Monday, May 2, 2016

EA sent us over a note, wanting to remind users that you can still play Madden for free through tonight and that all of the newest NFL players drafted in the 2016 draft's first round are available in Madden Ultimate Team.

"The NFL’s newest players have officially made their Madden NFL digital debut, with all first-round picks from last night’s 2016 NFL Draft available in Madden NFL 16. Highly-touted players such as Carson Wentz, Joey Bosa, Ezekiel Elliott and first overall pick Jared Goff are now in packs in Madden Ultimate Team™, ready to take the their shot out on the field.

Madden Ultimate Team is the series’ fastest-growing mode, challenging fans to build the best team possible from an ever-growing collection of current NFL players, all-time legends and newly-drafted rookies. Prove your skills either in Solo Challenges, or go online and take on other Ultimate Teams.

Those who haven’t yet experienced Madden NFL 16 have another chance to get in on the action with a special free trial* available right now on Xbox One and PlayStation®4. The trial includes access to the full game, so players can experience everything Madden NFL 16 has to offer, including new playmaker gameplay features on both sides of the ball, the new Draft Champions mode, and their first chance to play as NFL first-round draft picks in Madden Ultimate Team. The free trial is available until 11:59pm ET on Monday, May 2. EA Access** members can play Madden NFL 16 as much as they want in The Vault, and receive a 10% discount on digital purchases on Xbox One."

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10:18 AM - May 2, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS.

Now that EA Sports has been out for a couple of months, we can take a bit of a breather and really re-assess how we feel about it.

Our review of EA Sports UFC 2 was pretty glowing, as we gave the game an 8 -- which is a great game on our scale. Looking back, most people also thought EA Sports UFC 2 was pretty good in our previous poll.

So what about now after a couple of patches and new content? Is EA Sports UFC 2 still everything you hoped for? Vote in our poll and leave a comment below on how you are liking the game!

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09:53 AM - May 2, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Fraser Gilbert

EA recently treated us to our first look at NHL 17 with the unveiling of a brand-new “Vision” trailer. Throughout the course of the video, numerous new features were hinted at, such as a World Cup Of Hockey mode and seemingly major improvements to Be A GM mode.

We’re going to have to wait a little longer to see what EA has in store for us, but in the meantime, I've drawn up a wishlist of the some of the most commonly requested features ahead of the game's release later this year.

Read More - NHL 17 Wishlist: Features We'd Love to See

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Sunday, May 1, 2016
05:27 PM - May 1, 2016. Posted by Bullit. Written by Steve Noah

MLB The Show 16 patch 1.04 is available now, weighing in at 237 MB, check out the details below and let us know what you are seeing!

UPDATE: The developers are aware of the issues users are reporting. Users are currently reporting the dreaded "Challenge Failed" error, pitch speeds not displaying correctly, and other various online problems.

UPDATE #2: We rolled out some server changes to address the challenge failed messages. Is anyone still getting them?

We will update this post when we get more details.

  • Dynamic Difficulty is now working as intended while batting.
  • The ball trail option will now correctly correspond in-game if set to off, or fade.
  • Several adjustments were made to the auto base running mechanics during offline game-play.
  • Fixed an issue within RTTS while pitching with certain Perks equipped would result in a crash.
  • Corrected the order in which the "Preloading a Throw” and “Double Play” tutorial appear.
  • Following a Year to Year file upload in Road To The Show, the player card stats would display incorrect team and player info. This should now be corrected.
  • Tweaks and adjustments were made to AI behavior and animations that should streamline game-play performance. Areas of adjustment include: Fielders tagging moving base runners, Routes to catch balls, running catch animations, Fielders correctly covering bases on complex double play situations, etc…
  • Within Franchise mode, some generated or additional players were listed as born in “Alaska” instead of their correct place of origin. This should now be corrected and no longer happen.
  • Adjustments made to both online and offline pitcher/reliever energy levels.
  • New scanned heads added to update user’s experience following a year to year file upload.
  • Fixed numerous hangs, crashes, soft locks, etc., reported by the community through the bug reporting tool.
  • Sponsors should now give rewards.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a loss for users who requested a friendly quit at certain times.
  • Resolved a number of freezing, soft locks, instability and crashes during online play.
  • Fixed an issue where a pitch could occasionally change path on its’ way to the plate, shifting from inside the zone to outside the zone within a frame.
  • Addressed an issue under certain circumstances a pitcher would automatically pitch when the batter came out of Batter's Eye Cam.
  • Changes were made to the Batters Eye Cam: How long it can be used, how many times it can be accessed per at bat, etc… This should limit exploits, but keep the feature usable for its’ intended purpose.
  • We’ve shortened the total amount of pause time from 6 minutes to 5 minutes during an online game.
  • The pitchers pitch type interface will now be hidden if the batter is using Guess Pitch or Pitch History (L2 Button). This should help the user who is pitching understand when they can and cannot start the pitching motion.
  • Fixed a bug where the user was not being awarded the “Free Swings” trophy in an Online Home Run Derby if specific operations were being performed.
  • Resolved issues where in game intro/walk-up music would not play properly.
  • Tuned commentary triggers to be more accurate in one-sided games.
  • Reduced the amount of repetitive audio clips for specific players.
  • Fixed an issue where player yells were being disabled through the controller within Road To The Show. An occasional sound burst could also occur during game-play.
  • Various other general bug fixes.
Source - The Show Nation

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Friday, April 29, 2016
10:36 AM - April 29, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

For the few of you out there that haven't tried Madden NFL 16 yet, you can play it for free now through May 2 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You can also download and purchase the game at a discounted rate, during this time (PlayStation 4 ($19.79), Xbox One (Gold Member - $19.80).

Source - EA Sports

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The Forza Motorsport 6: Apex Open Beta is scheduled to arrive on May 5 for Windows 10 users. Check out the system requirements below.

Forza Motorsport 6: Apex includes 63 cars (500+ on the Xbox One), 20 track configurations across six locations, including night and wet-weather variants. The game will not feature online multiplayer or the livery design editor. Wheel support is currently being worked on and will arrive in future updates.

Source - Forza

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09:17 AM - April 29, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

EA Sports posted screenshots of several of the first round draft picks in Madden NFL 16 in their new uniforms on their Twitter last night.

We grabbed the shots we could find and have them available on the Madden NFL 16 media page.

Madden NFL 16 screenshot gallery - Click to view Madden NFL 16 screenshot gallery - Click to view Madden NFL 16 screenshot gallery - Click to view Madden NFL 16 screenshot gallery - Click to view
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09:12 AM - April 29, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

The first round of the draft is in the books. While some teams traded out of the first round, others had multiple tries at it.

As expected Jared Goff and Carson Wentz went one and two. From there, Joey Bosa, Ezekiel Elliott, and Jalen Ramsey rounded out the top five of the first round.

From your standpoint, how did your team do? What was the biggest pick which will change how you play Madden this upcoming season?

Sound off by voting in our poll and leaving a comment below!

Thursday, April 28, 2016
12:53 PM - April 28, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

The fourth OOTP 17 patch (version number 17.7.51) is available for users that purchased the game directly from the OOTP website or from official resellers. For those of you that purchased on Steam or the AppStore, it should be available in the next few days. Check out the details of the patch below.
  • Improved 2016 MLB roster sets (need to start new game for changes to apply)
  • 3D in-game movement improvements
  • Fixed rare crashes when playing out games in 3D on Macs
  • Updated the historical databases (error corrections)
  • Fixed problem with All-Stars being placed in wrong positions
  • Adjusted AI active roster construction
  • Adjusted AI player evaluation
  • Fixed bug when runner got hit by ball
  • Fixed bug with draft budgets not being counted properly
  • Fixed bug where AI was not always respecting players refusing demotion
  • Added option to not allow relievers winning Cy Young Award
  • Fixed rare error where some games would not load
  • Fixed errors where independent league teams would sign International Amateur FA
  • Fixed several small bugs and cosmetic issues
Update Info: To apply the update, simply download the setup file and install it over your current installation. There is no need to uninstall or unlicense your current copy! However, you should quit the game before installing it, of course. updates always contain all the changes from previous updates. Saved games are compatible between different versions.

Source - OOTP

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12:44 PM - April 28, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Ramone has provided the change notes for the most recent server update on MLB The Show 16.
  • Resolved Friendly Quit issue where sometimes a Loss was given. At times, users agreeing on a Friendly Quit in an Online Rated game were still given a loss. This should no longer happen.
  • Fix for Battle Royale issue allowing users to avoid getting a Loss. Users were able to avoid a Loss if using various tactics, then return to the game.
For those of you that were running into these issues, please provide feedback on what you are seeing now.

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11:21 AM - April 28, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Brandon Kosal

With the NFL Draft upon us, you’ve no doubt spent hours reading through the countless Mock Drafts available online. I don’t blame you. After all, who doesn’t love a good mock draft? Football fans love to play GM, and a great place to scratch the GM itch is the Madden franchise. With that in mind, here’s a look at what the first 10 picks in the 2016 NFL Draft might look like if the draft took place in the Madden universe.

Read More - Madden NFL 16's Mock Draft

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11:13 AM - April 28, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

The first round of the NFL Draft is tonight, and there's a lot to keep an eye on if you are an NFL fan. For fans of Madden, tonight is the beginning of seeing which teams are going to go from an afterthought to a must play.

I mean, there was that weird period during Johnny Football's rookie season -- may his career forever rest in pieces -- the Browns were a hot thing online.

Tonight, 32 picks will be made which will shape the future of entire franchises. Two in particular, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, are making huge bets on a starting QB of the future. In Philly's case, they may lose their current starter over the whole thing.

So what do you want your team to do tonight? Is there a pick you'd really like to see made? What pick do you think could change how we see teams in Madden? Sound off in the comments!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016
03:07 PM - April 27, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS.

Today EA SPORTS™ announced that fans will have an opportunity to compete in the Madden NFL 16 Championship, which culminates in a finals tournament this summer live at EA PLAY. Players will test their skills in the new Salary Cap Ranked* mode, currently in beta and available on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One, within Madden NFL 16 Ultimate Team™ and in Draft Champions Ranked* for their chance to win a share of the $50,000 prize. More details and rules to follow.

“Madden NFL players can be some of the fiercest competitors out there, and we’re excited to celebrate their passion and skill with the Madden NFL 16 Championship,” said Todd Sitrin, SVP and General Manager of EA’s Competitive Gaming Division. “We look forward to incredible competition in the community as the Madden NFL 16 Championship builds to the finals taking place on stage at EA PLAY in June.”

Salary Cap Ranked requires players to build the best Ultimate Team possible while staying under a set cap total, demanding strategic thinking and careful planning. While any player in a fan’s Ultimate Team binder is eligible to be used in Salary Cap mode, each player carries a cap value and it will be impossible to load up the field with unstoppable talent at every position. Will fans opt to put their best player on the field at the expense of other roles? Or will they intentionally bench their stars in the name of creating a balanced team?

Those competing in Salary Cap Ranked and the Season 2 Draft Champions Ranked ladders will have a chance to climb the leaderboards and compete in live events in the hopes of taking home the grand prize at EA PLAY. In the coming weeks players on Xbox One and PlayStation®4 can compete in Salary Cap Ranked to reach the top of the ranks, with the top 64 on each console being invited to the first round of the competition. Madden Challenge Finalists, DCR Season 2 finalists and Salary Cap Ranked finalists will all come together to crown the Madden NFL 16 Champion.

What do you think? Will you be competing?

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03:03 PM - April 27, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

Perhaps unlike any other sport, roster management is a huge deal in baseball. From managing how and when to add players to the disabled list, to managing minor leagues, to simply putting together a coherent 25-man roster for the bulk of the season -- roster management is front and center when it comes to baseball.

Managing an MLB Franchise's roster means you have to constantly be monitoring multiple levels of baseball and dozens of players to make sure your roster is evolving as it should. This usually involves a delicate dance of moving players up and down the minors as well as carefully managing your 40 man roster.

If you aren't careful, you can easily find that your roster has horrible imbalances with too many of any one position on your 40 man roster. This creates an uncomfortable position of having to move players sometimes completely out of your franchise just to have a functional roster -- especially if injuries become prevalent in your franchise at a certain position.

With that in mind, what are some of the things you do to keep your roster coherent, balanced, and ready for anything? What are some roster building tips you'd like to share on how to keep things in check?

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