at the line of scrimmage, you'll find your opening. But if you're playing against a lesser team, that hole will open, and after running five or 10 yards, it might come down to a footrace. Blocking is one of the big keys to that and [it's] the area the dev team is really concentrating on right now."

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12:04 PM - March 7, 2008. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Patrick Williams
Hey! Where is Create-a-Team this year? Where did my decibel meter go? These questions are probably some you have asked if you are a long-time sports gamer who has played a series for more than 5 years. Operation Sports' Patrick Williams takes us through the phenomenon of developers adding and subtracting features as they please and he also tries to offer up some answers for us poor souls.

"Time and time again I read our forums here at Operation Sports and MaddenMania and I hear complaints or questions regarding the whereabouts of features or functions from past games in a series.

These are things that for seemingly no reason, disappear into thin air. Then sometimes, they magically return a few years later in our favorite sports games."

10:41 AM - March 7, 2008. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner
Operation Sports' Chris Sanner checks in today with an article that is sure to have its fair share of opinions from the baseball world as he talks about the most important stat in baseball.

""For years now a war has been brewing among baseball fans and professionals. What's the best tool to evaluate a baseball player's talent? Your gut and eyes, or a computer munching on the latest data."

07:33 AM - March 7, 2008. Posted by Steve_OS.
According to CVG, the leader of the Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 $50,000 tournament has been caught cheating.

"Konami has booted out the top player in its Play / Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 cash tournament for cheating.

The company didn't specify what the leading player did to earn the red card, but it did confirm that he's now officially out of the running for the £50,000 cash prize."

No details have been given out, but they have ruled out HGH and steroids.

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07:30 AM - March 7, 2008. Posted by Steve_OS.
Criterion Games have posted a few clips, showing off a few things we'll see in the Burnout Paradise DLC update.

"We’re working on some incredible new content for Paradise, some of which we’ve announced, and some of which we haven’t.

Today, we wanted to give you a sneak preview of one of the amazing new car liveries coming soon in the game.

We’ll be revealing more over the next few days and weeks."

I don't know about you, but I had to look up "liveries"...

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07:27 AM - March 7, 2008. Posted by Steve_OS.
It's time to whip out those expensive cell phones and well, play games on them! What else? Anyways, Modojo sends word that Gameloft has released Derek Jeter Pro Baseball 2008.

"The fourth in Gameloft's series of baseball sims, this latest iteration will feature tips from Derek Jeter himself along with newly rendered stadiums and a catcher added to the batter/pitcher match-up. A revamped pitching mechanic on the game's most difficult setting will ensure that even seasoned players get a good workout from the game's 58 game season, while stat tracking and league rankings will satiate all those would-be managers out there."

So Derek went from Major League Baseball 2K7 cover athlete to this...

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06:38 AM - March 7, 2008. Posted by Steve_OS.
So, I finally played some Show last night and stayed up entirely too late. Loving the game, just as I figured I would, seeing quite a few new animations in the 4 games I played. The only thing that bugs me, is the dive button, it's a bit too sensative. I gotta see if I can remap it somewhere else.

The "plan" this weekend is to get my taxes into the mailbox and get that process started. It's such a pain for me and I never look forward to doing it, since I always wait until the last minute.

What's up with you?
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Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

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Thursday, March 6, 2008
10:25 PM - March 6, 2008. Posted by hdaniel1.
IGN has announced free content for Major League Baseball 2K8.

"2K Games released three sets of free content packs for its new baseball title today. Connect to live and you'll be treated to a title update and access to three new sets of goodies."

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10:24 PM - March 6, 2008. Posted by hdaniel1.
GameSpy has posted updated screenshots of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

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