Wednesday, June 27, 2007
09:39 PM - June 27, 2007. Posted by hdaniel1.
Worthplaying has posted the following news:
  • DIRT: Colin McRae Off-Road Sells 500K In First Week (PS3, 360, PC)
    "DIRT: Colin McRae Off-Road is set to be the most diverse and exhilarating off-road racing experience ever with sensational gravel, mud and dirt events the world over. With week one sales out the door, Codemasters announced that DiRT has surpassed 500K copies globally."
  • Yamaha Supercross Announced (DS, PS2, Wii)
    "Destination Software announced it has signed a license agreement with Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, allowing it to publish and distribute Yamaha racing video games, starting with Yamaha Supercross."

09:38 PM - June 27, 2007. Posted by hdaniel1.
TeamXbox has posted a movie about the game controls of skate.
"Developed by EA Black Box in Vancouver, British Columbia, SKATE will deliver the feel of skating through innovative controls, authentic cameras and a fully reactive skateboarding city. The gamewill deliver all the style, fun, creativity and culture of skateboarding without the countless hours of practice, broken bones and hospital visits."

09:38 PM - June 27, 2007. Posted by hdaniel1.
Joystiq has the scoop.
"One of the new features of Electronic Arts' Madden 08 is the use of weapons -- special medals associated with certain players to signify their strengths. These aren't real weapons, mind you, but O, how we long for the days of Mutant League Football. These are more like situation-specific special moves. A player with the Big Foot Kicker weapon, for example, can kick the ball "farther than anyone in the game."

09:37 PM - June 27, 2007. Posted by hdaniel1.
IGN has posted the following:
  • NBA Live 08 Videos (360)
  • Midway Speeds Cruis'n Exclusively to Wii (Wii)
    "Veteran gamers and arcade aficionados will no doubt remember Midway's classic racing games, Cruis'n USA and Cruis'n the World. On Wednesday, the publisher revealed exclusively to IGN Wii that a new entry into the franchise is underway and it's being created specifically and only for Nintendo's next-generation console."

09:36 PM - June 27, 2007. Posted by hdaniel1.
GameSpy has posted some videos of NBA Live 08.

08:17 PM - June 27, 2007. Posted by ExtremeGamer.
Gamespot has posted their preview of Mario Strikers: Charged Football.
"The original Super Mario Strikers was a solid if not essential entry into the GameCube sports catalogue, offering a lighthearted alternative to the seriousness of FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. It wasn't released that long ago either; its late-2005 arrival gave GameCube owners one more reason to dust off their consoles. It's a very different case for the follow-up, which has arrived so early in the Wii's life in Europe that it's the first game on the system to carry "Mario" in its title. European gamers also have another reason to rejoice because aside from getting Mario Strikers: Charged Football (Mario Strikers Charged in the US) ahead of the rest of the world, it's also the console's first online game. With the US release not set until July and Nintendo's region-locking preventing importers from playing it, we thought that we should take a look at the game to report on Nintendo's online service, as well as the multiplayer part of the game itself."

08:15 PM - June 27, 2007. Posted by ExtremeGamer.
Gamespot has posted their preview of Madden NFL 08's Family Mode for the Wii.
"The debut of the Madden NFL series on the Nintendo Wii was a revelation. This was a sports game that took itself a bit more seriously than the lighthearted nature of Wii Sports, didn't skimp on gameplay depth, and brought an entirely new look to the long-standing series, thanks to its unique control scheme. Little wonder, then, that the game earned our distinction as the top traditional sports game of 2006. The challenge with the upcoming sequel--Madden NFL 08--is to keep the momentum rolling. As we discovered at a recent press event held in EA's Los Angeles offices, the developers behind Madden NFL 08 aren't resting on their laurels; instead, they are taking the game in some surprising new directions."

08:13 PM - June 27, 2007. Posted by ExtremeGamer.
IGN has the scoop.
"With The Bigs we really wanted to put a whole new spin on baseball while still staying true to the American pastime," states Greg Thomas, President of Visual Concepts, a 2K Sports studio. "We took all the big action plays intrinsic to the game and made them happen much more often, creating a hero-like presentation of the players and the sport. In The Bigs, gamers will see spectacular wall catches, dramatic diving grabs, acrobatic double plays, and many more dramatic highlight reel moments to deliver a truly new exciting brand of baseball."

08:11 PM - June 27, 2007. Posted by ExtremeGamer.
GameSpy has posted some screens from Burnout Paradise.

08:09 PM - June 27, 2007. Posted by ExtremeGamer.
GameSpy has posted some Skate control videos.

03:11 PM - June 27, 2007. Posted by ExtremeGamer.
Gamespot has posted a Skate video.

12:59 PM - June 27, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
HD implemented a small utility on the main page called Snapshots. Here are the details, straight from the website. Make sure you check out the main page and let us know what you think.
Welcome to the next generation of everything. Snap Shots™ intelligently brings users the right content, at the right place, at the right time, in a convenient shot.
  • Snap Shots enhance links with visual previews of the destination site, including summaries of Wikipedia and IMDb, YouTube videos, stock charts and more.
  • For website users, it’s an enhanced way to surf because links are no longer blind, but a source of information.
  • For website owners, it’s a more engaging way to write and edit by using links as illustrations rather than as diversions.

12:57 PM - June 27, 2007. Posted by Steve_OS.
IGN has posted their preview of MotoGP '07.
"One of chief changes to '07 is added depth to the tuning features. While you won't be swapping parts a la Forza Motorsport, you will have far greater control of how your bike performs before ever hitting the track. You can adjust front and rear tire compound, gear ratios, front and rear suspension hardness, and the wheelbase (for more responsive steering).

While the new tuning options should satisfy gearheads, us casual race fans get a necessary tweak to gameplay. Some of the changes are subtle, and might not be noticed without hopping back to last year's model for comparison. The racing difficulty has been softened just a tad. Though MotoGP has always offered the most realistic motorcycle experience around, some wipeouts on turns felt a tad suspect. In '07, the turning feels a bit more reasonable. And if you get squirrelly, you'll know it as your bike will fishtail as a warning. This is sort of like Spider-Sense for your bike. But more importantly, it lets you know how effectively you are turning. Just because you avoid a wipeout on a bend, doesn't mean you are maximizing your efficiency. The fishtail is a bit of a wakeup call to adjust your speed and positioning in turns."