Wednesday, August 27, 2014
09:43 AM - August 27, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

"If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin."

I'm not sure who came up with the quote (a quick bit of research also shows similar confusion on the source), but it seems some within the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team community have taken it completely to heart. This year, EA Sports is hoping to clamp down on the cheating going on in FUT by banning users who employ popular cheating tactics.

"Although they are a minority amongst FIFA fans, cheaters disrupt the gameplay experience and enjoyment for honest FIFA fans in a number of ways," EA said in a recent blog post on their website. "These include things like overloading servers, phishing and compromising other player accounts, and participating in the unauthorised exchange of virtual currency. It’s time for us to draw a clear and strong line against cheaters who negatively impact the FIFA experience for our millions of players online."

It appears as if many of the tactics employed in prior years will be watched and clamped down on this year by EA, which will almost certainly lead to a better experience for everyone...except the cheaters of course.

Be sure to read the full list of changes, and let us know what you think of them in the comments below!

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The Forza Horizon 2 demo is scheduled to arrive on September 16th for Xbox One gamers. Check out the list of achievements here.

Explore the beauty of southern Europe in a handful of the world’s most amazing cars in this demo.

No official word on the 360 demo, so odds are there won't be one. The game launches on 360 and Xbox One on September 30th.

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07:40 AM - August 27, 2014. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Check out this PES 2015 fan-made trailer from WeedensProd and post your thoughts. I love these types of videos.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014
10:33 PM - August 26, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Steve Noah

Pure Pool just got a lot better thanks to its Version 1.01 update which adds tons of new features and even a new game mode. Here is what changed:

• New Game Mode - UK Black-Ball added to roster.
• New ‘Master’ difficulty (no aim aids). Removed the circle that appeared on the target ball.
• 9-ball free table - If the player has 9-ball as their default game type, the 9-ball rack will be set up in free play mode rather than the current forced 8-ball.
• General AI Improvements.
• Challenge notification icon - This displays an icon next to the players ‘Games’ option to inform them that they have received a challenge form another player.
• Offline Player Challenge notification - sends a message direct to the player if they are not playing Pure Pool.
• Opponent player card accessible mid-game - Allows the player to see their opponent’s player card at any time during a match.
• Opponent able to view player’s table cam.
• Player online feed only for friends - Removed the constant player online pop-ups. Only displays friend who comes online.
• Diamonds on the table rails to help players when shooting doubles.
• Yellow aim line made more distinct to reduce confusion between the two lines.
• Potting the black from the break now re-racks the balls.
• Player is now asked if they want to play against a DNA opponent or wants to continue searching for another online player.
• DNA now displayed next to the user name to clearly mark it out as an AI Player.
• Server optimization.
• The opponents cue updates will now always be visible as they move it around.
• Removed extended AI Shot times.
• Bug fix for player’s games not timing out and the game being award to the absent player.
• Bug fix to stop the player changing their difficulty mid-challenge and posting their score/time on the incorrect leaderboard.

If you have Pure Pool, download the newest update and let us know what you think!

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09:31 PM - August 26, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS.

The NHL 15 demo arrived today for PS4 users, and yesterday for Xbox One users. With so much controversey surrounding this year's NHL's release, thanks in part to several key missing modes in the new-gen debut, the game will have to rely upon its presentation and gameplay to deliver an experience worth gamer's hard earned $60.

So with that, here are some extended thoughts from our staff on whether the game is shaping up to do just that.

Read More - NHL 15 Demo: Is the Gameplay Enough? (Roundtable)

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08:57 PM - August 26, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS.

It's release night of Madden NFL 15, and so far it seems like release day is going about as planned. As our official review says, on the field Madden may play the best brand of football you can find. And while there are still some nagging issues, it seems the franchise is more than on the right track. However, it seems that when you get to the facade around the on-field gameplay that the title shows some weakness.

Most of our staff have gotten just as much playtime as most of you at this point, so here are some initial thoughts from the guys who will be covering the game in the coming days and weeks...

Read More - Madden NFL 15: Your First Impressions (Roundtable)

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12:34 PM - August 26, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Guest Post

Today's guest video post is from Brian Mazique at Franchise Play. If you are stuck at work or haven't checked out the demo, Brian plays a game in the demo and gives his thoughts on what he's playing. This should be a pretty good watch for you PS4 users waiting on your demo time.

If you like Brian's style, be sure to check him out on YouTube and subscribe to him.

Also follow Brian on Twitter.

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11:00 AM - August 26, 2014. Posted by Steve_OS.

EA Sports released a new trailer for NHL 15, showing off the 'Living Worlds' aspect of the game. Here are some highlights:
  • Each arena has been brought to life like never before.
  • Lighting from the arena lights reflect off of the ice. The ice also shows incremental wear throughout the game.
  • Each arena is scaled uniquely, with precise seating charts and details, including championship banners.
  • 9000 individual crowd models in the arena.
  • The fans have real behaviors, including banging on the glass during fights or big hits or anticipating big plays. Each fan has a different behavior, such as superfans being more active.
This aspect of the game does look darned impressive. What do you think of the in-arena details included within the game?

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10:34 AM - August 26, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

It's officially release day for Madden NFL 15!

As with any major release, the OS Community is alive and well today talking about the game in our Madden forum, so you should not hesitate to venture in and get any questions you have answered!

Here are some more pertinent links for you to explore today:
Here's to a happy and healthy Maddenoliday this year for everyone!

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10:25 AM - August 26, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

More new cars were revealed today for Forza Horizon 2, adding to the (eventual) fully revealed list of 200-plus cars in the game.

Today's cars include:
  • 1963 Volkswagen Beetle
  • 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400
  • 1973 BMW 2002 Turbo
  • 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition
  • 1995 Ferrari F50
  • 1992 Honda NSX-R
  • 1985 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex
  • 1985 Ford RS200 Evolution
  • 2009 Ferrari 458 Italia
  • 1994 Nissan 240SX SE
  • 1968 Oldsmobile Hurst/Olds 442
  • 2012 Caterham Superlight R500
  • 2009 Honda S2000 CR
What do you think of the new cars? Several of the new cars are now in our Forza Horizon 2 screens database.

Forza Horizon 2 screenshot gallery - Click to view Forza Horizon 2 screenshot gallery - Click to view
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Operation Sports has teamed up with FanDuel to run a fantasy football championship to kick off the season. The winner takes home cash, bragging rights, and a new PlayStation 4 or Xbox One courtesy of FanDuel. FanDuel is the leader in one-week fantasy football leagues, where you can play for real money.

The week 1 Operation Sports league starts on opening Sunday. It costs $10 to enter and pays the winner $150. If you’re new to FanDuel, sign up with promo code OS100 to receive a 100% deposit bonus, which is FanDuel’s biggest offer. Click here to go to the week 1 league on FanDuel.

FanDuel will run Operation Sports leagues for four consecutive weeks. The four league winners advance to the final round, where the top score wins the PS4 and all the bragging rights.

Here’s a little introduction to the host site FanDuel. FanDuel was featured on ESPN’s Outside the Lines last Sunday and announced a major sponsorship of the Orlando Magic on Wednesday. They’ll pay out $10 million every week this football season and are changing the way people think about fantasy sports.

There are a few great things about FanDuel’s one-week league format. There’s no long-term commitment, cash payouts are instant each week, and a bad injury won’t ruin your year. It’s a salary cap game, so you can pick any player you want for your team as long as you stay under the cap. There’s no waiting around for a draft. You do your research and fill out your team on your own time.

Click here to join the opening week Operation Sports Fantasy Football league!

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02:27 AM - August 26, 2014. Posted by ManiacMatt1782. Written by Steve Noah

EA Sports has released another patch for EA Sports UFC, which includes a second free content update (see video here), containing three new fighters and plenty of updates. Check out the details below. Currently the patch is available for Xbox One users, PS4 gamers should get it later this afternoon.

UPDATE: It is available for PS4 users now.

New and Updated Content
  • Addition of 3 new fighters. 2 in Welterweight: Matt Brown, Mike Pyle and 1 at Heavyweight: Stipe Miocic
  • Updates to fighter records
  • Gameplay – Added Referee TKO stoppage if dominant fighter throws too many blocked strikes without the submissive fighter trying to improve his position
  • Gameplay – Added the ability to catch kicks on parries if the attacking fighter has low stamina or high leg damage when throwing a kick. If Parry button is held, a takedown will be initiated.
  • Gameplay – Added new defensive standup transitions from Full Guard. Moved Sweep to Advanced Transition
  • Gameplay – Added Back Mount escape for submissive fighter
  • Gameplay – Added manual taunts. Press Left or Right Directional buttons to taunt
  • Gameplay – Successful Basic Single Leg Takedowns will now end in Half Guard
  • Online – Added Coins to Championships. Watch partner videos from the Home Panel and earn Coins to trade in for Season Points.
  • Fixed issue where dominant fighter could stall transitions
  • Fixed an exploit where fighters could sneak in a free hammer fist during Posture up and down animations
  • Fixed exploit in Side Control where users could land a free shot after transitioning to Side Control.
  • Fixed an issue with Cage Clinch Break denial inputs.
  • Tuning – Increased base punch speed of all weight classes
  • Tuning – AI tuned to be less aggressive. AI is more aware of stamina and fight pacing.
  • Tuning – Duration and probability of Health Events has been tuned
  • Tuning – Stamina loss on strikes landed has been adjusted
  • Tuning – Tuned denial windows for various ground transitions, getups and submission attempts
  • Tuning – Animation speeds adjusted for strikes that were being abused Online
  • Added delay on submission attempts after a failed submission.
  • Submissions cannot be attempted when attacker has minimal Stamina
  • Fighters can change stances while blocking
  • Adjusted Antônio Rogério Nogueira’s and Robbie Lawler’s Hand Power and Speed attributes
  • Fixed issue where Crucifix was unavailable in career. Will now be available on new Career save files after purchasing transition.
  • Allow users to view Fighter Stats and Abilities in Online Championships Fighter Select Screen
  • Disabled Online Pause in all Online modes. User can still access the Pause menu, however it does not pause gameplay.
  • Tuned White Belt promotion and division belt thresholds.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect video for ‘GSP Switch Kick’ move.
  • Fixed a crash when adjusting Walk out music
  • Fixed an issue with Mat damage
  • Changed Antônio Rogério Nogueira’s stance to southpaw
  • Various replay fixes

Source - EA Forums

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Monday, August 25, 2014
11:01 PM - August 25, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

Madden NFL 15 is now available in stores. Be sure to read our review if you haven't gotten the game. If you have, leave your own impressions of your first play sessions in the comments below!

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08:06 PM - August 25, 2014. Posted by MMChrisS.

NBA 2K15 made some serious noise earlier today by debuting some in-game footage as well as the pre-game studio show and a lot of new atmosphere elements within the game. It's time to ask the OS Staff Writers what they thought of the trailer, and whether you should be as excited as you think you are for the game.

Read More - NBA 2K15: Yakkem Trailer Impressions (Roundtable)

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07:44 PM - August 25, 2014. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Chris Sanner

The NHL 15 demo is available now on Xbox Live for Xbox One users. PlayStation 4 users can expect the demo tomorrow afternoon when the PSN Store updates with new titles.

UPDATE: The NHL 15 demo is now available for PlayStation 4 users. If you can't find it, click this link.

Some have had luck going to "New Demos" all the way over to the right. Games>New>Demos>New Demos (all the way over to the right) and grab the NHL 15 demo. Thanks @TheFlopfish)

The demo weighs in at 2.58 GB. Here are the details.
  • New York Rangers vs. Los Angeles Kings
  • Full game with three two-minute periods
  • Play in Madison Square Garden or Staples Center
  • Gameplay Camera Angles: Dynamic Low, Dynamic Medium, and Dynamic High
  • Practice Mode: Master the Superstar Skill Stick with a free skate against a goalie
  • Difficulty Settings: Rookie, Pro, All-Star
If you can't find it, try searching for it with Bing.

Play a few games and let us know what you think of this year's NHL title on Xbox One!

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