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Friday, October 21, 2016
10:44 AM - October 21, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS.

Welcome to our weekly FIFA 17 vs. PES 2017 debate. Over the course of a multi-part series, OS contributors Fraser Gilbert and Kevin Groves will be discussing the differences between each game in a variety of areas.

This week, we're taking a look at gameplay.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016
04:57 PM - October 20, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

The official Madden NFL 17 roster update for week 7 is available now. These weekly roster updates include changes to player ratings, depth charts, and injuries for all 32 teams.

You can check all of the changes here. We've listed some of the changes below.

  • Tom Brady +1 (Overall 95)
  • Eric Weddle +1 (Overall 93)
  • Trent Williams +1 (Overall 93)
  • Odell Beckham Jr. +1 (Overall 92)
  • Michael Bennett +1 (Overall 92)
  • Drew Brees +1 (Overall 92)
  • Vontae Davis +1 (Overall 91)
  • Travis Frederick +1 (Overall 91)
  • Jadeveon Clowney +1 (Overall 90)
  • Dont'a Hightower +1 (Overall 89)
  • Matt Ryan +1 (Overall 89)
  • Bobby Wagner +1 (Overall 89)
  • Malcolm Butler +1 (Overall 88)
  • David Johnson +1 (Overall 88)
  • Ryan Kerrigan +1 (Overall 88)
  • Taylor Lewan +2 (Overall 88)
  • Andrew Luck +1 (Overall 88)
  • LeSean McCoy +1 (Overall 88)
  • Jarvis Landry +1 (Overall 87)
  • Lamar Miller +2 (Overall 87)
  • Marcus Peters +2 (Overall 87)
  • Philip Rivers +2 (Overall 87)
  • Matthew Stafford +2 (Overall 87)
  • Jason Witten +1 (Overall 87)
  • Geno Atkins -2 (Overall 93)
  • Khalil Mack -1 (Overall 93)
  • Ben Roethlisberger -1 (Overall 92)
  • Brandon Graham -1 (Overall 92)
  • Aaron Rodgers -3 (Overall 92)
  • Ndamukong Suh -1 (Overall 92)
  • Mike Daniels -1 (Overall 92)
  • Joe Thomas -2 (Overall 91)
  • Eric Berry -1 (Overall 90)
  • Cam Newton -1 (Overall 89)
  • Allen Robinson -1 (Overall 89)
  • Ezekiel Ansah -2 (Overall 88)
  • Brandon Marshall -2 (Overall 88)
  • Darrelle Revis -1 (Overall 88)
  • Muhammad Wilkerson -3 (Overall 88)
  • Marcell Dareus -1 (Overall 87)
  • Stephon Gilmore -1 (Overall 87)
  • Johnathan Joseph -3 (Overall 87)
  • Olivier Vernon -1 (Overall 87)
  • K.J. Wright -1 (Overall 87)

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01:29 PM - October 20, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Elliott Jenkins

Chances are, if you frequent Operation Sports, this week's Throwback Thursday needs no introduction whatsoever. For those who did not grow up with this violent magnum opus, Midway, the creators of many of the greatest arcade games ever, sought to carry the immense success of NBA Jam to other sports. And boy, did it ever.

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10:35 AM - October 20, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

PlayStation 4 fans can play the Snow beta on October 25, watch the trailer here. The massive, open-world mountain will be open to skiers, snowboarders, and snowmobiles for $19.99.

The Snow Beta will cost $19.99 and gets you a lot more than a chance to see the game still in development. By joining the Beta, you will receive the Founder’s Pack, consisting of more than $30 worth of clothing, equipment, and exclusive items. This includes two full outfits (including skis and snowboard) of the latest clothing and equipment from the biggest brands. The bundle also includes two PS4 exclusive items: a gold snowmobile and a gold drone — both of which will only be available on PS4 during the Beta this fall.

In addition to the PS4 launch, we have also been working on another surprise. For the first time in nearly 20 years, the Winter X Games is coming to console! We’ve partnered up with ESPN and have been working closely with their team to recreate the exact course from the 2016 Winter X Games in Aspen. The mountain includes the Slopestyle, Super Pipe, and Big Air courses, all accurately reproduced for your riding pleasure. Players who successfully complete all three X Games events with Gold Medals will unlock the exclusive in-game X Games hoodie.

Source - PlayStation

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Sony announced today on the PlayStation Blog that they are partnering with the ESL to launch a new tournaments feature on the PS4.

The first major tournament being held will be played on NBA 2K17.

"We’re excited to announce that PlayStation is partnering with ESL to introduce Tournaments, a new PS4 feature that will allow players to participate in Tournaments with games that gamers want to play.

We’re kicking off the first Major tournament with NBA 2K17, to celebrate the beginning of the NBA season. The Major Tournament runs from October 27 to November 26, with Major Cup rounds occurring every Saturday. Top 3 winners of the NBA 2K17 Major Tournament will receive a prize pack that includes items such as a DualShock 4 and PlayStation gear."

The tournaments feature will initially be for 1 on 1 gaming, but Sony is expecting to expand that into the future.

E-Sports continues to gain steam, and it looks like with one major console maker fully on board it's likely you'll see sports games continue to gravitate that direction with regards to the modes they offer as well.

Will you be playing in the NBA 2K17 tournament on PS4 later this month?

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09:42 AM - October 20, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Nintendo has just announced the Nintendo Switch, along with this new first look trailer, scheduled to arrive in March 2017. In addition to providing single and multiplayer thrills at home, the Nintendo Switch system also enables gamers to play the same title wherever, whenever and with whomever they choose. The mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system to enable unprecedented new video game play styles.

At home, Nintendo Switch rests in the Nintendo Switch Dock that connects the system to the TV and lets you play with family and friends in the comfort of your living room. By simply lifting Nintendo Switch from the dock, the system will instantly transition to portable mode, and the same great gaming experience that was being enjoyed at home now travels with you. The portability of Nintendo Switch is enhanced by its bright high-definition display. It brings the full home gaming system experience with you to the park, on an airplane, in a car, or to a friend’s apartment.

Gaming springs into action by removing detachable Joy-Con controllers from either side of Nintendo Switch. One player can use a Joy-Con controller in each hand; two players can each take one; or multiple Joy-Con can be employed by numerous people for a variety of gameplay options. They can easily click back into place or be slipped into a Joy-Con Grip accessory, mirroring a more traditional controller. Or, if preferred, the gamer can select an optional Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to use instead of the Joy-Con controllers. Furthermore, it is possible for numerous people to bring their Nintendo Switch systems together to enjoy local multiplayer face-to-face competition.

Some of the publishers, developers and middleware partners announcing support for Nintendo Switch:

• 505 Games
• Activision Publishing, Inc.
• Audiokinetic Inc.
• Autodesk, Inc.
• BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
• Bethesda
• Codemasters®
• CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.
• DeNA Co., Ltd.
• Electronic Arts
• Epic Games Inc.
• Firelight Technologies
• FromSoftware, Inc.
• Frozenbyte
• GameTrust
• Gungho Online Entertainment, Inc.
• HAMSTER Corporation
• Havok
• Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
• LEVEL-5 Inc.
• Marvelous Inc.
• Maximum Games, LLC
• Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.
• Parity Bit Inc.
• PlatinumGames Inc.
• RAD Game Tools, Inc.
• RecoChoku Co., Ltd.
• SEGA Games Co., Ltd.
• Silicon Studio Corporation
• Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.
• Starbreeze Studios
• Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
• Telltale Games
• THQ Nordic
• Tokyo RPG Factory Co., Ltd.
• TT Games
• Ubitus Inc.
• Unity Technologies, Inc.
• Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
• Web Technology Corp

Source - Business Wire

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09:14 AM - October 20, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS.

NBA 2K17 offers a pretty authentic basketball experience all things considered. With a variety of offensive play-styles being pretty effective, we wanted to get a pulse from the OS Community on what you are doing in terms of shot selection this year.

Are you opting to shoot more three-pointers, mimicking the real game of basketball in the NBA? Are you pounding the rock down low in the post? Are you slashing? Opting for mid range jumpers?

Sound off by voting in our poll and let us know what shot type/location you are tending to use most and also which team you are primarily using to do it!

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08:57 AM - October 20, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Wolverine Studios has just posted a new Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2017 Developer Diary featuring many of the new in-season features in the game this year. The team goes over scouting, lineup tracking, menu improvements, player personality improvements, new game options and much more.

One of the most exciting parts of the game is of course the college draft. We’ve added additional running draft commentary again this year but the biggest addition comes in your pre-draft work options. We’ve added 12 scouting regions across the United States and the rest of the world for you to assign your scouting staff to. In order to get anything but the very basic information prior to workouts you’re going to need to commit some resources around the globe.

Depending on the amount of resources you commit to an area you also may get additional emails during the year from your scout staff on a player they were impressed with. Review your emails prior to the draft workouts or use the in game notepad to keep your own notes on players you may want to target thanks to the heads up from your scouting staff.

2K has announced that WWE SuperCard, the Company’s action-packed collectible card-battling game, will increase its extensive content offering with WWE SuperCard - Season 3. Featuring the series’ first real-time gameplay mode, three new card tiers and an increased roster of WWE and NXT Superstars, along with new ways to compete and engage with others from around the world, WWE SuperCard - Season 3 is currently in development for release in November 2016. The update will be available as a downloadable update free of charge on the App Store for iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore for Android devices.

WWE SuperCard - Season 3 Features:
  • NEW CARD TIERS – Access three new card tiers and compete for more than 100 new cards;
  • ROYAL RUMBLE – Pit 15 cards against 15 of an opponent’s cards in a brand new, real-time gameplay mode in a battle to see the last card standing;
  • SEASON 1 LEGACY CARDS – Retain Season 1 cards through their transition to Legacy cards in Season 3, with the cards available for play in the game’s new Wild Mode feature;
  • SEASON 2 CARDS TRANSITION – Retain Season 2 cards for play in all Season 3 game modes;
  • WILD MODE – Use both active and legacy cards to compete against opponents and gain more active cards;
  • RANKED / PVP MODE – Battle players from around the world for the top slot in a new monthly leaderboard for prestige and awards.
More details were revealed on the official website.
  • Wild and Ranked are the headliners this Season. Combined, they let you play how you want and with what card selection you want. Wild is presented in a No DQ format, allowing for Legacy cards, S2 cards, and our new S3 cards to be played together in open competition. Ranked features a LIVE environment where you can compete and play against other actual, real players. You pick a card. They pick a card. The best deck wins.
  • Royal Rumble (surprise!) is also a new mode this Season, allowing for you to pit 15 of your best cards against another player’s 15 best cards in a battle to be the last one standing.
  • Money in the Bank, Ring Domination, People’s Champion Challenge, King of the Ring, and Road to Glory are all carrying over to S3. And, yes, your S2 cards will be playable across all this in addition to Ranked, Wild, and Royal Rumble mode.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016
03:28 PM - October 19, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS.

The shot meter is my bread and butter in NBA 2K17 -- I will not tell a lie.

In fact, I admittedly am probably too reliant upon it.

But as Coach2K on YouTube points out in the video above -- you don't have to use the shot meter to be successful in NBA 2K17.

Why would you not use the shot meter? A couple of potential reasons come up. First, if the shot meter is tweaked for less green releases you aren't going to be affected by those changes. Second, you'll be more focused on the on-court action than if you are constantly looking at your shot meter.

The visual feedback you get from your shots will tell you if you are releasing too early or too late -- and from there you'll be able to adjust your shot releases.

Check out the video and let us know if you are one of the adventurous types playing NBA 2K17 without the shot meter on!

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10:27 AM - October 19, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Ryan Spencer

One of the biggest challenges facing sports game developers is adding new game mechanics to keep the game fresh while moving towards greater control and realism. The goal is to do all that while keeping the game accessible for the batch of players experiencing the series for the first time.

Anyone who has had a friend who wanted to play a friendly head-to-head matchup but has never played the game knows the struggle. “L2 is the precision modifier,” you try to explain. “There are approximately 42 different skill-move combos you can pull off with it.” Meanwhile, your friend accidentally laterals the ball back to no one in particular on an HB Dive play.

It’s tough to be a newb. But Madden has made the learning curve as soft as possible with its excellent (though not entirely new) Skills Trainer mode, along with a practice mode that boasts some great options that make it so useful you’ll often hear some of the best Madden players in the world frequently refer to it as “The Lab.”

Read More - Madden's Skill Trainer Sets the Standard for Tutorial Modes

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Konami has posted some details on the upcoming PES 2017 data packs. Data Pack 1.02 is scheduled to arrive later this month, with Data Pack 1.03 set to arrive in late November. These free updates will come throughout the year.

Both updates will also add more official iconography and official boot styles to the main game, with kit additions and various bug fixes. More details will be revealed soon.

October’s 1.02 update will add a number of improved facial likenesses to players within the game. PES 2017 is globally recognised for its stunning player likenesses and the use of Player ID systems to ensure the on-field stars both move and play like their real-life counterparts. The October file will recognise over 39 players who have excelled in the early part of the season, and will offer photo-realistic reproductions of the likes of Wissam Ben Yedder, Mario Lemina, Aymeric Laporte, Victor Wanyama and Denis Suarez, and will also see their individual playing styles recreated within the game. The 1.02 download will also update the pitch side hoardings and introduce new official boot styles to the game, including the option of choosing a variety of studs.

With the advent of Sony’s new PlayStationPro® format, KONAMI’s November 1.03 update will introduce a 4K resolution mode within PES 2017, adding greater visual definition running at 60FPS. The 1.03 update will also see the introduction of key elements centred on KONAMI’s premier partnership teams: Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund. KONAMI has entered into long term partnerships with both teams and November will see extensive additions designed to reflect the match day experience at the English and German clubs.

Liverpool’s iconic Anfield stadium will be added to PES 2017’s roster of in-game venues, and will also be the first to show the club’s brand new stand within a video game. World recognised Liverpool songs and chants, including ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ will also be heard as the players walk on to the pitch and during matches. Borussia Dortmund’s stunning Signal Iduna Park ground will also be perfectly recreated for use in the game, with both licensed teams having squad likenesses recreated, bringing the club stars to life.

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07:15 AM - October 19, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

HB Studios has just posted their gameplay trailer for The Golf Club VR, which was announced earlier this month. The trailer introduces some new features in the game, which will be available October 19 on Steam Early Access, for the HTC Vive.

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05:53 AM - October 19, 2016. Posted by Millennium. Written by Steve Noah

Per the official NHL 17 Twitter account, we should see the NHL 17 roster update sometime today. This tweet here confirms it.

Once the roster is available, we will update this post.

UPDATE: The NHL 17 roster update is available now.

Roster Update Download Instructions*:
  • In the NHL 17 main menu, select (Customize)
  • In the Customize section, select (Roster)
  • In the Roster section, select (Active Rosters)
  • In the Active Rosters section, select the most recent update organized by ‘Date & Time’ under EA Sports NHL Official Rosters
*NOTE: Your console must have an internet connection to download this roster update.

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