Thursday, June 30, 2016
04:32 PM - June 30, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Kevin Love was sporting the Austin 3:16 shirt during interviews, following the Cavs game 7 win over the Warriors in the NBA Finals. Shady has taken it to another level, with WWE 2K16. Check out the video here.

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01:50 PM - June 30, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Kevin Groves

Last week EA released a news statement stating the J1 League, Japan’s top flight soccer league, would be featured in FIFA 17. On the surface it’s not surprising seeing as EA has been adding more and more licensed leagues to its FIFA franchise for the past few years. In typical OS fashion, let’s dive a little deeper to see what impact, if any, this has on consumers.

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09:50 AM - June 30, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Kevin Groves

With the Copa America 2016 wrapped up and Euro 2016 in full swing, it’s time to dust off your copy of PES 2016 and play along with the action. When Konami announced its intentions with a downloadable Euro 2016 mode, gamers like myself were initially excited at the prospect of playing along with the real action. What could be more exciting than leading Wales through their first European competition in fifty years, or taking the reigns of Portugal and attempting to finally get Cristiano Ronaldo over the hump? But in what seems to be a trend with Konami, the game released with outdated rosters and unlicensed national sides.

Thankfully the lads over at PES Universe stepped up, as is the case more often than not, and provided PS4 players with a complete file full of all the outstanding teams and managers necessary to make your virtual Euro 2016 experience as authentic as possible. Just take a look at this video created by the one and only Weedens featuring the excellent editing work done by the MidniteKid...

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016
01:26 PM - June 29, 2016. Posted by Brooklynbks4. Written by Steve Noah

A lot of you have been waiting for the Madden NFL 17 team to show off the equipment upgrades this year. Today is the day! The team has added a few helmets and updated some others. They have also brought in new facemasks and updated some more. New gloves, cleats and other accessories were also added this year. Check out the list below and the full blog here.

New Helmets
  • Riddell Speed Flex
  • Schutt Vengeance
  • Rawlings Tachyon
Updated Helmets
  • Air XP
  • Rawlings NRG
  • Riddell RevoSpeed
  • Xenith
New Facemasks
  • Speed Flex 2 Bar
  • Speed Flex Robot
  • Speed Flex Robot RB
  • Speed Flex 3 Bar RB
  • Speed Flex 3 Bar LB
  • Speed Flex Fullcage
  • Vengeance 2 Bar
  • Vengeance Robot
  • Vengeance Robot RB
  • Vengeance 3 Bar RB
  • Vengeance Fullcage
  • Revospeed Cage
  • Revospeed Grid
  • Riddell 360 Robot
  • Riddell 360 Robot 2
  • Riddell 360 3 Bar LB
  • Riddell 360 Fullcage
  • Standard Halfcage 2
Updated Facemasks
  • Standard 3 Bar RB
  • Standard 3 Bar RB Single
  • Standard 3 Bar RB Jagged
  • Standard Bull RB
  • Standard Fullcage
  • Standard Fullcage 2
  • Revo 3 Bar
  • Revo 3 Bar RB
  • Revo Robot
  • Revo Robot 2
  • Revo Fullcage
  • Revo Fullcage 2
  • Revospeed Fullcage 2
  • Xenith 2 Bar
  • Xenith Robot
  • Xenith Robot RB
  • Xenith 3 Bar RB
  • Xenith Fullcage
New Gloves
  • Nike HyperBeast
  • Nike Vapor Jet
  • Nike Vapor Jet Knit
  • Nike SuperBad
  • Under Armour Swarm
  • Under Armour F5
  • Adidas 5 Star 5.0
New Cleats
  • Nike Vapor Untouchable
  • Nike Vapor Untouchable 2
  • Nike Lunar Beast
  • Nike Zoom Code Elite
  • Nike Alpha Pro 2 ¾ TD
  • Nike Vapor Carbon Elite TD
  • Under Armour Spotlight
  • Under Armour Brawler
  • Under Armour Highlight
  • Under Armour Player Exclusive
  • Player Exclusive Retro
  • Adidas Freak X Kevlar
  • Adidas AdiZero 5 Star
New Accessories
  • One-Arm Sleeves - These will be set on each player that wears this style via the default roster so the players in Madden will match their real-world counterparts; these sleeves can also be customized when editing and creating players.
  • Updated Wrist-Tape Options - Black, Team Primary Color and Team Secondary Colored Wrist-Tape
  • Updated the Ankle-Tape options and re-named them to 'Half-Spat' and 'Full-Spat'
  • All the new sleeves, gloves and shoes are set-up for color-swapping to match each team’s primary and secondary colors, as well as black and white.
12 New Gear Packages (You can also use these when creating a coach in Franchise)
  • Nike Drifit Touch Fleece Full-Zip
  • Nike Elite Coach HZ Sweatshirt
  • Nike Elite Coach Polo
  • Nike Elite Coach HZ Full-Zip Hoodie
  • Nike Elite Hybrid Jacket
  • Nike Lockdown Jacket
  • Nike NFL 'Property Of' Circuit Crew
  • Nike NFL 'Property Of' Circuit Pant
  • Nike Performance Practice Hoodie
  • Nike Modern Crew
  • Nike Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Nike Free Trainer 5V6 Shoe

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10:01 AM - June 29, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Jayson Young

's most enjoyable moments happen when your rider has the whole track to himself, and the only thing he's competing with is the digital stopwatch climbing higher in the corner of the screen. Time Attack is the only mode I've been able to appreciate in Milestone's third attempt at simulating the sport of motocross. Because once I started sharing the courses with 21 computer-controlled bikers, MXGP 2's unrealistic collisions and rudimentary AI ruined my fun.

Read More - MXGP 2 Review (PS4)

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016
05:06 PM - June 28, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS.

It seems the likeness lawsuit settlements and final judgements continue to roll out against sport game makers -- the last announced today is Jim Brown receiving a $600,000 settlement from EA.

Check out the full press release:

"Iconic running back and Hollywood actor Jim Brown has agreed to accept a voluntary judgment offered by Electronic Arts (EA) stemming from the use of his likeness in Madden NFL video games, according to Hagens Berman. EA will pay $600,000 in exchange for a dismissal and release of Brown’s claims.

Brown’s attorney Robert Carey praised the outcome, saying, “This recovery marks an important victory for plaintiffs in publicity-rights cases, and athletes in particular. Big business should think twice before it turns players’ hard-won identities and achievements into merchandise without permission or compensation.”

Brown concurred, “I took a stand for all athletes and laid a framework for future plaintiffs with my great legal team. Hopefully, this is a step forward in getting companies like Electronic Arts to recognize the value that athletes have in selling their products.”

EA’s best-selling Madden NFL football game allowed users to play as Brown’s team (the 1965 Cleveland Browns) and other historic franchises. Brown’s suit alleged that EA asked to use his likeness and that he expressly refused. EA nonetheless created an avatar in the game that mimicked Brown’s height, weight, skin color, experience, team, position and ability level.

The payment will exceed amounts EA has reportedly paid other athletes to appear not only in the game, but on the Madden NFL cover."

This is obviously just the latest of several lawsuits ongoing against EA for using likenesses within past sports games. The most famous of which was the Ed O'Bannon case which effectively ended the NCAA Football and Basketball series' from EA.

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02:05 PM - June 28, 2016. Posted by beau21. Written by Steve Noah

IGN has posted a video interview with the team behind NASCAR Heat Evolution. Plenty more details about the game are revealed, along with some more gameplay.

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11:07 AM - June 28, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

If you've been on Twitter lately, you've no doubt been seeing Ramone Russell answer fans inquiries about why they were banned over the past couple of days.

Over the weekend, Ramone also posted in the SCEA Forums reiterating that breaking the rules and standards of the community could result in a console and PSN ID being banned.

"If a player is found cheating, exploiting, harassing other players, or breaking the rules in game or here on The Show Nation forums, we will suspend the account for a limited time or even permanently ban the ID and console.

This isn't new and we've always been on the lookout for these types of players, but it's important to remind the community of the potential consequences that may await players if they decide to travel down the dark path."

Also of note via TheShowNation (Victor_SDS)

There was an exploit related to cancelling transactions on the marketplace. If someone took advantage of this exploit egregiously, their ID would have been flagged and banned. Flipping cards on the market is not an offense. Buying and quick selling is not an offense. It had more process than just cancelling an order.

A number of players were banned in the past few days according to Ramone's Twitter Feed:

"We banned a number of users who exploited community market transactions. Bans will not be reversed, fyi flipping cards IS NOT an exploit.

Flipping cards doesn't get you banned, we encourage flipped cards, flipping cards is good for everyone."

Several users were quick to claim innocence but it appears Russell came armed with info, telling at least one user they were in the top 1% of offenders of the glitch. In fact, the SCEA investigation into the matter was three weeks long and involved multiple runs and checks of the same data.

This was a bold move by SCEA to protect the online gaming experience for many MLB The Show users. While bans are nothing new in the online gaming world, it does appear SCEA has taken some pretty dramatic steps in order to safeguard the online experience for gamers. While some of the bans are permanent, others are temporary and will last anywhere from days to weeks to months.

What do you think of the bans? Was SCEA right? Is this a good move?

UPDATE (6-30): via Twitter

We hear your concerns. This is very important to us. We are looking into it. We thank you for your patience. More to come soon.

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08:23 AM - June 28, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS.

Yesterday we posted a story about a growing fear amongst FUT players that chemistry may be artificially 'nerfing' non day-1 player ratings in Ultimate Team.

There's obviously a lot more which could be said about the story, and we're still following the latest developments ourselves, but we're interested in your reaction to the story. Are you more or less likely to play FUT after reading the story and hearing the news? Is this something you think which needs to be fixed immediately?

Sound off by voting in our poll and let us know in the comments below!

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Game Informer has posted some NASCAR Heat Evolution career mode details, along with a developer diary video. They also discuss multiplayer, free/paid DLC and much more.

...its career mode is full bodied. You start out at the bottom of the Sprint Cup series with your own team and have to earn contracts and satisfy real sponsors in order to upgrade your organization. If you take Nationwide, for example, both you and Junior would have the sponsor on your cars (with separate paint schemes) even though you're on different teams. You can also keep your sponsorship at any time instead of upgrading, although you'll always make more money even if you decline a new sponsor.

When you start out you pick your car number, manufacturer, and your avatar (including the ability to have a female driver), and at the initial few races you'll be competing to get payouts from secondary sponsors who have various conditions such as finishing in the top 30, for instance. As you progress, separate challenges from drivers will break up the week-to-week schedule. These will be historic situations from the past few seasons.

There is a big board of upgrades you can earn, from buying and expanding your garage space and engine shop to hiring various specialists, and Monster believes your team should take some time to get to the level of the big race teams. Thankfully, there is no limit to how long the career mode goes.

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YouTube user RighteousOnix may have discovered a pretty serious issue within FIFA Ultimate Team, specifically when regarding the chemistry within the game. In a video uploaded this past weekend, Onix breaks down how chemistry could be artificially raising and lowering skill levels with no rhyme or reason by using the dribbling attribute as an example.

This could prove the feeling many gamers have of the game artificially limiting performance without any real rhyme or reason despite higher chemistry ratings within the game.

Whether this is a bug or a deliberate balancing move -- EA should comment on it considering Ultimate Team brings in over half a billion dollars a year in revenue. That's simply a lot of money people at throwing at these modes.

There is a large thread on Reddit discussing the issue.

"What we've found:
Just to give a really quick run-down of what has been discovered, in lay-mans terms:
1) In FIFA Ultimate team you open packs to gain access to cards which represent players in the game. You can also buy these cards from other users.
2) When you build your team, by playing cards in particular positions, and with particular set-ups, you can increase their chemistry attribute. Having a high chemistry attribute on a player will give them boosted stats, having a low chemistry will nerf their stats. These chemistry stats boosts are huge for how your team plays.
3) It turns out that for a large chunk of the most expensive cards in the game, FIFA has not been attributing the stats boost to the cards afforded by their chemistry. Meaning that they feel sluggish, slow and clumsy in comparison to other, cheaper cards in the game which have been given the chemistry stats boost.
4) This means that users have been spending vast amounts of in-game and real life money, sometimes hundreds even thousands of dollars/pounds, to obtain player cards which are NOT what they seem and are in fact heavily nerfed."

So in layman's terms, some higher rated cards are not getting boosted like lower rated cards -- resulting in the more expensive cards performing worse in a relative sense than lower rated cards due to some sort of artificial handicapping or bug.

The issue is, of course, these higher rated cards are sold at a premium by EA but play by a different set of rules vs. day-1 cards which actively limits their performance. We'll update this post if EA posts any response to the controversy, either directly to us or in any other official manner.

UPDATE (6-29): EA is looking into it and sent an official response (via GamesRadar)

“Thanks to the FUT community for raising awareness of a potential fitness and chemistry inconsistency in some FUT items. After hearing this, our teams were in over the weekend and continue to thoroughly investigate the information. We will keep you informed with updates from the investigation. Our commitment to a fun, fair and secure experience in FIFA is ongoing, and as a community your feedback helps us achieve that goal. A special thanks for your continuous efforts across all channels.”

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08:43 AM - June 27, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Scott Burress

2K Games held a conference call with Paul Heyman to announce that his client, the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar, would be on the cover of WWE 2K17. The game will be released on October 11 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Brock Lesnar is the first man in history to be the NCAA wrestling champion, UFC World Heavyweight Champion, IWGP Champion and WWE World Champion. He is also the only man to be on the cover of a WWE video game, then a UFC game then back to a WWE game.

Paul Heyman didn’t go into details on the game, but he did divulge the details to his son, who’s a big gamer, and his son’s response was, “Dad, this game is going to rule!”

Brock Lesnar is fighting Mark Hunt at UFC 200 and then he’s fighting in the WWE at SummerSlam on August 21.

Pre-Order WWE 2K17 and receive two versions of Goldberg as well as two classic WCW arenas (Monday Night Nitro and Halloween Havoc).

WWE 2K17 screenshot gallery - Click to view WWE 2K17 screenshot gallery - Click to view WWE 2K17 screenshot gallery - Click to view WWE 2K17 screenshot gallery - Click to view
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Sunday, June 26, 2016
Every Sunday, we will get you caught up on the sports gaming news you might have missed during the week.

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11:29 AM - June 26, 2016. Posted by aholbert32. Written by Steve Noah

Geoff Harrower, A.K.A. GameplayDevUFC, has been posting quite a few details on the upcoming EA Sports UFC 2 patch on his Twitter page over the past few days. While no date for the patch has been revealed, he has posted quite a few nuggets. Check out some of them below and let us know what you think!
  • AI will now perform takedowns after catch kicks
  • Improvements to AI stamina management. AI now more likely to take time between combos to regen stamina if low.
  • Tuned AI fighter tendencies for fighters who should throw more/less kicks
  • Improved judges scoring logic
  • And to top things off, there is a brand new move coming
UPDATE 6-27: EA Sports UFC 2 game update 1.08 and content update #5 are available now, below are some additional details.

This update adds three fighters, additional moves to Ultimate Team and Create a Fighter, and AI Tuning.
  • Josh Samman - Men's Middleweight
  • Lorenz Larkin - Men's Welterweight
  • Leonardo Santos - Men's Lightweight
  • Added Stockton Slap and Imanari Roll Takedown moves to both UFC Ultimate Team and Create a Fighter
  • Adjusted AI tendencies regarding Stamina Management and Kicking for specific fighters.

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Friday, June 24, 2016
04:56 PM - June 24, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Ben Vollmer
Video games didn't begin as a medium for narratives. Within the last decade, you would be hard pressed to find games without a story or character arc.

Even sports games, which long neglected story telling before the likes of Fight Night, have come around. NBA 2K16 boasted one of the most discussed narratives in all of video games just last year. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that EA is testing the waters with its most popular franchise, FIFA.

Read More - Sports Gaming And the Art of Storytelling

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